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  • itspileofgoodthings
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    “oh I hate those voices telling me I’m not in love anymore / but they don’t give me choices and that’s what these tears are for”

    ——— I cannot explain to you how much I love this line and how much I feel it applies to so many of my internal struggles. It’s just [ screams into the void ]

    #so much of my life is growing through phases and then leaving them behind #and it leaves me completely heartbroken but I can’t pretend it isn’t true!!! #I HATE the voices saying that I’m not in love with [ x ] or [ y ] anymore #I hate them so much!!!!! but I know they’re true !!!!!!! #and I just love that line ‘that’s what these tears are for’ #tears are for many things and one of them is the moment when you realize there is no way around a hard truth #you can’t choose to ignore the truth of a situation #but you can cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #(also thankfully loving people is something you don’t outgrow!) #(but occasionally friendships only belong to certain stages of life and I always wrestle with that truth)! #Emma said to me yesterday that I was such a forward-moving person and that’s why I was a good teacher #because I was always moving forward and taking the kids with me #and it’s so true #and yet there is a part of my soul that is in stormy blustery denial about this always. or at least always has to grieve the past #even while i keep moving forward #a weirdly precious memory to me is something that happened right before tros came out #I sort of knew ben died and was grieving that but more than that I knew that Ben was always going to die to me in some way #when this story ended #that he would no longer be the battleground on which I fought for redemption. no longer a character whose arc i worried about every day #one way or another I knew it would end. and it killed me. and I was sitting by the Christmas tree #and I started crying. and Libby who sort of knew what was wrong came up to me and said ‘there will be new things to love’ #and I said ‘I don’t want new things!! only old things!!!!!’ #and I just —-that is how it FEELS IN THE MOMENT #and it does pass and then stages can become a part of your heart and soul in a less active way #ben is still in my heart and always will be. and you do heal from it with time. but the moment of loss is So Muchb #guys it’s Maria Saturday meta time sorry
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  • kingandqueenwang
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Woke up before my alarm (the late one😅) and my mind took off about the Simu situation before I could go back to sleep, so here's another horrible take on the situation/vent. Prepare to hate me.

    I am tired. I am a christian. I am a fangirl that catches feelings and emotional sentimentality quickly. I am tired of cancelling people.

    It's kinda sick right, how you don't even have to be a hardcore fan of somebody or something. You can just want to vibe and believe most people are imperfect, but decent enough that you can enjoy them. But in one drop of a pen, it can go from that to you being called to be some righter of wrongs and turn your positive emotions into strongly negative ones. And suddenly you're the problem if you haven't decided you want all proof or positivity about that person wiped from the face of the earth forever.

    How does basic human connection and enjoyment of life not become a trap? How are we supposed to function on this earth as human beings without having to feel everyone is a potential Satan spawn sent to spread darkness?

    How can we bring everyone to God's good will and treat every sinner (aka person that exists) like they're not too far gone and they can come back from having racist, misogynistic, etc views to being a kinder better person? How can anybody when the world will always tell you nobody can unlearn, nobody gets a second chance?! You must disassociate, keep record of everyone's mistakes to hold over them if they ever dare to continue living in anything but utter shame and being relentlessly hated!

    Most likely, Simu isn't going to be able to work in this town again for the next 30 years without this following him, no matter if he proves that it's true that he's changed, or starts to change from here on out, or if evidence comes out that it was all made up from the start, or whatever plethora of scenarios could happen after this.

    You have to hate Simu Liu now. And... I don't want to.

    Not cause it's him specifically, though I do have personal liking of stuff about him before all this. But because I'm tired of seeing people and stirring up negative feelings in my heart towards them. Knowing that they had or have problematic views in life, and having to turn my nose up and hold them accountable. Saying he can "rot in he**" or whatever ill wishes people get for having albeit wrong or harmful thoughts towards others. Like, y'all really say stuff like "Oh you just had a baby? Well, you said something insensitive to a certain community 12 years ago, so I hope your organs shrivel up!" and think that doesn't affect your soul.

    I'm tired of cancelling, because people don't use it as constructive criticism to help the problematic person see how their mindset or actions can hurt others, and guide them towards becoming better. People cancel to crush any idea that there was a sliver of good and destroy any chance for them to live a life as a possibly better person. When we're supposed to be graceful, merciful, loving to everyone no matter what they've done to us in the past, present, or future. We're supposed to nurture the good in people and encourage each other away from the bad. That's how you help people change. With kindness and patient unconditional love. Not years of throwing hatred and shame at them if they're spotted smiling in public.

    Am I super crazy for thinking "Hey Simu, I see that you had problematic behavior in the past, and may still have them now, but I want to encourage you to grow from that so you can be a better person to represent this character in the future"?

    Must I go through all this negative energy and deep tumultuous conflict of the inner workings of cancel culture vs godly redemption and whatever else I just experienced laying awake just to decide whether or not I should still go see Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings tomorrow like I'd already planned to before all this if only so I won't be confused when the next MCU film comes out?

    And do I have to feel like a villain or some type of ignorant enabler of wickedness if I have a few fond thoughts about Simu from before, and I'm rooting for the positivity he took part in representing, and if I think maybe he's in the wrong now, but it's possible that one day in the future he won't be anymore, so why waste my energy giving him a stank face for the next decade, when I could pray that he does become a better person?

    All that just so I don't have to hate him and everything he does? Just because I'm too tired to keep my own little version of God's book in my head and apply it to everyone that crosses through the public eye?

    Oh, and I'm not defending what Simu said on the reddit. I'm a black woman, so a lot of it was not in my favor. Also I didn't read every sentence, and haven't gotten on Twitter again since last night, so I could be speaking on outdated information. It's just, you don't kick a sinner out of church for having sinned, you pray for them and encourage them. That way they can be forgiven and work towards change. Celebrities have souls, too. I just think it's time to start giving out more grace and love before eternal punishment.

    This post is probably ending with you wanting to fill my inbox with disgusted outrage and block me, but I needed to get it off my chest. I don't know if it's because my heart is overwhelmed by learning horrible things about people I've liked for years and I'm trying to stop myself from losing the light in my eyes for my stupid celebrities or what. I told you it's a horrible take. Sorry.

    #i don't even know what to tag just like... #my gosh we're all bad people. there's no such thing as a good person #yet we're all out here trying to act righteous and pick which people are worse than us when all sin is equal #i don't have the capability to carry this energy towards every person that gets their problematic stuff blasted on twitter #to have it taint every movie or song or hobby i possess just because people are involved #is it so wrong not to be some sort of radical boycott social justice warrior and just continue on enjoying things and people #and have hope that they will outgrow problematic or hurtful outlooks and behaviors #because i want to be able to enjoy things and not have to worry about other people's demons when i'm so busy maintaining my own #my hobbies are my break from beating myself up for having flaws. it's escapism pure and simple #i hate that everything i love is turning into 'hey stop vibing and hate your hobbies because the people involved are sinful!' #i can't anymore..... #so i'd rather trust simu is changing his heart than chase him back to canada with torches and pitchforks... guess i'm a horrible person too #surprised? me neither. disgusted? me too #blah blah blah beating the internet to shaming and blocking me until i feel so horrible that i delete my tumblr! yay! #this was a great having-an-existential-crisis-before-my-head leaves-the-pillow friday morning. thanks for sitting through it #i just want to go see shang chi. i like mcu films. like dang. stupid world #rant#simu liu #i'll probably delete this later
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  • jesuiskafka
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    #how dreadful that i use tumblr tags as a replacement for therapy #but i had an awful day and i am so tired #people say every day you don't think about offing yourself is a good day #but the problem is it's not #after a while it's simply not enough #just surviving #what for if it's always gonna be like this #people are supposed to go through or outgrow or whatever with their rough patches #i am just living in mine #and spreading roots #i am such a burden for everyone in my life #that's the worst part #ughhhh #i have a birthday coming up and this is not where i thought i would be when i am 30 #get your shit together or jump out of a window please
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  • tandembicycles
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    weird hill to die on but ok die then I guess

    #I sure as shit did from it #this is a salty post but honestly y'all can reblog it cause it's a pretty relatable sentiment idc #ok to rb #jr rambles #y'all ever feel like you just... outgrow people? #like it's been a long time coming I guess????????? #but damn the other shoe sure dropped like a lead brick #and immediately onto a gas pedal which turboed a car into a brick fucking wall #anyway. #got so mad I started shaking so I gotta talk through shit
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  • momomorianne
    01.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ah, the sweet smell of rain

    #it finally rained #rain gives me joy #i used to hate the rain #now i love it #growth #i wish i could outgrow the feelings i have for people too #i wish i could just be happy #text post#me#personalshit
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  • a-poetic-trainwreck
    14.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sometimes briefly I wonder if she misses me at all. Then I remember her departure and the way her bitterness bled out and the chilling silence that followed and has been there since, blocked, cut off, "How dare you try to speak on/at me." When really I was simply voicing concerns. I remember then.

    Nah. She doesn't.

    And that's okay now.

    #personal #it's all good #you outgrow people #and some are good to you for a while but not for you at all and that's okay too #all part of learning and growing #and I am learning and growing and I am stunning all my own without her now
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  • maracllea
    14.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #idk its sus #i also kinda believe that kids can outgrow any sort of ‘mean’ behaviour #idk at the end of the day - we wont really know we dont know any of the people personally #but i do think cube is being shady abt the way this is handled #the statement doesnt say that ‘following the rumors it was decided that seo soojin will no longer be a part of gidle’ #its just after 6months of nothing its just ok soojin’s out #answers#asks
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  • hiraethariala
    12.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The spring came again and you returned to my boughs. I was taller this time. Cresting the clouds, new heights with my new hands. Just out of reach. From here, the claws that shucked defenses so keenly were but dull. Glinting of the inevitable composition of experience. Looking down to you was a new and upsetting experience. Don't lower yourself -

    And though I towered, when the wind sang and bent me, you batted me away. When I reached for you, you forgot how it was to fit together. Settled in the curves of my branches - now you can't climb. You can't dig for purchase, you let yourself wither. In the winter you lost necessities. You didn't rest. Winter turned you inward when there was nothing more outward to take. There's nothing left to spill out at my roots, but if you find it, I'll hold it. Just for a time until you can shape it again.

    Let me bend for you, while I can, dear heart. Until you can grow with me, let me reach for you. Rest with me. My roots are deep enough, my branches are tall and here, against the sun, I can hold you. Just a little longer, just a little longer now.

    #mine#writing#poetry #i don't like outgrowing people #this is the worst kind of growing pains #screaming into the dark to come with me please #i can't forever #you can't make somebody love themselves #i still try though #i still try #love
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  • empanado-feliz
    03.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    fuck i made a emotional post ab the adventure time finale where i vented and cried ab hating time passing and growing out of things and forgettinf stuff and people i love and lesving my childhood behind and it was really big and i lost it. i hate tumblr sometimes

    #im crying. w the finale #not bc its sad bc i dont want it to end #its like. this and the steven universe finale made me cry like a baby #bc these were both things that ive loved for years you know? #im so upset i stopped watching adventure time. why did i leave it behind #i dont want it to end. like i didnt wsnt steven universe to end. they were witb me since im like 9 #i dont want all the things from my childhood to end #i dont want to leave things nehind snd outgrow them and stof loving them #i hate rhe passage of time and getting new memories and not being into things that were very important to me once at the intensity i was #before #i hate that all the people i love are gonna be behind me one day and be just memories i look bsck on #i hate that ill forget small details of things that were my life for months #i hate that ill forget most of ny experiences. that i alrewdy forgot a lot. that im never getting everything ive ever lived back #i hate that ill forget the lyrics of songs i really love and inside jokes i find really funny #i hate growing up. i hate that everyone around me grows up too #why cant time stop. why do i hsve to chsnge. why cant things stay the way they are forever #how can i love something and leave it behind? #i loved this show so much when i was a kid. #i almost never thing about steven universe anymore #she-ra was my life since november 2018 and now i cant see content of it without feeling sick #because it reminds me of how i left it behind. how its not my obsession anymore. because its so so so fucking important to me and i loved #it so intensely and i love those characters so much and it changed me and now its just #its never gonna be like that again. its never gonna made me feel like that again #and it makes me want to throw up #idk why i get si attached to everything. i once cried for hours c my phone broke and i had to get a new one. im not normal i think #this was about adventure tine right. bmos song started this. ''you and i will always be back then'' #im gonna go finish the episode #i went an entire year crying like once a month and now i have a crying episode every week? what happened
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  • eatfood-nottoomuch-mostlyplants
    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You are allowed to outgrow people. This includes past versions of yourself. -Mandy Hale [1080x1350]

    #You are allowed to outgrow people. This includes past versions of yourself. -Mandy Hale [1080x1350]
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  • femonomics-blog
    27.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Outgrowing People: Why Is It Okay?

    Outgrowing People: Why Is It Okay?

    Have you ever noticed the absence of someone is comforting because you’ve finally stopped missing them? Your personal feelings should never be dependent on what the other person has done or feels. You can’t force someone to mirror your emotions; you’re allowed to keep missing someone until the day you don’t anymore. Unfortunately, that’s not a day that can be predicted.  I’ve shrunk myself down…

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    #outgrow someone in a relationship #outgrowing friends psychology #outgrowing people #outgrowing people is totally normal. #Outgrowing People: Why Is It Okay? #Stop feeling guilty #what does it feel
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  • rotatemp3
    07.07.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #everyday i go online and think to myself that i need to deactivate #there’s nothing for me on here or any online space anymore #i don’t know why i haven’t done it already... #it’s not just the people... #or is it... #i honestly cannot believe another big issue was swept under the rug again #disappointed but i didn’t expect much anyway #i will still blog about mx because there’s hope they’ll address this eventually... #but yeah... not calling myself a monbebe anymore #this whole thing is so disappointing #maybe im outgrowing kpop or just like fandom spaces in general? probably..... idk
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  • myidlehand
    05.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I hate seeing people say Loki falling in love with Sylvie is "selfcest" because it feels like so many people just do not get the character at all.

    It's not about Loki loving a version of himself more than anything else. It's about him finally feeling like someone understand him, feeling a real connection (he literally said he never had something real before. That was clearly a set up for that next episode), feeling like someone listens to him. She made him talk about the only people he truly cares about, his family, especially his mom (don't tell me he doesn't care about Thor or Odin. Everything he does is to get their approval). She called him on his bullshit when he's being selfish and want to have fun and ruin her plans. She's headstrong, powerful and soft as well. She listens to him. And that matter.

    You can't call it selfcest (I mean in a serious way not if it's in a joke way) when Sylvie is in no way Loki. They never had the same life at all. It doesn't matter if she started a variant of him. He would still care about her if she was just Sylvie, a random Asgardian. It's the woman who was on the run all her life that he likes, not the Asgardian princess.

    I still prefer for them to be best friends, because I don't think Sylvie is in love with him and I think he's very confused because he never had a real friendship before. But it makes total sense that he thinks he's in love with her.

    #loki#sylvie#loki series #this entire show is about loki making meaningful connections to other people #outgrowing his rage and becoming able to trust others
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  • strawberrywafer
    30.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i am not the same person i was last year. i am not the same person i was six months ago. i am not the same person i was last week. i am constantly growing and healing and learning from my mistakes. and yes i still make them. i am not a perfect person. but most of all, i am not the distorted version of myself you have in your memories.

    #some people refuse to see the change i’ve been through. like yes i was a bad person. yes i hurt you and myself #but i’ve GROWN #and i’m trying to outgrow this conflict #but the constant reminders of my past are making it So hard #vienna talks
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  • giggleghostie
    15.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    ok so this is a negative post but ‘tis about a music artist with VERY rabid fans so it’s in the tags

    #HOW did i listen to m*lanie m*rtinez so much when i was like 14 or whatever #im trying to relisten to it. bc i have more of an aversion to her stuff than most artists' i dont support as people #and jesus christ i feel sick to my stomach #it wasn't even one of the songs about abuse it was fucking Carousel and circus themes are my fucking favorite #uuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk if its bc im so uncomfy with her as a person or because its jsut bad #but everything sounds so OFF. like its supposed to sound like something but somethings wrong w it #genuinely. do you realize how obsessed w this i used to be? i almost never 'outgrow' music #in the sense that i just fucking refuse to listen to what i used to. most of the time I love the song i used to like #but this is like. filling me w such an uneasy feeling that it physically hurts
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  • melitadala
    12.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    and it's okay

    #we outgrow people #and it's okay #mental health awareness #motivationalshit#motivationalcoach#quote aesthetic #blame my muse
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  • fandomlife-universe
    10.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    This blog just got tagged in one of those “tag some blogs you love” posts (actually it was like 8 days ago but still) and just like…people still know this blog exists????

    #holy shit #this was my og blog #i used to be SO active on it #i’m just not really as into fandom culture anymore #but i still love those kinds of shows and movies #so that’s why i keep this blog around #when i first started this blog #i NEVER thought i would outgrow fandom #and i always felt so bad for the people that did #but now I’M one of those people #insane #i’m still around though
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  • lggy
    29.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    drew designs for one of my au’s

    #ninjago#fanart#my art#pixal#jay#kai#nya#lloyd#zane#cole #it's set in late autumn so they're all in some warm clothes #i got lazy halfway thru #tall pixal is good but also have u heard short pixal #jay looks like the kid at recess who brings beyblades and runs the fastest and bites people #also i think lloyd outgrowing half the team is hilarious yesss Rise
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  • ragabond
    14.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    i think getting older is just watching the junk drawer in your room slowly fill up with ticket stubs crumpled drawings and single halves of heart necklaces where none of them fit together

    #.txt #why am i so sad about this i’m never sad about outgrowing people
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  • sadiekqne
    13.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    ppl insist on giving draco malfoy a redemption arc and glorifying him as if pansy parkinson isnt RIGHT THERE

    #jkr can choke btw #but yeah anyway #i certainly don’t believe every character whose horrible deserves a redemption arc #some people are simply to prejudiced to receive redemption of any kind #but PANSY #for some reason i am obsessed with her outgrowing her horrible upbringing and making amends and trying to be good in the end #horrible people can do the right thing in the end - doesn’t mean every ‘bad’ character should that’s just not good storytelling #whatever i digress #point is i’m mad that white male slytherins are put on a pedestal like ‘they can be good if they tried’ blah blah when the female slytherins #are pushed to the side #they have the potential to be so much more three-dimensional and nuanced with redemption arcs that far outshine those of snaps or draco
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