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  • evermored
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #this is super sweet!! #paqerings#ask
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  • starswerealigned
    18.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i was tagged by @anakinskyiwalker to do this picrew as myself! thanks, it was fun but at same time triggering because i think that it didn't look exactly as me or what i was supposed to think lol. đŸŒș

    i tag: @thenighttrain @beginagain @signsbeforeexile @paddingtonbears @sleepyinparis @nicointokyo @iwasyourghost @recklesspath @thewineforyou @cherrywinona @roadwhores @btsswift @onlyangell @lastkissy @andtosaturn @runningllikewater @takeawaythepain @paqerings @folkloresaoty @shikiswife @millakunis @youssunshine @readyforit​ @sinkbeneathwaves​ @ricochets​

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  • stillattherestaurant
    11.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A haphazard, informal blog rec list of my favorite people on tumblr: the swiftienaturals! I definitely missed some folks, and possibly added some wrongfully, so lmk if you do or don't belong here :) 

    In no particular order:

    @evermorecastiel @youlooklikeasixtiesqueen @nicollekidman

    @fromperdition @fruiitycas @handwhiledancing

    @taylorslistofexlovers @septembersghost @strawberryfolklore

    @reputationcas @sorrycas @delusionalcas

    @castielswift @heaven-sin @hotgirlcastiel

    @waywardwonderstruck @dunsbar @heller-swift

    @amourstiel @ohhgoddamn @paqerings @miraclerizuin

    @sparksinyoursmile @crobby @hellerswift

    @aintmyjewelry @swiftienatural @evermoredean

    @deandaydreams @elliotschafer @caxtiels

    @folklorecas @fridayiminlovemp3 @cowboyslikedean

    @likeperfectrhymes @destielsevermore​ @formedthroughfiction​

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  • goldflyingrush
    03.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Female Faves

    List 10 different female faves from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people. I was tagged by @dumbfilmschoolkid <3 who showed her awesome taste in her own post and now I’m feeling pretty inspired to share mine, thanks so much for tagging me<3 (they are in order btw, from the ones that I love to the ones I love the most):

    10. Moira - The Handmaid’s Tale

    Can we just talk about how much of a badass she is? She literally fought tooth and nail, didn’t take shit from anyone and made it out of Gilead! And she is still fighting on outside!

    9. Josie McCoy - Katy Keene

    Her character grew so much on me on the little time we had together on Katy Keene, I already adored her on Riverdale, but seeing her on Katy Keene being all independent and shit and going after what she wants? Getting the screentime she deserves?? Sign me the fuck up!

    8. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

    You don’t understand how much I loved her!!! She was 100% my favorite liar, she was clever, she was sassy, she was resourceful, she was loyal and she deserved better after all the trauma she was put through!

    7. Prudence - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I mean, seriously, look at her power! Do I need to say more? She deserved the whole entire world, loved her scenes and how confident she was <3

    6. Laura Moon - American Gods

    I have to admit that I hated her in the beginning, but there’s just something about her that by the end of s1 I completely fell in love with her, I really went from “wow, she’s such a bitch” to “she’s a bitch and I love her”!

    5. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

    Okay, it’s a classic and I just had to put her, can you blame me?? Harry Potter was my whole childhood and I love and identified with Hermione so much when I was younger, she’ll always have a special place in my heart<3

    4. Jo Harvelle - Supernatural

    I just loved her so much, okay??? My biggest loss, she was my baby girl! Deserved so much better, didn’t take anybody’s shit, was snarky as hell and should be respected<3

    3. Amy March - Little Women

    You don’t understand how much I love her! She is judged so much and ofr what? Because she was trying to make her way into a society that was and still is awful to women in general, because she saw an opportunity and took it?? Because of her strong personality?? Because of her beauty and grace??? Come on, I’ll wait!

    2. Toni Topaz - Riverdale

    I know she’s the third character from the Archiverse, but I couldn’t just not put her! And they are all from different shows, so it’s okay! I would just like to say that she has done nothing wrong ever in her life and that she is always fighting for what is right and deserves only the best things in the world and now she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves as a main character, as she should<3

    1. Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones

    MY QUEEN WHO DESERVES EVERYTHING HER HEART DESIRES! Also don’t understand all the hate for her, she was loyal to her family, she just wanted to be reunited with them, and her mistakes were mostly rooted on naivety, she loves and protects fiercely with all the intelligence she possesses and I love her with my whole heart<3

    Okay, it was really difficult choosing between all my favorite ladies and have to rate them, but I made it! So now I’m just gonna tag some mutuals that are welcome to do this too: @sonof-thrain @joshhutcheron @folglore13 @javierpcna @meetyouafterdark @goldenevermore @pagesturnandsticktoeachother @paqerings @conjoinedchaos @nocakesformissedith​

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  • daringharrington
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Broghan’s Happy New Year Sleepover!

    Hello y’all!! So, this year has been very difficult for everyone, and it’s been so very hard for me as well. My health has been declining all year long, I’ve had three different surgeries, I lost my great grandmother in March, so this year has not been good for me. But I have found many blessings this year as well, for instance, y’all are blessings to me. You’ve all come into my life and made me smile. I thank every one of y’all who read my writing and support me. I also wanna thank my mutuals who have impacted my life so much, I know I’m terrible at talking to y’all, but I’m just really shy and honestly just terrible at talking to people. I pray that every single one of you has an amazing, happy, and blessed 2021!!


    ❀ and we’ll play fmk(iss)

    💋 for a blurb. Send me a prompt from this list and a person you’d like the blurb for

    đŸŒč for a song and movie recommendation

    🎈for a moodboard of your choice

    âŁïž for a ship. Send me a short description of yourself and tell me if you wanna be shipped with a real person or a fictional character


    Tagging my beautiful mutuals:

    @celestialmolina @edgeofgr8 @headheartbellarke @lovelysophia @smolravenpuff-04 @awesomegayurl @captainmmarvel @lavender-writer @ultradeafrainbow @percico-heronstairs @paqerings @appetizersincluded @i-understood-that-reference @random-nerd-3 @crybabyddl @n0wornever @thesunsetcurve @sunsetcurvenotsunsetswerve @girlswiftie @cookiebuba @sunsetholland @meangirlsx @talksopretty @mosscato @spideyspeaches @cowgrl @nvisiblestring @rainesengupta @james-bucks @noshamenion @swiftrosegarden @comingatmyfriends @nowiminexiled @oscarwildc @tony-starkc @hollyjollyswans @mischiefmanaged011 @wandorslands @saintlavrents @steverrogers @musicalkeys @ayacash @the-creative-lie @kelieah @timctheechalamet @calltothemisha @hollandnotes @strawberriesonsummer @ladyofthelake @a-drop-of-magic

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  • cherryslips
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Hey y’all! So before the new year comes to a close and since everyone has been doing these, I’d thought I would do one too! I have met some amazing and kind people on here the past few years and they deserve some recognition <3 I also did it alphebetically because I am such a perfectionist that way. Anyhoo, here’s to the new year and hope it may bring y’all some good vibes and thoughts 💞💞


    @abbaswift @a-dore @andysambrg @andtosaturn @afragileline @alltoowsll @afaithforgotten @afolksongs @aintmyjewelry @angelsrolleyes @achampionring @amirrorball @austin-mahones @afinelinee @areweintheclear @adoreyou @breakbleheaven @bodejacketharry @behindsthemall @backtoodecember @babyididtoo @borrowednblue @bitchpack @blankspace17 @coldasyou @cellphonehippie @chasingfortunes @cardgian @champaqneproblems @champagnerush @cloversbloom @classicalswift @ccherrymp3 @cheryl-bombshell @comebackbehere@cruellesummer @colorsinautumn @coveredinyourivy @crestfalens 


    @dorothyuh @ddelicatemp3 @doyouknowhoyouare @delicatelights @dbatc @evermoores @evermorelore @everfolk @evermorefolklore @erodasharry @eevermore @emmaduerrewatson @evilharry @fadedpictures@fallingharrie @falsegod @fifteeen @folkloredeluxe @felicitysmoak @felicitysmoakk @fullmetalswift @fiveholesinthefence @fitsinthepalm @folklorestansblog @gldensnflower @golden-getaway @guccifloralsuits @harrysbucky @harrysdimples @harmony @harryedwrd @harrysmagicaltour @heart-attack-harry @heartbreakprince @holygraund @holygrcunds @hermionegrangcr @heystephcn @heydorothea


    @itsmellslikeinfidelity @iknowplacesclean @ilovegolden @ilicitaffairs @illicit-affairs-in-august @ivebeenthearcher @inmysdreams  @itwasyou @itstimetogo @itsgoldenlikedayllight @itshaylor @invisiblemp3 @itstimetogomp3 @jakeperalta @jonismitchell @kissyoulikealover @likeconfetti @likeadevils@lovestory @loveslipped @loverdeluxe @loverdlx @lorelaileighs @lorelaigilmo @lizzo @marvelous-tunes @meaningtotellyou @merldruck@mylover @mytearsrricochet @meandmydog @melodramas @newrcmantlcs @notmuchfordancing @milfharrystyles @milfzaynmalik @myfavouritecardigan @myheartbeat @nessa007 @nicholas-devereaux @niallsfavpetal @nowimhaunted @niallsofficial (PS. I LOVE YOU BABE <3) @nobodynocrime @nowimhaunted @onthehighline @ofbeinghonests @ofdeepfears @ohh-goddamn 


    @purpleswift @pagesturnandsticktoeachother @paqerings @quinnfebrey @rainycabride @rareputation @readyforit @reputayswift @sadbeautifutragic@speaknow @stylesinthewild @stylesloveclub @shesfucked @shouldbecelebrated @spendsmychange @sviftz @swiftdanvers @staybeautiful @seethestarlights @sunsetbabe @sunfloweraffairs @seegoldendaylight @shadasjeremy @swept-you-out-again @swiftrosegarden @swiftstyles1989 @sparksflymp3@sweetteaswift @taylorlive @tayloralison @tylorswift @tyjosephs @tolerateit @theyneverblindmedarling @tayorswift @taylorry @tsthearcher @thatwasthenightthingschanged@timcgraws @truckerhatharry@tshifty @thelasttime @tobesolonely @tayliterati @thebooklife@tbslenthusiast @taylor @thehoax @treacherous @withmedude @wishfulthinkinglove  @wisteriaprose @wildestdream @wearthesamejewels @walkscornelia @yourclosure @youbelongwithmes @quinnfebrey

    #follow appreciation#ff #i love you all #even if we all don't follow each other #i admire you from afar <3 #also if i forgot anyone i sincerely apologize
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  • swiftieseb
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Only One Day 90%off

    @alyson-mae-sweetheart3 @confusebiassbitch @queen-of-bad-ideas @couldsaysabotage @tayslaymyheart @nickjonsa @messofadreamrr @bettyjamesinez @iwillspendforever @fudgeyouforevermore @torontoswiftie11 @alexs-cardigan @lightpinkskyswift @lloronadivina @screammferociously @without-name-to-live @maria-loves-taylor @themomentiknew @paqerings @theofficialdeannawinchester @likeheyitsdibbles @totallysuperbnerd @stellaswift1389 @lizzielovestaylor @loverismyjam @iswearyouwerethere @carefuldaughter-usingreputation @justhereforthecraic @mmack0621 @t-vedangi @korekiyo-shingucci @fearlesssince1989 @lights-shineswift @missindependentthatsme @ivebeenthepreyyy @pun-lodestar @ssimply-fabulous @kb865 @wishes-came-true @oh-my-god-look-at-that-face @delicaete @dempervypervs @valhackett5h @daylightdayligthdaylight @itsdelicate1989 @alltoowell13ts @tannerth0mps0n @bridgecityswift13 @tatumandzoelovetaylor @rachel-loves-taylor

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  • swiftieseb
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Only One Day 90%off

    @alyson-mae-sweetheart3 @confusebiassbitch @queen-of-bad-ideas @couldsaysabotage @tayslaymyheart @nickjonsa @messofadreamrr @bettyjamesinez @iwillspendforever @fudgeyouforevermore @torontoswiftie11 @alexs-cardigan @lightpinkskyswift @lloronadivina @screammferociously @without-name-to-live @maria-loves-taylor @themomentiknew @paqerings @theofficialdeannawinchester @likeheyitsdibbles @totallysuperbnerd @stellaswift1389 @lizzielovestaylor @loverismyjam @iswearyouwerethere @carefuldaughter-usingreputation @justhereforthecraic @mmack0621 @t-vedangi @korekiyo-shingucci @fearlesssince1989 @lights-shineswift @missindependentthatsme @ivebeenthepreyyy @pun-lodestar @ssimply-fabulous @kb865 @wishes-came-true @oh-my-god-look-at-that-face @delicaete @dempervypervs @valhackett5h @daylightdayligthdaylight @itsdelicate1989 @alltoowell13ts @tannerth0mps0n @bridgecityswift13 @tatumandzoelovetaylor @rachel-loves-taylor

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  • swiftieseb
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Only One Day 90%off

    @alyson-mae-sweetheart3 @confusebiassbitch @queen-of-bad-ideas @couldsaysabotage @tayslaymyheart @nickjonsa @messofadreamrr @bettyjamesinez @iwillspendforever @fudgeyouforevermore @torontoswiftie11 @alexs-cardigan @lightpinkskyswift @lloronadivina @screammferociously @without-name-to-live @maria-loves-taylor @themomentiknew @paqerings @theofficialdeannawinchester @likeheyitsdibbles @totallysuperbnerd @stellaswift1389 @lizzielovestaylor @loverismyjam @iswearyouwerethere @carefuldaughter-usingreputation @justhereforthecraic @mmack0621 @t-vedangi @korekiyo-shingucci @fearlesssince1989 @lights-shineswift @missindependentthatsme @ivebeenthepreyyy @pun-lodestar @ssimply-fabulous @kb865 @wishes-came-true @oh-my-god-look-at-that-face @delicaete @dempervypervs @valhackett5h @daylightdayligthdaylight @itsdelicate1989 @alltoowell13ts @tannerth0mps0n @bridgecityswift13 @tatumandzoelovetaylor @rachel-loves-taylor

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  • dyingday
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    happy holidays, @paqerings!!!

    you remind me of hand-painted walls, cliff sides, ferris wheels, vintage silk, sweets and tapestry.

    here's a little something

    #***mine #mist makes shit for mootsđŸ˜Œ #tswiftedit#taylorswiftedit#ts moodboard #JDJJDHJ BLUE IS A HARD COLOUR TO WORK WITH IM SORRY IF YOU HATE IT😔😔😔
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  • dyingday
    24.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    i was tagged by @heydorothea to tag all the people that i am thankful for in 2020 (dani holyshit it made me beam hshdhj and you're definitely on this listđŸ„ș)

    and in no particular order/ just exactly how my brain works, here are all the people who have my heart:

    @ohheavenlylord @irritating-lady-knight @nightwingblues @enbyincrisis @ohh-goddamn @tolerateit @bitchpack @bittersweetboi @eels-dancing-on-pluto @frank-ieros-knuckles @shouldbecelebrated @champagnemythicalthing @replayfootsteps @swiftdanvers @ohdorothea @brilewblue @icantevenduckingstandstraight @philophobic-romant1c @pepper-stark @togrowupthatbeautifull @cherryslips @nonobodynocrime @itstimetogo @itsmellslikeinfidelity @holygroundacoustic @orhideintheclosets @glitter-after-the-party @ramonapest @withmedude @merldruck @invisiblemp3 @reploreswift @timcgraws @itstimetogomp3 @feeldaylight @folklorestansblog @spendsmysantachange @honeypiebadger @mushruwum @b-s-bastard @paqerings

    #im sorry if i forgot anyone i blame it on my migraine hhh #but i love all of you so much thank you for tolerating međŸ„șđŸ„șđŸ„ș #happi thingsđŸ„ș#cool moots😌
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  • starswerealigned
    19.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    i was tagged by @augustsippedaways, tysm for tagging me and i'm so sorry for taking too long!!! 💖

    1. what is the color of your hairbrush? purple

    2. name a food you never eat. mushroom, seafood, meat...

    3. are you typically too warm or too cold? too cold...i suppose?

    4. what were you doing 45 minutes ago? listening to music and reading (again) "the lord of the rings"

    5. what’s your favorite candy bar? it used to be kit kat before i became a vegan, so...i don't have anymore

    6. have you ever been to a professional sports game? yup, soccer, basketball...

    7. what is the last thing you said out loud? i said to my mother i was about to read and listen to music by facetiming her

    8. what is your favorite ice cream? mango, lime, coconut, peach...anything with fruits i'd be eating

    9. what was the last thing you had to drink? avocado vitamin

    10. do you like your wallet? ...yes?

    11. what is the last thing you ate? green salad

    12. did you buy any new clothes last weekend? i haven't bought new clothes since december '19 👁👄👁

    13. what’s the last sporting event you watched? roland garros

    14. what is your favorite flavor of popcorn? salt

    15. who is the last person you sent a text message to? my sister

    16. ever been camping? yes

    17. do you take vitamins? yes. vitamin a, d and e

    18. do you regularly attend a place of worship? nope

    19. do you have a tan? nah

    20. do you prefer Chinese or pizza? pizza

    21. do you drink your soda through a straw? i don't drink soda, but i use a metal one that i keep in my purse

    22. what color socks do you usually wear? black or any color with cats print on it i'll be using

    23. do you ever drive above the speed limit? never

    24. what terrifies you? life itself

    25. look to your left, what do you see? my asleep cat

    26. what chore do you hate most? changing the bedsheets and also cleaning bathroom

    27. what do you think of when you hear an Australian accent? adorable

    28. what’s your favorite soda? i don't drink soda

    29. do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? i don't eat fast food

    30. what’s your favorite number? 8

    31. who’s the last person you talked to? mom

    32. favorite meat? i don't have, i don't eat meat

    33. last song you listened to? "regret", by new order

    34. last book you read? not counting by the ones i read again, "the second sex" by simone de beauvoir

    35. favorite day of the week? friday bc it's the one i was born

    36. can you say the alphabet backwards? yes lmfao idk why

    37. how do you like your coffee? i don't drink coffee often, but i like it without sugar

    38. favorite pair of shoes? my converse

    39. time you normally get up? 4am or 5am lmfao

    40. what do you prefer, sunrise or sunsets? sunsets

    41. how many blankets on your bed? two

    42. describe your kitchen plates: mostly white and some of them has flowers print on it

    43. describe your kitchen at the moment: clean and organised

    44. do you have a favorite alcoholic drink? red wine

    45. do you play cards? with friends and family, yes and only

    46. what color is your car? red

    47. can you change a tire? noooo, but my father promised me to teach me

    48. your favorite state or province? i've only lived in two countries but i love my homestate, pernambuco

    49. favorite job you’ve had? ...well i think being medical assistant or juror

    i'm tagging @runningllikewater @wonderfuck @tokissindowntownbars @plutou @yourdaisy @afolksongs @wisteriagrow @mylover @paqerings @andoursong and whoever wants to do these!!! â˜ș

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  • 13-taylor-swift
    18.10.2020 - 6 monts ago
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  • filthydumbass420
    09.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    17 questions, 17 people

    I was tagged by @paqerings tysm for always tagging me in all ur stuff and engaging with my posts <333 sorry for taking so long to do this

    Nicknames: Egypt, Bitchy Flitchy, and lord Flarquad 

    Zodiac sign: Cancer

    Height: 5’9

    Hogwarts house: gryffindor

    Last thing I googled: wendy williams birth chart

    Song stuck in my head: cardigan by taylor swift

    # of followers: I had over 600 followers on my other blog, but now I’m locked out of it. So, I have 15 now ._.

    Amount of sleep: Honestly my sleeping schedule’s fucked. I sometimes sleep an hour, 10 hours or none.

    Lucky number(s): 7

    Dream job: Culinary Artist

    Wearing: Nothing I’m naked. Jk ny Hazbin hotel shirt, blue jeans and my spiked choker.

    Favorite song(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL3T4IgBfao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80CArfJJGhI  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBus8ekgS4A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deSp9fJbq08

    Favorite instrument: Piano

    Aesthetic: anything goth or punk

    Favorite author(s): Kenneth Oppel and  Laurie Halse Anderson

    Favorite animal noise: KITTENS <3

    Random: I can make really good Italian sandwiches

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  • execgoldiebillion
    07.08.2020 - 9 monts ago
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  • theman
    03.08.2020 - 9 monts ago

    im awful and have a crap ton of urls so before I release them into the void does anybody want one of these? 









    ltsnicetohaveafriends* (with an L not an i)

    lmonlymewhenimwithyou (with an L not an i)














    *please promise you’ll use it

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  • theman
    29.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Since everyone is changing urls right now, here are some Taylor Swift urls I have saved that I’m never going to use, so message me if you want to use them!







    causetaylorsdead (lwymmd reference)

    lasttimehesawme (getaway car reference)

    everytimeheslovingme (don’t blame me reference)


    nevergotfar (getaway car reference)

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