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  • vapidsoup
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    not season 2 of beastars reigniting my fury over how legoshi has 3000% more chemistry with louis than with haru

    #paru went #what if these characters complete each other perfectly and have a tender homoerotic foot eating scene #oh also they dont end up together lol #damn you paru!!!! #goodass season tho #i actually care about pina now #beastars#shitpost#vapidsoup #beastars season 2
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  • uwanosorade
    24.03.2021 - 4 monts ago


    #shout out to paru itagaki truly no one is doing it like her #im heartbroken this show went straight to netflix jail i nEED to see people's reactions to this real time #this was like the only thing i knew about itagaki's Vision going in and YET
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  • yourdearhart
    19.02.2021 - 5 monts ago


    Absolutely, please feel free to add!

    I think Paru is not very good at long-form storytelling. The first season of Beastars was very good and tightly built; it’s when she tried to expand into a much longer series that things started falling apart.

    I barely even want to touch the worldbuilding because of all the huge things that were brought up or touched on and then dropped or outright negated (like, basically everything Jack brings up to Legoshi about world history)...not to mention the deus ex machina of an ending (Oh, before we couldn’t eat fish but now we can!)

    I’m so annoyed that the last arc focused so much on Melon and this fight with him when it could have been used for emotional payoff of the relationships between the characters, which is, imo, vastly more interesting. Legoshi and Jack barely talk in that whole arc, and Louis and Haru never get another interaction besides their one chance encounter after Oguma’s death...Juno never even got a backstory despite Kai’s initial claim that eveyone in the drama club seems to have some messed up secret. The Shishigumi never really have to own up to traumatizing Louis for their own ends (which I think could’ve been a very powerful experience, given how much they seem to genuinely care about him now). 

    And it does feel like some things got dropped in there just for momentary suspense, but were then forgotten or rendered totally irrelevant. Louis’ backstory is something that does continue to come up, but I felt like there was zero payoff in the big moment of him feeling trusting enough to reveal the truth to Legoshi (something I’ve talked about before here, I’m pretty sure) and then he never gets to tell Haru or Juno at all, and given how important they both are to him that is such a missed opportunity. 

    #pollyannaistic#ooc #okay I'm sorry I went off #I'm very annoyed with the ending of the comic #one of the really interesting things ABOUT Beastars was the interpersonal relationships #and Paru just seemed to drop that for hurr durr big fight lots of blood and destruction #and Louis' ending felt like an insult to his entire character arc
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  • nishidas
    19.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    the fact that we’ll never get more development for the louis/oguma relationship is disappointing. we see multiple times that the way oguma treats their relationship isn’t out of disdain but instead because of his inability to articulate and properly display his affections. he deeply loved and cared for his son and i really wish it wouldn’t have taken his death to have this brought to louis attention.

    #i still feel like his death was not the only way to reach that realization #imo it seemed like paru just wanted to wrap things between them up quickly #beastars #edit: i mean the way things went definitely wasn’t bad but 🤷🏽‍♂️ #louis#oguma
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  • gwenlen-studies
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Hier j’ai visité le château de Pierrefonds que je ne connaissais pas du tout: une très belle découverte, même s’il n’y a rien de médiéval dans ce château reconstruit par Viollet-le-Duc pour Napoléon III. Aujourd’hui, c’était retour en bibliothèque, et dépouillement des numéros de revues spécialisées parus ces quatre ou cinq dernières années. J’avance très lentement, c’en est presque décourageant...


    Yesterday, I visited Pierrefonds, a beautiful neogothic castle built by Viollet-le-Duc for Napoleon III. It was really nice to discover even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the era I study. Today I went to the library to read some specialized magazines published during the past four of five years, but there are so many of them and I’m quite slow these days...

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  • w2beastars
    12.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Waezi2′s thoughts on “Beast Complex” chapter 18.(for real this time)

    Seriously, no BS this time!

    So, it is impossible to read chap 18 online atm since there is some trouble with the site where it is originally posted. But I'm in a group where I watch as people translate the series, so I can tell you about the chapter that this time is about Airdo the Lion and Ako the Rabbit.

    Remember those guys?

    Yep, its the two idiots who Haru met. Their relationship went… sour, after they made out and that resulted in the normally gentle Airdo attacking Ako, leaving her with big scars on her head.

    But whatever happened to those two?

    This chapter takes place about a year after the incident. Airdo sees a poster that says that Ako is part of a beauty contest. She has been given the nickname “The Scar-Faced Angel.” Airdo had no idea she had returned to college and that she seems to be as social as she used to be. Airdo haven’t seen her since they were in court, and he decides to go see her so he can try apologize to her and see if she is okay. This makes sense since they are at the same college, so Airdo might as well go see her instead of accidentally bumping into her which would be painfully awkward.

    Airdo expects to be kicked in the groin or something… But Ako is actually happy to see him. She hugs him and says she had hoped he would go look for her since she thought it would be too much for him if she called him.

    She declarers how good it is to see him loudly and she even presents him to her friends, telling them that they used to date but that Airdo gave her the scars on her head.

    ... Yeah, I’m smelling a fish-sandwich.

    The two of them leave the tennis club’s court, confusing Ako’s friends since they find it odd she would have anything to do with the lion who almost ate her.

    But not as confused as Airdo when Ako starts lecturing him. She says that his timing is bad, that he should have waited to come to see her till Monday since this day is a holiday. It is easier to start rumors on a normal school day like Monday.

    Yep, Ako haven’t changed at all, she is still very fixated when it comes to her reputation. She is good at seizing an opportunity when she spots one, so she is surprised when Airdo drops by to visit her at her club but also quick to turn it into an opportunity by telling her friends first that he attacked her AND that she has to visit him to talk things out.

    But here is the thing.

    Why not just make a scene? Why not yell and act like she is panicking when the teen lion comes to talk to her? Airdo knows how Ako thinks, and that would be the logical thing to do for someone who is part of a beauty contest by winning “pity points” as the Scar-Faced Angel.

    The two of them decides to go to Airdo’s place and get a drink.

    Okay, two things about this panel.

    First of all, we get some world building as we see that Mugi’s new macho image is apparently a huge success. His “handsome uncle” photo book has sold over a million copies. Nice to know his change of image actually worked and that he can hopefully inspire a new generation of more confident shiba inu dogs.

    Also, its a nice touch that Airdo uses an computer screen for television. Recall my friend Lasse doing that years ago while he lived in a smaller apartment.

    As they sit with each their can of beer and watch TV, Airdo realizes that I can’t recall them ever being alone in a room. Ako almost always wanted them to be outside or in a public room so people saw them together since she liked the attention she got from being in a cross-species relationship. airdo once claimed that their relationship was kinda phony, that they were just fooling around. But he sees this moment as the chance for the two of them to talk for real, to get to actually know each other better.

    Buuuuut Ako is wasted. She is apparently a lightweight when it comes to drinking.

    (There have been no panels of Ako actually drinking beer. Keep that in mind for what happens next.)

    But as Airdo looks at the sleeping rabbit with a bit of sadness, Ako reveals to not be asleep as she accuses him of pitying her and she storms out of the room. airdo is confused, and he decides to run after her.

    As the teen lion chases after his rabbit ex, Ako begins to yell that she hates her scars but that she intent to make the most out of her situation, like getting a ton of followers on twitter as the “Scar-Faced Angel” as well as writing an autobiography about her trauma. But the last thing she wants is Airdo’s pity or him feeling guilty.

    And then she makes one heck of a statement.

    Well... she is not wrong.

    Back in chapter 119 of Beastars where we first met these two idiots, Airdo tells Ako that they don’t have a serious relationship, that he is mostly Ako’s arm-candy. And that he is okay with that. But Ako then says that she wants Airdo to take her serious, to think of her as a female first instead of a small rabbit. So they passionately kiss... And Airdo then attacks her by accident because of his predator instincts.

    Airdo was the one attacking Ako. But Ako was the one who unintentionally awakened Airdo’s killer instinct by underestimating how much of a slave animals are to their nature. So in a matter of speaking, yes, she DID “make” those scars.

    Seeing Ako this honest and vulnerable makes Airdo confess his true feelings for the rabbit. He tells her that he loves her and that he wants more than just being a trendy woke couple, he wants them to actually date and know each other for real.

    ... And then Ako does this:

    Yep, Ako is not drunk at all. She played Airdo like a fiddle so he would declare his love for her.


    Airdo laughes. After all, he loves Ako for being a smartass who seizes an opportunity when she spots it. He never had any ill feelings toward Ako being “scary” and almost manipulative. Heck, you could argue that he is a bit of a “bottom” as he was okay with Ako bossing him around both in this chapter and chapter 119 of Beastars. Why should he be pissed at her for doing her thing and basically manipulating him into confessing by pretending to be drunk and hysterical?

    And besides, she was most likely telling the truth. She tells Airdo that she is vain and tries to milk her unfortunate situation. And she has not shown any signs of ill feelings toward Airdo in this chapter at all, so she doesn’t blame him for what happened.

    I would say that this is a win for the both of them. Paru doesn’t let us have happy endings, not without at least a couple of catches. This is as close as the rabbit and lion will get to a joyful conclusion to their little tale :)

    #beast complex#beastars#airdo #airdo the lion #ako #ako the rabbit #ako x airdo #airdo x ako
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  • stanharu
    26.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    beastars episode 24 thoughts!

    this post got kinda long i have Many Thoughts on this one

    Overall I had fun watching this ep but I could really tell it was rushed and there was so much that got cut, which makes me super sad. our fears about the finale having pacing issues due to all the added scenes & rearranging were confirmed & it rly sucks, but i'll elaborate more on that in a bit.

    this week's ep covered the end of chapter 92, chapters 93-97, and included small bits of chapters 98 & 99.

    so the ep starts with the ED and the latter part of the tunnel scene with ibuki and louis. i liked the visual effect they used to show that they were in the dark. louis' voice acting was also On Point. for the most part i think this scene was done pretty well but I can tell it's being rushed also. I really wish we got more buildup and narration instead of just jumping straight to ibuki telling louis to shoot him. the way it is in the anime feels less impactful imo.

    also im sad we didnt get to see this in the anime

    before i move on, i wanna talk a bit about louis and his relationship w/ the shishigumi and ibuki. i feel like in the anime quite a few of the lil moments that really endear you to the shishigumi and also ibuki were either cut or kinda glossed over, which is strange to me considering how much effort and care went into the ED. it's very emotional and good but i feel like maybe anime onlies are missing out only seeing the anime and the MV. but idk.

    legosi and riz's fight was quite rushed as well. there's so much narration and dialogue missing from it and that really rubs me the wrong way. It wasn't all bad but compared to the manga I just don't think it's as good. I will say tho that I really liked the sequence w legosi and the moths. I thought it looked really nice and was pretty well done.

    also i liked how the backgrounds had some anti-yahya graffiti, its a nice touch imo

    it says "high quality horse meat"

    I was happy to see legosi do the "tell me more" pose but I'm honestly disappointed that the anime took out the whole exposition about why legosi did it. like i feel like without that it's just legosi being weird when he has a reason for it!!! This is just one example of the anime taking out crucial narration during the fight.

    I also think it's kinda weird how they changed how louis shows up at the fight. im not sure how i feel about riz just charging at him like that, but i liked how legosi kicked him before they ran lol.

    i dont have much to say about pina's small scene but I did wanna say that during my first watch thru of the ep i was too distracted trying to read the graffiti behind him that i didn't notice him getting his phone out of the dumpster and calling the cops lmao

    it says "devour yahya"

    and now... here we are... the predation scene.

    overall i thought it was pretty well done but, like the rest of the ep, i could tell it was also being kinda rushed. some important beats werent given enough time to really sink in, and there's a few bits of narration taken out of this part as well that i find disappointing :^(

    tho i did like how the anime called back to this scene in s1 when legosi mentions utilizing his strength.

    also this part where louis is remembering ibuki had me like😭

    I also really liked seeing louis cry. I was crying too sjdflskjdflsjkdf. i thought that scene was really good, its prolly my favorite part of the ep tbh. getting to hear the whole predation scene voiced made me kind of a mess lol. i really liked louis' expressions throughout this whole ep too. studio orange used their whole louis expression budget on these last 2 eps lmao.

    seeing legosi instantly get all beefed up was great too. he looked a little ridiculous but i kinda loved it lol. he's so huge and poofy. i love him.

    big pomeranian

    anyway, im also sad they took out louis' line about being reduced to a flashback character lol. instead he tells legosi "be a hero" again which... im not sure about that change. i liked the part with riz thinking back about tem tho. tho imo the way riz realizes he's in the wrong feels pretty sudden. again adding to how rushed the whole ep feels.

    before i move on again i just wanna say legosi looks so cute. even all puffed up and covered in blood. how does he do that

    baby boy baby. i wanna ruffle his cheek floofs.

    i think one of the things im most disappointed about from this whole ep was how the fight got wrapped up. i really like how the cops show up and totally shift the tone in the manga jslkdfjskljdf. im also really sad we didnt get this interaction

    tthe anime really took out most of the sillier moments from the finale, which makes me pretty sad to think about. i know the anime and manga have different tones but pls let the boys be silly sometimes!!

    the next part where legosi and louis finally establish their friendship was really cute tho ❤️ even tho it was pretty different i enjoyed it a lot.

    BABIESSSS 🥺😭❤️❤️

    the wrap-up for this arc and this episode gave me whiplash sdjlfkjsdf. it literally speedruns thru legosi's predation conviction, being released, louis & haru's graduation, and legosi deciding he's going to drop out of school. that is SO MUCH AT ONCE. also i was holding out hope that legosi would have his new years call with haru after the fight instead but that didnt happen!! so it just got cut!!! kinda mad about that tbh. legosi and haru having a lil scene at the very end made up for it a lil bit but that's still one of haru's few moments in this arc that's just not included.

    we didnt even get the part wher legosi learns he can't marry haru bc of his conviction.

    ive been really hoping for a season 3 announcement once this season ended. with all the background allusions to yahya, the added plot point of someone stealing elephant tusks, and sebun and melon's lil cameos in this season, it seemed to me that studio orange was kinda teasing a 3rd season. but now, with the dismissive way the anime ended, and paru's note from earlier today, im less sure about the possibility of a 3rd season. i'd still like to see the rest of the series animated, but i guess we'll just have to wait and see if more anime is announced in the future.

    if we do get another season in the future i just hope that we swing back around and actually address the things that got completely glossed over in the last couple minutes of this episode instead of charging forward w/o touching them again.

    i really think the finale for this arc should've been two episodes at least. not including the tunnel scene. i think then things wouldn't have felt so rushed. people have been saying this season really would have benefitted from at least 1 extra episode and i cant help but agree. some have even suggested a whole 24 episodes just for this arc, but i think that this arc couldve been done properly with 12 or 13 episodes if there was some better prioritizing on what to include and what to cut.

    like i dont mind not getting the parts about legosi's family if they can be addressed somehow in a future season (or if theres no more future anime seasons thats a plot thread that doesnt have to be worried about). i could have lived w/o seeing sheila & peach's chapter animated if it meant more time for the focus of this arc. and was the kangaroo red herring really necessary?

    adaptation wise, i dont think this season was as good as the first. i still think it did fairly well, but i know that it could have been much better. ive been excited to watch this season with my friends once the dub releases, but now im wondering if i should just tell them to read the manga instead. sighs idk. perhaps it comes thru better as a bingewatch, or perhaps im being a bit too harsh. idk. at some point ill do a rewatch and see how i feel about the season as a whole, but that wont be for a while.

    if you've read this far, thanks for reading my ramblings!! it's been fun to make these posts every week and im gonna miss getting new episodes every week.

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  • dooptown
    25.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    S2 Finale

    for once i’m actually going to watch the episode again and get my thoughts down as i do cuz holy hell was this well done, i think

    “Comet” playing first instead of the OP was brilliant. Also, as a note, the full music video of that came out, along with some killer animation inspired by the manga.

    A detail i love about this music video is Ibuki spotting Free’s motorcycle light in the side mirror before he stops the car and, well, yeah

    They actually show Louis reaching for his gun pretty early on into Ibuki’s monologue. I don’t think the manga showed that, but I could be wrong. He definitely has it pointed to him when it’s pitch black same at the anime, but the fact he reaches for it so early means he obviously knows what’s going on, even if he couldn’t pull the trigger.

    predictably, the anime does the “darkness” as it always has, with the dark-blue background and bright lines for the characters. The Comet music video does this part of the scene better imo, but it’s not too much of an issue. Free’s whole bit is obviously rushed, and I think the anime suffers for that, but i understand that they couldn’t fit it in. We do miss him escorting Louis out of the BAM though, and also saying he’ll eat Louis if he comes back. That said, I don’t know how Louis gets back...I guess Free drives him back still but we just don’t see it

    The Riz and Legosi fight has Riz getting the idea of eating Legosi in his head now that was seemingly missing before. In the manga he was thinking about how he’d become friends with Legosi by eating him, and that never came up in the anime until kinda now. Like I said before it’s an interesting part of Riz’s character so i’m glad it’s touched on a bit at least.

    The moth scene is just as confusing here as it was in the manga...and without explanation or confirmation that it’s imaginary chimera (a part of the manga plot that was completely dropped), it just seems like...something. We don’t have Moth-san talking to Riz here or him questioning what he’s seeing so...it could be seen as purely metaphorical but it still remains a mystery (and just like in the manga it accomplishes nothing here cuz Riz just gets up and wails on Legosi) It looks fucking cool though! Word of Power: Respect for Life! It’s all one shot here, so we see every wound inflicted on Legosi, which is only a few slams. In the manga it’s implied he endured way more. That just follows the pattern of the anime, though, where violence is toned way the hell down. I’m not complaining, though. I don’t want to see Legosi hurt...

    I knew what i was seeing when it was in motion, but damn does it look fucking good! Orange really is showing how to do CG right by properly stretching models for intense movements and actions! They’ve done this subtly before but here it’s very clear, but not distractedly so (unless you pause frame by frame) However, I still do think the models look a bit stiff when just...like...walking normally sometimes. Like we have this great fight animation but then Riz picks Legosi up and drags him a bit and he looks...off. Ah well

    The whole bit about Legosi exposing his stomach doesn’t have the subtleties explained here...and really the anime leaves out a lot of character thinking but i think if they left it in it’d be a bit too hammy and crowded, so it’s fine that they cut it out. But still...tell me more pose isn’t as funny here :(

    Legosi’s voice acting shines again here. He sounds really fucking hurt...

    The moon cut and then them laying together is nice. Also i do like how there hasn’t been music up until this point at all. Riz talking about everything is nice too...I don’t remember him saying he feels like he could cry in the manga, due to him not remembering anything about Tem but his taste.

    Legosi says: “I almost went through the same thing Riz did. If someone hadn’t snapped me out of it, my love for Haru might have made me eat her.” I recall he says something similar in the manga too...but like the only time he ever got close to eating her is when he didn’t know who she was. It really doesn’t seem like the same thing at all...it ties back into Legosi really seeming to have a really firm grasp on everything, all things considered, and he’s just selling himself short. I guess he could also be talking generally but really, he never had a moment where he wanted to eat her again after that first night. And the “someone” who snapped him out of it...Zoe???? Like, I’m just a bit puzzled on this part. I think what it really is is a reference to what he says to Louis later, how he’s the one that guided him and ensured that he is the way he is. Ensured that he did so well to begin with. Like, writing it out like that makes sense, but I guess I’m taking the words too literally.

    Anyway, was typing my thoughts out there. I don’t think it’s entirely clear that Louis’s influence is what caused Legosi not to eat Haru after they started spending time together, but if Legosi says that’s what it was, that’s what it was. I felt that Louis’s guidance for Legosi was more about him accepting himself as a carnivore and using his abilities for what he believes in instead of thinking he can only do harm with them...not about controlling his meat eating instincts. I guess it kinda goes hand in hand. Anyway

    The hand touch is, well, touching like it was in the manga, however Riz firmly regrasping Legosi’s hand to hoist him up and continue fighting and Legosi sounding surprised isn’t what i pictured. In the manga i saw it more as Riz slowly doing it and Legosi just being too weak to do anything about it. Riz has the advantage, so he can afford to make the action slow and deliberate

    Ok here’s where things get interesting. Louis’s appearance is entirely different in the anime, whereas in the manga he appears behind Riz while Legosi is talking to him, with Legosi spotting him and using a distraction to escape with him. HERE!!! Louis actively stops Riz from attacking Legosi again, clearly out of breath as he ran all the way there, but he still has the mind to appear cool and collected and make a lil quip that pisses Riz off. And then when Riz charges him Louis is just walking calmly toward him like!

    Like yeah, he does stop and react a bit, but he sees Legosi coming up to stop him so I suppose that’s why he stands his ground (honestly though was he gonna pull his gun? Did he have a plan? I feel like he just got there without one, which makes sense. He just had to stop what was happening no matter what)

    And Legosi ragdolls Riz aside to protect Louis. Love wins

    Pina scene is the same here. Although previously we didn’t get his thoughts about how he never wanted to get involved with carnivores ever again cuz of these two, but that ties into the whole “anime doesn’t say every single thought that’s in a character’s head like in the manga” thing. I think it’s interesting that they even bother showing him retrieving his phone from the trash bin, since he could have easily just got it from his pocket but it shows that Riz was smart enough to take it away from him (but not smart enough to destroy it or chuck it somewhere or hide it where Pina couldn’t see)

    The next scene with Legosi and Louis up on the outcropping..Legosi mentions how this is his last New Year’s. He’s more convinced he’s gonna die than it seems in the manga (although depends on the subs i guess) The part where Riz is looking up while Legosi is talking about their fight to Louis...i never knew if he was supposed to be hearing that or not, here or in the manga. I guess it’s up to interpretation.

    Legosi delivering this line in the manga: determined, stoic

    Legosi delivering this line in the anime: clearly in love

    we finally get one of these scenes for Louis! Season 1 had a few of these for Legosi and Haru when they had moments where they were deep in thought about the other. I thought that Louis’s would have been in his initial meetup with Legosi in the manga, but that scene got cut. It’s cool that they put his here, though! Also correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the only shot like this in season 2

    When Louis’s theme starts here when he’s acting strong, trying not to cry, I thought it’d slowly start to break down as he did and transition into a new track but it just kinda...keeps going. It sounds like a more somber, shaky version at the very least but I think the music at this part is a bit lacking...thankfully the animation and Louis’s voice acting more than make up for it

    Boy, does Louis really cry. I’m glad they let him let loose like that but the bad thing about seeing it animated is...they don’t hug! I always wanted a hug here...one that Louis fully embraces unlike the earlier one on the balcony. It makes sense the Legosi doesn’t try to do anything and is taken aback, of course, but damn...and considering how Louis is treated later and at the end of the series...it stings a lot

    Idk what to say about this scene...it’s done so well. Louis having his internal monologue, talking to Legosi...Legosi looking so damn guilty that he wants to go back and fight...the transition to the foot reveal...it’s all so good

    A change here in the anime...Louis is a lot more steadfast. He offers his foot and is like, completely at peace with it. In the manga he’s still shaking and his expressions are like, more unsure, but here he seems a lot more convinced that it’s what he has to do


    Legosi’s thoughts about how eating his leg feels almost ritualistic and it actually makes him desire and hunger for it is gone...which like, idk why it is. We just hear Legosi say that he wants to but we don’t feel it (we do see his lips pull back and reveal his teeth tho)

    Enter: Buffgosi. This happens in the manga but since Legosi’s model is so much smaller in the anime it seems like a much more drastic difference.


    Legosi doesn’t apologize for not being able to stop growling, but it seems like they did a lot to remove any humor Paru put into these scenes. I guess it doesn’t work that well in one continuous scene vs. chapters broken up by weeks

    Louis’s funny deadpool moment is changed with him just...telling Legosi to be a hero again. Guess he really likes that line. The way it’s delivered really feels like a video game, like Legosi is recovering from a hit and Louis pops in to heal him with some words

    Seriously, Louis just keeps making this face...after an entire season of being super serious and stone faced he’s looking softer

    the Riz and Tem story isn’t changed at all, and can still be read as either romantic or platonic. Seeing it in motion makes it hit harder though, for sure

    Legosi still wishes Riz a happy new year here. He seems a lot happier here than in the manga. Also Louis doesn’t berate him for it, instead opting to speak up and talk to Riz here after hearing about his heartbreak. He does it without the pressure of the cops being there, and it truly shows that he really does like carnivores and sympathizes with their struggles now.

    Yeah, so the cop scene is gone, which kinda condenses and cuts out a lot (including Pina’s small appearance) but I kinda like it better. It allows all the characters to breathe. Legosi thanks Louis naturally for the meal, and Louis telling Legosi to wipe his face is done in a friendly, joking manner...it just all feels a lot softer and friendlier without the cops being there making it all fucked. Just like in real life


    god i keep tearing up around these parts IT’S BEEN ALMOST 2 HOURS SINCE I STARTED MAKING THIS POST GOOD FUCKING LORD

    I kinda thought they might put the aftermath in a sort of credits scene, and i think it works, even if it does pave over some important stuff

    god it’s just so validating to see Legosi care for Louis and Haru equally. Like we all know it’s the case but they’re both dear to him

    Now this is a far departure from his thoughts in the manga. I suppose it only fits with the ending of the season to make it more optimistic, but we skip the while “you can’t marry an herbivore cuz of your record” thing...but here he still cherishes it in a way. Very interesting. Wonder if they’ll backpedal on it in season 3

    Legosi actually tells Haru he’s dropping out here too! He still does in the manga but it seems more abrupt there, like he already did drop out and then goes to tell her instead of telling her before he does. He’s also not suffering through his meat withdrawal here like he was in the manga at this scene (or at least the manga’s counterpart at Haru’s house)

    The ending convo mirrors what Haru says to him in that scene too. It’s a funny way to leave off on the season without a stinger or anything. It just kinda makes the audience question their relationship (and now that Lougosi is pumping through everyone’s veins...hehehhehehe)

    uh, well, anyway, i kinda wasted all of my time off after work writing this so...i hope you enjoyed it? Not gonna get one of these for a while...i know at least some of you like them

    Also...what the hell was the extra “broadcast only” scene??????

    Well, anyway, I hope you all have a good day, night, whatever, wherever you are. And remember: Legosi and Louis are in love

    #ok this is long #this is kind of my love letter to the series too almost #this is the definite high point of the story and it delivered #lougosi always and forever
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  • w2beastars
    04.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Waezi2′s thoughts on “Beast Complex” chapter 15.

    Okay... So, this chapter is... a lot. SO I’m gonna have to warn you that it involves suicide and animals eating each other.

    You have been warned.

    The hero of today’s chapter is Kameji the Python. He is a grade school student who makes it a habit to arrive at school early so his body doesn’t get disturbed by a ton of steps shacking the floor he slitter on.

    This habit means he is the first to witness something horrible.

    Someone has hanged themselves in Kameji’s classroom. The python quickly snaps the rope, hoping that there is still time to save this animal

    Kameji was apparently too late as the animal lies on the floor without showing signs of life. But Kameji who is calming down a bit can now see that this is not just anyone. It’s his bully Murou the Hyena. Morou is a daily pestilence in Kameji’s life who keeps kicking and stepping on him.

    Kameji is confused as he has no idea why Murou would hang himself. But he doesn’t have time to think too much about it as he now realizes that he will most likely be suspected of murdering his tormentor if anyone sees him with the still warm hyena body. Especially since his neck has been snapped, making it look like Kameji strangled him to death as snakes do.

    It doesn’t matter that Kameji is a total cinnamon roll who looks cute as heck. He is still a snake. That means that animals around him find him disturbing and untrustworthy... Something Kameji has been told by Murou over and over again. So this situation almost seems like Murou’s last act of making the snake’s life as difficult as possible.

    The already panicking Kameji hears that his teacher is on her way to the classroom. Kameji only sees one way out of this predicament.

    Kameji swallows Murou. Yeah, he is kind of an idiot since he is just a school boy, but WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?!

    Everyone luckily just assume that Kameji just had a large breakfast.

    Kameji consider for a second to try and digest Murou, removing his body completely. But Kameji comes to the conclusion that it is a fucked up idea and instead try to look for a suicide note to prove that he didn’t kill Morou. But as he looks for proof, he realizes that Murou is is surprisingly light and feels boney inside his stomach, meaning that he doesn’t eat much.

    And that’s not all.

    Murou’s locker is practically empty. There are some school books, but that is about it. It looks even more sad since it is next to one locker where we see someone who clearly does a lot of soccer and then someone who is passionate about painting.

    But Murou’s locker shows no signs of passion of all. Kameji can’t find anything in his locker or bag that indicates that he has friends. The fact that there is no suicide note makes it even more depressing since that means the hyena bully didn’t even bother leaving behind any last words, meaning there were no one to read them.

    Murou didn’t have an identity besides being a hyena. He desperately tried to be what everyone expected him to be since he had nothing else. Kameji can relate to the feeling of being isolated and now feels sorry for his bully. He decides to spit him out and call a teacher. even if it means that he will be suspected for murder.

    But what do you know?!

    Murou is still alive! He most likely woke up when he could feel bumbs from when Kameji went up some stairs.

    I like to think that Kemeji didn’t think to check his pulse since he is a snake, an animal who is completely different from a mammal, and therefor didn’t know what to look for.

    Kameji manage to spit up Murou before he gets hurt. The boy hyena looks at Kameji with a face that has a mix of annoyance and confusion and says: “Of course it had to be you.” It could mean a number of things, like that he thought that it would be Kameji who would be the one to eat him or that he is angry at the snake for saving his life. Either way, he is not exactly showing gratitude.

    Kameji doesn’t care, he is just so relieved that Murou is still alive and he hugs him. Murou seems baffled(I would be weirded out as well in his shoes) but e doesn’t object, meaning he most likely very much needs a hug.

    This was dark as fuck, pretty disturbing, yet strangely heartwarming. Kudos, Paru!

    #beast complex #kameji the python #kameji beast complex #kameji#murou #murou the hyena #murou beast complex #beastars
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  • recentanimenews
    18.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    OPINION: I Don't Know Who'll Win the Anime Awards, But Here's Who Should 2021 The More Correct-er Edition

      Ah(hhhhhhh!), the Anime Awards. It comes earlier every year. It was only some 360-ish days ago that Demon Slayer took the coveted title, and I went 0/6 on my predictions for who would win. But as another awards show comes, much like the changing of the seasons, does a whole new collection of hot takes begin to bloom. And oh how I have been taking care of them like my new pandemic succulents (poorly)!!

      There's a lot you can say about the last year. There's a lot you can say about the last year in ANIME! But since I don't have a Clubhouse invite yet, you're gonna have to hear about it right here in written form. This is also the only opportunity I have on company time to talk about who should win and who actually should have gotten nominated in the first place, as well as make up my own totally fake awards because this is my article!!

      When presented with the likelihood of something being infinitely close to zero, Simon from Gurren Lagann said that means it isn't inherently zero, so as far as he's concerned, that makes it the same as a 100 percent chance. That's the sort of cartoon logic that is very healthy to bring into the real world, as well as guessing who is going to win an awards show, so let's get to it! 

      1. Best Director: Shingo Yamashita

      While he is not nominated, Shingo Yamashita has had an incredible year, not only directing two of my favorite openings, but also ones I could consider all-time highs. Simply put, I really like the guy and his art direction, and he always seems to deliver something unique and interesting when he is in the director's chair. Through that unique style, he was able to work with a team of really talented animators to make that statement right from Episode 1. Pay attention to the people in your life who have opinions on the direction of the Naruto vs. Pain fight, but then turn around and talk about how cool the aforementioned openings are.  

    2. Best Japanese VA Performance: Mamoru Miyano's Kansai Accent

      This is a very indulgent choice (well, this whole article is), but out of all the voice actor performances this year, I'm still thinking about Mamoru Miyano's Kansai accent. Playing the volleyball star Atsumu Miya from Inarizaki High in HAIKYU!! TO THE TOP, either Miyano or the people he worked with really made sure to train him to have the thickest Kyoto accent imaginable, and I was enthralled. It's kinda hot? I think Miyano works best when he plays characters with a bit of an edge and goofiness to them (see his performance Kotaro Tatsumi in Zombie Land Saga), so having him star as the eccentric setter was a perfect fit. I do wonder if Atsumu Miya and Kotaro Tatsumi ever met if it would be an unstoppable force/immovable object situation.  

    3. The "You Were Right" Award: Akudama Drive

    Image via Funimation  

    This is not a real award in this year's Anime Awards, but I think it deserves mention for a series that was so under-nominated. So, Akudama Drive started last October and everyone was losing it. One person (I think it was our own Adam Wescott) described it as "a show where every episode feels like the season finale." But I continued putting it off. Sure, the first episode has a guy who swings around Osaka like Spider-Man on his motorcycle, but there's no way it could keep up. I also haven't played any Danganronpa, so I wasn't familiar with this sort of Kazutaka Kodaka romp, as his storytelling and style is written all over it. But after the show finished, I went back and gave it an honest shot ... and you were all right! It's really great and doesn't let off the octane at any point! This was definitely one of the strongest series I watched this last year, with its pointed cyberpunk storytelling and a particularly fantastic season finale — which might be my favorite episode. So whatever categories Akudama Drive is nominated in, sure, I think it should win ... wait, it was only nominated for Best Fight Scene!?  Anyway, I should have listened to you all sooner. Mr. Kodaka, I'm sorry for doubting you. 

    4. Best Animation: Beastars

    Image via Netflix

      As I wrote in our Best of the Decade list last year, Studio Orange's utilization of 3D animation is a treasure to behold and a jewel of the industry. Eiji Inomoto and the staff at Orange are putting out shows that are frankly the gold standard for the form. Beastars is no exception, far exceeding any expectations I had for what an adaptation of Paru Itagaki's animal drama would look like. However, in the case of Beastars, it's not only the CG, but also the multitude of other animation styles the staff integrated throughout the show, and none of those unique styles ever repeats! I think it says a lot for a studio and a show that not only perfects its main style but also includes phenomenal companion pieces that are fantastic on their own. For such drive and direction, and excellence in their field, not only would it be a win for Beastars, but also a win for the everlasting creativity coming out of Studio Orange. 

      5. Anime of the Year: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

      In any other time, I would have chosen Beastars as the Anime of the Year winner (see my praise above). But this hasn't been any other year. It's been quite a terrible one, to be honest. But in some sort of cosmic irony, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! started 2020 as one of the most optimistic and deep-hearted series I've ever seen.

      A lot of people pitch Eizouken as an anime about making anime. I agree, to an extent. Anime seems to be the surface for the themes the show is playing with, as it's far more a series about the creative process and the imaginative fuel artists use when molding their ideas into something tangible. It's also about the interpersonal relationships of those creatives and how people can create community and teams around their strengths and weaknesses. It's also about how tiring and expensive it is to make one of these things! Truly, it takes a village. Eizouken grabbed a lot of anime fans' attention early last year, particularly those who enjoy these sorts of explorations of the artistic mind. My former editor and good friend Zac Bertschy was one of them and wrote the episode reviews for Eizouken every week. Each time I read one of his articles, that passion and enthusiasm lept off the page. And let me tell you, when Zac was passionate about something, he'd let you know. His thoughts and takeaways were genuine to an extent I hadn't seen in a while. This series truly was something special to him. Zac's passing still hurts, and seeing Eizouken's nomination continues to remind me of what was not so long ago. But seeing it nominated in the first place gives me confidence that anime fans around the world also saw that passion Masaaki Yuasa and Science Saru were presenting. Seeing Eizouken take a big win would be a triumph for the art and artistry we all love so much, as well as an exemplary showcase of the drive that truly makes this stuff magical. Jonathan Clements ended his book Anime: A History with a line I've been thinking about recently: "... the future of anime as an art form, and as a thing of enduring value, still rests as it did at the time of its inception, in the hands of artists and artisans with vision." I truly believe Eizouken is a celebration of that ethos. And for that, I hope it wins Anime of the Year.

      Anyway, as always, waitin' for the big one when I'm 5/5 on these predictions.

            Kyle Cardine is an Associate Editor for Crunchyroll. You can find his Twitter here!

    By: Kyle Cardine

    #Anime#News #Latest in Anime News by Crunchyroll!
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  • awthredestim
    18.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    For this week's personal project, I thought it'd be a good idea to draw (I think) my favourite support character in Beastars.


    Don't get me wrong, I have yet to find a character in this series that I don't like

    (I'm both watching the anime and reading the manga)

    . But there's something about Pina that I find endlessly appealing. I like the way Paru Itagaki has played with the pretty boy trope, with how he's introduced as this seemingly selfish and self-centred jerk who's only there for the attention. You know, the sort of character that gets all the girls crazy but then he turns out to be the bad guy (see Goro Akechi in Persona 5 for more on this subject). But then Itagaki does a 180º with a flourish on us and reveals that Pina just wants to help. And not only does he want to help, he's got the brains to do so. He's not just charisma attached to a pretty face, he's super smart and resourceful. It was around the time he joins forces with Legoshi that I was convinced. This guy rules.

    So I went and drew a picture of him, this time focusing only on the values (as I did a couple of times before) using a random colour palette picked blindly by my good friend @aburrger and here's the end result. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out, it was a wonderful exercise as it always is to focus solely on the values and do just shadows and highlights.

    Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate each and every single one I receive.

    You can check the Making Of post right here

    #digital art#artwork#Beastars#Pina#Dall Sheep#Anthro#Furry#Fanart#Anime#Manga #Artists on Tumblr #Artist: James Corck #Art and Illustration
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  • thedevilprobs
    07.02.2021 - 5 monts ago
    Welcome to me going of on Juno manga spoilers for the whole thing!!!!

    After chapter 5 of S2 released with the hella cute dancing scene between Juno and Louis I went to rewatch another one of their scenes together from S1. The scene where Juno pins Louis to the ground (they where about to dance there too btw thought that was a fun thing to point out)

    In that S1 scene Juno tells Louis that she intends to be the next beastar and that sentiment of Juno being fit for the title is brought back at the beginning of S2

    But in the manga after the wolf room scene it doesn't really come back and after the murder solution arc Yahya is introduced and a different plot starts to build that hints at Legoshi and Louis becoming Beastars together, wich like cool I mean that's the title of the story but why then have Juno as a contestant for two arcs and then drop it? (I mean I know the answer to the question, Paru just really didn't think ahead on anything when writing and sadly the opportunity for Juno to be more that a love interest took the punch)

    I hardly think it possible to introduce a beastar Juno arc and keep the lougoshi beastars at the same time, although admittedly the two beastars plot line ended up nowhere so theres an opportunity for the anime to have Juno become the beastar and Legosi and Louis fighting out of personal reasons alone and rejecting the title

    There's a bunch of places that could go should the anime deside to take a Juno beastar route in the imaginary S3.

    Juno is a very underrated character not only in the story itself but also in the fandom

    I'm willing to bet most people forgot all about her wanting the beastar title and her "declaration of war" towards Louis over it. I wrote this little rant mostly just to remind people of this and get that ball rolling lol

    Juno is one of my favorite characters and I sincerely hope the anime does her better and hell maybe, if they're willing to stray further off the manga, have her beastar plot line come up if there's ever an S3

    Having Juno be a more prevalent part of the story would not only help her character but also Louis's in return, most people me included felt quite disappointed with his arc culminating the way it did (which was mostly coming back to square one but with a wolf fetish and one feet less lmao) and are expectant at the anime changing things up.

    I have this personal headcanon of Juno beginning to train under Yahya and becoming the beastar and having a sorta dynamic where Luois goes about with the shishigumi saving people in a kinda vigilante questionable morals sorta way and Juno being the face of the law and threatening to put them in jail but never doing so bcs love and solidarity lol

    So ummm yeah this was my little rant on Juno and my opinions about her character and what I hope it becomes in the future and some headcanons and just Juno Juno Juno

    I love Juno, I love Louis x Juno

    I love the idea of Juno being the beastar

    I cant wait to see where S2 and hopefully S3 take all these character arcs

    I wanna read your opinions on the matter

    thanks to putting up with this wall of text

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  • macabrexpastels
    31.12.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I haven’t drawn Kou is so long....my poor baby. I wanna work on my comic more, and i hope with season two of beastars the spark will light again. 

    About the comic (and the future of Kou and her business minded mama Yua) and small venting below. For comic info skip to ctrl+f  ✿

    Also sorry if it’s jumbled, it’s 1 am and idk why I’m awake

    The ending was kinda...disappointing to me? I really loved the series and how in depth background characters got and all the build up but then..? It wasn’t even the Melon arc that made me upset, it was just the final showdown all together. There were still pieces I liked (Legosi in drag ONCE MORE we applaud a king) but the rest? The ending was rushed. I wish she wouldn’t have forced herself (or did the editors make her?) to end it so soon without wrapping things up properly. Compared to a lot of other series endings that were disappointing (y’all..Naruto, need I say more?) at least I was satisfied? This ending left a LOT to be desired and honestly, I kind forgot the starting point of the series. Teen love was the main drive, with kind of a background murder mystery then it just went NUTS

    A lot of people attribute this to Paru’s dad, Baki’s writer, but the thing is I LOVE Baki! It’s crazy and insane, but the concept works based on the suspension of disbelief, whereas Paru had so many ideas and concepts that never reached that point of believability because of the lack of time to execute them properly. There’s a lot there that could be amazing WITH TIME that she DIDN’T GIVE

    One of my friends (R) got into the series, and the manga even, and...she didn’t know it ended. She just kinda...read it and waited then realized...Oh...it’s...done? I went along with it, and I would still recommend it as a series, but I would warn people that the ending was not satisfying (but not everything can be Wolf’s Rain Anime let’s be real)

    So for the comic, because Paru went off the rails, my comic (already an au I was going to try and keep close to the original source material) is going to be a MASSIVE au (alternate universe). I don’t like the ending, and I would like a different one. As a content creator, I kinda realized...I can do that myself? I plan to focus the comic with my OC’s, but I had already planned on having canon character cameos, I just may do that MORE and try and show a little bit more of the ending I would have liked. It wont be focused a lot on the canon characters, but I may pull in side characters in (Arlo, I haven’t forgotten you buddy!).

    I also plan to keep Kou’s family the same, except I am adding a younger sibling in for Kou. While Kou is a few years older than the main cast of beastars (being in her early to mid 20′s) I plan on having the younger sibling being within Legosi’s age range, just to pull more canon characters into the story. (the species  will be aa surprise, I have a few ideas but I’d love to hear anything else you guys may have just based on what I have so far) I ALSO plan on doing a small redesign of Kou, just to nail down her mixed species and design. 

    Thank you all for reading, for those of you who made it this far. If you DID read this and follow me, and want to send me a reference of your oc (original character, from any fandom) feel free and I will do a smol chibi for you. Because I love you guys (keep in mind I am slow and will finish as quickly as I can, go to my submit). Having you follow this blog and my art makes me so happy, because I’ve never been confident with my artwork and knowing people like it is HUGE for me

    Thank you

    #kous comic #rambling and teh future of the comic #the* WHY AM I AWAKE
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  • terulovestalkingaboutmanga
    05.12.2020 - 7 monts ago


    Paru Itagaki

    Boy was I really surprised when this series ended, I had such a roller coaster of emotions reading it and watching the anime. A lot of people had said that the ending was disappointing but in my opinion, well, I have different thoughts about it, in some way I liked it but in other way it wasn’t satisfying, I was hoping to see and experience more. It felt a little bit rushed too, I mean come on, the final battle ended really quickly and it wasn’t satisfying to say the least >:/. But despite that, the story, the characters, everything was amazing, I honestly never expected to love this series so much, I laughed, cried and even cringed; it was just mwah esplendid 👌.

    Something that will always surprise me it’s the art style, it’s something you don’t see that often; at first I didn’t want to read it just because the characters were animals, and I didn’t know what to expect from it, but boy was I wrong; the characters and the setting are just too amazing and beautiful,something I like about Paru is the fact that she explains every single detail, didn’t matter if it was irrelevant for the story. I was actually really surprised when I came back to see the first chapter and how the art changed, she really improved a lot, like, at the start they looked more realistic but then became more cute and more animu. For me, it must be hard to draw facial features to an animal, so props to paru and her amazing drawing style; not gonna lie,it caught me off guard the *ehem* sexual scenes but at the end it doesn’t matter.

    Like I said before I would’ve liked if paru didn’t rushed the final plot, and I would’ve enjoyed seeing how the future went for the characters. But oh well it izz what it izz.

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  • alexmorrall
    03.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    A New Home

    Paru set foot on the surface of a new world, a companion padding at her side. Robotic limbs worked in seamless unity, achieving quadrupedal mastery over rough, rocky terrain. His owner’s treaded boots had far less success, disturbing rocks as she cursed in vain. The science team would not be happy. She picked her way across the low gravity environment of Fornacis Twenty-two. It was a planet that orbited a solar twin, merely forty-two light years from Earth. Here, Paru hoped to make a fresh start for her people, refugees of space, pursued by the empire and other, crueler creatures.

               “We still haven’t finished scanning the surrounding area,” Executive Officer Kira chimed in Paru’s helmet.

               “We’ve been travelling a wormhole for thirty-one years,” Paru returned. “I needed some… fresh air.” She laughed at the thought, looking up at the stars that shone through the planet’s thin atmosphere, incapable of providing enough oxygen for respiration.

               “This is no time for jokes,” Kira berated. “There could be Chaff out there.”

               “They couldn’t have followed us this far. None of the probes sent from Earth had dark matter drives, so none of the Chaff will either. They’ve upgraded themselves significantly since they achieved sentience, but none of our analysis indicates they’ve achieved lightspeed travel.”

               “I hope you’re right. That suit is expensive, and so is that canine unit.”

               “Aren’t those my lines? I am the captain after all.”

               Paru turned off comms, smiling to herself. When the expeditionary mission set out to find a new planet suitable for colonization, Paru had been thirty-three. Now she was sixty-four, and she felt it. Time in wormhole transit had thinned her bones, wasted her muscles and shriveled her lungs. There was no fresh air here, but there was open sky and room to move, comforts not afforded them for the past three decades. It was wholly unnatural to be in transit for so long, and though the crew had been selected through rigorous trial, some did not survive the voyage.

               The captain mounted a low ridge with her robotic canine at her side. Lupus looked longingly up at her, desiring further commands. His core computer possessed neural receptors that could gauge her facial patterns, verbal tones, and emotional output. She rested a gloved hand on his triangular steel head and joined to his ovular body with titanium cables. Angling his sponge-like nose this way and that, Lupus surveyed an uneven landscape. His scans uploaded elements that flowed across her visor.

               “Looks like everything we’ll need,” Paru reported back to Kira. “Once we set up the sealed habitats, we could reasonably call this place home.”

               “The solar winds of the nearby sun are unsettling, but you could be right.”

               Paru reflected on the voyage. She owed her survival through two attempted mutinies to Kira’s loyalty. Twice her crew demanded they drop out of the wormhole when passing potentially habitable planets. Diversions were not part of the mission, so mutineers had been jettisoned into space. Some had been close friends, some Paru’s lovers, only a few were true enemies. Looking at Lupus, she knew Kira may have kept her alive, but he kept live worth living. Always close at hand, and always taking her side in arguments. A few mutineers even suffered his titanium bite.

    The world they risked and suffered so much for, was unremarkable. It may have ice buried a few klicks down, but industrial drills would only emerge from the wormhole onboard their colony ships in another five years. Fornacis Twenty-two was chosen by the Founders, twelve men who left the empire over one thousand years ago. They made a new home on Tyras, where Paru was born. Rare metals were used to construct cities, factories and new lives. Those same metals brought the Chaff, sentient probes who scoured Canis Major for titanium, iridium and plutonium. The Outworlders were refugees again.

    Paru missed Tyras sorely, and her mother who encouraged her to captain the expedition. In the time of the founding, such a role was unthinkable. Women had risen to govern provinces on Tyras, but no authority could surpass that of the Founders. Though the Founders were long dead, their consciousnesses were stored in the Mindbank, and summoned for monthly meetings. Supposedly, their faculties had not degraded.

    The captain continued her observation, seeking one of the hills overlooking a chasm nearby. Twelve klicks deep, it would offer vast geological data for Lupus. Once again, he had no trouble mounting the razor-edged rocks. A snake-like tongue filled with sensors lolled as he looked back at her. Paru grunted, forcing atrophied legs to climb over rusty crags on her way to view an ocean of gleaming stars. The galaxy opened wide before her, termed the Inner Ring, but still well outside empire space.

    From their high vantage point they peered down into the mirrored blackness of a winding chasm below. Lupus sat back on his carbon fiber haunches, jaw closed, ears pricked and eyes forward to absorb all that lay before them. A moment of silence passed as Paru sat on a rock and dreamed of how good it would feel to erect the habitats and sleep under these stars.

    Then, a great whistling rose from the canyon and Paru’s boots lifted off the ground. Lupus was at her side in an instant, clamping his legs over her ankles so that she did not drift up. Stones began to hover, and a terrible crash echoed as a rockslide poured into the chasm. Light pierced through Paru’s visor and heat baked her suit. A wave of pale yellow washed over the sky and Paru’s frame rattled as she gripped the rocks below, praying she was not launched over the chasm. Lupus set his jaws over her leg, gently holding on as she sailed in the wind.

    Moments later it had passed and Paru laid back on the rock, breathing in ragged gasps.

    “Captain!” Kira cried over the comms. “That flare came out of nowhere. There may be more coming. You need to get back to the ship now.”

    “Kira,” Paru shook her head, hand resting on Lupus’ neck. “Lupus needs to complete his scan. If that chasm fills with rock, we’ll lose years of data.” She looked to the robotic canine and nodded. Lupus whimpered as he sat back, ears up again.

    Paru watched the elements flash over her eyes, but when they came to completion breath froze in her throat. Plutonium, iridium and titanium.

    “Scan complete. Returning to ship.”

    Paru turned to make her way back down the hill, Lupus at her side. This time he did not go ahead, but carefully watched her descent. Another tremor shook the hill. Lupus bolted forward, planting firm legs to make sure Paru did not tumble down. Once it abated, they continued, descending the hill. Returning her gaze to the stars above, Paru felt dread where once there was only wonder. At the edge of the known, danger was just as likely to emerge as hope.

    They crossed the craggy plain, ship now in sight. Returning to its steely confines was becoming more and more appealing as they closed the distance.

    “We see you, Paru,” Kira spoke. “Almost there. Did you sustain any damage?”

    “Not that I’ve noticed. Lupus kept me from a spill into the black.”

    “He deserves a promotion. Or at least an oil bath.”

    The boarding platform lowered and as they crossed the last ten meters, Lupus stopped. Paru looked over her shoulder to see him poised before a mound of rock.

    “Lupus,” she sighed. “The mission is over. We’ve scanned enough for...”

    Out from behind the mound slithered a carbon fiber dome, erected on six titanium appendages that ended in claws. The creature swayed back and forth as it approached Lupus, who stood his ground. Paru’s canine issued a grating of gears that could be considered a growl.

    “Chaff sighted!” Paru called. “SecTeam…”

    In a flash, the creature sprung on its appendages to hurtle toward Lupus. Snapping jaws gained no purchased on the dome but managed to clamp a tentacle. Titanium fangs tore through, before other limbs wrapped around his neck. The tentacles constricted as Lupus thrashed, throwing his body against rocks to damage the creature.

    “Lupus! No!” Paru cried, drawing a plasma pistol and levelling it on the attacker. It shifted back and forth as her canine fought, giving no clear shot.

    Behind her she heard the booted feet of her crew, shouts raised, and pistols charging.

    “Back,” she ordered. “Hold your fire. We can’t damage Lupus. His data…”

    A claw scraped across Lupus’ head, tearing out one of his eyes and prompting a moan. The tentacles released barbed spines that sawed into Lupus’ carbon fiber body.

    “Lupus,” Paru sobbed, mist filling her visor, “be still.”

    The canine stopped struggling, and the attacker hooked two claws under his headplate and tore it back, revealing circuits and couplings. Paru fired a full blast of plasma into the creature, throwing it off Lupus to splay across the ground. Its tentacles jerked pitifully as it came to rest.

    Paru knelt at Lupus’ side, wrapping her arms over his scarred back. She looked into his one crimson eye as it flickered. After a moment its light went out completely.

    “Captain!” came Kira’s cry.

               She heard it first, a sickening tear as the claws raked down her side. Then her senses exploded in a whirl of pain. Her head fell back, staring into the reflective surface of the Chaff’s dome. Plasma shots erupted, leaving more holes, until it slunk back again.


    As soon as Paru lost consciousness, Kira took immediate command as acting captain. Paru was brought to the medical bay, and SecTeam was dispatched to perform a full visual inspection of the ship. Kira stayed by Paru’s side for the next several hours in which she did not wake. SecTeam’s report indicated that the Chaff probe had not discovered lightspeed travel, as Paru suspected, but it had stowed away in the container bay.

    Once all other open spaces had been searched, Kira addressed key crew from Paru’s bedside. Her first order of business was to upload Paru’s consciousness to the ship computer. It was a procedure the onboard technicians had never attempted. There was great risk involved, but the alternative was for Paru’s identity to be lost forever.

    Kira’s second order was to extract the data Lupus had gathered. His data indicated Fornacis Twenty-two had everything the Outworlders needed to maintain habitats, so long as no more Chaff appeared. Kira wondered if any more stowaways would accompany the colony ships when they arrived in a few years. Until then, they would establish the forward base of Outworld, and a new home for its people.

    In the days to come, engineers worked tirelessly to restore functionality to Lupus. Despite their efforts, his identity chip remained compromised from the Chaff attack. Kira had an idea for this. After summoning up the previous captain, whose consciousness was successfully uploaded, they debated for several hours in her chambers. Finally, their decision was made, though it was unclear how the crew felt about this.

    On her first trek to the chasm, Captain Kira was joined by Paru, who padded along beside her on all fours. Paru’s limbs had no trouble navigating the terrain this time, and she was the first to mount the hill. As Kira struggled over the rocks, Paru looked back with a smiling canine face. She would miss Lupus, but now he would always be with her, and she was happy to have a new home as well.

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  • logarto
    25.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    the abrupt ending of beastars is so funny to me i fully believe paru got to the middle of the black market brawl and went “actually. im bored of this series now. its over” and finished it

    #its so funny. im not even mad #she didnt want to do it anymore and thats oj
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  • skullmoss
    15.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Beastars fans disappointed with the ending want the manga to be as comparably terrible as what went down with VLD but lemme tell u

    As someone who was there all throughout VLD from its very beginning to its very miserable end the only way Beastars ending could be as terrible as VLD’s is if

    1) Paru announces that Louis, a character she initially wanted to kill off but decided to keep around, is actually canonly gay & this whole time he had an ex-boyfriend who was introduced as ~~extremely important~~ to him, only for said ex-boyfriend killed off a few chapters later with as much importance as a throwaway red shirt in a Star Trek episode.

    2) Paru, at the behest of an editor realizing how much she fucked up with killing Louis’s ex boyfriend off, deciding to half-ass marry Louis off to a random no-name male character and claim it’s important when it’s not.

    3) MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING THAT WENT DOWN WITH VLD’S ENDING WITH REGARDS TO ONE OF ITS FEMALE CHARACTERS TBH -- Paru killing Haru off in the most random, half-assed, emotionally manipulative way & telling everyone it’s fine because she’s a strong female character and killing Haru off was a very feminist decision

    I agree that the way Beastars ended felt very rushed, didn’t have enough time spent between Haru and Legosi in the end to make the conclusion of their relationship feel 100% satisfactory when Haru had faded into the background during the latter half of the manga, and especially dropped the ball with the way it concluded Louis’s story when we had seen him develop & change through the series and go through an arc many queer people resonated with.

    But trust me when I say there’s disappointing endings of an otherwise decent series, and then there’s the fuck-up of how VLD ended. Beastars’s ending is nowhere near the level of absolutely abysmal, poorly-conceived endings that VLD fans had to suffer through.

    #beastars spoilers #the criticisms against the last chapter & the way the conclusion felt rushed are valid #but the vitriol against the ending and saying how terrible it is #& saying it's comparable to VLD #nah you're just being hyperbolic and incorrect lmao.
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  • gazeopard
    08.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    The End (My Thoughts of Chapter 196 of BEASTARS)

    And so, the finale was released.

    Link (will edit once official translation is released): https://w17.read-beastarsmanga.com/manga/beastars-chapter-196/

    SPOILERS. I guess... You either end a good story, or drag it out long enough to see it become a train-wreck...? The end of this arc was not quite what I was expecting, but... hey, it’s not my story. That said, I’m not gonna lie and say it wasn’t one disappointment after the other, these last few chapters. At least, Legoshi x Haru is official now. Yaaaaay...? It still leaves a lot of previous threads hanging by their intestines. If Yafya/Yahya is retired as Beastar now, then... WHO is gonna be the new Beastar? Unless they don’t need a new Beastar, since Yafya’s still crime-fighting, but what’s the point of him retiring as the Beastar if that’s the case?? I thought Legoshi and Louis were going to eventually step up and become Beastars after stopping Melon. From the very beginning of the manga, it seemed like it was leading up to either Legoshi or Louis earning their way to the title of Beastar. And if Legoshi didn’t want to become a Beastar, and even if Juno appeared to think she wasn’t suited to be a Beastar earlier, I thought Louis and Juno were going to gradually become Beastars together, since their bond started off with them aiming for it. What’s the point of it being called “Beastars” if nobody becomes the Beastar(s) in the end? Unless the whole point of it is that you don’t need a big fancy title to become a hero, or anybody can be a hero if they work hard enough and prove themselves or something...? I thought that a carnivore and an herbivore like Legoshi and Louis (or Louis and Juno) becoming Beastars was going to further show that coexistence between the two communities was possible, becoming the ragtag duo that Gosha and Yafya once were. After Chapter 194, I was hoping that Louis would realize his love for Juno and go back to her after something (bad or otherwise) happened to Azuki in later chapters, forcing him to realize his love and perhaps even recruit her into the Horns’ Conglomerate. I thought the Love-Failure arc was just one of a few more arcs to come, and Louis and Juno were going to develop their relationship and Legoshi and Haru were going to go past the dating point as the arcs went on. But Legoshi and Haru, with their relationship being the biggest plotline and driving-force of the manga, simply end the manga with “dating”, and Louis is left in a loveless marriage with somebody who doesn’t even really love him, who can’t even bring herself to let go of their business and try to connect with him... What ever happened to not letting society dictate how you live your life?? All the previous scenes between him and Juno seemed to be leading up to them getting together. What was the point of Juno confessing her love to him like that on TV? What was the point of Louis being unable to have sex with the doe without thinking about Juno? What was the point of their reunion and kiss in Chapter 101? Louis’s character-arc was thrown out the window and stepped on like a puddle in a pavement. And really...? Melon never found out his father was alive...??? So, he’s never going to find out that he killed his mother for nothing? I don’t know how that would’ve change anything about him, considering he’s an irredeemable serial killer, but c’mon. I was still hoping to see how Melon would’ve reacted to such a shocking moment for his life, if he’d call him out for abandoning him and kill him for his actions as a parent. His father might as well have stayed dead... And don’t even get me started on the Melon and Haru situation (again)... It had so much potential to impact the third act, but nothing ever came from it. Just as nothing ever came from Kyuu selling out Legoshi (which also could’ve had an impact on the climax), or Legoshi fasting, or Jack’s history lesson, or Deshico and the Kopi Luwak group, or the Bloodbone drug corporation and the tusk trade Melon was a part of. Speaking of which, I’m disappointed that these previous occupations weren’t shown as much or had as big of an impact. It seemed like Melon was planning to increase tension between carnivores and herbivores by sending carnivores into a frenzy through doping them up on the Bloodbone drugs and make the resulting attacks look like predations, but we never saw more Bloodbone drug scenes beyond the one with Legoshi and those BAM drug-dealers in the Life as a Dropout arc. It’s a shame, because I would have liked to have seen a few scenes of Melon interacting with other members of the Bloodbone drug corporation and the tusk trade business, perhaps using the tusks of the elephants he murdered as a ‘therapist’ to create more drugs, since it calls for herbivore bones to be ground into powder. We already saw him as a therapist, a college professor, and the leader of the Shishigumi, but we never really saw him as the manager of the tusk trade business or producer of the Bloodbone drugs. I would’ve loved to have seen how he obtained and managed to juggle between all those jobs. I still really wish he had had a bigger goal for society and the BAM, because with all the crazy stuff going on, it looked like it was going to lead to an all-out civil-war again, where Melon was going to try and start a second carni-herbi war by increasing the tension between the two communities and destabilizing society, getting his revenge on the world that had hated him. It was called The Revenge of the Love-Failure, after all. The arc should have escalated into something bigger...

    Beastars may as well have ended after the Riz arc at this point. A bit of me hopes that there might be a sequel, but after the end of this manga, what’s the point of it? What the hell would it even be about and where would the conflict come from? Everything is just magically resolved here like it was no big deal, leaving all the other plots hanging in mid-air and unresolved. I guess some things can be fixed with the upcoming Beast Complex serialization...? Unless it involves the old characters from Beast Complex, where the Beastars characters have a cameo or two, which I’m pretty sure is probably what it’s gonna be. At the same time, though, you shouldn’t have to rely on second-hand sources to polish up plot-holes or unfinished places in your previous story... Even if the manga has ended poorly, there’s still Beastars Season 2 to look forward to, and plenty of fanfictions to enjoy. I’ve been reading the Beastars/GoT crossover fantasy “Ashfall” and a recent fic “Twisted Horns and Pure Hearts”, which is about Melon growing up with Legoshi and Jack as friends in Cherryton, and I’ve considered reading “Mongrels”, which is an alternate take on the Beastars ending. I read the first chapter and I really enjoyed it. I just don’t understand what happened that caused Beastars to start decaying... I guess Paru either got sick of it and wanted to move on to something else, or her editors/or publishers got sick of it and wanted her to finish it already, or both... or Paru just made it all up as she went since she said in an interview that she had no plans for what came after the Murder Solution Arc. Well, whatever it was... Here’s to hoping that Orange can improve the Love-Failure arc, somehow, since they did change a couple of things in Season One... But still, I’m gonna try not to keep hopes high. There’s just so much potential in Melon’s arc that could be improved upon, most of which I already mentioned in my previous posts. Whatever endeavor Paru Itagaki pursues next in her career as a mangaka, I wish her luck and hope she’ll improve further in the future. <3 Thank you, Paru-sensei, for giving us a fun, interesting world with awesome, complex, fascinating, relatable characters.

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  • dontexpecttomakesense
    03.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    With Beastars being only one chapter way from ending, and with nearly 200 issues to draw from, I think it’s now pretty safe to conclude that while Paru is a good writer, she cannot handle plot arcs that are longer than 30~ish chapters.

    The Melon arc is probably the best example, it roughly starts around chapter 124 (the first time Melon appears) and we can pin the end of said arc with chapters 192-193. That’s nearly 70 chapters, which have left many people with a sour taste in their mouth.

    I, personally, wouldn’t call the writing of said arc bad. The dialogs and themes are pretty good all across the board. The problem is that Paru really cannot hold the stakes and the tension correctly. The overall tone of the arc felt like a roller coster, with high tension climaxes followed by too muted resolutions, giving an aftertase of unsatisfying resolution. It also became worsened by Paru’s tenedncy to add this little side stories that at the end went nowhere or were too rushed to properly lay out and explain the themes they were suposed to transmit.

    I will admit that, in spite of it all, this is Paru’s first story so we cannot fully expect it to be some sort of perfect flawless piece. But the story has it’s flaws and we all should be able to admit them, and criticize the weakest points the story and why they caused for it to be dragged down.

    However I do think some people really should reel back the cynisim a little, this arc might’ve been mediocre at its worst, but not the absolute cataclysm some are willing to make it look like.

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  • gazeopard
    02.10.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Beastars Chapters 194 and 195 (My Thoughts)

    So… one more chapter left, huh? SPOILAHS. Link (will edit once the chapter is in English): https://imgur.com/a/qmEQ0p0 With Louis and Juno seemingly going their separate ways, I’m still kinda salty about it. From their kiss at Cherryton, to Louis being unable to get Juno out of his head or make love to Azuki, to Juno going out of her way to confront Louis during his time as the Shishigumi’s boss, to her asking Legoshi for advice on interspecies romance and going as far as to confess her love for him on live-TV, it looked like the manga was going to end with them coming to terms with their attractions to each other and start dating. To have Louis conform to this loveless political marriage like this, it’s really disappointing to see. I hope he’ll realize his love for Juno and go back to her, but since there’s most likely one or two more chapters left in the manga, and with the manga ending so quickly, I have a feeling that they won't get together. It’s a shame because there’s so much stuff to be wrapped up that cannot really be wrapped up in the span of 3 chapters. For Louis to be forced into a relationship with somebody like Azuki, somebody who only loves his job and not really him as a person, and to try to ignore his feelings for Juno... it really doesn't feel right. The sudden pace in these last few chapters is just killing my love for this finale. I still can’t shake off whether it’s Paru’s editors that are forcing her to end it quicker, or if Paru has had enough of Beastars and wants to move on to something else. Considering how badly Bleach ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the former. At the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked either if this ending was how Paru intended, since it’s her first long manga and first long works aren’t always perfect. So in the latest chapter (195), Haru is back with Legoshi, and it feels awkward to me since I still feel like she should’ve appeared more in the previous few chapters. Since Haru’s promise to Melon was dropped, much like how other plots in this arc were, and she seemingly vanished from the manga for a while, much like Louis and Juno’s lack of more relationship screen-time… it feels a little weird. Aside from that, this chapter was really good and I really hope Legoshi will say yes to Haru’s proposal, since it’s what they deserve after everything they’ve gone through. And Haru didn’t really mean she wanted a divorce after their marriage, as she only said that to scare Legoshi to see if he’ll truly stay with her after he accepted her proposal. At the same time, with everything Legoshi learned about interspecies couples and carnivore-herbivore hybrids throughout this arc, a part of me fears he’ll decline and they’ll end up going their own separate ways. If they had a kid together, that same child would suffer the same way Melon did… but on the other hand, that same kid would still have the parental support Melon lacked in his youth, so depending on their upbringing, they may turn out different. I don’t know if that would be enough for their child, since everyday life was a living hell for Melon since he couldn’t taste anything or feel anything. The other option I can see Legoshi and Haru doing if they do end up getting together would be an adoption, if they couldn’t bear the thought of putting their child through so much agony. To have them go their separate ways and to simply remain friends, after everything they went through together, would be a big letdown anyway, especially since them getting together was the driving force of the story.

    That said, I still really wish there had been more scenes between them and Louis and Juno developing their respective relationships more in this arc, as it feels like Haru was mostly shunted to the side most of the arc, especially if you compare it to how much screen-time she had in the first and second arcs. Reading it at first felt like I missed a few pages, since the pacing keeps rapidly switching to different characters’ POVs each chapter. To me, I think this moment would’ve been a LOT stronger if Haru had had more to do in this arc, if she hadn’t just vanished throughout the rest of the arc, and if Legoshi had fought tooth and nail for her if Melon had threatened her life like he should have done, considering how interested he was in her. I hope these two will get their happy ending, and a part of me still holds on hope that Louis and Juno will rekindle the spark of theirs, but with only one chapter left… I can’t see how the latter would happen. If Louis stays in a loveless marriage, that’d suck so much. Unless a sequel comes along, I can’t see how Louis would get back together with Juno, or how Melon would meet his father, which I’m already accepting is not going to happen (which begs me the question of why—never mind), and I also wonder just what that dark part of history that Jack learned at class that had made him temporarily suicidal. I also thought Legoshi and Louis were going to become Beastars like Yafya and Gosha after stopping Melon, since Legoshi’s speech to him in Chapter 158 and one of the guys from the turf-war writing “BEASTARS” on the board in Chapter 190 made it seem like it... So many plot-threads gone to waste… Shame… It seems the Louno ship has indeed sunk. I don’t see why Paru would make a sequel either, since all the major conflicts seem to be resolved. Unless Melon somehow escapes, or some other big catastrophe ends up happening that threatens the world, I can’t think of what would happen in a sequel. So, here’s to hoping a good finale and maybe an epilogue.

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