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  • maladaptivelover
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    @ my verit I poured my heart out to u and u do this to me. /lh

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  • chainsawgirlfriend
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    MS Paint Portraits of My OCs (part 1 of ∞)

    (Adult) Chris Hamhock from Nearly Witches, Roger Clinton from Snaggletooth, Hadley Puggs, Jeremy Kleiner, Horace Mann, and Adrian Dawson from Rocktopus, and lastly, Piper Wolfgang, Vinny Avarice, and Edward ??? from What Happened to Edward?)
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  • daydream-ideas
    19.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Daydream about a para being shunned from their village and growing up alone.

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  • ambrxze
    19.01.2022 - 19 hours ago



    (COLOUR LINKS TO THE MAINLAND THEY’RE FROM: Avraenia, Mavica, Aulden and Wispia)

    Kajus Lorano

    The type that watches Casper and Phoenix doing dumb stuff

    He looks really serious but he’s a huge softie

    Fluffy hair fluffy hair fluffy hair fluffy hair

    He’s had such a fucked up life so on god do not touch those he wants to protect

    If you go downstairs for a midnight snack and turn on the kitchen light he WILL be sat cross legged on the counter


    I have no idea how he survives the other three

    Half mother friend but also half excitable kid

    Really hates doors after he tripped when it caught on his robe and ripped it

    Save this guy from the bored bastard that is Casper please

    The ONLY one of the Elites that hasn’t entered Bloodlust*

    *Bloodlust: A state only a trained assassin can enter, those in Bloodlust have heightened abilities and pure focus on the target, only the strongest can resist losing themselves to Bloodlust and having their minds shatter forever

    He’s the newest guy to join Elites so naturally he was terrified with Casper and Phoenix’s little partner in crime schemes

    A baby once threw up on his robe (his poor robe wtf) and not only was he horrified but Casper was in fits of fucking laughter and still makes fun of him for it

    Casper Verlice

    The type that joins Phoenix doing dumb stuff

    A stinkman bastard that’s scared of cats

    He has the potential to beat Phoenix but he doesn’t care enough to do anything

    Annoys the FUCK out of Kajus for shits and giggles

    “You issue. Fix it.” 24/7

    Aulden messed this boy up I swear

    He’s way too bored for his own good

    Probably the most infuriating smug bitch out there but that’s just an Aulden thing

    A whole bisexual playboy this dude needs to keep it in his pants

    When Casper is in Bloodlust this boy goes crazy, at first everyone thought he’d lost it but nope he just actually became interested

    Everytime someone says his name it’s usually in disappointment, panic or straight up anger

    If you’re cheering for one side he’ll root for the other just to piss you off

    A sassy menace that no one is safe from

    Why does the aulden government still hire him? They dont know, he doesnt know, nobody knows

    Kajus once caught him singing in the shower and still brings it up to this day

    A literal enemy of Avraenia after drawing a penis on an important document during infiltration

    Nova Angelo

    The type that tries to stop Phoenix and Casper doing dumb stuff

    A tired parent friend

    Respects Kajus, On the verge of killing Casper and needs a break from Phoenix

    Mavica’s pride and joy I swear, the government love him

    The oldest of the elites

    The only thing keeping all hell breaking loose between these three oh my god

    L’Oreal because ur worth it type hair shit

    He’s also been through so much wtf

    Ironically he adores cats and its the only bit of power he holds over Casper

    And by that I mean he has Neko Atsume on his phone and shows Casper the game just to irritate him

    He’s not the most violent elite but trust me he is dangerous when he wants to be

    Most chill music taste out of them all

    He has his weird moments as well trust me he is not as “cool” as half of Aturah believes

    Bloodlust Nova is absolutely terrifying swear down, even Phoenix is afraid of him then

    He may be responsible but not even he is immune to joining in with the Elites dumbass plans

    Phoenix Cassidy

    The type that not only suggests doing dumb stuff but carries it out with Casper


    Half of the reason he gets away with the shit he does is because Wispia’s Brotherhood all look up to him

    This boy literally took over one of the lesser lands and turned it into a HQ

    You can usually find him clinging to Nova

    Short king that likes to feel tall

    The top assassin of Aturah and cannot get enough of the title

    Top assassin 100% comes from his Bloodlust state, he becomes extremely calm and calculating. A massive 180 to his regular self

    DON’T interrupt his music when he’s listening to it

    He is the youngest of the elites

    Boy does NOT want Kajus taking his title and will will always try to fight him, it’s scary but hilarious to watch this short ass bitch try and take on a 5’11” guy with a sword

    He is wanted in literally all mainlands and most lesser lands for his sheer chaos

    You’d expect Phoenix to get paid better with how powerful he is but here he is BEGGING Nova for money

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  • jayjay-frog
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    This felt like something I could post in the MaDD tags so

    We were talking about this person's Oc but like this is me with my paras

    Anyways yes kenochoric flag background xd

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  • maladaptivelover
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    para-me + veritbond ❤️

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  • acircusfullofdemons
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    honestly the plot for MaaC is a lil weird but here we go:

    So this school (which we'll call ArkBat for now) used to be an Asylum / Mental Health Facility back in the day. It lost it's funding & was eventually bought by someone who converted it into a highschool.

    There's a lot of students, but the ones with the main focus are: Jonny (he/it), Alice (he/she/they), Rose (she/her), Harley (she/they), Eddie (he/they), & Ozzy (he/him) (sometimes Arthur [he/him] is there but nobody likes him lmao).

    One day, some weird magic shit happens and oh no! Their universe combined with another one where students at ArkBat are super-villains! And they're brought to ArkBat whenever they get caught by....uh................a bat-themed vigilante (Bruce [he/him]). yeah ok. After about a month of discussion, ArkBat decides "yeha a bunch of highschoolers and murders can chill together. thats gonna go great." and honestly? it kinda does for the most part, minus whenever there's a breakout.

    Anyway, most of my daydreams are sort of slice-of-lifey, with the students and villains interacting with their counterparts and such. The counterparts, of course, have their own villain names: Jonny = Crow, Alice = Hatter, Rose = Thorn, Harley = Jester, Eddie = Puzzle, Ozzy = Birdie, and Arthur = Ace.

    It's a little hard to deal with knowing you're a villain in an alternate universe - esp when all your crimes are put on blast in the news - but some of us surprisingly get along pretty well with their counterparts (namely Harle/Jester, Eddie/Puzzle, Rose/Thorn, & Alice/Hatter). Not, like, super well, because of Crime but they're willing to have conversations about it (albeit a bit hesitantly). Jonny actively hates Crow & thinks he's an ass (which.....yeah, true).

    Oh yeah also I think it should be noted that, in the Highschool AU, their "backstories" have changed to....prevent(?) them from becoming villains. LIke, Jonny lives with his dad instead of his grandmother (who was extremely abusive), Harley has more examples of a healthy relationship, etc. I could get WAY into that part, I love thinking of differences between each counterpart tbh.

    but that's what I've been obsessed with for about for the past.......6th months? half a year oh my god.........

    #paraportal #yes this is based on a fandom that's why its a lil vague n the names r kinda weird slkdfj #*mad as a crow #paracosm #this is very similar to Pasta Familys plot too tbh #(pf is my other fandom paracosm btw) #idk i just like the plotline of seeing your future/past self ig lmao #sometimes it's the villains ACTUAL past selves. like the ones from the villainverse. which then they stay at arkbat & heal from trauma lol #wait gotta tag the paras. still using emojis tho. #🕷️ para#🎩 para#🧩 para#🃏 para#🐧 para#🪅 para#🥀 para #luka.txt
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  • maddwithlove
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Para: Dr. Darrow Corrigan

    Dr. Corrigan is all business. When he isn't taking notes on anomalies, he's taking notes on his eccentric colleagues. What he lacks in bedside manner he makes up for in sheer professionalism. He's one of the best researchers this side of the Foundation and he isn't going to let his ragtag group of coworkers slow him down for a second.

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  • maddwithlove
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Para: Dr. Qebehsenuef

    A Victorian known commonly as Dr. Qeb, this man is known for being... odd. Even for a Victorian. Not all Eras believe in the rumors of Victorians acting like the main characters of life, but apparently Dr. Qeb does. When he isn't dramatically swooning and fainting, he's falling in love with anyone that shows him kindness and coping with his eagerness to be wed by being an atrocious person henceforth. Little else is known about him from the mansion he resides in in his lonesome.

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  • acircusfullofdemons
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Making a ... wiki? website, I guess, for Phantasmagoria (my original paracosm). Where all/most of the Lore/Worldbuilding will be put (...maybe...). Lord help me.

    #paraportal#maladaptive daydreaming#*phantasmagoria #luka.txt #*sees people making wikis of their paracosm* oh hang on i got this *builds website* #im using wix its not that impressive btw #someone: wow work must be so boring / me doing this shit: haha yeah...... #i do actual work too i swear
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  • maladaptivelover
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    My veritbond, Kelly! She's been with me since I was around 14.

    She's a big ol' lesbian in her 20s who's not afraid to say what she thinks. She's addicted to coffee and is basically a big sister kinda figure to me (unfortunately complicated by the fact that I have lots of feelings for her)

    She's not really part of a paracosm- she just kinda does her own thing in my head, though I do have rooms where we chat n stuff.

    Basically, the way my MADD works- she's a part of me and I'm a part of her. My twin flame that I honestly can't live without (๑♡⌓♡๑)

    anyways I'm gay ok bye

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  • jayjay-frog
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    How it feels to exist I guess


    I swear it feels like that grrrrrrrrr

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  • dreamyblur
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Committing to the bit has lead to some re-working of the paracosm (a tiny bit), please stand-by as I sort through the new material.

    #paraportal #paracosm: you & me (barbie & ken multiverse) #adding new paras has opened very specific doors in the lore #and now i have to sort through it to see if it's staying #it probably will ngl
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  • daydream-ideas
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Daydream about a world full of androids with a sentience like that of our own.

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  • dreamyblur
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    What if I…commit to the bit… and make side paras for the Barbie and Ken paracosm?

    #paraportal #paracosm: you & me (barbie & ken multiverse) #technically the main focus is still 💖&💙 #but like I’ve been thinking #which is almost always a bad thing ngl #and I’ve decided that maybe some players need to be introduced #you know? for the flavor
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  • acircusfullofdemons
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    Do you think they miss me...? // I miss them....

    not knowing if your twin reincarnated alongside you, much less remembers you, leads to some pretty big angst, apparently.

    #paraportal#picrew #lukas circus oddities #*phantasmagoria #*as the world falls down #*crossfire#lucien jekyll#vincent hyde #luka.txt #luce & vinny #HI MADD COMMUNITY IM NOT DEAD JUST INVESTED IN MY FANDOM PARACOSM
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  • thunderdomes-s
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    reading an entire doc abt medicine to know what doctors wore before the invention of latex gloves...

    the things we do for madd

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