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  • arcgeminga
    23.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    ♕┊ ........................... I said what I said.

    #crack thread #(I honestly didn't realize I said 'manigolds' instead of marigolds. #(It's especially funny when the shitty english dub of LC only says 'manigold' instead of 'manigoldo') #(LOL just laughing at my self a little bit.) #(I finally put my marigolds outside since they were getting too big.) #(looking to see if it's alright to keep them outside for more than a few hours without getting a sunburn.)
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  • lunarflyby
    23.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    so my bus didn't show up, which is cool, just great

    #I want to see venom. there's apparently another bus that'll make me 5 minutes late #but I'm wary because it's not on the timetable #Also it's only like 6°C rn and I'm not dressed for standing around outside
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  • whiskey-mua
    23.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    visited the greater SMP for a hair appointment and saw some kid in a black hoodie with a bloody arm running around with Tommy Innit. where did the blood come from and who tf is this kid

    #dream smp #dream smp citizen memes #dream smp citizen pov #dsmp #dsmp citizen memes #dsmp citizen pov #i didn’t think he had many friends outside of tubbo underscore and ranboo beloved #where the FUCK did this kid come from and why is their arm COVERED IN BLOOD
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  • ahmerinam
    23.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Watching the storm by J C Scot Images. https://flic.kr/p/2mDFNJa

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  • ahmerinam
    23.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Up close by J C Scot Images. https://flic.kr/p/2mDHk2T

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  • pumpkinsy0
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    pony: im about to eat

    curly: what r u gonna eat

    pony: can u leave me alone for 5 fucking minutes

    #purly#ponyboy curtis#curly shepard #the outsiders incorrect quotes
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  • irltwobjt
    23.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Survived Gallantly

    never thought id write again, tbh

    warnings: post canon death, injury (could be interpreted as major or minor)

    words: 2,202

    pairings: none really, darbit if you squint

    After that painfully boring movie about some cowboy and his broad finally ended, Two-Bit and Ponyboy made their way out of the movie theater and continued the short walk home. He loved that kid like a brother, but god did he have an awful taste in movies.

    They were talking about anything under the sun as they walked around; the movie, a couple girls Two-Bit had his eyes on in the theatre, how red Ponyboy’s ears could get when he talked about girls, and such forth. It was only when Two-Bit noticed a tuff Chevy trailing them after a period of time did he stop in the middle of his joke and carefully pulled Pony aside.

    It didn’t talk long for the car to pull aside the curb with a screeching halt and for six Socs, all with nice jackets, pressed pants, and probably blades to hop out of the car. Two-Bit stiffed a laugh; the near absurd number of Socs coming out of one small car reminded him of a clown car.

    “You know damn well this is our territory,” Two-Bit warned in a low voice. He didn’t reach for his blade just yet, hoping that it wouldn’t have to come to that.

    Silence from the group. All they did was approach closer and closer, slower and slower. Who appeared to be the leader, a tall and lean guy with jet black hair, had a dangerous smirk on his face.

    “Territory be damned. You greases have had it made for a little too long now.”

    For the first time in his life, Two-Bit had an incredible idea.

    “Now hold on,” he started, immediately getting behind Ponyboy. “You can get a good swing out of me. I couldn’t give a damn if you killed me, hell.” He pointed to the visibly shaking kid behind him. “But he’s a fucking kid! You’re gonna swing at a kid? A kid that still has a damn life ahead of him?“

    “Two,” Pony started quietly. Two-Bit immediately jammed him in the ribs to shut him up.

    Surprisingly, the Socs listened, if just for a second. They all looked at each other with questioning looks, and then the leader spoke up.

    “The kid can go. But you’re staying.”

    As if on instinct, he immediately pulled the kid in for a hug. Pony was extremely surprised, no doubt, but he pulled his head in closer and harshly, yet quietly whispered to him,

    “Darry and Soda should be home by now. You’re a track star, ain’t ya? Run as fast as your damn legs can take you and grab them and Steve, and whoever the hell can come along. Take any longer than five minutes and I’ll be dead.”

    He didn’t need to look at him to know his eyes had gotten huge and that he’d need about two packs of cigarettes to calm down after this big mess was over. He quickly broke off the hug, knowing he couldn’t make it last much longer without being any more suspicious. The second he let go, Pony sprinted out of sight to the Curtis household.

    Come to think of it, that was the first time Two-Bit had seriously hugged anyone.

    “Alright,” he said, swinging around before the Socs could get a punch in first. Was there a hint of pity in their eyes? Pity be damned, he pulled out his beloved switchblade- he had convinced the police to give it back to him after Dally took it that one dreaded night -and pointed it away from him, right in the line of the leader’s neck.

    “Come and get me.” And then they did.


    What took three minutes and felt three years later, there Two-Bit was, curled into a ball while being kicked by three out of six Socs. The other three were shouting things indecipherable to him; to be honest, his vision was sort of fading. The only thing that was keeping him alive was spite and a good quality leather jacket he managed to steal.

    He heard some other loud, booming voice and thought, “Right on time. My true hero, Darry, is here to save me.” He laughed a little to himself, picturing Darry as some sort of knight or “gallant” cowboy Pony would talk about.

    The kicking finally stopped, and he could finally breathe. A pair of strong arms carefully rolled him over, and he found himself locking eyes with none other Darry Curtis.

    He grinned with all his teeth and Darry, for some reason, winced. “Took ya long enough,” he managed to mumble. Truth be told he hurt like hell and he was terrified, but he’d rather be kicked to death than show it.

    “Don’t talk,” he instructed. “Just lay there for a bit, alright?“ It seemed that he was checking him for injuries. There was a whole lot of concern on his face.

    He sat up, ignoring his command, and vaguely got sense of who was there. Soda was next to him, and Steve next to Soda; Pony was next to Darry, and Curly Shepard was somehow next to Pony. He probably just got caught in all the commotion himself, because there wasn’t any other Shepards.

    “Glory, Two-Bit, you got real messed up....” Only Darry was talking. Two-Bit supposed the others were just too scared to speak up.

    “I’ve felt better,” he replied, laying back down again. He felt like his arms were gonna give up if he sat up any longer. God, did his back hurt.

    Darry started talking again, but to be honest, he wasn’t listening. It was like everything and every sound was under water except his own thoughts.


    “Mmm?” He opened his eyes. When did he close them?

    “I said, you think you can get up?” Darry kept gripping his shoulders tight, trying to get him to stay awake.

    Usually he’d play tough, but being ganged up on by six Socs can wear a guy out pretty easy. “I can try.” He sat up, and nearly slammed his head back down. His arms were shaking violently. He honestly wasn’t quite sure what all was wrong with him; he could barely remember the fight as it was. Adrenaline was a hell of a drug.

    He heard Darry curse under his breath, and very gingerly, he picked him up. Lazily tying his arms around his neck, he quit focusing on trying to stay conscious.

    There was a time where he mostly stuck around Pony because he knew how hurt he had been by the entire hell week, and at some point he had spilled something about being “gallant” in Gone with the Wind. He had described “gallant” as brave, and had said something about Dally and Johnny being gallant. Truth be told, he was a little drunk when he started ranting about it.

    Was what he did gallant, or was it purely stupid? Sure, two people could’ve been better than one, but either way the odds were fucked. It would’ve been better if Pony did run and get help instead of get killed along with him, so it wasn’t stupidity.

    So was it smart, or was it brave?

    He didn’t know. Maybe he’d ask Pony about it; then again, it might come across as a little conceited if he asked if he had been brave about the fight. At the end of the day, he hated seeing any of his buddies hurt, and he’d rather be a little worse off than Pony to be scratched at all. But then again, it was the objectively better option. Smart it was, then.

    While he was thinking for once in his life, he had apparently closed his eyes. He opened them, and somehow, he was in the Curtis household being set down very gently on the couch. He looked up at Darry with a questioning look on his face.

    “Go back to sleep,” he hushed. “You’ll be fine.” And so he did.


    The TV was on and someone was talking over at the dinner table shuffling a deck of cards. Two-Bit opened his eyes, then closed them again, hoping nobody would notice he’s awake. His entire body felt like it was on fire, and truth told, he didn’t want to deal with anyone.

    “Wait, I think he’s comin’ to.” Damn it.

    He very slowly got up, trying not to groan with pain. Holy hell did his back hurt.

    “Mornin’, Sleeping Beauty!” That voice probably belonged to Soda.

    “Can it, Prince Charming.” His leather jacket and Mickey Mouse shirt were gone and in it’s place was one of Darry’s long sleeved shirts he usually wore in the winter. It felt pretty nice. “The hell happened to my shirt?”

    “You bled through it,” Steve piped up. Wait, Steve? How the hell did he get in here? “Your shirts probably ruined for good, but I think your jacket’s okay.”

    “Damn. I was hoping to wear it to the Ritz.” He lifted up his shirt a little and sure enough, a couple bloody bandages covered his stomach. Two of the Socs had a blade on them, and he guessed they got a hold of him in the middle of the commotion.

    Darry entered the room and Two-Bit quit looking up his own shirt. “You alright there, Two?” The poor guy actually looked a little concerned.

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m good.” He hobbled off of the sofa. “But glory does my back hurt. Maybe I’m just getting old.”

    Darry cracked a smile. “Well it should hurt. Hey, turn around and let me look at it.”

    “Tryin’ to cop a feel, aren’t you?” he joked, still turning around. He could feel his eyes roll in response as he lifted his shirt from the back.

    “Jesus...” His bare skin felt real funny against the air. In a way it hurt, but it was also very relieving. “Your entire back’s bruised, Two...”

    That wasn’t too surprising. And in fact, the way Darry was trying his best to softly touch his back actually stung pretty bad. “Pretty tuff, huh?” He stepped forward a little and put his shirt back down.

    “Maybe you oughta stay a little and rest up,” Darry started, but Two-Bit already was shaking his head.

    “At least let me see the damage before I decide if I wanna mooch off of you any longer.” Both he and Darry knew he was welcome any time, but he never liked showing his weak spots. He made his way over to the bathroom mirror.

    The first thing he noticed was his teeth. His right canine tooth was cracked in half and his front teeth were both chipped. There was still leftover stained blood in his mouth. To be honest, he thought it was tuff.

    There were big scratches across his cheeks as well from when he was thrown onto the concrete. He lifted his shirt a little and found the same bandages from before; there was a somewhat concerning amount of dried blood on them.

    Time for the big one. He turned around slightly and got a good look at his back. His entire back was nearly purple, with some sickly yellow spots scattered around it. That was definitely the result of three guys kicking the shit out of him at once.

    “So, you stayin’?” Darry asked. Sometime while he was turned around he had joined him in the bathroom. Being honest with the two of them, it was more of a remark than a question.

    “Eh, I’ll stay for an hour or two. Couldn’t hurt.” He put his (well, it was Darry’s, but he was probably gonna end up leaving with it) shirt back down and turned to face him. He grinned up at him, and all he got was a worried look.

    “Hey, about that fight...” Here it comes. “You didn’t have to do that, you know. You didn’t have to sacrifice yourself for Pony.”

    He instantly dismissed Darry with a wave. “’Course I had to. What, did you want us both getting kicked to shit?” He cocked an eyebrow at that. “One person getting hurt is better than two.”

    “Sure, Two-Bit, but you didn’t have to be the one getting beat down.” He seemed really hesitant to talk about it.

    “You think I could run to yall’s house that fast?” He laughed at his own joke. “It’s no sweat, Darry. I’ve been beaten up before, and I’ll get beat up again. And I’d rather be the one to get killed than Pony.” He said that last part real quiet.

    They both hated talking about sweet stuff, and both looked down at the ground at their feet. The floor needed a good mopping.

    “What I’m trying to say is, I appreciate it. Seriously, there wasn’t a scratch on him.” Two-Bit looked up, and instead of some stupid smirk, there was a genuine smile on his face.

    “No sweat, Darry.” There was a moment of sweet silence.

    “Hey Two-Bit, Mickey Mouse is on,” Pony called out. 

    “Looks like I’ll be staying, then.” They smiled at each other, and Darry carefully pat Two’s shoulder as he rushed out the bathroom and back onto the couch.

    “Hey Pony, could you get me some aspirin while you’re up?”

    “How much you need?”

    “The whole damn bottle.”

    #the outsiders#irl two-bit#ponyboy curtis #two bit mathews #darry curtis#dallas winston#sodapop curtis#steve randle#johnny cade #the outsiders fanfiction #its been a damn minute since ive written stuff
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  • m0bpsychic
    23.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    D.angan.ronpa au,, characters like Alucard's Dad, Piconjo, The Dearests, ect not being apart of the game itself but they're just trying to survive in the outside world,, 🤔

    #not like v3 outside world but ultra despair girls outside world #ooc
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  • gertstarlight
    23.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #i want beth to meet hootie!! #also she has an owl painting outside her room so maybe we get to see hootie soon 👀 #stargirl#stargirl spoilers
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  • dbergantin
    23.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    © Devis Bergantin, Preghiera (Studio di una santificazione), 2021, still da video corrotti + databending + fotoritocco, 1025 x 768 pixel

    © Devis Bergantin, Prayer (Study of a sanctification), 2021, still images from corrupted videos + databending + photo editing, 1025 x 768 pixels

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  • landofnorris
    23.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    what are the odds of me stepping outside a building exactly as my ex is passing by literally havent seen the dude in like 2 years now its twice in a week already

    #LITERALLY TWICE THIS WEEK ALREADY #the universe keeps testing me why #reminds of me of that one time i went on a road trip outside the city #and guess who was also at the same hiking camp?????? #yes my ex
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  • the-most-pathetic-edge-marquis
    23.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago
    #non population-based description if you're curious! #my town had one stoplight #(a couple years ago they put in a second one in The Stupidest place possible) #(i'm still salty about it. whatever) #my high school was 160 kids w 45 in my graduating class #*49 #we were in the same building as the middle school #wikipedia says the town is 8.9 square km #practically that means you can walk from the east edge to the west edge in literally 15 minutes #tho there's a decent number of houses outside of official town limits #the farthest is like twenty minutes drive? #there's two grocery stores and one is a tiny health-food shop that barely counts as a grocery store #(actually i think technically there's three right now? they just opened a new one) #(but they put it in the cursed building and also there's no way there's enough people to need two grocery stores so it's not going to last) #just...vibes
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  • communalbong
    23.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Me: there is evidence to suggest that men are biologically inclined towards sexual violence and I would like for someone who disagrees to explain to me why

    Women who cannot read: DONT give men a free pass to be rapists like that!!

    #my posts#male violence#radblr #like babes. when tf did i say i think its natural or okay for men to be rapists just because they are biologically dispositioned for it? #humans overcame our natural fear of FIRE and built a society with it and you think /im/ suggesting that men just cant possible overcome the #urge to rape? ffs /i/ think men should be kept on leashes - tracked by the government - and not allowed outside w/out consent or after dark #but apparently just the act of asking why some of yall dont think there is a biological factor at play in mens decision to rape #is toeing the line to Excusing rape when it happens. for some fucking reason idk HOW yall got to that conclusion about me
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  • wizzardhowl
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sexuality discourse online is so bad i think all of you should stop and go outside

    #the absolute garbage takes i have to read in this website... #you have no empathy for lesbians from conservative backgrounds or lives that differ from yours #women who dread their attraction so much that they use it to hurt themselves #it's like y'all don't understand there's a world outside your little progressive country... the world is not half as accepting #as some here make it out to be #post
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  • helpwhyamiontumbllr
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    twobit, dally, soda, and steve would cry laughing over cupcake and “oh no our table it’s broken 😨” remixes. they’d laugh so hard that ponyboy wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because of how hard they’d be laughing

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