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    —   𝐀 𝐍 𝐃 𝐑 𝐄 𝐖   𝐊 𝐎 𝐉 𝐈  ,  𝐌 𝐈 𝐍 𝐈  𝐆 𝐈 𝐅   𝐏 𝐀 𝐂 𝐊

    ( 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐄𝐃 𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐊 ) by clicking on the CONTENT SOURCE BELOW you’ll find #022 gifs of actor andrew koji in american gods ( season 2, episode 4 ). all of the gifs were made from scratch by me, and intended to be used for roleplaying purposes only. please like/reblog if you find this pack useful!


    claim them as your own or add into hunts!

    use in smut rps / krps, use to portray minors

    use in your own graphics or crop for personal use, without visible credit

    [ ! ] CONTENT WARNINGS : none

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    Billie Eilish icons

    like or reblog if u save<3

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    Artist Evgeny Mukovnin "On the Hunt"

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    90’s boyfriend.

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    Pairing: Paul Lahote x Fem! Reader

    Summary: Part two to Hothead, where you see another side of Paul as he tells you a secret he’s been keeping for a while now.

    Word count: 2.7k 

    Warning/s: swearing, nightmares(?)

    A/N: Can you tell I got carried away by the word count- anyways the long awaited part two is here, feedbacks are welcome, like and reblog if you enjoyed please!

    GIF is not mine, credits to the owner! 

    Ever since the incident at Jacob’s house happened, you just couldn’t get Paul off your mind. Almost as if he was a magnet you couldn’t repel from. Like he had you wrapped around his finger, and you just let him.

    You absentmindedly stared out the window when your phone beside you rang. Wasting no time in picking up, seeing the caller I.D was Jacob.

    “Hey (Y/N).” Jacob greeted.

    “Jacob, what’s up?”

    “You remembered what happened back at my place... Right?” He said, you suddenly sat straight, remembering what happened a week ago crystal clear in your head.

    “Yeah, I remember, the one with the angry guy who almost lashed out?” You joked.

    “Yes, that. Actually, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me at Emily’s place tomorrow. Y’know since you happen to be involved in the supernatural stuff now, I thought it’d be a great idea if we show you everything since there’s no point in hiding it now.” He spoke.

    If going to Emily’s place meant seeing Paul again and possibly talking to him this time... you chewed on your bottom lip lost in thought.

    “They’re also planning on going to La Push after patrolling and I think you’d like that right? (Y/N)? (Y/N)... Hey you there?” You completely forgot Jacob was on the line and you nodded but mentally smacked yourself since he couldn’t see you nodding.

    “Oh yeah that’s a great idea, sure, I’ll be there.” You replied with your heart beating rapidly at the thought of seeing Paul again.

    “That’s good, I’ll let them know you’re going.”

    “Of course, wait hey what about Bella? Isn’t she coming as well?” You inquired.

    You heard Jacob sigh from the end of the line and by the sense of it you knew what the answer was going to be already.

    “Unfortunately, she’s off with the Cullens, heard they’re playing baseball or something.”

    “That’s too bad.” You replied.

    “Tell me about it,” He sighed once again “I’ll pick you up tomorrow, make sure you don’t look too hideous.”

    “You dingbat, fine I’ll see you.” The last thing you heard before ending the call was your cousin’s laugh.

    Placing your phone back on the table, you held your face in your hands with a groan.

    Great, what do I even say when we get there? Would he even talk to me? We didn’t exactly have the best first impressions on each other...

    You were worried. You found it funny how you’re having a dilemma about making yourself presentable rather than questioning why the heck would you even agree on hanging out with a pack of werewolves who could so easily end you if they wanted to in the first place.

    You sighed. At least you could try and befriend Sam’s fiancé who was Emily since you knew she was a human and would know how the pack works.

    “Get your shit together, (Y/N).” You said to yourself. You had all day to yourself so instead of worrying like you were doing at the moment, you just did what made you happy.

    Before you even knew it, it was already night time. The thought of meeting them again tomorrow struck your mind and you took a deep breath.

    You laid in your bed and rolled your eyes as you thought

    What could go wrong? It’s just a simple hangout

    Soon enough, you fell asleep with the thoughts of tomorrow lingering in your mind.


    You walked through the forest, appearing to look for something, you don’t know what and you have no idea what you were doing but you were there.

    Hearing the leaves crunch from under you was the one thing you could hear at the moment, signaling the idea that you were alone. Watching your surroundings, nothing was out of the ordinary, just a simple forest with a mindless girl in the middle of it. You came upon a river, waves of it softly crashing against the rocks littered around it. You heard a crunch and at once you snapped your eyes up to see a figure standing just across the river from you. “Hey.” You spoke, hoping to catch the figure’s attention.

    It walked away. You, being desperate to try and reach the person, dashed across the river, paying no mind to how icy the water felt against your legs.

    Reaching the other side successfully, you began looking around, spinning to find whoever that person was. With no luck, you were about to head back when suddenly something clasped at your throat. Eyes widening met with blood red ones. You clawed at its arm for it to let go but it only got tighter, and tighter… your lungs desperate for air.

    “P-Please.” You croaked, struggling to get free as much as you can but you can already feel yourself slipping away. You were about to admit defeat when suddenly a huge growling sound emitted from behind the person who currently has you in their hold.

    Then everything came back as you dropped to the ground. Touching at your throat and gasping for air, you managed to look up and see a huge wolf tearing its way into your attacker, flinging them to the other side of the river. You tried to look if your attacker was still there and you jumped back seeing more of the creature that saved you appear, growling and barking as they put an end to the threat.

    You whined as your body felt heavy, feeling yourself glued to the spot again. The creature who was a few feet away from you seemed to hear you as its ears perked up, turning to face you. Your heart picked up its pace as you realized it was walking towards you.

    “N-no.” You cried; you certainly had no plans of being ended by a wolf.

    Yet when it fully reached you, everything in your mind told you that this wolf was different. Looking into its eyes again there was that magnetic pull that you experienced before but now it seemed all too powerful. In front of you was a humungous dark silver haired wolf.

    You both eyed each other before it nuzzled against your arm and whined. You were taken aback. Raising your hand slowly, you looked at it again with your hand outstretched and it prodded its snout against your hand with a slight grumble in its chest.

    You couldn’t believe it. You were about to speak up when-


    You shot up straight, panting heavily and glanced at your hand which then moved to touch at your neck.

    Your breathing soon calmed down, you shook your sleep away and thought of the dream you just had. Glancing at the time it was 8:00AM. Jacob won’t pick you up till another thirty minutes or so.

    With another heave of breath, you decided to get ready.

    After all of that, you found yourself in front of the mirror. Checking your neck closely to see if there were any bruises. Of course, you knew it was a dream and that it wouldn’t have any effect on you in real life but it felt so real. Then you heard a honk from outside.

    Taking a last glance at yourself, you fixed any mess you could find and went out the door.

    “You look like you just woke up.” Jacob said, sitting on his motorcycle. You rolled your eyes and smacked his arm.

    “Just had a bad dream is all. Let’s go.”

    And with that, you were off to Emily’s place.

    “If I’m correct, the others just finished patrolling.” He said as his motorcycle came to a stop in front of Emily’s place.

    You hopped off and immediately you heard laughing from the forest and shouts. There emerged Sam’s pack.

    “Hey (Y/N), Jacob, you’re just in time! I just finished making burgers.” Emily smiled.

    You smiled as well and went in, the first thing you saw was a plate full of food. It occurred to you that you didn’t even have breakfast yet so it kind of made your stomach grumble.

    However, your heart rate picked up once more when the laughter came closer and soon enough they piled into the house one by one.

    “Did you see him jump just because a bug crawled on him?” Embry laughed at Quil.

    “Ha ha very funny, I’ll get you back for that.” Came in Quil’s reply.

    They casually sat and began taking food to eat.

    “Hey, look who we have here!” Quil chimed, now looking at you which made Embry look as well.

    “Oooh seems like someone’s looking for someone huh?” Embry teased. You didn’t know how to react so you just shook your head and laughed.

    “Great patrol today guys.” Came in Sam’s booming voice. Behind him was the person you have stuck on your mind.

    You saw Sam go straight for Emily and pepper her face with kisses which made you laugh.

    “Hey Paul, look who it is.” Jared said, nudging Paul on the shoulder who was busy on eating before looking up and making eye contact with you again.

    You gulped as you were expecting him to scoff at you or something, yet he just nodded and offered a small smile since he can’t speak with food in his mouth. Your heart fluttered. Jacob looked at you knowingly and you looked at him questioningly.

    “(Y/N), you’re going with us to La Push, right?” Embry asked and glanced back at Paul.

    You nodded, “Yup, if you guys don’t mind.”

    “Of course, we don’t. Here, why don’t you eat first?” Emily insisted, handing you a plate.

    “Oh, thank you.” You smiled and ate with them.

    When you were eating, you couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes looking at you. Wanting to brush it off, you decided to strike conversation with Embry since he seemed likely approachable.


    I tried to ignore (Y/N)’s laughter mixed with Embry’s. But the imprint bond was getting a hold of me which frustrated me to the bone. I should be the one making her laugh and I should be the one that was beside her right now. I was mad, I wanted to go across the table and push Embry out of the way but I knew if I did that I’d be facing Sam again.

    So, I stuck with staring, admiring her features. In a way it calmed me down but I had to stop before she sees. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and stood up. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Sam.

    “Can I talk with you for a minute?” Sam whispered.

    I glanced back at (Y/N) to find her already looking at me. Something sparked yet again but I had to talk with Sam. I sighed and followed Sam outside.

    “Heard she’s coming with us to the beach,” Sam started, I leaned back on the wall and nodded. “I suppose you plan on telling her then?”

    “What if she rejects me?” Was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

    Sam shook his head, “You’ll have to find out for yourself, Paul. Either let her know now or never tell her and risk being away from your imprint god knows how long.”

    He was right. I rather risk knowing how she felt rather than always feeling the pain from being away from her for too long.

    “I- Guess I’m telling her at the beach.” He said looking at Sam. He placed his hand on my shoulder and nodded as a tell-tale sign of good luck. He went in and I was left pondering.


    I watched as Sam left with Paul.

    “Think you’re up to play against us later?” Quil teased.

    “Depends. I think I can beat you guys.” You teased back.

    “Might as well try, we don’t want you getting discouraged now.” Jared joked.

    The pack rested for few minutes before it was time to go to the beach.

    As you all arrived, the pack decided to play a game of soccer to pass the time. You cheered them on and laughed as some of them took a few tumbles on the sand. Once Paul had the ball, you mustered up the courage to let out a cheer for him. “Go get ‘em!” You exclaimed and Paul looked at you for a moment before winking at you and scoring. You sheepishly smiled and it felt like everything between you and Paul were alright.

    After a few rounds it was now sunset, and you were all huddled up with a campfire in the middle to keep warm. Fortunately for you, Jacob found you a seat that was beside Paul. Emily passed around blankets to keep warm while watching the sunset and was short on one. Sam and Emily were cuddled against one another while the others talked with blankets worn around their shoulders.

    Whereas you and Paul were silent, sitting next to each other. You didn’t realize it was bound to be this cold as you momentarily shivered. Paul could hear your teeth almost chattering and decided to act upon it.

    “Here, let’s share the blanket.” He offered after a long silence.

    Before you could respond he already draped his arm around you with the blanket, your heart jumped but nonetheless you snuggled next to him. You weren’t going to lie, the blanket mixed with his body warmth was like your own personal heater. You were beginning to feel tired from today and absentmindedly laid your head on his shoulder. It felt right.

    This felt right.

    Paul felt his heart swell with warmth. Having his imprint beside him was all he wanted. To feel you close. Yet he couldn’t fully enjoy it without you knowing. He decided it was time.

    He nudged you slowly.


    The way your name rolled off his tongue sent chills down your spine and propped you to look up at him.

    “Yes… and Paul?” You saw him nod.

    “Listen,” he said and you sat up facing him.

    Your thoughts began to race but you kept a straight face.

    “You already know we’re werewolves, right?”

    You nodded.

    “The thing is, once we phase, there’s a chance of us finding our imprint, you know… an imprint’s kind of, well not kind of, basically our imprints are our soulmates… we become whoever they need us to be. We’re sworn to protect and keep them safe. Like Sam and Emily over there.” Paul explained, nodding towards Sam and Emily who looked to be having a deep conversation looking at one another.

    You weren’t exactly sure if your mind was just making things up and its just playing tricks on you but the brush of Paul’s rough hand against yours told you it was real.

    “Fuck it, basically what I’m saying, (Y/N), I- I imprinted on you.”

    Your mind went blank.

    Paul Lahote, the one who almost killed both you and Bella, the Paul that you found yourself thinking of, the Paul that you were admiring is the Paul that happened to imprint on you?

    Holy shit.

    Your silence wasn’t exactly a good sign for Paul, so he looked at you closely. He sensed how fast your heart was beating and how you were just stuck there.

    “(Y/N)? Are you alright? I know I shouldn’t have been so straightforward-“ You cut him off by tackling him in a hug that he was caught off guard in, letting out an ‘umph’ as both your bodies collided. Both of you felt immense joy at the feeling of being in each other’s arms. You felt how his grip tightened around you as well as how warm he truly is.

    A couple of cheers could be heard as you both pulled away, you saw the pack members and Emily smiling at the both of you.

    “I knew it!” Jared cheered.

    “Guess you’re another wolf girl, (Y/N).” Emily laughs.

    “Welcome to the pack.” Jacob added.

    And what perfect timing it was for the sunset, you cuddled up in Paul’s arms. You wondered how you would tell Bella the news but for now you were happy and safe against your wolf’s arms.

    “I couldn’t believe it.” You said, looking up at him.

    “Now you have to, I’m yours as you are mine.” He declared in a soft whisper as the sun set.

    “You are mine as I am yours.” You repeated with now a smile.

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    my shows are the next shows now I’m nervous 😬

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