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    something you could almost label as love | pjs

    ↬ series: tatts & cupcakes | chapter 12 ↬ pairing: park jongseong / jay x reader ft. all members + i-land k ↬ genre: enhypen single dad au | ceo!jay | single dad!jay | baker!reader | single mom!reader | fluff | slight angst ↬ navi: beginning | previous chapter | next | series masterlist ↬ warnings: none ↬ word count: 2.1k ↬ a/n:

    hi everyone !! tatts & cupcakes is back :)) idk if anyone still remembers it at this point or even wants to continue reading the series 😭 but thank you for all the interactions while i was ia on this blog 🥺 <3

    i haven’t updated in a while so if i missed anyone on the taglist pls lmk also tumblr was being a dum dum and i couldn’t tag a few ppl so if you’re one of them i’m sorry 😪

    You felt your palms sweating as you opened the door to reveal K, Heeseung, and Jake. While you weren’t worried about Ni-ki going out with Heeseung and Jake, you were nervous about him going out with K. Ni-ki didn’t know K was his father which was something you and K decided not to reveal until Ni-ki got more comfortable with K which was why they were going to the nearby plaza to shop with Heeseung, Jake, and Jungwon. Sunghoon would stop by the bakery later today to pick up the lunch you had offered to make and pack for them all.

    “You good?” Heeseung asked, squeezing your shoulder as an act of reassurance. You nodded and took a deep breath, watching cautiously as Jungwon and Ni-ki went up to K and Jake.

    “Just nervous, I guess.”

    “I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong, don’t worry,” Heeseung said causing you to smile at him. Jay and Sunoo were going to spend the day together at home, something that you suggested in hopes of easing Jay’s stress. If Jay saw for himself how well Sunoo had gotten, he’d feel better about letting him go back to school tomorrow. After they left you saw Sunoo sulking on the couch, arms crossed and lips formed in a pout. Sitting next to him,

    “What’s wrong bubs?”

    “I wanted to go with them!” You sighed, petting his hair,

    “I know, I know. But at least you’ll go to school tomorrow, right? You’ll get to see all your friends again!” you said in what hopefully sounded like a cheery tone. Yet still, Sunoo didn’t seem satisfied.

    “How about I make you tteokboki for lunch tomorrow, will that help cheer you up?” At those words, Sunoo’s eyes up lit up and you knew that there was your sunshine. As much as Sunoo didn’t want you do, you had to leave to open up the bakery.

    “I can drop you off,” Jay offered as you were putting your things in your bag.

    “It’s ok, really Jay, thank you. Have fun at home with Sunoo, ok?” While you had left in a frenzy, there was now an extra thought added to Jay’s mind. “At home,” you called this places. Yours and Ni-ki’s he wanted it to be.

    You enjoyed your morning at the bakery, chatting with regulars, and giving out freebies to the cute little kids that stopped by with their parents. When Sunghoon stopped by, you set a picnic basket on the counter, about to explain the food inside when you suddenly received a call from the landlady of your and Ni-ki’s apartment.

    “Hello?” you answered.

    “Hi, you live in Apartment 22, right?” you heard from the other side of the line.

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Everyone needs to evacuate and pack up their things by tonight, there’s a rat infestation and the exterminators say that it’ll take 2 weeks until anyone can return to the building.”

    “A rat infestation?” Why the hell was there a rat infestation and why was she telling you now?

    “I’m sorry, hon. Everyone needs to pack what they can by 3 pm.” Checking the time, on your phone, it was only 11:21.

    “Thanks for letting me know, I’ll leave right now,” was all you could say before ending the call. Sunghoon looked at you with a worried expression on his face,

    “Rat infestation?” he asked. You nodded,

    “Me and Ni-ki’s apartment, apparently it’ll take two weeks.”

    “The two of you are staying at Jay’s place, though.”

    “Yeah, but Ni-ki and I were gonna move out the day after tomorrow.”

    “Just stay for two more weeks.”

    “Hoon, I can’t do that. It’s not fair.”

    “To Jay? I don’t think he’d mind if you two-”

    “Not to Jay,” you muttered.

    “Jungwon and Sunoo? But they like having their Ni-ki dongsaeng around.”

    “To me! Sunghoon, it’s not fair to me!” you admitted.

    “I- wait what?”

    “I just, it’s not,” you took a deep breath, “Jay is good to me and Ni-ki, I know he is. But there’s just so much happening with Sunoo recovering and K returning. I can’t keep living with Jay, Jungwon, and Sunoo acting as if this whole situation is normal.”

    “Do you want it to be?”


    “Living with Jay, being with his kids, do you want it to be normal?” You almost scoffed at the question,

    “Of course I do, who wouldn’t?”

    “Then make it normal.”

    “Hoon, it’s not that easy. Getting into a relationship with three kids involved is messy and stupid and not the kind of heartbreak I’m willing to put anyone through.”

    “Who says it’ll end in heartbreak.”

    “That’s the only way I see this ending.”

    “Open your eyes then.”

    You quickly closed the bakery then rushed to your apartment and somehow, Jay and Sunoo were already there. Sunghoon probably told them.

    “Hey,” Jay said as you walked up to them.

    “You didn’t have to show up.”

    “Of course I did, you and Ni-ki are staying for longer and I should help you move your stuff.”

    “Jay, I don’t wanna be a bother. Ni-ki and I can spend the two weeks in a hotel, it’s fine.” Your tone was colder than anything that Jay had ever felt before.

    “Are you uncomfortable? Living with me, I mean. Because if you are, I’m sorry.”

    You wanted to tell him. Wanted to tell you that he made you weak with his soft gazes and sudden smile. Wanted to tell him that he made you regret how you had gotten so accustomed to his warmth that you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. Wanted to tell him how he gave you hope, maybe love was in the cards for you one day. Wanted to tell him how he made you dream of the picture-perfect life you once thought was stupid. He made you weak, regret, hope, and dream in all the ways you didn’t know were possible but never were you uncomfortable.

    “I just don’t wanna keep mooching off of you in your own house.”

    “Really, I don’t mind if you and Ni-ki stay for longer. After all, what’s another two weeks?”

    “You’re sure?”

    “I am.”

    “Pinky promise,” you said, bringing up your hand. He smiled as he interlocked your pinkies together and let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in.

    You packed as many as your and Ni-ki’s clothes that you could, in the process bringing a couple of your blankets and little trinkets that you felt comfortable with. While you were in the car with Jay and Sunoo, the trunk filled to the brim with your and Ni-ki’s things.

    “Are you really sure it’s ok that I brought so much stuff?”

    “Don’t worry.”

    “What if there’s not enough space? Your closet’s already full and Ni-ki’s toys might get everywhere.” Jay’s hand moved away from the gearshift and gravitated towards your hand, his thumb rubbing soothing circles,

    “We’ll make space.”

    The rest of the day went by easily, the guys decided to stay for dinner, and being with K for a longer period of time went by better than you expected. Before you and Jay fell asleep the two of you made a plan for tomorrow since it was Sunoo’s first day back at school. Sometime throughout the night, you woke up to go to the bathroom. After getting out of the bathroom and heading back to the bed,

    “No,” you heard with what almost sounded like a whimper, causing you to turn on the lights to see Jay in bed with his eyes closed.


    “I-it’ll, it’ll be ok,” you heard him mutter, seeing him twitch slightly. Tears escaped his eyes as he muttered incoherent words. He was having a nightmare.

    “Jay!” you exclaimed, shaking him slightly in hopes that it’d be enough for him to wake up but he stayed within the depths of his nightmare. Not knowing what else to do, you lightly slapped his cheeks, and somehow, that had work. The upper half of his body rose up, eyes frantic as they looked around the room, and only seemed to calm down when they settled on you. You feel him hug you, an action you returned by running your hand through his hair and rubbing his back as he panted heavily trying to return his breathing back to normal.

    “Do you wanna talk about it?” you asked cautiously.

    “We were in the hospital again. But this time,” he let out a shaky breath, his hold on you tightening, “Sunoo didn’t, he didn’t, love, I, I can’t-” Jay couldn’t bring himself say it out loud but you didn’t need to hear the words to know what he dreamt. Sunoo didn’t make it out alive.

    “It’s ok, just keep breathing with me, yeah? Your boys are safe and sound in their room and Sunoo’s going back to school tomorrow, well, technically later. We made a plan, remember?” He nodded, seeming to calm down slightly.

    “What was the plan? Repeat it to me.”

    “We were gonna wake up early and make breakfast for the boys and pack all their favorite things for lunch. Tteokboki, curry buns, and bungeoppang. We’ll drop them off at school, I’ll drop you off at the bakery then head to work. I’ll pick them up, we’ll go to the bakery to pick you up, then go home.”

    “And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, ok?”

    “Ok.” You and Jay ended up laying down afterward but he seemed like he was too shaken up to be able to sleep and honestly, so were you.

    “Let’s bake cupcakes.”

    “Right now?” You nodded, the hint of a smile playing on the corners of your lips,

    “Right now.” Baking cupcakes with Jay at a time in the morning when you should’ve been asleep gave you a sense of comfort you didn’t realize you needed and he seemed to feel the same way. In order to not wake up the boys, you needed to stay quiet, talking in low tones and hushed whispers but neither of you seemed to mind. As the cupcakes were cooling and you were stirring the frosting, a shiver ran down your spine. Something that Jay had taken note of. You felt his presence behind you, confirmed as his chest pressed against your back, arms wrapping around you as his hands rubbed up and down your arms.

    “Should I turn up the heat, love?” you heard him ask. Love, he called you, love. It was nothing new to hear Jay call you that but in this moment, you came to a realization. In love was what the past few weeks felt like. Yet despite this, a thought lingered in the back of your mind. What happened when the warmth faded? What happened after two weeks and you and Ni-ki had to move back to your apartment? What happened when the cocoon of warmth you spent so allowing yourself to get enwrapped turned to ice? What happened when you had to return back to reality? You were brought out of your thoughts at the sound of Jay calling your name, asking for confirmation to turn up the heat. But instead,

    “If you did then there’d be no reason to stay like this,” you replied teasingly with a smile on your face. The charm of the necklace he gave you shimmered under the kitchen lights as it rested around your neck. Jay wanted nothing more than to tilt your chin upwards and kiss you right then and there. Wanted to show you how much you meant to him. Wanted to love you in all the ways that words could never do it justice. He was so caught up in his thoughts, mesmerized by your smile, and entranced by this whole situation that he hadn’t realized what had just happened when something cool was felt at the tip of his nose, then, on his cheek and he heard a laugh from you.

    “Did you just- don’t tell me there’s frosting on my face right now.”

    You weren’t quite sure what possessed you to perform your following actions in the next moments. Maybe it was lack of sleep. Maybe it was how close Jay was to you that you couldn’t help but want to be closer to him. Maybe it was the way your mind grew hazy with only one thought and one alone on your mind.

    You couldn’t help it when you let go of the spatula.

    Couldn’t stop yourself when you got on your tiptoes.

    Couldn’t hold back from wrapping your arms around his neck and your fingers playing with the edges of his hair.

    “There’s no frosting on your face.” Eyes looking in his for any signs of hesitancy, all you saw was something you could almost label as love. But you didn’t dare.

    “No? Then what’s on my face?”

    “Well on your lips,” closing the distance between your lips and his so that it was mere centimeters, “are mine,” you whispered before your eyes fluttered shut and the distance closed.

    ❦ written by riri ( @enhykkul​ ) | next | series masterlist

    taglist: @cha-raena | @hoonieclipsee | @affectionaterainoflove | @ghjasksdk | @j45uk3 | @enhypenova | @googoojeu | @softnanaaaa | @rubyanne | @steadyfreakmuffinalmond | @ncityy04 | @gratefulmaria | @j1ungluvr | @lixseu | @en-txt-abode | @dear-dreamie | @jay-ke | @sunoosh1ne | @unvrseung | @lost-leopard-beanie | @koufaxx | @ifvjay | @sunshineshouchan | @sjycty | @poutypoutybin | @crjwon | @shesin-therain | @markleepooh | @lea-adi | @mooni-a-multi | @shawkneecaps | @niikipuff | @k1ttyl1x | @babyminghao  | @bloom-bloom-pow

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    taglist status: open (comment or send an ask to be in it !!)

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    [ENHYPEN] MTL Like A Slightly Older S/O


    Most - wants an older s/o








    Least - wants a younger s/o

    I think that Jungwon would really consider having an older s/o. He still thinks he has things to learn and feels that an older s/o has the ability to teach him things. He also wants someone to look up to.

    Sunoo and Heeseung get a little tricky. I think they both wouldn't care as much about if they were younger or older than their s/o but they have their little conditions. With Sunoo, he'd want someone to look up to like Jungwon, but he also would want to have a younger s/o so he could call them cute and baby them. Heeseung is a bit different in that he would just be looking for a s/o that is at the same maturity + intellect level if that makes sense. The man wants some deep conversations.

    Sunghoon and Jake wouldn't mind being slightly younger than their s/o but they would prefer to be the older one. They both want to come off as role models and be in a relationship with someone younger to hold onto their own youth for a little longer.

    Niki is similar to Sunghoon and Jake in that he wouldn't mind being the younger one in the relationship, but he'd much rather be the older one. Seeing Niki's leadership and maturity on I-land helped me determine this. Like Sunghoon and Jake, he wants to be a role model for a younger s/o.

    I see Jay only wanting a younger s/o. I'm basing this off of how well he gets along with the younger members. He always is looking out for them and it's convincing that that would translate into a relationship setting.
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    +18 content read at your own discretion

    Pairing: Park Jongseong x Reader

    Genre: Smut

    Warnings: Spitting, fingering, unprotected sex, this is just filthy lmao

    Request: hii can i request 6&8 from Smutty One-Liners Part II and 15 from Smutty One-Liners Part III with hard!dom jay?

    Prompts 6 and 8: “Oh, I love that sound you make.” + “I never imagined you to be so sensitive, but I love it.”

    Prompt 15: “Who would have thought that this is something that you’re into?”

    Inspired by this post from @j1ungluvr also tagging @mintbaby1012 

    Tbh i had so much fun writing this, thank you for the request, I hope you like it!

    "Who could it be this late?" You thought to yourself as you head towards to the door, wondering who would come to visit you this late.

    "Hi, y/n." said the boy with a warm smile, leaning against the door who was none other than the one only Jay, your best friend's brother.

    "May I come in?" He asked with a sweet tone, eyes smiling at you behind the messy strands of his silky black hair.

    "Uhh yeah of course, come in." You replied, a bit shocked to see your crush in front of your door since it wasn't something you were familiar with.

    You closed the door behind him and lead him to your living room, he set himself on your comfortable couch, eyes wandering around your house. "What can I get you Jay? Coke or something else?" You asked observing him, trying to figure out what this unexpected visit was for.

    "Oh I can get a coffee if that's okay with you." He responded smiling again, oh boy you were getting suspicious. You knew Jay and her sister aka your bestie for about 5 years now and this was the first time you saw Jay smiling this much, something was off.

    "Coffee? You wanna drink coffee at 11 pm?" You asked in confusion, having no idea about what he was trying to do.

    "Yeah, I could use something hot, please?"

    "Alright then, be back in 5 mins."

    "Thank you, y/n." He shot you a puppy look, watching until your figure disappears. As soon you as you got out of his sight, he took the precious little notebook out of his bag, smiling proudly knowing everything that was written in there, everything about him. In your little diary.

    Couple of days ago you visited their house, to help his sister with some subjects for your upcoming exam and you weren't the most neat person so it was usual for you to keep forgetting your stuff at other places.

    You panicked like crazy when you noticed your diary wasn't with you, calling your best friend to ask if you dropped there and she said she looked around the house twice and still couldn't find it, so you had to buy a new one hoping that no one found it. Little did you know that Jay took it before his sister, thinking that it was just a cute empty little notebook until he opened the very first page starting with "Ugh I swear Jay is so fucking hot..".

    He knew it was wrong of him to read but how could he not after seeing that sentence, a devilish grin forming on his face. You wrote about him like every single day and he enjoyed reading ever single word you wrote about him with the same enthusiasm.

    "Oh my God. " You froze the moment you got back from the kitchen, holding a cup of hot coffee in your hands. Your gaze fall into the notebook he was holding inside his big palms, with a meaningful smile on his face he turned to lock his eyes with yours.

    "Looks familiar huh?" He teased getting up from his seat, taking a slow step to your way. Your tongue was tied as you stood there unable to move remembering everything you wrote, your little fantasies crossing before your eyes about the boy who was an inch away from you right now.

    "Whe-where did you get that?" You mewled, not being able to look at his eyes.

    He took the coffee from your hold, taking a sip and then putting in on the stand next to the couch. "From my living room." He breathed out, holding your chin up to look you in the eyes. You avoided his gaze trying to take step back but ending up sitting at the corner of the big couch, him hovering over you.

    "You think I'll let you get away after reading all of this?" He cooed, his cold fingertips brushing against your burning cheeks "Why do you think I came all the way to your house then hmm baby?"

    "Y-you read all of it?"

    "Let me see." He pick up the diary, turning the pages randomly as if he was reading it, "I read the page where you said my new hair looked hot thanks by the way."


    "I also read the one you wrote quote 'Oh God his lips looks so hot and plump.' I take good care of those bad boys, mwah."

    "Oh my God Jay plea-"

    "Oh and there's the one about my hands, my favorite one." He continued licking his lips, "He looks so strong, I wonder how his pretty hands would feel like." He smirked reading the lines you wrote, throwing away the dairy right after. He placed one of his hands around your neck, standing you up from your seat. His fingers applying the perfect pressure around your throat, making you whine as you got up. "Is this what you meant by that baby? My hands around your neck like this?"

    "Yes." You moaned out, shutting your eyes close, already giving up.

    "Well well well, who would've thought that this is what our little y/n was into huh? Not as good as you look like hmm princess?" He whispered to your lips, his thumb playing with your lower lip.

    "Jay please." You pleaded, having no strength to handle his teasings, you simply just wanted to be fucked right now and right here by him.

    "What was that? Are you begging already now?"

    "Yes, yes I am okay, will you please just fuck me?"

    He pushed his lips onto yours roughly, a hand coming down to grab one of your ass cheeks squeezing it firmly enough to make you moan loudly into the kiss.

    "Oh fuck y/n, I love how you sound, so fucking desperate for me. Did I keep you waiting for that long? You can't take it anymore is that so hm?"

    You nodded eagerly, connecting your lips back again, addicted to taste his tongue left all over your mouth.

    He pushed you against the couch bending you over, sliding down your shorts and panties with one swift move of his hand. He groaned at the sight of dripping pussy, so wet and slick for his fingers to slide in easily. "Fuck, you're already this wet for me?" He moaned, bringing his tongue to taste your sweet juices, not wanting to waste one drop. The vibrations he sent to your pushy with every moan had you shivering, your legs shaking without your will. "Look at my baby, you like it so much that you're shaking huh? Is it too much for you? I bet you can't take my cock." He said teasingly, slapping your ass.

    "N-no, please go on." You begged, voice cracking as you respond.

    "I never imagined you to be this sensitive, but fuck you feel so good I love it." He whispered to your bare back, pushing his long digits back into you. His mouth placing wet kisses all over your ass.

    You vision was blurry and your head was in a daze, he was too much to handle for you but what the hell, you definitely needed and wanted more than just his fingers. "I-i want y-your c-cock." You managed to let out, hands tugging on his hair to get his attention.

    You could feel his smirk on your ass, he looked at you with a cocky smile "Say that again? I couldn't hear you clearly baby."

    "I- aaaah fuck." He pushed 3 fingers deep inside, curling them in the process to hit all of your sweet spots as ifhe knew them like the back of his hand. "You what?" He asked landing a yet another sharp slap on your ass.

    "I want your cock, just fuck me." You screamed in one breath, not caring how desperate you sound when his hand was already discovering inside your tummy.

    He pushed his pants and boxers down behind you brushing his hard tip against your entrance. He felt so big and hard, you couldn't help but to grind your hips. He smiled and pushed his member through your wet folds easily, going all the way in. Your head fall and you could swore you blacked out for a minute due to the overwhelming feeling.

    He hissed slamming into you once more "Fuck you feel so perfect." He groaned out before fastening his pace up. He went deep and fast, cursing under his breath every time you clenched around him. His hand curled up to wrap around your neck making you look up to face him. He grunted at your fucked out expression, his deep thrusts getting sloppier.

    "Open your mouth." He ordered. You did as he say, feeling his hot spit on your tongue, you moaned gulping down. Your throat was dry as fuck from all the screaming but you didn't care how much it hurt since he fucked you so good.

    With a few more thrusts, he pulled out, his hot seeds covering your bare back as he came. Wasting no time he pushed his fingers back in you, eager to make you cum.

    "Fuck Jay, I am close." You cried out holding onto his strong arms, him wetting your neck and shoulder with his open mouthed kisses. "Do it baby, cum for me." He murmured, sucking on your sweet spot and you broke down, covering his hand and forearm with your orgasm.

    He smiled as he watched you come undone, leaning in to give you soft, heartwarming kiss unlike a few minutes ago "Thank your diary for that." He chuckled, pushing the sweat covered strands behind your ear.

    "Will you be my girlfriend y/n?" He asked, shying away like a kid as if he wasn't the one who fucked your brain out, "Yes, Jay." You replied kissing his sweet lips with your taste on them, "I thought you'd never ask."

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    . ♡ ) 𝐌𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 › 𝐛𝐲 𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬.
    to get the link:

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    ask (NO anon) “multiverse action, please”.

    please, don't steal my job or make it pass as your own.

    notas: estos ejemplos tienen psd para que se vea puesta la acción; al final de la misma hay un elemento que dice "reducir ruido" ese es opcional, pues es el que los hace más "suavecitos". si requieren un tutorial de cómo ponerla, se pone igual que la anterior. de todos modos el tutorial está aquí y la acción anterior aquí. ¡espero les guste! cualquier duda pueden preguntarme por aquí o en twitter: @uxsinae/fksinae, contenta les ayudaré. ^__^
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    Ni-ki: I hate seeing you like this.

    Jay: Like what?

    Ni-ki: In person.

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    JAY :: monitoring the members' interview

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    jay for dazed korea
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    [EN-CORE] pt.2

    sum jay reactions while he was filming the other member's live interview. ♡(´。•ㅅ•。`)

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    210611 | Jay on Dazed Korea Instagram for the magazine's June edition shoot [DAZED LAND]

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    hello ! do you guys know any discord servers for enhypen? hehe i wanna get to know more people in the fandom rawr

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    Playing... “The Best For You” by Nana Ouyang

    Your relationship with Jay has been going downhill. Multiple fights and misunderstandings fueled the fire that’s been going on. 

    He doesn’t open up about his feelings to you. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeves like you do, and you’re vulnerable to his short yet harsh words.

    Fights continuously go too far, and it ends with Jay falling into your arms.

    You regret all the times you let your heart get the best of you. The accusations and constantly trying to get into the others head remains embittered.

    You’ll confess that even after all he did, you still love him. You desperately want to make amends and promise continue to stay as friends, but you both know that’s a lie. 

    Even after everything you guys have been through and no matter what he does, you still want the best for him.

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    moments of us

    boyfriend!sunghoon x gn!reader
    genre: fluff
    warnings: none
    wc: 810
    blurb: small trivial moments shared between you and sunghoon built on the foundation of four walls makes falling in love feels so brand new each day.

    a/n loosely based of the mv for the song “in the bed” by sunwoojung 10/10 would recommend listening to it. (о´∀`о)

    1. afternoon naps

    sunghoon wakes up from his afternoon nap feeling thirsty, as he felt around your shared bed in search for you he realizes you weren’t there making him let out a small puff of air. sunghoon stretches as he makes his way out of bed, walking past a sleeping you in the living room couch as he makes his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

    “you must be cold,” sunghoon mumbles while he takes a once neatly kept away blanket to drape over your form, making sure you feel nothing but warmth as the cold air seeps into the crevices of this home in the middle of september.

    2. slow dancing to our favorite song

    the midday sun shines through the living room curtains as you lay on the couch reading a book sunghoon recommended to you with folded clothes laying on the floor waiting to be put away to which you respectively folded prior to picking up your book.

    alongside the bustling streets of seoul came the soft tunes of yours and sunghoons favorite song began playing. with the latter hearing this, he came out of the bathroom heading towards you, putting your book back on the shelf. you looked at him with puzzled eyes as he wrapped your arms around his neck and began slow dancing across the room. “it’s our favorite song,” sunghoon gives you a grin as he twirled you around “everytime this melody plays, we share a dance remember?” you let out an airy laugh as you laid your head on his chest “how could i?” you slowly close your eyes, basking in this feeling of love and content.

    sunghoon places a kiss on your forehead as the song slowly comes to a stop. opening your eyes you realized you knocked over the once folded clothes, sunghoon too, realizes and began laughing “it’s okay, we can fold these again” after he saw you pouting.

    3. small kitchen acts

    washing the dishes was something you’ve enjoyed overtime, you found it calming especially in times when everything around you becomes hectic. washing the dishes became a small comfort in which you could let your body go on autopilot while you think about everything. thoughts like what you’re planning to eat tomorrow, deadlines, chores and such.

    without even realizing it, your sleeve starts to slip from its fold, you extend your hand out for sunghoon who was standing beside you cutting strawberries. he realizes your action and wipes his hands dry on a nearby rag, softly rolling your sleeves up to tuck them in place, as well as retying your hair back in its place so it wouldn’t get in your face “thank you” you faintly said giving him a small smile.

    He nodded at you going back to cutting his strawberries. only if he knew that such small actions like this would still give you butterflies to this day. you knew it would lead to endless teasing so you refrain, keeping it to yourself instead.

    4. learning your favorites

    you stood up from your place on the bedroom floor scrolling through your phone, you went to see what sunghoon was up to. quickly noticing him in front of the stove preparing something for the both of you to eat, delicately giving him back rubs as you approached him.

    “what are you making?” you asked as you gave his arms a small squeeze “your favorite” he replied, a small smile creeping up his face knowing the times in which he practiced making your favorite food when you were away at work.

    you let out a gasp and wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a small peck on the cheek as a thank you deciding to stay by him for a while enjoying the sound of cooking and boiling. everyone around you knew how fond sunghoon became when it comes to you, and you couldn’t deny it because you were as well when it comes to him.

    5. mumbled i love you’s

    as the sun goes down and everything falls into tranquility once night approaches. sunghoon comes out of the bathroom turning off the lights, heading to your side of the bed where you aimlessly scrolled through social media.

    “bedtime” he drowsily said plopping himself on top of you, putting your phone away you wrapped your arms around him as he rolls onto his side of the bed. after a few minutes of silence sunghoon lets out a faint i love you before dazing into peaceful slumber with his face deep into the crook of your neck.

    “i love you too” you let out a small sigh of content, falling into a state of slumber aswell.

    every point in time in which sunghoon shares with you feels brand new. although it’s been 4 years, sunghoon swears it feels like he fell in love with you all over again.

    + why don’t i have a boyfriend hello,, i kinda found this boring might delete who knows D :

    constructive criticism is welcomed <3

    june 11 2021

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    i'm a simple person... just give me enhypen singing fever in acoustic or plain acapella and i'm set for life

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    jay : en-o’clock ep1
    #jay#park jongseong#enhypen#enhypenet#enhypennetwork#*gif#mine#en oclock #i should have made them taller but it was too late .. let's ignore the awkward gif size <3 #it's 1:22am here gnitee #idk what i was thinking but um
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    JAY’s Weverse Moment 210610:

    Practice finished~~🕺
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    210610 | Jay via Weverse moments

    Practice finished~~ 🕺
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