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  • Yesterday’s quiz answer.
    It was OUT. Ball was hitting the stump.


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  • I swim twice every day and idk why but afterwards I’m always ready to f u c k

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  • My group chat bitches be fucking testing me today, itsg….

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  • can you fucking imagine if math was so hard for you that you tried every single day understanding it and working so hard to get it right, and then you think you understand and you get your hopes up because it finally makes sense! this thing that is basic and all my friends understand and it makes me feel stupid and inferior for not understanding, i finally understood! to then fail again. so you try again, and you fail again, and you try over and over nad over again and each time you feel a little less hope, you feel more and more dumb, you feel more and more tired. and you never get it right.

    and people dont tell you at your face but you know what theyre thinking, how can this kid be so stupid? how dont they know the basics? i mean its just multiplying its so easy! its just division how did you not learn that? how can you fuck up addition and diminution, we learn that in second grade! no one fucks up those two because theyre so easy!

    but you do. you manage to keep messing up all the time, because it doesnt makes sense to you. you dont understand how people can do it so easily, when youre stuck so behind them. and yours teachers try to help you, your friends and family try to help you, but they never suceed. you try to stay up all night studying, but it never teachs you a thing. you keep getting new tecahers, but none of them seem like theyre speaking existing words. none of that makes sense in your head. it’s like being stuck on a country you dont know the language, but worse because even your sight or touch can help you.

    and people keep telling you youre lazy and not putting actual effort, while youre exhausted because you keep putting everything you got to then fail again. you hate everyone else for being able to do it, and hate yourself for not being able to do it.

    and then one day youre with your mom and sister, talking about buying a cake. you need to calculate the tip and it’s not a big deal, but you use your fingers to count. your mom makes fun of you because it’s just two number differences between the price and the tip, why would you need your fingers for such an easy thing? you get angry but stay quiet, she doesnt understand that your head doesnt make the instant connection even if its obvious. it sees ‘18’ and '20’ and theyre two completely different numbers, you dont remember right away the two number differemce, but its ok you let it pass even if youre upset. but you accidentally remembers the wrong system for counting, you always count both numbers instead of one and you give the wrong answer and they laugh at you. they keep laughing and laughing because how could you be so stupid to mess that up, to get this result? it hurts listening to that again, youve been listening to that your whole life and thought your house was safe from that, hell you didnt even prepared for the possibility of being mocked for making a mistake. theres so much pain already in your head and that doesnt help, so you lock yourself in your room until you calm down and starts crying, because fuck how it hurts to remember how dumb you are, how it hurts to remember that it doesnt matter how smart you actually are bc the moment you mess up on simple math you get looked down to. and then you hear “learn to take a joke!”

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  • The Internship Movie Clip (2013) Exchange-O-Gram Movie HD.

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  • did. did a person who has shipping in their url who posts about v*ltron just reblog something of mine.

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  • “As someone who does a lot of outdoor voyaging I struggled to find something to keep me off the dirt and grass but still let me enjoy nature. One of my good friends purchased a blanket and I was immediately smitten. Great and kind customer service, QUALITY blanket, and super sweet deals applied to my first purchase. I think I’ll get the Arizona blanket next. Since I have a slight obsession with everything everything West, living in the south makes me want to keep a piece of out there with me. This blanket does the trick just fine. Thanks guys! Much love from New Orleans, LA.” ⁠

    Thank you for the kind words and support, Monica! Happiness makes the world go round and your review and picture made us smile so much. #treklightgear via Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CCoENFOHiCe/

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  • I literally just wanna have one good night of sleep… I don’t wanna waste the day tomorrow…

    #im so sensitive to light pressure right now like my blankets feel so weird #ugh #the clothes on my body are also bothering me #UGH #i hate it #fuck#UGHHHH #fuck im starting to freak the fuck oht #out #and i can feel my hair touching my neck ugh
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  • gay month is carrying over bitches because i said so

    so uh here’s some random stories about being queer because why the fuck not

    1. so basically i first realized i. Was Not Straight when I was about 11ish, and i thought i mightve had a crush on a really good friend of mine who was moving away, but i kinda brushed it off. then the next year i met this. Cute Girl at school and kinda just,,,started hanging around with her until we became really good friends, and turns out,,,we both had crushes on each other,,,,,,so my first Full Gay Crush™ was Also Gay For Me (we dated for just over 2 years before breaking up but we’re still good friends hehe)

    2. started questioning what the fUCK a gender was when i was about 11-12 too, and tbh i still dont know? idfk man im just trying to exist

    3. when i was younger i thought you had to have a crush on guys?? so every year at school id pick a dude and be like ‘okay i like you this year’ and never once did i realize that normal people didnt do that aslkdjfaslkdfjlksd after a while my parents coughmomcough started saying that they’d ‘always love me no matter what’ and i did Not understand what she meant until i realized. people could like girls and i-yeah so technically i came out at like,,,12? when i mentioned to my parents i might like girls (i used bi at the time bc that was the only other term i knew of outside of gay and straight) but didn’t fully come out until about 3 years later–turns out they knew my friend and i were dating but didnt want to make it awkward by asking me about it alksjdlkzsflksadhgkldjghkladfjghalkdendme

    4. ended up discovering. God I Love Women like so fucking much they just,,,preddie

    5. (currently!) i use the term pan to define myself if anyone asks but technically i always sway towards girls so i could also use lesbian but what the fuck is language and labels let me like people

    okay, now on an actually serious note for people who might still be in the closet/struggling with accepting themself or others/in a dangerous place right now: it would be a lie to say that everything went smoothly. i was on the brink of breaking down entirely when i told my parents that i wasn’t sure i was straight because i knew the connotations of it–i grew up in the early-mid 2000′s, gay was and still is used as a negative term, so i always knew it as this ‘bad thing’ to be. it also didn’t help that they weren’t supportive at first, so i was basically thrown back into the closet. i was also in a seriously dark place mentally at the time with no one to talk to about it (i’ve always been horrible at making friends, so even now i really dont have people to talk to about things going on in my life, which might be why im writing this now? i really dont know anymore). i have family that would disown me immediately if they found out about this–hell, they flipped their shit when they found out i wasnt catholic (not my parents tho, they’re chill now)! and yeah. it sucks having to hide a major part of yourself from the people who mean the most to you. the person i was closest to in the world died last year without knowing who i was. so, no, i’m not entirely out, because that would be dangerous for me. i know that ive had it easier than so many people who have stories similar to mine, but it shouldn’t be something thats difficult in the first place. (also sorry mom, i know you’ve said you expect me to bring a girl home at this point and that you. really want me to bring ANYONE home but hehe romance hard)

    to end this on a light-hearted note, i just got a giant 1x2m pride flag to hang in my room and i was able to proudly show it off to my parents who supported me wholeheartedly. i know it’s cliche to say, but it does get better. and im still really young–there’s so much more time for it to get even better than this.

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  • Yesterday’s quiz answer.
    It was OUT.
    Check out our answer.

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  • Through Fire Breakout Nightcore

    The song is called Breakout from the band Through fire This is the nightcore version of the song Nightcore is a trend whereby you speed up the music you like to increase the adrenaline of the song. To me, it’s just a way to practise my video making skills Guys make sure you check out my book on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leaner-Stron… Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe!

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  • Taken on June 26, 2020 by Iason Ragnar Bellerophon
    Via Flickr:
    Taken on June 26, 2020

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