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  • kingandqueenwang
    21.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can we talk about how the Lord is blessing every GOT7 member so much? Yes, I'm literally talking about God, elbow deep in blessings for those boys! He's protecting them, too. I've never seen anybody so blessed in my life the way the sevens are! That is God's work right there!

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  • daddyfordaeddy
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i feel so high when its just us two

    pairing: jinyoung x mark (got7)

    word count: 1130

    genre: smut

    warnings: anal sex, mark bottoms jinyoung tops, barebacking, spanking, eating out, butt plugs, mark is a brat, jinyoung is also a brat, fingering, i cant write smut, porn what plot, kitchen sex

    summary: mark sends jinyoung a video, jinyoung is not pleased

    do not be deterred by the lack of capitalisation, i capitalise in the story im jsut lazy

    The video Mark had sent Jinyoung made the younger groan low in his throat. His hyung, his delicious, beautiful, brat of a hyung had laid himself out so prettily, hands spreading his ass, showing off his pretty little, pink hole. And inside that pink hole that Jinyoung loved to wreck, was a perfect, small, white, butt plug. Jinyoung can feel heat pool in his stomach as he stares at the video with wide eyes.

    Mark’s left hand moves, brushing against his own ass, and Jinyoung’s breath hitches. His hyung’s long, delicate fingers pull at the butt plug, sliding it out with a delicious sounding pop that makes Jinyoung’s hands clench. Cum and lube from the night before trickles out of Mark’s clenching asshole and Jinyoung closes off the video hurridly, his half-hard dick twitching at the fresh memory.


    He’s going home.


    Jinyoung bursts into his and Mark’s shared home, hands clenched around his eyes and knuckles white. He can hear Mark calling for him from the kitchen lightly, but he can’t even register what his boyfriend is saying. But he can register the sight he sees when he enters the kitchen.

    Mark, laying stomach down on the counter, white lace stockings up to his thighs, a new, pink butt plug nestled between his soft ass cheeks. “Hi, Jiny-” Mark doesn’t even get to finish his greeting when Jinyoung strides over and raises his hand, landing a slap on Mark’s left ass.

    Mark cries out at the sound, but Jinyoung pays no heed, quickly slapping the other one just as hard. “Fuck-” he groans again, and Jinyoung’s hands dig into Mark’s hipbones, dragging the older back. His hyung’s ass presses against Jinyoung’s clothed dick.

    “What the fuck was that video, Mark?” Mark doesn’t answer, and another slap is landed, this time on the butt plug. Mark keens at the feeling, and Jinyoung slaps him again. “Answer me.”

    Mark groans. “A present,” he replies shakily, but even with his quavering voice, Jinyoung can hear the fucking smirk. “Did you like it, Jinyoungie?” Jinyoung growls, fingers pressing the butt plug further into Mark, who whines again.

    Jinyoung doesn’t care, leaning down and biting into Mark’s thighs. “Like it? Fucking hell, Mark. You’re lucky you sent it after I got out of my meeting. You fucking fox.” Mark giggles proudly, but Jinyoung isn’t as happy. “If you cum, I’ll leave you untouched for a week.” The threat shuts up Mark.

    “Jinyoung-” Mark tries pleading, but Jinyoung isn’t having any of that, biting down on his thigh again.

    “Don’t ‘Jinyoung’ me, Mark. You asked for this, you’re going to get it.” Jinyoung pulls out the butt plug with no hesitation, and Mark bites his lip to refrain from crying out. He knows the game to play, and he knows Jinyoung will not hold back on his threat.

    Jinyoung cannot wait any more, head dipping down and pressing a kiss against Mark’s rim. Mark gasps at the feeling and Jinyoung lets the sound pass. But he won’t let Mark have a breather, dipping his tongue into his hyung’s pink, stretched out hole.

    So far, Mark is being a good boy, muffling his sounds. But when the first dry finger breaches him, he bucks his hips, moaning. Jinyoung is not happy, slapping Mark’s ass again, watching it be painted red with heat. “Strike one.” Mark’s gut twists and Jinyoung inserts another finger.

    Mark’s hands grip the counter tight, he cannot make another noise. He knows what would happen if he did. Jinyoung, pleased, finally slides his dress pants down, the rustling of the fabric has Mark biting his lip in anticipation.

    The first press of Jinyoung’s dick against Mark’s ass almost draws a whine out of Mark, and Jinyoung pats his ass, proud. But Mark can barely relish his self-control when Jinyoung bottoms out in one, strong thrust. The force pushes Mark forward slightly, but that doesn’t stop Jinyoung, hands finding purchase in Mark’s supple skin and pulling the older back.

    Jinyoung will not let Mark have a rest, finally sliding out and slamming back in with no pause, and Mark’s fist clench even tighter, nails digging into his palm. Mark’s ass, even after two different plugs had been resting in his ass, was still tight around Jinyoung, the sensation causing Jinyoung’s hips to twitch.

    His hips slap against Mark’s, the red, sensitive skin stinging with each thrust. Jinyoung can tell Mark is having trouble keeping all the noises in, but he’s not going to bend and let his hyung get away with teasing him. One well-angled thrust and his dick brushes Mark’s prostate, causing the older the finally cry out in pleasure.

    “Fuck- that was a fucking dirty play, Park Jinyoung,” Mark complains, but Jinyoung just rolls his eyes.

    “And the video wasn’t? Strike two.” Without waiting for Mark to respond, Jinyoung thrusts back in, setting a relentless, rough pace. Mark refuses to cave, however, hands moving to his mouth and biting down on his fingers to muffle the groans.

    Jinyoung lets it pass, just trying to chase his own release. However, he doesn’t want to lose just yet, hands moving from Mark’s ass to his chest, fingers pressing at the older’s nipples. Mark jolts at the pleasure, his hole clenching around Jinyoung.

    “Fuck-” Jinyoung curses. He’s not going to be able to last, thrusting one last time and burying himself balls deep into Mark, finally letting himself cum. Mark gasps at the feeling of the hot cum filling him up, and Jinyoung laughs tiredly. “Go ahead, Mark.”

    Finally, with permission, Mark cries as he reaches his high, shooting ropes of cum across the countertop. It’s going to be such a pain to clean up but he can’t bring himself to think about it, eyes rolling back into his head. Jinyoung laughs again as Mark collapses into the counter, shivering a bit at the cold stone pressing against his hot chest.

    “I’ll get you back next time, hyung,” Jinyoung finally says after a moment, and Mark looks at him to glare.

    “So mean, Jinyoungie. I was just trying to be nice.” Jinyoung scoffs at that, pressing his hand against Mark’s dripping ass. The older groans at the oversensitivity.

    “Nice? If that’s nice then you must be a fucking devil.” Mark sticks his tongue out and Jinyoung slaps his taint, drawing a cry out of Mark’s lips. “As I said, I’ll get you back next time. Maybe tie you up and fuck myself on your dick, use you like a fucking toy.”

    Mark’s dick twitches at the idea, and Jinyoung laughs. Mark doesn’t respond for a moment, but then, “I’ll fucking ruin you, you know,” he hisses with no real bite. Jinyoung can feel heat pool in his stomach at the threat.

    “Why don’t you, then?”

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  • letoscrawls
    20.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    took some time to finish these studies, i started them in january and then left them rot in my wip folder for months :D do i like them? no. am i posting them anyway? hell yeah

    It's GOT7's BamBam, Yugyeom, Jinyoung and Youngjae from the You Calling My Name M/V, a certified bop

    #my art#got7#bambam#kim yugyeom#park jinyoung#choi youngjae #it's because of this song and this group that i'm kind of a multi stan now #one day i'll learn to do quick studies without unnecessary details and lighting btw :P
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  • birbdae
    20.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    You’re Still My Universe pt. 1

    Title: You’re Still My Universe

    Pairing: Jinyoung x ???? to be determined GOT7 Member

    Genre: Fluff, hint of angst, parent au

    Warnings: Sexual jokes

    Word count: 1849 lol

    Summary: Jinyoung's life is devoted to his son. But the first time he's been separated, so many other people barge into his life and start taking up what little free time he has left.

    Honestly this is me winging it so hahahaha i suffer every day


    “Yugyeom, you can’t go out like that,” Jinyoung almost hisses at the young child but manages to hold onto his last shred of patience. “We wear pants outside of the apartment. Pants, Yugyeom. Pants.” With each word, Jinyoung emphasises more and more.

    The little demon that Jinyoung called his son turns around with a big grin on his tiny face. “Pants are stupid!” God, how could he look so innocent and endearing at this moment? Jinyoung could rip his own hair out but Yugyeom was smiling at him with such a sweet grin.

    “They are very stupid, but we must wear them, all right, Yugyeom?” To Jinyoung’s relief, Yugyeom finally skids to a stop on the floor, slipping a little because of his, quite frankly, adorable bunny socks that he received for his birthday. “Can you go put on pants for me? Then we can go to the park as I had promised.”

    Yugyeom nods, still with a smile on his face, and runs off toward his room. Jinyoung practically collapses into the bookshelf. Why Yugyeom had so much energy, even more so as a four–year–old, confuses the hell out of him. But he loves his son.

    The day he had gotten custody of the one–year–old whose mother (and Jinyoung’s ex) had died in a car crash, Jinyoung had fallen in love. The tiny child had looked up at him and asked where ‘mama’ was and Jinyoung swore that he would take care of this child to the best of his ability. Yugyeom managed to surprise him every day, and Jinyoung often surprised himself with how he dealt with Yugyeom being a child.

    “Daddy!” And there is his little hell child again, tearing through the halls once again. Yugyeom runs straight into the side of the couch, and Jinyoung almost laughs at the sight. “Can we go now?” Yugyeom is practically undented, getting up just as quickly as he fell over and coming over to tug at his father’s hand.

    Jinyoung just sighs, letting his son drag him over to the coat rack. It was hung way too low, but Yugyeom had insisted that he be able to reach it. He’s just whipped for his son, letting Yugyeom help him put on his scarf. “Ready to go, Gyeomie-ah?” Jinyoung smiles down at his son, who nods eagerly.

    “I wanna go to park!” Jinyoung laughs out loud, eyes crinkling. Yugyeom has no time for his father’s adoration though, he has an agenda, and that agenda is to go to the park. Jinyoung opens the door, letting Yugyeom pull him out.

    “Wait a little, Yugyeom, I’ll need to lock the door.” Yugyem huffs a little, but ever obedient, waits, tapping his foot impatiently. Looks like Yugyeom has picked up a couple of his father’s habits. Jinyoung finally finishes up, and Yugyeom almost immediately takes off like the hellspawn he is. Thankfully, Jinyoung was now used to his son’s abundant energy and takes Yugyeom’s small hand in his.

    “Baby, you can’t run off like that, all right? I don’t want to lose you,” Jinyoung reprimands gently, and Yugyeom nods, though he was more focused on sucking on his bottom lip wetly to try to make a fart noise. Jinyoung sighs. He’ll just have to keep a closer eye on the kid.

    The park is almost a block away, and Jinyoung has to refrain from scooping Yugyeom up on the sidewalk. He’s always been wary about letting Yugyeom near cars after what happened to his mother. What if dying in a car crash ran in DNA? He knows he’s being too cautious, but Jinyoung didn’t want to lose Yugyeom.

    “Daddy, you have a stupid grin,” Yugyeom chirps from beside Jinyoung, sweaty hand still grabbing onto his father’s palm. Jinyoung thinks maybe he could throw Yugyeom to the wolves instead.

    “Don’t be mean, Yugyeomie-ah,” Jinyoung half-heartedly scolds the child. He’s too soft on him, honestly. It’s shown when Yugyeom pays no heed, instead just pressing his mouth to Jinyoung’ hand and licking it. Jinyoung can feel a little bit of his soul die.

    Thankfully, they reach the park with no more licking or insults from Yugyeom, and Jinyoug lets Yugyeom’s hand go with only a little hesitation. Yugyeom, though, has no hesitation and immediately streaks toward the swing set. Jinyoung has no trouble keeping up thankfully, the swing set is straight ahead and Yugyeom isn’t doing any weaving between people.

    The park is actually pretty empty, it being a weekday. Yugyeom didn’t start school for another two years, and Jinyoung was ready to monopolise his time with his son. He couldn’t even imagine a world without his son now that he took care of him. Yugyeom was all he needed.

    “Daddy, come push me!” And it may be a little selfish, Jinyoung thinks as he makes his way over to his son, it may be a little selfish but he wants to be the only one Yugyeom depends on. As Yugyeom smiles up at him, head hanging back like it might drop off, Jinyoung’s heart almost melts.

    He just loves his son. “Yugyeom-ah?” Yugyeom turns back, legs kicking in the swing.

    “Yeah, Daddy?”

    “I love you.” Yugyeom squeals and makes grabby hands at Jinyoung, and Jinyoung, always soft for his son, takes his little hands and kisses them.

    “I love you too!” Yugyeom slurs out the words, leaning forward and giving Jinyoung a big, wet kiss on the hand as well. A very wet kiss. But Jinyoung loves it anyway, giggling and pressing one more kiss to the top of Yugyeom’s head. This time Yugyeom sighs with a little pout. “Daddy, I wanna be pushed.”

    Jinyoung barks out a short laugh, returning to his place behind the swing. “Your wish is my command, little prince.” Yugyeom grins, toothy and wide.

    “You can be my knight, daddy! Knight Daddy!” Yugyeom smiles up at Jinyoung once again and Jinyoung can’t help but press a kiss to the top of Yugyeom’s head once more. The kid giggles once more, twisting in his seat as the swing comes to a halt. “Daddy! You’re my knight! No kisses!”

    Jinyoung snorts but assumes a face of stoicism. “My liege, I shall do what you request.” He bends into a kneel, and Yugyeom giggles happily.

    “I wanna find a king! A prince has a king!” He pauses, and Jinyoung peeks up at his son. “Daddy? What’s a liege?” Jinyoung holds back a snort, Yugyeom would not have been amused.

    “It’s what a prince is to a knight, someone who is more powerful.” Yugyeom is pleased with the explanation, hopping off the swing and toddling around. Jinyoung follows him closely behind.

    Yugyeom is looking for another friend to play with him, and Jinyoung feels slightly sorry he took Yugyeom on a weekday. He had a lot of work lately, so today was the only free day. Thankfully, Yugyeom still seems to have the time of his life climbing around on the empty playground anyway.

    Jinyoung lifts him up to do monkey bars and Yugyeom squeals in delight. He’s glad the kid is having fun; though he works at home he is often too busy to spend time with his son and Jinyoung always feels bad. He knows Yugyeom loves him but he worries sometimes.

    “Hi!” Jinyoung snaps his head up. He had set Yugyeom down to tie his shoe and his son had run off and was talking to some stranger who was jogging on the path around the park. “Can you be king?” Oh, God. Jinyoung is mortified.

    He quickly walks up to Yugyeom. “Yugyeomie, don’t bother strangers, all right?” He picks up his son, much to the child’s chagrin. “I’m really sorry,” he apologises to the man as Yugyeom squirms a little.

    The stranger just laughs a loud laugh that Yugyeom immediately mirrors with a wide smile. It’s a domino effect, and Jinyoung can feel the corners of his lips pull up as well. “Are you missing a king?” Before Jinyoung can respond, Yugyeom nods empathetically.

    “I’m a prince and daddy is a knight! Can you be king?” Jinyoung can feel his face heat up and the man smiles wide and pretty.

    “Yeah, I can be a king. Did you know my last name means king?” Yugyeom grins at that, squirming even more. After getting a tiny hand in his mouth, Jinyoung finally sets Yugyeom down.

    “King? Really?” Yugyeom is way too excited about this fact. “Are you a king?” The stranger laughs again.

    “No, little buddy, it’s just my last name. I’m Jackson Wang.” Jackson squats down and offers Yugyeom a hand. Yugyeom takes it gleefully and shakes it, grinning wide at Jackson.

    “I’m Yugyeom! And this is Daddy!” Jackson looks up at Jinyoung with a short breath of laughter.

    “Hi, Daddy,” he says a lot more sultry than needed and Jinyoung chokes on his spit. Jackson giggles again, seemingly never running out of laughter.

    “I’m Jinyoung,” he corrects—is it really correcting?—and Jackson stands up, offering a hand to Jinyoung as well. Jinyoung shakes it with a slight smile. Jackson was a very handsome man, Jinyoung wouldn’t deny. He had a good face with strong features, and Jinyoung couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

    “Are you the father of this cutie?” Jackson nods toward Yugyeom, who makes grabby hands at Jinyoung. Jinyoung bends down to pick Yugyeom up with a groan. Yugyeom was getting bigger, Jinyoung would have to get more clothes for his son soon, and maybe work out a little more too. All his son wants, it seems, was up, down, up, down.

    “I am,” Jinyoung answers, and with that, Yugyeom reaches out and extends his hand towards Jackson.

    “High five,” he chirps and Jinyoung laughs softly. His cousin, Wonpil, had gotten Yugyeom to start asking everyone for high fives, and it was rather endearing. Jackson apparently finds it endearing as well, giving Yugyeom what he asked for with an even bigger smile.

    “How old are you, Yugyeomie?” The nickname slips out of Jackson’s mouth easily and Jinyoung has to hold back a smile at how cute the interaction is. Yugyeom beams right back at Jackson, holding up one hand with all fingers spread.

    “I’m four!” Jinyoung chuckles.

    “Baby, that’s five fingers.” Yugyeom laughs, ignoring it, and Jackson snorts as well.

    “I’m not a baby! I’m a prince!” Yugyeom pouts at his father, and Jinyoung laughs.

    “Apologies, my lord.” His son is appeased, grinning up at his father and patting his cheek. If it was anyone else, Jinyoung would’ve found it condescending but Yugyeom was an exception.

    “Can you play?” Yugyeom immediately turns to Jackson with a big, moon-eyed, grin right now. He has never so much seemed like a big, friendly, puppy at this moment. Jinyoung mouths a ‘sorry’ at the man, who just smiles indulgently.

    “I always have time to play,” he agrees, and Yugyeom beams, wriggling out of Jinyoung’s arms and holding out a hand to Jackson. Jinyoung watches with a fond smile as Yugyeom tugs Jackson across the playground when–

    “Daddy, you’re supposed to be my knight!” Jinyoung has been summoned.

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  • lifegoesmon
    20.04.2021 - 7 hours ago
    jinyoung and jackson’s acting workshop ♡
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  • iconspnow
    20.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    like if you save:")

    #jackson wang icons #im jaebeom icons #Mark tuan icons #got7 fetus icons #got7 icons #Park jinyoung icons
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    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • itsamooncalf
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #fc : park jinyoung #park jinyoung avatars #park jinyoung#got7 jinyoung#avatars#rpg#400*640#muses#got7 #coloring by ultra-violences #ultraviolences psd
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  • bricksnbottles
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    jinyoung 🖤

    i learned a lot while i worked on this one and i’m pretty happy with how he turned out 💕

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  • twojae
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    jinyoung ⁎ look (cr. jytrain)
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  • semibrainrot
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    got7 as the seven deadly sins

    jaebeom as lust
    mark as sloth
    jackson as greed
    jinyoung as wrath
    youngjae as pride
    bambam as gluttony
    yugyeom as envy
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  • tastetheravenn
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    King of snark and sass here

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  • ortali
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    my prince charming (11/?):  thinking about this jinyoung  😳

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  • babymonsterg
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Título: "Quando você me olha assim"

    Autora: _SenhoritaQueen

    Foram ultilizados os PNG's do Jinyoung e da Lauren Jauregui (Não sei que o nome da criança, Sorry :()

    Capa feita pelo Ibis Paint X ✨

    #capa de fanfic #capa de kpop #capa para fanfic #capa social spirit #got7#capa romântica#park jinyoung
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  • hyunjaeslipstickstxins
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    i could get off to jinyoung’s voice

    that shit is holy

    yeah, i wanna get fucked while listening to him sing

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  • lifegoesmon
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago
    #got7edit#got7gif#park jinyoung#kim yugyeom#jinyoung#yugyeom#jingyeom#got7#my gifs#mine#type: gif #brotp: tom and jerry #love how much they annoy each other<3 besties behaviour #hotline 8
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  • definitelyseven
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    risky business | two

    summary: you were hired to be with everyone else but Park Jinyoung

    one (m) | two |

    six months later

    You wrapped the silk robe around your body, tying a small knot in the front as you walked downstairs. From a distance, you see a figure sitting by the kitchen island. 

    “Jinyoung?” you called as you made out his figure. 

    “Oh is someone upstairs?” he asked, afraid you had company tonight. 

    You shook your head, “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “This is my condo,” he reminded you as he laid his head on the counter.

    “No you said I can stay here if I had one of my appointments,” you said. “What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here.” He groans, gently bumping his forehead on the counter over and over again. “Jinyoung! I booked you a table at the most expensive restaurant in the city, the nicest suite in the biggest hotel on Valentines Day. What happened?” you asked.

    “I was getting annoyed,” he complained. “So I left.”

    “You can’t leave just because you’re annoyed! Do you know how hard it was to get a table today? Do you know what kind of mess you’ll be leaving me?” 

    Over these last few months you and Jinyoung have gotten close, especially after that night. You were getting better and better at your job. 

    “She’ll be fine. I gave her my credit card,” he whined, making you roll your eyes. “I didn’t see Mr. Jeong’s car in the driveway. Where is he?” 

    “Mr. Jeong is married and needs to be with his wife on Valentines Day. Mr. Kim, though - he’s single,” you smirked. 

    “Who’s Mr. Kim?”

    “My next target,” you revealed. “I’ve done my research and I think he’ll be the best investor for Park Real Estate.”

    “How come I didn’t know he’s your next target?” he asked, raising his eyebrow. 

    You chuckle at him. “I’m getting better at my job, don’t you think?” This time it was Jinyoung’s turn to roll his eyes at you. He makes his way towards you, trapping you in between his arms and the counter.

    “If he’s your new target then why isn’t he here?” he says through his teeth. 

    “He’s single but has a very needy daughter,” you tell him, turning around to face him. “One call and he ran back to her arms.”

    “Don’t tell me you’re jealous of his daughter,” Jinyoung teased, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. 

    “I can only pretend,” you whispered, leaning in towards his face. Jinyoung flashes a smile at you before leaning in to kiss you. You instantly kiss him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. He lifts you up onto the counter as he deepens the kiss.

    There’s no doubt that you and Jinyoung’s relationship was complicated. You worked for him but he didn’t necessarily treat you like the rest of his staff. You were more than that to him. You were “special.” But no matter how special you were to him, he would never be caught walking out in public with you. 

    You slowly pulled away from the kiss. “I haven’t eaten yet,” you whispered against his lips. “I’m hungry,” you revealed, earning a laugh from him. 

    “What should I make you?” he offered, rubbing his nose against yours. 

    “You cook?” you asked, surprised. 

    He scoffed, pretending that he was hurt by your words. “I know how to make a delicious ramen,” he teased. You laugh at him while nodding. You watched him carefully as he prepared the ramen - dropping the instant ramen into a pot of hot water and stirring it. “The secret is the egg,” he said proudly, making you giggle. He chuckles at his own joke. “Come on. It’s almost ready,” he tells you as he helps you off the counter. Jinyoung pulls your body against his as soon as your feet land on the floor. He leans down immediately planting a kiss on your lips, making you giggle. 

    You sat down on the couch and waited for Jinyoung to bring the ramen over. He sets the bowl on the coffee table and you immediately smelled the deliciousness. “I’m impressed,” you tell him as you moved closer to the table. 

    “Try it,” Jinyoung says taking a seat next to you and instantly pulling you on his lap. You slurped some noodles into your mouth.

    “Mhmmm,” you exaggerated. Jinyoung opens his mouth, signaling you to give him some noodles. You brought the chopsticks up to his lips and watched him slurp up the noodles.

    “Shit I did good,” he joked making you laugh. "Let me,” he said as he takes the pair of chopsticks out of your hand. He brings the noodles up to your lips to take another bite occasionally wiping the soup off the corner of your lips. “How do you like it?”

    Before you can respond, your phone rings. “Hello?”

    “Unnie, where are you? There’s a bunch of men downstairs looking for father. I’m scared,” she cried.

    “Wonyoung, listen to me. Lock the door to your room and don’t come out unless you hear me. I’ll be right there,” you promised her. You quickly hung up and got off Jinyoung’s lap. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

    “I'll take you,” he offers. He holds your hand the entire car ride home. “Don’t worry,” he gives your hand a light squeeze before bringing it up to his lips. 

    “We’re here. Thank you. I’ll call you tomorrow,” you tell him before rushing out of the car. You run inside your house and see your father on his knees. Your house was a mess. 

    “Who the hell are you people?” you asked even when you knew who they were.

    “This must be your eldest daughter. She’s pretty,” the angry man, smirked. “Your father owes us $200,000.”

    “W-what?” you glared at your father. “How could you? We don’t have that kind of money!” 

    “Don’t lie to me!” the man spatted. “Look at the purse you’re carrying - that’s easily worth $10,000.” You looked down at the purse Jinyoung got you. 

    You scoffed before dumping everything out of your bag. “Take it. There’s two more like this upstairs but that’s all I have,” you said with tears in your eyes. “You’ve practically searched everywhere, you should know I’m not lying.”

    “That won’t do,” he said shaking his head. “That won’t do!” he repeated, slamming his hand on the table, making you jump. He walks up to you, scanning you up and down. “Is your little sister upstairs? I heard she’s pretty too,” he smirked again.

    “If you touch her, I will kill you.”

    He wasn’t scared though. He only laughed at your words. “I’d like to see you try baby,” he said reaching for your chin. You quickly moved away from his filthy hands. 

    “Don’t touch me,” you said sternly. “What do you want?”

    “I want my money,” he said through his teeth. “Or you can give me your body. I bet I can sell you for a lot of money,” he whispers as his hands wander all over your body. 

    “She’s more than what her father owes,” Jinyoung said as he enters your house.

    “Jinyoung, no. Don’t get involved,” you warned him.

    “Is that so? And exactly how much is she worth?” he said getting in Jinyoung’s face. 

    Jinyoung scoffs and pulls a check out of his pocket. “More than your pathetic little life. Here’s your $200,000. Leave,” he demanded.

    “Jinyoung-” you called his name before getting interrupted. 

    “This is your last chance to take your money and leave. If I have to tell you again, you’ll be walking away with nothing.” 

    The man glances down at the check and then at Jinyoung. He hesitates for a moment before grabbing the check and instructing his men to leave. You let out a sigh of relief as soon as the last man leaves your house. You immediately rushed upstairs to check on Wonyoung. 

    “Wonyoungie, it’s me. Open the door.”

    Your sister opens the door. “Unnie,” she calls before bursting into tears. “Are they gone?” You nodded, pulling her in for a hug.

    “It’s going to be okay,” you assured her. 

    You made your way downstairs after Wonyoung fell asleep, thinking Jinyoung had left already but he was still there. Your father was talking to him - asking for more money.

    “Have you not learned a single thing?” you screamed at your father. “How many times do you have to put us through this?” you continued to shout. Jinyoung makes his way over to you.

    “How dare you talk to your father like that?” he shouted back. 

    “Start acting like our father if you want to be treated like one!” you yelled as tears fall from your eyes. “If you really want to be our father, you would stop gambling. If you cared about us, you’d stop,” you sobbed. You let out a light laugh, “But who am I kidding? You would never do that for us. This is the last time I’m cleaning up your shit,” you warned.

    “Walk me out Y/N,” Jinyoung asks, interrupting your conversation. He was trying to calm you down. 

    “I’m sorry about that. I’ll find a way to pay you back,” you apologized.

    “Hey, you have nothing to be sorry about. Don’t worry about the money, okay?” he assures you, stroking the hair out of your face. “You can always come to me if you’re in trouble.”

    You gave him a weak smile, “I appreciate it.”

    “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said before giving your forehead a small peck. “Get some rest.”

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