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  • thirstyforred
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oh fun i finally can complete my top 3 of GDC talks about mobile gaming that are incredibly informative and even on some levels the tips apply interdisciplinarily, but also have some real yikes moments 😬

    Designing Episode's Interactive Fiction in Three Phases aka finding your target audience and their wallets, even tho they're teen who shouldn't be paying for games in the first place

    Games as a Service is Dead because with the current general mobile gaming landscape you can and you will want to design game to hold players interest for only a few initial months after the release

    Narrative Nuances on Free-to-Play Mobile Games where we won't mention the paywalls because it's a naughty word, even tho all mentioned principles of writing actually help us create interesting and engaging stories that players will have to pay for. multiple times

    like i get that the microtransactions are the source of revenue for the developers and honestly if i find the game engaging i will consider paying for it just because i tend to pay for all other games i have and i see no reason to treat mobile game devs differently, my issue if more that in plot-heavy games, which contrary to the ideas from 2dn video have to keep player coming for longer, the paywalls are forced to appear more frequently and be more immersion-breaking, either the way Episodes do it where the game is divided in tiny chunks to pay for each installment [if something since the last year i checked it changed then idk] or Choices where clearly more 'better' choices, getting to kiss your crush or, more infuriating, the actual end of the story, has to be paid with in-game currency. i guess Time Princess does it slightly better because they replaced the choice paywall with grind, so in theory, you can focus on the story without thinking about microtransactions until you realize the next story chapter is locked behind suit you haven't crafted yet and have no stamina and materials left but you can go to the in-game shop and buy a crafting pack just for 4,99$ thinking oh well at least im not paying for a pixel dress or drawing of a hot anime person as it is with all other gotcha games...

    #can't we skip like 5 years and get better mobile games paying system where i don't have to think about it and devs are paid #and no one feels like it's a weird hostile situation that we all want to just enjoy games? #can games be fun again? #ignore me i just finished watching that 3rd vid and i have thots
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  • pitter-patter-esikars
    09.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    high stakes dogsitting

    #squalo#secco#vento aureo#elite guard #dont ask me why the parfait is 30€ (36 USD) i dont control the price of desserts #cioccolata #HES ONLY MENTIONED #as a side note how come diavolo doesnt pay these hoes. squalo tiz and even carne deserve more than they get paid for i think #the stakes are if the dog complains you lose a kidney!have fun
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  • wickenheisr
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Not me forever regretting I deleted my one shots and fanfics account on tumblr because now I have no portfolio and I’m in desperate need for money to pay my rent and I can’t even offer commissions for people!!!!!

    #I’m so stressed I’ve thrown up twice already today #basically I’m going onto disability leave from my work and I won’t get paid for 4-6 weeks while it’s being processed #so I will have 0 income and I have no idea what the fuck I’m going to do #yay being an adult is so much fun!!!
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  • yourstateofdreaming
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Honestly, any man out there who believes women are inferior because we have children: fuck off. I want to see these idiots inject their sperm into a chicken egg and wait for a baby to come out of it. Better yet: have your own children, you psychos! And religious men? who are like "women have to carry the burden or original sin"? My eyes could reach Venus, that's how far back I roll my eyes every time.

    #this is a gender rant #this happened because I was reading french poetry WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT #I apologise I genuinely believed it was going to be fun and croissant baguette huehuehue did not expect a lecture on gender inequality tbh #good for France though #This explains a lot about how the French revolution happened #I see now I see #rants #sorry to my parents who paid lots of money for my catholic private education oopsie doopsie
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  • turnipwizard
    03.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    worthikids is so inspiring i’ve seen so many posts and comments about how his stuff always makes ppl want to create and it’s TRUE he always makes me like “??? u can just DO that ???” and then i pick back up my little drawings i !!!

    #so cool.... #like something about his stuff always seems to remind me of what i like about making stuff #and its like i remember 'oh yeah! just the process itself can be fun!' lol #which is like... so important when working on personal stuff?? and probably paid stuff idk #just gets me excited to MAKE things!!!! #ultimate
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  • tobestik
    03.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    100% the weirdest thing to come out of 2021 for me is that anthem is actually a good game

    #like.... it's fun and you can turn off the multiplayer part for a good chunk of the game #and this is TRAGIC because it means i was wrong 😓 #hate that for me #anyway it's worth the $10 i paid for sure and owen is my fucking son
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  • snowbees
    02.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Are people getting stocks. In Pokémon cards.. like not even just the Business but like Singular Cards

    #thunder talks #please... it’s a card. go outside #and I understand like Collecting things Fun because everyone should have some sort of collection it keeps you human #but like. it’s a Card #same thing with wine I watched this documentary about like a Wine scandal #but the prices people paid for Singular Bottles of Wine were comparable to like a House #I just Can Not rationalize it in my head How could you see a card or a bottle and a house and even hesitate on that choice #anyway tomorrow is gonna be poop and that’ll be morning me’s business
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  • wscldier
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    every time i close my eyes. i end up dreaming that i’ve done a shift at work and then i wake up exhausted because my brain thinks i’ve alreaady done a 12 hour shift, to then find out i haven’t and i acutally need to go do a 16 hour shift instead. i’m tired. i’m so tired. god i need out i need a break. i need to get away.

    #fun fact i can also not take a vacation until late august at the earliest #because literally there is someone every week up until that point #and because im doing the work of a senior #despite not being paid for it #i need to be around and pull double duty when someone is off #especially when someone is ill #i have 2 days booked off for the middle of june #and 1 day booked off for july #and thats it #im #i wish i had the money to just quit #i wish i had access to another job #i wish i had studied better in college #i wish i was paid more than FUCKING MINIMUM WAGE #im done im so done #|| OOC
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  • b4thest0rm
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    More earlier work of mine, I would have the details looking better if I painted this patch now but it was my most complex work at the time. Fun story about it in the tags

    [ID: a black fabric patch painted with white paint depicting the logo for the metal band Mayhem which is complicated lettering, the M at each end of the word have bat-like wings and inverted crosses coming off them and many lines cross between the rest of the letters in typical metal band logo style. It's not as well painted as my more recent patches. /End ID]

    #fun fact this was my first commission and the dude never paid and i still have this patch from a band i don't really listen to #so uh #if anyone wants me to touch up the details (or take it as is) I'll send it cheap af basically just some shipping and material costs #diy punx#patch pants#patches #patches n pins #punk#punk patches#queer punk#patch#patchjerk#crust punk#metal#mayhem#black metal#death metal#battle vest#patch vest#patch jacket#diy punk
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  • aqen-n
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    incredible how this entire semester was a waste and I'm going to walk out of it without having gained anything since the end of last semester

    #january-august 2020 had varying levels of success depending on what exactly you call a win #but I'm willing to call those successes #and i was really unimpressed by fall semester but looking back i did a good job with that #i submitted a ton of college apps and took the sat And finished Monstrum #this semester i didnt really do anything notable. i can barely take credit for getting through my classes #because i paid so little attention and learned so little from all of them #i was talking abt this on my other blog genuinely i am so regretful that i didn't put more effort into my econ class #there will be unlimited econ in real college i have not missed my chance but even so #but yeah idk. #I'll take some credit for getting the writing club anthology done i guess #but like. most of the writing in there is not mine and i dont even love what i put in there #the formatting was fun but not especially noteworthy as far as I'm concerned #but yeah idk. anyway #i know its pandemic and lots of people feel like this and etc but that doesnt exactly change what's true for me
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  • fahshionable
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    So I just wanna let you all know that shopping at target is fun but working there sucks ass

    #it’s literally slave labor like omg #they literally guilt trip you and give you so much shit to complete by the end of your shift because you’re getting paid $15 an hour #and I just look around at all the customers coming in shopping and having fun and it’s like I’m so tired and sad and my feet hurt #anyway I know this is random #I go in at 7 soooo #wish me luck :(
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  • thehoveringbrain
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Better than it started

    Guess who has just finished watching Shadow and Bone? me! And you get a review (that was supposed to be short but, oh well)

    The show could be summarised as “it ended better than it started”. Way, way better actually. I don’t think many shows actually achieve that, it’s more common for stories to be the same quality all over or get worse over time, than it is to develop into something better. And I can point, with precision, at the moment Shadow and Bone got an upgrade: episode 5, the royal party episode. It’s a great episode, sitting right into the middle: it’s the turning point, the story shifts gears and from that point onward it just falls into a natural development toward climax and ending.

    What comes before... isn’t as great. Which I think can be a problem when trying to keep new viewers interested. However, that was probably never a priority. Shadow and Bone falls neatly into the category of tv series inspired by books/games/comics, therefore its main aim (and strength) is getting all the fans of its franchise to watch it. Attracting a new public is welcomed, sure, but secondary. These kinds of adaptation can get away with bare minimum character introductions and little lore exposition. Personally, I don’t think that’s great storytelling: relying on previous fan knowledge kinda feels like cheating. Thus, the series isn’t new-fan friendly. It’s certainly watchable, but compelling and clear since the start? Not sure. I’d recommend starting from episode 5 if that were something that could make sense, but it won’t.

    In fact my (rather personal) beef with episode 1 to 4, is hilariously contrary to my expectations toward the series and my feelings when reading the books. Premise: I read Shadow and Bone, the first book in the series, and the two Six of Crows books. I hated Shadow and Bone. Despite being intrigued by its worldbuilding, Alina’s point of view proved insufferable to me. You have to understand, at over 20 years old I think I was just outside the target audience for it; I had read plenty of stories like these, it was just all extremely predictable, boring. Six of Crows instead, was my jam (and just better written tbh). So here I am, having chosen to watch this show only for Kaz, Inej, and Jesper.

    ... and then I ended up staying for Alina’s story. Yeah.

    You see, episode 1 to 4 had on me the same effect Shadow and Bone (the book) had: I just wanted to skip scenes. In fact I did. I mostly skipped scenes with Mal because, remembering the book well, I really didn’t need them, and I just wanted to get to the good bits. At the same time, I felt that all the crows scenes in this first half of the show were too rushed, too quick, and confusing. I kept on wondering what someone unfamiliar with these characters would think of this half of the story; they’d probably be annoyed by what felt secondary interruptions to the main storyline. I do think the two set of characters have been brought together beautifully, I like the plot idea that tie them, it works! The pacing though, that’s off. Picture two trains running on parallel tracks: they’re supposed to stay parallel as much as possible, but the Crow train bizarrely seems to move faster, while staying in place, while the Shadow train goes slower, but covers more ground. That’s the first four episodes for me. Bit odd. What saves these four episodes though, is exactly what I hated of the S&B book: its predictability. The “shadow” plotline, with its “special girl” trope, is so familiar to the viewer (especially one well-versed in young-adult fiction) that it ends up carrying all the weight of the show on its shoulder. I mean, it’s the main plot after all. It’s simple, but effective. The crow side-plot instead is action-packed, and while that respects generic conventions, it might have needed more space to develop. As for Nina and Matthias’ story, it suffered a similar fate: it’s a cool story, but if you don’t already know why you should care about it, then it’s confusing and a seemingly useless. I liked it only toward the end, when I recognised were we were at in the frame of the Six of Crows storyline.

    In the end, I think the actors are what made this show. Pretty good actors, that interpreted likeable characters perfectly and just as the audience expected them. Jessie Mei Li’s Alina and Archie Renaux’s Mal were way better than their book version. Freddy Carter... it’s odd, from a purely visual perspective he’s not exactly the Kaz I imagined but also he is not not Kaz? Do I make sense?

    And of course Milo MPV of the story. Who knew this story needed a Milo to work. I love it.

    As for other aspects of the production, I already mentioned my confusion concerning the choice of British English accents for Ravkan characters, just use Standard American English guys, it’s a real thing, I swear. Photography: seemed pretty good. Music: it worked, but I wouldn’t say remarkable. Costumes: sometimes confused. I loved the First Army uniforms and the change of style during the Darkling flashback, but in many other points there’s some confusion as to the period of reference for the clothes. This isn’t a costume drama so it’s not fair to judge it too harshly, and upper-class clothes in particular are expensive so I can see why they looked all over the place. I hated Alina’s look when she ran away though, that was too modern.

    All in all, Shadow and Bone wasn’t a total waste of time but it’s not gonna be my new hyper-fixation, you know? I devoured the last episodes though, those were really good. Thus I’m looking forward to a second season that will explore the events of the books I haven’t read, and I’m curious to see if and how they’ll bring the Six of Crows plot in.

    #I have some more thoughts concerning Alina and the Darkling and their relationship. Some about Inej's piety but maybe it's nothing #I have many words of praise for the attention paid to Kaz' phobia and Nina's actress was just great #you know what: I think adding the crows did good to the S&B plot or otherwise it would have been too pathetic. Too melò #shadow and bone #reviews for fun and no profit #oops a brain
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  • takamoris
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    #I’ve had the tag blocked for so long #because I was annoyed hearing everyone who liked it so much shitting on FGO all the time #and now this #how has it come to this #😔😔😔 #it’s actually pretty fun #and I like the funney animal girls #cute.. #the music is also banging #I have nothing to say about the gacha mechanics #because I have never actually paid for gacha in any of the games I’ve done #not FGO not FEH not Genshin and not this #but the actual core gameplay is pretty likable so far #and Amiya is buny #silly bnuuy#she’s good
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  • marcelgerard
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    WAIT sorry. sorry. i didn’t recognise him without the beard but HOWARD CHARLES is the conductor??? howard charles of bbc musketeers porthos fame??? of that one time he bought me a frappuccino when i was at university and had a heart to heart with me about my career choices then got me tickets to his show fame??? KING

    #so many of my kings are getting paid on this show!!! #my third eye is firmly shut i do not see anything but fun on this show rn #shadow and bone lb
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  • blueisagreatcolorforawitch
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #no i am not getting paid by the creator of zsdd #the premise is really unique and fun and as I said it's free #I haven't played them in a while #I should revisit them sometime #blue asks
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  • theemperorsfeather
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I heard some heavy truck sounds outside so after several minutes I took a look and saw my neighbors getting a delivery of several yards of compost. It has completely filled their parking spot, and overflowed, being a small mountain about twice the size of their smallish SUV-type vehicle.

    This has been replaced by the sounds of a shovel scraping along the pavement, and it's a sweet sound, the sound of compost being shoveled, and I don't have to do any of it.

    #angst and woe #never thought this would bring me such delight #but hoo boy! that is A Lot of compost #Have fun!! #:D :D :D #i once ordered 2 or maybe 3 cubic yards (years ago in another place) #and i was so. sore. after moving it all into the yard #(to say nothing about my short-lived time doing actual paid landscaping work)
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  • shuotaizawa
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    If you wish to meet me, speak my name.
    #sometimes u gotta cook ur own food #even if it takes 56 tries........ 💀 #yes i counted. #also #aether was a paid actor he had 2 secure the bag for inazuma trip funds #i love this edit idc how corny it is this was fun to make and see the end result of #genshin impact#xiao#aether#xiaoaether#xiaother #xiao x aether
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  • orbit-in-twiceland
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Can we talk about the fact that Twice japanese MV quality of the sets/costumes etc are always better than the korean MV ?

    Like Fancy ? More&More ? I can't stop me ? GREEN SCREEN

    But Better ? Kura Kura ? Fake and True ? Those MV are not perfect but the aesthetic of those MV are immaculate !

    I hope with their Korean comeback in June the MV will be "green screen-less"

    #like their fun #but now it's too much #they're JYP money maker #They paid JYP rent #give them better mv #stop the madness #jyp#twice
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  • raycinnamonrollpalmer
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Anyway now that I'm deep in my Legends feelings and I share one (1) pic of me on this site per year, let me look at this incredibly adorable picture of me and my fave

    #he was wearing his fucking butter coffee shirt brandon I can't stand it 😂😂😂 #legends of tomorrow #amy rewatches legends of tomorrow #ray palmer 5ever #this was the year I got paid to babysit baby bruce wayne man what a fun time
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  • markcampbells
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #i am REALLY having fun writing christine in this #look she just doesn't get paid enough to deal with mccoy across two universes #ask box#anonymous #thanks anon!! 💜
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