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  • vacation in paris.

    — m. lafayette x reader + older brother!tjeffs

    — prompt: vacation time brings amazing sibling time & everyone’s favorite frenchman!

    — warnings: really bad french (on my part) + a little swearing

    — notes: i don’t speak french whatsoever (I am learning) so I’m sorry for the shitty google translations :( + i know Martha Jefferson wasn’t french but for the sake of this story she is!

    When Thomas had first offered the idea of taking a vacation to his sister she had immediately declined, she was busy and so was he. In her mind it just wasn’t a good time for either of them to go on vacation. However, this hadn’t stopped Thomas from bringing up the idea many times after, he would tell her that they both needed a break and it would be fine to take a few days (or a week) off and go relax somewhere. She would decline and continued on with what she was doing, this soon became a cycle for the two, that was until Thomas suggested that they should vacation in Paris, a place he knew his sister couldn’t say no to. He was right, and after just an hour of deliberation she had agreed. The two were on the first plane out Saturday night. They’d agreed to spend only a week in Paris, anything longer was a no-go for Y/N.

    The Jefferson siblings arrived in Paris sunday morning. Both visibility excited to spend time with each other and the many friends they’d made when studying abroad. While Thomas went to law school, Y/N had gone to culinary school in France and she had made quite a name for herself since then. Paris for Y/N Jefferson felt like a home away from home, her brother feeling the exact same way.

    TOMMY! ” shouted Y/N while running down a massive staircase. The yell of his name had startled him, and soon Thomas was rushing out of the study, “Are you alright? What’s wrong? Why are you screaming?” he asked, panic evident in his voice. “How come you’re in there,” she pointed at the study accusingly, “working a case, when you’re the main one who wanted to take this vacation. We promised that neither of us would work this week, if we leave right now we can have a picnic down by that beautiful water fountain we passed on our way here.” He of course knew which one she was talking about and nodded quickly, “You’re right, let’s go.”

    The Jefferson siblings sat near a grand water fountain, eating a lunch Y/N had prepared for them. “God, this taste amazing.” said Thomas. Y/N smiled proudly, her brother was a man with exceptional taste and to hear him say he enjoyed her food made her extremely happy. Thomas suddenly stood, startling Y/N in the process which made her scold him. “No way, is that you Laf?” shouted Thomas at a man. “Oui, mon ami Thomas!” the man shouted back, walking over and pulling her brother into a tight hug. Y/N stood and watched her brother talk to the stranger before turning to her and motioning for her to come closer, she followed his instructions and walked over. “Y/N, this is Gilbert, and Gilbert this is my sister Y/N.” The man smiled down at her taking her hand in his, giving it a small kiss. “Bonjour, please call me Lafayette.” Y/N was in a trance, this man was beautiful, far more beautiful than any man she’d ever met, he let her hand go and Y/N felt as if she was incomplete. Lafayette turned back to her brother, “I am so glad to see you mon ami, tonight I will be ‘aving a sort of, how you say, party, you two must come! It will be at my estate. ” He said smiling at them both, eyes lingering on her. Thomas looked at Y/N, silently asking if she wanted to go, she nodded and he smiled, “We will be there!”

    Y/N! ” I’m leaving your ass behind if you aren’t down here in the next thirty seconds!“ shouted Thomas before heading to walk out the door. "Tommy I think you need glasses because I’m right here,” and in fact she was. There stood the younger Jefferson in a beautiful royal purple cocktail dress that went above the knee, hugging her in all the right places, (as for Thomas, well he wanted to wear his signature magenta colored suit but Y/N insisted that he match her or just go with a simple all black suit, he of course chose the former) and damn did the Jeffersons look good in purple. Seeing as she was ready to go they both got into his car and drove to Lafayette’s place.

    Calling Lafayette’s house big was most definitely an understatement, of course Y/N knew he came from money and was quite a big deal in France but she hadn’t pictured such a huge home when her brother told her about him.

    “ So, how do you know him?” She had asked moments after Lafayette walked away from the two, taking a seat back on the grass and pouring herself a glass of wine. “He went to school with me back in New York, was part of the student exchange program, and when I transferred here to study law, he had just moved back.” (please I have no clue how law school works omg like is it even the same in the states and france?) Y/N nodded, “Why didn’t you tell me about him Tom?” she asked, tilting her head to the side. “He left back to the states by the time you came here to study, and then when we went back, he’d jetted back here. It was just never same place and time,” he replied shrugging not really giving it much thought. “Right.” was all she could say, for it wasn’t his fault they had just kept missing each other. “What else is there to know about him? she asked, while her brother gave her a questioning look. "Well…” and so he told her everything he knew about the man named Lafayette, from his full first name to his long line of family and how they’d all been powerful lawyers.

    They’d gotten to the house twenty minutes ago (not that she was counting) and she had yet to actually talk to Lafayette. Sure she could see him from across the room, laughing and talking with his friends, and occasionally he’d glance up at her but he had yet to actually come say a single word to her, not even a hi, “some host he is,” she thought, but when twenty minutes turned into forty, Y/N wasn’t having it any longer, so she walked out the big room where the party was being held and went to explore, leaving her brother to flirt with some pretty french girl named Martha.

    Y/N had found herself in a beautiful room where all different kinds of paintings scattered the walls, she was amazed by them all. “Quelque chose m'a dit que je te trouverais ici.”(Something told me that I would find you here) spoke a voice from behind her. Y/N turned, there he stood leaning against the door frame with a warm smile on his face. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can leave if you’d like me to,” she trailed off refusing to meet his eyes. “Absurdité! (Nonsense) You’re my guest, stay and enjoy my family’s collection, you’d be the first in years to do so.” She nodded, Thomas had told her about the passing of his family when he spilled what he knew about Lafayette to her. “I’m surprised you noticed I left the room,” she said quietly, walking up to a painting, too scared to face him, “Why wouldn’t I notice?” he asked walking closer to her. “Well Mr.Lafayette, you didn’t exactly greet me when I got here, nor did you come say a word to me in the forty minutes I stayed.” she replied finally growing the confidence to turn and face him. The look on his face was unreadable. “S'il vous plaît, pardonnez-moi,( please forgive me ) I got caught up with some of my colleagues, they like to talk.” He replied looking down at her, “Let me make it up to you mademoiselle,” he extended his arm to her which she happily took and they walked back to the room with the rest of his guest, and he did exactly what he said he would, he made it up to her. The pair talked and danced all night until Thomas told her it was time to go, and as she was leaving she left him with her number and the promise to see each other again.

    Hello! I hope you all enjoy this quick one-shot i wrote, to be honest I love it but I feel like it’s more of a tjeffs being a cute fluffy older brother than a Lafayette x reader, not sure though. Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated! - ʚĭɞ

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