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  • I’ve made a discord server for wlw and nblw to chill and make friends! We talk all things gay, relationships & sex, politics, astrology, and share art, memes, music, selfies & pet pics. All identities welcome as long as you are wlw/nblw! Message me if you’re interested and I can send you an invite <3

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    I’m making more pride flags for Cinnamon (my hamster) to hopefully not ignore!

    The glue is drying right now which is why you can only see the backs of the flags

    I really want to make a lesbian pride flag or the newer mlm flag but I don’t have the right colours for them which really really sucks.

    I’m planning to make ace and aro flags as well.

    Let me know what other flags you think I should make and I’ll do it as long as I’ve got the colours!


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    were my gay awakening

    #look. at. them. #in black and white they literally kill me #black and white is so powerful #these women are so powerful #emma stone #josefine frida pettersen #erika linder#zendaya#jaqueline toboni#kristen stewart#aisha dee#lgbtq#lgbtq community#wlw#bisexual#bi#lesbian#pansexual#celebrity crush#mine #the power noora holds in that scene in season 4 #we deserved a bisexual noora
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  • i love pansexuality. if you want to get intimate with your kitchen? well, im no judge.

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  • ok ok ok so i feel like there’s two main groups of gay/queer

    -coffee gay/queer

    -tea gay/queer

    so like coffee gays are the social bumblebees, like if yellow was a person. but also the drained, exhuasted, slightly chaotic. tea gays are the cottagecore/academia gays who are organized but have hyperfixations on very specific things. huh this makes no sense but like- do y’all know the sun/moon parallel with couples? coffee is the sun, tea is the moon

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  • The fact that I haven’t been out dancing in nearly ten months has me questioning my sexual identity. Has the pandemic made me…straight?

    #me#spilled thoughts#pansexual#bisexual#lgbtq#lgbtq+ #no I won’t teach your bf how to dance #quarantine#words #let the kids dance
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    anyway this thought sprouted from a conversation i had with my friend so? take this attempt at aro/mlm and wlw solidarity! @treasonousactsagainstthegods

    #oh and they had dogs #feel free to substitute with cats if you feel it fits better #aces feel free to take this meme for yourselves too!! #(im just going to tag what i feel fits this meme) #aromantic#grayromantic#demiromantic#quoiromantic#aroflux#qpr #queer platonic relationship #wlw#lesbian#mlm#gay#pansexual#bisexual#omnisexual#solidarity
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  • What if there’s someone who just… likes people? Who just finds any and all kinds of people attractive? Every single one. And they find a label that makes them happy, and comfortable, and makes them feel safe? Isn’t helping people find out who they are a vital part of the LGBTQIA+ community?

    I’ve never wanted to tell a Bisexual person that they’re not bi, or anyone about their sexuality, romantic orientation, or gender orientation. Just go and be happy. If you find a label that makes you happy, use it! Be happy! Can’t I have my label and be happy? 

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  • Good morning to all of the pantastic pansexuals. I hope a cute girl, boy, or non-binary cutie gives you their number. 💖💛💙

    #lgbtq#lgbtq plus#pansexual #good morning ☀️
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  • my mum thinks that everyone can be bi/pan, but some people are just repressed by their own believings.

    #bisexual#pansexual#gay#dunno #I'm not out yet #and i actually don't really wanna come out #i think she knows
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  • Just a reminder that panphobic, biphobic, transphobic, enbyphobic, or other types of TERFS aren’t welcome here. Racists and pedophiles aren’t welcome here. If you feel the need to hurt others, you’re not fucking welcome here. Keep your shitty Neo Nazi TERF manifestos out of my inbox.


    I consider myself bi, but if you’re panphobic I will call myself pan or switch back and forth just to piss you off and I will straight up even pull the “I dunno, I feel different about it today but I can’t explain it ” shit that yall really don’t like. Just to annoy you because you don’t get to decide how other people identify and both are absolutely valid and perfect as hell.

    Why? Because it’s not your fucking business how people identify, cunty.

    Bisexuality and other mspec sexualities are valid. The differences between them aren’t really important, however you identify is however you identify. Bisexuality is usually defined as attraction to two or more genders, poly is many but not all, and pan or omni constitute all genders. You can be bi or pan and date whoever you want, let people identify how they want.

    Tbh, I don’t care if men or nonbinary people ID as lesbian or sapphic either. I don’t care if you’re trans but don’t transition, you’re fine. I support split attraction, I support gay and lesbian people who have slept with or dated people who weren’t the same gender as them. I literally don’t care, everyone has their own shit going on and I can’t pretend that I can know what’s in your head or heart.

    Back on mspecs, none are inherently transphobic, but it’s really transphobic to tell someone that their identity “can’t include trans people”, and it’s super transphobic to tell someone who is trans that they can’t be bi, can’t be pan, or can’t be gay because of arbitrary reasons. It’s also transphobic and biologically incorrect to say that there’s only two sexes or genders.

    “You’re a (insert gender) dating (insert gender)? You’re bi/pan, and not the other!” So you’re a fucking mind reader who has information about every single person that person has ever liked, and why? No??? Go fuck off, you’re being a bigot.

    It’s also really worth pointing out that many people from indigenous cultures across the world have traditionally seen third genders. Many (not all) people who are in these cultures identities are bi or pan themselves, saying that there’s only two genders or that you can’t be either bi or pan is super fucking racist given that context. If you’re from these cultures and you’re STILL a bigot? Congratulations on the cognitive dissonance, see a therapist and BLOCK ME.

    I don’t tolerate it. Go be a racist piece of shit bigot elsewhere. Go be a homophobic or otherwise bigot elsewhere. All it’ll do here is get your dumb ass reported or worse.

    Congratulations to the TERF pedo drag queen who was up in my inbox pretending to be native while being a racist piece of shit and talking shit about pansexual and trans people BTW, I hope the FBI agent who received the screenshots likes your threats.

    Sincerely, a usually bi nonbinary guy who is going to be calling myself a bisexual pan romantic today just to piss bigots off.

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  • pansexual duck❤❤ Plz reblog?

    #pansexual#duck #dont hug me im scare #uwu
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  • Y’all! I’ve finished drawing Leon!

    He honestly was my first attempt on drawing a black person and I think he turned out cute lol

    Anyway, here he is


    This is Leon and he’s 21 in this pic (he’s the same age as Alan,). Not gonna lie, he turned out way more cutter than I planned but I don’t mind it. How the pin shows he is pansexsual and very proud (fun fact: from the day that he came out about being pan he started wearing this pin, which was made by Alan to show his friend support).

    So a bit of backstory here. He was born and raised in Phoenix in Arizona. He lived there with his family but didn’t have many friends on his street. That was until Alan moved to his neighborhood. They quickly became friends and even went to same schools, except they were in different classes. When he was twelve he started realizing that he might be bisexsual and so he told his best friend - Alan - about his worries. Leon was worried that his parents would not approve him being bi and was scared they’re going to disown him. He also wasn’t still sure about being bi and so he wanted to keep it all a secret. He expected Alan to be weirded out by his sexsuality as well, but after he told him about it (and explained what being bi means) he was given all of Alan’s support, which made him less worried about it.  For the next four year he was trying to accept himself and then not out himself in front of his parents until he wasn’t ready to come out. It was getting harder and harder to keep that secret, so when he was sixteen he finnaly decided to come out (after planning it and talking about it with Alan) but then he witnessed his friend’s home exploding with flames and had to move it until he made sure his friend was doing better after experiencing that trauma. Even tho he was almost sure he was bi, something still wasn’t right and it was until  he heard about the term “pansexusality”. After that he was sure he was pan and at age of eighteen he came out to his parents about it. They were pretty cool about it but had troubles with calling his partners as “partners” or “they/them”. From the time that he first felt attraction to both genders to him coming out, he was bullied in school which led him to having trust issues and suicidal thoughts. But after he left his old high school and began studying at uni he gained more confidence about telling people and feeling proud of who he was. He is pan with attraction to masculinity and he loves himself about it.

    From the moment Alan lost his family Leon was always by his side and helped him through it all, since he knew how much his family meant to him. So as soon as Alan told Leon about the article he found, that might explain the sudden fire outburst, he was all on board to rinding to next state to get the information that he possibly needed. Leon is a sweet person but can be rough to get along with once you get on bad terms with him.

    Anyway, this is Leon.

    Hope y’all like him :)

    #welcome leon! #my oc#drawing#digital drawing#digital art#lgbt#lgbtq #ain't he cute #i fucking love him so much #this is #hope y'all like it #pan#pansexual #fun fact: he likes calling himself the GAY AGENDA as a joke #hope yall like him :) #:)
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  • I (a 15 yo girl) got a haircut without my parent’s permission.

    Its a long pixie-cut-type-deal that I paid for myself.

    When my mother saw it for the for the first time, she started screaming at me. Shouting and yelling about how angry she was. She said something I will never forget:

    “Are you a lesbian too?“

    When my sibling was around my age, they came out as gay after they got a shorter haircut. (now, they identify as nonbinary and bisexual.) The way she said that to me was so derogatory and raging, I was scared. She had no right to know if I was one or not.

    As many people my age are, I am struggling with my sexuality. I know how much my mother worries about my sibling’s safety, being queer when she was growing up was dangerous. Even before this, I didn’t want to tell her I wasn’t heterosexual because I didn’t want to add more stress to her life. Now, I will not be talking about my sexuality with her at all. I don’t feel safe to.

    Parents: You are not entitled to your children’s personal struggles. Neither sexuality nor gender. Don’t make assumptions or yell. You are not entitled to your child’s sexuality. If you want them to tell you, have a healthy and respectful relationship with them. <3

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  • No more coming out. You make your best guess because at this point, your attempt at labelling whatever the fuck is going on is probably as good as mine.

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  • I am crying and wheezing at the same time.

    A guy in my chemistry/labor class came up to me and the conversation we had went like this:

    Dude in my class: quick, your opinion to homosexuals.

    Me: dude… I am homosexual

    Him: h uh

    Me:I’m pansexual.

    Him: you are transformers-


    This girl next to me was bi and we both were cackling so much. W h e ez e

    #void fox talks #lil fox talks #Jfc#Pansexual#Bisexual#lgbtq#i'm crying#WhEEZE
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