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    tzuyu: *taking a sip of water*


    tzuyu: i don’t know them.

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    The Astrology of Blackpink [Group Chart Analysis]

    Hi friends! This will be a first in a series where I look at the charts of every member of a k-pop group and compare them. I wanted to start with a small group, Blackpink, because it's much easier the less members I have to do. I'll probably try to do some larger groups or even sub-units, but nothing that tops 7 members.

    Let's jump in!



    Sun 12° 15' Capricorn Moon 28° Capricorn- 12° Aquarius Mercury 23° 52 Capricorn Venus 25° 49' Scorpio Mars 2° 40' Virgo Jupiter 5° 09' Sagittarius Saturn 8° 19' Pisces Uranus 25° 33' Capricorn Neptune 22° 39' Capricorn Pluto 29° 35' Scorpio

    Capricorn stellium (Mercury-Venus-Uranus-Neptune) plus Capricorn sun and possible moon Only member with Scorpio Pluto, in the 29th degree which suggests mastery / prior experience relating to the planet and placement Scorpio in Venus is in fall, while Sagittarius, Aquarius and Scorpio are in their domiciles Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto respectively. Every planet minus Virgo Mars is on one half of the zodiac wheel, the end to be precise. Thus her entire chart minus Mars is actually on the top half, creating a very outgoing personality Prominent Aspects: Mercury Sextile Venus, Neptune and Uranus Conj Mercury


    Sun 25° 15' Capricorn Moon 16° Scorpio- 0° Sagittarius Mercury 1° 30 Aquarius Venus 1° 08 Pisces Mars 6° 01' Aquarius Jupiter 2° 51' Capricorn Saturn 20° 34' Pisces Uranus 0° 13' Aquarius Neptune 25° 14' Capricorn Pluto 2° 24' Sagittarius

    Again, every planet is located on the end half of the zodiac wheel (Libra to Pisces), and her planets are also on the top half with Jupiter being the highest point (or Jupiter elevated) making Jupiter in a strong position, in the 9th or 10th house Pisces in Venus is exalted, and Uranus is in domicile (ruler) Capricorn/Aquarius stellium (Sun-Mercury-Uranus-Neptune) plus Capricorn in Jupiter Prominent Aspects: Uranus Conj Mercury, Venus Sextile Jupiter


    Sun 22° 16' Aquarius Moon 2° - 15° Aries Mercury 2° 29 Aquarius Venus 9° 44 Aquarius Mars 5° 46' Libra Jupiter 4° 45' Aquarius Saturn 4° 35' Aries Uranus 5° 38' Aquarius Neptune 28° 21' Capricorn Pluto 5° 25' Sagittarius

    Half the chart is in the sign of Aquarius, including its native Uranus; Uranus stellium in Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Aquarius Saturn in Aries in fall, Mars in Libra in detriment, Uranus in domicile A water void (no planets in water element) makes her less outwardly emotional and intuitive Prominent Aspects: Jupiter and Pluto Sextile Saturn, Jupiter Conj Uranus, Mercury Conj Jupiter


    Sun 6° 34' Aries Moon 4-16° Scorpio Mercury 21° 24' Aries Venus 4° 57' Aries Mars 22° 58' Virgo Jupiter 14° 08' Aquarius Saturn 9° 46' Aries Uranus 7° 46' Aquarius Neptune 29° 36' Capricorn Pluto 5° 30' Sagittarius

    Sun in Aries is exalt, Moon, Venus and Saturn in fall, Uranus in native Aquarius Aries stellium (Sun, Venus, Saturn) Aries exalt in sun, Scorpio moon in fall, Saturn in Aries in fall, Uranus in domicile A water void (no planets in water element) Prominent Aspects: Sun Sextile Uranus, Sun Trine Pluto, Sun Conj Venus


    Most common placements:

    Pluto in Sagittarius (All except Jisoo) Neptune in Capricorn (All) Uranus in Aquarius (All except Jisoo) Saturn in Pisces (Jisoo, Jennie) Saturn in Aries (Rose, Lisa) Capricorn in sun (Jisoo, Jennie) Virgo in Mars (Jisoo, Lisa) Scorpio in Moon (Jennie, Lisa) Mercury in Aquarius (Jennie, Rose) All have multiple Aquarius placements, all have multiple Capricorn placements except Lisa All have Uranus Sextile Pluto

    How the group energies bode

    Rose is very Aquarian. She has a close Mercury conj Jennie, which makes for similar communication styles (great for resolving issues) as well as Mercury sextile Lisa’s sun. She and Lisa share lots of great sextiles due to their respective Aquarius and Aries stelluims: note R Jupiter and Uranus sex L sun and Venus

    Everyone has Neptune conjunct Jennie’s sun. This means she could be a source of creative inspiration for the other members. Her Venus opposes Jisoo’s Mars which can create a volatile relationship. Jennie’s sun trines Lisa’s Mars which creates a great motivated energy between them both.

    Jisoo is the odd one out regarding her Uranus (in Capricorn) and her Pluto (in Scorpio). Uranus in Capricorn is sort of awkward compared to Uranus in Aquarius, which creates an innovative, open-minded personality – while the others may be into breaking barriers and rebelliousness, her Capricornian energy grounds them in a mature way. Pluto in Scorpio is quite powerful in a calm way, and is strengthened in the 29th degree – compare to the lighter Pluto Sagittarius the younger members have. Her Mercury squares Lisa’s, which can make trouble in communication.

    Everyone has Pluto Trine Lisa’s sun (strongest in Rose). This is a powerful placement because it encourages confidence and self-transformation from both ends.

    Everyone has a stellium, and a stellium in the sun planet no less. This is rare. And it makes for heavily concentrated energy, in the specific sign, which means there can be combativeness and argument. Jisoo and Jennie have lots of conjunctions, which means they might feel similar in personality and taste. Rose, as mentioned, is the most Aquarian and airy by far: the others might find her too out-there in her tastes, specifically grounded Capricornian Jisoo and Jennie. Everyone also has at least 80% planets in the last half of the zodiac, associated with fall and winter or endings, with Pisces the last sign signifying elderly wisdom. This tends to be the more adult-ish, mellowed out side of the zodiac. Particularly Capricorn and Aquarius, which we see in excess, are detached and mature. Contrast to Lisa’s Aries placements – the first sign, signifying childhood – and she might feel too kiddish or stuck between her youthful and mature side.

    I see a sort of unified power in these four. We see two heavy Scorpio moons, two water voids, two Capricorn suns, and two Virgo Mars. Lisa brings a more potent, fiery strength in her Arian placements. Jisoo even with her water placements has a weighty, strong chart. Rose is the trailblazer of the group and Jennie, is sort of the sum of all this put together. There is very little water- Jennie’s Venus Pisces is the only very soft, sensitive, stereotypical-watery placement. These girls are not too in their emotions. They are especially cool on the outside. At the same time, they have nothing to prove.

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    Jealous BLACKPINK

    Requested by: anonymous

    A/N: first time writing a headcanon, felt kinda weird, but i hope you’ll like it 🤍


    Jisoo trusts you, she knows you would never do anything to hurt her

    But she doesn’t trust people around you, especially when they keep eyeing from head to toe

    She has a special look reserved for those, who want to take her baby away

    As she’s shooting them with her eyes, she makes sure to keep a hand on you, it doesn’t matter where

    Thigh, arm or waist - they’re all good

    Jisoo’s just showing everyone what’s hers

    Then she starts to flirt with you and shower you with compliments

    Seeing how you’re smiling only at her, she smirks confidently

    With all your attention on her, your girlfriend knows you won’t bat an eye on anyone else

    And why would you even want to? With Jisoo as your girl, everything was perfect already


    Jennie loves you so much, she’s never been that close to anyone before

    So of course she does get jealous, when people act way too friendly with you

    I feel like she might give you silent treatment

    And it’s not like she’s mad at you, it’s just that she can’t erase from her head, how they were flirting with you, right in front of her

    Jennie does get a little overprotective, but it’s because of how afraid she is of losing you

    After all day of ignoring you, she’d suddenly come to bed with a pout

    You telling her that she had nothing to worry about, while caressing her puffy cheeks

    Sweet pecks, that slowly turned into a whole make out session

    Probably jealous sex

    You ending up with bites and marks

    Jennie 100% satisfied with results


    Seeing the waiter staring at you for way too long, Chaeyoung frowns

    Memesé enters the chat

    She’s just confused, that they can’t see how uninterested you are

    You asking her what’s wrong

    Her mumbling how she doesn’t like that person ogling you all the time, while avoiding your eyes

    You cooing at her, before moving closer

    Holding her hand for the rest of the night

    Chaeyoung protectively keeping an eye on you, sending stern looks at the waiter

    Assuring her how she’s the one for you

    Poking and pecking her cheeks to cheer her up

    Once she’s calmer, Rosé’s attention is only paid to you

    That is until your food is brought to the table


    Once Lisa sees someone flirting with you, she’s all over you in less than a second

    Skinship at its finest

    Lowkey judging that someone with her eyes, but she’s not as subtle as she wishes to be

    Because how could anyone want to flirt with you, when she’s in the same room

    Or in general for that matter

    Making you laugh, so others see how happy you two are together

    Doing some cheesy shit

    Like brushing your hair behind your ear or nuzzling her nose in your cheek

    You letting her do all of that, because you love having her so close

    Also it’s funny to see her competitive glances, targeted at people trying to woo you

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    You're so beautiful, I can't forget you

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    ROSÉ BLACKPINK [Park Chaeyoung] You look gorgeous in that dress! 💓

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    ROSÉ BLACKPINK [Park Chaeyoung] You look gorgeous in that dress! 💓

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