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  • The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is a new branch of the Armed Forces. It was established on December 20, 2019

    The 42 astronauts were asked what did the United States Air Force Academy Prepare them for and they will tell you we aren’t just Aiming high we are escaping our atmosphere and looking Beyond


    THEM VS US We are also them we are not beings, of Technology as they have become Technology is an extension of us, not our essence.

    God is a Lie! Christ Is a Lie! Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are a Lie! Any other Cosmic entity, you want to name is a Lie!

    We are under attack!

    God is a manipulation lie created by the Devil Christ and the rest of the betrayers.

    Because I am saying your adversary is the Devil, do not confuse this with biblical drivel. You are not dealing with mystical mysticism you are dealing with an absolute understanding of science. You are dealing with compromise terraforming scientists that now lack the ability to care.

    Pick up your rifle General, face the Enemy!

    And prepare to have your mind ripped to pieces!

    You are kneeling to the enemy and the enemy is in the camp.

    I’m sending you reconnaissance. I’m at the front line So to speak General, not the command center you, get what you get Kick in, your training! A summary is as follows: Command Bases are Compromised! Technological capabilities in manipulating the cerebral cortex are extensive. Their mental communication (motor functions, verbal, visually) abilities range from subtle to hammer slamming. Mental and physical damage can occur people with heart conditions are most susceptible. Visuals at quantum 3D levels have a slight visual tracking glitch. Highly advanced computers and Extremely sophisticated Genetic engineering technologies for Zoological needs now modify for communication and manipulation purposes. Command and ships associated operate on internet technology a little better than our best.

    It’s cold, calculated, full of hate! “It cannot be reasoned with!” It has no compassion! The Devil believes, he cannot be stopped! And It will not stop! He’s determined to kill Our Father and Mother and annihilate all of us in a process of manipulation to accomplish this!


    Your crews and all others in the ships are in extreme Danger! Generals, you’ve sent your astronauts into danger unprepared! 


    I understand the extreme difficulty in understanding this this is a two-prong attack! They have highly Advanced Technologies. Their true and sinister nature will be revealed orchestrated by the (so-called) extraterrestrials themselves. It will be at this moment that they will go for Space superiority. This is an important strategy or play for the next step in the attack in what seems like a swift move of action. They will commandeer all spaceships all Satellites. They are cold calculated and without remorse, all they will be concerned with is eliminating any threats within the ships.

    They need space supremacy during stage three of the attack. After the extraterrestrials have orchestrated their deception of being repelled space will still be in their control in that Satellites, systems, are inaccessible, damaged and all able ships will be satirically disabled in space. This is to keep covered revealing events, actions.


    Any toxic substance that can be released in any way shape or form, into the ship has to be intensely guarded against. A manual way to disengage all computer controls of the spaceship! A manual way to exit the ship! Air Supply reported to be seven and a half hours will have to be supplemented with a manually retrievable non-manipulative air-source i.e. filtered through some form of a computer interface for quality concerns! Backup rescue ships that can be manually navigated!

    If you can acknowledge the sickness you see if you can recognize it as such. And that it has engulfed the world. You can begin to coordinate a decisive response. The difficulty is in getting you to comprehend the reality of this group and in the difficulty to defend oneself from them. If you can overcome the stupor that the world is engulfed in you may be able to formulate a plan. Without the participation of the entire world, success is non-existent.

    A large percentage for strategical reasons Generals in the World like all people in Positions of power World leaders are not chosen for their valor but for their mental deficiencies. Let’s hope you can rise above them. Maybe if you can get off your knees and realize what you’re worshiping! And if you can remove your lips from the butts of idiot politicians you can get around to helping save existence?

    You can either stand with the World in its ignorance absorbing the mental manipulation. Or you can stand at the ready in the fortitude of knowledge, either way, even though they’re already here, they’re coming.

    They have the ability to put thoughts in your mind. And I need somebody to get me a f****** scientist. And so help me I said it once and I’ll say it again if you don’t treat me with decency when you find out who the f*** I am you won’t be wondering why you’re s******* in a bucket in Antarctica!  I am, just so you know, The Angel of Death. And I don’t play with words. The scum of existence is here, and I’m here to eradicate them out of f****** existence. And I’m not happy about it. Consider that my only warning I’m not in the mood to f*** around.

    I’m here to get back My Father’s World! And there ain’t a f****** thing you can do about it. Except die think about it. I’m the only hope you f****** got Generals The Devil has come here to die. Or to eat

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  • Stars over an Erupting Volcano via NASA https://ift.tt/3b95NPr

    Mt. Etna has been erupting for hundreds of thousands of years. Located in Sicily, Italy, the volcano produces lava fountains over one kilometer high. Mt. Etna is not only one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, it is one of the largest, measuring over 50 kilometers at its base and rising nearly 3 kilometers high. Pictured erupting last month, a lava plume shoots upwards, while hot lava flows down the volcano’s exterior. Likely satellite trails appear above, while ancient stars dot the sky far in the distance. This volcanic eruption was so strong that nearby airports were closed to keep planes from flying through the dangerous plume. The image foreground and background were captured consecutively by the same camera and from the same location.

    (Published March 03, 2021)

    #IFTTT#NASA#Astronomy #Astronomy Picture of the Day #Astronomy Pic of the Day #space#outer space
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  • Fuck all my life plans I wanna work at nasa

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  • ok so i’ve started influencing the weird dreams i have with weird shit i watch. first up is killer klowns from outer space, i’ll reblog tomorrow if i have any out of the ordinary dream.

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  • Japanese Billionaire Opens Contest for SpaceX Starship Tickets

    Japanese Billionaire Opens Contest for SpaceX Starship Tickets

    Photo: Mario Tama (Getty Images)

    Yusaku Maezawa, the billionaire Japanese fashion CEO who paid big bucks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX for the first seats on its Starship spacecraft for a trip round the Moon in 2023, recently teased a big announcement regarding the journey. Mystery solved: Maezawa proclaimed on Tuesday he is offering anyone interested a shot at joining his crew.
    The mission, known as…

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  • image

    I think this is my favorite phone case that I’ve made.

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    Blog#67                                                             Wednesday, March 3rd ,2021

     Welcome back,

    The Big Bang theory states that the Universe originated from an incredibly hot and dense state 13.7 billion years ago and has been expanding and cooling ever since. It is now generally accepted by most cosmologists. However, this hasn’t always been the case and for a while the Steady State theory was very popular. This theory was developed in 1948 by Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), Herman Bondi (1919-2005) and Thomas Gold (1920-2004) as an alternative to the Big Bang to explain the origin and expansion of the Universe. At the heart of the Steady State theory is the Perfect Cosmological Principle. 


    This states that the Universe is infinite in extent, infinitely old and, taken as a whole, it is the same in all directions and at all times in the past and at all times in the future.  In other words, the Universe doesn’t evolve or change over time. The theory does acknowledge that change takes place on a smaller scale.  If we take a small region of the Universe, such as the neighborhood of the Sun, it does change over time as individual stars burn up their fuel and die, eventually becoming objects such as black dwarfs, neutrons stars and black holes.  The Steady State state theory proposes that new stars are continually created all the time at the rate needed to replace the stars which have used up their fuel and have stopped shining.


     So, if we take a large enough region of space, and by large we mean tens of millions of light years across, the average amount of light emitted doesn’t change over time. Arguments in favor of the Steady State Hypothesis include the apparent time-scale problem raised by the observed rate of cosmic expansion (aka. the Hubble Constant or the Hubble-Lemaitre law). Based on Hubble’s observations of nearby galaxies, he calculated that the Universe was expanding at a velocity that increased systematically with distance.


    However, ongoing observations during the 1950s and 1960s steadily led to a buildup of evidence against the Steady State Hypothesis. These included the discovery of bright radio sources (aka. quasars and radio galaxies) which were discovered in distant galaxies but not those closest to us – indicating that many galaxies became “radio-quiet” over time. By 1961, surveys of radio sources allowed for statistical analyses to be made, which ruled out the possibility that bright radio galaxies were uniformly distributed. Another major argument against the Steady State Hypothesis was the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in 1964, which the Big Bang model predicted.


    Combined with the absence of a gamma-ray background and pervasive clouds of x-ray emitting gas, the Big Bang model became widely accepted by the 1960s. By the 1990s, observations with the Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories also discovered that cosmic expansion has not been consistent over time. During the last three billion years, in fact, it has been accelerating. 


    (Saturday, March 6th ,2021)


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  • image

    Here is the 96.2% illuminated moon

    Photo made by Mathew Spaceman.

    This capture was made using camera:

    ->Nikon Coolpix p1000<-

    Click ☝️ to see the camera on Amazon.

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  • image

    Tumblr isn’t doing these images any justice, so just click or tap on these for better quality.

    My OC Galaxia.

    I sketched this back in 2019, then kind of abandoned it for a while. So, I finished it last month. No color because that is too much work for me & also impossible for me to do.

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  • Solar System | Planets | Explore the Solar System for kids | Science For…

    #solar system#science#kids cartoon#funlearning #pantsbear bear space #planets#learnwithme#video#new video#solar#space art#outer#outer space#fun learning#learningthroughplay#activitiesforkids #kids education cartoon kids animal liondance love friendship #kids #video for kids #video for children
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  • Ingenuity: A Mini Helicopter Now on Mars via NASA https://ift.tt/3q8gZ3k

    What if you could fly around Mars? NASA may have achieved that capability last month with the landing of Perseverance, a rover which included a small flight-worthy companion called Ingenuity, nicknamed Ginny. Even though Ginny is small – a toaster-sized helicopter with four long legs and two even-longer (1.2-meter) rotors, she is the first of her kind – there has never been anything like her before. After being deployed, possibly in April, the car-sized Perseverance (“Percy”) will back away to give Ginny ample room to attempt her unprecedented first flight. In the featured artistic illustration, Ginny’s long rotors are depicted giving her the lift she needs to fly into the thin Martian atmosphere and explore the area near Perseverance. Although Ingenuity herself will not fly very far, she is a prototype for all future airborne Solar-System robots that may fly far across not only Mars, but Titan.

    (Published March 02, 2021)

    #IFTTT#NASA#Astronomy #Astronomy Picture of the Day #Astronomy Pic of the Day #space#outer space
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  • Satellite Spots NASA’s New Rover—and Its Garbage—From Mars Orbit

    Satellite Spots NASA’s New Rover—and Its Garbage—From Mars Orbit

    ExoMars image showing the Perseverance landing site on Mars. Image: ESA/Roscosmos/CaSSIS; acknowledgement P. Grindrod

    The Perseverance rover, along with several components used during the recent landing, have been imaged from space.
    The image, captured by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, reveals the location of the parachute and back shell, the descent stage, the heat shield, and of course, the…

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