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  • wolfkcst
    03.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    u know i’d say eivor’s a milf but they aren’t -

    #ooc#tbd #they are just a protective parent figure to the kids in their settlement and like #literally everywhere is all -
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  • gobblewanker
    03.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #answers#not art #author stan au #chances are he wouldn't be able to just start over with no problems elsewhere either #he still has no formal education or savings or anything and if he attracts too much attention with inventions he's still in hot water #that's if he can even find someone who'll give him the time of day to hear him out about parents and stuff
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  • trans-hannibal
    03.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Can't be a Hannibal fan in polite company they're too fruity.

    #me gently trying to get stuff of hannibal: guys please i love it but stop looking so fruity i've gotta live in my parents house #i mean i'm also standing here off balance and limp wristed #so we're all just fruits in button ups aren't we
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  • nbyhordak
    03.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Anyways since Douxie is canonically half romani (according to my friend) and I hadn't found other info on his name on other sites I'll now headcanon him as slovak-romani thank you

    The math does not adds up with him being born in the 11th century, growing up in britain and being half romani but thats okay we don't care about that now

    Anyways headcanon is that his parents migrated to Britain when his mom was pregnant and he was born there, from there on its just the already canon stuff: *something* happend to his parents, and then Archie took him in

    I'd imagine them as smthing like this :)

    (Clothes aren't 100% accurate but I tryed)

    #romani people werent in europe yet as much in the 11th century #so it would be pretty hard for this to happen #but thats okay its a world where trolls exist history can be whatever you want it to be #slovakia on its own also didn't exist yet but thats okay i'll still hc him as such #so ye for whatever reason his parents decided to migrate to britain #and he was born there #tales of arcadia #toa fanart#trollhunters#douxie#hisordoux#hisordoux casperan#douxie casperan
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  • wolfkcst
    03.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

                        ❝If your parents don’t support you or are dead, I’m your parent now.❞           They mean it-

    #ic#open #eivor is a protective parent - they will throw hands with anyone who messes #with their kids frfr
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  • amelia201
    03.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Guys! GUYS! Chuuya playing with Atsushi's tiger pads! THIS IS THE CUTEST SHIT OMFG

    #skk#soukoku #dazai and chuuya are such parents in this one #bsd fics#bsd fanfic#fic reader #atsushi is a kitten #this is a vampire au #but like #i say au #can i make that manga joke #or too soon? #okay when i say parents it's more like #don't get stabbed #while we sit in hot springs naked #but guess what #he gets stabbed anyway #u had one job atsushi
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  • bunnyjpeg
    03.08.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #meowing #i wanna get a legitimate diagnosis for ocd but when i bring it up to my parents i get shut down #i KNOW i have it. they know i have it its not like im asking for them for a prozac prescription immediately but. #i feel like im wasting away. it would just make me feel more at ease too. idk #like that i know im not “faking it” somehow. #same w/ adhd but there’s now way they’re gonna believe im not making that up (idk why i would?) #like. get me out of here lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ik we can’t afford therapy either we’re in a very tough spot rn #i just wanna know that im not mental. #help ❤️#delete later
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  • mouse-fantoms
    03.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago


    #haha I made a funny joke #hearing Alex say ‘lifestyle’ about his parents think of him FUCKING WRECKED ME #I NEED MORE #pls and thank you #I’m sorry if I’m all over the place this week and next I’m just busy all those days so I apologize #jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp netflix#jatp book
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  • yourlocalallnaturalhomosexual
    03.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Just a friendly reminder that something being queer doesn’t make it inherently sexual so stop acting like it. Gay people exist so might as well show it like how you show straight people cause if anything itll be better for your kids and for queer kids because growing up with little to no knowledge on their feelings is hard and scary.

    Stop being homophobic and freaking out because you don’t approve of queer representation

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  • anarmorofwords
    03.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I just realized most of TLH cast must be so damn touch-starved

    #since we don't know much about their family dynamics im basing this on my instinct but still #sans maybe Anna - but also i dont think sex-touch counts the same way soft casual romantic/platonic/familial touch does #i kinda see Lucie as hugging her parents a lot and ill die on that hill so maybe her not either. also she kinda hugs Cordelia a lot #but Alastair (obvious) #Matthew (no family touching for sure. distanced from friends. casual flings don't count especially that he just numbs himself with them) #Thomas (i dont think friends hugged that much back then. boys kinda still dont. tho it depends) i feel like Sophiedeon would but he would #act like the 'im too old for that dont wanna seem weak'. and. well. they'd respect his boundries. #not sure about Kit - or rather. not sure about Anna and Gabrily with Kit. because no friends touching here either. i think. #Kamala is self-explanatory isn't it #Cordelia too. she has Lucie. but ugh #the last hours #tlh#alastair carstairs#thomas lightwood#cordelia carstairs#matthew fairchild #well James is like feelings-starved in general poor boy #james herondale#lucie herondale#kit lightwood#Christopher Lightwood#kamala joshi
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  • paranatural
    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    just realized i will actually have to work this scbool year

    #fuck this gay earth..... #and my parents are telling me to go search for like universities and shit i don't want to😭😭😭 #i hate highschool but i also wish i could stay here forever #jon.txt
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  • redeyesretrodragon
    03.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    *remembers my parents are visiting this weekend and they’re going to have to see the corner of my room that I’ve transformed into the Dana’s Yugioh Merch Collection Archive* hiiii omg hiii heyyyy <3

    #ygo posting #at the end of this month it will have been half a year since i fell back into yugioh and took everyone around me down with me #absolutely Wild...... anyway hope my parents are ready to meet all my bakura keychains ive acquired
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  • morganoperandi
    03.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    What do you do when you can't help somebody without screwing over yourself, but they have literally no place else to turn?

    #family #my mom called me up in tears #saying she needs $300 #and I'm not actually working right now #I won't get another paycheck until September #and my wife only just started being able to work again #half time #and who knows how long that will last #I 'have' the money #except I don't #because I'm going to need it three weeks from now #but she doesn't understand that kind of thing #and now her roommate is trying to kick her out #and I just can't handle this anymore #she's an adult #figure it out #why can't you figure it out? #why do I have to be a parent to a 70 year old? #I'm sick of drama #but she has nobody else to turn to #her husband and daughter are dead #her sister is terrible #her brothers ignore her #it's just me #and I can't do anything #and I'm sick of having to #and then I feel like a terrible person when I can't do anything #why is it my job to find her a place to live? #why is it my job to pay for her storage unit? #why is it my job to cover her rent when she can't figure out how to budget?
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  • thomasien
    03.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    not  to  be  all  harry  potter  brainrot  after  i  havent  been  on  in  over  a  month  bc  i  said  i’d  wait  until  fs3  aired  so  i  could  make  my  verse  &  i  still  havent  seen  the  third  bc  im  waiting  to  watch  it  w  my  friend  but  ,,,,,  slyth.erin  thomasin  in  her  yule  ball  dress  robes  :)
    #me wanting to somehow shove her plotline into the hp verse #means her parents are muggles and FREAK when it turns out she actually Is a w*tch #but its fine she can leave them in america to rot :) shes back in the uk now it's all good #but yeah . film canon thom is Probably a 'puff but post film ? slyth. All The Way baby
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  • fadeinto
    03.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    has crash-landed into roswell !! they look twenty-six and celebrate their birthday on december 9th. they are from bakersfield, ca, resides in lunar crescent and are currently working as a travel nurse. one thing you should know about them is she secretly hoped for a hogwarts letter on her 11th birthday.  ———  she, they / gender questioning
    tw    ——   absent parent(s),  mental illness,  drugs/drug use,  suicide ment,  death,  medication

    bakersfield  is  nothing  to  write  home  about,  but  of  course,  when  it’s  home  ..  what  is  there  to  do?  true  to  form,  ama  fell  in  love  with  it ;  over  a  hearty  fourteen  years,  albeit,  but  regardless.

    it  started  with  two  parents  who  were  both  much  younger  than  they  ought  to’ve  been  for  marriage  and  parenthood.  tale  as  old  as  time,  anyway  -  arguments  followed  by  bitterness  followed  by  changed  locks  and  divorce  papers.  then  it  was  just  ama  and  mama,  mostly.

    and  mama  loved  hard.  as  hard  as  she  laughed  and  threw  caution  to  the  wind  and  fell  headfirst  into  mistake  after  mistake,  but  wearing  ama  like  a  charm  around  her  wrist  and  always,  always  coming  home  to  her.

    their  relationship  was  imperfect  but  solid,  and  there  was  rarely  a  dull  moment  when  they  were  side  by  side.  but  that  was  rarely  the  case,  as  mama  worked  at  least two  jobs  to  keep  them  afloat  until,  when  ama  was  eleven,  she  had  finally  gone  through  two  years  of  school  &  fulfilled  her  dream  of  being  a  nurse.  ama  was  thrilled,  but  the  success  soon  lost  it’s  shine.  mama  was  home  less  and  less,  and  all  the  two  a.m.  waffles  and  hot  cocoa  couldn’t  make  up  for  all  of  the  hours  ama  spent  in  an  empty  house,  struggling  through  homework  and  sitting  by  the  oven  as  a  frozen  pizza  slowly  baked  through.

    so  she  found  comfort  in  friends  and  their  own  brand  of  mistakes,  unbeknownst  to  mama  ( who  was  truly  doing  her  best  and  struggling through  her  own  unresolved  emotional  trauma ).  but  truthfully,  it  was  all  very  blasé  -  the  drugs  were  cheap  and  often  counterfeit,  they  mostly  stuck  to  wine  coolers  and  beer,  and  the  occasional  stolen  things  were  hardly  ever  worth  even  five  dollars.

    it  was  all  average,  especially  considering  the  kind  of  trouble  kids  can  get  into  when  they  grow  up  in  bakersfield.  and  for  the  most  part,  it  was  one  friend  who  kept  ama  grounded  -  someone  softer  than  she,  someone  more  generous,  and  a  far  better  influence  on  her  morality  and  chastity.  *wc !!


    and  before  she  knew  it,  ama  was  fifteen  and  her  mom  was  found  dead  in  the  bathroom  they  shared.  found  by  ama,  i  should  say,  and  you  know  how  that  kind  of  thing  sticks  to  the  inside  of  a  little  girl’s  brain.  because  she  was  a  little  girl,  wasn’t  she?  wild  and  creative  and  round  at  the  cheeks  and,  now,  motherless.  and  so  she  stopped  being  a  little  girl  just  like  that.


    she  moved.  had  to  move,  anyway,  being  young  as  she  was  ( physically,  that  is ).  her  aunt  took  her  in,  and  bakersfield  fell  into  the  rearview  as  roswell,  new  mexico  blew  into  view.  god,  it’s  fucking  dusty  here.

    so  ama  learned  to  drive  in  an  old  blue  ford  pick-up  and  found  a  boyfriend  who  wore  cowboy  boots  and  smiled  all  crooked  and  god,  he  should  have  been  the  one.  she  should  have  ended  it  there.  full  stop.  but  like  most  things  these  days,  she  lost  track  of  him  in  the  mess  of  herself.  *wc  !!

    college  comes  way  too  soon,  and  so  she  flounders  through  a  year  of  more  alcohol  than  water  and  certainly  skipping  more  than  a  few  days  of  her  peachy  little  lithium  tabs.  and  as  much  fun  as  the  photographs  of  that  time  beg  you  to  believe,  she  was  suffering  more  than  anything.

    whether  it  was  a  grasp  at  holding  her  mama  on  earth  a  little  longer  or  something  more  like  proving  herself,  ama  found  herself  in  a  two-year  nursing  program.  she  fumbled  for  something  resembling  mental  health;  tried  to  remember  her  meds,  tried  to  become  a  morning  person,  tried  to  get  back  into  running  or  crocheting  or  god  forbid  a  healthy  friendship  or  two.

    and  so  the  years  go,  cycling  through  good  health  and  bitter  illness,  but  always  attempting  selflessness  and  satirizing  her  weighty imperfections.  and  roswell  never  really  becomes  home,  but  it’ll  never  be  bakersfield,  will  it?  and  that’s  just  the  thing  about  ama  -  she  loves  hard.   as  hard  as  she  laughs  and  throws  caution  to  the  wind  and  falls  headfirst  into  mistake  after  mistake,  but  always  with  her  mama  close  to  her  chest,  kept  safe  in  tarnished  silver.

    #absent parent tw #mental illness tw #drugs tw #drug use tw #suicide tw#death tw#medication tw #told myself i'd keep it simple .....  yikes loool #roswellintro
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  • lessattitudemorealtitude
    03.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    I really wish Star Trek would stop having its characters forgive their crappy parents because they suddenly ‘see’ that their parents were actually ‘justified’

    #watching the tng ep with Riker's father #he is such an ass #and he left his son alone at 15?? #'I gave 13 years was that not enough' #like wtf?? #but nooooo his father has a tragic backstory #so that makes his fatherly neglect okay #Between this#odo's 'father'#jullians parents #liek why? #star trek #'she was my wife and you kept me going' #yeah my mom was the same #she wasn't an emotionally abusive pos #now LETTING GO is important #but that's not the same as forgiveness
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  • bluegoesbloop
    03.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    The art and (mine)craft of war [gen]

    read it on ao3

    @/bluesandbirds - ao3 - 4,271 words - 1/1 chapter(s)

    Techno & Tommy

    Tommy is a gremlin. An absolute, evil gremlin child and sometimes it's a curse to be related to him. But who is this Dream guy, and why is Tommy suddenly talking about him all the time? Alternatively: Techno, nobody is trying to steal your little brother, that would be kidnapping, please calm down.


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  • promptis-imagines
    03.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #I give him mean parents for angst purposes #I shouldn't do it every time though lol you're right #promptis#headcanon#ask#anon#answered #the queuetest boys around
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  • mclennonimagine
    03.08.2021 - 36 minutes ago


    Paul and John sitting in their front room with their 3 children all surrounding the table laying in the middle of the room.

    Music from the record player is softly playing Christmas songs hits as the cozy farm house is filled with laughter and chuckles from the five, the room lit warmly with candles and lamps.

    Paul and John were making Christmas decorations with their children, with Paul teaching them how to make paper snowflakes and John teaching how to make origami Christmas trees.

    It was Paul and johns favourite thing to do, allowing their children to expand their creative abilities.

    John later made everyone some steamy hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows (taking the marshmallows off for their youngest child) for a quick brake and continued with their craft.

    Later that night, the house were full of paper decorations made by the entire Lennon-McCartney family and the two parents couldn’t be more proud.

    #mclennon#john lennon#Paul McCartney#imagine #how wholesome! #I can’t wait for Christmas! even though it’s 144 days away 🎄 #Paul and John are such cute parents
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  • rubberbandballqueen
    03.08.2021 - 50 minutes ago


    #went out w parents on a whim bc my sister came home and now we are going to the MALL with the SWORD STORE #time to see if the SWORD STORE survived the plague depression #the worm speaks
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