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    So I made some pikelets for the first time in years and something tells me that Pan is around. You could almost say Pan was in the pan. 😂 (Baaad joke I know. 😉)

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  • Ketum PAN: UU Pemilu Masih Cukup Untuk Terus Kita Pertahankan

    Ketum PAN: UU Pemilu Masih Cukup Untuk Terus Kita Pertahankan

    IDTODAY NEWS – Fraksi Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) DPR RI menilai UU 7/2017 tentang Pemilu tidak perlu direvisi.

    Fraksi PAN berharap UU Pemilu bisa digunakan untuk jangka waktu yang panjang karena kondisi saat ini mesti fokus pada penanganan Covid-19.

    Demikian disampaikan Ketua Umum PAN Zulkifli Hasan saat jumpa pers di Ruang Fraksi PAN, Gedung Nusantara I, Komplek Parlemen, Senayan, Jakarta,…


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  • DPD PAN Purwakarta Susun Kepengurusan Baru, Desy Ratnasari Jadi Tempat Bertanya

    DPD PAN Purwakarta Susun Kepengurusan Baru, Desy Ratnasari Jadi Tempat Bertanya

    IDTODAY NEWS – Tim Formatur Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) Purwakarta mulai berbenah usai gelaran Musyawarah Daerah (Musda) V yang dilaksanakan pada 17 Januari 2021 lalu.

    Dalam Musda V tersebut, Ketua Umum PAN, Zulkifli Hasan, bersepakat menunjuk H. Aming sebagai ketua formatur.

    Menurut tim formatur, Agus Sugianto, ketua formatur bersama tim formatur yang lain bertugas untuk menyusun kepengurusan…


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    Decided to change it up. Haven’t seen my natural color in years.

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    Umm some pan snakes to go w the frogs <3!!

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  • BaBs battle axe bis bi exclusionists? More like BABPN, Bay Area Bi+ and Pan Network

    You know the org that published Anything That Moves which contained the bi manifesto

    #mspec solidarity #like seriously do an OUNCE of research the stuff you use to support your exclusionary nonsense doesnt even hold up #bi pan solidarity #bisexual#pansexual#mspec#bi#pan#omni#ply#poly#queer#bi+ community#bi umbrella
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    [A close up of a pan on a stove. Caption: ?????????]

    #s13e13 outside the box #et in arcadia ego #guy fieri#guyfieri #diners drive-ins and dives #indoor#food#kitchen#table#pan
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  • Unas 200 personas se manifiestan en Elda para reclamar la apertura de la hostelería: “¡nos están quitando el pan!”

    Unas 200 personas se manifiestan en Elda para reclamar la apertura de la hostelería: “¡nos están quitando el pan!”

    Unas 200 personas se han manifestado este sábado al atardecer en la Plaza de la Constitución de Elda, donde se encuentra el Ayuntamiento del municipio, para reclamar la apertura de sus negocios.
    La protesta, convocada por la Asociación Hostelería Valle de Elda, ha arrancado poco antes de las 19:00 con la representación de un auténtico funeral, conduciendo hasta las escalinatas del Ayuntamiento un…


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  • #Pan#Bra#Bulla#Bura #Dragon Ball GT #DBGT
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    these are my personal headcanon/unpopular opinion about Draco but probably is a whole characterization that I made up in my mind (I know that in canon he is…. flawed)

    TW: some of this are soft but others are dark, tourture, war, manipulation, lonliness

    • He is very intelligent and was a brilliant student, just after Hermione in every class. Plus he is a powerful wizard but not keen in “emotional magic” (I meen things like Patronuses) but he excels in magic that requires more control and thinking (like potions, spells and trasfiguration). Moreover I belive he would love less pratical subject too (like history of magic, arithmancy and ancient runes). He loves Alchemy
    • He doesn’t learn as fast as Hermione but studies really hard
    • Loved flying on the broom but didn’t want to join the quidditch team since he is not that good in team work
    • As many purebloods he was homeschooled before Hogwarts. Thanks to that he speaks fluent german and latin (I belive that wizarding families think that latin is foundamental to learn spells, and I don’t undertand why many say that Draco probably speaks French if he was supposed to attend Durmstrang)
    • I belive that he plays the piano and likes muggle litterature, science and art history (I image that Lucius and Narcissa visit many museums when they travel)
    • He was lonely at hogwarts. Crabble and Goyle weren’t real friends just boys he was told to hang out with by his father
    • Usually he is really polite. Definetly not a rule-breaker. But he can easly come up with witty/mean comebacks and insults if provoked
    • He was not a bully. Yes, He and the Golden Trio had some beef but everything was reciprocated (I meen from his point of view they may have been the bullies). Aside that he did not bully other people (he was a prefect, nobody would have choose him if he bullied younger student).
    • He was not spoiled by his family. Surely they are rich and buy him many things but they were strict parent and woulden’t let him misbehave neither a little. I meen, Lucius seem the kind of dad that gets mad as soon something is just slightly less then perfect.
    • He was afraid of not meeting his father standard. That is way he was so obsessed with him.
    • As soon as he actually met muggle-borns in hogwarts realised that his father was wrong about them. Since then He stopped sharing his famiy’s believes, but he was still to scared of his father to show him is change of heart.
    • He is kinda curious of the muggle word.
    • Felt bad everytime he said something racial or cruel but feels like he had to to be accepted by his father
    • Absoloutly did not want to become a death-eater and everybody who knew him then knew he wasn’t like his father (In the books everybody is in disbelif or think he would just die) . He did it just because it seems like it was the only possibility to save his family. (yes, he acted al proud of himself in the train with other slytherins, it would be stupid not to, almost all of them were racist and/or sons of other death-eater)
    • didn’t accept the help of Snape beacuse he started seeing him as another horrible n*zi that could not be trusted. (plus, i personally belive that it was cruel that Doumbledore offerd his help only on the astronomy tower, after saing he knew the situation from the start)
    • probably was tourtured badly after the failing of his mission but was kept alive just because all of the situation was a huge suffering for all the Malfoys
    • He still have mixed feeling about hus father. he’s aware that Lucius actually care about him but cannot forgive him that easly
    • when the Carrows ruled Hogwarts he refused to tourture students. Probably he also knew about the Doumbledore Army resistance led by Nevile but did not tell nobody (maybe he helped them in subtle ways)
    • after the war he had to face many trials and after being dismissed as a victim of voldemort’s regime
    • he wrote many letters to anyone who he may have hurted or was hurted by death eater in the attempt of apologizing
    • even after all of that he still face hate on daily bases
    • He attended an 8th year at hogwarts, and befriended Hermione (similar accademic interest), Luna and Neville (that he never hated)
    • After he studied Alchemy and worked as an Unspeakable at the department of mystery (maybe Lucius was an Unspeakable too, or a potioneer)
    • He is either really silent and almost shy or he gives speeches and monologes, nothing in between
    • Draco is always elegat. Even when he’s home alone in comfy clothes (probably a slithly oversized sweater) he manages to look elegant
    • He’s attentive and thoughtful and sometimes he overthinks small things
    • Contrary of popular belif he is neither hot nor sexy. Nobody in Hogwarts seemed that way interested in him, well exept for Pansy, but she probably liked him because of his family. (I personally imagined him as kind of beautiful when reading the books, but not all muscular or extreamly masculine, more like an asthetically-pleasing nerd).
    • And he is neither that interessed in sex in general (ace Draco, anyone?. Ok, this is compleatly self-indulgent).
    • but I think he still want some sort of relationship, maybe it doesn’t have to be romantic either. He probably wants a s/o but doesn’t know what kind of relationship. I think that he would have no gender preferences (pan-demiromantic ace Draco?)
    • he is a good friend and partner. he is caring, a good listener and can also be fun if he wants to (a lot of dark-humor). Plus he would do everything for those he loves
    • at a certain point wanted to legally cancel his middle name
    • Had always have a good realtionship with his mother
    • after the war him and Narcissa became close again with Andromeda. Draco is not really fond of little children but he is Teddy’s favourite cousin
    • deserved better

    this are some of my head canons, some of them are distant from canon!draco, or are made up based on no evidence.

    If you read till here: Thank You🥰, hope you liked it🌸. Feel free to add your personal headcanons or tell me what you think about these.

    Hope it was comprehensible and not to full of grammar mistakes and mispelled words. I am not English and definitly I am not a writer

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  • What I think “Fate Winx Saga” ’s characters sexualities are :

    disclaimer : this is just my opinion

    • Bloom : Heteroromantic Ace
    • Beatrix : Bisexual
    • Aisha : Aroace
    • Stella : Straight
    • Terra : Straight
    • Sky : Straight
    • Riven : Bisexual
    • Musa : Pansexual
    #winx#winxsaga#winx saga #the winx saga #fate winx saga #fate winx club #lgbt#ace#aroace#bi#pan#pansexual
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  • #Pan #Dragon Ball GT #DBGT
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  • So why are there so many people who don’t look more into the characters to figure out more about them before posting that their opinion of this character is the right one…?

    Kokichi for example is hated because he killed off both Gonta and Miu and is such a horrible person and lies all the time… But if you look at the evidence actually in the game (Not even including the words coming out of their mouths) then you’ll find that Kokichi actually cares about the people around him and a lot of the bad stuff that he does is his way of coping. You literally get to watch Kokichi as he starts off with pointless lies and teasing people, and the more that his FRIENDS DIE, the worse he gets so like, even to the point of freaking doubling down EVEN HARDER after Gonta’s execution about how terrible he is- There’s also the point that Kokichi was trying to end the killing game from the very beginning (As if proven by the pile of evidence in his room from the very first case onwards) so clearly he was lying when he said that he was having fun during the game. (Which proves that his last words were indeed true to heart) But y’all are so insistent that he’s a terrible person for the hell of it that you don’t want to accept the truth, y’all just wanna hate Kokichi for no reason than to hate him- but y’all don’t realize you can hate a character for no reason so you come up with all this dumb shit. 

    Also with all the “These characters aren’t gay!” Just so y’all know, MOST gay people don’t announce it to the world that they’re gay or bi or whatever. Kokichi is canonically gay for Shuichi, Shuichi canonically is bi (Maybe pan Idk he likes boys and girls both) Komaeda canonically likes Hinata. Does this mean their ships are canon? No it doesn’t, but it does open up the possibility. This dialogue that characters are straight until they admit to being gay is stupid cause that isn’t how it works in reality so why should it work in anime, games, shows, movies, etc. Kokichi literally says he likes Shuichi (In the Japanese version the phrase used is almost always used in a romantic sense) when no one is around, so therefore no reason to lie, and in his love hotel event, Shuichi is himself. The even itself isn’t canon, but the fantasies of the characters are and Shuichi isn’t suppose to be himself when he’s in there, so Kokichi calling him Shuichi (Followed by the detective being surprised-) is literally saying Shuichi is Kokichi’s fantasy, oh no! B-But he’s not gay because he doesn’t explicitly say, “Hey! I’m gay and I want you to fuck me in the ass!” 

    Shuichi during a free time event with Kaito thinks TO HIMSELF “I shouldn’t be thinking of boys like that…” After praising Kaito. Also in Kiibo’s love hotel event, he accepts being in a romantic relationship with the bot- clearly they aren’t really because the event itself isn’t canon, but it very clearly shows that Shuichi doesn’t give a shit about being in a relationship with a being that identifies as male.

    Komaeda, I’ll admit it’s been a while so I might get some shit wrong, but Komaeda literally says he loves Hinata, doesn’t he? Or like, he starts saying it and then takes it back or something idk. I’m not too sure about Hinata but I hear there’s a lot of content where they imply that he’s crushing on Komaeda or something, Idk. Either way, Hinata never says he’s straight, so there is a possibility that he’s bi or something. Maybe he’s straight, but at least I’m not excluding any sexualities here that are possible. 

    And I mean, people should be allowed to like gay stuff because of the dynamics of the relationship, even if it’s impossible. Just because people like crack ships doesn’t mean they’re fetishizing gay people.

    Before you go on saying that your interpretation of a character is the right one, no matter if it’s on ships, personality, or whatever, actually look them up. You’re allowed to have your opinions on a character but don’t shoot down others without at the very least some evidence to back yourself up. I learned about claim, evidence, warrant in fucking middle school, so stfu unless you’re going to have an actual intelligent conversation. I’m not even all that smart and have severe social anxiety and I know the basics of having an argumentative consversation.

    If you simply don’t like these characters or these ships, that’s perfectly fine! You don’t have to! But don’t be shitting on people because of the stuff they like. Your insistence that people have to say they’re gay before they can be gay is incredibly toxic and damaging to LGBTQ+ representation in all media.

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  • Waiting for the day when pansexuals start claiming they have more erasure and theyre discriminated against more than bisexuals

    #🍒.txt #this is why we shld kill them all now. they don't need 2 be here #pan#pansexual#pansexual positivity#lol
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  • The gender dysphoria be really kicking my ass.

    #I got my braids done yesterday and spent 4 hours in a chair to look pretty #I spent $220 on this!!! #and now ​I wake up this morning and I feel like shaving it all off #I hate it here #gender dysphoria#enby#bisexual#Trans#lesbian#gay#pansexual#Bi#Pan#gender nonconforming#non binary#feminine#masculine#female#male#masc#femme #it’s not ugly or anything but yeah #ranting as I do lol #tw: gender dysphoria #tw: beauty
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