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  • I have a pt in AKI and I ordered urine studies. Obviously, the pt has crap UOP and I waited ALL STINKING DAY for this dude to pee. Finally, he peed. BUT. 


    The CNA dumped his urine. 


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    I nearly lost my shit. And I mean, the aide is new. And life can get hard as a CNA. I get it. I literally did this dude’s job for 3 years before PA school. But DAMN IT. My patient is in AKI, I have to take him to the OR, and I need to make sure all the phenylephrine he is bound to get won’t completely trash his renal status. 

    I’m lucky the bedside nurse and the nurse manager were the ones that told me and agreed to speak with him. 


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  • When I moved into my new house, I discovered my NCCPA certificate, state PA-C license, and diploma in a box. You would think that I would have displayed this stuff the minute I got them, but when I got my new job, I had moved to a new town and just basically forgot about it. Well, now I guess I should care!

    Actually, I think my license is, legally, supposed to hang in my office. Whoops. No worries. It is TECHNICALLY at work since it’s on my secretary’s hard drive. That counts right? Also, see what I did there?

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  • We have moved into our house about 2 weeks ago. So exciting (and scary) to be a home owner. The nice thing is that I have been able to garden and dig up the yard without worry. The bad part is that if anything breaks, we have to fix it. Not so great. 

    We have had some awesome adulting fails already, such as accidentally buying an electric dryer when we have a gas hook up. Fun times. I still have a fair number of boxes lying around that need to be broken down but a great majority of our home is sorted. 

    My colleague went on maternity leave earlier this month and had a delightful chunky baby. I am happy for her but DUDE having a baby and being on maternity leave in the summertime is literally the WORST time if you work in burn medicine. Our “season” has been picking up with a variety of campfire/grill burns. 

    ***PSA to the interwebs***: DO NOT USE GASOLINE AS AN ACCELERANT! Please! I don’t care if you think you’re “safe” because you were 5 feet away and tossed it on a fire. Those fumes are VERY flammable. You will burn yourself. Just…don’t. If you MUST use a fuel accelerant, please use DIESEL. ***End PSA***


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    Otherwise, things at work have been ok. We have been comfortably busy now that elective procedures are happening. Our fellow is already getting sad about leaving and I confess that I will be sad to see him go. He was an attending surgeon in the middle east and was SUPER great for our residents. Our new fellow has significantly less experience and will start in July, which is the BUSIEST time for our service. With one nurse practitioner gone, we will be stretched as physician assistants to teach both a new fellow AND new interns. I am hopeful that our PGY-2 will be someone who was actually competent with burn. I wasn’t super impressed by this year’s PGY-1 class so I suppose we shall see. 

    Now that I’ve been working for over a year as a practicing PA-C, I am more comfortable with my job and take significantly less stuff home. This means that I can make time for developing new content on here! :-D 

    As it is my day off, I should be productive. So, I guess I can cross updating Tumblr off my list. Off to develop, unpack, clean, etc. 

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    Originally posted by nikkinotions

    I’m not sure that they realize that they manage to COMPLICATE and SCREW UP patient care than make it better. Also, your co-workers are pissed. STFU, Karen. 

    #you actually accomplish less #why u gotta b like that #pablr#pa-c#physician assistant#work probs#healthcare
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  • #1: Forgot shield when going into a patient’s room

    #2: New and relatively healthy patient desatted to 83% on room air

    #3: Laryngectomy patient projectile vomited

    #4: Stubbed toe running up the stairs

    #5: Forgot gown when going into the room of a patient with Cdiff

    #6: Patient with AMS called spouse to say that she’s coming home (she’s not)

    #7: Tried to discontinue 1 med and accidentally canceled another. Damn EMR.

    #8: Lost stethoscope

    #9: Patient’s blood cultures positive for weirdass bacteria despite IV antibiotics

    #10: Text from friend, “I tested positive for COVID.”

    #11: Patient’s (who came in with DKA) K <3, supposed to discharge today

    #12: CBC s/p 2 transfusions showed 3 platelets (how?!

    #13: Accidentally stole the attending’s shield

    #14: Hypokalemic patient refusing electrolyte repletion

    #15: Patient with heart failure suddenly short of breath

    #16: Immunocompromised patient’s scan looks like Toxoplasma

    #17: Altered patient trying to pull out her midline

    #18: Patient on active chemotherapy spiked fever of 39.0C

    #19: Dropped pager

    #20: Patient’s IV infiltrated when contrast was administered prior to CT

    #21: Desatting patient’s CT looks suspicious for the C-word

    #22: Patient on sedation vacation appears to be seizing

    #23: Lost ASCOM in a patient’s room

    #24: Patient to be discharged just had a tremendous amount of diarrhea

    #25: Lost track of the attending during rounds


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    But really.


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  • Guys. Yesterday, I sat down to read a new book at like 17:00 and then legit didn’t stop reading until 23:30. It. Was. Awesome. 


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    #pa-c#pablr #when i'm not practicing medicine i read #:-D
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  • Y’all, I think I have given up emailing or offering suggestions to one of my staff physicians because I feel like everything I say is either misconstrued or deemed over stepping. That’s even when I am ASKED to give feed back. So, I’m not really sure to tell you the truth. 

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  • Well, I guess the world deems me experienced enough to teach the future generation. I am apparently getting an NP student in the fall. 

    God help us all


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    I spent my three day weekend recharging, making homemade bread, loving on my pup, and trying to make my little safe space in the back just a little bit dreamy. I figure if this patio is where I’ll be having dinner and drinks outside for the next several weeks, might as well make it cozy. I’m so grateful for a caring community. Thanks for your kind words. Also, the best part about a three day weekend is a four day work week 😏

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  • Things are really hard.

    Like, harder than I thought they would be. I’m grateful that I work for a healthcare system that has been planning for COVID since January and as such we are well prepared. I’m grateful to have a job, and the support of my docs. I’m grateful to be able to socialize when I come to work, because being home alone with the dog would probably be impossible.

    Even though I’m grateful for all of those things, I’m also exhausted. So exhausted. I’m tired of getting pulled in different directions; rounding in service to on the fly training for SB feeding tube placement for positive patients. I’m tired of my ears throbbing from days of wearing masks (I know, others have it much worse, this is not lost on me). I’m tired of people not looking out for the greater good of others— of my patient admitted for a questionable line infection with fever, SOB, cough, and myalgias, who DOZENS of providers saw wearing only cotton face masks, whose blood cultures came back as a contaminant and with no known source of infection, the patient refused COVID testing. I’m tired of calculating backwards how many days it’s been since I’ve seen my first known positive, and can my sore throat be related to that, or is it just the weather change? I’m tired of feeling like I should feel exceptionally grateful for all of the parts of my life that I KNOW represent good and love and peace and optimism. I’m tired of making myself feel like I don’t have the right to be mad because at least I’m still working while my classmates are being furloughed.

    I have had had a total of 3 days off (not including weekends) since I started work in September. My gas tank is empty. I cannot do more. I need the rest. I was supposed to have a 4 day weekend this weekend to go to my favorite beach on earth, hug my parents, and celebrate my cousin getting married. I cancelled that time off about a month ago when I knew the wedding wouldn’t happen.

    I’m forever grateful for a boss who let me take back my time off on Monday, and I’m hopeful that this weekend will be the reset that I need.

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    I’m officially a Physician Assistant!!!! Can now drop the S from PA-S and call myself a PA-C!!!👩🏼‍⚕️

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  • Happy PA week from October 6th to the 12th! Good luck to all the other PA-S and great work to all the PA-C!!

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  • The other day I witnessed 3 procedures performed by a neurosurgeon. The first was a transphenoidal pituitary gland tumor removal, I actually got to visualize the pituitary gland from the optical microscope in the OR 🔬 the second was a L4-5 Decompressive Laminectomy, and the final was a L4-5 Posterior Lumbar Fusion. Man, I love surgery 😷

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  • In 15 weeks, I’ll finally have my Masters of Physician Assistant Sciences and I cannot WAIT

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  • 16/100 Days of Productivity

    Happy Thanksgiving! Working on Hematology this morning. Are you studying on this holiday?

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  • Officially done with my first semester of being a Physician Assistant Student. I can’t believe the past 4 months came and went by so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was not able to sleep the night before orientation wondering how everything was going to turn out. Now here I am, done with one of the craziest semesters I’ve ever had and a finals week that was straight from hell (6 finals in 5 days). But here I am, ¼ done with my didactic, and already more knowledgeable than where I started. I guess, I should probably give a little background info on how I even got to this part of being ¼ done.

    During high school, I had the chance to volunteer at a hospital where I was introduced to the profession of Physician Assistant by one of the senior volunteers who had been treated by a PA. He talked about how impressed he had been by the knowledge and capability of the PAs. After looking further into, the profession matched all of my needs. I knew from the time I started taking biology in middle school that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. However, the idea of going to medical school for 4 years and then spending countless number of years afterwards to finish residency sounded awful. I loved medicine but I didn’t want to live and breathe medicine. I wanted a distinction between my life (husband and kids) from my career. I started college as a pre-PA, but as the years went by I became unsure of whether or not I wanted to follow through with the PA route. I was fearful of applying for a PA school and being rejected. The fear overtook me and I finally decided against it and tried to find another profession that could still meet some of my needs. After talking to my mother, who is a nurse, I decided that nursing school offered me a lot of what I was looking for and there were so many directions I could take my career with a nursing degree.

    I had spent two years in pre-PA requirements but decided to take an extra year finishing my nursing pre-reqs, applied for Nursing school and was accepted. I spent two years going through nursing school and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had taken a lot of science classes throughout undergrad, but nursing school was where everything came together and all of the science was finally applicable. I learned so much about health and more so I was able to go through 2 years of clinicals thus gaining amazing experiences. On top of clinicals, I also worked as a nursing assistant at various floors in various hospitals. After my first year of nursing school, I was accepted into a nursing externship at the Trauma ICU where I was paid to learn from trauma nurses (one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had). During this externship, I got to work alongside some great nurses and was also able to observe PAs working in the TICU. I was blown away by the independence of the PAs along with their impact in patient care. While I had enjoyed nursing, one thing I craved was being able to learn more in depth human physiology & pharmacology along with being able to actually impact the patient’s medical plan. That summer, I began my PA school application and within 3 months I had received all of the information needed and applied to various PA schools. I received interviews from 2 places and accepted the offer from one of the schools…and here I am!

    Alright, now that is over… I think that’s pretty appropriate place to end this post!

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