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  • thinking about how jamie and owen outlived the love of their lives….. about how they must’ve met up over the years to remember hannah and dani, to talk about the small moments, when they were happy and together for whatever brief time with their little family that formed in that kitchen of that big old manor and then they remember what happened next, they remember the loss and the laughing dissipates and the commemoration stops and they’re faced with the somber reality of where they are now years later, its just the two of them, the ones left behind, with nothing but each other and their memories so they raise a glass and make a toast in honor of the women they loved most in the world

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  • 3am bly manor thoughts…

    Peter tricked Rebecca and drowned her just so that he can be with her but Dani didn’t even attempt to take Jamie down with her even when she willingly asked her to.

    Miles never got a chance to keep Dani in his life since he doesn’t remember her. (Remember when Dani tells him that it’s up to him whether or not he wants to keep a grown-up in his life)

    Flora will never remember the au pair who sacrificed herself.

    Jamie never knew that the last night she spent next to Dani would be their last night ever. Would she remember their last kiss? Their last hug? The last time they made love? Their last conversation? Their last laughter?

    Jamie would never be able to marry the love of her life.

    Jamie never removed the ring that Dani gave her and she never opened her heart.

    Dani was never able to see her reflection without being haunted by her past or by her future.

    Rebecca never got a chance to become a barrister.

    Henry was never able to make amends with his brother. He probably couldn’t even tell Flora that he is her father.

    Owen and Hannah never got a chance at their love much less confess their love.

    Mike Flanagan literally gave us 4 love stories in a span of 9 episodes. Peter and Rebecca toxic love, Jamie and Dani selfless love, Hanna and Owen unsaid love, Henry and Charlotte forbidden love.

    Someday please tell me stop or I won’t stop thinking about and crying over this show!!! 😫

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  • Dani: Guess what’s in the box!

    Owen: Donuts?

    Dani: No.

    Owen: Muffins?

    Dani: No.

    Owen: Corn dogs?

    Dani: No.

    Owen: Chocolate?

    Dani: No. It’s not food.

    Owen: Then who cares?

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  • so i was just thinking about how when jamie tells the story, she gives pinpoint details of dani’s experience, which we assume to be because dani had told her over time.

    but she also told hannah’s story as well, which we know obviously was never told to jamie. how did my girl do it is the question

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  • Read Ch. 6 on ao3

      CW: some more smutty mcsmut (mature content)


     Dani noted the lack of sunlight as a new patron entered the pub, the wind whistling as it entered noisily with him. She checked her phone for the time. “Wow, I can’t believe it’s already so late.” The au pair and the gardener had been video chatting for hours as they milled through paperwork and tasks together concerning their wedding, the shop, the honeymoon, and virtual apartment hunted.  

     “You’ll be heading upstairs, then? Will I be joining you?” Jamie asked.

     “Yes,” Dani smirked as she stood with her laptop in tow. “Come with me.”


     “Further,” Jamie instructed.

     Dani let her fingers inch further down her stomach, past her navel, waiting and anticipating what Jamie had in store for her.

     “Lift your shirt with your other hand.”

     Dani looked to her side as she lay on her back on the bed. The nightstand held her laptop which showed Jamie’s eyes growing darker and her lips parting. She let a soft hum of pleasure escape at the sight.

     “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” Jamie asked her. “Christ, I wish I was there, Poppins. What I’d do to you…”

     “Tell me,” Dani found herself all but whispering, a little desperately. She felt her cheeks warm, but she refused to be overcome by self-consciousness. Instead, she locked her gaze on the screen, drawing strength from the sight of Jamie and her own vulnerability in showing just how much this was undoing her.

     “I’d…” Jamie swallowed. Her eyes were scanning her screen as she made up her mind. “I’d pin your arms above your head while I kissed you, for starters. Lift one of your arms for me. Hold onto the bedframe, love.”

     Dani closed her eyes as she followed the instructions. She gripped one of the cold metal bars above her head with one hand while the other remained on her lower abdomen. “And then?”

     “I’d touch you, slowly moving from your chest to your hips, back and forth. Yeah, like that.”

     Humming as she imagined what Jamie described, she let her free hand do whatever Jamie said.

     “I’d let my hand fan out on your hips and dip to the inside of your thigh. I’d massage your thighs and get closer and closer to exactly where you want me to be.”

     Dani moved her hips against the movement of her hand. “Jamie,” she sighed.

     “I don’t think I can take this much longer, Dani. Are you ready?” With a mere nod from Dani, she continued. “Touch yourself for me. Not too fast yet.”

     Dani felt her legs stiffen. Her hips rocked into her hand as she imagined it was Jamie circling her center. Her grip tightened on the bar above her head, her knuckles whitening.

     “Jesus, you’re so fucking beautiful, Dani.”

     The au pair groaned and felt her lover’s name on her lips. “Faster, Jamie.”

     “Yes,” Jamie said, and it was all the permission Dani needed. “You’re almost there. I’ve got you.”

     In no time at all, Dani’s breath hitched and her back arched off of the bed. She called Jamie’s name as loud as she dared as pulse after pulse of pleasure coursed its way through her.

     “Mmph,” Dani heard Jamie’s voice let out a small moan. “Fuck, Dani.”

     With a small breath of a laugh, Dani nodded in silent agreement. She curled herself on her side to face Jamie on her screen. “Apparently, I needed that.”


     “Well, I am planning a wedding.”

     “I see. How’s that going?” Jamie asked.

     Dani grinned at her teasing. “It’s a headache, but my fiancée is worth it and she’s been doing her part every step of the way. I’m kinda lucky.”

     Jamie watched Dani for a moment before her lips pursed and her brow furrowed slightly. “Can I ask you something?”

     “Of course,” Dani said as she slid beneath the covers. She rested her head in her hand as her elbow rested on the mattress.

     “Why do you go by Dani?”

     Dani’s smile fell. She looked down, averting her eyes. “Why do you ask?”

     “Curious is all,” Jamie explained. “I’m to say ‘Dani’ in our vows and our invitations say ‘Dani’. And, you never introduced yourself to me as Danielle. Just Dani.”

     “We never introduced ourselves at all,” Dani laughed softly.

     “Fair point,” Jamie tilted her head in acquiescence. “Nice diversion, Poppins, but that’s not exactly an answer. Is it something you don’t want to talk about, because you d–”

     “It’s fine,” Dani finally looked up. “I uh…it’s not an easy subject, though,” she said, forcing her lips to curve upward.

     “I can see that, Poppins” Jamie said. “You’ve got that smile that you save for when you’re actually in pain. It’s really okay if you’d rather not have this talk.”

     “That obvious?” Dani laughed without mirth.

     “To me, it is,” Jamie nodded. “Let’s change the subject. That contractor might just finish the bloody floor on time. I went in today and–”

     “Eddie used to call me Danielle,” the au pair interrupted.

     A light dawned in Jamie’s eyes. “Oh. Oh, Poppins, I’m sorry. I–”

     “Had no idea,” Dani gave her that half-hearted smile again. “It’s okay. Really. My mom calls me Danielle, too. It’s just,” she paused for a beat, trying to find the words she needed. “I’ve never felt like ‘Danielle.’ I’ve always been Dani, even though people only ever saw me as Danielle – the good girl who became a school teacher and loved the boy next door.”

     Jamie nodded softly. “Is it okay that I call you ‘Poppins’? I never really asked,” Jamie said, carding a hand through her hair and looking annoyed with herself.

     Dani shook her head. “No, Jamie, it’s okay. It’s more than okay. When you first called me that, I couldn’t stop smiling. Having a nickname meant having a friend. It felt like someone was finally getting to know      me     for the first time in my life. I love it when you call me ‘Poppins’,” she said with a real smile this time.

     Jamie’s eyes bounced around, scanning Dani on her screen. She looked down as if in thought. “Do you miss him? Sometimes? I mean, you grew up with him. He was your friend–hell, your family.”

     The au pair felt her heart speed up and her palms began to feel sweaty. Thinking about that part of her life tended to flare up the anxiety and guilt she’d lived with for so long. “In a way,” Dani admitted. “Like you said, he was my best friend. Practically family.”

     “I er-” Jamie struggled. “I get that, but I…I also don’t think it’s right, what he put you through.”

     Dani frowned in question.

     “He groomed you for years, Dani. You didn’t show any interest in him that way at all, but he pretended not to see it. He pretended you wanted him, because it’s what he wanted. If he’d really loved you, he would have wanted all of you, not just the part of you that he wanted to see.” She paused, closing her eyes and turning away. “I don’t like that he hurt you for so long.”

     “We hurt each other.”

     “Codswallop. All you did was finally tell him you couldn’t pretend for him anymore.”

     “Well, I’m alive and he’s dead, so what, I win?” Dani said, frustrated.

     “That’s not what I’m trying to say. He didn’t deserve to die, but you deserved -      deserve     -  to live. Christ, when I met you, you couldn’t sleep. You couldn’t look at yourself in a mirror without seeing him, and I can’t help resent- no, I’m sorry, but I      hate     him for it. He stole years of your life from you and tried to keep doing it from beyond the grave.”

    “I know,” Dani winced. “And I love you for the sentiment: for wanting to protect me from the embodiment of heteronormativity that is my dead boyfriend, but you don’t have to protect me from him anymore. We chased him away, together, a long time ago. I–” she let out a small laugh under her breath. “I never told you this, but it was after our first night together that I stopped seeing him.”  

     “Guess that night was a good one for more than one reason, then” Jamie said, a small smile forming on her lips again.  

     Dani smiled with her. “All I know is that I’ve never been more Dani than when I’m with you.“ She took a moment to let her eyes take in every inch of Jamie’s beautiful image on the screen. ”  Now, can I ask you something about your name?”

     With a tilt of her head and arched brow, Jamie waited.

     “Can I–Would it be all right if sometimes I call you Jay?”

     The gardener’s eyes held a warm fondness for the au pair as she answered. “Sure, Poppins. I think I’d like that.”

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  • also owen 😔😔😔 poor little thing i love him so much he didn’t deserve to be hurt

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  • image

    Quiet evenings in the garden. Some Hannah and Owen art inspired by Ron Hicks.

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  • Hannah: We need to talk about your professionalism.

    Owen, standing on a chair: Those are some mighty brave words for someone standing in lava.

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  • HI

    if ur interested I made my first ever fmv!! for thobm

    feel free to check it out <3

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  • OH MY GOD POOR OWEN BBY NOO 🥺😔 i feel so bad for him also he gives off martin blackwood vibes

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  • Animal Crossing: Bly Manor (part 3)

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  • #thobmedit #the haunting of bly manor #owen sharma#rahul kohli#thobm#thehauntingsource #the kitchen scenes are so ugly smh #thought this would help but it didnt really #myedit #riah.gif
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  • image
    #dani is a lesbian bimbo #rebecca is too pretty to be straight #she's bi from now on #hannah and owen she/they and he/they supremacy #tv show#thobm #the haunting of bly manor #thobm jamie#thobm netflix#thobm meme#thobm edit#thobmedit#dani clayton#jamie taylor#jamie clayton#henry wingrave#flora wingrave#miles wingrave#hannah grose#owen sharma#rebecca jessel#thobm hannah#thobm owen #tumblr text post #tumblr texts#tumblr textpost #tumblr text meme #tumblr texto#text post#tumblr post
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  • Hold My Hand - By WaldosAkimbo

    Rated Mature
    Hannah Grose/Owen Sharma
    Archive Warning : Major Character Death

    Chapter 8 (Final Chapter)
    (~2300 words)

    She drifts.

    She drifts….

    She blinks and Hannah takes a deep breath, like rousing from a nap, before she cranes her neck up and smiles when the now familiar lips and that moustache of Owen Sharma meets her cheek. The sun feels so good today that she found a sleeveless blouse with a high collar, pinning a pearl-accented brooch at the close of her throat. The dark wine silk billows gently in the breeze as Owen puts himself behind her, hugging her closer.

    “I suppose it’s something,” Owen says with a thoughtful hum, the roll of his eyes clear anyways. “At any rate, proof right there you’re in Paris.”

    “Nowhere else in the world,” she says and shifts so they can be side by side, so she can put her arm around him. Protect him for a change, even though there is seemingly nothing wrong with the world. A false truth in every sense, but a false truth for everyone, really. “Unless they decide to spring up a miniature somewhere.”

    Keep reading on Ao3!

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