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  • they-said-this-i-was-there
    27.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Jeno: So, what is Chenle to you?

    Jisung: The reason I wake up every morning.

    Jaemin : ...That’s adorable.

    Chenle earlier that morning, barging into Jisung′s room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!

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  • potatzu
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    #jisung#nct#dream#nctinc#itsnctsworld#nctcreations#kpopco#park jisung#nct dream#potatzugifs #noooooo fuck my life i wasn't gonna post this now 😩😩😩😩 #i hate tumblr #goodnight
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  • baejso
    27.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    [10:49 am]

    If demon!Park Jisung was ever honest in any point of his life, then he would admit that he was scared of you.

    Jisung first met you when you found him in the woods one day and gently treated the fresh cuts he has by his wing. He didn’t find any sense of fear when his eyes showed pure darkness. He didn’t see you stutter when you asked him if he needed anything. Instead, he saw your pure intentions and heart even if he was a literal living demon.

    Didn’t you hesitate? Even the angels of God didn’t want to help anyone who’s from the underground.

    You were no angel— just a mere human. His non-beating heart softened when you pat his head, smiling in a friendly manner and welcoming him in your small home until he’s fully healed.

    “You’re too good to me.” Jisung mumbles, looking up to count the stars out of boredom. “I’m not, Jisung. You are.” You correct him, staring at his side figure. “Me? Good? Does that even make sense?” He lets out a dry laugh, finding what you said amusing. “You never dragged me to hell yet, and that makes you good to me.” Smiling, you look away.

    Jisung stayed silent, knowing well what you said was true. The mischievousness in his nature fading into the background and was replaced with fear instead— loosing count of the stars, you were too good to him. You scare him in different ways, and you scare him the most. Why is he acting so unusual around you? Why can’t he drag you to hell and torture you for eternity? Why does he want to protect you?

    #nct drabbles#nct u#nct imagines#nct fluff#nct dream#nct scenarios#nct au #nct dream imagines #nct dream fic #nct dream angst #nct dream fluff #jisung imagines#jisung ff#jisung fluff#jisung fanfic #nct park jisung #jisung nct#jisung #jisung x reader #nct jisung#park jisung #✎ hye originals
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  • jjaehmins
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ☼ jjaehmins's masterlist☼

    welcome to the masterlist ☺︎

    ☁︎ JAEMIN

    STRANGERS ‹ on going smau › » one | two | three | four | five | ...
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  • jjaehmins
    26.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


    in which y/n receives numerous text messages from a stranger.

    ▫︎ non idol!jaemin x female!reader

    ▫︎ format: social media au (smau)

    ▫︎ warnings: the texts are in lowercase!

    ▫︎ note: hi, this is the second part finally posted lol. enjoy :)

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  • goirlkkii
    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    🐥 Notes [Park Jisung]

    Your classmate Jisung was sleeping in class, it was fair because it was 1st period and there wasn't any teacher.

    You turned to look at him, he had his face down facing the desk, and his phone was next to him. He was a really shy guy, but since you both were always next to each other in every class, to you he was a really cool and funny person.

    Curious, you grabbed his phone and try to unlock it, thinking that it wouldn't unlock because the password you put was literally "1 2 3 4", but surprisingly it worked.

    The first thing you opened was the pictures, nothing special to be honest, pictures of himself, his hands in weird positions, or food.

    After checking some apps, you noticed you hadn't opened the notes app, mostly because it wasn't special for you, a person who only saves shopping lists there.

    You clicked on the icon and saw an open note, you started reading.

    "Hi, how are you? I just wanted to text you because I'm not brave enough to tell you face to face hehehe I wanted to tell you this a few weeks ago, but I just got the courage 😅 I like you, and with this I hope you don't decide to seat anywhere else an..."

    A sleepy Jisung snatched his phone out of your hands, looking at you with anger and confusion.

    "Ya! what's wrong with you?" You started to laugh, trying to hide your awkwardness.

    He noticed and looked at the screen of his phone, seeing the text he wrote yesterday and was supposed to send it to you someday.

    The tension was really strong, making Jisung walk out of embarassment, leaving you there with a million thoughts on your head.

    Part 2: (coming soon) 🍨🌸

    #jisung#park jisung#jisung park#nct dream#nct#nct jisung#nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #nct scenarios#nct imagines #nct dream jisung imagines #nct jisung imagines #nct jisung fluff #park jisung x reader #jisung park x reader #park jisung imagines #park jisung fluff #jisung park imagines #nct dream blurbs #nct dream fanfic #nct jisung park fluff #jisung x reader #jisung imagines
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  • incorrect-sm-ent
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    *nct dream gc*

    haechan: the first one to reply is gat

    haechan: *gay

    haechan: wait...

    jisung: you are gay

    #nct incorrect#nct 127 #nct incorrect quotes #nct dream#nct #nct dream incorrect texts #nct 127 incorrect quotes #nct dream incorrect #nct dream meme #nct dream incorrect quotes #jisung#haechan#lee donghyuck#park jisung
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  • hyucks
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    he’s on the hunt ...
    #nctinc#nct dream#nct 127#nct#mgroupsedit#idolsincedits#idolnexusedit#ultkpopnetwork#kpopco#haechan#lee donghyuck#jisung#park jisung#m:gifs #these have been sitting in my gif folder for so long jsahdkjshd I DONT REMEMBER WHEN I MADE THEMS KALJDLKASD #haech leave the baby ALONE jisung RUN
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  • kpop-hive
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Giving Him a Hickey|Park Jisung


    “I dare you to give Jisung a hickey!” Haechan yelled. You simply gave him the finger for giving you a dare that would not only make you flustered, but Jisung as well, he was already halfway there to be honest. He nudged your shoulder before giving you a nod as the okay. You crawled over to him, straddled his lap before placing your hands on his shoulders, he nervously looked around before placing his hands on your waist. You took a good look at Jisung’s long neck, like a clean canvas waiting to be painted. You trailed wet kisses along it, before licking a stripe up the vein on his neck making him whimper. You found the perfect spot before going in to suck into the soft skin, his hands began to tighten around your waist, the pain of your sucking stinging just a little bit, making him wince, but of course that’s expected from someone who has never received a hickey. The pain subsided for Jisung, now groaning into your touch, the feeling made him feel warm against you. You pulled away, admiring your work, the reddish purple mark looked gorgeous on the side of his neck in contrast to his skin, his cheeks never returned from the pink blush instilled in them. The rest of the boys went over to Jisung, their fingers, running over the marked flesh before Haechan turned to. “Nice work.” He praised making Jisung hide behind your shoulder.

    #kpop#kpop smut#park jisung#nct#nct dream #park jisung drabbles #nct jisung #nct dream jisung #park jisung imagines #nct dream x reader #nct dream fluff #nct drabbles #nct dream drabbles #kpop masterlist#kpop fluff#kpop angst#masterlist#nct imagines#nct masterlist#kpop scenarios#nct scenarios #nct dream scenarios #nct smut #park jisung x y/n #nct dream x y/n #nct x reader #nct x y/n
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  • jisungdorock
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    nosung matching icons!! nosung ✷ no-sung ☆ matching :)) enjoy !!

    like or reblog if u use/save.

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  • thenctneighborhood
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Meet The Families


    Tyler's younger son

    Mark's younger brother

    Thinks that he's straight but isn't sure

    Trans Boy

    Caroline's boyfriend

    Trying so hard to make sure that their parents don't find out about it

    Even though almost everyone knows already

    Again he tries bless him

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  • jakey-jakey
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jisung college au ; the basketball player

    Type : Basketball player!Jisung + female!reader , switch Jisung and reader.

    SMUT angst and fluff

    Word count ; 6k

    Summary ; Why did you even accept to accompany your bestfriend at this stupid party? Maybe it wasn't that bad because you saw ,for the first time a hot tall basketball player....


    "Are you even listening to me ?" The high pitched voice of your bestfriend woke you up ,you can see in her eyes she was upset. "I'm sorry Lia" you murmured, looking at her with a awkward smile.

    "So,I was asking, the pink dress or the black one" she continued showing you the two dress ,they were honestly amazing ,like Lia ,her big brown eyes and her thin lips make her look like a angel, and she was.

    Lia is your bestfriend since the 7th grade when she found you alone on a bench, you were the shy and weird one and she was the popular and extremely kind one .

    She was your favorite human ,the only one you really like since you and your family lost contact ,she was the only support and you were grateful to her for that. Sure you had some other friends like Jaemin ,Jeno and Chenle but you liked her ten times more.

    Even though you two were inseparable she was a party girl and not you for the simple reason you just hate everyone. So it was pretty rare (it never happened) for you to come with her when she was partying.

    But this time ,you agreed, you didn't even know why but you did and it probably was an terrible error.

    "The black one is cute" you answered with a little smile ,Lia was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful girl you've ever seen and everything looks good on her so you didn't really care about her dress. "Now let's searching a dress for you" she smirked, opening her giant closet with hundreds and hundreds of clothes, especially fancy dresses. "I don't like dresses on me" you whined ,glancing at her dresses thinking it was beautiful on her ,not on you.

    "Please ,I'm sure you're amazing in dress" she cried, looking at you with her puppy eyes ,you hated when she do that ; the "puppy look" ,you can't say no when she looks at you like that. You nodded in defeat ,making her giggle while she was trying to find a dress for you. She finally found a grey dress not too short with longs sleeves(she didn't have an amount of choice though ,it was the only dress you accepted to wear).

    Both of you get changed and you put some makeup on,drawing a tiny eyeliner on your eyelids. "Okay sweetie, let's go!" Lia exclaimed when you were finally ready ,you two came in Lia's car because you didn't have your driver license yet. Once you finally showed up, Lia grabbed your hand making you entering with her in the host house. It was not like your shared apartment with Lia ,it was almost ten times bigger ,a fucking palace.

    "Welcome Lia and Y/n!" A cute voice exclaimed when you both walked through the hall ,it was one of Lia's friend ,Jaemin he also was one of the owners of the house. "Y/n's finally here!" He continued with a big smile as he gave you somethings looking like coke but didn't smell like it . "It's whiskey with coke"Lia said, noticing your lost face.

    It's been now two hour you were here ,Lia was dancing and drinking while you were sitting on a chair ,looking at her. Some of Lia's friends sometimes talked to you (especially Jaemin) but none of them stayed with you.

    Strangely, you felt like a gaze on you ,it makes you really uncomfortable so you decided to get out to get some fresh air.

    You found a cozy place in the garden ,it felt good and refreshing.You took off your shoes, feeling the cold grass against your feet.

    "I don't like party neither" a deep voice behind you spoke ,making you jump.You turned around to see a very tall brown-haired boy. "I never saw you here" he continued, tilting his head on the sit curiously. "I'm just here for Lia" you mumbled ,looking down at your feet "Oh Lia... The girl who fuck with Jeno?" He asked nonchalantly making you gasp ,you didn't know that you always thought Lia was an innocent and naive girl. "I guess..." you whispered, still avoiding his gaze "hum..sorry it was awkward hm..By the way I live here with Jeno ,Jaemin and Chenle" he said awkwardly , you were kinda surprised because ,unlike the three others you never saw him in the college and at your apartment with Lia. "You're in the art section, right?" He continued as you tilted your head up ,meeting his gaze. You hummed in acquiescence but how did he know ? "I'm in the sport section ,I'm in the basketball team with Jaemin and Jeno." He said whilst holding your gaze.

    That's why you never saw him. Chenle was in your class so you saw him almost everyday and ,if the tall boy was his bestfriend it probably explains why he know you.

    "I talk too much?" The boy asked, lowering his head. "It's okay" you said ,smiling shyly ,he was kinda goofy and you found it cute.

    He suddenly sat on the grass and pat the grass beside him ,asking you to sit with him ,so you did ,his presence was calming. "I'm Jisung" he said when you sat down, breaking the comforting silence since the last words. "I'm Y/n" you replied, looking at the stars shining brightly in the night sky.

    "I LOST MY CHILD" You heard a familiar voice yelling in the house ,you rolled your eyes,sure it was Lia who screamed and sure she talked about you. "Fuck" you whispered, taking your shoes to wear them as Jisung was staring staring you ,quietly laughing.

    Lia appeared in the garden ,panicked. "OH MY GOD YOU'RE HERE !" She exclaimed, hugging you as tightly as she could. "Let's just go home please, I was so scared" she continued ,grabbing your hand,she was so reassured she didn't even noticed Jisung. You defeatly waved your hand at him, noticing the shy grin in his pretty face.

    The next morning, when you woke up you heard a familiar voice in the living room ,Lee Jeno,you suddenly remembered what Jisung told you about them . "Please not that image in my poor head" you whispered to yourself while you got up.

    You took some clothes and go shower. While the cold water was falling against your shoulders you heard the front door, Jeno probably left the apartment.

    "I left, I come back tomorrow morning ,have a nice day baby, and please ,tell professor I'm sick! -Lia your bestfriend" you read the paper she left on the table..So she left you alone ,it was rare for you to be totally alone since you arrived in this apartment, she was always here but another thing caught your attention 'Tell professor I'm sick' she wanted to skip classes? She never skipped classes ,she was a good student.

    The Monday morning class was the worst ,the most boring so ,for the pause ,since Lia was not here ,you decided to just randomly walk in the college , it didn't bother you to be alone,you liked it anyways.

    You went to your favorite place, it was far from classroom so nobody was ever here .It was like a little garden with a lot of flowers and a fountain, a perfect spot for your passion ,photography. But this time ,when you walked in,it felt different, the smell was not the same as before ...and someone was throwing a coin into the fountains,a tall figure.

    It was Jisung, the boy who was at the party.

    "Hi" you mumbled ,making the boy looking at you with a cute smile. "I know you would come" he said "I see you come here almost everyday" he continued, more quietly.

    "So you've been spying me ?" You teasingly said,you didn't know him but you've noticed he always get shy whenever you talk with him. "I-I wasn't!" He mumbled ,playing with his own fingers."I was kidding no worries" you said ,staring at his long fingers. "Y/n? C-Can you come to my basketball game please ? It's a really important tournament so-" "I'll come" you cut him off ,he was smiling brightly. "It's in 5 hour ,at 18:30" he said before he gave you the sweetest look and ,after some long seconds, he ran away ,mumbling an excuse.

    The next five hours were even longer than the morning, you were intrigued by the basketball tournament (not really ,you just wanted to see the tall boy again). You even arrived like 15 minutes before the game so you were alone in the the basketball court.

    "So Jisung finally invited you"a voice said as the person sat beside you. You looked up to see Chenle ,your classmate ,his longs dark hair falling on his eyes. "He talked about inviting you since the first year" he said ,smiling at you "Really?" You mumbled, feeling your cheeks burning,it was the first time someone was paying attention to you like that.

    "They are here for training a little bit before the tournament" Chenle whispered as you heard footsteps and louds laugh .You were searching Jisung when suddenly one of the boys walked to both of you . "Hi ma boi Chenle and ...what's your name babygirl?" The caramel skinned boy asked ,making you gasp and blushing. "I-I'm Y/n!" You murmured, trying to hide your red cheeks from the boy. "What a cute name for a pretty girl like you" he said as you saw Chenle in the corner of your eye act like if he was throwing up. "Haechan stop bullying this poor girl and come here" the club captain said ,sighing. You suddenly felt all the boys eyes on you ,Chenle usually came here to watch them practicing but they never saw you here.

    Jaemin waved at you, a bright smile on his face while, in the corner of the room, Jisung was literally boiling, he was furious ,how Haechan dare to talk to you like that ?

    The ten next minutes were calm, they were just training before the tournament and the court was fills up fastly. You felt someone patting your shoulders, Lia ,probably here to see Jeno and Jaemin (mostly Jeno). "What are you doing here Y/n ?" She said ,sitting next to you "Jisung invited me " you smiled when you saw her eyes widening in shock "Jisung ? This kid never talk to me ,I guess he don't like me" she whined .

    "You're here for your boyfriend?" You took her out of guard, you needed the truth ,was she with Jeno ? Even if the court was full ,you knew Chenle was listening to your conversation, he wanted the new gossip to blackmail his friends. "Yes...Hum ,not really...I mean yes we are together since 3 days or something but ...we keep that secret" She mumbled ,it's the first time you saw her like that ,she was always confident. "Interesting" Chenle whispered, making you both laughing and warming the whole mood.

    The game was interesting ,Jaemin and Jeno were better than you thought ,Jisung was clumsy but good too and Haechan, every time he threw the ball into the basketball hoop ,winked at you. What you didn't noticed was Jisung ,he was getting really upset when he saw you giggling at Haechan he just wanted to throw the ball in his head.

    Jisung was playing angrily, throwing the ball strongly and Chenle noticed.

    "Jisung is upset" he commented after some minutes observing his bestfriend "He's playing like crazy ,he's definitely mad" he said ,looking at you like if he was trying to get an answer but you were clueless.

    When the game finished , you stayed in the bench, waiting for Jisung with Chenle while Lia was talking with Jeno. "Y/n ,I'm leaving with Jeno ,see ya" Your bestfriend said ,winking at you and ,as you were waving at them ,you felt a hand on your shoulder. "Hi pretty" a high pitched voice whispered in your ear. It was the cutie flirty boy , Haechan. He sat between you and Chenle, his arm around your shoulder. "You came to see me hm ? You are addicted to me ?" Heachan teased ,sure he knew you didn't come here for him because you didn't even know him.

    During the time Haechan was flirting with you Jisung was here, behind you ,angrily clenched his fist ,and this time again ,Chenle noticed and the clever boy understood directly ; Jisung was jaelous.

    "Heachan come on I show you something" Chenle said ,looking at Jisung .Sure ,he was just doing that to keep him away from you.

    "You like him ?" A cold voice asked behind you back as you were watching Haechan and Chenle leaving ,it made you slightly jumping. "Jisung you scared me" you sighed ,looking up at him "Y/n do you like him ?"He asked ,you could hear the worry in his voice and it made your heart tightened, how can you feel like that for him ? You knew him only for like two days but you were so attached already. "No I don't know him!" You exclaimed "So you don't think love at first sight exist?" He asked visibly embarrassed.

    So it was that ? He fell in love with you ?No way he's to perfect ... Well to be honest ,he was cute and ...maybe you finally believe in love at first sight?

    Yes but how can you already love him ? Why your heart is playing with you like that?

    "I already love someone" you whispered loud enough for Jisung to hear you."Who's that lucky guy?" He nervously asked ,he lacked of self confidence so this poor baby thought you didn't liked him...

    "Someone" You shyly said, you couldn't just tell him right now ,you'd only know each other since a couple of day.

    "Let's forget that it's awkward" you continued, making him the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen "Yeah let's just hangout ,I'm tired because of the tournament" he confidently said as you nodded ,you definitely wanted to hangout with him.


    While you two were watching Frozen you just thought about the tournament and what Chenle said ,why Jisung was mad ? This poor baby didn't deserve that

    "Y/n ? Why don't you answer ?" The deep voice woke you up from your dream of your new boyfriend. "Sorry what did you say?" You innocently said. "I was talking about Kristoff" he mumbled "You were thinking of the boy you like?" He asked afterward.

    "Huh?What no I was just...Hum..Chenle said you looked upset so I was just asking myself why were you mad" you were honest with him ,yeah you were thinking about him. "The girl I like the most was flirting with an other boy" he answered after a couple of minutes of silence.

    And you honestly felt your heart like breaking in two ,so he already liked a girl...Yeah it was sure ,a pretty boy like you couldn't like a girl like you, a nerd. (Sure it was only what you were thinking but you're perfect as you are). "I'm not good in romance but...try to make her jealous? Maybe she'll notice you" you sweetly smiled at him as he nodded.

    "HOLY SHIT MY SON GROW UP" A dramatic voice yelled behind you both "He came with a girl at home..." the voice continued while you turned around to see the who it was. When your gaze met the gaze of the person, he sighed "Oh it's just Y/n ,I was so scared" the person ,Jaemin said.

    Jaemin always saw you like the innocent one , the virgin who never kissed nobody even if it was ridiculous since you fucked once with him.

    Well...he was your first (and actually your last) and you two were kinda drunk ,you both just forget that,you were still the naive for him.

    Jisung was like his son, his poor innocent naive son, he just couldn't see him with a girl except Lia and you, the only two he trust.

    You saw his gaze became soft when he saw the TV screen.

    "Oooh and my two kids are watching Frozen together!" He softly said as your eyes widened,he was calling you his 'kid' ? "Jaem' stop that" Jisung growled ,glancing at Jaemin but Jaemin just didn't listen to him and sat between you two, his hand naturally finding a place on your thigh, it made Jisung going crazy ,he just wanted to slap Jaemin and kill him and Haechan for touching you.

    After like 30 minutes, the front door opened , Jeno and Lia entered in the living room ,Lia had a small smile on her face, she was happy that you had friend. "Oh the couple's here" Jaemin said with a smirk.

    What you saw like a date finished just like a little party with all your friends...


    "Y/n ?Are you OK? Why's your fist clenched like that ?" Chenle asked ,looking at you with a concerning look. "Why is Jisung touching the arms and the waist of this bitch?" You angrily asked , you knew it was not good to talking shit about people but this girl bullied you for like two years so you had your reasons and seeing Jisung with her made your blood boiling in your veins.

    "Jealous?" Chenle teased but you shut him off "This girl was insulting me, pushing me and bullying me on social media almost everyday for like two years, I'm not laughing Lele" you seriously said you just couldn't see Jisung with her ,it was a torture for you. "I'll talk of that with him no worry Y/n" he smiled, moving closer to hug you,he understood how hard it was for you when he saw tears starting to roll on your cheeks.

    Jisung hated himself when he saw you crying in Chenle arms ,he couldn't even hating Chenle because he was his and not Chenle fault if he was not here for you. He wanted to be here to hug you as Chenle do ,but he was too busy flirting with a girl he didn't even like to make you jealous, 'she didn't even love me ,I'm sure she love Jaemin ,I saw the way they were looking at each other' he thought.

    After the lunch, you saw Jisung nervously fidgeting his sleeve so you walked to him ,worried. "Hi Jisung are you alr-" "Y/n you're here! Oh my- I'm so sorry, I saw you crying this morning but I was talking with Lua , I'm sorry, forgive me please" he fastly said, you could feel his nervousness and anxiety. "It's okay Jisung" you reassured him ,patting his shoulder to calm him and you succeeded, he was a lot more calm now, he looked better and it was the most important for you.

    As the bell was ringing, you promised to see him later ,he gave you his number and ran away because he didn't want to be late .

    After some second you noticed, on the floor , a wristband, and you recognized it immediately, it was Jisung's but you couldn't gave it back to him now ,you didn't want to be late to 'I gave him back later'.


    "Chenle wait!" You grabbed the arm of the black haired boy "Do you know where can I find Jisung ? I found his wristband." You asked the bracelet still in your pocket.

    "He's probably at the basketball court" the sweet boy smiled and walked away ,probably the find his other friend ,Haechan who was waiting in front of the door.

    You walked in the whole college because yes ,the basketball court was literally at the opposite of your classroom. After some minutes you finally arrived ,you quietly opened the door and entered to see Jisung ,throwing the ball more sweetly than during the game of the day before.

    You cleared your throat, signaling your presence to the tall boy ,alone in the big court ,who looked at you,the smile showing off his cute hamster cheeks. "Y/n what are you doing here ?" He went closer to you. "Your wristband fell" you smiled back, giving him his bracelet ,he just shoved it in his pockets.

    "D-Do you want to pl-play with m-me?" He stuttered ,playing ,like this morning,with his sleeves nervously, it was one of his habits.

    "I'm bad at basketball Jisung" you laughed, you couldn't even throw a ball and he wanted to play with you ? You were like 160cm ,how could you beat him? "Then let me teach you" he ,for the first time, confidently spoke to you.

    The two next hour ,Jisung explained you how to play basketball, he was close to you and it made your heart beating like crazy.

    "Let's play again together ,tomorrow I can't because I see Lua and the day after I have the official training but if you want Friday we can play together" he said ,the mention of Lua created a unknown feeling in your stomach ,like if you were angry.

    "I'm free Friday, same hour ?" You asked ,trying to forgot the bad feeling .Jisung hummed and you both get home. And during the whole night ,you two texted.


    The next day ,you stayed a lot with Chenle and Jaemin because Lia was with Jeno and Jisung was with Lua ,which made you really sad and the two boys didn't failed to notice that.

    Chenle explained to Jaemin who was Lua for you and, surprisingly, Jaemin looked very angry. Jaemin was rarely angry or upset ,he was one of the calmest persons you'd ever seen. "So my song is hanging out with this bitch" he whispered to himself as you three were walking to their home to watch a movie with Haechan.

    During all the way to their home ,Jaemin was talking about Lua ,he only stopped when Haechan arrived ,five minutes after you. "So what are we going to watch?" Haechan asked ,sitting between Chenle and you on the couch. "Conjuring 2? Jaemin said, giggling.

    You were definitely not ok with that but you stayed quiet ,you just didn't want to break the mood since the three boys seemed ok with the movie Jaemin picked.

    But the first problem was that you were scared as fuck ,at the first jump scare you literally jumped on Heachan lap ,to scared to looking at the screen. The boy giggled and hugged you tightly "Shhh...I'm here" he whispered while the two other were concentrated on the movie. And the second problem was the fact that Jisung came back home when the movie just ended and you were still on Haechan lap ,hugging him as if it was your last.

    He cleared his throat ,y'all looked at him but you didn't moved ,you stayed on his lap.

    He was so angry he didn't even talk and just ran to his room ,slamming the door.

    "Why is he like that?" You whined ,getting off Haechan lap as the three boys shrugged.

    "Guys by the way...do you think he like Lua?"You asked ,you knew they were his friends so they probably knew that "I don't know but I don't think so" Chenle replied "Why are you asking?" Haechan said ,already knowing the answer. "Please ,don't say that to him but...I mean...He's nice and cute and..I think- you know?" You stuttered but they directly understood, you didn't even know why you tell them 'I guess I trust them' .

    Until you left ,the boy helped you with flirting and told you what to say ,you were thankful to them for that. This night again ,Jisung and You texted during many hours.


    The next day ,you stayed with Chenle Haechan and Lia the whole day, you eventually told Lia about your feelings for Jisung and she was really supportive, as always.

    After class, Chenle and you walked with Haechan to the basketball court ,and ,since Haechan is really friendly, he hugged you when you left while Jisung was angrily staring at you . Suddenly, Chenle understand the whole story ; You like Jisung and Jisung like you.

    On the way to home he told you his theory but...your stupid ass didn't believe him ' How can Jisung love me ? '


    This night ,you dreamed about him ,Jisung. What Chenle told you was still on your mind , it maybe was true ?

    The morning was the long ,too long. At lunch you told to your friends (Chenle and Haechan) about the basketball training with Jisung. "It's his way to ask you out" Chenle said, still were about the fact that he like you too. "It's a date" Haechan continued ,clapping loudly.

    "Stop that everybody look at us!" You gently hit his shoulder before Jisung eyes who was already jaelous.

    The next hour where as long as the morning ,the class was boring and your mind was just thinking about the tall brown haired boy, hopefully the professor didn't noticed that you weren't paying attention.

    -The bell ring- you fastly got up ,Chenle was looking at you mockingly. You literally ran to the court, you even arrived before Jisung ,you were so nervous...

    Then you waited for him ,minutes passed and he was still not here.

    "He didn't come ,I've been waiting like 30 minutes" you angrily smashed the chair as Lia looked at you with a soft smile "It's okay ,maybe he was busy" she said while patting your shoulders.

    Lia was sad to saw you like that and she just wanted you to feel better. "Let's go to Jeno's house Y/n ,we can do a movie night with them ? Sure ,without Jisung" she said,mumbling the last words to reassuring you. She knew you hangout alot with Jaemin and especially Chenle lately.

    After hesitating during some second ,you accepted Lia's invitation, maybe seeing your friends will be nice.

    "May I invite Haechan?" You finally asked with a proud smile as Lia nodded.


    You greeted the four boys happily with Lia and y'all took a seat on the big couch ,you were again between Haechan and Chenle. Lia was on Jeno lap ,cuddling together as Jaemin was choosing the movie again ,this time he played a cute teen romance movie.

    After some minutes you got up to drink, without noticing a tall figure following you. "So missy miss , you and Jisung are finally dating" the high pitched voice of Heachan teased when you both arrived in the kitchen. "He stood me up" you whispered, looking at your foot. "Huh he's an asshole sometimes but I'm sure he didn't want to hurting you" Haechan hugged you tightly, honestly his hugs felt so good.

    What you didn't hear was Jisung ,entering in the house ,at fist he thought you (and Haechan) weren't here so he just greeted Jaemin Jeno Chenle and Lia then he heard some giggles in the kitchen. Curious, he followed the cute noises to found you ,in Haechan arms "Oh" his deep voice made you jump. But after a couple of second you became serious "You didn't come" you confidently said while you got away from Haechan. "I was with Lua,it was more important" he just said ,not even apologizing then he walked in his room without looking back.

    When Heachan and you walked back in the living room ,you immensely busted into tears ,making Lia and the three others boys looking at you in concern . Haechan told them the story ,Lia seemed really upset, she just couldn't see you like that.

    Chenle opened his arms to hug you and you, after some minute ,fell asleep on his chest. "Is she sleeping?" Heachan mocked as Lia sighed "I guess she is" she said while staring at you.

    "Lia you can't go home alone ,stay here too" Jeno said ,scared for his girlfriend . Haechan chuckled "And nobody want me?" He said, acting shocked "Stay here I guess..." Jaemin sighed.

    "What the..." the next morning when Jisung walked in the living room, Jisung saw Lia in Jeno arms, you in Chenle arms and... Heachan et Jaemin hugging each other while sleeping?

    "Hum, G-guys wake up ?" He cleared his throat.


    During the day ,he just couldn't concentrate, the image of you and Chenle in his mind ,how his best friend could even do that to him...

    He never told Chenle that he was in love with you tho.

    "Bro why ?" The voice of Heachan woke him up of his thoughts of you ,Jisung just hummed ,didn't understanding what Haechan was talking about. "What's the thing with Lua ,tell me the truth, you made Y/n cry" Haechan said, his dark eyes glaring at Jisung. After some second searching an excuse, he just gave up and told the truth "I wasn't even with her ...I just try to make Y/n jealous" he assumed.

    "Then apologies! She think you hate her dummy" Haechan exclaimed ,flicking Jiaung forehead. Jisung was decided to apologize and proving his love for you,he hated himself for being a jerk so he texted you.

    "Same hour same place, I'm sorry Y/n"

    At first you didn't understand then it hit you ,he wanted to see you ,and even if Lia and Chenle were warning you about the fact that Jisung probably will stand you up a second time you didn't care at all, you wanted to see him.


    This time YOU were late ,Jisung was waiting for you for almost ten minutes when you walked in. The boy was so happy that he jumped in your arms "I'm sorry ,forgive me I just did what you told me to do" he whispered in your ear ,hugging your waist tightly. "Huh?" was your only reply to that, you didn't understand anything.

    "You told me to make my crush jealous, I guess it works hm?" He ,for the first time , confidently flirted with you,as you felt your cheeks burning.

    "I love you" He whispered before kissing your forehead gently. " I love you too dummy" you smashed your lips on his, you hands playing with his hair.

    The three hours you'd spent with him was heaven ,he teached you how to play basketball and everytime you did a good thing he pecked your lips. Sure when you said to the boys and Lia that Jisung and You are now together, they were confused but when you explained them why Jisung didn't come to your first meeting they teased the younger boy.

    It was now one week you both are together, and it was amazing, to your anniversary, you both decided to play basketball, like the day you both confessed to each other.

    "You're good at basketball now pretty" Jisung said ,pecking your lips as the ball fell through the hoop "One day I'll beat your ass- AH!" When you were teasing him ,you felt your ankle becoming weak and you falling.

    "Oh my ! Baby are you alright?" Jisung ran to you. "My ankle and my knee are hurting " you pout ,feeling ashamed.

    The tall gentleman held you and carried you on his back ,he walked to his home like that because he wanted to give you medicine and sure, he didn't bring medicine with him."You know I'm okay Jisung" you mumbled but he didn't answered. When you both arrived he sat you on the couch and gave you medicine.

    "Let me massage your knee and ankle" he said as you throw your shoes somewhere. He started massaging your ankle and after some weird seconds, you spoke.

    "It's the first time this house is so quiet" you said, looking at Jisung cute face . "Yep the boys aren't here" he replied.

    When your ankle felt better ,he started to massage your knee but ,as his long fingers were working on your knee ,a little moan left your lips "Oh w-wow" the boy was flustered as fuck ,it was the prettiest sound he ever heard .

    When you noticed he stopped to massage you ,you thought your little noise made him incomfortable but when you saw him coming closer you changed your mind.


    "Fuck that was hot" Jisung said, his lips finding yours . The kiss was not cute as the others kiss, it was full of lust. Jisung grabbed you by your hips and waist to guiding you to his room, still kissing you hungrily.

    He delicately threw you on his bed. "Someone's hungry" you teased, giggling but Jisung cheeks became red,he looked awkward. "I was joking Jisung-" " It's not that" he reassured then sat next to you on his bed.

    "I'm virgin" he mumbled as you eyes widened in shock. "It's okay baby I can show you" you managed to say after some seconds and you kissed him deeply. You didn't know he was virgin and you honestly thought it was hot to teach him what to do.

    You were tugging his shirt when he took off your shirt along with his, leaving you both without shirt. "It's not fair ,you're breast isn't bare" he pout and you slowly took off your bra. He was looking at you ,his big eyes widened, he didn't know what to do with his hands. "You can touch them Jisung" you grabbed his hands and guided it to your chest and he gently caressed them "Do what you want" you whispered, you both were red.

    You heard Jisung whimpering before crashing his lips on your breast ,kissing and sucking your skin as you quietly moaned. His hands went from your tummy to your short ,trying to took it off ,he was struggling a little so you helped him.

    "Y/n ...I want to finger you and eat you out" he awkwardly said ,he couldn't even looking at your eyes because he was just too embarrassed. "Then do it" you giggled at his cuteness and when you tried to take off your underwear he stopped you.

    "I want to do that myself" Jisung mumbled, his long fingers caressing your hips and slowly, teasingly taking off your underwear as you were whimpering ,you just wanted him to touch you.

    His fingers slowly brushed your clit. "Y'know I'd done some research on Google and they said girls like when we do that" he said and then he licked your pussy lips as you loudly gasped and it honestly boosted his ego so he continued, licking and sucked your clit as you were moaning. He was good,really...but maybe a little too good for you to handle "Jisung- fuck Jisung slow down please-" you exclaimed, your hands finding his hair and pulling it softly. "I'm sorry it-it wasn't good ?" He seemed really trworried. "It was perfect baby,just too fast you..hum you can continue" you reassured with a grin while he dangerously approached his fingers to your pussy again. He slowly entered two of his longs fingers in you stretching your little hole ,his fingers were way longer than yours and you weren't used to this size ,you last boyfriend hadn't long fingers tho and it never felt this good ,Jisung was special...well he was not very talented at fingerings but he puts all his love in his work and you really felt loved.

    Jisung didn't notice that making you feel good excited him as much as you before he felt his cock switch in his pants as he was still thrusting his fingers in you. He mentally cursed himself ...he had really cum in his pants ?

    He didn't stop though, he was still fucking your hole with his fingers and after some seconds,you felt a knot in your stomach and you saw stars ,your orgasm was close,you were close. "Jisung-fuck..keep going" you moaned as he did.

    So you came on his fingers ,he found it so fucking hot ,but after some seconds ,he looked down ashamed. "Jisung are you OK? Do you regret anything?" You panicked when you saw his face . "It's...it's not that but I ...fuck I'm so embarrassed" he stuttered ,still looking at the patch on his pants . You looked where he was looking while you felt your cheeks burning. "Did..did you cum in your pant?" You asked as he nodded approvingly, still ashamed

    "I'm sorry" he muttered, hiding with his hands his pants "It's okay ,its cute, let's clean up baby" you said, patting his shoulders.

    You two went together in the shower ,you help him to cleaning up and he help you too, it was just cute and romantic.

    End of the SMUT

    When you both left the washroom ,your eyes me Jaemin one's "Did you guys use protection?" He asked, seemed serious "We didn't...Hum we just..." Jisung stuttered nervously.

    "My kids are growing too fast..." Jaemin sighed.

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    Wake Up With Me - Jisung

    Parings: Sleepy!Jisung x Reader

    Genre: fluff

    Au/Tropes: boyfriend au, slice of life

    Wc: 500

    Warnings: no warnings

    A/n: more jisung content

    You inhale deeply while your eyes slowly flutter open. The sound of rain is the first thing your ears pick up. The soft padding noise almost soothes you back to sleep but your boyfriend’s congested snoring isn’t having any of it. One particularly loud snore was enough to make your eyes snap completely open.

    You turn to look over your shoulder, feeling Jisung’s breath tickle the back of your neck as you do so. He was sound asleep. The room was dark and you couldn’t see his face but, you smiled thinking about how cute he probably looked. His arm was slung loosely around your waist so you move it ever-so-gently before tiptoeing out of your shared bedroom.

    You don’t bother to close the door behind you because you didn’t plan to be out of bed for too long. You were just getting water; your throat felt dryer than usual which probably meant you were beginning to come down with the same cold that Jisung has. You flick on the lights in the kitchen and begin reaching for a cup. You fill it with ice and then water, loving the way the ice cracks when the water is poured over it. Your hand lays flat on the counter as you have a sip of the water. Suddenly you feel warm arms creep around your waist. You gasp softly, being startled by your quiet boyfriend.

    “Why’d you leave?” He croaks out while resting his head on your shoulder.

    You chuckle and say. “I was thirsty,” tipping up the cup for him to see.

    He snuggles you closer, closing his eyes and groaning softly.

    You turn around in his hold. His hair is sticking up in every direction and his eyes can barely stay open. His head falls into the space between your neck and collarbone and he nuzzles his face into it. You laugh as his nose tickles you.

    “You tired?” You tease, gently raking your nails up his bare back.

    Jisung nods, hardly aware of what you just asked.

    “Okay, give me a second to clean up and then we can go back to bed.”

    He nods again. You turn back to your water and down it before pouring the ice in the sink and rinsing your cup out. You were pretty sure Jisung had fell asleep on your back. He was quiet and his arms were barely hanging on to you.

    When you were done, you wrap one of his arms around your shoulder and your arm around his waist. Once you felt secure, you began guiding him back to the room.

    His feet lazily shuffle against the floor until you make it to your room. He crawls into bed first and opens his arms to welcome you back in. You accept without a second thought. You pull the comforter over the two of you and snuggle into your boyfriend’s chest. Your hand slides up and down his abs coaxing him back to sleep.

    “I love you, Y/N.” You hear him whisper.

    “I love you, Jisung.”

    Other members: jaemin, Chenle, jeno, mark, donghyuck

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    Jisung: Why is everyone so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I’d just be excited to have a bunk bed.





    Yuta: I’m gonna tell him.

    Taeyong: Don’t you dare.

    Ten: He can’t live his whole life in ignorance! 

    Taeyong: Don’t ruin his innocence! He’s just a baby!

    Jisung: I am not a baby! 

    Doyoung, coming in the room and holding Jisung in his arms: I made dino nuggets for lunch!


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    #nats nags 🎤 #moots 🫂 #from someone special 💌 #STAN NCT PARK JISUNG
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