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  • i-am-iron-spider
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fanfiction: Field Trip Peter Parker Was Banned From

    Summary: Peter was banned from a field trip, so Tony decided to let him stay at the tower and drag him on a meeting. Then Harley decided to make an appearance

    Relationship: Peter Parker x Harley Keener, Tony Stark & Peter Parker (Iron Dad & Spider Son)

    Peter has mentally recreated the whole periodic table in his head in both original and alphabetical order at least four times for each during the last fifteen minutes. That was telling enough about how much the current meeting, with the CEO of the company Peter has already forgotten the name of, was boring. The teen wasn’t trying to be rude or ungrateful, but the man was telling the complete nonsense, and Peter would be more willing to spend this time with his mentor in the lab, working on the latest upgrade, than be here. Judging by the way Tony was struggling to keep his eyes open and once in a while nod at something, he and Peter shared the same idea.

    “Where is an alien invasion, when you need one,” Tony muttered under his breath.

    Peter would miss that if not for his enhanced hearing, he snorted and tried to cover it with a cough. To be more believable he even reaches for his glass of water to take a sip. Tony clapped him on the back playing along with his act.

    The two of them were stuck in this meeting for an hour now. This morning Peter hasn’t gone to school since there was a field trip to some advanced company which Peter was banned from. Apparently, ‘lying’ about your internship makes the school look bad. They didn’t give the name of the corporation, not that Peter cared. When he told Tony about it, the man suggested Peter stay at the Stark Tower so they could spend the next day together in the lab. Needless to say, Peter was on cloud nine. The whole evening, night, and part of the morning the two of them were working on the upgrade on Mark 89, taking small breaks only to refresh their coffees and use the bathroom. Harley joined them in the evening but called it a night somewhere around 3 a.m. telling them that he has a tour group to lead at nine in the morning. So, after Peter received a goodnight kiss from his handsome boyfriend and promise that he would join Harley in a while, Peter continued working on Mark 89 with Tony.  

    Doctor Strange probably did something with time-stone because there was no way that the morning came so fast. Neither Peter nor Tony acknowledged that it was morning already until the very much disappointed voice of FRIDAY didn’t inform them that Tony has a meeting in seven minutes. There was also a message from Pepper attached, so after hearing it, they knew that there was no chance that Tony could miss that meeting. Peter thought that he would just stay at the lab, but Tony nearly begged for Peter to come with him, so he would have at least someone he could tolerate in the room whole of arrogant assholes.

    That is how sleep-deprived Peter Parker found himself on this boring meeting with the even more sleepy Tony Stark on his left, both running only on coffee, listening as some man trying to explain to them how beneficial it would be if Stark Industries and whatever-this-company-was-called merged. It wouldn’t be. Even Peter could see that. But the man just couldn’t get the memo.

    “Let’s take a ten minutes break,” Tony’s voice was like a blessing from above and the man was on his feet before he even finished speaking. “I would like to discuss some aspects of this deal with Mr Parker.”

    Tony left the room before someone could object, Peter was quick to follow.

    “Thank God! I tough I gonna fall asleep there,” Peter confessed yawning.

    “Trust me, kid, you wouldn’t be the only one,” Tony muttered bitterly with a deep sigh. “Ugh, I would kill for a coffee, right now,” he admitted and put an arm around the teen’s shoulder. “Let’s go get some before this Hell continues.” Not three steps later Tony’s phone rang, cursing he fished it out and after he saw the caller he groaned. “Shit, I really should answer that.”

    “Don’t worry, I will go get us some coffee, you answer,” Peter assured the man and Tony sighed already answering the call.

    “You are a lifesaver, Pete.”

    Peter made his way to the common break room, where he knew the coffee machine was. He was acting more on autopilot now as his energy level was extremely. He was drumming his fingers on the table waiting for the coffee to be done. The monotones sound of the working apparat was lulling him to sleep and Peter decided to close his eyes for a second to let them rest a little.  

    “Rough morning, darling?” Peter’s eyes flew open as he heard Harley’s voice. He turned around to see his boyfriend with a carefree smirk. His sleepy brain absolutely ignored the tour group, which was standing right next to his boyfriend, and for some reason gaping at him. The machine biped and Peter took his coffee and started to make Tony’s. “Oh, maybe someone should have gone to the bed, as he promised?” the boy teased making his way to Peter who groaned.

    “I’m so sorry, Harls,” Peter apologized taking a large gulp of his coffee ignoring that it was burning hot. “I was meaning to go to bed, but then Tony suggested another test on upgrade and we carried away,” he explained dropping his head on Harley’s shoulder.

    “Do you and the old man at least figure out what wasn’t working?” Harley asked running his hand through Peter’s curly brown hair. Peter shook his head hiding in the croak of his boyfriend’s neck mumbling something. “What was that, darling?”

    Peter stepped a little away to take another sip of coffee and responded.

    “No, we didn’t,” he admitted. “We didn’t even know it was morning until FRIDAY informed us. And now Tony and I are stuck on this ass boring meeting, which we still need to continue, with a dude who thinks he is the smartest man in the room, but what he is saying is complete bullshit,” Peter complained drinking more coffee, Harley snorted looking at his grumpy boyfriend, he was adorable. “Can you believe this guy? He thinks that Stark Industries is in deep need of merging with their company. Like they are not on the edge of bankruptcy! Like they are not working for Osborn,” Peter scoffed finishing his coffee and turning to make himself another one when someone shouted.

    “Parker, what was that?!” Peter was really glad that he already put down his cup because otherwise, he would drop it.

    “Flash, what are you doing here?” Peter asked confused, only then did he notice that the tour group he was ignoring before was in fact his classmates. “Ned?”

    “It’s our field trip,” Ned explained smiling guiltily. “I forgot to text you.”

    “Harley!” Peter turned to his boyfriend who was silently dying with laughter. Peter shot him a look full of betrayal.

    “Sorry, darling,” he said leaving a kiss on his boyfriend’s temple. “I was going to say, but you were so adorable while ranting about this man,” he shrugged and Peter went for a reply when he was interrupted.

    “Parker, how much did you pay this guy to lie for you?” Flash asked and his friend laughed. “Or you-,”

    Before another word could leave the bully’s mouth Peter stopped him with a motion of his hand.

    “Nah, zip it,” to everyone’s surprise Peter responded. “I’m too sleep-deprived to care about what you wanna say, so save it,” Peter then tiredly pinched the bridge of his nose sighing. “I have a meeting to return to,” with that he grabbed two cups of steaming hot coffee and with a quick kiss from Harley made his way toward the meetings room ignoring all the curious glances he was receiving.

    “You better join me in bed tonight!” Harley shouted because he loved the way Peter blush. He clapped his hands earning the attention of the tour group. “Anyway, let’s continue, shall we?”


    Let me know what you think!

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  • ironfam-wizard
    05.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    PART 8

    Despite enrolling in different colleges, Peter and Ned still spend their time together whenever they get the chance. This weekend, Peter is going to stay over at Ned's dorm to catch up with him about their life. Harley will be left alone for 2 days, and who knows what he's up to.

    Harley's ig stories:


    *reply to his ig story*

    Peter: You’re dumb. did you know that?

    Harley: If you don't know the answer either, you don't have any right to mock me.


    Harley: I'm going to watch Cinderalla after this because she reminds me of Sam, they’re broke, He keeps asking me for 20 dollars whenever he sees my face.

    Peter: LOL you kidding me????

    Harley: NOPE!!!

    Peter: Anyway, keep Frozen for tomorrow, I’ll come back in the evening, watch it with me, please?

    Harley: Sure darlin, See you tomorrow💕

    Peter: love you harls🥰

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  • forgetful-nerd
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Peter: Buy 365 near-identical, solid color shirts that range through the entire color spectrum in a loop. It will appear as though you wear the same color shirt every day, but in photos from previous months you’ll be wearing a completely different shirt.

    Harley: you son of a bitch I’M SO IN!

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  • th3-r4t-k1ng
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ok- but like, Theater Kid Peter Parker who is still Spider-Man?


    •He got bit behind a theatre, that the theater club went on a field trip too, that, surprise, surprise is near Oscorp.

    •Peter and, by Proxy Spider-Man is 10000 times more dramatic, and he adds ton of Vine references.

    Example: Bad guy punchs Spider-Man? queue Peter Dramatically dying for 10 seconds before he socks the criminal right in the face.

    •Hes still a genius in the STEM subjects but he isnt an the AcDec team and no one notices him when it comes to the marks

    •He has ab amazing memory, he’s anxious and shy until you stick him on stage, and then you get Tony Stark level theatrics.

    •Tony notices him purely because of Spider-Man and then suddenly ‘how and why is this child fixing my sleep deprived calculations and getting it RIGHT!?’

    •tying in with Spider-Son and iron-dad, Tony Stark showing up to the theater to watch the (his) kid preform

    •when peter meets the rest of the team He, Nat, and Bucky hit it off right away, they constantly watch musicals together and the two adults help him rehearse.

    •The whole theatre club is LGBT+ and Peter dosent feel the need to come out to them. He just randomly shows up with news that hes taken and has no problem with telling them its a guy.

    •Theatre Cult. if youve ever been in theatre youve been apart of at least one theatre cult. The Midtown theatre club found an old calculator thats screen is stuck on ‘4311’ Peter added robot luke legs and arms and now they worship him. the calculator is called Calleigh.

    •Ned is his childhood friend; Peter helps ned with homework occasionally, ned helps him memorize his script and they both build lego together.

    •Harley and peter meet at the tower; they hit it off right away, Peter and Harly make the Potato gun 2.0 and before tony can blink the two are dating

    •Endgame, and Far From home arent the same; his identity was never revealed and Tony never died, neither did Nat and Steve didnt stay in the past.

    •Aunt may is amazing but busy with work a lot of the time but she tries her best

    and thats all i got so far ᗡ:

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  • ironfam-wizard
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    It's a date night, and Harley takes Peter to a fancy restaurant for dinner since it's been a while for them to spend time together because of work.

    His hair had grown slightly longer and the curls would get messed up every time he ruffled his hair. Peter loved it very much and would laugh each time it happened.

    Peter: *chuckle* Let me fix your hair, harls

    Harley: *lovestruck* Where have you been all this time in my life?

    Peter: *blush* I've never Really been anywhere, I was waiting

    Harley: Waiting? for who?

    Peter: For you, to come into my life

    Harley: ……*smile* I'm here now, and I'll take you wherever you want, as long as you stay with me

    Peter: *redden*… It's a date night after all. Take me anywhere you want.

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  • forgetful-nerd
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Peter: hey here’s a fun fact: butter, milk, ice cream and cheese all come to us from the same animal. I can’t remember which animal right now, but I know for sure it’s the same one.

    Harley: I’ll give you a hint: it moos.

    Peter: thanks yeah it’s a moose.

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  • ironfam-wizard
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Peter: Why are you so against it when I'm alone with Harley in the same room! We are dating!

    Tony:....... What 1+1?

    Peter:...??? wait- WE ARE MALE!!!!

    Tony: First, you are an enhanced human, Second, despite being a genius, Harley is an idiot and will do anything you say. So, NO


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  • forgetful-nerd
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Peter: a new thing I’m trying when my brain is being a real asshole is reminding it that I have it caged inside my skeleton and therefore it is a prisoner.

    Harley: This balance of power is only sustainable as long as the brain and the skeleton are not United in interests.

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  • ironfam-wizard
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago


    They're going back this Friday since May has missed them so much and they agreed to spend the whole weekend with her. Peter stated that he would drive from MIT to Queen because his boyfriend had been busy with his report for the past two weeks. Harley took that offer and decided to sleep the whole trip.

    Harley: Lovely voice, darlin

    Peter: JERKASS!!!

    Harley: Don’t worry, I still love you *chuckle*

    Peter: I HATE YOU!!!

    Harley: *replay the recorded audio from his phone*

    Peter: Don’t tell me you-

    Harley: A gift for May *laughing*


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  • ironfam-wizard
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Peter: Mood y'all

    Miles: ………

    Harry: *punch harley in the face*

    Gwen: KICK HIM! HARRY!!

    MJ: If I hear him say "y'all" one more time, I'm leaving.

    Ned: I'm not surprised since they're basically together all the time.

    Miles: At this point, I believe Harry will use any petty excuse to hit Harley.

    MJ: He just overprotective over peter

    Peter: HARRY! NOT HIS FACE!!

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