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    Celestial Oddities PONG-S2E12 Daniel & Frater Discuss Personal Encounters

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    Celestial Oddities PONG-S2E12 Daniel & Frater Discuss Personal Encounters

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    one minutes into snc’s new queen mary video and i already love their dramatic asses

    #watching paranormal videos for 'proof'? nah #watching paranormal videos to see two videos freak out about everything? hell yea #sam and colby #sam golbach#colby brock#snc
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    more spooky mags pls and thx

    #mags who regularly talks to ghosts #mags who is friends w a demon #let her be a paranormal lil weirdo #OOC: ❝ it’s just tumblr rp,carol. ❞ #it's the side of her and this lore i rly need to touch on morE
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    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Fic O’Ween Day 3! But this time, it’s an AU. Hope you enjoy! Cubs credit goes to @lumosinlove <3

    Prompt: Paranormal Investigation

    TW for ghosts, blood, past character injury/ death

    If Logan’s heart wasn’t pounding so hard he could feel it in his teeth, he might have been more excited about Finn hugging him. The beam of their flashlight shook in time with his hand as they crept through the entrance of the house, past the dusty banister of the staircase and through a yawning, lopsided doorway.

    The kitchen was in even more disarray than the foyer. Cabinets hung open, some with shattered hinges; a few dishes with pretty flower designs laid in pieces on the floor. In the windowsill, half a dozen plants withered below a grimy pane. “Harzy,” Logan whispered as a fuzzy something went running into the cupboard. It was the first thing either of them had said since they entered the overgrown front yard. “Harzy, I don’t like this.”

    “We just—” Finn swallowed hard, holding his even closer to his side. “We just gotta find something blue, remember?”

    Logan’s stomach turned as they passed the sink overflowing with dirty dishes. Whoever lived there before had left in a hurry and obviously wasn’t coming back. “Do you think mold counts?”


    “Jesus!” Finn yelped, fumbling the flashlight. Logan’s heart skipped a beat and he dove after it, nearly slipping on the mucky tile before his fingers closed around the cold metal base and he righted himself.

    “Mon dieu,” he whimpered, scrambling to grab onto Finn again. “What was that? What the fuck was that?”

    “I don’t know.” His voice trembled almost as much as his torso under Logan’s white-knuckle grip. “I don’t want to—”


    A terrified wheeze slipped out around Logan’s clenched teeth and he backed up against the wall. Mama, Papa, I’m so sorry for being stupid. Noelle, I’m sorry I stole your scrunchie and then lied to you about it. God, if you’re listening, please don’t let me die because of a scavenger hunt.

    Another loud noise echoed off the peeling wallpaper—it must have been pretty when it was taken care of, like the rest of the two-story house. The white awnings outside and the faded furniture held a certain charm to them despite the swampy sadness that lingered in the air.

    BANG. “Where?”

    Logan froze. Next to him, Finn stopped breathing for a long moment. “Was that you?” he tentatively asked.

    Through the fear speckling his vision, Logan shook his head.

    “Where?” the voice wailed again, more desperate than angry. It had a strange, distant quality to it, like it was coming from far away. Dust and plaster rained down on their heads as footsteps pounded upstairs.

    “Upst—" Finn’s voice faltered as his breaths became shallow. “Upstairs. Lo, upstairs.”

    BANG. It almost sounded as if the person was slamming doors, but there was no way a human being could cross the entire upper floor that fast.

    With that thought, Logan physically felt the blood drain from his face. His whole body went cold. “Harzy,” he began, hoarse. “I don’t think they’re alive.”

    Finn’s chest hitched against his cheek, but he didn’t argue. It was supposed to be a legend! Logan wanted to scream. A stupid legend about a stupid house that some stupid teenager haunted! He wondered if it was too late to text the group chat and request a change in location. Even an alligator-infested swampland would be better than this place.

    “We should go,” Finn said, barely above a murmur with a tug to Logan’s locked elbow. “We’ll just take the loss and be done with it.”

    The haunted scavenger hunt was supposed to be fun, a silly little team bonding exercise. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and Logan had counted himself lucky that they hadn’t ended up with the graveyard group for their ‘something blue’. A tear slipped down his cheek as the next loud noise came much closer to the mouth of the stairs.

    “D’accord,” he managed. His knees were jelly as Finn began to walk toward the front door.

    The hall was even quieter than before; Logan felt a buzz all around them, something electrical and bitterly metallic. Cold air rushed down the staircase and he held his breath, too afraid to even exhale. A pop of color caught his eye as they passed the dust-coated living room and he bent to scoop it off the ground and put it in his pocket. With any luck, it would have something blue-adjacent attached and their terror wouldn’t be a total waste.

    They made it to the edge of the crunchy carpet before the footsteps stopped. “Excuse you,” a voice said coldly from behind them. Logan closed his eyes and heard a muffled sob from Finn. “Why are you here?”

    I’m going to die. The thought was sudden, vivid, and terribly calm. Logan took a breath through his nose. I’m going to die with the boy of my dreams, and we’re going to get eaten by a ghost.

    “Finn,” he whispered, clutching the warm arm close to his body. Even in the damp air, he smelled like the orange trees they had passed on the way to the house, laughing about ghost stories. It seemed so very long ago. Imminent death had a way of clearing the mind and chasing away his old fear. “I have a crush on you. I’ve had one for about three years, actually, and I figured you should know since I don’t want to die without—”

    Finn shuddered. “Lo, not that I’m not excessively happy about that, but this is a really bad time—”

    “Hey.” The voice had grown more pissed off—the accent was even more pronounced. “I’m talking to you.”

    A few beats of silence passed. “Hi, ghost,” Finn finally said. “We’re very sorry for breaking into your house. Please let us leave.”

    “You took something,” it accused in that same wispy snap. “I know you took something. That’s fucking rude.”

    Without letting go of Logan’s arm, Finn raised his hands. “See? Nothing.”

    “Don’t lie!”

    “Oh, god,” Logan said shakily. Fear clouded his mind—he hadn’t touched anything in the kitchen and they hadn’t set foot in any of the rooms. Other than the scrap of trash he had found in the hall, there was nothing they could have taken. “I don’t know how long you’ve been dead, but I think you’re mixing us up—”

    “Stop it!” The voice was stronger, more distraught. “Just stop, I know you took something! I haven’t been dead that long! I’m not supposed to be dead at all!”

    Logan had never heard a ghost cry before. It was unsettling how human it sounded. “Logan.” Finn’s grip tightened for a half second. “Logan, I’m going to turn around, and you’re going to give back whatever the fuck you took, and then we’re going to leave without getting murdered. Okay?”

    He didn’t wait for a response. Logan’s pulse rabbited as he was guided around in stilted steps; he kept his eyes shut until Finn stopped moving.

    The sniffling continued. Finn paused, then relaxed a bit. “Oh.”


    “It’s…he’s not scary, Lo.” The hand on his side rubbed gently up to his ribs. “Excuse me? Are you going to kill us?”

    “No,” the ghost said miserably. “I don’t know. Just give it back and you can leave.”

    Logan took two deep breaths before cracking one eye open, then the other. Their flashlight beam stopped just before the ghost’s feet on the top step, turning them translucent. The rest of him glowed with faint blue light, illuminating the edges of his body as he hid his face in his knees.

    Jeans. The ghost was wearing jeans.

    “Why are you here?” he asked, raising his head just enough to wipe his face with his forearms. If Logan squinted, his hair looked somewhat blond, though one side was considerably darker.

    “Our team made a scavenger hunt, and this was the place we were assigned,” Finn said. His voice was surprisingly steady. “We didn’t know you were…”



    The ghost sat up straighter and spread his hands, then let them fall back down to the hold the edge of the top step. Logan tried not to focus on the fact that he could still see the wood through the boy’s palms. That’s all he was, really—just a boy, maybe a year or two younger than them.

    “What’s your name?” he asked.

    “Leo,” the ghost mumbled. Then he turned, revealing a mess of blood on one side of his face, and the world went dark.


    “Logan?” That’s me, Logan thought through the fog in his brain. “Lo, can you hear me?”

    He blinked as feeling tingled back into his arms and legs. The room was significantly brighter than he remembered; above Finn’s worried face, the ceiling was covered in cobwebs. “Ouais,” he groaned.

    “Alright, up you come.” Finn’s warm hand settled between his shoulder blades and gave him a little push, guiding him back upright. Logan shook his head groggily and braced against the carpet; he made a face when his palms sank into a solid inch of dust.

    Something moved in his periphery and he squinted at the vague shape behind Finn. “Harzy, you’ve got a ghost behind you.”

    “I’m sorry,” the ghost—Leo, he corrected—said. His blue glow dimmed slightly. “Are you okay?”

    “You’re a ghost.”

    “Yeah.” He sounded almost apologetic.

    Logan looked to Finn, then back to Leo. “Like, a real, actual, dead ghost.”


    “But…” He faltered, scrubbing at his eyes as he sat up further. Leo was less visible in the hallway lights, but Logan could still make out the curiosity on his face. He was awfully pretty for a dead boy. “But you’re our age. Ghosts are supposed to be old.”

    Leo shrugged. “I know plenty of younger ghosts, and I’m nineteen. Finn said you’re college students. Do you go to Tulane or LSU?”

    Logan gaped at him. “How long ago did you die?”

    “Logan!” Finn hissed, giving him an incredulous look. “Why would you ask that?”

    “It’s alright,” Leo assured him, crossing his legs. “I died in 2015, but I don’t know what year it is now. Are those schools closed?”

    “I—no,” Logan answered, baffled. “No. It’s only been a few years.”

    “We go to school in Massachusetts,” Finn said. “This is just a team trip. If you don’t mind me asking, why didn’t you…you know. Pass on?”

    Leo’s face fell. For some reason, it sent a pang through Logan’s heart to see him so sad. “I lost something.” He fidgeted with the cuffs of his hoodie, a movement so painfully alive that Logan wanted to reach out and stop him before he started forgetting that Leo was, well, dead. “Something really important to me.”

    “And once you get it, you can move on?”

    “I guess. Maybe. I’m not sure. A lot of people die with unfinished business and some of them never get to finish it.” His shoulders sank. “I wasn’t supposed to die.”

    Finn gave Logan a look—Leo had been saying that a lot, apparently. “Well, how about we help you find it?” he offered.

    “It’s itchy, having it missing. It’s been driving me crazy this whole time.” Leo pulled his knees up and rested his chin on them. After a moment, he sighed. “I’m tired of being stuck here. Other ghosts visit me sometimes, but all the living people get scared away. My parents never came back to see me. Being a ghost is really, really lonely when you can’t leave.”

    Logan swallowed around the sudden lump in his throat; he reached out to pat Leo’s arm, but remembered half a second too late that there was nothing tangible there. His fingers slipped through thin air. “I’m sorry.”

    “I was looking for it, when I died.” There was a faraway look in his pale eyes. Logan couldn’t quite make out the color in the light. “On the boat. I thought it fell off and I didn’t want it to go in the water, but the floor was wet and I slipped and—”

    Finn bit his lip in the ensuing silence. “And you died.”

    “There was water, and then I came home. There was blood all over my face, but my head didn’t hurt. I tried to say hello to my parents the one time they came in and they couldn’t see me. And it was still missing.”

    “What’s missing?”

    “That’s the worst part.” Leo’s gaze slipped over to Logan and the side of his mouth turned down. “I don’t even remember.”


    “Letter opener?” Finn called from the other side of the house.

    “No!” Leo answered from the kitchen. “I’m dead, not ancient!”

    Logan grimaced as he opened a dusty old cabinet in the dining room. “A figurine?”

    “Those are my mama’s! Don’t break them!”

    He looked down at the carpet, where two ceramic birds lay fractured. “Some of them already are!”

    “I tried to fix them,” Leo huffed. Logan raised an eyebrow as he stuck his head and shoulders through the wall. “Turns out, I can only break things.”

    “Is that why you were slamming doors?”

    “You woke me up.”

    Logan paused with one arm still buried elbow-deep in the cabinet. “You sleep?”

    “Sort of. I’m always looking for it, but there are times when I look up and the sun or the moon is in a very different place than before. It feels like waking up when I get the urge to look again. Kind of…manic.”

    “Is that why you were crying?”

    He received no answer; when he looked back, Leo was gone. Being a ghost is really, really lonely, he had said. Outside, the full moon was already sinking toward the horizon. Part of Logan didn’t want to leave him alone when they finally found whatever Leo was looking for.

    “Uh, a hockey stick?” Finn guessed, snapping him from his daze.

    “Which one?”

    “You play hockey?” Logan asked.

    Leo appeared through the wall once again. “I used to be a goalie, yeah.”

    “No shit,” he laughed. “We’re here with our team. I’m a D-man, Harzy’s kind of everywhere.”

    His glow pulsed with bright, happy light and he floated the rest of the way into the dining room—for the first time, Logan noticed that his feet didn’t touch the ground when he walked. “That’s amazing! Are you trying for the NHL?”

    Logan’s heart wrenched, but he tried not to let it show. From the look on Leo’s face, he was unsuccessful. “Harzy’s headed there next year. The Lions.”

    “And you’re…friends?”

    Depends on if he ever acknowledges the horribly embarrassing confession from the hallway. Logan bit his tongue. “Best friends, yeah.”

    Leo opened his mouth to respond, but Finn came around the corner and tapped lightly on the wrecked wallpaper to get their attention. “Should we head upstairs? I’m not seeing anything down here, unless you’re looking for a pen.”

    “I—” Leo broke off and an odd look came over his face.

    “Leo?” Logan ventured. What if this is it? What if he passes on right here, or decides to kill us for trespassing after all?

    “I can feel it,” Leo muttered. He blinked, and a sunshine smile spread over his face. He swooped over to Logan, engulfing him in a hug that was little more than a gust of warm air. “I can feel it! Holy fuck, I can feel it!”

    With a pop of blue light, he vanished.


    Logan glanced to Finn, who shrugged. The sounds of Leo rummaging around were still bouncing off the stairwell. “I guess we’re going upstairs after all.”

    “I’m in my room!” Leo shouted. “Come on, help me look!”

    “Coming,” Finn called, though he hesitated at the base of the stairs and scuffed his foot on the carpet. “Lo, about what you said—”

    “Not right now,” Logan interrupted before he could continue. He could feel Finn’s eyes on him and the burning blush on his cheeks. “We can talk about it after we help Leo.”

    “Logan, wait—”

    But he was already halfway up the stairs. The second floor of Leo’s house wasn’t in much better shape than the first; scraps of paper and fabric scattered the floor, and several of the windows had cracks in them. The sills were warped from weather and every door had been flung wide open, save for one at the end of the hall.

    Muttering floated out from the room at the other end and Logan shoved down his feelings. There were far more important things to worry about than spilling his emotions all over a haunted house. “Leo?”

    “Yeah, I’m here.” He was hunched over a desk, digging through the drawers in an explosion of school supplies. Some were still in their packages—Logan ducked to avoid a flying pack of pencils. “It’s gotta be here.”

    “What does?”

    “It has to,” Leo insisted. “It was something I used to wear, and it must have fallen off when I was getting dressed.”

    A sudden mental image of his bare torso popped into Logan’s mind and his face flared with heat. Leo’s hoodie obscured most of his shape, but he could still tell those shoulders were broad.

    Don’t objectify the ghost, Logan scolded himself. He is both out of your league and extremely dead. “Did you find it?” Finn asked from the doorway.

    “Not yet. It’s close, though.” Leo looked up with a shine in his eyes. His floppy curls and beaming smile were easier to see in the dim moonlight. If Logan looked hard enough, faint freckles appeared as blueish spots over his nose.

    “You haven’t looked in here before?”

    The drawer slammed shut with a thud that made them jump, but Leo paid it no mind. “Of course I have.”

    “Then why would it be here?”

    “Because it wouldn’t be anywhere else!” Something frantic overtook his expression as he hovered to look behind the desk. Despite his ghostliness, he still pointed his toes as if he had to stand on them. It was oddly endearing.

    Finn let out a slow exhale. “Look, Leo—”

    “I’ve spent years combing this house,” Leo said, vanishing into his closet only to reappear a moment later even more upset. The buzzing noise from before was beginning to return. “Years. But it’s close, I can feel it, there’s nowhere else it would be.”

    “What about the room at the end of the hall?” Logan suggested. “The door was—”

    “No!” The lightbulb above them burst, raining down shards of glass. Holy shit, Finn mouthed with wide eyes. Leo wrung his hands and fluttered over to yank back his already-messy covers. “That’s my parents’ room. You’re not allowed to go in.”

    “But don’t you want to make sure—”

    “It has to be right for when they come back!” The teal duvet cover tore in his hands.


    “I’m not supposed to be dead,” he said with a panicked edge to his voice. “I just fell, I’m not supposed to be dead.”

    “Leo.” Logan gentled his voice. The metal in the air eased. “They’re not coming back.”

    Tears brimmed in his eyes, catching on his long lashes before spilling over. “Please don’t go,” he whispered, balling the edges of the duvet cover in his hands. “Please, I don’t want to be all alone again. I know you’re helping me find this—this thing, but I don’t want you to go.”

    Finn touched the back of Logan’s shoulder as he moved past, then settled himself on the bed next to Leo. If they were both alive, their sides would be touching. Logan had the sudden thought that he should be jealous.

    He wasn’t.

    “Your parents aren’t coming back to this house,” Finn said softly, putting his arm around empty air as Leo sat down with a shaky sob. “I’m sorry you died before your time, and I’m sorry you can’t find what you’re missing. Logan and I will do our best to help, though, okay? We won’t leave until you’re alright.”

    “They all have so much fun,” Leo sniffled. He rested his head on Finn’s shoulder and shifted closer. “The other ghosts. They told me it would be so much better than being alive, but it’s not. I hate it. It’s like I can’t stop myself from looking, even though I just want to rest.”

    Logan looked away to hide the prickling in his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets.

    And he froze.

    He closed his fingers around the dusty bit of trash he had taken from the hall—then promptly forgotten about in the ensuing rollercoaster of emotions—and took it out. In his palm lay a length of knotted thread in a faded rainbow. A bracelet, like the ones he used to make at summer camp.


    “I’m sorry,” he said, glancing up once again and offering his hand. “I thought it was trash and that it might count as our ‘something blue’.”

    Leo crossed the room with ghostly tearstains still on his cheeks. He seemed to be one of the rare people who looked nice when they cried. “My bracelet,” he murmured. “Where’d you find it?”

    “By the front door.”

    He stared at it for a long moment, then held his wrist out and pushed his hoodie sleeve up. “Will you put it on me? Please?”

    Logan bit back the reminder that it would just slip right through him and nodded with a half-smile. Cross, under, loop, and through—he silently thanked every camp counselor he had ever known for their craft skills. He double-knotted it just in case, and it was done. With a breath, he let the ends go.

    The bracelet didn’t fall.

    Leo’s blue glow faded, spreading outward from the edges of the thread to his fingertips, then all the way up his arm. His hoodie became soft and gray; his jeans darkened to true blue. Logan stayed locked in place until warm fingers brushed the inside of his wrist.

    “Holy fuck,” Leo breathed, bringing his other hand up to cup Logan’s forearm. His voice had lost its echo—his accent rolled over each word. “Oh my—oh my god.”

    Logan looked back to Finn, who was standing openmouthed behind Leo’s shoulder as the last of the blue faded away and was replaced by the approaching dawn through his bedroom window. “Are you…”

    Finn trailed off as Leo leaned into his outstretched hand and a full-body shiver ran through him. Nothing remained of the blood; the only sign of his injury was a streak of gray hair by his temple. Everything about him seemed settled. Relaxed.


    “You weren’t supposed to be dead,” Logan said, almost to himself. He linked his fingers with Leo’s and felt a tight squeeze in return while the tears that had been gathering finally dripped over. “Leo, you get a second chance.”

    And when he finally looked up to his face, freckled and cast in pure sunshine, all he saw was blue.

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    Cutie 🥺❤️

    #sims 4#ts4#Hyun #one day I'll continue with his story in my paranormal gameplay #screenshots
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    “I think a cat would be a very good companion for you. I never had one myself." Dorian to Rachael, "Behind The Eyes Of Dorian Gray by Beth A. Freely.
    eBook now on sale for $0.99 at https://books2read.com/u/bwvWrP
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    We’re live TONIGHT 10/21 at 7PST only on Bullhorn.fm. Join us as we chat about Corpse Bride and Silence of the Lambs!

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    Oct 21: All Hallows Eve

    By Spoop (GasStationSushi on AO3) CW: Death, Unreality

    A young girl's eyes fluttered open and shut as she exhaled in pain while leaning over the bathroom counter. She accidently had stuck herself in the eye with a mascara spoolie she had stolen from her mother. She had been attempting to put on some form of makeup on her eyes so you did see some details to separate it from the hundreds of other tablecloth ghosts that would be all over the town tonight. Following the stabbing of her right eye however, she gave up instead glaring at the beginning of red irritation forming in the white of her eye. She placed a cotton ball under the water coming from the sink and began to slowly dab away at her eye.

    Her attempt to help her eye was cut off by her phone vibrating on the other side of the marble sink. Holding up the cotton ball to her eye she checked her messages with one arm, nearly dropping her phone into the sink.

    It was a long series of texts from a friend who had wanted to meet up during the evening. She sighed as she placed the cotton ball down on the sink and began to check her messages with one of her eyes squeezed shut.


    Ramona: heyyyy piper just letting you know I might be running late,,, im not that late just wanted to let you know so you dont think I ditched you lol


    Piper took a deep breath before sighing and holding the cotton ball to her eye again. She might as well use this time to go and wander around the neighborhood. She left the bathroom and wandered back into her room grabbing the old sheet she had cut holes into and pulling it over the green sundress she was wearing.


    Me: hey it's cool I'll start without you and meet you at the spot we agreed on k


    Ramona sent only a thumbs up in reply and with that Piper made her way out of her apartment and into the neighborhood behind the complex


    The evening had been going surprisingly well. Piper made out with surprisingly a lot of larger pieces of candy. Surprising given how much older she was compared to every other person running around the neighborhood. She was the only teenager in sight.

    It was kinda funny how much she towered over all of the smaller fire fighters, reapers, and monsters that would beat her to each of the doors. The night wore on longer and Piper made her way farther and farther into the neighborhood taking a bunch of twists and turns.

    Eventually she made it to the empty lot she was supposed to wait for her friend at. It was once a house lot but was now an old decrepit building that was barely standing in the shape of a house.

    Piper sat down on the front steps as she waited for her friend to drive up to the front of the house. She sat down on the creaking front steps and began to munch on the candy she had gathered through the night. Painstakingly she pulled the pieces under her sheet to eat them due to how cold it had gotten. It really wasn't a smart idea to have worn only a sundress under her costume. Piper couldn't even remember why she had put it on that morning.

    She quickly finished her entire bucket of candy when she noticed her friends old pick up truck speeding down the road. It peeled into the driveway stopping barely just in front of the steps Piper sat on. Piper stood up confused and squinting at the bright headlights as she began to make her way toward the driver's side door of the car in front of her.

    "Yo, I know you barely passed driver's ed Ramona, but at the very least you could learn how to brake correctly," Piper grumbled at the driver's side window.

    Maybe it was because of how dark it was but she couldn't see her friend inside of the car. Maybe Ramona's dad had gotten the windows tinted or something?

    Piper stood in front of the window silently as she watched the window slowly roll down. As the window slowly groaned she noticed the entire inside of the car was inky black other than two large round yellow eyes staring back at her.

    "Uhh Ramona I thought you were going as a witch? What's with the weird mask?" She chucked to herself clearly uncomfortable.

    The eyes didn't break their long stare up back at Piper as Piper shuffled her feet in the dirt patch that was the drive way of the old house's yard.

    Slowly she heard a click as the door of the car slowly opened as the inky black that filled the inside of the car slowly poured out of the car. Piper jumped back to her horror as the liquid black slowly formed a tall figure with the two glowing eyes being the only feature of where its face would be. The figure slowly reached out its hands toward Piper as she screamed and bolted up the steps toward the front porch of the house.

    The inky figure moved surprisingly fast up the steps, the large pool of black sludge that made up its form made shaped similar to that of two wobbly legs as it began to scale the steps after Piper.

    Piper screamed in horror again hoping one of the people in the neighborhood would hear her when she noticed that none of the lights were on in the neighborhood, not even the street lights.

    She slammed through the door to the old house attempting to get away but only taking a few steps into the house, she fell through the floor into the basement and watched as the house around her caved in and fell down on top of her as she screamed in pain from the fall.


    Piper's eyes fluttered open and shut as she exhaled in pain while leaning over the bathroom counter. She had been daydreaming and wasn't paying attention to what she had been doing. Her wandering thoughts had startled her while she applied mascara. She took out a cotton ball and began to hold it up to her eye as she watched her inky black tears stream down her face.

    She shivered as she thought back to the creature her brain had made up as she played through her thoughts of how her evening would go.

    Piper glanced down to her phone in time to catch it buzzing. Ramona had texted her just like she expected her to.


    Ramona: hey dude you need to stop day dreaming or whatever because I'm going to leave without you k lol

    Ramona: I'll meet you on the way over there k


    Piper looked at the clock in the top left corner of her screen and cursed as she realized she was running late. She quickly threw her ghost costume over her as began to run out of her apartment while texting her friend an apology.

    Usually the neighborhood had more people in it one Halloween by this time. In fact Piper noted that there were no kids wandering around the neighborhood and no lights on. Weird but she shrugged it off as nothing too important.

    Piper ran down the middle of the road as she felt her phone vibrate in her dress pocket. She pulled it from under her sheet she was wearing thinking it was a response from Ramona when instead it was a voice text from an unknown number.

    Piper stopped in the middle of the road and stared down at her phone puzzled. She hit the play audio button when a cacophony of distorted radio fuzz leaked from her phone speaker.

    In the middle of the garbled audio she could make out a voice. It was entirely soulless sounding only like an old text to speech program. She could barely make out the words, "Listen…. Carefully…. I'll only…. Say this… Once."

    The message ended with only that fragment of a sentence only for another to be sent right afterward in a voice that sounded like a human whispering between sobs.

    "Wake up."

    Piper snapped her head up to see the same inky black figure with only glowing yellow standing staring at her just a bit further down the road.

    She felt her heart drop to her stomach as she froze with fear. The figure was still standing perfectly in front of her in the middle of the road. Piper remained frozen in place as the figure began to move its sludge legs toward her. It took huge steps, seeming to move like a high speed monster you would see in a nightmare.

    Piper managed to unfreeze her legs and turn around to run when she caught a glimpse of a pick up truck only mere feet in back of her of her moving at a high. She let out a high scream as the truck's fast speed made contact with her body, throwing her back in the direction of the sludge.


    Piper's eyes fluttered open and shut as she exhaled in pain while leaning over the bathroom counter. She shuddered while gripping her eye in pain while gasping for breath. She couldn't have been day dreaming that was too real. How could you daydream inside of a daydream. It made no sense. And what was worse was that thing. It didn't hurt her per say but just being near it caused her to die.

    Everything felt thick going through her mind as she felt a dull buzzing. She looked up from the sink to see her reflection in the mirror. Behind her reflection was again a tall figure made a sludge with its two large yellow eyes staring directly at her from in the mirror. Unemotional and threatening.

    Piper felt the little bit of breath she had in her lungs hitch in her chest as she stared unblinking back at it. Slowly she grabbed a hair brush from off the counter and raised it above her head aiming for the creature in the mirror. She threw it and the mirror shattered around her as her vision turned to inky black.


    Piper opened one of her eyes but couldn't open the other. She could hear weak but steady beeping coming from a heart rate monitor somewhere in the room with her. She felt a dull ache radiating through the entire top half of her body and could feel nothing from the bottom half.

    Her entire mind felt thick and hazy as she attempted to look around the room with blurry vision. Out of the corner of her eye she could see a tall black figure slowly inching its way near her. Before stopping right next to hear just barely out of her peripheral vision.

    She could hear the heart rate monitor near her quickly pick up speed as she felt a creeping anxiety filling her entire body. She watched as the figure took a blurry shape that she thought was an arm and slowly brought it towards hers.

    She wanted to kick or move but she couldn't move; she could only watch in silent horror as the figure… held her hand. Suddenly her brain in it's hazy state began to feel warm and light.

    With this a few images floated in Piper's brain: her leaving her apartment that evening, her waiting for Ramona to come get her, Piper eventually leaving the same when she came sever hours clearly upset that Ramona was running way later than she said, and then a picture of her getting slammed by a random pickup truck from behind.

    Piper let out a shaky sigh as she realized what happened and where she was. Also realizing what the figure that was chasing her actually was. She sighed as the figure moved to be in the center of her vision.

    The creature made of black sludge was no longer threatening; instead it looked rather melancholy as it stared back at her from above.

    Piper shut her eyes again and listened as the heart monitor slowly stopped as the black sludge covered her entirely. The last thing she heard was a high pitch noise from the heart monitor as what little feeling left her body.

    About the Author:

    Spoop is a 19 year old author with no life and an internet addiction /j

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  • thewhatcast
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The What Cast #379 - The Hypnotic Alien Abduction Booby Trap

    We’ve covered our fair share of abduction experiences over the years.  Everything from hideous reptoids, to gray aliens with the body of a human woman has been reported as being responsible for these late night visitations.  We have also covered the theory that there may be a human presence behind the abduction mysteries. 

      Today, we delve into an interesting case that may fit into both categories.  We have a case in which the members of an abduction support group, lead by a former CIA officer, were all abducted on the same night.

      Just what happened that fateful evening?  Were these poor souls victims of repeated torment by aliens, or where they unwilling participants to some sort of Government mind-control experiments?

    Thanks For Listening!


    Tee Spring: https://the-what-cast-stuff-shop.creator-spring.com/

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheWhatCast

      New Episode of The What Cast out NOW!

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  • seas-storyarchive
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I have a new crackship:

    Sandra Prenderghast (from ParaNorman) x Charlie Jones (from Coraline)

    And AU: [[MORE]]

    Sandra and Perry divorce after the events of That Halloween. Sandra - reclaiming her maiden name of Prendergast - takes Courtney and Norman to a sleepy little town named Ashland, in Oregon. There, after moving into a recently cleaned out apartment they rent, they run into Wybie, his grandmother owns the apartment complex, Coraline Jones - a resident of the apartment that's somewhere between Norman and Courtney's age ranges - and her father Charlie Jones. It turns out, Sandra and Charlie - finding that his writings wouldn't be enough to support Coraline and himself - were both working at the same grocery store on a lot of the same days.

    As time passes, Norman gets to know Coraline and Wybie more personally than Courtney - trying to fit in at her new school harder than he is - talking about his being able to see ghosts and talking about the friends he had back in Blithe Hallow, Charlie and Sandra start to get closer. Things are looking up. Happy. Normal.

    #paranorman#coraline#crackship#norman babcock#norman prenderghast#coraline jones#courtney babcock#courtney prenderghast#charlie jones#sandra prenderghast#sandra babcock #charlie x sandra #ship name: paranormal witness #paranormal witness ship #I'll workshop it #all input is welcome
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    Die 15. Legende steht in den Startlöchern und wenn alles glatt geht, erscheint sie noch vor Halloween bei eurem eBook-Dealer des Vertrauens 😏 Diesmal geht es um Spaltgeister. #comingsoon‼️ #legenden #neuesbuch #neerscheinungen #lesen #eBook #digitallesen #Horror #paranormal #geistergeschichten https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTDIzGg0NE/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Halloween is just around the corner. Ghost stories & experiences are talk of the town.

    There are some paranormal incidents that are so scary that it becomes funny with time. 🤫

    So, this week I am sharing real horror stories that are funny & spooky at the same time. 😆🤪

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    Remember the year of the killer clowns? If you don't go Google. Have you listened to this week's episode? Go listen ! #clowns #killer #clown #killerclown #horror #paranormal #horrormeme #nightgeistpodcast #ohmygoodness (at Space) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTA32npIE4/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Guarda "2(5) Le moine" su YouTube

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