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  • Colombia Will Expel Foreigners Caught Partying As Virus Spreads

    Colombia Will Expel Foreigners Caught Partying As Virus Spreads

    Colombian immigration officials announced Monday that foreign nationals caught taking part in underground parties in violation of a ban on social gatherings during the pandemic will be expelled from the country.
    “Foreigners caught at underground parties and violating social distancing measures… will be immediately expelled from the country,” the immigration service said in a statement.
    It added…


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  • House Party! 🎉 🎈 🎊 

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  • NBA Star Kyrie Irving Sparks Controversy Partying W/ Drake While On Sabbatical

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    NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving is getting time away from the Brooklyn Nets for “personal causes,” which apparently includes hitting the club in Toronto and partying with rap celebrity Drake. A leaked movie of Kyrie allegedly kicking it with the 6 God now has the ballplayer under league investigation.

    Kyrie Irving + Drake Flip Up In Toronto

    Kyrie Irving has skipped the Nets’ very last a few online games, as he was presented time off by the group for what they called “personal causes.” Then a movie surfaced of Kyrie celebrating his sister’s birthday at a Toronto club with Drake — and devoid of any variety of confront masking.

    Kyrie Irving was noticed partying in #Toronto together with #Drake, and a variety of Instagram tales back again that up. This sucks for the #Nets, #KD and its enthusiasts. It’s possible it is time for #Kyrie to retire if he does not want to be a #basketball player. Would be very best for everybody concerned. #nba

    There’s also drama buzzing pursuing Kyrie popping up n a online video-simply call launch get together for Manhattan District Attorney Democratic applicant Tahanie Aboushi.

    Aboushi tweeted an graphic of the Zoom conference, and Irving — who has been away from the Nets since last 7 days — was between the around 200 volunteers and supporters who participated. The meeting, co-hosted by the actress Cynthia Nixon, started at 7 p.m. — about 40 minutes just before the Nets tipped off towards the Denver Nuggets at the Barclays Centre. Irving, 28, has skipped four straight games, like the outing Tuesday night. (New York Publish)

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    InformationLil Pump Puts Disrespect On Juice WRLD’s Name

    NBA Investigating Kyrie Irving Party Movie

    The NBA doesn’t have a difficulty with Drake socializing with its players — the league truly enjoys that type of celeb link. The issue right here is that Kyrie Irving could have been violating the NBA’s COVID-19 protocols by attending the social gathering and not masking up.

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    NewsKim Kardashian “Humiliated” About Kanye West + Jeffree Star Hook-Up Rumors

    Kyrie Irving Is Rapping

    Ahead of this period commenced, Kyrie declared that he would not be speaking to any media. The NBA winner and Olympic gold medalist has been expressing himself on the mic, nevertheless, hoping his hand at rapping.

    Brooklyn Nets PG Kyrie Irving’s been dedicating time to audio in his spare time. Irving shared some of his do the job by means of his IG story nowadays. Irving tagged his pal & St. Patrick’s HS teammate Jerry Inexperienced, a tunes producer to the online video.

    Drake Tops List Of Most-Streamed Artists Of 2020

    Drizzy as soon as all over again dusted the level of competition. The chart-topping MC ranked No. 1 on the listing of most-streamed artists of 2020, which does not occur as a shock to any one.

    Rapper and singer Drake topped the charts and turned the most streamed artist in 2020. According to Spotify listing in the British isles and HITS Day by day Double, Drake beats 49 other musicians to develop into the most streamed artist with far more than 5 billion streams. On January 2, HITS Day by day Double posted their ultimate listing of the most-streamed artists of the year. Drake sits at the prime of the record at 5.6 billion streams.  Drake’s streams went large after his sole project of 2020,  Dark Lane Demo Tapes, and his booming single Chortle Now, Cry Later featuring Lil Durk. (Republic World)

    Subscribe to us for more details on your beloved Boston Rappers.

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  • Party

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  • The things men (and some women) do in their youth are best done in a hole in the ground, catharthically, and then buried, and moved on from. The problem is people too thoroughly enjoy these behaviors and drag them out to make a lifestyle out of them.

    Welcome to the Party Pit.

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  • Super Spreader Parties (Live)

    Super Spreader Parties (Live)

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  • The first group of Greeks who returned from Dubai underwent massively rapid tests when they arrived at Athens International Airport on Sunday noon. Despite the rapid test the Greek celebrities and entourage had to show also a negative PRC test conducted 72 hours before arrival in the country.

    One of the passengers reportedly raised objections to the rapid test but had to comply or risk to be prohibited from entering the country.

    The Civil Protection had warned them that if they would not show a negative PCR test and undergo a Rapid test they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country.

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  • They Tearing Up The Club in #Atlanta in #2021

    They Tearing Up The Club in #Atlanta in #2021

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    #black#club#partying#people #They Tearing Up The Club in Atlanta in 2021 #Youtube
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  • my girl💌


    Originally posted by bentnotbroken1fanfiction

    summary-at tinas party some guy tries to touch you and billy was not having it.

    word count-1.4k

    warnings- smut, mentions of alcohol and weed, f-reciving oral and fingering, two different povs

    a/n -first billy smut and i hope you all enjoy! thank you guys again for the amazing amount of support from my first billy fic. also requests are open! also i did two povs to sorta experiment to see if you guys like it<3



    billy was never the jealous type before you two made it official. he always was use to one night stands with girls and not talking nor caring about them the next day. but when you and billy made it official everything changed. he wasn’t gonna let some random guy steal you because you are his girl and everyone knew that. When you guys walked around school his arm was always slung around your shoulder and holding your books because in his words” why should such a pretty girl have to lift a finger”. They way he spoke about you to everyone it was evident that he was head over heels over you, even if he didnt want to admit it, and he wasn’t gonna lose you any time soon.

    tonight you and billy plan on going to tinas party because whenever and wherever their was a party billy always had to be their, he is the new king of hawkins high,i mean he needs to protect his keg king crown. You start to get ready for the party and decide to wear one of his favorite dresses on you. fitting you in all the right places but not too dressy for some high school party. you soon hear the doorbell ring excitement running through your veins since he is gonna stay the night since your parents are out for the weekend. “hey hargrove” you say as you open the door “ hey sweethearts damn you look so fucking good” he says smiling licking his lips. you quickly put on some perfume and walk to the infamous blue camero. billy opens your door and helps you get inside comfortably. billy can be the biggest sweetheart but won’t show it in front of people often. driving to tinas you start singing whatever song is playing of the radio making him smile. you didnt know this but damn did you have that boy wrapped around your finger.

    ur pov<3

    “thank you billy “ you say as he helps you get out of the car.” of course babe” he says slinging an arm around your shoulder while walking up to the door hearing the loud music, seeing drunk teenagers, and smelling a faint smell of weed from out back. “hey i’m gonna go get some punch you want some” i ask billy walking to the kitchen” no its alright i’m gonna go outback alright” smiling to him i walk over to the punch. pouring some i can feel a pair of eyes on me hearing a faint mumble from what seems to be some guy. “ hey babe you here all alone tonight “ he asks getting a little too close.” i actually have a date tonight sorry” i say grabbing my drink trying to walk away” well i don’t see him here come on one dance “ i roll my eyes and start walking to the backyard seeing billy chug the keg ,hearing loud chants of his name, and finishing up. i lock eyes with him and smile.he wipes his mouth with his thumb slowly walking over to me.” you alright babe” he asks wrapping his arm around my waist.” yeah i’m fine i just was looking for you i wanted to dance” i say trying to brush off what happened with the guy from earlier.

    walking in the big crowd of teenagers, hearing the loud music , and feeling the effects slowly roll in from the punch i start to sway my hips wrapping a arm around billy’s shoulder. swaying his hips with mine i kiss him and whisper in his ear how much i love him. “ hey i’m gonna head to the bathroom real quick” i nod to him and continue to feel the beat and just sway m hips occasionally taking sips of my punch. i feel a hand wrap around my waist and look to see who it is, thinking its billy at first, i see its the guy from earlier. billy sees him doing this to you and was filled with rage. he rushes over to me and pushes the guy off of me earning a few stares from surrounding people. “ shes mine back off” he says as the guy smirks to him” well if i see a pretty girl dancing i’m gonna dance with her” he says getting close to billy. i know how billy will react so i quickly grab his attention and tell him its not worth it. he grabs my hand and drags me to the bathroom.

    locking the door behind him i question him as to why we are in here. he picks me up and sits me on top of the sink kissing me roughly. i kiss him back moving my hands to his hair moaning softly as he opens my legs and starts rubbing my thigh with the pad of his thumb. slowly moving down my neck he starts searching for my sweet spot. once he finds it he starts sucking and nibbling on it giving me a quite noticeable love bite. he knows what he’s doing and i know why he’s doing it. he moves to my breast kissing and sucking slightly on the top of my breast.” you’re mine… all mine” he says as he hooks a finger at the waistband of my panties. he pulls them off quickly placing them in his back pocket slightly hanging out. rubbing his finger across my slit my breath hitches.

    “billy “ i say as his finger swipes softly across my clit.” shh we dont want to get caught do we babe” slowly lowering his face to my heat i feel the butterflies erupt and slowly grow more and more wet for him. he starts kissing my inner thigh slowly going to my heat. licking a strip earning a moan “ fuck” i say as he starts slowly licking and sucking on my clit. damn did he know what he was doing. he brings a finger to my enterance slowly teasing me “ b-bill-y plea-ease” i say wanting him to finger me. “ princess you know you will only get what you want if you ask me” he says looking up at me smirking.”fuck billy please just finger me.” i say rushing because he started licking me slowly.” well since you said it so nice “ he says inserting two fingers into me.” shit” i moan as he starts off slow going in as deep as he can. he starts going faster as he sucks on my clit “ billy… f-fuc” i moan loudly as he continues to finger me faster. “you’re gonna make me c-cum b-abe.” i say struggling to say because of the amount of pleasure i feel. “ cum for me princess” he says going faster hitting the spot curing his fingers slightly making my eyes roll to the back of my head.” i- i’m cum-min-g” i say as i moan loudly feeling my juices spill all over his fingers. slowly removing the i whimper at the feeling of him outside of me.

    “ clean them for me sweetheart, you made such a mess” he says putting his fingers to my lips. i suck them clean looking him in the eyes. “ now clean up and lets go home sweetheart” he says walking out of the bathroom. cleaning up i look at myself in the mirror and seeing a slightly red tint to my cheeks and a light layer of sweat across my forehead. walking out i feel my legs slightly wobbly from the amount of pleasure he gave me. wrapping his arm around me he walks me to his car with my panties visible from his back pocket knowing that the guy was staring he smirks and kisses my lips. once we are both in the car i look at him and say” someone was a bit jealous huh” smirking at him.” no no its just no ones flirts let alone lays a finger on my girl “ he says stating he car.” ill always be your girl billy i say smiling as he places a hand on my thigh rubbing it.” oh we aren’t done by the way so get ready to not walk for a few days” he says driving home.

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!! lets pray that the clubs will open asap!

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  • Ways in which the New Year party damaged your skin

    Ways in which the New Year party damaged your skin

    The ongoing pandemic sure made our entire year go for a toss. But it didn’t dampen the festive spirit that this month brought. From cocktails to party snacks, late nights to make-up looks, your skin had to bear it all. Yes, we said ‘your skin’ because all of this somewhere somehow damages your skin. And whether you like it or not, the party season sure serves bad for your skin. You ask why? We’re…

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  • Ways in which the New Year party damaged your skin - Times of India

    Ways in which the New Year party damaged your skin – Times of India

    The ongoing pandemic sure made our entire year go for a toss. But it didn’t dampen the festive spirit that this month brought. From cocktails to party snacks, late nights to make-up looks, your skin had to bear it all. Yes, we said ‘your skin’ because all of this somewhere somehow damages your skin. And whether you like it or not, the party season sure serves bad for your skin. You ask why? We’re…

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