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  • Another NetflixSeptic AU. This time it’s Papers, please… another big series on Jack’s channel that I really liked, so of course I had to do an edit for it. Enjoy 😊

    I used screenshot from the Papers, please short film. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out HERE. It’s awesome.

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  • So these are the meaning of names that each character in PP have. 

    Calesnk - So his name really doesn’t have a meaning so I make one up. His name means “warrior” or “the one who carries.” 

    Danic - So I took the meaning of his name from Danica, which means “Morning star.” 

    Dari - his meaning goes, it means “maintains possessions well.” 

    Dimitri - Name means “Earth-lover.” He’s afraid to die. 

    Elisa - her name means “God is my oath” 

    Olek (Inspector) - His name means “defender of man.” I believe it fits his character. 

    Jorji - I love his meaning, his name means “ Powerful person and people give respect to".

    Sergiu - His name means “attendent, servant.” 

    Shae - her name fits her because her name means “ full of majesty”. 

    Vince - His name means “conquering.” 

    ****Just so you know, these names could have multiple meanings. Some names have no meaning or some weird meaning. I didn’t do all the characters name so maybe I’ll list them later.*****

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  • Hello, my lovely mortals! Since it’s Valentines Day, I decided to give you a Valentines gift, in which they are headcanons, but the Valentines version. These are what I’m thinking. 


    1.) What helps Elisa fall asleep faster Sergiu sings her a lullaby that he was sung to when he was a child from his father. Little did he know he sang a sleeping charm ;) 

    2.) (As mentioned previously) Elisa did not like Sergiu at all due to her prejudice towards Arstotzka and due to Arstotzkian soldiers invading and harming other Kolechians she has a negative view on them. Sergiu did have prejudiced views on Kolechians until he got into the Six War and saw how Kolechians were people too and they (Kolechians soldiers) are pawns in this war. It is a long story on how they fell in love. (Plus I got inspired a little bit from Pride & Prejudice). 

    3.) What Elisa won’t admit (or at least out loud) she loves when Sergiu hugs her from behind, kisses her (especially on the neck), and when Sergiu plays with her hair. 

    4.) Sergiu wants to purpose to Elisa with a family heirloom ring that was passed down from generations, but he had sold it to help pay for his medical bills

    5.) Since Elisa wants to name the baby boy after the inspector (The inspector name is Olek), but if Sergiu and Elisa have a girl, they would like to name her either Svetlana, Olena, Milana, or  Yuliya (comment below and you decide my pretties). 

    **Ok these are really just Sergisa fluff, oh well*****

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    • (Elisa and Sergiu kissing and being lovey-dovey)
    • Vince: What the F---! Is this allowed?
    • Antegrian Whistle Blower: What the F---! Is that allowed?
    • Elisa: GUYS!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!
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  • I love how video games always automatically activate the rebellion instinct

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    • *Simon running up to Julia*
    • Julia: Daddy?
    • Simon: DO I LOOK LIKE---
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    • Inspector: Go ahead and introduce yourself
    • Some Entrant: My name is Michal with a B and I've been afraid of insects my entire----
    • Inspector: Stop, Stop, Stop, Where?
    • Some Entrant: Hmmmm?
    • Inspector: where's the B?
    • Some Entrant: there's a bee???!!!!!!
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  • image

    Communist dad…

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  • Characters


    I know, this game not value of especially characters personality.

    But drawing characters simply because I like it.

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  • image


    The sheer contrast of Vonel and his Miitopia AU self

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  • #ok sloppy fan art time #i dont even know okay? i just had to do it #papers please#fan art
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    • Some random white highschooler privileged teenager: YoU ThiNK YoUr LiFE IS HaRD, i'M a HiGh SChoOl JuNioR WeArInG SIze 13 Nike. MENS SiZe 13 nIkEs!!!!! BEAT THAT!!!!
    • ..........................ok darling lets go
    • Elisa: a Kolechian living in Arstotzka (they Kolechians well there), orphaned because everyone died or left her and she fighting depression.
    • The Inspector & his Family: a Jewish family living in an Anti-Semitic country and forced to hide their religion, they are fighting to not be in poverty and they're trying to protect their possibly bisexual niece.
    • Mira: (is Calansk's wife) struggling with an unknown disease that is slowly killing her and she coughs up blood but doesn't want to tell anyone.
    • Sergiu Volda: Fought in a 5-year war, possibly has PTSD, he literally died and he was brought back to life but people are harassing him about it and believe he is some sort of a freak.
    • Grestan Dancer: Taking care of her sister by her self, trying to stay out of poverty, and she is trying to escape from the pink vice.
    • Antegrian wife: Littery was killed off because she escaped with her husband.
    • The Vengeful Father: His one and only daughter was killed by a serial killer, he is on the brink of divorce from his wife, and the justice system has failed him.
    • Julia: is died, her body was stolen from the Arstotzkian witches and they are using it to put another soul in there.
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  • Un inspector de aduanas con una familia que mantener, estamos en 1982 después de una guerra de seis años entre los estados ficticios de Arstotzka y Koleichia. Un indie desarrollado por Lucas Pope en 2012.


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  • Papers, Please! [Part 1]

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  • **A short story I have made for papers, please. I had a writing surge. I will continue to write stories. Enjoy my lovely Mortal.**

    ***I will a add a trigger warning because it does deal with a character wanting to die***

    A young woman lied in an earthy ground, exhausted, and beaten. She allowed the rains to soak her, there was no point in moving if she had a chance to die. Her tears died, regardless of the rain, she stared, unbothered, at the woods she surrounded herself. All darkened and murky. This was a perfect way to die alone.

     It would be better off if I was gone, she thought as the rain poured and the woods darkened even more that no branches can be seen. It didn’t matter if someone saw her, all she wanted was to die. She wanted to be with her family that was stolen from her, she wanted Death to come to her and take her. She had no fear, She welcomed Death. 

    Not too far from the distance, a lady, known as Lady death, walked towards the young woman’s body. She was filled with great sympathy, she felt the young woman’s desire, she wasn’t going to give it to her. She wanted her to wait, though it seems evil. She looked down unto to her and saw her unmoving self. 

    The young woman can feel another person next to her. She hoped it wasn’t someone she knows. She can hear the stranger bend down to her, and the stranger opened her mouth.

    “You poor, poor, little Kalyna*. How you called me to take you away. You are young and not afraid of me, that’s a surprise.” Said Lady Death as if she was a mother speaking to this young lady in the ground. She continued, but lovingly. “Your time isn’t right, according to some seer’s gossip you are still needed here. To this, I am sorry, but I can’t take to your family.” Lady Death looked away with guilt, but she continued. “I am guilty of taking everyone from you, I decided that I’ll repay you someday.” Lady Death wanted to touch this young woman’s face as a mother would when she is comforting her, but she knows that once she touches her, the young woman would be dead. “Now go to sleep, someone will find and take care of you.” Said Lady Death as she stood up, took a leave and slightly tossed it to cover the young woman’s eyes, and left the young woman for someone to find her. 

    Her heart beats rapidly on her chest. She was frightened of what she had heard. Was that Death speaking to her and denying her fate? Her mind raced on what she felt, while she was shivering. Would Death come back to her when she dies from the cold rain? But Lady Death said she won’t die yet. She wanted to move, but the rain had buried her to the ground and her being homeless kept telling her to stay. Now fear had taken over, she is alone, yet she refused to cry about it. Her mind screamed for help, her lips refused to move, she prayed for someone to find her. While her mind was lost into her own thought, she didn’t hear a voice calling for her, a familiar voice. 

    Lady Death hadn’t moved far away from the young lady, she leaned onto a tree and watched. She sees a young man picking up the young lady to safety and warmth. She had a feeling that the man comforted her when she let out weaken scream. She knew this young man would take care of her, there is no need to follow. She left, knowing what’s to come. I will come see you again and I will repay you one day, miss Elisa. 

    * Kalyna is a national symbol for Ukraine, it a red berry that grows in Ukraine. It represents beauty, womanhood, love, etc.    

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