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    #!kay! asks #!kay! answers #enhypen smut#sunghoon smut #sunghoon x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen hard hours #kpop smut#park sunghoon#sunghoon fics#sunghoon headcanons#sunghoon imagines
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    #jay hard hours #sunghoon hard hours #park jay#park sughoon#park boysss#enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #🍷 anon #!kay! asks #!kay! answers
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  • theebaragi
    21.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Scene 35 • Jealousy is a Disease

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    ♡ ྀSummary: Y/n’s class is doing favors for various students during their school festival but what happens when Jay Park, member of the campus famous 02z, asks her for something that's a little bit more than she can handle?


    A/n: sorry for such a short chapter you guys I was busy 😭

    Taglist 🏷: @fiantomartell @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @ncityy04 @blossomnct @softsakusas @kac-chowsballs @msxflower @whoe-dis @dear-dreamie @rein-deer-stuffs @youreverydayzebra @pixyseeun @kingkaithekiwi @kyleeanne @enhacolor @shynypeacekitten @meiiiwa @liliansun

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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ park sunghoon

    every day you patiently waited for the moment when you went to the rink for your skating lessons. well.. to be honest, you were especially waiting for them to be able to admire each of the movements of the ice prince in your class. sunghoon had won this title by winning each of the major competitions for three consecutive years.

    scrolling through your social medias, one tweet in particular caught your attention : apparently today was the day people had to kiss their crush. suddenly losing yourself in your thoughts, you imagined how this precious moment would be with your current crush.

    would it be possible to dance hand in hand on the ice with sunghoon? ending up in each other's arms until — « what are you thinking about? ». sunghoon's voice pulled you out of your thoughts, almost knocking you off your seat. but, warm arms, despite the coolness of the ice rink, caught you up before the fateful fall.

    slowly opening your eyes, you observed sunghoon's flawless face for a few seconds, so close to yours that you could feel his minty breath on your face. « are you okay? » — his soft voice made you nod your head, and you suddenly thought back to the tweet you had seen earlier. international kiss your crush day? in a surge of confidence, your eyes squinted on his damn perfect lips, coming to deposit a butterfly kiss on them. and surprisingly, sunghoon didn't pull away, deepening the kiss by squeezing your waist a little tighter.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
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    21.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    cutest video bomber ever

    #enhypen#enhypenet#kpopco#*mine#sim jaeyun#park jongseong#nishimura riki#park sunghoon#jake#jay#ni-ki#sunghoon#riki #sunghoon looks so happy #jumping into frame like that #aaa cuties 🥺 #also lots of random gifsets coming through #because i can't sleep
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  • hiddendelivers
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago



    archetype - idea type

    highest priestess reversed, eight of wands, five of cups, ace of sowrds, the moon

    — this person is to say it simple, someone who isn't very physically active. this could be talking about an almost sedentary person when it comes to sports or activities, that the most they do is wake up every morning to clean or attend lectures. they're someone focused on making of themselves an knowledgeable person. they like to focus on their goals and don't have time to wander around the city. the archetype is of a person with a different background, with different believes that can show him new things, and someone who has if not been around the world and lives aboard, changed domicile in their childhood. this archetype is someone used to change, someone you can't keep on their toes, someone who always has a goal to achieve somewhere, even if it's surreal. they like to be busy. they like to think they're planners, but they often withdrawn from their original thought and jump into other things.

    they have a vivid imagination, one that often has made them overestimate their actual capacities because of the reality they create for themselves, stimulating to their senses. they seem to like to wrap themselves in this bubble and ignore what's really going on, to the point they explode as they tend to keep in so much.

    they're not very self aware of their emotions or others—in a sense that they can't name their feelings or know how to act when someone is being expressive to them—, but they try their best to get through and understand what's going on around them, even if more than never they fail in the process. they hide secrets, and people confide that they'll keep it safe. their lack of awareness allows them to not question people in certain situations, due to not really understanding the concept of good and bad as other people might, they often rely on what they've heard, seen and experienced. they're not really people who often are seeked for advice, as they struggle with putting themselves in other shoes. due to that same struggle, they often victimise themselves as they're very subjective individuals and don't see the whole picture.

    this is most likely someone with a complete different path than him, someone who isn't meant to be in front of a screen and that is more into tangible things rather than uncertain objectives and—for them—childhood adventures like it would be modeling, acting or singing.

    they could turn out to be great achievers if they were capable to focus their attention on a single task instead of jumping into various projects. they have a lot of potential when it comes to achieving their goals, they didn't just give up when something goes wrong. when they push themselves is when they realise they got more to give than what they like to think.

    personality - ideal type

    three of wands, temperance, eight of cups, nine of swords

    —sunghoon's ideal type is someone very normal, too normal almost. this person's personality is not a constant up and down, but more like a linear string that gets cut only when taken to extremes. this person keeps their emotions very in check, i would say they often don't realise what they're actually feeling, they just go with the flow. they have a lot of goals, but sometimes they struggle to find where their position is. they might have a certain dream, but wouldn't know where to situate themlvess in it. they like the idea of creating something and having a thing to look forward to everyday. they're confident, and busy. their mind is always running to see what to do next. they're quiet noble, too.

    this person is someone who knows things. someone who knows about countries, cities, cultures, books, sayings, even statistics if so. they like to know and learn, and to be able to have an answer for people, that makes them feel valuable. they're very into studying, the type of person to think that studies are a privilege so they might as well squeeze every aspect of it until they can no longer remember or distinguish bombers from letters anymore. as long as they live, they'll always be learning about something.

    deffinetely someone with ambition, someone who has either (as said prior) moved around a lot as a child, so they can't exactly stay in one place and stuggle with people who want to settle them down. or someone who lives aboard. everything points, at least, that this person is from a different background culturally, and very experienced.

    this is someone with introverted tendencies. despise all, they like to keep in and aren't keen on emotions, or know how to deal with them. so when they're upset is very visible as they hold the it in their faces, pushing everyone around them to adapt to their current state. they avoid having a lot of impactful experiences that directly affect with their emotions, as having their mood destabilised— or their space invaded/threatened—, is not good for them. they're private and subtable people.

    what he needs in a relationship

    knight of swords, nine of wands, nine of cups, six of pents

    —in a relationship, sunghoon needs someone who pays attention to him. someone who makes him feel good. it almost gives the sense that he needs to feel owned. probably by someone older, or at least more experienced than him who can take the lead and drive him to the right path. he needs someone with whom he can bicker and they'd make up instantly. someone who wants him as much as he wants them, in every aspect. he needs good communication, and being pushed to step out of his comfort zone, find new things about himself, get experiences. what he needs in a relationship is to be and feel protected.

    he needs someone responsible, that he can put his heart in the hands of. he needs someone who gives him, and someone who allows him to give and not feel like he has wasted his time.

    what does he have trouble with in a relationship

    six of wands rx, six of sowords, the emperor, queen of wands

    — sunghoon has trouble with opening himself up, between other things, he also struggles with trusting. he has trouble with giving himself to others in fear it might all be in vain. sometimes he might feel like taking the initiative but the fear that it might go wrong or that he might look like a fool makes him close in himself and seem almost unattainable or lose that repotatiom that he had built.

    he has pride, and has trouble with seeming too emotional, he seems to want to portray himself differently to live up to the standard. he has problems with the way he manages his sentimental side. he is scared of making the wrong decisions and seeming unfriendly, when it's just fear holding him back. he doesn't want to seem too dependable of the relationship to the point it influences how he deals with othe rmatters in his life. he wants to be able to be selective.

    he wants to be able to share his knowledge, or at least feel like he's got something to offer.

    — judgment 👹

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    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I know it's kinda late but I'll post it anyway

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  • ravenori
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ⁺ ִ ׂ ∗ enhypen members ៸៸៸៸ reaction to you crying when they scare you !

    JUNGWON – he went a little too far with the stupid jump scare prank — all he wanted was to scared you a little, but ended up making you cry :( ; he's gonna feel SO guilty for making you cry :((( *hugs* *cuddles* *looks at you with the shine in his eyes* “i’m so sorry y/n” and he’s gonna wipe your tears and kiss your cheek :((( does everything to make you happy and laugh again !! forgive him maybee

    HEESEUNG – he didn't do this intentionally, but he got you so frightened to the point you start crying :(( he's confused at first, panicked at the second and regretful in the third for the fact that he didn't INTEND to scare you; without a thought, he goes up to you and just cuddles you and sits you on his lap, wiping your tears and pressing soft kisses all over your face; he apologizes and promises he won't do it again :(( cutee

    JAY – man just wanted your attention :( is SCARED when you cry.. also you're kind of mad at him too so he's in a big trouble rn :D pulls you on his lap (like he does to wonie) and snuggles and cuddles you up while reassuring your he's never gonna do things like these again and he loves you and you're his everything and all those sweet things (he means it) helps you clean your face and does the cuddle ritual! what a boyfriend :(

    JAKE – he :(( almost broke your heart with the silly prank; hugs you right away and smothers you with his affectionate words and actions (he's JAKE okay) his “i’m sawrry” and a kiss on your left cheek and “i won't do it again” and a kiss on your right cheek kakskkjk shim jake you win :( “is there anything i can do for you, baby?” ahh :((( there you go your boyfriend shim jake as your part-time servant ›_‹

    SUNGHOON – seriously sunghoon- had this very evil plan in his head he wanted to execute, and he did; *instant regret* “oh noo i’m so sorry y/n did i scare you i’m sorry i didn't mean to make you cry” hugs you and presses numerous kisses on your head and rubs your back to make you stop crying; bumps his nose into yours and reassures you; does anything you ask him to do as a punishment ;)))

    SUNOO – sunoo sucks at this job but o n c e he somehow managed to get you scared and he regretted a big time; almost cried with you but he's the boyfriend so he's gonna make you stop crying :(( “i’m so sorry baby :((” wipes your tears and pokes your cheeks *hugs* “sorry” × infinite times until you end up forgiving him lol; treats you like a queen for the rest of the day ;))

    RIKI – the way he held back his laughter *facepalms* until he say you head back inside the room and cry; he's a sad babie now :( climbs the bed with you and *backhugs* *starts babying you* “i’m so sorry y/n please forgive your baby :((” *baby eyes* “forgive me this last time i promise i won't do it again and i’ll be a good boyfriend to you :(((” he's so cute this whole while jskajsjsk “i don't wanna see you cry :(((”; he tickled you to make you laugh teehee uwu

    ©RAVENORI tw : jumpscares and pranks (spooktober special woohoo)

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    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    211021 | ENHYPEN Official Photos on Mcountdown Behind Cut Pictures [Sunghoon] (7/9)

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  • thomas-the-tank-engene
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    bus rides

    pairing: jungwon x (f)reader

    genre: fluff

    wc: 1.05k

    warnings: none besides the fact that my writing is really bad so try not to cringe

    a/n: i wrote this a while ago also but just tweaked it a little, ill post something recent soon lmao

    summary: bus rides can bring about new friendships

    The girl sat quietly at the bus stop. One leg crossed over the other. Hands rubbing together for some form of warmth as frost enveloped the city. The shelter she was sitting in provided minimal protection from the raging winds. She hated winter. Why couldn't she live in the Bahamas? Or literally anywhere else that was warm.

    Rain pelted the roof of the shelter causing y/n to shiver. Her school uniform was wet from when she had to run to the bus stop and she knew she would have to sit through school in the dreaded thing. She didn't have a spare one. And her family certainly wasn't rich enough to buy her a rain jacket.

    She sighed loudly and closed her eyes. Listening to the rain and the rush of the cars. Life was always so busy and she wished it would just stop. Or at least slow down. Footsteps caused her eyes to snap open and she looked up, catching eyes with an old woman who was stumbling in the direction of the bus stop.

    The girl's inner voice told her to get up and walk away, hating to talk to people and make pointless conversation. But the nicer side took over and the girl rushed towards the woman to help her to the bus stop.

    "Thank you sweetie," The woman croaked as she sat down slowly. A violent cough leaving her lips afterwards. The girl smiled slightly and nodded her head before sitting down on the seat next to the woman.

    "It's awfully cold this morning, don't you think?" The woman asked and the girl nodded, shivering slightly.

    "Do you need a jacket dear?" The woman questioned and the girl shook her head, mumbling a 'thank you though' quietly. The lady smiled.

    Suddenly, the bus pulled up. The girl went to stand up but her eyes caught on the woman and she sighed at herself. y/n offered her arm and helped the women climb onto the bus. The women paid and the girl searched the bus to find a spot for the lady. But of course, because it was a rainy day, the bus was full. Suddenly, a boy stood up and smiled at the pair.

    "You can sit here ma’am," He stated. The woman smiled gratefully and the girl helped her get seated. y/n made sure the old lady was safely sitting down before going back to pay for herself. The driver smiled at the girl.

    "Thank you for helping the lady," The driver stated, and y/n nodded in response. He was an old man with kind eyes. But she could sense there was an underlying tone in his voice as he eyed the old lady with an exasperated look. 

    Once the girl had paid she turned around, looking for where to stand. She caught the eyes of the boy that offered his seat. He gestured for her to hold the handle beside his and she walked towards him. Doing exactly as he gestured to. Her hand reached up to hold it and she felt her cold fingers brush his.

    "Hi," He smiled, dazzling her with his dimples. The girl grinned back.

    "Hi," She responded and he laughed a little.

    "That was nice of you to help the lady," He told her and she nodded. Looking up into his chocolate brown eyes. His hair was dark brown and slightly damp. His cheeks looked like soft cookies and his lips were a rosy pink.

    "It was nice of you to offer your seat for her," She replied. The boy looked at her carefully. Eyes floating over her features.

    "Any one would have done the same," He responded, voice lower than perhaps normally. y/n could only nod in reply. 

    The bus suddenly slammed on it's brakes, and the girl flew into the boy's chest. 

    "I am so sorry," She quickly said, making him laugh. Her face flushed a deep crimson and her eyes darted around his figure, refusing to meet his own. She hurriedly stepped back from him. Smoothing out her hair and uniform as if to calm herself down and gain some sort of composure.

    "Don't worry about it, are you okay though?" He questioned her with a chuckle and she awkwardly laughed.

    y/n was confused. 

    When she was sitting in the bus stop, she was freezing cold, but now, she felt that her whole body was melting.

    "I'm fine, always have been, and always will be," Her eyes glanced down and noticed his school uniform. Matching her own. She raised an eyebrow.

    "Do we go to the same school?" The girl asked him and his head darted down to look at his uniform.

    "It would appear so. It's such a big school, funny how we’ve never seen each other before." The boy said and the girl laughed. Her hand holding tightly to the handle in order to prevent her from falling forward again.

    "I'm in Mr Park's form class," She responded and the boy's eyes brightened.

    "Oh he's my math teacher! He scares me to death every period I have him. ‘Jungwon, what's the answer?! Jungwon, are you paying attention?!'" The girl laughed at his impersonation of her teacher and his face warmed as he watched her.

    "So your name is Jungwon?" She questioned and he smiled at her.

    "Yes it is, what's yours?" The boy, Jungwon, asked her and she raised an eyebrow at him.

    "y/n," She stated and he laughed at her for some unknown reason.

    "Well then y/n, I think this is the start of a great friendship," He stated and she looked at him confused.

    "But you don't even know me, I could be a rapist or something," Jungwon laughed at her and smiled. He seemed to laugh a lot.

    "For some reason, I get the feeling you're not a rapist,"

    Unbeknownst to the two teenagers, the bus had pulled over, and the old woman stood up, walking past the two and out the bus, winking to the bus driver as she passed him.

    "See you tonight love," She said to him and the bus driver rolled his eyes at her.

    "Why did I marry a meddling maniac?" He mumbled to himself.

    "Because you love me!" She screamed back, catching the two teenager's attention.

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    211021 | Sunghoon via Weverse posts

    We also ranked 1st place on yesterday's SHOW CHAMPION thanks to the ENGENE!
    Thank you!! 🥇

    #enhypen#park sunghoon#sunghoon#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen weverse #I DON'T WANT TO SWEAR BUT !!!!!!!!!! #second pic running to take its place at lock screen pic 🏃🏃
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    like hot summer☀️

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