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  • butterflyfarm
    28.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    why are all fast paced books incredibly boring

    #just bc ur getting to the point faster doesn’t mean u have to suck at writing #i can only ever read slow paced books quickly any other type gets so boring so fast
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  • andy-clutterbuck
    28.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    TWD bts of 4x03

    #( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #Andrew Lincoln#Rick Grimes#*#andygifs#rg #why so precious #but also 😏💀👀🔥🔥 #i love a belly flash #me next #*that text post about blood adding seasoning or flavor or whatever* #don't flash your sweaty chest at me you tart #the little hopping jig he's doing in the first gif #and the pacing #sweaty curls were the best ones #hello welcome to the tour #on your left you will see A MAN™ #A CERTIFIED SPECIMEN #there's a joke about pounding that's too easy for me to make #or beating something up #right there in the open idc #tell everyone you saw me with the devil
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  • avallachs
    28.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    trying to gif shrios is the most painful experience

    #i love this romance sfm it’s my fav #but the pacing is just. god. ok. it’s Bad it’s really Bad #esp the part where he opens up and says something rlly vulnerable to shep #which is then followed by shep being like jUST FRIENDS LENNY FACE #it’s so. Bad. the pacing is bad i’m rewriting this romance bioware give me the rights #shut up ada
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  • lukewarmhoneytea
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have so many feelings about Heaven Official's Blessing ever since I started and finished it today

    #literally i grabbed my sketchbook as soon as i finished #the show is gorgeous #well paced #i just love it all #xie lian#hua cheng #expect me to be drawing these hot men for a while #heaven official's blessing #tian guan ci fu
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  • heartthrummed
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    @walkinstars​​ (izumi) asked:  “Are you okay?!” (accepting)

    for someone who has given up hope of properly walking again (though the chance still exists), kaname certainly has a tendency to push their luck. granted, it’s not like they could do nothing― they could still rise to their feet, and with some care and difficulty (and preferably something to lean against), they could still make shuffle or drag themself where they needed to go. typically this would be reserved for situations and places that were not so wheelchair-accessible (which is still pretty commonplace), but sometimes, not so much. kaname is reckless, after all― fatally so, really, and this is no exception. with no one currently in the room with them to tell them this is a terrible idea and a stack of papers (budget sheets for the current project that kaname very much needs) sitting on the desk a few feet away... well, it couldn’t hurt to try and take just a few steps to get it, right? so what if they don’t have someone immediately by their side to catch them if they fall? they’ll be fine― they’ve pushed their atrophied legs harder in physical therapy, even just yesterday.

    but here in newdi’s meeting room, there are no guard rails for them to hold onto, nothing to catch themself on if they fall.

    and fall they do, left foot catching on right heel on a too-hasty step on their way to the desk, sending them falling forward. their head hits the desk hard on the way down, drawing a loud hiss of pain from the producer right along with the shock of impact that knocks the wind from their lungs. it stings, too, right where they hit their head― and when the draw their hand back from pressing against it to try and alleviate that sting, they realize why. the impact broke skin, and although the cut isn’t so big (as far as they can tell, anyway, though they don’t know for sure), it bleeds almost excessively, as head wounds do. which makes it seem much more serious than it might be.

    and sadly, that’s exactly how izumi finds them. what a sight they must make― collapsed on the floor, blood dripping down the side of their face and soaking those bandages covering their long-missing eye. it must be frightening, no? panic-inducing? because it certainly is for kaname, who feels that this is a little too familiar for their tastes and quickly pulls their bloodied hand away from their line of vision as panic begins to set in. 

    ❝i-i’m fine,❞ kaname stammers uselessly as they pointedly look away from izumi too. ❝i just― i thought i could reach it, and i almost did, but i had a bit of a spill. hit my head coming down. i-i don’t think it’s as bad as it looks though. but― i, um. i can’t look. it’s... too much. so, uh... would you? help me, i mean. would you help me. i just... would rather not have to see and feel all that blood more than i already have.❞

    heaven forbid they have to remember the last time they saw and felt blood staining their skin and sticking to them so uncomfortably in a nightmarish scene, after all. 

    deep breaths, though, they remind themself. it’ll be fine. you can do this, you can get over this. don’t panic, just breathe, don’t think about before. just focus on getting this cleaned up and taken care of instead. 

    far easier said than done, but they try their best anyway, if only because they’re no longer alone in the room and can no longer afford to have a meltdown again, lest izumi have to see them some how even more pathetic than they already were.

    god, anything but that, please.

    #walkinstars #❧ 「 general 」 ⸻ answered #❧ 「 kaname toujou 」 ⸻ ic #❧ 「 kaname toujou 」 ⸻ v02 ( surviving revolutionary ) #❧ 「 ship 」 ⸻ going hard is just your own high pace choice; aren’t you running low on gas? just toss it all aside! ( izukana / walkinstars ) #blood / #ask to tag // #once again no icon bc i'm lazy #but anyway have kaname on the verge of a panic w that fear of blood #nobody is having a good time here! yikes! #but like. that happens when a mf ignores safety and tries everything on their own when they shouldn't!
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  • contagiousgrace
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I do feel they should have left Madge in the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games.

    #my primary feeling about the movies is that they should have adhered more closely to the structure and pacing of the book #ie basically half of the book is the lead up to the games #and i could be wrong but i don't remember the movie following that
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  • sunnywitchdays
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok back to roller derby- day five, folks! Day five!!!!!

    #I'm improving at a snail pace but improving nonetheless #leigh speaks
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  • fuckit-hero-of-trains
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #yooooo #oh my gosh she bEAUTIFUL #LIKE???? #the colors are so nice #her eyes are so pretty #I adore the little grey marking people put on her chest it kills me every time #the swirls in her fur like???? #your style is amazing and this has my heart stopping I swear #shes so fluffy #like so so fluffy i just sxrdctfgvbjh #man you guys are too good at making me happy pace #Tongs the Benevolent #train talks #more like train screams tbh
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  • leonhardt-simp
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    For Chapter 4.

    I will have it unevenly split in 2 parts. The layout for this chapter is everything so I don’t want to mess it up by having to remove text boxes.

    It won’t count as chapter 5.

    Also! Hopefully this comes out tomorrow!

    #thank you for all being patient with me and this series! I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out! #delete later#tgwwml #I am doing it this way mainly for the pacing of the story #Chapter 5 + is when everything just gets so much more interesting #I want to go all out on chapter 5
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  • pearl-kite
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #officially halfway done with the master's now #when I had wanted to accelerate the program and finish it in one year ;3; #but oh well I learned that I cannot do a full-time self-paced degree program and that's okay #FIFTY PAGES and TEN THOUSAND WORDS that stupid task was #anyway I'm going to go dig up and sort out my irises because those rhizomes need splitting
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  • shara6
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • daisyachain
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    fffff went back and aimlessly scrolled some reviews for books in my read history. Congrats to the anonymous person who described Gideon as a novel for CW fans

    #it IS. horribly paced. aesthetically…interesting? bizarre overwrought dialogue and twentysomethings playing teens #Kelsey liveblogs books
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  • lu-hyrule-memes
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu sky#skyward sword #legend of zelda #hot take but I liked the silent realms #very fun and added a nice little change of pace #I know this is a lot of Ghirahim but what can I say #slight spoilers#SS spoilers #idk how to tag I hope that’s good enough
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  • espioknots
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ik this is an unpopular gym opinion but I’m actually really excited for Jade Carey to compete in the all around. I first got into the gymternet during Rio, and seeing everyone freak out about this JO gymnast come out of nowhere with insane tumbling was one of the things that kept me engaged in the post-Olympic year. I’ve always enjoyed her somewhat effortless, clean style of tumbling and she just seems like genuinely the sweetest person off the mat. It was cool to see how much her and Riley improved each other’s weaker events when they started training together and watching her go from unknown to consistent US specialist to a top US AAer has been super fun! In a sport where so often really talented athletes explode on to the scene and then burnout with injuries, its really nice to root for an athlete who has genuinely improved and gained so many new skills in just a few years

    Anyway i <3 jade carey, she has everything to be proud of, and I just wanted to see one positivity post for her on my dash before AA tomorrow

    #gymnastics#jade carey#olympics #not to mention the fact that she seems to have a great relationship with her dad/coach #theyve done a great job w pacing and protecting jade from usag fuckery #I rly wish Riley had gotten the other specialist spot #because they seem like they trained well together
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  • kawaiianimeredhead
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Anyone else just get immediately tense and anxious when someone is on the phone and another person starts talking around them

    #or is that just a kind fucked up me thing #dad used to yell at me and or mom when hed be on the phone for work or the var which i guess is also work lol #and so now i just stay as silent as i can when people are on the phone even if its not my dad #and when other people walk into a room or something and just start talking it makes me so so anxious #like im waiting for my car to get an oil change and the women here at the desk was on the phone with someone #and this guy walks in singing some? and i think was about immediatly start talking with the women and either realized she was on the phone #or she stopped him but regardless he kept kinda singing snd humming a bit and pacing around #which did not help the Immediate anxiety he triggered by being loud while i knew she was on the phone #in fairness it doesnt help that being here always makes me a bit anxious and uncomfortable #because a guy who works here was drunk once and flirted a little to real-y with me and i dont like being around him #i dont like going here but dad pretty much requires it #when im out im changing places but for now im here
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  • caffeinated--writer
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago



    @sariasprincy if you are trying to kill me just say that 😭😭

    #nah cuz I literally had to step away from my phone and pace around my house for a bit after reading #before I returned to my room to scream into a pillow 😭
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  • yugiohz
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I just checked and csm only has 97 chapters wow that’s so short

    #which isn’t a bad thing I prefer compressed manga it usually shows the mag aka knew exactly what they wanted to tell #and the pacing is usually better so good for you guys #I genuinely think fma:b is that good because it’s short and has a fast pacing
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  • jessie-writes-things
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    this Margaret Atwood book is going on forever...

    #i swear it feels like i've been reading it for a year but my goodreads/storygraph say its only been a month #is there any plot anymore? #am i even enjoying it? #where did the pacing go? #who the fuck knows anymore! #I don't and i'm sure as hell Atwood doesn't either! #jessie rambles
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  • a-tarassia
    28.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Mi sono sempre fidata del mio istinto. Il mio istinto non ha mai avuto torto. Le mie sensazioni di pancia, il senso di prossimità delle cose ha sempre rivelato la verità. Oppure potrebbe essere che funziona la legge dell’universo secondo cui siamo capaci di attrarre quello che vogliamo intensamente e però io non avrei mai voluto intensamente che tu ti innamorassi di un’altra, eppure, anche se non me lo hai detto io l’ho capito. E poi dei piccoli indizi alla pollicino me lo hanno confermato. Credevo che non ci fosse spazio per l’innamoramento e la verità è che il mio istinto mi dice che tu non sei ancora arrivato alla consapevolezza a cui sono arrivata io, ovvero io so che tu ti innamorerai, perché sarà così, ma non di me e tu questo non lo sai ancora. E il mio istinto, che non so se è come l’istinto di tutti, una volta mi avrebbe condotto a lottare per vincerti, senza riuscirci, perché la lotta in questi casi non ha senso, questi sono i casi in cui devi saper voltare le spalle, anche la vittoria sarebbe una sconfitta, malata sin dall’inizio, forzata e mai porterà a soddisfazione. Lo so, troppe volte ho voluto andare contro il percorso naturale e anche le vittorie sapevano di amaro, non erano vittorie affatto. Quindi adesso che so per certo che non sei mio, lo so per certo perché leggo dentro le persone e sento quello che non dicono, quello che mascherano da altro, so che ti ho perso, ma fin troppo s’è trascinato il dolore e spesso certe relazioni che vanno avanti senza una forma per troppo tempo soffrono e devono cessare perché non sono adeguate evidentemente agli scopi di vita e al bisogno di espressione personale, come potrebbe essere altrimenti? Anche stavolta sono arrivata tardi, ho dovuto attendere segnali evidenti per piegarmi al mio istinto che già da tempo, in anticipo sulla vita, mi aveva avvertito, eppure la speranza.

    E allora eccomi qui, in ritardo, ma non troppo, a concentrarmi su di me, con nessuno scopo preciso se non quello di crescere e creare qualcosa per rendere migliore anche il prossimo.

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  • metaphoricalsmile
    28.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i think the reason the end of the video kinda spooks you is because it was totally unexpected- we'd had suspenseful music for a while when dream was making the portal, and when sapnap died, it stopped. then dream enters the portal and you think 'oh! i know how this goes!' you think 'he's gonna find a fortress soon', because why would you have any reason to think otherwise?

    then the nether comes into view and its a netherrack wall, not the landscape you expected. then you see george out of the corner of your eyes. then dream dies.

    #dream paces his videos so well sdfghj #dreamwastaken#shrugposting
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