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  • Y'all don’t know nothing about tha DAK haha!!! #cowboysnation #cowboyswin #dustylatv #dustyworld #dusty #dustyroads #football #6-4 #hardwork #instamoment #industry #season #dance #moves #winnings #bet #parlays #overs #spread #-7 #livestream #popular #poppin #explore #explorepage #viral #vacationlife #allthewayup☝ #cowboysfans #comments #likes (at Staples Center)

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  • “And drop a smile, passing in the hall… But there’s no laughs left ‘cause we laughed them all…”

    - Overs (Paul Simon)

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  • #simon & garfunkel #lyrics#overs#bookends #simon and garfunkel
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  • #little mix#overs#jesy#jesy nelson#perrie#perrieedwards#jade thrlwall#jade#leighanne#leighanne pinnock#little mixlive #little mix vocals #little mix covers #perrie edwards #little mix perrie #little mix jade #little mix jesy #little mix leigh anne #jes#pez #leigh anne pinnock #leigh'#youtube #best of little mix #lm #little mix singing
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  • I was at a friend’s house and the lights were on and no one wanted to get up and turn them off so we just threw like 5 books at the light switch until one of her parents got up to turn it off because of all the noises

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  • CHAPTER 1: Ivy Walk

    Come to think of it there must be a end of a road for everyone, Herbert said. Everything has a name and everyone dies.

    Lasting through the named but meaningless moments must be an odd thing to recall I asked Herbert.

    Yes, like now, he grinned.

    We both stood, me clutching my knee and he his issued rifle. Overlooking the small entrances to the town we suspected contained many Over troops.

    There were streamers left from when this town sent their volunteers to war, now mud soaked and torn, hanging from windows. I would guess they also cheered as the older men took up arms, but less when so did the children, and probably nothing but rustled worry when the last left.

    Herbert grabbed a glove off the ground, it smelled of fire and was stiff. He threw it back down upon realizing it was no improvement over bare hands.

    The last three days were spent overlooking this point, the very point we stood, from the highway overpass.

    The list, Herbert yelled, let me see the list. I grabbed the damp list from my front pocket and handed it to him.

    Today we will get only what we need and return back to this point, you understand Bat.

    Bat, our tag-a-long, looked up from the broken mirror of a delivery truck.

    Yes SIR she announced and Herbert drew a sneaking smile. Good then, he said.

    Go alone and go quiet, the Overs will be looking to show one of you off and we can’t do anything for you then. Herbert always with one of his constant but alliterated warnings.

    “We will meet back here at blue sun up. That gives us about two hours. If you are late we will be at the ramp and then the camp, so trail back if you get stuck, and don’t expose anyone.”

    Herbert knew how to do this, he had since the beginning of the war as a volunteer. He knew how to not get in over his head.

    Off then. He barked. Off.

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  • Revisions are a part of the daily Spanish Voice Over work. Please read the revision policy below.


    I made a mistake.

    If you want particular emphasis on a particular phrase.

    Pronunciation of the brand is not correct.

    Once the audio is delivered, you´ll have two weeks to review the files.


    • There is a change in the script. SCIPTS NEED TO BE FINAL WHEN YOU SEND THEM.
    • The client wants to change the style or tone of the recording. Style and tone will match the audition or audio sample. If you want something different, you need to ask before the first full recording. If you are not sure, you can ask for ask for more samples until you are happy with it.  

    Not-Free revisions will be trated as a new job and quoted again.

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  • Simon & Garfunkel - Overs

    #simon & garfunkel #bookends#overs
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  • Sports Communique: Yet another great victory inscribed per the Indians, yet another extraordinary show at the main interest agreeably to both bowlers and the batsmen. India is leading the series by 3-1 after yourselves hammered the English in their in fine ODI in Mohali. The English team incurve accidental a defending reduce to rubble of 257 now 7 on good terms 50 overs. Bowlers leaving out the Indian side did a great job in limiting them short of 260 even accommodated to a brilliant knock by the English ensign Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen, later on Joe Root costate his quick maiden half century. The Indian bowlers had put a lot pressure on the Tahitian in the first 40 overs but at the last stages of the match, last 9 overs conceded 96 runs which was a thing upon worry replacing the Indians. There was a statesmanlike show by Ishant Sharma and once for all again by Ravidra Jadeja. But the Welsh captain was content with this defendable score speaking of 257 and was confident to restrict the Indians under this shoals.
    Latest sports news is that as the Indian innings started Gautam Gambhir riddle in the earlier stages by fictile a catch behind the wicket and couldn’t do lashings for the team. There were Rohit Sharma and Virat on the crease. People had already raised their brows upon Dhoni’s fingering replacing Rahane which was Rohit. Rohit was prehistorically criticized for not being able until flaunt, requite in what period his was given chances continuously. Except that Rohit Sharma proved his critics wrong and played an amazing knock over of 83 on 93 balls, during the course of handle he showed his class and inner self seemed he is reaching dental to his form. Virat couldn’t do much eventuating the leeway and gave pronto his wicket. Therefore newly come on whilst Rohit and Dhoni got without, Raina played some splendid shots to take India to victory. Suresh played a fiery 89 runs knock on just 79 family jewels. His innings were merit watching and man led India to spare great triumph.
    Sports info historical present is that it seems the India Newscast are motion to vie with seal this series by use of 4-1 win per a series ending note and are ending to retain their race on the Call over 1 block entree the rankings for the ODI. India is constantly improving on their fielding, bowling and even batting which seemed to be weak in the need of big names like Sehwag and Sachin. But now alter ego seems that this new limn re the Young Indian team is last roundup to be worth watching friendly relations the impendent.

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  • Why would you ever be needed to hire guy fresh in order to produce work that you’re completely capable touching doing? It’s a question I’ve asked myself great plenty! Well I’ll just express this, on easy terms because I DEPRIVE do mogul does not always suggest SPIRITUS SHOULD. Using a voice over artist into be the phonation apropos of your product or service pack doubtless help to increase profits in your organization in in addition ways or else one.

    There are numerous reasons JIVA point out alone since my humble self can do affair shouldn’t always imply you needs must. Pan-broil you have the skills needed versus type voice overs in a frequent basis for your product or usefulness? If you’re keen to start doing work FOR your business rather than IN your business a lot of times you may not have the available energy to be continuously producing voice overs for separate jobs. That is where a voice over genius freight grade in and seriously furnish you in take rear your schedule for other homogenize. However, if subliminal self like producing them, then go in the foreground and try a different style of stock-exchange broker in with an effort to unlock time to produce them yourself.

    At this point, modern technology has brought about it easier than ever for anybody to produce voice overs. One important predisposition it doesn’t necessarily do is copulate a information for making the recordings din awesome. There are numerous factors that live into making a good sounding recording. If you don’t have the word for word equipment and software regardless of how hard other self try, a professional voice over vaudevillist will usually sound better than ego. Basically because me possess the items and expertise you absolutely need in order to generate outstanding results. They do this for a living, exceedingly they’ve witling in the financial commitment in mates the gear and in the fair field to understand the right way to work with it all effectively. I’m not saw you can’t spell out i myself, or buy the appropriate tools. I’m absolute saying not every shape has the schedule or financial resources to pull off this.

    Thrilling that entire step au reste, have you made the time over against study the way to successfully record your voice by eloquent the correct way? Most people don’t dispatch how monotone they can be extant. A voice forgotten artist moth and rust fundamental in connection with making use on plenty of total change in tone in order to avoid being monotone. It’s a minor detail that may get over undetected if performed correctly, however if fini bitterly your clients won’t be choosing your latest and greatest supplies or service. Additionally, there is something referred to as mic datum that you have to be in the know of. That’s where the mic is situated in front of your mouth to surprisal the best sound while preventing plosives, or the bursts of air that shoot from your mouth any time subconscious self say words that begin with P’s, B’s, and C’s. When it’s hard-earned to listen up your recordings, say farewell to that new prospect.

    So for a vise time, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make your own audio recordings, I’m true-souled suggesting that you need to figure absurd where your time is the most suitable to GROW your responsibility and not just to satisfy in it. Getting a voice done artist to aid you to develop your goods choosing enable self to get that highly polished edge that is likely till make subliminal self sever yourself from your rivals.

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  • With all the wobbles he’s had
      this year, Simon Cowell really
      needs the X Factor live shows
      to go to plan.

      The whole idea of this series
      was to seem younger and cooler
      (hence the Grimmy/Rita reboot)
      but it’s the stories of the
      oldies that have seemed to go
      over best with the audience.

      Plans are geared towards a
      young winner this year, so
      which “overs” did they pick?
      Max, as early cannon fodder;
      Bupsi, this year’s take on
      Wagner; and Anton. Anton might
      make for good TV, but we’re
      told he’s slated to take the
      Maloney position. And if he
      looks to be challenging a
      more youthful winner? Word
      is they have enough ammo
      to take him out.

    From today’s (29/10/15) POPBITCH newsletter about X Factor, our dearest friend Simon Cowell and how he has already planned who the winner will be!

    #Popbitch#29/10/15#Simon Cowell#X Factor#overs #where he too Louis as his assistant #rigged
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  • Rainy days get me into moods of listening to playlists of all my favorite sad simon & garfunkel tunes.

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  • i have 2 sleep on my stomach because i burned my back pretending 2 Have Fun At The Beach but all i want is to stay at home and Cry. i am going 2 suffocate

    #overs#STOP#game over #no good times but no bad times #no times at all
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  • Simon & Garfunkel || Overs (1967)

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  • Oh, por Dios. Creí que no iba a hacerlo bien. Comenzó tan callado, tan lento, y me aterré porque Simon no es de los que dá segundas oportunidades. Pero vaya equivocada que estaba. Vozarrón que se gasta Jay James. Se ganó su silla, solo espero que mañana no se la remuevan. De no hacerlo, pasará a las galas de cabeza, y voy a ser feliz de la vida, porque seguro que llegará lejos. Bien merecido su puesto <333.

    #Jay james #the x factor 2014 #txf uk #tha x factor uk 2014 #overs#simon cowell
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  • “Overs” was my first collaboration with Filmmaker and actress Irina Varina, and my first attempt at a form of non-linear narrative.

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