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  • blissbloomingsblog
    08.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hello, everyone help me out by fill the form on mental health in pandemic. I m currently writing an article on the same and I needed data for analysis. Here is the link

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  • niuxita21
    08.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #Anonymous #I'm gonna use this whole situation as practice to follow the advice my mom has been giving me all throughout the pandemic #(but that for some reason I can never listen to lmao) #and try not to worry about things that haven't happened yet #let's see how it goes lol #thoughts no one cares about
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  • aedelia
    07.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I'm sad and stressed and afraid and very lonely. I am not ok...

    #just a few too many bad things today #I've cried more than twice and i can't rule out a third time #pandemic mood is hitting really hard right now #i really really miss casual friendly contact #also ridiculously stressed at work today #and none of my local friends can hang out #so I'm just sitting in my car in the rain #i can feel the stress in my back #at least i got my first covid shot today #is ignoring the thoughts and feelings that hurt considered bottling things up? #cause if so...i have been doing it for years oops #i need therapy #not ok #I'm not going to hurt myself or anything #I'm just hurting right now and would like some positive interactions if anyone is feeling it #I've felt like i have a deep wound in my self for years #definitely need therapy #:( #thanks for reading this far i guess #venting in the tags #cute animal pictures are nice and more than acceptable #memes too #just a really crappy day
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  • ciraeus
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Ma: I think you're..... isolating yourself


    #stray thoughts#uh #dont know if youve seen the news lately but we're still in a pandemic
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  • morpheus-rex
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Nobody ever talks about how the symptoms of “gifted kid burn out“ are the same symptoms that you typically find in people who are Neurodivergent.

    I mean please consider the following

    Did you prefer to stay inside during recess reading because you just didn’t like your classmates or did you prefer to stay inside during recess because going outside was extremely loud and overstimulating?

    Did/do you have a small friend group because you don’t like people or did/do you have a small friend group because you didn’t understand people and understand how to make friends?

    Did you just read a lot as a kid or did you read a lot because books were away to experience new ideas and emotions in a controlled environment?

    What type of classes did you do the best in? The ones where the teacher gave you specific details on what to do?

    Did you need examples of essays when you were working? Do you work best when you have a to-do list outlining what you need to do?

    In order to work productively do you need the conditions to be exactly perfect? Do you need to spend 5+ minutes not only getting yourself in the mindset to work but setting up your work area? Specifically do you need to listen to music or rain?

    #Morpheus mumbles #i have been....thinking #lots of thoughts #A lot of gifted could burn out is really just untreated Neurodivergent person in their last leg #*kid #also I’d like to point out hell more people are talking about gift it could burn out in the middle of a pandemic #when all of our normal routines have been changed
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  • sillycorners
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    How I tackled my COVID-19 & quarantine

    How I tackled my COVID-19 & quarantine

    Once the RT-PCR report says positive, for most people that is the; they get into depression and fear psychosis sets in. There is no need for this. Just eat right, chat with friends and watch movies to beat the blues. When my brother tested positive, in March 2021, I was worried. He has two stents but he was home quarantined, took the prescribed medicines, switched off his office phone, ate good…

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    #21 days quarantine for covid 19 #covid 19 quarantine 10 days #covid 19 quarantine days in india #covid 19 quarantine period 7 days #covid 19 quarantine time 10 days #do i still need to quarantine for 14 days if i was around someone who has covid 19 #how does this pandemic affect your thoughts and feelings about yourself #how long are you contagious with coronavirus #how long can you test positive for covid 19 #how long should i stay in home isolation if i have the coronavirus disease #how long to quarantine after positive covid test #how many days do you quarantine for covid-19 #how many days since covid 19 quarantine began #how to take care of ones physical and mental health during coronavirus pandemic #how to take care of your mental health during covid 19 and beyond #is 14 days quarantine enough for covid 19 #management of mental health during crises of covid 19 #mental health during covid 19 #mental health during lockdown #psychological impact of covid 19 #quarantine guidelines#quarantine rules#self quarantine #ways to protect the next generations mental health from covid 19
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  • dollsome-does-tumblr
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    today i realized that i have not written a rory/paris fic since 2/14/2020?!?!?! hate this journey for me!!!!

    #i have zero ideas #and i think i'm caught between being unable to imagine my gg characters as up to anything besides enduring the pandemic #but also i don't want to see them in that reality?? #so i'm just drawing a blank with gg fic these days #but oh i miss my raris! #maybe one day i'll find the motivation to embark upon one of my many movie au ideas #(but will raris does beauty and the beast or raris does runaway bride win out??) #dollsome's deep thoughts
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  • xtishax
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Let's all just sleep. Because how would you know you have problems if you're asleep?

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  • peachpie-onthebeach
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Today is a good day for a couple strong hits, bean and cheese burritos, and Finding Nemo on the big screen.

    #I'm liking this tv a lot more lately #weed#420#cannabis #girls who smoke #marijuana#stoner thoughts#stoner girls #what to do during a pandemic
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  • big-urchin-energy
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    don't entirely love some of the "love conquers all" takes going round rn,, and once again bc it apparently still needs to be said yes i know not all love is romantic but you specifically are talking about a romantic ship

    #having a lot of thoughts about todays q&a- many of them sad abt what we didnt get to have bc of the pandemic #please dont come for me over this im so tired #tma #im not saying i didnt like s5 or the finale or how it ended up. i just have issues w how Some Fans are treating it #i also get where they're coming from i just dont agree. and also im just kinda sick of seeing it. too tired for more explaining rn #maybe txt
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  • strangetohear
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    #. so i haven’t seen any of my friends in a year not a single one #& now that we’re all fully vaxxed they wanna drive 2.5 hrs to my house and pick me up to kidnap me for a few days #but tbh im just scared my social battery will die in 30 minutes like idk i’ve been so #tired and apathetic and i don’t wanna bring anyone down #like i’d go feral to see them im just scared they’ll be disappointed #or they’ll regret making the trip for me #haha idk bro i’m just. scared. this pandemic ruined me #i’d die for social interaction but i’m also paranoid my intrusive thoughts have been at a 10 lately
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  • trystmm
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    6pm in the summers.

    It used to be the most pleasant hour of the day in my childhood as I went running to the terrace to play with my sister and talk nonsense. We usee to eat cheap snacks and talk about about overrated rich kids lol. The most amazing part was when the whole neighborhood was on their terrace too. Mum would come up too once she was done watering the plants in our balcony and wrapping up other house chores. We all used to wait for our dads to come back from work . We would sit for a family tea time and gossip about our whole day. The times have changed. Its 6pm with the same summer feels but me and my sister, we come back running to our rooms because we cant handle the ambulance sirens faraway buzzing every minute. We still have our tea time but we talk about survivals. Its pretty strange yet feels lucky that we are okay. Never cross checked so much before leaving home to go out. Just Hold your family as close as you can. Bye.

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  • 6silvermoons
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Honestly, anyone who has had to study or teach students during the pandemic deserves financial compensation for this specific type of emotional and mental suffering

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  • bees-self-ships
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    yalll not me thinking about Kassandra being one of the character actors you can meet at Disneyland since she’s technically a Disney Princess and if you’re lucky you get to see Hades flirting relentlessly with her and how there would definitely be an attraction where he’s like lifting her in his arms or something and she’s all flustered AAAA

    #I’ve fallen so far so fast guys 😔 #I can just liek... see families crowding around and gushing/being amused by a scene of disney parks Hades trying to woo princess Kassandra #n he’s like slicking back his hair and taking her hand in his to give the back of her hand a kiss hmngnfncnvnf fac #n someone films a bit of it and puts it on tik tok or smthn smdjskdjf #oh my goddd what is wrong with me #like I’ll probably never go to Disneyland bc it’s crowded and I don’t wanna give disney any more money than it needs #but I was on disney tik tok today and there were lots of villain attractions being showcased and it just gave me Thoughts AAAAAA #like part of me wants to go there and meet hades so bad (ofc after the pandemic and it’s safe to go) but like nooo I rly shouldn’t #bee talks #sorry this was dumb but I just had a whole cartoony zone-out moment where I thought about this it was like there was a dream cloud above my #head aksjakak I was grinning like an idiot thinking about this #disney villains#hades#self shipping
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  • mimsyaf
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just saw a post about physical touch and now I’m thinking how I have NO IDEA how I’m going to feel about being touched post-pandemic. I used to love being close to people.

    Sometimes the thing I miss most is that feeling of being on a crowded subway when the press of bodies holds you upright. You don’t have to hold onto anything to steady yourself. You can feel people breathing even through their parkas.

    Other times I feel like I want 3 forms of i.d. and proof of vaccination and a full body condom before I get close enough to anyone to shake hands.

    #love languages gonna be ALL messed up after this #pandemic thoughts
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  • penofhearts
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Kindness Matters

    Kindness matters. Indeed!! When the times are really tough, kindness matters. When there’s negativity all around, kindness matters. In this tough time, spread love, kindness, and positivity. These things always work and will work today too. Be kind to those who are suffering and those who are taking care of. Be kind and patient to everyone. In this catastrophic situation, when the pandemic…

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  • k-michaelis
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I’m lowkey surprised that I’m still COVID negative

    #COVID-19#pandemic thoughts #not that I’ve been partying every weekend or something #but I work retail now #and I can’t socially distance at home #and then given exponential growth I was expecting it by now
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  • rubygrass
    04.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    "Life is a train, get on board." 🚄

    Who would have expected that nowaday seeing people without a face mask on a subway is hardly possible? 😷

    Undeniable, the corona pandemic changes our life a lot. And I just miss the time that we go outside and can see other people's faces and know how they look like or how they feel.

    I just hope that we can get through this tough time together. 🙏

    Stay safe everyone! 🍀

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  • lizelleyellows
    04.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tomorrow is another day

    Has it ever occurred to you that the days go by so fast but you have done very little? You seem to be chasing after the number of things you ought to do though you have the opportunity to do them everyday. You do it over and over again and nothing new happens. Every time you reminisce you realize that so much has changed although you’re not doing anything special.

    I feel like I have a lot to do and take care of but I don’t know where and how to start. I don’t know if I’m just lazy or just really demotivated. I don’t even know what I really want. It’s like I’m just living everyday to survive, not to enjoy my life. I often think it’s boring. I do the same thing throughout the day, everyday. Nothing new and I’m getting tired of it. Worrying, sulking, looking at the ceiling, thinking about what will happen in the future, thinking about the negative things being said against me, and much more. Endless waste of hours and days in distress and exasperation. Even if I want to enjoy, like, gumala ganon, I can’t do it because of this hot pandesal. I couldn’t go to the places I used to visit without wearing a mask or not fretting about I might get infected and/or infect others. Sobrang nakaka-paranoid. Feels like I’m free though I’m not really. This hot pandesal doesn’t free me from fear, anxiety, and life struggles. Well dati pa naman... dumoble lang talaga ngayon lol. I’m fed up with feeling apathetic and gloomy. I’m always at home. My life is very monotonous. There are days when I feel like nothing happens with everything I do. I feel like I’m just stuck here.

    I find and create ways for me to have fun and enjoy each day and to somehow feel like I'm moving forward *metaphorically speaking.* Jusko nakakapagod! Kasi ba naman, pati paraan para mag-enjoy pag-iisipan ko pa, e kung tutuusin dapat nae-enjoy ko naman talaga ang bawat araw may plano man o wala. di ba. I’m eager to avoid the thinking that I might end up jobless and miserable. It’s hard to pretend to be cool with what’s happening even when the truth is when I’m in bed and falling asleep, various thoughts enter my mind one by one. “Hala… baka hanggang ganito na lang ako… baka hanggang dito na lang ako… Anong gagawin ko sa buhay ko?” I don’t know what the future holds for me and I’m afraid to grow old without achieving anything. I get scared and worried all over again. Then I close my eyes.

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