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  • jeong-yunho
    18.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    oh what should i sacrifice just to be a bitch sitting on seonghwa's lap 🙏🏻

    #feelin mighty d*pr*ssed on this fine night 🥴 #park seonghwa#ateez#ateez seonghwa#seonghwa
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  • dailykoreanpop
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [210917] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    [📷] TODAY ATEEZ ⠀ 

    오늘 하루 같이 달려준 티니 🚶‍♂️💨💨

    앞으로도 쭈욱 함께라는 걸 음~ 알고 있지 🤦‍♂️ 


    Credit: ATEEZofficial 

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  • dailykoreanpop
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [210917] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    [#성화] 오늘도 고마워요 ✌🏻❤️
    #ATEEZ #에이티즈
    Credit: ATEEZofficial 
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  • the-spring-snow
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ateez#park seonghwa #ateez deja vu
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  • at1nys-blog
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ateez 9th member


    Playing games with Ateez

    GaEun: who losses is going to grant a wish to the other two//San: fine by me//Hongjoong: why not//GaHongSan: *playing a game of animal kingdom*//GaEun: *looses* ok what am I supposed to do now?//HongSan: *looking at each other 😏*//San: can you give us Alexa’s number?//GaEun: *nervously sweating* ye…yeah
    Ateez: *playing mafia*//GaEun: whoever is going to get chosen by Jongho as the mafia I’m so…//Jongho: *slapping him so hard*//GaEun: *in pain* so sorry for you//Seonghwa: I think GaEun is a mafia//Jongho: *laughing* ok ok let’s do it one more time//GaEun: I think I need to see a doctor(*)
    WooHo: *minding their business talking to ATINY*//GaEun: *enters room* can I enjoy you?//Yunho: ATINY do you want to see GaEun?//Wooyoung: some of them said no ahahahahh//GaEun: I’m hurt, I thought you loved me ATINY//Yunho: you can stay if you can win three consecutive rounds of “rock-paper-scissors” A Few moments later GaWooHo: *still playing “rock-paper-scissors for the past 10 minutes*//GaEun: ATINY look, I have a new talent. Losing every round of this stupid game//WooHo: *laughing*

    HongHwa asking him to choose between them and he just leaving the room during one of his solo VLive

    Hongjoong: Gaeun can we ask you something?//GaEun: of course but first come to say hi to ATINY//Seonghwa: so who is your favorite. Me or Hongjoong?//GaEun: *looks at the phone rolling his eyes* ATINY do you see what I have to deal with?//Hongjoong: come on chose already//GaEun: what if I don’t wanna chose?//Seonghwa: you have to//GaEun: that’s it I’m leaving *leaves the room*//HongHwa: but… it was your VLive?!//GaEun: I don’t care anymore I can’t stand you. BYE ATINY I LOVE YOU

    Him taking about his interaction w/ATINY during KCON Japan

    San: he always cries when he rememberers what happened//GaEun: *tearing up* I mean they defended me against myself
    Mingi: so ATINY are really scary uh?//GaEun: they are terrifying if you talk bad about us//Mingi: noted

    Annoying Hongjoong

    Hongjoong: *telling ATINY a TMI from Kingdom*//GaEun: *pokes Hong’s cheek*//Hongjoong: but why?//GaEun: why not?
    Hongjoong: …and this is…//GaEun: *knockes on Hong’s studio door*//Hong: yeah?!//GaEun: *goes away* A Few Moments Later Hong: oh is Eun *picks the phone*//GaEun: *silence for some seconds and hangs up*//GaEun: *calls again after 10 minutes*//Hong: I hope he doesn’t hang up on me again this time//GaEun: Sorry Hyung I’m busy bye *hangs up phone*//Hong: ATINY don’t worry he is just bored
    Ateez: *paying attention to what Yeosang is saying*//GaEun: *blows into Hong’s ear*//Hong: Oh lords what’s wrong with you?//GaEun: I just like bothering you//Ateez: *laughs*

    Being in his little word during Christmas VLive

    Ateez: *putting the decorations on the tree*//GaEun: I am the one hiding under your bed. Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red, I am the one hiding under your stairs fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair. This is Halloween, this is Halloween. Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.//Yunho: why are you singing an Halloween song in the middle of Christmas?//GaEun: oh sorry I was just thinking about The Nightmare Before Christmas, that’s all


    (*)I know mafia doesn’t work like that but it was just Jongho’s revenge and to make it more funny lol

    🏷taglist: @starlightjoong @mariylnsunset

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  • choi-sans-demon
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Seonghwa singing in English just hitting different
    #ateez#atz#gif tw#seonghwa#park seonghwa #ev:yu heeyeol’s sketchbook #deja vu #zero : fever part.3
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  • incorrect-ateez-quotes
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    San: Hey guys, what's it called when you kill a friend?

    San: Homiecide!

    Seonghwa: Murder


    San: Homiecide

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  • k-hongjoong
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago


    #seonghwa#park seonghwa#ateez#ateez gifs#kdiner#seonghwa gifs#mygifs #luna.gifs #WOW SO FUNNY 🤣😂🤣😂 #LAUGHED SO HARD PARK SEONGHWA! #god im never moving on from these LOOKS ISTG #gonna go gif more now that the floodgates have been opened #no one look at me this is so embararassing
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  • yungisstar1117-writes
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ATEEZ As Subs

    To clarify: imo I think ateez could all be switches, but this isn’t an accurate representation of them. I am in no way saying i know what they’re like. Originally had this as a MTL but yeah…

    Pairing: OT8 x Gn!Y/N

    Genre: Smut

    Taglist:@jwnghyuns @serialee @galaxteez @a-soft-hornytiny @yunhospuppy @mychicagodaddyjohnny@roan-baekhyun-bloodhaire @ferryberryhwa@nyghtwolff-1117@yuyusmist @mabeloveseonghwa@thatoneoldergroupstan @totheworld-thisisnct @multidreams-and-desires

    (dm me/send an ask if i forgot you or you’d like to be added ❤️)












    Pillow Prince. All he desires is to be handled with care and praised when he’s doing good. Mingi just gives off baby boi vibes, kiss him and hold his hands while you dominate him. He’s not exactly a needy sub but he will whine if you tease him, probably will cry if you degrade him. Always asks for permission to come. Guilty pleasure? Crossdressing, he loves it when you fuck him in a skirt and tell him how pretty he looks. He’s your good little prince, so just make sure he remembers it.

    ”P-Please! Im sososo close! Please Y/N!”


    Bratty Bitch. Wooyoung loves to test boundaries both in and out of subspace, meaning he usually needs punishments and strict rules if you wanna have any sort of control over him. Keep that bitch on a leash if he barks he probably bites too (skdjdh sorry im crying). He kinda likes fighting with you for dominance so if you manage to gain control in that way he’s just a needy boi who does whatever you ask if it means he’s pleasured. He’ll whine, hold you close, kinda seems like someone who will leave marks all over you, and most definitely beg for release, babbling mindlessly.

    “Fucking make me Y/N, bet you can’t do shit.”


    Pretty baby. He wants you to treat him like shit and make him take it like a good boy. Slap him, choke him, call him every name under the sun and he’ll just look at you with teary eyes and beg for more. All he wants is for you to make him feel inadequate, like you’re doing him a service by even being in his presence. Paticularly likes it when you bite his lips and rake your nails down his body. His guilty pleasure? When you call him a useless fucktoy. Mix praise with degradation on his soft days and he’ll be yours forever.

    ”More please, g-give me more Y/N. I promise i can take it!”


    Pup. Bark bark bitch you know what im saying? He is into pet play but even just calling him pup gets him weak at the knees. If youre shorter than him he has a size kink, the thought of someone so tiny dominating him and being in control is so arousing to him. If youre taller whooWEEEE he loves the way you make him feel small, might come just from being called “little one”. He also liked to ask for permission and loves the incentives of rewards if he does well.

    ”I made you feel good, didnt I Y/N? Doesn’t pup get a treat?”


    Babie. Joong’s a kinda person who when he slips into subspace, he just wants to be held and cared for. At times yes he’ll be a bit bratty just to get his way but usually he’s just tired and compliant. Pamper him, tell him how good he’s doing, how good he looks. His guilty pleasure? Cockwarming after sex. He just wants to feel close and intimate with you, snuggle into your chest and fall asleep with your kisses and compliments. He just loves to relax and unwind with you, thanking you again and again for helping him.

    ”*moans* I missed you Y/N..Love you so much..Feels- so good. Soso good.”


    Obedient babe. Seonghwa is definitely a needy sub, but his main mission is to make you proud. He’ll do whatever it takes for you to praise him, wether that’s going down on you or waiting for you to let him cum. He absolutely loves it when you go down on him however, and he’ll be a needy mess the whole way through. He’s probably the type to ask if he can pull your hair or fuck your face too. Although he slips up sometimes and gets carried away by his need to be relieved, he’s probably the most obedient out of the guys.

    ”S-shit! Fuck Y/N, your mouth f-feels so good!”


    Touch-starved muffin. I can see him being non-verbal in subspace, like if you like dumbification he’s your dude. He mostly relies on whines and touches to convey his needs and makes the cutest whimpers. He tends to cling to you during sex, wrapping his hands around your waist. He also can be really shy in the beginning stages, and kinda likes when you force him to say all the filthy things he wants you to do to him. He’s very cuddly after sex, just wanting to spoon with you (he likes either position).

    ”N-ngh! More.. pl-lease- mmh!”


    Shy cub. Jongho is a very quiet and shy sub, probably the type to muffle his moans and whimpers. This is probably why he usually lets out a few tears when he comes, from pure relief. Like Seonghwa he's very obedient, loving when you care for him so tenderly like he isnt the strong apple destroyer we know him for. Caress his cheeks and praise him a lot, he may hate pda but he loves it when you kiss him softly and tell him what a good boy he is. Has a soft spot for the name cub but will never admit it.

    ”Am i doing okay Y/N? Y-you want me to go deeper?”

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  • btswriter112
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Mr. Park- Caught

    Pairing- Seonghwa x Named Reader

    Genre/Au- Angst

    Word Count- 4.5k

    Rating- NSFW, 18+

    Includes- Dilf Seonghwa, Age Gap Relationship- Everyone is consenting adults, mentions of physical assault, injuries

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

    Series Masterlist

    Screaming wakes me up and I immediately think something happened to Joanne

    I try to sit up but when I look down, I see her on my chest, rubbing her eyes. If she's there, who's screaming?

    "What the fuck is going on?"

    And my heart stops. I look up and find Yoonah staring at us in horror, her hand over her mouth

    Fuck, fuck, fuck! She's supposed to be at her mom's. They're leaving on their trip tomorrow. She wasn't supposed to come back here

    Joanne opens her eyes, "Hwa? Who's yelling?"

    "HWA? You call my dad by his name?"

    Joanne immediately sits up as do I, pulling the blanket over her boobs. "Oh fuck", she whispers

    "Yoonah it's not what it looks like", I start

    "It looks like you're fucking my friend!"

    "No Yoon, it's more than that", I try again

    "More? Like what? Is she your girlfriend?", Yoonah yells

    She turns to Joanne, "Why would you fuck my dad? What's wrong with you? You can't get one of the guys at school, you have to go after my dad?"

    Joanne shakes her head, "It's not like that Yoon"

    "Then what is it like? You're boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you hear how that sounds? My dad is twice your age"

    "It doesn't matter. Not to me", Joanne answers

    "It matters to me! I don't want my dad being with a slut!"

    "Hey!", I say firmly, "Cut it out. Don't call her that"

    "Are you kidding dad?", she shrieks

    "Yoonah calm down and we can talk about this". I'm trying to be calm but inside I'm freaking the fuck out

    "Do you're parents know?", she yells at Joanne

    Joanne shakes her head, "No"

    "Then how are you here? How were you able to stay over?"

    "I uh told them I was staying with you"

    "Oh my god!", Yoonah cries, "You used me to lied to them so you can fuck my dad?"

    "Yoonah, it's not just sex ok. I love her", I tell her

    The look of utter shock comes over her face, "You love her? Like in love with her?". I nod

    "And you?", she asks Joanne

    "I love him, Yoonah. So much"

    "Oh god this isn't happening. It isn't happening! You can't love each other! You can't be together! This is wrong!"

    "No it's not", I answer. Before I might have agreed with her, when this started. But not anymore. I love her and she loves me too, I can't let her go. Me and her may be unconventional but it's not wrong. She's an adult and so am I

    "How long has this been going on?"

    "Since the middle of January", I answer

    "WHAT?", she shouts, "You've been doing this since January? What the fuck? How could you dad?"

    "Yoonah", I yell. She's causing a way bigger problem than it has to be. And I don't have to explain anything to her. I'm her father, I'm the parent not her. "You need to calm down right now. I won't talk to you until you do"

    "You're fucking my friend dad. You owe me an explanation!"

    "No I don't"

    "What? Are you serious?", she roars, "I want to know why my friend is being dicked down by my father!"

    "I'm dead serious. You are not my parent Yoonah. I don't have to explain anything to you. What I do in my private life doesn't have to be explained to you. I don't owe you anything. I could just tell you that Joanne is my girlfriend, I love her and that's it. But I will talk to you when you're calm and not screaming at me or her"

    "Fuck you dad!"

    "YOONAH!", I bellow, "Don't fucking talking to me like that. I'm your father. I've taken care of you since you were little and you mom left you with me. I won't tolerate you disrespecting me like that"

    "Are you kidding? After this?"

    "Especially after this. You may not like it but I am with Joanne and our relationship isn't ending any time soon."

    "So what? Is she supposed to be like my mom?"

    "No", Joanne shakes her head

    "Don't be ridiculous", I snap

    "But I'm supposed to respect her like a mom right?", she mocks. She's really trying my patience

    "I won't allow you to call her a slut or a whore", I answer

    Joanne shakes her head, "No Yoon. Things between me and you aren't going to change. I'm not trying to be your mom or anything like that. I'm still you're friend. I just want to be with the person I love"

    "And it had to be my dad?"

    "I can't control that Yoonah. I didn't know I was going to love him. It just happened"

    "Right. If I never brought you here then it wouldn't have happened!"

    "Alright Yoonah. That doesn't matter anymore. What matters is her and I are together and you have to accept that"

    "No I fucking don't", she snarls

    I sigh, "Yes you do. I didn't say you have to like it but you have to accept it."

    "Not a chance in hell"

    Yoonah turns and runs to the door, "Fuck you Joanne. Wait until your mom and dad find out. They'll beat the shit out of you again"

    Then she's gone. Joanne pales, her eyes filling with fear. And I'm completely shocked at what Yoonah said

    "Baby....do your parents hit you?"

    "Nnn....not my dad. My mom", she whispers, her body trembling. Fuck

    "She did it before?"

    She nods, "When I had my first boyfriend and she found out I wasn't a virgin. She hit me with her fists, then an umbrella until it broke"

    I'm completely horrified, "Jagi, I'm sorry"

    "It just happened a few times when she loses control of her rage", she whispers

    "Is...is that what's going to happen if Yoonah tells them?"

    She nods. Hell no. She is not going to be beaten because of me. No way. I pick up my cell and call Yoonah. She can't tell Joanne's parents. Not if her mom is going to hurt her

    The call goes to voice mail. Fuck. "Yoonah. Do not tell Joanne's parents do you hear me? She is not going to get hurt because you're mad at me. Do not tell her parents. I'm not playing around"

    I hang up, then text her the same thing, then call again. She isn't moving, just sitting in the bed, looking down. "Jagi, I'm not going to let anything happen to you ok?"

    She looks up at me and the fear and sadness in her face knocks the breath from my lungs, "You can't stop it Hwa. You can't do anything"

    "You are not going to get beaten because of me! I won't let it happen". I get a text from Yoonah and I read it, all the blood draining from my face

    "Too late"

    She didn't. She couldn't have. She wouldn't if she knew Joanne would get hurt. I didn't raise her to be like that

    Suddenly Joanne's phone rings, startling her. She reaches for it and I look at the screen with her


    "Jagi don't answer it", I tell her, panicking

    "I have to"

    "No baby you don't"

    She picks up the phone anyway, "Hello?"

    I instantly hear screaming coming through the phone but I can't make out what she's saying . Joanne answers in a language I never heard her speak before. German. There's more screaming and she looks so defeated

    "Ja", she says, then hangs up

    "I have to go", she says quietly

    Ice cold fear fills my body. "No. Don't go. Don't"

    "I have to", she says, getting up and pulling her clothes on

    "Baby no. Stay with me", I beg, getting sweatpants and a t-shirt on

    "I can't"

    "Yes you can"

    "No!", she yells, looking at me. Tears are falling down her face, breaking my heart, "I have to go. If I don't she...she's going to call the cops and tell them you kidnapped me"

    What? Her mother would do that? "But it's a lie. You're an adult."

    "You don't know her Hwa. You could get arrested and it'll fuck up everything for you. I won't let that happen"

    "Joanne, I can't let you go there to be hit!"

    She just smiles sadly, "You can't stop it". She finishes getting dressed and grabs her stuff. I follow her to the front door

    "Jagi", I call, catching her hand. She turns to me. "Come back after whatever happens ok? Just come back to me"

    She nods, "I will. I promise"

    "I love you so much", I tell her

    "I love you too Hwa"

    I kiss her softly, then she pulls away and starts walking towards her house. I watch her until I can't see her anymore

    Slamming my door, I scream "FUCK!"

    The tears I was holding back start pouring from my eyes. I'm so scared for her. Everything was perfect last night and now everything is a mess

    I don't know if I should follow her. I don't know if her parents seeing me will make it worse. I don't know what to do. I always have some semblance of what to do in certain situations but this time I really have no clue

    All I can do is wait


    I pace back and forth in my living room waiting for Joanne to get here. She's been at her house for three hours. I'm going crazy not knowing what's happening to her. She texted me a few minutes, ago telling me she's coming back

    And that's all

    Nothing about what happened or anything. I asked her if she wanted me to go get her and she said it's not a good idea. So I forced myself to wait here and I can't sit still

    A few minutes later my doorbell rings. I practically run to it and open the door. She's standing there, looking up at me and I start crying

    She has a huge black eye that swelled so much I don't know if she can see out of it, a bruise on her jaw and her lip is split, dried blood on her mouth and chin

    This happened because of me. Because she loves me. "Baby", I choke out

    "I'm ok", she whispers

    I shake my head, "No baby. I'm sorry"

    "It's ok"

    "Come inside"

    "I uh. I have to do something first", she says, looking down. It's then I notice she has two big suitcases, and her hands full with a duffle bag and a bookbag, "I have to go to get a room at a hotel and drop these off"

    My mind still isn't comprehending why she has all these bags. "A hotel? Why?"

    "They kicked me out"

    They what? They kicked her out of her house? "Why?"

    "Because I refused to stop being with you."

    Fuck. I just upturned her entire life. She has no where to go now

    "I want to find a hotel room before it gets dark"

    It just registers right now that she said hotel room. Is she insane? She really doesn't think I'm going to let her stay at one? "Jagi you're not getting a hotel room. You're staying with me"

    She shakes her head, "I can't. I don't want to throw this on you and invade your house. I can pay for a room for awhile until I can get an apartment"

    She has to be joking. "Are you crazy? That's not happening. You're not throwing anything on me and you're not invading anything. You're staying here"

    She hesitates, "I don't want you to do this because you feel guilty or feel like it's you're fault. I can stay at a hotel. It's not an issue"

    "Absolutely not. I'm not doing this because I feel guilty. I mean I do but I'm not asking you to stay because of that. I love you and I want you with me. I don't want to be separated from you. Not anymore. Not when we don't have to be. And I have an issue with you staying at a hotel. I want you here, with me"

    She doesn't say anything for a few seconds. Maybe she doesn't want to stay with me. Oh fuck maybe she wants to be away from me. Everything just changed for her, maybe she wants time away. I pray that's not it but if it is I'll do it for her. No matter how much it hurts me

    "Ok", she says

    "Yeah?", I ask, hope fluttering in my stomach, "You want to?"

    "Yeah Hwa. I want to stay with you"

    Massive relief fills me and I smile at her. I step aside for her, "C'mon baby. I'll bring your stuff in". She picks up the duffle bag and walks in while I get her suitcases

    "This is all you have?", I ask as we go upstairs to my room

    She nods, "It's all I could fit. It's only has shoes and clothes. And this bag has all my makeup and supplies. I still need them for when school starts in the fall"

    We get to the room and she puts the bag by my closet where I also put her suitcases. "What else is at your house?"

    "Uh my books, some clothes and shoes I couldn't fit, some craft stuff, my stuffed animals, decor things"

    That's a lot of stuff. "So maybe we can give your parents at few days to chill out and then we can go get the rest of your stuff"

    Her head whips around to face me, "Uh this is supposed to be temporary Hwa."

    I look at her confused, "Why?"


    I need to make myself clear to her, "Joanne, this isn't temporary ok? I want you to move in."

    Her mouth drops, "You do?"

    "Of course aegi. I want to live with you. I was going to wait until you started looking for apartments in the summer and then I was going to ask you. But now is good with me too"

    "You're being serious?"

    I smile, "Of course baby. Waking up to you is the best and I wanna do it everyday. I wanna be able to spend time with you whenever we want. I wanna be around you all the time. In case you didn't notice, I'm kinda stupidly in love with you"

    A huge stunning smile breaks on her and she takes my hand, "I wanna live with you too Hwa. I love waking up in your arms. I wanna be around you all the time too. I love you so much"

    I'm beyond happy, "Good baby.", I smile, pulling her into a huge

    I squeeze her tightly like I always do but this time her body tenses and she whimpers. Like she's in pain

    "Jo? Are you ok?", I ask, concerned

    "Uh yeah, I'm fine", she grimaces

    Something's wrong, "Jagi what is it?"

    "Nothing baby, I'm fine", she says

    No she's not, "Tell me jagi"

    She looks down, "My uh back hurts. That's all"

    "Your back? Why?". She shrugs, still not looking at me. I'm getting really uneasy

    "Jagi, can I see your back?"

    "What? Why?", she asks nervously, moving away from me. Ok now I'm scared. And now I notice that she's wearing a hoodie. In June, in 85 degree weather

    "Please?", I beg. She looks uncomfortable but she nods, turning around. My hands tremble as I lift up her shirt and hoodie. I stifle a gasp. She has dark purple bruises splattered on her upper back

    "Joanne....what...what happened?"

    She turns back around to me, making me let go of her shirt. "Seonghwa...", she trails off

    "Take off your hoodie"

    She shakes her head, "I don't want to"

    "Jagi", I whisper. She looks away from me, but unzips her hoodie, taking it off, revealing the short sleeved shirt she put on before she left this morning. My eyes look down and I see bruises of different sizes all over her arms. Bruises I didn't know she had. She really did get beaten. Tears fall down my face as I softly touch her arms, "Jo"

    "Don't cry Seonghwa. I'm ok", she says, reaching for me

    I hold her extra carefully, burying my face in her neck. My baby is hurt. How can her mom do this? I can't imagine hitting Yoonah, let alone leaving bruises on her. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry"

    Her fingers run in my hair as she holds me tightly, "Don't be sorry baby. You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm ok"

    "No you're not", I whisper, crying harder

    "Yes I am. I'm ok. It's just bruises. They'll go away"

    "They shouldn't be there in the first place". They shouldn't. This should never have happened just because she loves me

    "It doesn't matter. I'm with you now. I'm safe now", she tells me, kissing my cheek

    She's right. Not about being ok but that's she's safe because I will never let anything happen to her. Ever. I will protect her with my life and kill anyone who tries to hurt her

    "You are jagi", I tell her, moving back and looking at her, "You are safe. I will protect you baby. I won't let anyone hurt you"

    "I know Hwa", she smiles softly, gently touching my face, "You're my hero"

    I blush so hard from hearing that, "No I'm not jagi-"

    "Yes you are Seonghwa. You are"

    She moves closer, her lips against mine. I kiss her back, mindful of the cut on her lip. When I pull away, I take her hand and lead her to the bathroom

    "Baby?", she asks

    "I think...uh you should take a warm bath baby. It'll might help you feel better", I say

    "You think so?"

    I nod, "It's worth trying"

    "Ok Hwa"

    I turn the water on, getting everything ready for her while she undresses. I hear her hissing is pain and it hurts me inside every time. I hate seeing her hurt or in pain

    "Ready aegi?" She nods and I help her in the tub. Pulling out a small stool, I sit next to the tub. "Feels ok jagi?"

    She nods, moving closer to the side of the tub, near me, leaning against the side of it. I run my fingers in her hair, pushing back tears. I take a wash cloth from the sink and dip it in the water. Bringing it to her chin, I lightly wipe the blood from it, then move to her lips

    Even though I'm wiping so gently, her lip starts bleeding again. There's a deep split in her lip and I just wiped away the scab. I watch blood fill the towel and I feel the tears pooling in my eyes. I just made it worse. I can't even help her the right way

    "Can you come in with me Hwa?"

    "You want me to?", I whisper, wiping my eyes

    She nods, "Please. I want you"

    I nod, standing up. I'll do anything she wants. Quickly undressing, I get in with her and she moves closer, sitting between my legs and leaning back on me. Wrapping my arms around her, I hold her gently but firmly to me thanking god she's here. That even though she was beaten, nothing worse happened to her

    "Jagi, what happened?" I'm scared to hear what occurred but she lives through it, the least I can do is listen

    "Well uh my mom was furious. That I was having sex at all and add to it that it was you". I can see how her mom would be upset about her having sex buy not enough to hit her

    "When I got home, she uh yelled at me for sleeping with you. She kept on insisting you were too old for me. She forbid me from seeing you again"

    I figured her parents would do that. Moving her hair from her shoulder, I lean down, my cheek against hers and softly run my fingers up and down her body hoping I'm comforting her at least a little

    "I told them, well my mom since she was the only one there, that I love you, that we love each other and she lost it. She slapped me. Then she grabbed one of those huge coffee table books she had on the table and started hitting me with it"

    I close my eyes, trying so hard to fight the tears

    "The spine hit my eye, then my jaw. The corner hit my lip. When I raised my arms to protect my face she hit harder on my arms. She thought I was going to try to stop her or I was raising my hand to hit her. So she hit harder"

    My god. Didn't her mother think to stop? That she was going too far? Doesn't she have that voice inside her telling her to stop hitting her daughter?

    "She called my dad and put him on speaker. After she told him what was going on both of them demanding that I end it with you. I said no. And my mom hit me again"

    My arms instinctively tighten around her, anger surging as I think of what happened to her. Anger that I wasn't there to protect her

    "My mom screamed in my face, telling me that if I don't stop seeing you, I can't live there anymore. To pack my bags and get out of her house. I said fine and when I turned away from her, she threw the book at my back and it hit me hard. I just went to my room and packed what I brought here. I...I don't think my mom thought I'd really leave"

    "Why jagi?"

    "Because when I came down with all my bags, she asked me where the fuck did I think I was going. I told her I'm leaving. I told her she said I had to leave."

    I can just imagine how she reacted

    "She asked me if I was seriously leaving. And I said yes. She demanded I leave you. I told her again that I love you and I was going to be with you no matter what. As I was leaving the house, she wailed on my back with the book again, over and over. But once I was out and walking down the block, she yelled to never come back"

    "Jagi...I'm sorry"

    "It doesn't matter. I have you"

    "You shouldn't have to give up your family for me. I'm not worth that"

    She turns around to face me, "Yes you are Seonghwa"

    "No jagi-"

    "Yes", she insists, "I love you. You are my everything. You're my happiness. I can't be happy without you. I never loved anything or anyone as much as I love you. There's not a chance in hell I'd ever give you up. If my parents can't accept us that's their problem. But I'm not leaving the love of my life because they don't like it"

    My breath catches when I hear the end of her sentence. "The love of your life?", I ask, my heart pounding

    She nods, "Of course it's you Hwa. I..I can't imagine my life, my future without you. I don't want to. I was lucky enough to find the one for me at 19. I'm never letting you go. I know I'm never going to want anyone but you. It's only you. Always"

    Euphoria fills my entire body at her words. She wants exactly what I want

    "You're the love of my life Joanne. My one. I had to go through a lot of bullshit to find you, but I'd do it all again to get you."

    She smiles softly, "Then don't ever say you're not worth it Hwa. You are. Ok?"

    I just nod. I don't think I'm worth losing her entire family but if she thinks I am, then I can't argue with her. I won't

    She turns back around and settles in my arms. I don't want to do anything but hold her. And I think she needs that right now. To just relax and not think

    So we stay in the tub for awhile, her head leaning back on my shoulder, eyes closed. I very gently rub and massage her arms, shoulders and sides, avoiding squeezing too hard so I don't hurt her

    The water turns cold eventually and I help her get out of the tub and in the shower. Running the soap over her back, she moans and winces in pain

    "Jagi, I'm so-"

    "Shh it's ok baby. I know you don't mean for it to hurt", she answers. I don't say anything but it hurts me when she hurts. I feel so helpless. Gently I wash and condition her hair, then wrap her in towels

    "Hwa can...can we take a nap?", she asks sleepily

    Her hair is soaking wet. Mine is too but it'll dry fast. Hers won't

    "Yeah jagi. Can you just sit on the stool for me first?"

    She nods, sitting down. Going to the small closet I have in the bathroom, I pull out the hairdryer I got her. I'll just dry her hair and then she can sleep more comfortably. Plugging it in, I turn it on. I don't know how to do this so I hope it turns out ok

    "Hwa you don't have to"

    "Yes baby. I don't want you to sleep on wet hair aegi. Don't worry ok? It'll be fine", I assure her. I holding the hairdryer to her hair, I run my fingers in her hair, drying the strands. Trying to remember how Yoonah blow dries her hair, I move with hand with the dryer around, over her head, under, holding half her hair up and drying that. It takes awhile to dry her hair, since it's long and thick

    I notice her slumping forward, then straightening up again. I think she's falling asleep. My poor baby. When I finish, I unplug the dryer, then go around to her. Her eyes are fluttering, her swaying

    "C'mon jagi", I tell her, picking her up

    I get her in the bed, taking the towel off her and pull the blanket on her. I get in next to her, wrapping my arms around her

    "You don't have to sleep if you're not tired baby", she says sleepily

    There's no where I rather be than right her with her . "No jagi, I just need you in my arms baby"

    She snuggles closer to me, nodding. "I love you", she says, half asleep

    I kiss her forehead, "I love you jagi"

    She's has to be really tired because she's out in less than a minute. I hate seeing her with these stupid bruises on her face. But I swear to God, to anything that this, nothing like this will ever happen again. I will keep her safe. This I swear

    Holding her tightly, I shut my eyes, hoping I can take a little nap with her

    Read with gifs here

    @hijirikaww @sherrybirkingirl @sktbzc0re

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    Ateez covered STAY by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber 🔥❤

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    Irresistible Roommate

    Seonghwa x Fem Reader

    TW: undefined relationship, suggestive contents


    Both you and Seonghwa were in the living room trying to find something good to watch as your other two housemates were running about the house, packing their belongings.

    After an hour or so they were at the door, saying their goodbyes.

    “Don’t do anything funny while we’re away!”

    “See you in two days. Bye!”

    The door shuts lightly and a scoffed left your housemate’s mouth. “We’ve done everything even when they were around, right?”

    “What the heck, I’m eating.” “Did you just imagine something?” You chose to ignore him and force yourself to watch the screen.

    He has been extra touchy and clingy for the past few weeks. You didn’t know what had made him that way but never did you reject his advances.

    He does whatever he wants and you let him. You hated yourself for that but everything about him was so irresistible and he knows you’re unable to do anything.

    “Should we play till the sun goes out? No one is around to stop us.” His lips hovered over your ear while you forced yourself to watch the show playing in front of you.

    “You can scream as loud as you want too.” He bit your earlobe and smirked to himself when you jerked in his hold. You wanted to curse yourself but he was already marking your neck with wet kisses.

    Instead of leaving the bed, he chose to watch as you continue to sleep, mouth slightly ajar which made him smile to himself. Seonghwa, the type who doesn’t care what people say about him and what he does in his life. If they annoy him, he’ll just kick them in the face and call it a day. But there’s someone he would never go rough on no matter how upset he gets, that person is you.

    He also does whatever he wants especially when it involves you, his favourite housemate. Like now, he was on his side, an arm up supporting his face and eyes looking down at your sleeping face. One might think he’s a creep but it’s Seonghwa, he doesn’t care about anything else except you.

    He traced the outline of your lips and went up to your nose, watching how your brows knitted together at his actions. His face was hovering over yours now as he eyed intently at your lips. I’m just never satisfied huh? Licking his lips before pressing it on yours, pulling away he went down to press another kiss and was about to do it again when you stretched your hands and pushed his face away in the process.

    “Stop bothering me...let me sleep.” you turned to your side and pulled the sheet further up to your neck. “Sleep all you want and ignore those new messages.” At that, you sprung up and grabbed your phone by the night stand.

    “Ah shit.” You turned around to see Seonghwa leaned back on the back rest, scrolling his phone, not a care in the world. You wish to be as unbothered and carefree as him but fate has different things in store for your life.

    “Did my alarm go off?”

    “It did. Three times.” He turned to smile innocently at you.

    “Then why didn’t you wake me up?” He leaned closer and softly pressed a kiss on your cheek. “I did, you’re just a heavy sleeper.” He was getting on your nerves but that face and his bed hair, not forgetting how his voice turned hoarse in the morning.

    “Forget it.” You grumbled and started to go about your room, picking an outfit. Seonghwa stayed in the same position, he watched as you left the bathroom and walked around the room, still cursing and grumbling to yourself.

    He’s starting to regret mentioning about the messages, seeing how you act as if he’s not even there, upsets him. You went to get ready in the bathroom and caught him rolling his eyes as you came out after.

    “What's with the eye roll? And why are you still here, go to your room.”

    “I’ve seen everything so why get dressed in there.” He deadpanned and you took a pillow that was on the floor and threw it at him. You said nothing at his words and went to reply to the messages before tossing it on the bed.

    “You want a drink?” You asked from the door. Seonghwa shook his head and waited for you to leave completely before taking your phone and slipped it under the pillow he was resting on. He acted as if nothing happened when you came back looking a bit energized then before.

    You checked yourself for the last time in the mirror before fully turning yourself to Seonghwa’s direction. “I might be late so don’t wait for me.” He brought his head up and pouted at you. You know when he does this, it’s never a good thing. Seonghwa doesn't pout for no reason.

    “Can’t you just stay home and be with me instead?” He patted the mattress and tilted his head as he continued to look at you.

    You gulped down and shook your head. “No I can’t. It’s a promise and also I’m going to be late.” You went to your dresser and searched for your phone. Walked to the night stand and even flipped the covers on the bed but no phone in sight. “Hwa, give it back.” You said after realising that he was the culprit of your missing phone.

    “Come and get it.”

    You huffed and crawled over to where he was and felt the sudden vibration on the bed. You were trying to be sneaky and had one hand going to the pillow when he caught your hand and pulled you by the waist with the other.

    “Kiss me then I’ll give it back.” Why was it so hard to deal with him? You hated it but another part of you wished he would stop you from leaving.

    Seonghwa noticed you weren’t reacting and tilt his head to kiss you instead which instantly brought you back from your thoughts. He held you by the neck and you felt his lips curled into a smile when you reciprocated his kiss.

    You had a hand on his shoulder balancing yourself as you were still on your knees pressed against his inner thighs that were slowly trapping your figure. You pulled away only to have his lips on you again and slowly trailing down to your jaw and stopped at your neck.

    “Seonghwa, stop.” You know he heard you but he wasn’t planning on stopping. Both his hands were holding your body securely as he placed wet kisses on your neck, biting them at one point before pulling away completely.

    “Here you go.” He held your phone in between his thumb and forefinger and waved it in front of your face. You grabbed it harshly and pushed his legs away, making your way to the mirror again.

    He had a smirk on as he watched you fix your outfit and wiping away the lipstick stain he left on the side of your neck with full annoyance. As much as you were upset with him and his behaviour towards you and only you because he doesn’t act in such a way with your other two housemates. You still felt bad leaving him all by himself on a sunny Saturday and still bothered to worry about him after what he had done.

    “I’ll buy your favourite strawberry parfait when I get back, okay?” You were halfway out the door when you told him that but he shook his head. “I only need you. Make sure to come back or I’ll find you and bring you back.” He really does and says whatever he wants and you’re still not used to it.

    “Please eat something. I’ll be off now.”

    “Wait!” He called and you wished you had ignored him and left already.

    “Tell your soon to be fiancé, I said hi.”

    He watched as your eyes widened at his words and laughed loudly to himself. You slammed the door and went off to meet the man your parents had forced into your life. Seonghwa on the other hand, decided to finally get out of bed and stretched his limbs.

    “Should I stalk them or wait here like a good boy?” He asked himself as he walked out of your room and made his way to the kitchen.

    “I should stay here and wait. What we did earlier is for sure going to ruin a lot of things today.” He’s literally talking to himself at this point but wasn’t ashamed since there was no one in the house except him.

    He felt his phone vibrate in his hand and smirked when it was from you. It hasn’t even been that long and you were already thinking of him.

    -I might be back for dinner...or earlier. Wait for me

    “Good job, Seonghwa.” He stirred the drink in his mug before downing in one go. You can hate his guts but you can never fully hate him and at the end of the day, he wins. You still find your way to him, no matter what.

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    Are you still streaming ATINY?

    We're at 16.6M Views! Only 2M more views til we reach our weekly goal.


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    (Fake) Dating #101

    pairing: park seonghwa x oc!femreader

    genre: fluff, fake dating au

    word count: 3746 words

    summary: pushing your twenties, you never for once dating anyone. And an encounter with your not-so-close friend, park seonghwa, in a reunion turned your love life around.

    a/n: HELLO i hope people still remember this if anyone reads it HEHE sorry for being so slow updating. work keeps throwing me off from writing but here we are ;; don’t worry, i’ll still finish what i start <3

    tags: @closer-stars @nevieatiny @perfectlysane24 @dqossf  

    PART 1/ 2/ 3/ X

    “CHOI YEEUN!!”

    Ah, what a way to be greeted, you thought to yourself. A sigh left your lips as you stepped aside from the doorway, “hello to you too, Hyunji.”

    The girl huffed as she stepped into your apartment. Knowing her boyfriend’s place is like her second house, she made her way to the couch and sat down before you or your best friend tell her to, “so, who is this Seonghwa guy you’re dating? To the point making you skipped our plan?”

    “Wow, you even tell her his name?” you looked at Yunho who gave you a painful smile from the kitchen, “thanks, Yunho.”

    “What do you expect? My girlfriend asked me about it.”

    “Should’ve just told her I’m just seeing someone,” you rolled your eyes, “and plus,” you looked at Hyunji, “we’re not dating.”

    “Yet?” she added. Which you only shrugged to.

    “Come on,” Yunho put a glass of Hyunji’s favorite apple juice on the table before sitting himself next to his girlfriend, “he went with you to your parent’s. How are you two not dating?”

    “We’re just seeing each other a lot lately. That’s it.”

    “Do you know him?” Hyunji asked Yunho as she sipped her juice.

    “Yeah, all of us went to the same junior high school. But I moved to different school for senior high.”

    Hyunji nodded her head before interrogating looked at you again, “I agree with Yunho, though.”

    “Of course, you’re taking his side. You two are dating!” you pouted at them.

    “No,” she put her glass down, “isn’t it too far for him to go and meet your parents if you two aren’t dating?” Hyunji glanced at Yunho, “I haven’t even met his parents and we’ve dated for almost a year.”

    “Babe,” he took her hand in front of your salad, “I’ll take you to them next summer, okay? For now, both of us are busy.”

    “Okay,” you said loudly, “can we all just stop talking about dating and stuff. Aren’t we going to watch some movie?”

    “THAT TOO!” Hyunji suddenly shouted, making you jumped from your seat. “Why are we having movie night on Thursday? We usually have movie night at Friday.”

    “Ah, right. Why did you ask us to change our movie night this week?” both Yunho and Hyunji looked at you. You looked at each of their eyes right after another, “because I want to go to the shop on Friday.”

    “For what?” Yunho furrowed his eyebrows.

    “Seonghwa asked me to join him for his family gathering on Sunday and I just think I have to look more decent than I usually do.”

    “THIS Seonghwa guy asked you to go meet his family? AND YOU SAID YOU TWO AREN’T DATING??”

    “Hyunji, calm down,” Yunho held his girlfriend before she bombarding you with questions.

    “Just how close are you two, really? When did you get close to him?” Hyunji now looked at Yunho, “I mean, have you ever seen her and him texting or something before?”

    Yunho didn’t say anything. Just looked at you for answer because he doesn’t know the answer either. Heck, he even wondering himself how the hell Seonghwa appeared in front of his door on a random Saturday to take you to your parents.

    “We just,” you scratched your neck, “reunited at the school reunion. And he helped me get back that night and that’s how we get closer to each other.”

    “The school reunion? The one you go to recently? Isn’t that when Yunho stayed at my place?” Hyunji asked.

    “Yep, that one. He said you were having a fever, right?”

    “Whoah,” Hyunji smirked at you, “look at you. Meeting an old friend one night and suddenly you two are meeting each other’s family in less than a month?”

    She playfully nudged Yunho’s arm, “let’s make a bet how long will it take for them to date. My bet is in two weeks.”

    Getting no answer from the man, both Hyunji and you looked at Yunho, who was just staring blankly at you.

    “Hey, are you okay?” you asked him, quite concern with the way he looked at you.

    “Yunho,” Hyunji shook his shoulder that brought him back to reality. He blinked his eyes several times before chuckling quietly, “sorry, I was spacing out. What did you say?” he looked at Hyunji who was still looking at him with confusion.

    “I was joking about making a bet of how long will it take for Yeeun and Seonghwa to date…”

    Yunho chuckled as he patted Hyunji’s head, “I’ll bet the longest is within three weeks.”

    “YOU TWO STOP MAKING BET ON ME,” you huffed. Which eliciting a laugh from the couple.

    “Since you two keep making fun of me, I’ll be the one who chose the movie.”

    “We don’t want to watch Imitation Game again,” Yunho whined, which you sticked your tongue out to.

    While you were busy setting up the film, Hyunji held Yunho’s hand softly. Making the man looked at her with a smile on his face. Her big eyes looked into his eyes as she whispered, “are you okay?”

    “Of course, I am,” he whispered back, “I was just spacing out.”

    “You’re not one to space out tho,” she frowned. Yunho smiled, kissing the top of her head, “I’m okay. It has been a busy week, that’s all.”


    Yunho nodded his head. Putting his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him, “really. Thank you for worrying but I’m really okay.”

    Decided to believe in his words, Hyunji took his answer. The three of you probably have lost count of how many times you watch Imitation Game on your movie nights. But again, none of you complained. Yunho keeps throwing jokes at every conversation and you keep glaring at him whenever he does that. While Hyunji acts as the mediator so none of you fight each other.

    The night was spent with you just talking with each other. Hyunji still with her spoiled students and Yunho with his weird colleague. And you with your naggy boss. It was when Hyunji saw the clock that the three of you finally stood up from your seat. As always, Yunho took Hyunji home while you wash the dirty dishes in the sink. Not wanting to see them pile up the next day.

    It was the last glass and you were putting it in the rack when you heard the front door open. Yunho cleared his throat as he walked to the kitchen.

    “You were fast,” you said, looking at him from your shoulder.

    He chuckled, “you act as if she lives miles away when she’s only three blocks away.”

    A laugh left your lips as you dried your hand. Missing the glance from Yunho’s brown eyes.

    “Why didn’t you call me?” he asked out of the blue.

    You furrowed your eyebrows, “when?”

    “The reunion night.”

    “Ah, that night,” you nodded your head, “you were with your girlfriend and she was sick. I wouldn’t call you and bother you when she needs you, don’t you think so?” plus, you were too drunk to call him anyway.

    “Still,” Yunho heaved a sigh, “you could’ve just called me instead. You know both me and Hyunji wouldn’t mind.”

    “Yunho, I’m not a child anymore. And though you’re my housemate, doesn’t mean you have to take care of me like I’m your sister.”

    “You chose to go home with someone you haven’t met for years. And please remind me, were you even close to Seonghwa back then? What if anything happened to you that night?”

    “First of all, Seonghwa isn’t that kind of man. Even back then, he was known for being a good kid so I don’t know why you have to worry about that,” you huffed, annoyed with your housemate’s nags.

    “And I can take care of myself. You really don’t have to worry about it. Got it?”

    “Fine,” Yunho nodded his head. He knows he was defeated. Whether it was because you’re always so stubborn or maybe because he realizes he was being overreacting.

    “Also,” Yunho said, making you stopped before walking into your bedroom, “Hyunji asked if you need a company to the shop. You know, she’s always down to spend time with you.”

    You smiled, nodding your head as you note yourself to text her about it, “yeah, I might need her help with it anyway.”

    Yunho smiled sheepishly, “she’s good at picking a good outfit, right?”

    You playfully rolled your eyes, “she is. You’re a lucky motherfucker to get her.”



    You swear, you love your work colleague. At least, the ones who sit close to you. But you can’t help but want to shove your sandwich into Kino’s mouth when he kept asking you to join in his Friday night routines when you told him already that you made plan with your friend already.

    “Come on,” Kino huffed, “you almost never join us!”

    You scoffed, “it’s only you and Yeri anyway. I would feel like a third-wheeler.”

    “W-what are you saying…” the blush on his cheeks betrayed him, “it’s not like we left you out whenever you join us!”

    “Yeah, yeah,” you said after swallowing your sandwich, “I really wonder why you keep trying to go out on your failed dates when you have her in front of you.”

    “First of all, Yeri is my best friend since we’re in diapers–”

    “The more reason for you two to date! You’ve known each other since you two couldn’t even talk.”

    “That’s not the point–”

    “Wait,” you cut him when your eyes spotted your other ‘colleague’, May.

    “May!” you ran to her. Which, she responded with a roll of her eyes. Though you saw it and you wanted to do nothing but to beat her if it wasn’t for you trying to be professional even when she treated you like shit.

    “What can I help you with?” she asked with a forced smile.

    “Have you shared the questionnaire about the sport drink?”

    “Yeah,” she huffed, “why?”

    “I was thinking if we could share it to the gym members too.”

    “Yeeun,” she sighed before looking into your eyes, “we told you already that they are not our targeted market.”

    “Still,” you supported your argument, “we never know if we don’t ask them! I told you, I saw lots of people coming to my gym buying them all the time.”

    “That’s not enough to be samples.”

    “Exactly. That’s why we need to try sharing the questionnaire to them so we can get more samples of their opinion about the product. We all know how many gyms out there. We could expand the brand from the gym enthusiast to athletes. Our market can reach wider range!”

    Again, May rolled her eyes, “fine. I’ll try sending them out.

    The unexpected response got you smiling ear to ear, “thank you so much, May!”

    “Yeah,” she answered lazily, “when do you need it by?”

    “It would be great if you can give me on Tuesday? We’ll have a meeting on Thursday. So, I guess I can see how can we use it and present it on Thursday.”

    “Okay, got it,” she nodded her head, “Tuesday it is.”

    “Alright. Thanks again, May!” you waved at her before walking back to Kino.

    The man only looked at you, confused, “why are you talking with that monster?”

    “She’s the one handling the customer questionnaire. And I need help with that. So,” you shrugged.

    “Ugh,” Kino shuddered as he pulled his seat, “if I were you, I’d rather do whatever it is by myself. Do you see the way she always rolls her eyes on you?”

    You rolled your eyes at that, “how could I not know that? I see that every time I talk to her.”

    “Exactly,” Kino nodded his head, “you keep talking about keeping professionalism when she does that to you, kind of not clicking for me.”

    Kino has a point. You don’t quite understand why May always gives you that kind of attitude. In fact, you should be the one giving her that attitude. With the way she was getting promoted so fast in the beginning of her career, everybody in the company knows how many people she stepped on in the way. It’s a public secret how she used others for her advantages and left them stay in their position while she keeps going up. While you never really been the one she stepped on, she still gives you a hint of jealousy considering the two of you got into the company around the same time, yet she keeps going higher way faster than you. you really don’t understand what is it about you that May would see as a competition and leads to her attitude towards you.

    But stick to yourself, you try your best to keep everything professional in work. So you try to shrug it off like you always do. other than that, she never really did anything to you, anyways.


    Yunho lost count of how many stores the three of you has gone to by this point. He was sure you found some good dresses, so why both of you and Hyunji still hopping to the other store? Then again, it’s always like this when his girlfriend buy something; hopping to endless store until she gets what she thinks is the best.

    “How about this one?” Hyunji handed you a white dress, “I think this one looks simple yet not too casual. So it would be perfect for anything.”

    “That’s what you said to the one before, though,” Yunho chirped.

    “It’s different, Yunho! Look, I think this one is better? It looks lovely, the previous one is leaning more into a cute look.”

    You picked the dress, “I agree. I think I like this one the most so far.”

    “See?” Hyunji smiled proudly, “now go! Try it on!”

    Hyunji was right. The dress is simple, yet lovely to look at. The white cotton hugged your body perfectly and the end of the dress falls on your knees. Just the right length for your body. You smiled at your own reflection in the mirror, thinking would Seonghwa like it?

    Your mind was fast to snapped back and you shook your head. Heck, why the hell would it matter if he like it or not. It’s not like you have to impress him 24/7 anyway. Both of you aren’t really dating after all.

    Knowing how tired Yunho must be right now, you changed your clothes and quickly took the dress right to the cashier.

    “Does it fit you that good that you’re so sure to buy it?” Hyunji chirped as she stood next to you at the cashier.

    You nodded your head, “yeah. And I think it would be perfect to wear to meet his family.”

    Hyunji smiled, “are you nervous?”

    Not really, you wanted to say. But instead, you just smiled and shrugged. Which eliciting a giggle from her as she wrapped her arm on yours, “don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll like you!”

    You chuckled, “I hope so.”

    “Are you two done?” Yunho asked, “sorry, I went to the toilet.”

    “Mhm. We’re done here,” Hyunji answered, “should we eat around here? Or do you prefer to take away the foods?”

    “Why don’t we just eat here?” you looked at Hyunji and Yunho, “it’s been a while since the three of us going out together.”

    The smile on Hyunji’s face got wider, “okay! What do you want to eat? How about some Thai food?”

    “Thai sounds nice,” Yunho smiled.

    “Thai food it is!”

    The small yes! From Hyunji didn’t go unheard by the two of you and Yunho, causing both of you to chuckled at her reaction.


    Seonghwa’s bed never been this messy. His wardrobe almost empty and all of his clothes laying on his bed and floor. Another grunt left his lips as he threw his plaid shirt, “it’s too simple.”

    It’s stupid, he knows. How he doesn’t want to look like he’s trying too hard when he is trying too hard. He was about to throw another white shirt to his bed when he heard the knock on his apartment door. Grunting, he walked to open the door, “now what a time to get a visitor.”

    The door swung open and the brown-haired guy smiled widely at Seonghwa, “good to know you’re home.”

    Seonghwa sighed, “why are you here, Yeosang?”

    “What?” the younger man quirked his left eyebrow, “do I have to make an appointment to visit your place?”

    “No,” Seonghwa sighed again, “I’m kind of busy right now.”

    “Really? What are you doing?” Yeosang walked in before Seonghwa letting him. He looked around the apartment until his eyes saw Seonghwa’s bedroom and they got wider as he spotted the messy bed.

    “Whoah, what’s gotten into you?” Yeosang walked into the bedroom, eyeing every single clothes and took one random shirt from the bed, “is this really your bed? Why is this so messy? Why is your entire closet here?”

    “Stop coming into my room uninvited,” Seonghwa snatched the piece from Yeosang’s hand, “again, why are you here?”

    Yeosang responded with a shrug almost made Seonghwa kick him out of his place, “just bored at home. Since you moved, I have no company there.”

    “I have to move anyway,” Seonghwa took the clothes from his bed one by one, “your place is too far from my new office.”

    “Yeah, I know,” Yeosang plopped himself on the bed, “now what the hell is this?” he pointed at the messy bed.

    Again, Seonghwa sighed. “I’m thinking of what should I wear to my grandmother’s birthday.”

    The younger man furrowed his eyebrow. Why is his friend trying so hard just to go to his grandmother’s birthday? Yeosang knows how much Seonghwa cherishes his grandma, but not to the extent to empty his closet just to find the best look for him.

    “And why is it a big deal for you to dress up nicely to her birthday?”

    Seonghwa started to hang his clothes one by one to his wardrobe, “because I don’t know how good Yeeun will dress. She’s probably trying her hard too.”

    “Wait,” Yeosang tilted his head in confusion, “who?”

    “Yeeun,” Seonghwa answered without looking at his friend, “my girlfriend.”

    “YOUR WHAT?” Yeosang quickly sat up, “girlfriend? Girlfriend??? You have a girlfriend? Since when?”

    Seonghwa only rolled his eyes, “yes, I do. We just started going out recently.”

    Yeosang blinked his eyes, “but you just moved not too long ago.”

    “And?” Seonghwa lifted one of his eyebrows, “it doesn’t have anything to do with I’m moving. She’s a friend from high school.”

    “But when did you two start getting closer?”

    “None of your business,” he finally looked at Yeosang, “since you’re here, please help me choose. Is it better if I just wear a white shirt or this navy polo? Or just anything else?”

    “No one could go wrong with white shirt if you wonder.”

    Seonghwa scrunched his nose, “but isn’t it too simple?”

    Yeosang rolled his eyes, “then do you want to go to your grandmother’s birthday all dressed up even when you only celebrate it at her house?”

    “No,” he sighed, “then I’ll just wear the white shirt, I guess.”

    Yeosang looked at Seonghwa again, who was busy tidied up his clothes. He knows his best friend rarely open up about his relationship. No, he rarely opens up about anything and bottled up everything himself. Though he’s always there to lend a shoulder to anyone who needs help, he rarely takes other’s help for himself. And sometimes Yeosang wonders if one day he would break from keeping everything to himself too much.

    “So, this Yeeun. You two have known each other for a long time?”

    “Yeah,” Seonghwa beamed at the mention of your name, “she used to tutor her friends and I was one of them.”

    “So, your type is the smart one?”

    He shook his head, “she’s not just smart. She’s funny,” he chuckled. His mind going back to your drunk babbled that night, “she’s fun to be with. She’s also nice. And a hard worker. And she blushes easily, it’s so fun to tease her. I’ll introduce you to her and you’ll see she’s a great person.”

    One thing Yeosang thankful for about Seonghwa is that though he’s never one to be good at expressing his feelings through words, his expression says a lot about how he feels. Like the wide smile on his face when he hears your name. And the excitement in his voice when he talks about you. And how his eyes shines when he was talking about how much he loves to tease you. Yeosang knows he’s happy with you. It’s seen form the way he talks and smiles just from talking about you.

    And maybe that’s enough for Yeosang to know that Seonghwa is in a good hand if he’s with you. Though he hasn’t met you yet.

    “Well, then,” Yeosang sighed, “looks like you need to prepare yourself. Should I get going?”

    “What? No,” Seonghwa hurried himself and shoved the remaining clothes to his wardrobe, “I can’t let you just go home after coming here. Have you eaten? Do you want to grab some lunch with me?”

    A sheepish smile formed on Yeosang’s lips, “sure.”

    The two walked to the fast-food restaurant. Catching up with each other as they eat. Yeosang and his new roommate he’s still awkward with, and Seonghwa with, well, you. He told Yeosang how he met your family recently and how he’s slightly nervous for you to meet his family.

    “I guess she must be nervous too. Don’t you think so?” Seonghwa asked.

    Which Yeosang replied with a nod of his head, “she must be. Isn’t it too fast for the two of you to meet each other’s parents?”

    “Ey, what are you saying,” Seonghwa chuckled, “it’s not like we’re a total stranger. I told you we’re high school friends.”

    “But were you two that close back then?”

    “Not really,” Seonghwa shrugged, “but her parents met me when I studied with her. So it’s like catching up with them for me. But for her meeting my family, it’s a new thing.”

    Yeosang nodded his head again, “tell me how it goes later.”

    “Of course, I will,” Seonghwa smiled widely.

    Maybe Seonghwa’s wide smile is contagious that it put a wide smile on Yeosang’s face as well. He took another bite of his food while thinking, he really is in a good hand with this girl.

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