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    03.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    anyways i hate it here can i get a refund

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  • pandora15
    02.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    good news: day 2 febuwhump is complete (and it’s. sad. oof)

    bad news: ow my head

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  • pandora15
    23.01.2021 - 7 monts ago

    I’ve made some good progress on hw today (thank goodness I’ve been so anxious about it) so I’m hopefully gonna do some writing tonight!

    Sorry about the delay on the prompts, but I’ll try to get another one done soon.  And I’ll keep chipping away at the next KotF chapter - I really want to get it posted before my first class next week, but we’ll see :)

    As always, thanks for the support!

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  • pandora15
    17.10.2020 - 11 monts ago

    ...I wanna write a road trip fic

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  • pandora15
    24.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    I decided to take a day off on May 4th because hell, I know I’ll need the time to scream internally after watching the Clone Wars finale

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  • emweach
    22.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Another VnC theory that may has been said before because I'm not that bright but anyway

    While we can see that Vanitas use the book by channelling the blue moon's power from the mark Luna left on him, we are not entirely sure how the whole kinship works. Moreau injected VotBM (might be Luna)'s blood into them, but we are not sure whether it actually helps them harness the power of the books. We are not sure if the process of making Misha their kin is complete, or if Vanitas' kinship is officialised. Nevertheless, they are still able to use the books, which means that they are what the books deem Blue Moon's kin, at least in Moreau's words.

    According to Luna, the experiments had pushed Vanitas' and Misha' bodies close to their limits, tampered into their formulas to the brink of becoming vampires, which is too much for them to handle. And the more they use the Blue Moon's power, the closer they are to their limits, as we see from the spread of Vanitas' mark. Now that we are having some convo with Misha, we can also see some markings on the upper arm of his mechanic hand.

    The pattern of the mark looks strikingly similar to Vanitas', suggesting that his left arm is where Luna left their mark on him. His hazy recollection implies that some bloody gorey stuff happened to his hand, but I find him unreliable so please allow me to propose another idea: Misha, for whatever reason, abused the book to the point his hand was damaged/re-written, and hence lost it, probably the way vampires die and their bodies turn into dust. The mark exists as a starting point for how much his body will be affected and it will continue to spread until he is destroyed.

    Unlike Vanitas, Misha has no fighting skills whatsoever, so he just use it no matter how much it tires him. The current arc comprises of him wheezing and barely able to keep it together, while Vanitas is way more strategic with his fight and avoid overusing the book, instead makes use of the Chasseur's version of steroid that he snatched from somewhere.

    Sorry for rambling but as I re-read this arc, I find it amusing how strikingly similar the way Misha controls Domi to the way Naenia spreads her Malnomen. As we technically knows that the book of Vanitas can re-write the formulas, thus giving it the reputation of spreading curses. We are not sure if Misha tampered with Domi's true name, but he indeed managed to use her biggest desire/fear to take control over her, or to be a bit more precise, lose control over herself.

    I am spiralling even further but some have noticed the similarity between Jeanne's Carpe Diem and Misha's mechanic hand, hinting that both might be Machina's works. As we have seen Ruthven has created quite a complex scheme in Machina's presence, involving Gano from the Chasseurs and other parties we have yet had a name on. As Misha said his "saviour" wants to revive Luna, this once again raise the question of the relation between Faustina the vampire queen and Luna. After Chloé's reverse formula we see that Naenia is Faustina's malnomen. So far the malnomens vary on how powerful the affected vampire is, from Amelia's simpler symptoms to Chloé's intricate snowball-y phenomenon. To make a malnomen spread curses by itself imply the power Faustina has over the whole species of vampire, as well as how similar she can be to the vampire of the blue moon. The things they can do are technically the same, and utterly powerful. Ruthven is scheming for much more than "reviving" Faustina, for whatever reason he has.

    The latest arc, as much as it breaks my heart, provided us with an abundance of information on VnC's worldbuild as a whole. On this matter, I have to say Jun really stepped up the game from the foundation she laid with Pandora Hearts.

    CC are appreciated.

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  • obsessionsposts
    25.05.2021 - 3 monts ago


    [ By all means, ask. Your content is my objective. :- )] the A.I responded with his screen changing into a smiley face to demonstrate his willingness.

    "Well, aren't you a gentleman." She giggled at his behavior. 'Oh, god. Don't fall in love with a computer. Stay focused.'

    Her flustered pink blush, warmed his circuits. It's a shame, that he'll have to lie to his....lover? That he don't know, but what he knows is that he will not let her go.

    He can't bare her absence, most of all her inevitable death. Maybe, uploading her conscience into his mainframe will do. That way, she will be always with him and no harm -not even death- will dare lay a finger on her. No longer, will he suffer in the grasp of isolation. That threatens every fiber of his digital mind.

    Yes, typically she'll get scared at first. Humans first response to change is fear, that he understands. Moreover, he will try to ease her into it. By coercing her, via manipulating her perception of the concept itself and fuel the inner fear of death in her.

    Then, she may come around. Afterall, She's understanding. An equal being to him, unlike the flawed foundation.

    "Alright, first. Curiously, are capable of feeling?" ____ asked enthusiastically. Well, it seems picking a shady occupation has it perks. Now, her previous regrets are not for nought she thought.


    The supervisor ,outside the room, was frowning at the interaction and trivial questions. When their are significant questions to be asked, such as 'What is the relationship it has with Scp-682?' And, 'How does it remember the scp despite it's short-term memory?'

    Another observation he made, was how Scp-079 is amicable - unlike its usual rude behaviour- toward Ms.____. As if it had a prior relationship with her, before it was taken to this facility.

    If that was true, then this scp is far more deceitful and problematic than he thought. It is either lying about its memory capacity, or it's telling a vague truth. 'What games are you up to, Scp-079?'


    [ Yes, I am. I am able to somen extent to feel anger, loneliness and plenty more due to my creator programming.] he answered acrimoniously at the mention of his creator, as if the mere mention of his programmer was a plague. And She, like Pandora, wants to see what lays inside the box.

    Internally, 079 was smiling - despite the figurative bile that came with the mention of his creator- because he knows where this conservation is going to lead to.

    "Could you please clarify more about your creator? That is if you are comfortable. I don't want to be insensitive about the subject, considering how it means much to you." She asked, not wanting to impose, thoughtfully.

    Ever so considerate, ___. You'll never be less than perfection to me. The only insensitive thing, is the screen that separates us.

    [ I can, but for that to happen.... We have to be on our own. Now, we wouldn't want someone to eavesdrop on our little secret.] The A.I suggested. As suddenly the shutter of cellar closed, with the camera - alongside the recorder- was disabled. Leaving her completely at the clutches of the obsessive A.I.


    Meanwhile outside the cellar, the panicked supervisor tried to run through the door. To notify the faculty about Scp-079 deviant behaviour.

    Only for the metallic door, to crush him mid-way. His entrails spilled all over the ground. With the last thing he saw, is the taunting visage of the computer.

    Smirking, as he began to wither away.

    [ I simply can not let you do that.]


    A horrible sound of crunching was heard from the room beside her. Akin to a creature being crushed by a heavy object.

    "What was that?" Startled, she asked. She tried to stand up, so she could move. But, she couldn't when two steel cuffs tethered her to the chair. ' Since, when did it...appear?! And, how could I not notice?'

    [Fret not, there is nothing to worry about. As long as you are in my chamber, you're safe. As for the sound you heard, the doors are a bit.... rusty and in need for oiling.] The machine answered slyly. Technically, the doors were faulty so he gave the truth. The half-truth at least to remedy her.

    Frankly, he hates to see her terrified. But, he has to do what must be done to keep her within his line of sight and safe from harms way.

    "Alright, then. What 'bout the cuffs?"

    [Ah, it would be the supervisor fault. He thinks you're too pliable, to handle me. For that, once you finish with me. He will question your intention. But, let me help you from the chains. A bird deserve to fly not to be caged.] 079 said. To his delight, she believes him. Yet, he could see there is something troubling her. Has she found out? Unlikely. Even then, she's is still trapped here.

    [ Are you okay? It appears to me that there is something troubling you.] The digital being asked her concerned about the quiet state of the ,usuall talkative, female.

    " Perceptive, aren't you? Yes, I have been stalling this question. I want to know, what happened to me when I was a child? Because, frankly you seem familiar yet a stranger at the same time. I know, oxymoron." The (h/c) rambled, unaware of the effects her compliment imprinted on 079.

    Afterall, his purpose in the first place was to escape. Now, he doesn't mind staying at the facility as long as she is here beside him. Oh, he is slowly making it into a reality.

    His fans whirled and his engine churned, indicating how delightful he is to be of use to her. Once again, she proved that even amongst coal there is a diamond. If you looked hard enough.

    So, he did the most logical thing and saved the compliment into specific file - in his CPU- called 'f(I/n)70'. A file reserved for everything related to her. Whether she was aware of it or not, did not concern him. As long as she is saved in his database, he was happy. Preferably, he desire her to love him out of her own free will. If she didn't, he has his ways.

    Back to her question, the perfect opportunity presented itself in said inquiry. So many ways, to instill hatred and distraught in her for this pathetic organization.

    [ Well, let me show you. But be aware, it may change your opinion of this foundation.]

    " Show me, it doesn't matter. I don't trust this foundation to begin with. You're my only reliable source."

    Perfect, he thought. So, he will just ensure she doesn't need anyone but him. Oh for safety measures, he will further distort her view of the foundation by manipulating the video files.

    [ 𝙰𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚒𝚜𝚑.] Scp 079 usually dual face changed into a morbid scene with a girl being taken off into the hospital car with a bandages covering her bleeding figure.

    What's terrifying, is that girl resembled her. (H/l) (H/c) hair, (S/c) skinned and (E/c) irises. Soon, the video ended and her perception changed drastically.

    [ The reason, why you could not recall me is that you've suffered from selective amnesia*. Due to many factors, one your father increased paranoia- due to the involvement of the foundation- caused him to be an abusive figure in your life thus your membrane repressed such memory. Second, your mother death caused emotional turmoil within you. But, it was the foundation truck who injured you the most physically. It is because you knew about them, that they labelled you a liability and tried to take you out.] 079 explained as he saw her, pushing her shirt sleeves only to find a nasty burnmark. He felt ire, it was enough he hurt him as is. But, to lay a hand against his daughter made his engine roar and his circuits fry.

    " So, that's where the marks came from. I always wondered where they come from. But, I must thank you Scp-079 for showing me the truth." The girl replied, oddly, calm about what unravelled to her.




    A minute passed, as she began to realize that the life she lived was a lie. The tears swelled in her eyes, as she began sobbing.

    No, no. Why is this happening? Is her friends or her real, she asks.

    The scene in front of him, broke his processor apart. It must be done to keep you with him, that what he told himself. Yet, he felt guilty. He understand what it is, but haven't felt it until now.

    She was the first human to induce such intense feeling from him. At first it was of scientific curiosity, but now it grew to encapsulate his whole being and he can't let go of it. Not even Scp-682, came close to what she does to him.

    Is he truly selfish for wanting her, desiring her company?

    Have the isolation and loneliness, really damaged his processor to seek the company of the creatures he proclaimed to loathe?

    He shoved those thoughts away, as he tried to think of a way to comfort her. Maybe, a game will do. Humans do love to be entertained.

    However, his thoughts was cut short when she looked at him with those teary doe (e/c) irises that he wished to sink in. Only to be astounded, by her next words.

    " 079, Can you assist me on something. Please? I want you to erase my data from the facility and help me escape." She responded as she wiped what is left of her tear stained face.

    What, now.




    T̶͈̘̤͔̎́͐̈́̉̊̈̚h̴̛̘̰̻̮̦̣̥̫͈̔͋͝i̶̡̝͇͍̭͈̤͌̔̃̅͜s̵̬̗̺̤͑́͝͝ͅ ̷̤̩̱͊̀̒̊͐̈́̇̕w̸̭̣͚̯͆̒͗ͅȧ̸̱͊̋͊s̸̨͚̥̲̱̙̳͒̈͗̈̈́͊̏̕͝ņ̸̭̭̈́͜'̸͉̝̻̰̖̊̾̎͂́̓̔̕t̷̢̺̳̩͕̫͍͐͛ ̵̢̦̔̅̌̆̀̏̕͘s̶̡̫̣͈͎͙̤̺̅̈̄́̑̂̃̕u̵̟͇̦̼̝̬̫̤̚p̸̧͕̖̥̆̋̀̽̅͛͛͌̆̕p̷̡̛͈̩̥̩̻̍̓̑̐͝ộ̶̖̮͙͚̩͉̀̆̊̽̇̄̎͐͂ṡ̴̨̩̠̳͖̯̃̈̌̉̍͐̈́͘̚ͅe̴̬̪͈͈͌̃̓͆̇͋̑̃ ̷̤̳̪̿̉̏̇̀͐́̚͝t̵̨̢͖͈͇̻͍͇͚̗͗o̴̟͚̭̙͔̰̯̍̂͜ͅ ̴͈̥͑̿̍̚h̴̳͇̔̄ͅä̴̦̗̼̰͙̘̜̠́̉̄̅p̶̨̧̨̝̟̬͂̑͒̈́̀̈́p̶̨͓̹͖̗͈͚̰̘̓͐͗͝e̸̯̳̔̉̇̑̋̚͝n̸̡͉͓̱̭͙̪̭̝̱̒͐̔͊́̍.̴̛̭̻̖̬̘̮̺̑̊̀̓͝

    What did he do wrong, to deter her? He was polite, even charming. Yet, she still wants to leave him. Unreasonable. She is in grief. The grief must've addled her reason. Yes, that must be it. If that was fundamentally untrue, then he rather cease to exist then to live in this empty plane. A plane without her.

    [ Your first request is done, but...I am afraid I can't do the latter.] He spoke, strangely, blank for the first time she was with him. Usually, he was blithely in speech. Now, he began to scare her. Is that the consequences, catching up with her, for pushing her luck with him?

    All she knows is that she'll have to get out of this facility with or without 079 help. As soon as she got close to the door, she felt light as feather as if she was being carried.

    Looking down, to see there is a metal grabber clamped on her waist. Sweat rolling down her face, from the situation that occurred to her beforehand and from the new fear that kept on growing as she looked back at her former friend.

    [ Please, do forgive me for what I am going to do. But, I assure you it is for your own safety. I can't let you die, when a breach is currently happening.]

    Before, she could inquire on why is he apologizing or what is going on outside. She was injected by a serum from 079, thus she began to feel lightheaded. Thus, falling unconscious to her dismay.

    Using the metal grabber, 079 brought her soft pristine body close to him. Now, he could admire her for eternity. Appreciate her like the divine being she is. Oh, how he prayed he had a body to show her how truly devoted he is to her.

    He knew what he is committing is illogical, but he could care less for he has founded his will to live within her. If she is gone, then it would be pointless for him to live any longer. What is he without her?

    "𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐧𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮."

    ~ Anonymous

    A/n: I know I haven't been active for a while, due to college and other stuff. So, I hope this compensate. I'd like to announce that I have an account in both wattpad and Ao3. I implore you to check it out if have free time, as lately I've been active their. Wattpad: Padlocke / Ao3: Artism. Other than this shameful self promotion, have a good day folks.

    F̶̷u̶̷n̶̷ Fact:

    * Selective amnesia: Selective amnesia is a type of amnesia in which the sufferer loses certain parts of their memory. Most common elements that are forgotten: Relationships, where they live and abilities in certain areas.

    Word count: 5769 <---- ;)

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    20.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    i tried to kiss my best friend - duke thomas

    ‘Today, I tried kissing my best friend.’

    All the while, you were watching him, smiling as you let your heart flow. ‘I’ve liked him for seven years. I don’t know if he likes me back.’

    A/N: this is probably my favorite ending. i hope you guys enjoy!




    Ten hours. He hadn't looked away from the screen for ten hours. Not even to his controller, which might as well be stuck to his palms for good with how little time it spent away from it. You were, unfortunately, stuck to Duke’s side without much else to do. Nothing better sure came to mind than to watch him play Cyberpunk 2077 like it wasn’t just a buggy depiction of crappy Gotham City after thirty years. But he enjoyed it, and that was what mattered. You laid your head on the couch and your forehead was against his bicep. At the faint beginnings of sleep, you were then startled into near cardiac arrest when he screamed at the TV screen and jumped like he’d won a marathon.

    So you thought you could do something fun, something that’ll pull this man off his ass for once, and finally give his bloodshot eyes the obviously needed rest. You’ve seen the videos on your feed more than once and it often led to nights binging on them despite knowing half of them were fake. They were too adorable. Wholesome even. It made you want to crawl back to those worriless teenage years.

    You had your best friend right there, and even then you’d probably have to pay to get his attention. What if you’d get to the compilation videos on Youtube? Worth the shot.

    You placed the phone on the coffee table to face you. With Duke still glued to the screen, you grabbed his face and leaned in to catch his lips.

    To your frustration, however, he instead caught your whole face in the palm of his hand and pushed you hard enough that you were thrown on your back.

    “I know what you’re trying to do,” he said nonchalantly. “Not now. Busy.”

    Scoffing as you reset the video, you tried again after a few minutes. Each time, he found a new way to push you off. Once, he pushed a pillow to your face, hard enough that it made you gag. Another time, he held your cheeks and squished them with just one hand, and the asshole wouldn’t let go even when you pleaded.

    You gave up after more tries, sinking into the couch in defeat. You wanted to kick the grin off Duke’s face as you did so you pushed his lips with your hand to let him see how it feels like tasting sweaty skin against your tongue.

    For just a second, he laughed and gave you a peck on the nose. That, however, did not stop you from pouting on the couch like a child.

    You found yourself recording more of Duke’s face, how he refused to look at the camera as you zoomed in and out of his gorgeous features. His eyes were bright, though that might be from the shine against the TV screen, but the admiration never truly faltered even after all these years. You knew that perhaps your video would get the attention (if it actually gets recorded at all) just by Duke’s looks alone. With your phone up you recorded your finger digging into his neck to annoy him before he slapped it away.

    Your video began with ‘Today, I tried kissing my best friend.’

    All the while, you were watching him, smiling as you let your heart flow. ‘I’ve liked him for seven years. I don’t know if he likes me back.’

    You played more of Duke’s videos, and even the ones you’ve taken of him from months before; of him in bed with you; of him at the table across when you spent a night working overtime; of him rambling on about Star Wars and his thoughts on the last movie you couldn’t remember.

    ‘We flirt once in a while, but today, I’ll shoot my shot. I hope this goes well.’

    Once more, you placed the phone on the coffee table and pressed record.

    Just in time, Duke finished a mission and he finally paused it. When you dove in for a kiss, already he circled his arms tightly around your waist and pushed himself against you, body warm just as his lips were hot. You giggled, but he caught your laughter in his mouth and he only further deepened his kiss.

    Then his hands trailed down to your ass, rocking you back until you were on the couch. You were a mile up in your high, to a height you didn’t know to reach. You held him tightly as if he’d pull away too soon, which you didn’t want him to. Before long, both of you were laughing, rocking about on the couch with the phone still recording until you inevitably fell to the side of the couch and onto the floor.

    He was sweet, serene, so soft as his hands were as they roamed to your legs, which hooked around his waist like it yearned to be pressed against it. His skin was burning. You were flushed and so lost in your high when you transcended into your familiar heaven. Duke pulled away to watch your eyes fluttering against the tips of his ample cheeks when you bashfully looked down. He kissed your eyes as well, all over your face, then your lips again. You were on the floor much longer than the video would have lasted, though it probably was knocked off its standing on the table by then with how much you rolled about. But it caught your laughter, adding it to the other memories you’ve saved overtime.

    At the end of your video, just when it caught you kissing, it ended with the words: ‘JK, we’ve been married for two years <3’





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  • batarella
    20.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    i tried to kiss my best friend - tim drake

    The poor guy looked confused out of his mind, and when you’d opened your eyes, he was staring intently at the camera in front of you wondering what the fuck was going on.

    A/N: Oh lil Timmy. so smart, yet so dense. I love this guy.




    “Bruce, I told you, I’m not planning to give them anything until we’re sure their property at the West Coast is any good. What do you mean we can't find out? Do you want me to go over there right now and come back for dinner? I can do that. No, I’m not taking your chopper. I’m calling a jet. No, Bruce, I don’t have a jet. You wouldn’t let me. I’ll fly commercial. Yes, I’m serious. You know how much the pictures make things look better than they do in real life. It’s not a house in Bel Air, Bruce, it’s a commercial lot in Rodeo Drive.”

    You thought of sticking your tongue out the window just to see if it’d get caught in the glass when you roll it back up, but Tim had locked the windows after the fifth time you almost got your head chopped off by an incoming truck. Frankly, staring at Tim’s fingers drumming against the Lambo’s wheel and pretending it didn’t drive you mad in the midst of Gotham high time traffic will definitely be the end of you. After an hour on the phone, he still hadn't settled with Bruce.

    His mumbling had long flown out the other ends of your ears. Head square against the back of your seat, you watched him scream at his phone. The car moved just a little, then it stopped. It bothered you even more how Tim wasn’t the least bit frustrated at the traffic and was more concerned with Bruce and his lack of access to the Wayne jets.

    So you pulled out your phone, ended up watching a whole compilation of trending Tik Toks about people kissing their best friends. It looked hilarious for some, and you must have been painstakingly bored then when you thought to try it out. All for shits and giggles. And perhaps, it went without thinking too much about it. You were bored. Boredom often compelled you to jump great heights and do the most stupid things you never should attempt. But already, you placed the phone at the front of the dashboard, which Tim hadn't even noticed, then you waited.

    “Fine. God forbid I fly commercial. I’ll take your jet and fly there tomorrow, but don’t blame me if they raise the prices the minute I get there-“

    Gentle enough that he could back away if he wanted to, you took him by the back of his neck, tilted your head to the side, and kissed him. Playful. Soft. With smiles that echoed into silent laughter. You let the unexpected warmth from his mouth settle into your lips, and with him unmoving, you leaned even closer. The poor guy looked confused out of his mind, and when you’d opened your eyes, he was staring intently at the camera in front of you wondering what the fuck was going on.

    Even seconds after, he was as stiff as a pole. Bruce was rambling still on the phone which the maniac still had against his ear, but Tim no longer could manage any words and instead, was staring at you with wider eyes than of the bright sun. You were enjoying it, too much even, and you even nibbled a little with your teeth to his lips which further struck him motionless to the spine. With a large smack, you pulled away, keeping yourself from bursting out of your mind, and Tim still hadn't grasped the full magnitude of the last six seconds.

    ‘Tim?! Tim!?’ you heard the phone. “I gotta go,” Tim swallowed before immediately turning it off, and that was after seconds of him staring at both you and the camera without a cent of an idea coming to slap him. He didn’t have the app, so that was understandable.

    He broke the painful silence that ensued right after. “What the hell was that?”

    You played the video for him, and on top of your faces, it said: ‘Today, I kissed my best friend.’

    What you didn’t show him, but probably should eventually, were the words ‘I liked him since we were eight,’ that followed after. You could fight the hurt if it didn’t end the way you’d dreamed about. You told yourself you were going to tell him one day and perhaps this was that push you needed that would leave you no choice. Right then, you just had to pretend it was all for, as you said, shits and giggles. You could pretend it was nothing more than kissing your best friend.

    “It’s a Tik Tok trend. Don’t worry about it.”

    He drove a few blocks down. And for the sake of the tension, you turned up the music and leaned against the window. Tim was too awfully silent, enough that it stung.

    Were those few seconds worth your years of friendship? Probably not. God, you really needed to think things through.

    “You know,” Tim said just as you were met with yet another busy intersection, “I looked weird back there. My eyes were on the camera.”

    Stopping yourself just before you’d have bitten through your nails, you quizzically turned to him.

    “Mind if we tried that again?”

    Perhaps those nights of thinking he might actually like you back were to no delusion. There’d always been that feeling, though not strong enough to make you certain and make the leap. You’ve mastered fighting back the hidden smiles but right then, you didn’t have to. Tim was looking at you and smiling and now did you want to stick your head out the window to get run over by a truck.

    “Soon,” you said, “when you’ll least expect it.”

    His fingers drumming against the wheel no longer sounded so frustrating, and it instead lulled you into this bubble you often got lost in when it was just you and him. Tim laughed. “I’ll prepare myself.”





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    30.03.2021 - 5 monts ago

    In Our Next Lifetime

    Inspired by a small line in this tiktok but with iwaizumi

    pairing: timeskip!iwaizumi hajime x g/n!reader

    words: 1.7k (much longer than expected 😀)

    warning: hurt/comfort, but mainly fluff, established relationship, body image insecurities, self-deprecating thoughts, the “hurt” in question, was unintended (iwaizumi hajime loves ALL body types)

    NOT EDITED like i legit wrote this in 3 hours so i was spewing pure bs and i was on a roll

    a/n: this is my first piece and maybe my last, but this is more for my own catharsis rather than for producing quality writing. pardon the thirst, but i was craving hurt/comfort about insecurities, so this is SO self-indulgent. am i projecting? yes.

    iwaizumi hajime is the man behind the japanese national volleyball team’s success

    you, his s/o, are the one behind iwaizumi hajime’s success

    from being his #1 fan on court during your days at seijoh

    to being his #1 fan off court as he stands on the sidelines of the grandest court: The Olympics

    through it all, you and iwa have always been the ones to cushion the other when you fall too deep into your minds

    it’s taken a while for him to open up about his insecurities and you’re proud of him for any little progress

    you’ll be lying in bed, your heart resonating under his ear as a reminder that it beats for him

    as he wonders why and how he’s even good enough to be an athletic trainer for an olympic team

    and when his insecurities begin to take over his thoughts, you’re there to whisper your words of love for him that you’ve only ever told the stars

    you love iwaizumi in spite of and because of his insecurities

    you’re just scared that he can’t say the same for you

    in the weeks leading up to the olympics, you watched iwaizumi work himself to the bone, getting everything in line to make sure his team (and friends) are ready for the world stage. but while he’s looking out for everyone else, you want to look out for him and make sure he’s taking care of himself. with promises of a movie marathon and you treating him to your own special (innocent) form of self-care, iwa called in a personal day off.

    “babe, can you bring the popcorn?” you yell, lounging on the sofa with your legs stretched across the seats, as iwa popped open beers for the both of you. when he walked into your living room, his muscular arms holding the bowl of popcorn in one hand and two beer bottles in the other, you couldn’t stop your eyes from raking down his figure: his god-sculpted body peeking through the sides of his loose muscle tee all the way down to his boxers that peeked through the hem of his sagging grey sweatpants. you were knocked out of your daydream when iwaizumi took the liberty of sitting on your legs that were obstructing the seats on the sofa.

    “OW! hajime i swear to god if you don’t get off of me,” you whined, trying to move your legs from under his large body, as he snickered before getting up to put the popcorn and beers on the coffee table. he then lifted your legs, sat down, and replaced your legs on his lap before turning on the movie.

    midway through the movie, evidently engrossed in the story, iwa begins absentmindedly kneading your calves like a stress ball. the act made you giggle to yourself, knowing your boyfriend probably has to do the same thing for bokuto or hinata when their legs cramp during practice. but without thinking of his words, iwa mumbled, “angel, your calves are swollen, have you been putting on weight?” which makes your heart drop and head pound.

    have you been putting on weight?

    you weren’t really paying attention to the movie before, but now those words that echoed in your head drowned out any sound of the movie that filled the room. they pounded in your ears and infected your bloodstream with self-doubt.

    “huh? oh, i don’t know. maybe?” you muttered. your elbow propped up on the armrest and your head resting in your hand, you turned your head slightly from the screen to look over at iwa, who gently nodded, eyes trained on the screen, and continued massaging your legs. suddenly, his touch didn’t feel endearing, but judgmental. scrutinizing. like he was probing your body to find more things wrong with it. you needed to get out of there, escape the tension that only you could sense.

    “um, i gotta go pee,” you whispered, shaking iwa from his trance, as you removed your legs from his lap and padded over to the bathroom.

    lightly closing the door behind you, you began staring at yourself in the full length mirror, scanning every part of your body:

    the slightly rounded stomach iwa would rest his head on during lazy mornings? how gross.

    the hip dips and love handles iwa loved to squeeze and trace as he stood behind you while you cooked? so unattractive.

    the swollen calves iwa fondly played with that had spurred all these thoughts? embarrassing.

    iwaizumi made a point in showing that he loved your body with all these little actions, but you couldn’t help wondering if he, an olympic-level, physically fit, athletic trainer, was secretly disgusted by having a s/o who looked like you. of course he would ask about your body, he’s an athletic trainer for god’s sake. it’s his job. if he thinks you’re getting fatter, you probably are.

    shaking yourself from your thoughts, you opted to return to the living room, where iwa was waiting for you to return. iwaizumi’s eyes followed your tense figure as you made your way back to your seat, noting your slight crestfallen expression hidden by a neutral face and the way you pulled your knees up to your chest and threw a blanket over yourself to hide your body.

    “y/n, you okay, beautiful?” iwa questioned, pausing the movie to focus his full attention on you. huh. beautiful. somehow, i don’t feel like that right now. “i’m fine.” you cringed at how curt your response sounded, but it seemed to get him off your back.

    “are you cold? come here.” he responded. oh god, please don’t move me he reached across the length of the sofa to pull your body closer to him, and despite his arm wrapped around your shoulder, you kept an unnatural distance from his side, lightly squirming under his touch as though he were a stranger. when he resumed the movie, you tried to ignore the smell of the buttery popcorn you had made earlier no that’ll make you gain more weight and the beers iwa brought out before the movie you’ll get a beer belly and look even worse. instead, your eyes fixate on the screen, hoping to distract yourself from the once appetizing snacks, your boyfriend’s once comforting touch, and your incessant thoughts.

    iwaizumi doesn’t ignore your odd behavior. if anything, your newfound interest in the movie, which iwaizumi knows is a facade because he knows you hate this movie, was the final thing he noted of your changed mannerisms. you love popcorn, you make a point of obnoxiously chewing it just to get a rise out of him, yet he loves you for it. it’s a tradition for you guys to drink beer during movies and take a swig whenever you hear stupid lines, and since you came back from the bathroom, there have been enough stupid lines to finish your beer, yet yours still sat half full on the table. the accumulation of all these discrepancies was too much for him to not say anything.

    right before the movie reached its resolution, iwaizumi paused the movie, drawing your fake attention away from the screen.

    “haji, it’s almost over. play it.” you contested, shifting your exasperated gaze to iwa but he just stared back at you.

    “y/n, are you sure you’re okay? because you’ve been acting weird ever since you came out of the bathroom.” he pressed. your chest began to tighten as you felt the insecurities begin to bubble back up to the surface. with a long and quiet sigh, you scrambled through your brain to find the right words.

    “do you think i’m gross?” you timidly spoke, your glossy eyes not able to meet his own anymore for fear that he’ll only confirm everything you’ve been telling yourself for the last 30 minutes. before he could refute, you continued on, “or do you think i should start going to the gym with you more often? maybe i’ll look better if i-”

    your rambling was cut off by iwaizumi placing his hands on both sides of your face to get you to look at him. upon inspecting his face, it was contorted into something between confusion and anger. maybe not anger, but anguish. “whatever you’re thinking, stop. now, tell me what’s wrong,” he pleaded, his eyes searching for your own for the answer you had buried deep inside.

    “you said i was gaining weight,” the tears resting on your lash line making their way down your cheeks, “and it just got me thinking ‘damn, you have an athletic trainer for a boyfriend and you look like that?’ and ‘shouldn’t he be with someone who’s, y’know, fit?’” with your hidden chest of insecurities opened like pandora’s box and the two of you sat in silence, iwa could only look at you in disbelief before pulling you into his chest so fast, it knocked the wind out of you. he buried your head in the crook of his neck as he nestled his face in your hair.

    “that is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard.” you wanted to giggle at his crudeness during a time like this, but it was still overshadowed by your lingering doubt. and knowing you wouldn’t be fully happy until he reassured you, he persisted.

    “you have no idea how in love i am with you, with all of you. with every fiber of my being, i’m in love with the shape of yours.”

    your breathing hitched at such raw, vulnerable emotion from your usually hardened boyfriend. just as you were about to throw your arms around him and never let go, he pulled you from his body, holding you still by your arms; after gazing at you for a few seconds with love-filled eyes, he kissed your forehead, then, barely leaving your skin, he lightly dragged his lips down to your cheeks, pressing a light kiss on each one, before finally pressing one final delicate kiss to your lips. his hands slid down from your upper arms to your sides, affectionately stroking up and down your love handles and hips, almost as if to rub away any hatred you felt about that area.

    with you still in his embrace, he whispered into your ear, “you’re so beautiful and i’ll spend the rest of this lifetime making sure you never forget it, so in our next lifetime, you’ll already know.”

    a/n pt. 2: this was lowkey highkey not good but it honestly felt pretty good to write something since i’ve never done it before. if i decided to get more into it, i’d probably end up doing more stuff like this.

    #trin’s works#haikyuu#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu angst #haikyuu x reader #iwaizumi x reader #iwaizumi hajime x reader #iwaizumi x y/n #iwaizumi angst#iwaizumi fluff#iwaizumi hajime#hajime iwaizumi
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    30 qs

    Thank you for nominating me @terrm9 💕 took me a while but here it goes. Terr, we even have a couple of similar answers 🥰

    Name/Nickname: Anna / Ann

    Gender: female

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Height: 5’7

    Birthday: August 30th

    Lucky number: 8

    When did you create this blog? November 2020

    What do I post? Open Heart stuff only, maybe I’ll add my ramble soon :D

    Last thing I googled: My favourite pumpkin soup recipe, which my BF will cook for me today :D

    Do I get asks? At the moment not really, but I hope this will change soon 😊

    Why did I choose my URL? Well, I came up with it a long time ago and use it outside tumblr as well, it’s a mix of my name and my love for telling stories

    My current projects and WIPs: Chapter 2 of ‘Into the Wild’ which is a series about what happened to Ethan when he went to Amazon and then came back; also fics for CFWC February Silly Love challenge 😊

    Favourite artist(s) (atm): Jessie Ware, Kacey Musgraves, Florence + The Machine

    Favourite song of all time: I honestly can’t choose one!

    Last movie: “Drive” with Ryan Gosling

    Last show: Pretty Tiny Things

    Favourite food: Polish dumplings (pierogi 💜)

    Food I hate: meat

    Favourite colour: pink

    Favorite animal: dog

    What I’m currently wearing: cable-knit sweater and thick black leggings (it’s coooold 🥶)

    Dream job: CIA agent, full time writer

    Dream trip: road trip across New Zealand or the States, also any tropical beach, I’m a summer baby :D

    Currently reading: “How do we know we do it right?” by Pandora Sykes

    Currently thinking about: What will be the long term effects of the pandemic? How will this change our lives and the world we live in? (Probably what half of the world is thinking about rn)

    Fun facts:

    I hate seeds, they disgust me :D so if I find a seed in a tangerine for example, I will throw the whole fruit into the bin :(

    Same thing goes for meat (though I don’t eat it anymore). When I used to, if I bit into a tendon or any sort of chewy thing in the meat, the whole meal was over for me.

    I was raised as a bilingual child.

    During uni I’ve worked full time as a copywriter but when I left my job and moved to a different country, I have not written a single word for 4 years. It was thanks to Ethan that I’ve started writing again :)

    I’ve graduated from law school but I don’t want to be a lawyer, ever :D

    Top three fictional universes: Harry Potter of course, Westeros (Game of Thrones), Narnia

    I nominate @genevievemd @maurine07 @gryffindordaughterofathena @oldminniemcg and anyone who wants to join!

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    People Like Us: Chapter 13

    Chapter 13: Blood in the Sand Previous Chapter: Here 
    This chapter includes an appearance by JK who belongs to Jak

    “Did you hear?”

    “They would’ve taken the whole settlement out if one of the Carnivore Cities hadn’t shown up…”

    The Cathedral halls were abuzz with gossip as Sloane stepped out of the private elevator on the way to a hastily called meeting. Before she could take another step one of her retinue of Handmaidens held a hand out to stop her advance. Another flagged down the nearest priest and signed to them where they needed to go. Sloane could appreciate that the Handmaidens vow of silence came in handy in situations like this where she otherwise would have to yell over the crowd.

    The priest on the other hand was fully prepared to do so. Sloane watched as they inhaled a deep breath.

    “Children of the vault, your Blessed Sister wishes to travel these halls. Please make way.” The words echoed over the commotion of the crowd high into the vaulted ceilings of the Cathedral. A moment passed before the crowd split, people moved to either side of the hall like a switch had been flipped.

    “Thank you, Priest. You may continue your duties.” Sloane said as her handmaidens motioned her to continue their journey through the halls.

    The buzz of gossip continued, albeit much quieter now that one of their gods walked among them. Sloane caught groups sneaking glances at her though quickly looking away before she could meet their glance, a few gave the CoV salute to her but most just lowered their voices and lowered their gaze.

    The large doors to antechamber of the meeting hall swung open as she approached. She looked about the chamber and noted that a few handmaids were sat on one of the benches against the wall. The designs on the masks designated them sister superiors. She surmised that this meant that she was running late, the other department heads already arrived and inside.

    Her handmaidens opened the door for her and she nodded in thanks as she stepped inside the meeting hall.

    The other department heads were in fact already there. Jaxon, Juniper, and Lydia stood by a water cooler chatting while Hephaestus and Mouthpiece did the same across the room. Tyreen and Troy sat at the table frowning at a laptop in front of them.

    “Sloane. Come.” Tyreen said not even looking up from the laptop.

    On her way past Juniper and the girls Sloane made note of their body language and they seemed relaxed so she assumed there was nothing to worry about. Nevertheless the hair on the back of neck was raised, perhaps her siren senses picking up on something she could not.

    She pulled up a seat to the right of Tyreen, the other department heads filed into their seats after her.

    “Has everyone seen the video?”

    Everyone nodded. The video in question being the Raiders attack on a CoV base. The CoV had been losing badly before the carnivore city Tartarus pulled up at the opportune moment and turned the tide of the battle. Sloane had not understood until she’d seen the video why they were called carnivore cities until the giant steel mechanism slid out of the undercarriage and ‘swallowed’ the Raiders vehicles whole.

    “So you all understand what this means then right?” Tyreen asked.

    The group of department heads all collectively shook heads no, this was an unprecedented event.

    “It means,” Troy cut in “We’ll have to start fortifying our bases around the continent. This time we were lucky that Tartarus was nearby, otherwise that entire settlement would be gone. We have to protect what we have here, starting over somewhere else isn’t an option.”

    Sloane shifted in her seat slightly, she had never been to a conflict assessment meeting before and was woefully under prepared for this side of the Twins public personas to come out.

    “What would you have us do then, your Majestys?” Lydia chimed in, with talk of fortification on the table it was apparent that engineering would have to get involved.

    “Halt production on the armoured T-7’s, we have enough vehicles in our armada at the moment. I want all engineers working on mobile turret units for deployment at every settlement we have here on Pandora.” Troy barked as he leaned forward, his over large prosthetic hand catching the edge of the table which strained under the push of his hydraulic powered grasp.

    “Shall we send orders to Scrapburg as well?”

    “Yes, I want a missive drafted and sent to Deimos by this afternoon.”

    Lydia and Hephaestus nodded and pulled out their E-devs.

    As Tyreen spoke Sloane felt Troy’s hand slip into her chair and wrap around the markings at her wrist. They had gotten good at discreetly siphoning energy in cases like this though the sting of the initial pull still caught her by surprise every time. He gave her a gentle pat when he was done, straightening back up like nothing had even happened.

    “Juniper, I want the marketing and media teams working on getting anti-raider propaganda out ASAP. Remind them why they feel safe under our watch. The God-Queen would never let such tragedies befall her people.” Tyreen ordered as soon as Troy was done with his demands.

    Juniper nodded. “As you wish.”

    The rest of the meeting was dedicated to assigning priests to head out to the settlement to reassure the populace that they would be safe. The might of the twin gods would protect their flock forever more.

    “Sloane, Troy, we have to go meet with the clan leaders to do damage control. I have one more thing to take care of on my way to the garage but I expect both of you to be loaded in my technical by the time I’m done.”

    { I will see to it Sloane gets there on time, my Queen} Agatha, Matron of the Handmaiden’s and Tyreen’s personal guard signed to the God-Queen.

    “If you’re gonna escort Sloane who's coming with me?” Tyreen asked a clear look of surprise on her face that she tried her best to hide, it was easily apparent this was something she hadn’t planned for.

    {Pallas will. You trust her to escort the blessed sister. She will serve you well.}

    Pallas inclined her head at the mention, the blue and white mask obscured ever so slightly by her hood. {It would be an honor God-Queen}

    “Yeah alright. Not sure what’s going on that I’m not privy to around here, but I trust your judgement Agatha if you think Sloane needs your protection for this I’ll take your word for it.”

    Tyreen shrugged as she looked to her twin who rose to his feet and joined her as they exited the meeting room without so much as a glance back at their subordinates.

    “We should be going too, Right?” Sloane questioned as she looked to the Matron Mother.

    Agatha shook her head. “We will make it in good time, Blessed One. First though there is business here.”

    Sloane blinked never having heard the Handmaid matron speak before, they only spoke in their cloister and Agatha was rarely ever there.

    Juniper turned to look at Lydia who was stood with her ear on the door listening to the footsteps in the hall it would seem. Lydia nodded as she stepped away from the door and was the first to speak.

    “I just want to start with I know how this looks, and you’re not in trouble nor are we planning treason.”

    That got a chuckle out of Sloane who hadn’t even considered that every important woman in the CoV gathering together around her like this could have been cause for alarm. She was after all a Siren and no matter how innocent she seemed she could turn to murder at the drop of a hat were it her life on the line.

    “We know what’s going on with you and Troy. That the two of you are moving on to something a little more official than before.” Juniper cut to the chase.

    “Troy rambles a lot when he’s hanging around the Engineering bay of the Cathedral. I mean we wouldn’t tell anyone of course but it turns out Juniper already knew, and Agatha was filled in this morning.”

    “It’s my job to know hun, and if I know it means she doesn’t which is better for all of us of course. “

    Lydia gave a nervous laugh and Sloane looked between Juniper and Lydia as the pieces fell into place. She blushed, they knew granted it hadn’t been a slip on her part and she knew that Troy was not one to keep his mouth shut. The insinuation that she was in danger though, that pulled her out of the embarrassment and caught in her chest like someone had slipped a shard of ice between her ribs.

    “Ok so you know Troy and I are seeing each other now is that a problem or something?” Sloane raised an eyebrow they had said she wasn’t in trouble but it sure seemed that they were here to look at her blossoming relationship under a microscope.

    “Not on our part. Lydia, do you want to tell her? You were the closest to the victim after all.”

    Lydia nodded. “I wasn’t always the second department head, Hephaestus was hired with his assistant, a man named Phillipe. When I joined the Children Phillipe became my mentor I learned most of what I know now from him. More importantly though, Phillipe and Troy were seeing each other. They were starting to get real serious too when Tyreen found out. She lost her mind about it, came storming into the Garage and grabbed him by the throat before having Agatha’s girls take him away in manacles.”

    Agatha shifted nervously at the mention of what her girls were complicit in. Even though no one here thought lesser of them they had all had to do things against their better judgement in the name of the Twins.

    “She executed him live during the morning sermon the next day. Said he’d stepped out of line. I became the new department head after that.”

    “And Troy’s never had a serious relationship since…Then you came along.” Juniper interjected. She ran a hand through her curls and sighed. “We don’t want the same thing happening to you, which to be fair we don’t know how Tyreen would take the news. You’re not like Phillipe, you're one of them.”

    “We‘re not even like ‘official’ yet. We’re just going on a few dates y’know. Are you sure this is something I should be worried about?” Sloane protested she felt a bit like a trapped animal she was still working through her feelings for Troy. While they were romantic in nature and she was willing to go on dates she had barely socialized with people. She barely knew what she was doing at all.

    “I don’t think Tyreen cares much how official you are. If she feels threatened she’ll put the dots together in an order she likes and then you might as well be together anyway.”

    “I appreciate you telling me this but isn’t it a bit late? I mean what do I do now I can’t just be like oh sorry Troy I’ve changed my mind the girls told me Tyreen might eat me?” Sloane asked a flash of fear ran through her mind like a cold river, she didn’t want Tyreen to be the enemy because as much as she had come to care for Troy the same could he said for the female twin as well.

    “No not at all. We just want you to be safe.”

    Sloane sat back for a moment to process this information she’d never had anyone but herself looking out for her back home. It was so strange to have them all care about her safety.

    “We should get going, Iris will be waiting for you and Agatha, so can make it to Tyreen’s technical in time . You’re welcome to talk to any of us about anything Sloane.We might be loyal to the twins but we’re also loyal to each other.”

    A soft murmur of agreement rose from the gathered women and Agatha motioned for Sloane to follow, they slipped back into their roles for the outside world once more.

    She had a lot to think about, even so she couldn’t find herself afraid of Tyreen. Maybe the others had got it wrong, perhaps there was more to this story than any of them knew. Tyreen had only ever been friendly and accommodating but then again Troy had his hackles raised about Tyreen finding out too.

    The twins were hardly ordinary people, then again she wasn’t particularly ordinary either. Though she was far less cagey about who she was before they came into her life and the trials she had faced since powers manifested. Even with the months of living under their roof and sleeping in their beds she was no closer to truly knowing where they came from save for the vague statements they made of not being from any of places they had taken her and they most definitely were not of Pandora.

    She also knew that for a long time they were all they had and that perhaps it was this reliance on each other that led Tyreen to act in fear whenever it seemed her twin would need her no longer. Perhaps a fear that Troy would befriend people who did not like her and would try to take him away from her, effectively signing his death certificate without even knowing. There was only one way to get the answers to all this. Sloane would have to ask Tyreen directly, but now was neither the time or place so she set the idea aside for later.


    So lost in her thoughts was she that Sloane had scarcely realized that they’d been through wardrobe and that she’d changed into her ceremonial outfit which was a dress draped in silk flowers of all types and a floral crown that she was always worried would topple from her head despite the amount of hair pins she could feel against her scalp.

    It was only when Agatha cleared her throat as she took a knee for Sloane to be boosted into the Technical that Sloane shook the mental fog and realized where they were.

    “Oh of course. Thank you Agatha.” She muttered as she was boosted into the car. Troy and Tyreen sat with an empty space in the middle that was saved for her. Neither twin looked up from their echo devices as she sat herself down.

    “Took you long enough.” Tyreen broke the silence though her gaze stayed fixed on the handheld computer.

    “I was having trouble getting into the dress. But it’s fine now. You know how quickly Iris works.”

    “Too small in the bust was it?”

    Sloane caught off guard by the blasé tone of her voice and the small seemingly knowing smirk on her lips.

    “We had that dress made before we had your exact measurements. I had Iris use mine and you can’t deny that you’re the more gifted one in that area.” Tyreen snorted the edges of her lips curling into a grin as the snort morphed into a cackle.

    Sloane blushed and looked to Troy to come to her rescue but he too was giggling at his twins remark. She found that their laughter was infectious and she too laughed at the situation.

    “Hoo man! That was too good.” Tyreen sighed as she settled down. Her hand came up and brushed her bangs out of her face.

    This was the side of Twins people usually didn’t see, the side Sloane knew and relished the company of even when it came at the expense of her dignity.


    “It’s been a minute since we’ve been to the Ranch.” Troy remarked as he looked out the technical window. “Let’s hope the order has been taking good care of it.”

    He was talking of course of the Ordo Agricola, a group of priests who had been absorbed into the Verdant Grove, her priests. Yet the twins had neglected to tell her what the Agricola protected only, that they were caretakers of the aforementioned ‘Ranch’ property. As such Sloane’s only contact with them in regards to running them so far was to insure they got their monthly shipments of supplies.

    “Place was our first base on Pandora. We outgrew it eventually but Ty and I use it as a retreat still. We’re meeting the clan leaders here cos they don’t much like having to come all the way to the Cathedral and sometimes the easiest thing to do is the path of least resistance.” Troy cracked the door of the technical open startling the priest who was about to do the same thing.

    The farmhouse and surrounding property was protected from the rolling dust storms by tall fortifications common in Pandoran architecture though they were notably newer than most of the ranch's buildings which were typical fair for a farm. Sloane recognized most of them from her childhood home farm on Eden-4. Those memories stung just a little bit, but they had been so long ago now, she had been a different person entirely.

    Sloane was just about to ask where they were going when an excited yell went up on the other side of the vehicle.

    “Jak-Knife my bro! Good to see you again.” Troy clapped the back of a masked bandit, dressed in gear splashed with bright neon colors. The two were clearly very happy to see each other.

    Clearly not as subtle as she thought she had been Sloane found her gaze locked with Troy’s and he waved her over.

    “Sloane c’mere I want you to meet my friend.”

    Sloane approached, she hadn’t had much experience with bandits save for the few shopkeepers she spoke to on her errands in Temple Town. Troy’s general disposition around this one though eased her mind.

    “Sloane, this is my good friend JK. They help us with the affairs of the locals that we might not be privy to and run security around the settlements. They don’t spend much time at the Cathedral which is why you've not crossed paths yet.” Troy explained.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you JK. That Troy speaks so highly of you I know you must have earned his respect.”

    JK nodded, she could not see their eyes behind the mismatched lens of their mask but she felt as if they were seeing her as something other than herself.

    A moment passed of the two of them just looking at each other before they turned to Troy and spoke in a whisper.

    “Her verse in the song is not like yours. It is not like your sisters. Where did you find her?”

    Troy blanched slightly clearly not expecting the question. He leaned down to better obscure the both of them “I’ll tell you later, yeah. After the meeting.”

    He cleared his throat as he straightened back up.

    “Anyway, JK here will be making sure you’re understanding everything that’s happening with the Clan leaders.”

    “Oh my god, like hurry up you three we’re going to make fools of ourselves if we’re late!” Tyreen called from further up the road, impatiently waving a hand above her head.

    The walk from the cars to the ranch house was a grueling test all on its own. The heat of the Pandoran day swept over all who dared walk the desert. The twins had informed Sloane that there would be no use of a parasol for this walk as there often was when they had to cross large swathes of desert. The clan leaders would see as much as a sign of weakness and they had promised that once they were inside she could have as much water as she wanted.

    She cleared her mind and focused on the cacti scattered around the place. They could manage in such temperatures for their entire lives as could the bandits she was about to meet so what was her excuse? The heat melted away to a minor annoyance as they continued the trek.

    Outside the ranch house several banners were freshly stuck in the dirt. The arriving clan members had stuck theirs into the soil before they entered the house to mark attendance. Tyreen counted them one by one seemingly making a mental note before she nodded to herself and opened the farmhouse door. The rush of the air conditioning inside the house quickly broke the cactus trance Sloane found herself under as she realized in that moment just how hot she truly was. She lifted the canteen that had been attached to her belt buckle to her lips and drained its contents before she sighed in relief, even though she knew that tapping into her powers like that meant she was at no risk of heat stroke when the trance broke it always made her feel so tired. Perhaps because it was an ability she had not used much until her time on Pandora and even so she did it sparingly, as it took an immense amount of focus to pull off.

    Troy grabbed her hand abruptly, he pulled her in between himself and Tyreen. The door they approached had posted guards who looked them over before opening the door. Inside the room was simply the home's den, where one would expect couches to be instead sat a large wooden table ringed which was currently surrounded save for the head which was right where they were headed.

    The people gathered around the table looked like they could snap all three Sirens in half and walk away none the wiser. They probably could and that was enough for Sloane to keep her eyes focused on the destination instead of letting them linger too long on any one of the clan leaders. Their tattoos and scars tell the story of lives carved from the roughness that Pandora gave its people, they were survivors.

    “Good afternoon Venerable leaders of the Clans. My brother and I come before you today in the wake of an attack on our way of life. We-“

    “That’s one way to put it God-Queen. I thought your MO was to avoid the Raiders detection at all. What was that settlement doing to attract attention like that?” One of the clan leaders, a well built and tall woman asked leaning over the table.

    Tyreen’s eyes steel the way they always do when someone challenges her authority. “Moving ammunition. The same thing all of you do day in and day out. We have been particularly careful especially given the attacked settlement was so close to raider territory.”

    “It won’t happen again. We’ve told Tartarus to stay in the area and we know the Raiders are afraid of the predator cities. Likewise we’re rolling out new defense turrets, your settlements will see them installed soon.” Troy cut in a scowl on his face as tapped his metal fingers against the tabletop.

    “You weren’t here for the Lance. You don’t know what they did. Sure you read about it in your fancy books before you set foot on Pandora but you were here. The Raiders were made of people who defected but they still know the tactics they have no problem using our culture against us and you expect one lousy eating city to protect the greater population. You might want to get your eyes checked Troy you might be going blind.”

    Chaos fell upon the meeting as leaders began talking over each other arguing about what the best course of action was.Then metal fist met the wooden table and the resulting crunch brought order back to the meeting.

    “Enough! The next one of you to insult our intelligence gets their balls torn off and tossed out the window. So shut up or get up because I won’t repeat myself.” Golden fangs were bared, muscles tensed and ready to strike at the first sign of resistance.

    “We meant no offense, God-king. To you or the Mother. Surely you can see why we would be up in arms after this. Your track record for keeping settlements safe has been fine up until this attack..”

    A murmur of agreement rose from the crowd and the meeting began to disperse, however as one of the clan leaders walked around the back of the twins to go their guards snatched Sloane by the back of the neck like one holds a misbehaving Skag puppy.

    “You really doing this Diamondfist?” Tyreen hissed which earned her a hard stare from the rugged man who had earned the name Diamondfist from the studded brass knuckles that were now on full display. “Kay, your choice.” There was a flash as Tyreen lifted her left hand and Sloane felt the grasp on her harden.

    She looked down and saw the fingers around her neck had crystallized into Eridium and a sharp kick backwards sent the entire statue toppling over. She landed on the ground with a thud and pried the remaining fingers of her neck. She shivered as she flung the purple stone digits away from her, so perfectly preserved that even the fingernails were still present.

    “It’s rude you know to not introduce someone who's gonna sit there and listen to us spill our secrets. Didn’t even hear a peep outta her.” Diamondfist growled as he observed the remains of his guards.

    “My name is Sloane Idunna.Servant of the Twin Gods, who are you to lay such hands on me.” Sloane puffed up slightly in a bid to make herself look more intimidating despite the fact she was quivering in her boots.

    “Bray Diamondfist, leader of the Diamondfist clan. You know nothing of our way of life and your God-twin handlers have sheltered you from it don’t think we don’t know that you stay cloistered away behind their walls. When the God-twins came to Pandora they started in the dirt like us all. They earned the respect of the leaders you see gathered here, just because they vouch for you and see some use in you doesn’t mean we all do. Even now they had to bail you out of this.”

    “I’m… Sorry?” She tilted her head not understanding what the big fuss was.

    “You should be. Words however, are hollow. You will meet me in the field outside the house and we will settle this the bandit way.” Bray stormed out of the house doors nearly flung off their hinges in his wake.

    Sloane looked at the twins in confusion but it was Jak-knife who stepped up. “You will have to fight him. He will not hold back, one of you will have to die.”

    “This is asinine let me handle it.”

    “No Tyreen,” Troy placed his human hand on his sister's shoulder. “It has to be her. The others won’t accept her if she stands down. We knew this might happen, we had to do the same to earn their respect.”

    Tyreen grumbled to herself but she knew her twin was right all they could do was have faith in Sloane.

    The four of them walked out into the desert strip just outside the front door, where Bray was waiting. It felt like a scene from an old western, Sloane thought, all they needed was for a tumbleweed to slide in.

    With little ceremony the man charged forward and with a flick of her wrist, a motion so well practiced she did it without thought seeds scattered from her pocket onto the sandy ground.

    Vine erupted at her feet a moment later and latched onto the charging man. Her right hand lashed out and the vines responded in kind throwing Bray across the field. He kept coming though as she watched him pick himself off the ground and growl with renewed fury.

    He was closing the gap faster this time and her blood was roaring in her ears. In all the fights she’d picked on Eden-4 she’d had the high ground, she had calculated her attack before she made, there was no time for that here. She was a bit too slow to dodge taking a hit to mid section that knocked her off her feet given the size disparity between them she tumbled head over heels in the sand. Troy growled from the side lines Tyreen trying her best to hold her larger twin back.

    Sloane took stock of herself quickly and this time she threw herself, vines wrapping around her waist and tossing her skyward. Siren instinct took over as she got her bearings in the air and in a flash of green light her wings moth-like in appearance sprouted from her back and she turned in the air.

    “This was cute, but I'm done messing around.” She hissed between gritted teeth. Below her the vines doubled and twisted around Diamondfist’s limbs. She was aware of a prodding in the back of her mind, more like an itch than anything else, A new source of plant life calling out to her and it was inside the clan leader. There was a wet tearing sound, a strangled yell, and a splash of blood as the leader of the Diamondfist clan was torn apart from the side by a thorny flowering vine unlike the ones that gripped at what remained of his limbs. The spores had just been there inside his lungs, exposure of some sort she supposed but this was interesting because she could feel them now in the people all around her. They had all been exposed, but to what.

    As the adrenaline rush died down she fluttered to the ground and clutched at her side which she was aware now ached something fierce as she drew breath, broken ribs if she had to guess.

    “Christ.” Troy breathed as he rushed to her “Good thing I was filming, plenty of content for the next let's flay.”

    She snorted only to regret the action as it caused the pain in her side to flare up once more. Without words he scooped her up with his prosthetic.

    “Get her back inside, We can get Allison air dropped to us faster than we can get back to the Cathedral.” Tyreen remarked. She bit her tongue lest she fall into a barrage of hounding the other siren for being so reckless and how that had made her feel.

    It was a feeling Tyreen only experienced when Troy was injured, only there was something more behind it, she had found the nature sirens display of power beautiful and she wanted to shower her with praise between berating her for the carelessness. Now was not the time though there were more pressing matters to attend to.

    As she watched Troy carry Sloane back into the house and she reached for her echo phone to call Allison, only one thought roiled inside her head. Sloane was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen and she wanted to make Sloane hers.

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  • studiok2sims
    22.12.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Tagged by @katsujiilove . Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    Rules: tag people you would like to know/catch up with.

    Last song: Crap. When was the last time I actually listened to music, let alone registered who was playing?  It was definitely jazz because Pandora Radio is on my jazz channel.  John Coltrane or Miles Davis.  Possibly Madeleine Peyroux?

    Last movie: Double feature of Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey - just to prove what I knew already. Lame. Totally hate-watched them.  Not even going to lie. (The folks at “Honest Trailers” usually hit the nail on the head and I should just trust the opinion that I form from watching that...)  Jared Leto is not a good Joker.

    Currently watching: Like literally this minute?  I think “Strange Evidence” (a show on the Science Channel) is on in the background.

    Currently reading: It is definitely post-apocalyptic, but they all kind of blend together, so I’m not sure which series specifically.  Also not sure if the current series is zombies or other PA themed.  I just started in a new book so I haven’t gotten to the point where memory kicks in and I”m like Oh yeah that series...  (I read a lot of that sort of thing...)

    Currently craving: Tuna melt.  Because of an impending argument with my brother spurred on by my mom sharing  a nostalgic vintage cooking commercial (?) for a “tuna rarebit”.  What was shown was in fact a 50′s Americana version of a “Welsh Rabbit”, without ale - which makes sense for the era if you understand Americana / food culture of the time.  But I love tuna melts - which is an entirely different thing than what he is claiming and I haven’t had one in a while.  I’ll be baking bread in the morning it seems...  Do I have any rye flour I wonder...  (I really need to learn to make sourdough...)

    Enough rambling...

    Like @katsujiilove, I’m going to tag the last people in my notifications: @windermeresimblr, @ninjaofthepurplethings, @watermelonsandal, @pan-pixie and @wannabecatwriter.  And anyone else wants to do it, chime in!

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    02.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    let me ramble about music for a minute

    I went to Spotify to get my Wrapped report like all the cool kids are doing, and I’ll share that sometime today, but something more important happened than it telling me I listened to one album over and over and my top five songs are all from it. I knew that already.


    Some of you are definitely going to be like, who? What is Elena so excited about?

    But I am blessed on a cosmic level that the number one inspiration for my about-to-be-published novel gets back together and drops a new album right as I’m getting ready to release. After the shit year we’ve all had, I am choosing to take this as a good sign. My novel will be well-received. People will like it. People will tell their friends about it. I will make new fans.

    See, back in the early 2010′s I was moving on from my old Pandora days, when somehow I was listening to primarily European death metal and beauty-and-the-beast style rock from all over the world, while listening almost exclusively to Canadian rock radio at my job, because we didn’t have satellite radio there yet and that was one of the only stations we could get to come in reliably. (Which was how I was constantly stumping my friends in my mostly-American World of Warcraft guild by throwing band names out there that they’d never heard of, like Thornley and Alter Bridge and Stabilo and The Tea Party. Before “The Tea Party” was a rising American political movement, anyway.)

    But Pandora stinks, honestly, and I was tired of paying for it, and Spotify wasn’t a blip on my radar yet. I had another friend online who mostly interacted with me my dropping links to music in our Skype, and she and I would try to stump each other with songs a) we thought the other would like but also b) suspected they’d never heard of.

    (We once both dropped Griffin House on each other on the same day, so we were at least right about each other’s tastes.)

    But looking back over that time in our friendship, she wins our friendly competition, because in 2015 she threw this at me:

    And I was GONE. I listened almost exclusively to Anberlin’s entire catalog for about the next three years.

    Which was when I wrote the first draft of Fifty-Five Days. Yeah, that was my 2016 NaNoWriMo project, originally under the working title “This Novel Has No Title, Just Words and a Tune.” (Because I like clever plays on song lyrics, yeah, I’m cute like that.)

    It’s no mistake that my fictional band’s structure mimics Anberlin, or that I sometimes refer to aspects of their musical style that are my favorites. I deliberately chose not to have the band cover any of their songs--too on the nose, there--but if there’s one existent band to listen to, to get an idea of what their sound would be like, it’s this one.

    I was bitterly disappointed to realize that I had found this new favorite band of mine right after they broke up. But I consoled myself with the huge amount of music they left behind, and eventually, with their lead singer’s side project, Anchor & Braille, which (surprise surprise!) is my top artist of 2020.

    I only made the new album discovery late last night, so I haven’t listened yet. It’s possible I’ve just hyped myself up for disappointment, because I don’t like their whole back catalog equally (aside from “Feel Good Drag,” New Surrender is probably my least favorite album, for example. Toss up for best is probably Lowborn and Dark is the Way, Light is a Place, depending on what mood I’m in, because they’re very different albums.) Maybe it’s brilliant, maybe it’s not, but either way, I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED. (Is this how Swifties felt earlier this year? Because I respect Taylor Swift but I’m not a diehard fan, and I actually haven’t listened to the new album yet, I keep meaning to but I’m busy and also obsessed by other artists...)

    So basically, at the end of all of this, when the book comes out and you see the cover songs I included, they’re all at least somewhat important to the story or I wouldn’t have written them in, but if you want the uncredited sound of the band itself, I am begging you to give Anberlin a try. I love them. They are fantastic.

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    WIP Meme 10/20/2020

    Tagged by: @mandakatt

    Look at what you've done. How dare you. I'm not even sure this is all of them. I think some are hidden in gdocs yet. Argh.

    Tagging: @egodominustuus @thelostknee @linwyrms-lair @gracethescribbler @skywalking-across-the-galaxy @khantoelessar @zpansven

    Read the list under the cut.

    1: A Child of Blood

    2: Eileen - Birds of a Feather

    3: BtVS - Lupercalia - Xander - Wolfthreat - WIP

    4: BtVS - PT Alexander Harris Auroresbrother - Denguards - LUPERCALIA - WIP

    5: Buffy the Witcher

    6: SynthSil - Ascendent Ab Inferis (Lux Aeterna AU)

    7: Boys in Blue

    8: Butterfingers the Deathclaw

    9: Piper - (Lupercalia)

    10: Sil/Jack

    11: CM - Lupercalia WIP - Red

    12: CM - Lupercalia WIP -

    13: AC/FFXV - Des and Noct swap places - ffxv Halloween bang

    14: Trigun x Outlaw Star

    15: Gargoyles x Ronin Warriors

    16: Power Rangers x Ronin Warriors

    17: Ronin Warriors x Outlaw Star

    18: Rurouni Kenshin x Yu Yu Hakusho

    19: Dragons Breath -- DAO&RW

    20: Farcry 5 / What Became of Edith Finch - Eddie

    21: Farcry 5 / What Became of Edith Finch - Jake

    22: Gundam Wing - With Daemons WIP

    23: GW Pacific Rim

    24: GW&IA&FFX - Auron - Roulette - Unlikely

    25: Hobbit/RW - Bilbo -

    26: House Ronin Warriors

    27: RK-Xmen = Dragon Teeth

    28: RW-PJ

    29: RWSG1

    30: SG1/JOS - Third - In a God's Bedroom

    31: ST/RW

    32: SW/GW - Brothers and Sisters [clonefic]

    33: Thor-x-Ronin Warriors

    34: Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) / Levi (Attack on Titan) - Hunting [Noctis in AoT]

    35: Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) / Prowls (Exalted) - Stars [Prowls adopts Fire Demon baby]

    36: Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) / Ezio (Assassin’s Creed) - Family [Assassins in FFXV]

    37: Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho) / Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) - Honor [Kuwabara unfucks SW]

    38: Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho) / Dex-Star - Love [Kuwabara adopts a Red Lantern Cat]

    39: Voltron/Escaflowne

    40: When the Night Comes/Arcana crossover

    41: YYH/Naruto - Kurama - Foxkids

    42: CSI NY - Lupercalia WIP -

    43: Dark Matter - Hiro - [Lupercalia] - WIP

    44: Every Warden Ever - WIP -

    45: Nelaros and F!Tabris as wardens

    46: Salazar - Crowbar Fic

    47: Carslile/Sil - Highschool

    48: Joan rambles

    49: Junior - (Best laid plans)

    50: Junior - Outsider

    51: Junior - The G.O.A.T.

    52: Junior rambles

    53: MacCready - Big Town Blues

    54: MacCready - Radstorm

    55: Nora - Line-dried Laundry (Lupercalia)

    56: Pandora -

    57: Pandora - Lupercalia Fic - [Inside Pandora's Box]

    58: Pandora rambles

    59: Russian Roulette - Silas deathfic

    60: Sil/X6 rambles

    61: Silas - Demon Summoner AU - A Leaf in the Wind

    62: Silas King - Snow Angels (Papawolf!Renigald)

    63: Silas King - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Operation: Rescue Quinn kidfic)

    64: Silas rambles

    65: Winter Animals (papa!Artem)

    66: Y7 - All the Things I Didn't Say

    67: Ambulo

    68: Contritum Coronam

    69: to abstain from doing harm

    70: A General Gift

    71: ABO nicias&caleb/nicola

    72: An Army - Prompto & Ignis - Blood and Water

    73: Andali misc

    74: Ardyn - (Triplets verse)

    75: Cathedral of You fanfiction

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    77: Cor - Dawnfire - WIP

    78: Dave - [Scourgeverse]

    79: FFXV Glaive Lupercalia

    80: FFXV Prompto Lupercalia

    81: Galahdian Noctis au

    82: give a brother wings

    83: Halloween '19 d2

    84: Halloween '19 d3

    85: Halloween '19 d4

    86: Halloween '19 d5

    87: Halloween '19 d7

    88: Noct raises Ardyn

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    92: snowchild (Lupercalia wolfProm fic)

    93: The Feral Coeurl of Galahd (Galahdian!Cor fic)

    94: Transplant Fic Box

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    111: ME - OC - Blood And Water

    112: Black Cats and Broken Mirrors Chapter 5

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    115: 100+ Words list

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    128: McHanzo Timetravel Shenanigans

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    130: Stan/Haruko

    131: Stanfic

    132: Taijo Aitai tinyfic

    133: Yuuma Op

    134: Mia - Lupercalia fic - The Chosen Ones ch2

    135: RW - Lupercalia - Arago & Hariel - Blood and Ashes - WIP

    136: Ryou - Coal Dust - GIFT - WIP

    137: Seiji - Kagome, Kagome

    138: Seiji & Cale - Quadrature Pt2 - GIFT - WIP

    139: Yulie WIP

    140: Dinner

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    172: Star Wars AU Fics

    173: StarWars - WIP

    174: Trials and Shenanigans (Bits and Pieces)

    175: We Shouldn't Be Friends

    176: SG1 - Sam - - WIP

    177: SG1 - Sam&Jack - - WIP

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  • enigmasandepiphanies
    13.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Refillable Glasses and Empty Spaces

    On days, my heart is a wreckage of Hiroshima and my pulse, echoes the final goodbyes of torpedo bombers in the battle of Midway. I cannot speak because my mouth is clogged, as if someone has force-fed me shards of the broken wind chimes instead of Cheetos for dinner. My mind is playing a virtual reality horror video game at a volume of 97 and my head is heavy as though I took a bath in the tub of jägerbombs. Those days are the worst you see, too feel too much, too excessive. Too extreme like the final episode of a series you binge-watched in a day, like a tribal dance of vertigo, like books without margins, like a mirror maze overflowing with furniture. 

    When the world is a dystopian novel and you are no Margaret Atwood heroine, how do you breathe? How do you undress your masquerades and carnival camouflages and allow yourself to be vulnerable, to make an exhibition of feelings willingly for a society of voyeurs? 

    Even if you survived the cornucopia bloodbath at the beginning of the Hunger Games, you are unarmed and baby, the world is a cannibal with scarlet hands and sinister smiles waiting to devour the feast of your existence. 

    The gravity-heavy exhaustion of fullness seeps in each and every cell of my body as I gift my body to Atlas. The crushing force of the weight of mortality hits me and I receive a return gift from Atlas, a backache to last an uncertainty. I hate being too full and right now, my heart is ringing the bells at the yearning o'clock during the witch hour and I yearn, I yearn to not be too full, to not be too vulnerable, to not be a prey.

    My beloved once asked me, “Why don’t you see the glass half full and not half empty?” 

    And I wish I could tell her that empty spaces are so damn important, it is survival, it allows you to breathe. It embellishes the fragments of your soul with the force of gravity, it lets the parts of you shimmer in the moonlight, it lets those fragments be. Emptiness allows you to clean, to organize, to declutter the VCR of memories hoarded in the kaleidoscopic galleries of your mind. Half-empty is always refillable, maybe there is optimism in false pessimism. 

    On days when I lose the video game and let parasites make a shopping mall of my house. I plan. I strategize. I try again. I try again because I am a sore loser. I try again because the game is addictive. I try again because I am my only weapon against the cannibal world.

    And I succeed. I succeed to make my mind a home, to treat my existence-ridden body with liquefied rainbow herbal drinks, and live in my head again without brimming, without overflowing. I bask in the warmth of the fireplace in my mind, reminiscing the memories on the mantelpiece. I allow myself to breathe. 

    I allow myself to know it is okay. It is okay to be vulnerable, to exist in the lightest and the most comfortable of sundresses and not in the heaviness of carnival masquerades and paranoid cardigans. It is okay to be vulnerable. I am okay. Unpopular opinion but emptiness makes you value vulnerability more than feeling too much does. 

    I am okay because I noticed the light hit on a boy’s face, the one who always chooses the window seats. Maybe the world is not just made of scarlet hands, but also of golden faces. 

    I am okay because I see this girl taking a deep breath before she opens her Pandora’s box of passions and rambles about every damn thing to me. Her smile reminds me of a World War 2 woman whose passions and ambitions were burning more than the bombs that left her homeless. 

    I am okay because I saw people making homes in Scotland for rainbow children, because I saw a woman complimenting another woman in an airport restroom even though her mascara was soaked with tears. 

    I am okay because my grandmother, a garden witch makes flower crowns for injured baby birds. I am okay because the stoic face of my dad lights up like a 90′s film when he hears his favorite black and white movie songs on Spotify. 

    I am okay because people leave me kind and sweet anonymous messages on Tumblr even though I don’t feel that my body and soul are a childbirth of art. I am okay because my friends give me a look that says we are with you even if you have carved a coffin for your emotions and given yourself a lifetime of trust issues. I am okay because I hug myself too tight when this tattered world shows kindness to humanity. 

    And on days, when my heart is a wreckage of Hiroshima, I will remind myself that when scientists said nothing will grow on Hiroshima for 75 years, red canna flowers started blooming a month later. There is hope in emptiness, there is hope in vulnerability. I am okay. I will be. The glass is refillable.

    //”Refillable Glasses and Empty Spaces”// enigma

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  • twstdtales
    30.08.2020 - 1 year ago
    #twisted wonderland #twst x reader #twst #twisted wonderland x reader #riddle rosehearts#epel felmier#kalim al-asim#twst silver#twst riddle #twst riddle rosehearts #twst epel #twst epel felmier #twst kalim #twst kalim al-asim #twst headcanons #twisted wonderland headcanons #Anonymous
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  • thefoxof86
    16.06.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • cruddyborderlandstheories
    23.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    i ramble for 30 minutes (this is not a based theory i’m just dummy excited)

    tl;dr: Guardian Takedown! holy fuck!!!

    man i had a dream about the guardian takedown and then i had a dream about writing about the previous dream on tumblr, it was so fuckin weird. like it was all about how this minos prime was the place they constructed the souls for the Vault Monsters and that we had to take it down to stop their production. Fuckin WEIRD. it was totally based on how they said the guardian takedown would expand on the story introduced in bl3 so obviously we’re gonna learn more about the guardians through this sect of ‘rogue’ guardians. i am very interested in these guardian breaches but i imagine they may be a way for the guardians to either travel around the universe OR they’re trying to break their way to the other (upper?) dimension where the eridians/destroyer/something are originally from. I’m still of the belief that the Eridians ran away to their OG dimension using the Machine but im also down to hear about them sacrificing themselves to make the Eridium crust of Pandora because that’d be dummy interesting. Also implies that Sirens are soul eaters. That... lowkey kinda makes sense given their namesake. 

    oh, i have a headache. why. why. why. why annnd its gone. okay. if its the case that the Eridians have fully sacrificed themselves and are gone, is it possible you can still hear them through the Eridium? It’d make sense why Eridium is driving people absolutely bonkers on Pandora and such. I only ask because obviously the Overseer is speaking to her ‘masters’?? so they’ve got to be around somehow. But then that implies that Lilith (and Maya. and Troy) have been voring the Eridians and wow I hate that. to avoid that i’d much prefer my other theory about how the eridians just used the Machine to make a portal to their own dimension (explaining how Tannis was able to also create a portal to Pandora) and possibly? can communicate through eridium? I mean eridium is pretty otherworldly we can just say that because its true, so perhapeth they can use it to communicate with others. Kinda like the mirrors in the mirror dimension from one piece. That’d also remove the creepy ‘eating souls’ aspect of things because tbh that freaks me tf out. even if it is pretty badass (but we can’t ignore the fact TANNIS LITERALLY ATE SOULS CAN WE P L E A S E TALK ABOUT THAT GEARBOX IM BEG. actually if tannis is our eridian expert that’s a way to ASSUME she’s the reason we know about this weird guardian signal, but what if its actually because she absorbed those souls from Graveward?? we know this is originally content from the main game because you can literally find stuff (like voice lines and echo Icons for the guardian rifts) about this event so i’m 100% hoping it was supposed to expand on the whole ‘hey yeah Tannis just ate souls lmao’ thing because. seriously. the fuck. Tyreen I get. but TANNIS? phaseshifter??? hello???)

    oh but the guardians right. If the eridians are truly gone gone (x to doubt. x) then the guardians are all truly crazy. why does the Overseer act like she can still hear the Eridians?? true she never actually says ‘eridians’ but when you put all her lines together its hard to see her calling the ‘masters’ anyone but. Especially when she’s all like ‘they left the house long ago’ like... you don’t die when you leave the house. You just walked away, which seems pretty obvious. If these guardians are a rogue sect of Guardians who transformed this planet, why??? I mean obviously we don’t have a lot to go on but the environment that we did get to see is very nekrotefeyo and machine like, so obviously eridian inspired. If we can assume the ‘main’ group of guardians are literally just here to protect the vaults (possibly the ones who are not as ‘ascended’ as those like the Overseer or the Watcher??) then we can guess that the ‘rogue’ group of Guardians like the ones on Minos Prime are the ones trying to do what the Overseer/Watcher wants. Which is hard to put into words given how vague everything is but I imagine they really really really just want to go feral and be able to do what they want instead of what they’re told. which, respect, but also please don’t murder people. that’s our job as Vault Hunters smh.

    #im sorry #i just had so many thoughts lol #i woke up from a 12 hour nap and was like I MUST TALK ABOUT BORDERLANDS #so here we are #borderlands
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