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    ## chanyeol layouts 🍊🐱

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    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    holding for chanyeol: day [77/548]

    » EXO’s CHANYEOL for W Korea Magazine, July 2016

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    13.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    T R U S T me • pt 4

    moodboard: arrangement @ninixloey • photo cred to all OPs, do not repost.

    Genre: Angst, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Smut
    Pairings: Park Chanyeol x femOC!reader (Jade), Kim Jongin (Kai) x femOC!reader (Jade)
    Rated: M, 18+
    Word Count: 2.7k~
    Warnings: Sexual Themes, Intense Argument, Language, Slowwww Burn, FLUFFY Moments, Emotional Rollercoaster, Alcohol Consumption, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Hopelessness
    Taglist: @skeletor-ify @kpop---scenarios @sapphirekhun1109 @mybiasdashboard @biaswreckingfics @lukai-m @m1ss-foodi3

    <- PART 3 • masterlist


    Despite it being late December, the California sun was setting in a cloudless sky. You were run down from all the last minute things you’ve had to do for the studio before it closes tomorrow until the Monday after Christmas. Stretching your arms high and yawning, you head to grab a fresh pair of pajamas from the drawer. A shirtless Kai walks by and stops to fix your hair and sweep it over one shoulder. From behind you, he plants a kiss on your shoulder and you smile at him.

    “Jagi…” Kai trails more kisses from your shoulder to the shell of your ear. You get goosebumps as he licks and bites your earlobe. When you turn around, instead of a kiss, Kai gently touches your bottom lip and begins to slide his index finger into your mouth. Familiar with this game, you tease him by taking his whole finger in, down to his knuckle. He watches you with lust blown eyes as you drag your lips back, sucking and flicking the tip of his finger with your tongue before releasing it.

    Kai now teases two fingers at your lips and you happily oblige, seeing the tent in his pants grow. You see his breathing increase as his chest rises and falls when your lips touch his knuckles again. What you didn’t expect was for him to suddenly grip your lower jaw with his fingers still in your mouth and drag you the few steps it takes to reach the bed. You’re struggling against him, trying to tell him to stop, but he doesn’t. Before he can sit on the edge of the bed with you standing before him, you grab his wrist and yank his fingers out with force.

    “STOP! What the fuck is wrong with you!?” You gag and cough, looking at your boyfriend with a bewildered expression. He looks at you as if nothing happened. “Is that how you tell Chanyeol to stop?”

    What. The. Fuck.

    “Are you serious right now? I’m not going back to this argument, Kai. I told you to trust me.” You start to take a step, but Kai catches your wrist and forcefully pulls you back to stand before him. “Show me. Show me you’re mine and my trust is yours.” Kai tightens his grip on your wrist and attempts to pull you down to your knees. You see what he’s trying to do and you immediately yank your arm back.

    His eyes flash with an anger you've never seen in him before. Kai has always been dominant in bed, but he’s never forced you before and it scared you. His hands shoot out and grab the sides of your arms impossibly tight.

    “KAI! Stop! You’re hurting me!” Tears form and sting your eyes. You see his expression shift and he lets your arms go. Running a hand through his hair, he leaves the room and you don’t see him the rest of the night.


    The next day, you’re closing the studio up with Chanyeol with a checklist of things to look over. You split up and decide to meet at the back door that leads to the parking lot. When you’re just about finished, Chanyeol beats you to shutting the last light off — the overhead lighting for the lounge…leaving you in the dark.

    This giant baby prankster, I swear.

    You use your phone flashlight to guide your steps when Chanyeol suddenly jumps at you from around the corner.

    “LOEY!!!” You scream and drop your phone. The light flashes up to the ceiling, illuminating the immediate space around you, and you find Chanyeol laughing his ass off and slapping the wall beside you. You can’t help but laugh with him, but it still scared the shit out of you, so you playfully push him…not realizing fast enough that you’d essentially pushed him up against a wall…in the dark.

    Chanyeol is still smiling and laughing at you even with your small hands spread across his broad chest. “You were so scared!!!” He then proceeds to reenact your “Loey” scream in a mockingly high voice. “Shut up! You’re so annoying!” You tell him with one final shove before grabbing your phone off the floor.

    As you walk out together Chanyeol is proudly beaming at you for how good he scared you. He surprisingly goes as far as slinging his long arm over your shoulders to bring you close, causing a shy laughter between the two of you.

    The giggles stop short when you remember Kai is picking you up and you see him leaning against the car with his arms folded. Chanyeol, ever the happy virus, waves to Kai like they were best buds and greets him. “Hey Kai! Long time no see!”

    Kai’s glare is piercing as the two of you approach the car. You start to separate from Chanyeol, but he doesn’t let you. Looking up at him in a silent plea, he smiles down at you…and wraps you in his arms…right in front of Kai. You were sure you were about to die any second, not knowing if it’d be Kai’s stare or Chanyeol’s hug to kill you.

    Before he lets you go, he whispers into your ear. “You’re beautiful when you laugh…” You find yourself blushing deeply as you walk over to Kai.

    Thinking Kai would open the passenger door for you, you stood in front of him waiting. But Kai’s eyes never leave Chanyeol’s as he reaches for your face and starts kissing you thoroughly. After a flashback to his grip on your wrist and arms yesterday, you play off pushing him as if you were teasing him. You don’t dare look back at Chanyeol before getting into the car and letting Kai drive away.

    Once you’re down the street, your feelings snap back into you and your hands tighten into fists. You were so sick of the physical and emotional abuse…and crying all the damn time.

    You just didn’t know where to even begin with the thoughts of leaving your boyfriend.


    It’s Christmas Eve and you’re miserable. The recent stress is completely ruining the joy of what is usually one of your favorite holidays. Until you get a text message that brightens your day.

    LAY [10:16]: Jade! Name two things you and I have in common right this moment.
    JADE [10:17]: LAY! My brain is currently broken. Tell me!
    LAY [10:19]: Our time zone. :)

    You let out a screech so loud Kai comes running into the bedroom asking if you’re okay. You shoo him away as you continue to text.

    JADE [10:22]: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Lay Zhang, don't you dare mess with me.
    LAY [10:23]: No joke. Christmas Eve at my house?
    JADE [10:25]: Hell. Yes.

    You run to tell Kai about Lay and you hear him end a conversation on the phone. “Got an invite to a friend’s party tonight in the hills. Do you have something to wear?” Your face falls. “Lay just texted me that he’s here in LA. We wanted to spend Christmas Eve together.” Kai raises an eyebrow at you as if he expects you to cancel your plans.

    “The only way I’m going to one of those stuck up parties is if I get to see my best friend on my favorite holiday first.” Kai stares at you. “Fine. I’m going to the gym. Make sure you bring a dress to change into for the party — something nice.”

    You run to take a shower, hurrying so you can leave as soon as possible.


    In your favorite oversized hoodie and comfiest leggings, you eagerly wait for Lay to open the door.

    “Jaaaaaade!” Lay’s hug was a welcome feeling after all the stress you had been under. “And Kai- in a suit?” Lay‘s question halts Kai at the door frame.

    “We have a party to attend tonight.” Kai says with zero emotion. Lay looks at your contradicting attire and laughs. “Does she know?” Kai fumes and tenses his jaw. “She’ll be changing later.”

    Kai sees himself to a seat, looking very out of place, before noticing a tall, platinum haired man talking to you on the couch. “What are you doing here?” Chanyeol arches a brow at Kai’s question, but Lay answers for him. “Not sure if you know, but Chanyeol is a dear friend of mine. If you can’t be respectful to the people I love, especially in my own home, I will personally see you out.”

    You stare at Lay as he all but chews and spits Kai out right before your eyes. “Lay, he’s just anxious to go to the party. I told him I wanted to see you, not knowing Loey would be here… Kai, come on. Let’s talk outside.”

    You close the front door after Kai steps out and begin to whisper. “You need to chill the fuck out. Lay is like a brother to me and Chanyeol is, as he said, a dear friend to him. I don’t know what you need to do in order to accomplish that, but please…figure it out and do it.” Kai closes his eyes and rubs his temples. “Let’s just go. I don’t want to be here, Lay obviously doesn’t want me here, and I’m sure as hell Chanyeol would agree.”

    You look at him in disbelief. “We just got here. I’m not leaving.” Kai’s temper slips and when he opens his eyes, you know he’s pissed off. “We’re going.” He reaches to grab your arm, but you step back. You see the same expression of pure anger from earlier crack through the surface of his face. Seeing you pull back, his fist tightens as if he were gearing up to use it. Calmly, but quickly, you tell him no and slip back in through the door.

    “Where’s Kai?” Lay asks, seeing you slowly put yourself together after closing the door. “He left. We decided it’d be best to do what we wanted today.” You can tell Lay doesn’t buy it, but he nods and walks with you to join Chanyeol back on the couch.


    “You cook?” Chanyeol asks with wide eyes.

    “I can cook.” You smile at him, feeling yourself relax in good company and with a few drinks in your system. “I just don’t get to cook like this often. Kai-” You stop yourself short and shake your head, not wanting to talk about him right now. “I miss cooking with no pressure and seeing people enjoy eating the food I make.”

    Chanyeol nods, standing beside you and smiles. Lay is creeping off to the side, leaning on his elbows at the kitchen island, watching the two of you converse. You look over at him and raise an eyebrow. “Have something to say, Lay?” He smirks at you. “Nope. Nothing at all.”

    After dinner, the three of you lounge in the living room, talking and laughing while the amount of soju dwindles down. You knew you didn’t have the best tolerance, so you were mindful of how much you drank, but Lay on the other hand…passed out cold in an awkward position in the accent chair off to the side. You and Chanyeol have fun taking pictures of him, using silly filters on his face and posting it on Instagram. Wiping away the tears in your eyes from laughing, you try to calm down. “I can help you move him. He’s going to wake up so stiff if we don’t.” You look at his poor neck completely twisted to the side.

    Chanyeol shakes his head. “No, I can carry him on my own. Knowing you, you’d drop the end you’re holding and break his leg or something.” You choke a laughing scoff back and gently push Chanyeol. He grunts as he lifts Lay’s body and carries him to his room. “Aish, hyung! What are they feeding you in China?”

    You make yourself comfy on the couch and pick out a movie. Chanyeol returns to sit beside you. “Not tired?” You realize you’re alone, at night, on Christmas Eve, with Chanyeol. You sheepishly shake your head no. His smile crinkles the corners of his eyes. “You’re cute when you act shy, but I have a feeling you’re anything but shy.”

    Why must he say things like this, damn it…

    You suck in your bottom lip, eyes glued to the TV before you. “Chanyeol.” You chastise him. “Jade.” He counters, as you feel the heat of his eyes roaming along your body.

    God…if that’s the way he says my name I wonder how he moans it…

    The thought courses through you like a lightning bolt. It’s the first time you didn’t stop yourself from accepting your attraction towards him. But something has been itching at the back of your mind, so you angle your body towards him on the couch. “Why didn’t you tell me what ‘nae sarang’ means?”

    His reaction to you saying those words give him visible goosebumps. You try not to smirk. He clears his throat and shifts, angling his body towards yours. “You weren’t ready to know…to be honest, you still aren’t.” You tilt your head at his words trying to understand where he’s coming from. Then it hits you. “I still love him.”

    Chanyeol’s eyes seem to grow sad when he nods in confirmation. He blinks it away and he sighs. Scooting so close to you on the couch that the energy turns intimate, he speaks more confidently and sure than ever before.

    “Jade, nae sarang, tell me when…and I’m yours.”

    The fire he sparks in you burns. You hear your pulse in your ears as it begins to race. Close enough to share breath, you wonder what he tastes like. His forehead rests on yours. “You have no idea what you do to me, little one.”

    You could melt at the sound of his voice. Chanyeol looks physically pained as he sighs and pulls away from you. He takes your hand and places a short, chaste kiss on the inside of your wrist, never breaking eye contact with you, and you take that as his goodnight. But not before giving him yours.

    You get up and walk around to his other side, angling your body as if you were playing the big spoon. He wears a look of confusion until he feels your arms slip around his chest from behind him. You hold him in your arms and wish things were different. You can feel his heart racing, just as fast as yours, against the palm of your hand.

    And just because you like to torture yourself, as you get up to turn in for the night, you lean over to the side of his face — “Merry Christmas, Loey” — and you quickly nibble on the shell of his ear.

    Right before you enter the guest room, you hear him mutter to himself.

    “Definitely not shy.”


    It’s Christmas morning and your miracle is that you have zero trace of a headache from the alcohol last night. You wish you could say the same for Lay. You’re grateful to Chanyeol for placing a trash bin beside him after carrying him to his room. There’s no way you would want to wash bed sheets covered in vomit, no matter how much you love Lay.

    You hear a familiar voice singing in the kitchen and stand back to see Chanyeol cooking breakfast for everyone. You even spot a kettle heating on the stove for your tea. The sight makes your heart lurch. You can’t remember a time when Kai ever cooked breakfast for you. There was always an excuse, regardless of his lack of skills or current diet.

    Lay walks in beside you looking like death itself. “So what did I miss?” You laugh out loud at what he really didn’t need to know. You let out a hefty sigh. “I should call Kai.” Lay looks at you incredulously. “Why are you with that piece of shit?”

    “Lay!” You tap his arm. “What!? You can’t deny it.” You look down and think about what to do. “I still love him. I just don’t know how to leave him.” He turns to you and rests his hands on your shoulders. “Jade. What is love to you? You keep saying you love him like you’re fucking brainwashed. All I see is abuse and sadness.”

    You don’t disagree. “Maybe I am brainwashed. But… what am I supposed to do…

    “Where would I go?”

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    I know it’s old news but I would like to talk about chanyeol matching with this dog

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    don’t fight the feeling: chanyeol & kyungsoo

    . . lockscreen ☁️

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    12.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Chanyeol: You look Great

    Kyungsoo: Stop saying that, you are making me uncomfortable.

    *poses for the camera professionally like nothing happened*


    #chansoo album photoshoot 2021 #exo#chanyeol#kyungsoo#chansoo #d.o #chansoo is real #pcy #d.o. #dks#park chanyeol #don't fight the feeling
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    Why they r so flirty and domestic for? 😭

    #exo#chanyeol#kyungsoo#chansoo #chansoo is real #d.o #d.o. #dks#park chanyeol#pcy #bts don't fight the feeling
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    ChanSoo's giggling is music 🎶 to my ears ❤️

    #exo#chanyeol#kyungsoo#chansoo #chansoo is real #d.o #pcy #d.o. #park chanyeol#dks #don't fight the feeling #bts
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    Kyungsoo you tease posing like these in front Chanyeol 😵😭😭😭😭

    #exo#kyungsoo #chansoo is real #chanyeol#chansoo#pcy #d.o #dks#park chanyeol #d.o. #don't fight the feeling #bts don't fight the feeling
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    #chanyeol#chanyeol gif#exo chanyeol#park chanyeol#dftf #don't fight the feeling #behind the scenes #exosnet
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    Chanyeol - Don't Fight The Feeling

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    [210612] EXO LAY 'Don't fight the feeling' MV Behind The Scenes (2)


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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago


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