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  • In the spirit of halloween, here ya go!


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    Scream (1996, dir. Wes Craven)


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    Sinister (2012, dir. Scott Derrickson)


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    Paranormal Activity 3 (2011, dir. Schulman and Joost)


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    The Shining (1980, dir. Stanley Kubrick)


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    Halloween (1978, dir. John Carpenter)


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    Paranorman (2012, dir. Butler and Fell)

    (i know the last ones not a horror film exactly (or maybe you just find it really scary idk) but i forgot to add it in my spooky film list and I really really like it so) 

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  • 5 Creepy Vídeos That You Should Never Watch Before Going To Sleep

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  • Rotherwood Mansion
    Kingsport, Tennessee

    It was built in 1818 by a wealthy reverend named Frederick Ross. He intended the home to be a sanctuary, but instead it became a place of despair.

    Ross’ daughter Rowena had to watch helplessly as her husband to be drowned in the nearby river on their wedding day.

    She became somewhat reclusive and seldom left the house. At last she was ready to open her heart again, but this time her lover died of yellow fever within the first year of their marriage.

    Ten years later she tried a third time to find love and even gave birth to a daughter of her own.

    However, once again she was left devastated when the girl died. Rowena could take it no longer and drowned herself in that same river her first love had. Could it be that she was cursed? Is that why she still roams the property always looking for true love?

    Later, the mansion was purchased by a cruel slave owner who is said to have tortured his slaves. Did his evil deeds contribute to the hauntings here?

    Many have said that he is to blame for a menacing presence that takes the form of a black dog. There have also been reports of maniacal laughter and of terrifying faces peering in the windows at night!

    #Rotherwood Mansion#haunted locations#paranormal #ghost and hauntings #ghost and spirits
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  • Trail Camera Snaps Two Unknown Photographs Within Seconds Of Each Other

    camera snaps two unknown photographs within seconds of each other. Today, we take a look at these two mysterious trail camera photos that can’t be explained.

    Various trail camera photos have been shared around, with the most interesting ones being those that contain something mysterious. This is exactly what happened with this trail camera, when it managed to take a photograph of a mysterious object in the sky, and then a matter of seconds later a giant humanoid on the ground.

    Thank you for watching!

    Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

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  • 13 of the Most Disturbing Last Words from Death Row Prisoners

    Before execution, it is usually customary for condemned criminals to take the stage one last time and address the public with his or her final words. Whether it is a chilling statement aimed at shocking or upsetting those in attendance, a light-hearted statement that attempts get few chuckles or a final slap in the face of society, criminals throughout the years have had some pretty interesting things to say in the minutes prior to taking their final breath.

    Here are the last words of 13 death row prisoners and the disturbing messages they chose to leave the world.

    John Wayne Gacy

    Last words: “Kiss my ass.”

    John Wayne Gacy was convicted of the rape and murder of 33 men between 1972 and his arrest in 1978. The former children’s party entertainer became known as the “Killer Clown” because of the all the parties he attended in his clown suit and full-face makeup.

    Gacy was executed by lethal injection just after midnight on May 10, 1994. When asked if he had any last words, Gacy is said to have snarled these three simple words.

    Aileen Wuornos

    Last words: “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the movie, big mother ship and all, I’ll be back.”

    Aileen Wuornos, abandoned by her parents at a young age was working as a prostitute and robbing people to support herself by the time she became a teenager. In 1989 and 1990, Wuornos shot, killed and robbed at least six men. Arrested and tried in 1991 she received a total of six death sentences, earning her the inaccurate label by the press of being the first female American serial killer.

    George Appel

    Last words: “Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel.”

    Clearly keeping his sense of humor right until the last moment, this pun was to be the final words of convicted murderer George Appel before he was executed in the electric chair in New York in 1928 for the murder of a New York City police officer.

    Peter Kürten  

    Last words: “Tell me. After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures.”

    Peter Kürten, or more commonly known as the “The Vampire of Dusseldorf,” is believed to have killed nearly 60 people in Germany. He beat, raped, and drank the blood of at least one of his victims. Kürten was executed by guillotine on July 2, 1931.

    John Spenkelink  

    Last words: “Capital punishment: them without the capital get the punishment.”

    John Spenkelink was a drifter convicted of killing a traveling companion which he claimed was done in self-defense. Incidentally, he was also the first man put to be put to death in Florida after the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976.

    Barbara “Bloody Babs” Graham  

    Last words: “Good people are always so sure they’re right.”

    Barbara “Bloody Babs” Graham was a prostitute, drug addict and a murderess who was executed in the gas chamber at San Quentin in 1955 along with two accomplices. Graham beat an elderly woman to death when a robbery went bad. When she was strapped into the gas chamber by Joe Feretti, the man in charge of her execution, he told her, “Now take a deep breath and it won’t bother you” to which she responded, “How would you know?”

    Gary Gilmore  

    Last words: “Let’s do it!”

    Convicted of killing a motel manager, Gary Gilmore’s was put to death in Utah on January 17, 1977, by a volunteer firing squad. He became the first person to be executed after the U.S. reinstated the death penalty in 1976, ending a 10-year lapse. Gilmore donated his organs and shortly after he was executed, two people received his corneas.

    Notably, Gilmore gained further fame posthumously when advertising executive Dan Wieden credited Gilmore’s parting words as the inspiration for Nike’s tagline.

    Carl Panzram  

    Last words: “In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than 1,000 male human beings. For all these things, I am not in the least bit sorry.”

    Carl Panzram was a serial killer, rapist, arsonist, and burglar who was hanged on September 5, 1930. Without ever showing any sign of remorse for his crimes, he refused to appeal his sentence, he even threatening to kill members of human rights groups who attempted to appeal on his behalf.

    Defiant until the end, Panzram went on to tell his own executioner, “Hurry it up you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you’re screwing around.”

    Timothy McVeigh

    Last words: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

    Timothy McVeigh is best known as the Oklahoma City bomber and was convicted of setting the bomb which killed 149 adults and 19 children at the federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995. McVeigh had no final words before being executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001, in Indiana. Although he did leave a handwritten statement quoting the last lines of the poem called Invictus by Sir William Ernest Henley.

    James French

    Last words: “How’s this for a headline? ‘French Fries.’”

    James French was the last person to be executed by electric chair under Oklahoma’s death penalty on August 10, 1966. Already in prison for life, but allegedly afraid to commit suicide, French murdered his cellmate, apparently to compel the state to execute him.

    Thomas J. Grasso  

    Last words: “I did not get my spaghettiOs, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.”

    Thomas J. Grasso was executed by lethal injection in Oklahoma for strangling an 87 year-old woman to death on Christmas Eve with her own Christmas lights, while stealing a television and $12. In the US, prisoners on death row are traditionally allowed anything they would like to eat for their last meal before they are executed. Grasso took this right very seriously. His last meal request was for two dozen steamed mussels, two dozen steamed clams (flavoured by a wedge of lemon), a double cheeseburger from Burger King, a half-dozen barbecued spare ribs, two strawberry milkshakes, one-half of a pumpkin pie with whipped cream, diced strawberries, and a 16-ounce can of SpaghettiOs with meatballs, served at room temperature.

    Unfortunately for him, the length or complexity of his list seemed to confuse kitchen staff who made one crucial mistake and served him spaghetti instead of his SpaghettiOs.

    Robert Alton Harris  

    Last words: “You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper.”

    Robert Alton Harris was responsible for the murder of two teenage boys. In 1992, he was the first person to be executed in the state of California in decades. His last words were a misquote from the film Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

    Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum

    Last words: “I’ll be in hell before you start breakfast, boys. Let her rip!”

    Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum, the infamous outlaw was finally caught after a failed train robbery. Sentenced to hang, Ketchum’s uttered these now famous words before his execution was horribly botched, and the noose cut his head clean off his body.

    #13 of the Most Disturbing Last Words from Death Row Prisoners #serial killers#paranormal #ghost and hauntings #ghost and spirits
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  • 3 terrifying videos that will leave you with no explaination

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  • Kreischer Mansion
    Staten Island, NY.

    In 1885, German businessman Balthasar Kreischer had a pair of Queen Anne mansions built for his sons. Within a decade, the senior Kreischer died, his brickworks closed, and both sons perished, Edward by suicide and Charles in a fire that destroyed his mansion. The remaining house was left empty until new owners turned it into a restaurant, and a mafia front before once more being left vacant, employing formerMarinee Joseph Young as its caretaker.

    In 2006, Young was hired by the Bonanno crime family to kill Robert McKelvey, and he did so by strangling, stabbing, and drowning the man on the Kreischer Mansion grounds – before dismembering and burning the body in the furnace in the cellar. Rumor has it that the Kreischers haunt the residence, including a spectral woman who peers from the windows.

    #Kreischer Mansion#haunted locations#paranormal #ghost and hauntings #ghost and spirits
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  • Once I read a paranormal book by Ivan T. Sanderson with an entire chapter on the time he tried and failed to improve his house. He kept measuring and cutting the same piece of wood only his measurements were always wrong, no matter how many times he tried. Logically, Sanderson blamed this on an interdimensional anomaly located exclusively in his home. 

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  • 5 Scary Paranormal Videos & Photographs To Keep You Up ALL Night…

    Published on Oct 27, 2020

    As always we try to source the most authentic ghost photos and videos out there, and this collection whether they are true or not are definitely creepy, although a couple of them may not be what they seem! So for the last time in October, hit those lights, sit back and enjoy 5 of the creepiest photos and videos we could find.

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  • On the news this week we discuss the sighting of a UFO by an 88-year-old Korean vet pilot, that Texas is number one in the country for ghost encounters, and if the world’s end is being signaled by a Halloween blue moon. Find out more at https://ift.tt/36XFHxm by Radio Wasteland

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  • image

    My background and wallpaper.

    I woke up and found these. I was naked and on the bed. I don’t remember falling asleep the last thing I was doing was on Facebook but I can’t think past that. Anyway I got on my phone and saw this as my wallpaper as a friend messaged and I realised by the time I had been “asleep” for an hour which is strange. I unlocked the phone and saw “I’m still here” as the background. The phone was also on dark mode which I never do. I am rather scared and now think I have a proxy side that takes over. Perhaps “Fangface” didn’t die when I quit the proxies. Perhaps he’s still inside me, maybe the proxy is still inside me! If anyone has an explanation cause I’ve heard of the term sleeper where proxies have almost separate personality’s to do slendermans bidding then please message me. I am really scared that Fangface will mess things up or something. God help me

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  • #you may have heard of the Sallie House in the US? that’s an example of this happening #asks#medium#paranormal
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  • Spook Of The Day #217 • the Ferocious Beast of Milan

    Did you know that in Milan in the 1790s a ‘ferocious beast’ was captured and killed. It was considered similar to a wolf but far larger and had been terrorising children and animals for years before it was hunted down.

    It was on display at the University of Pavia for decades until it mysteriously vanished.

    Some say is was stolen, some say it was destroyed, and some say it was taken by German forces in WW2.

    Liked this? You’ll love the peoplesparanormal.com

    #ferocious beast #beast of gevaudan #beast of exmoor #real ghost stories #true ghost stories #spirits#paranormal#supernatural #most haunted places in the world #ghosts#demons#haunted#horror movies#paranormal investigation #evidence of the paranormal #paranormal caught on camera #ghost adventures#zak bagans#italy#italian folklore#folklore
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  • I’m convinced that there isn’t a single good YouTuber to watch for paranormal content.

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  • #like I know ppl are going to try this stuff so might as well know what you’re getting into #medium#death tw#paranormal#asks
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  • The Ghost  The fourth and final video in my paranormal series. At least one of the videos is true, but which one? 

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  • Who doesn’t want to howl at the moon?

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  • image

    This photo was allegedly taken at the scene of a car crash in 1984. The group of teens were injured when they crashed into nearby trees. Unfortunately one of the teens died on impact. When the photos of the accident were developed the officer who took the photo was shocked to see a disembodied head screaming. The head shared a resemblance to the boy who died. According to those who looked at the photo the brown blog in front of the screaming head resembles a dog that the boy owned. This has lead people to suspect that the dog is guiding his owner to the afterlife with him.

    *** personally I don’t see a dog tbh.

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