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  • pratapnaik
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Chapter 3 : Admission of a Partner - NCERT Question Class 12 Accountancy

    Chapter 3 : Admission of a Partner – NCERT Question Class 12 Accountancy

    Question 1 A and B were partners in a firm sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2. They admit C into the partnership with 1/6 share in the profits. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio? (Ans : 3:2:1) Question 2 A,B,C were partners in a firm sharing profits in 3:2:1 ratio. They admitted D for 10% profits. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio? (Ans : 9:6:3:2) Question 3 X and Y…

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    #Adjustment of Accumulated Loss #Adjustment of Accumulated Profit #Adjustment of Capital #Adjustment of Deferred Revenue Expenditure #Adjustment of Reserves #Admission of a Partner #CBSE Class 12 Accountancy #Change in the Profit-sharing Ratio #NCERT Accountancy Solution Class 12 #Profit & Loss Appropriation Account #Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities #Valuation of Goodwill
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  • pratapnaik
    13.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    XII Accountancy Syllabus - CBSE

    XII Accountancy Syllabus – CBSE

    Accountancy Syllabus Issued by CBSE ACCOUNTANCY (Code No. 055) The course in accountancy is introduced at plus two stage of senior second of school education, as the formal commerce education is provided after ten years of schooling. With the fast changing economic scenario, accounting as a source of financial information has carved out a place for itself at the senior secondary stage. Its…

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    #Accountancy Syllabus Class 12 #Accounting for Goodwill #Adjustment of Accumulated Loss #Adjustment of Accumulated Profit #Adjustment of Capital #Adjustment of Goodwill #Adjustment of Reserves #Admission of a Partner #Cash Flow Statements #CBSE Accountancy Syllabus #Company Accounts #Financial Statement Analysis #Financial Statements #New Profit Sharing Ratio #Partnership Accounts #Profit & Loss Appropriation Account #Reassessment of Liabilities and Assets #Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities #Sacrificing Ratio #Valuation of Goodwill
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  • pratapnaik
    11.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    XII Accountancy Sample Papers - CBSE

    XII Accountancy Sample Papers – CBSE

    Sample Papers Issued by CBSE XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers 2021Download XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers 2021 – Marking SchemeDownload XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers 2020Download XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers 2020 – Marking SchemeDownload XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers 2019Download XII Accountancy CBSE Sample Question Papers…

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    #Accounting for Goodwill #Adjustment of Accumulated Loss #Adjustment of Accumulated Profit #Adjustment of Capital #Adjustment of Goodwill #Adjustment of Reserves #Admission of a Partner #New Profit Sharing Ratio #Partnership Accounts #Profit & Loss Appropriation Account #Reassessment of Liabilities and Assets #Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities #Sacrificing Ratio #Valuation of Goodwill
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  • zodiacsomething
    11.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    i just decided her full name is mary marie

    #adventure pat#doodles #i'm not sure if i should make a tag for the side characters #few of them do play a semi important part so idk #also i don't know if you could really see it in the comics cause it was kinda just sorta hasty doodles but mary's got an injury on her left #wings. which is why she wasn't helping with the others above the ground #she can't fly #so she takes care of the organization of the festival #i'm not gonna dump too much info/lore cause i'm kinda busy atm but that injury is important #or rather the cause of it #it's about their animal companions #i'm gonna go into more detail later but mary's lost her little ladybug partner and the loss of one's companion affects the other #at a more intense level? like a part of them dies and many don't live much longer after that #mary is one of the few that lost their companion and is still alive #that sound so dramatic i'm so sorry #to change the subject a bit i have this little alphabet i made a couple of years ago and i'm thinking to add that to the comic as well #i just found an old notebook where i wrote it down and i think that'd be a fun detail #if they just have their own ancient language or something #anyway sorry for rambling #i'm a bit stressed haha hhh #oh also for anyone who's interested enough to have read this far #we're meeting some more water creatures soon #a koi fish character :DD #i did say i would add one #and maybe they're also a soon to be very important side character #anyway that's it for today #remember to drink some water #:D#injury tw#my art
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  • britishchick09
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago


    you know how she’s shot in the bloody mouth scene literally right after this iconic moment?

    it could just be winston’s dreams playing out his fear of losing her, but what if it was when she was shot metaphorically like winston was at the end of the book and he somehow knew it because of a couple connection? what if that moment was when her mind was wiped clean and she loved big brother?

    or worse yet... what if the dream shot was the moment she betrayed winston in real life?

    #so many ways to interpret it! #it's such a contrast to the happy peaceful picnic dream in the book #the movie dream shows how sudden the loss of a partner can be #whether that loss is a metaphorical shot or a real betrayal... i guess we'll never know ;)
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  • vodkadietcokes175
    03.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    The fact that there’s tons of articles and a whole ass YouTube channel dedicated to surviving having a bpd partner. Just shows how toxic they are. The proof is in the millions of people who have gone through it.

    Try denying that.

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  • shotones-archive
    01.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    #/ what i say: ur loss guys #/ what i actually think: as if my insecurity about not being an interesting rp partner due to not being interested in shipping wasn't-- #/ already bad enough as it was lmao #&*' outofcharacters / ooc. #&*' trashcan / tbd.
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  • reverseracistpoc
    30.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #it's a banger no doubt abt it but it's also. about c*ps. #i also think it is HILARIOUS that syo is reiji's new partner #and then in the terunohana dog school SL event #syo is ranmaru's new partner who also had to deal w the loss of his old police partner #dont rmbr if reiji's old partner was implied to be ai or not but if so. doubly hilari-sad #uta no prince sama #anonymous#answered
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  • twoten21
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The release that the blade gives me should not be so soothing

    #fuck#dark #tw self harm #self harm#cutting#tw cutting#tw suidice#suicidal thoughts #i miss you babe #i miss you #coping with grief #partner loss#depression
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  • twoten21
    22.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    What reason is there now that you’re gone? I feel like I’m just trudging through the day. Always waiting for it to end. Always dreading waking up the next morning. Always hoping that somehow I don’t. The days sometimes pass quickly but the minutes don’t. How have you already been gone for over 2 months? I feel like I’m slowly breaking apart more and more. 2 months and 12 days. Everything’s dark. Life is hard. I’m doing everything by myself now and it sucks. I need you baby. I miss you so fucking much no one can even understand.

    #i miss you babe #i love you tyler #fuck #coping with grief #partner loss#dark #i miss you #i need you back
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  • a-13-c
    11.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Titled: Shoot Your Shot for Love

    We made a promise. Tied. Bonded. That little piece of metal, god fuck that little piece of metal. It broke it. It took our promise. We took our shots for love. I didn’t know it would be deadly.

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  • mellaithwen
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Llewyn’s grandfather used to tell him that he was named after a dead man. 

    “Dammit Dad,” Llewyn’s own father used to groan whenever he heard it. He’d roll his eyes, and shake his head at his kid, because this was back when his expressions had life and movement and fervour. A long, long time ago. He used to grin at his son, before turning to his old man and saying; “here we go again. We named him after you,” but the Davis patriarch would wave his hand as if to shush his son, and continue to confuse the little boy in his lap, hanging on his every word.

    “The last Prince of Wales. Llywelyn, ein llyw olaf,”  the older man used to say in his gruff way, creating sounds Llewyn always struggled to mimic. The unilateral hiss in the accent of a man from Gwynedd. 

    The Prince died, and any hope Wales had of defeating the English, died with him. Our last ruler. Our last hope.


    “It means leader too,” Mike says years later, while Llewyn is buried under the sheets of the bed that they share,  bemoaning his non-existent legacy and blaming his medieval namesake for paving the way with centuries of disappointments.  The day’s only just begun, and the light that’s shining through their tiny window and into their even smaller studio is soft, and warm. They have a gig at the club tonight but the morning belongs to them completely.

    “One of dad’s old Professor-friends told me,” Mike continues, in that soft way of his that always captures Llewyn’s attention. He gently tugs at the blanket his boyfriend’s hiding under, and Llew just tugs it back, but it’s more half-hearted than before.  

    “Llew-e-l-yn,” Mike sounds out,  taking great care to pronounce the long-form version of his name as though he’s been practising. Llewyn thinks his tadcu would be proud.  “Lion-like.”

    Llewyn doesn’t comment on the etymology of his name, or on the fact that Mike’s been talking about him to his parents’ friends, but he ducks his head under the blanket once more to hide his own grin and the rising heat on his cheeks as they flush. He thinks of a lion stalking an antelope in the grass, and he makes a low, rumbling, growling sound before pouncing on his unsuspecting prey with his teeth bared as he goes in for the kill. 

    “Shit Llew, I’m gonna have to wear a scarf for a week!” Mike groans in the bathroom the next morning when he’s examining the ridiculous amount of hickeys currently bruising his neck. 

    “Well then, lucky for you, it’s the middle of Winter,” Llewyn responds, joining his boyfriend at the mirror, and wrapping his arms around the man’s waist, tugging him close. They watch each other in their reflections for a moment. Llewyn rests his chin on Mike’s shoulder, and in turn Mike rests his own head on top of the man’s tousled black curls. 

    “Yeah, yeah, just try to keep the mauling to a minimum, Lionman.”


    #inside llewyn davis #WIP #honestly im probably never gonna finish this and it makes me kinda sad #because it got personal in a way i didn't expect but..... meh so here's one of my favourite scenes FUCK IT #I obsessed over his name #because look - the film says his name's welsh and his surname is welsh #but Llewyn isnt a name that really exists (and if it did you wouldn't pronounce it like Lewis with an n on the end #but Llywelyn (llewelyn) exists and has historical connotations and so I thought of it being a family name that got twisted/americanised #and then THAT turned into me projecting some welsh pain and tadcu loss onto unsuspecting random coen brothers character #anyway its self indulgent as fuck so you can ignore :) #and there was no way he wasn't in a relationship with Mike (his singing partner who died) i will die on this HILL #llewyn x mike #fic-ing#mellaithwen#writing #idk im queueing this up before i bottle it #fic#Oscar isaac#llewyn davis#fanfic#cymraeg#welsh
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  • rejectofsociety
    24.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ⤹ BaBbLe TiMe ⤹

    #rant#ignore me #I just gotta squeal #okayso  I’m writin this fic where Peter died #but we  quickly find out that he is undead #Or he becomes undead #idk maybe he just fell asleep #jk he died #ANYSHAY #MJ hates the idea of getting married partially because she is TERRIFIED of loosing her lover #like the idea of loving someone enough to put up with their bullshit for the rest of her life only to lose them makes her feel sick #equally unsettling; she hates the idea of getting married then dying and her partner having to suffer through her loss #but then like... #like Peter and MJ end up falling in love #and it’s PERFECT #Cuz Peter’s already dead and so she doesn’t have to worry about losing him!????? #but this actually leads to some other stuff later in the story but I won’t get into that because I can’t without spoiling the whole plot #but yo #that is POETIC #RIGH????? #whatever #i am PROUD of myself #I idn’t mean fir it to come together like that. #BUT IT DID #okay bye
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  • twoten21
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i miss you babe #i love you tyler #coping with grief #grieving#depression #tw self harm #depressing shit#sad thoughts#i'm sad#death#partner loss#i’m sorry#dark#griefsucks#griefandloss#grief#griefsupport #why did you leave #why did you die
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  • werun
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #workout routine#workout running#WeRun #weekly and yearly goals #beginner running #build running route #best running app #athletes #find running partner nearby #find nearby places to run #free running app #jogging plan#jogging tracker#jog tracker#weight loss#walking app #upcoming running groups #training plans #track my running route #track miles #track and map #share location #set your run goal #set date and time #save your favorite paths #running route planner #running plan#running performance #running for weight loss
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  • cielizzydefencesquad
    15.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #plus I feel like this might cause ed to seek a romantic partner who's also experienced loss #maybe not consciously but I've always envisioned ed marrying an older society widow - someone who is mature and poised and restrained #who can understand his suffering and empathize w/o being cloying #nevertheless #I don't think lizzy will die in this arc #suffer - yes #and possibly need a great deal of therapy #but she won't die #edward midford#elizabeth midford#anon asks#replies#mod nina#kuroshitsuji#black butler
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  • kaigyokus
    08.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    when i tell you this is my favorite geto portrayal 

    #* ooc. #i dont get sad over geto just frustrated if you ever catch me being sad thats not me #thats gojou satoru lamenting the loss of his partner in crime
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  • squirreljc2
    07.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Why the hell are w*ncesties calling it a win that Dean would’ve been depressed and wasted away without Sam????????????? EXCUSE ME????????????????? GET THERAPY

    #WHAT THE FUCK SIR #tw//suicide #WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING THAT A HISTORICALLY SUICIDALLY DEPRESSED CHARACTER WOULD HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO COPE WITH THE LOSS OF THE 3 MOST #IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE #EXCUSE ME#GET HELP #WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE #also jensen isn't real #death of the author #spn con#spn panel#supernatural #HE LITERALLY LOST HIS SON AND BEST FRIEND/LIFE PARTNER AND HIS BROTHER #THAT SOUNDS PRETTY TRAUMITIZING #he also said they would get bored of heaven? #implying he didn't want either dead? #idk how you think this is a win #he legit said it made more sense like this? #not that this is how he wanted it? #like #he didn't say anything positive about the finale?
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  • dickmurderer
    06.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I loved you so much and my demons were too much for you

    #depression#darkness #loss of love #shitposting about emotions dont mind me #breakup#divorce #i wish this was over #i figured out that if I give a relationship long enough my partner resents me #so thats nice #i dont think Il ever feel like this again #youll stop talking to me and forget soon enough and that hurts so bad #i know this is my fault and i wish i was better but i know this is for the best #i cant make you happy #this is the most emo shit Ive saod since the 7th grade man
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  • cerulean-melancholy
    27.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    sometimes i start thinking about miranda’s final words before she was killed, about how she simply explodes with all the rage she’s been holding within for ten fucking years and i just

    flint at least got to go out and sail and kill people (great coping mechanisms, yay) and be active while raging inside. but miranda had to wait in a house inland, playing the good puritan woman and waiting for flint to come back while never knowing if/when he would, just stewing in these feelings i bet she didn’t even let herself feel because she wasn’t socialised to feel them. and she couldn’t do anything else, because she is still wired like an english lady - hence the going-to-boston thing -, so turning into an anne bonny 2.0 couldn’t probably even cross her mind.

    and then the moment the dam bursts and all the pain and the rage and the anguish she has been holding back for years come out - the moment where she could have her metamorphosis and let go of the proper lady she’s been all these years - she’s shot in the head.

    i’m not going anywhere with this. it’s just very fucking sad.

    #miranda hamilton#captain flint#flinthamilton#black sails #miranda's death is a central plot device and absolutely essential in flint's journey #like i do get that #but when i contemplate the ten years she must have spent in this little house #waiting for flint to come home #because they love each other so much and they're the only thing they've left of thomas #so their whole relationship is steeped in need and loss #she just waited and waited #and the moment she becomes flint's true partner she dies #DAMNIT #DO THESE BLACK SAILS FEELS NEVER STOP. #leo watches black sails
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