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  • 25yo and im finally understanding the motivation to make ship amvs

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  • Headcanon that me getting upset over things that never happened is me subconsciously remembering something that happened in a past life

    #lol ignore me #past lives #I knew it was a tag— I’m honestly interested tho lol
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  • I’ve made my mistakes and rest assured not to make the same mistakes again. I pray🙏🏾

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  • I’m stuck living in the past and it doesn’t bother me much; times were much better back then.

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  • image

    It was a chilly dark evening. No moon shone in the sky, as the only light that light the night was from the amber glow of the tall lanters lining the cobblestone street in England.

    I walked in a wine coloured victorian dress, with my sister, out of a small riverside pub. It was much too late for women to be out…especially in a place like a pub. Our business was unknown, but we showed no fear in our faces or in our hearts.

    Walking from the pub, I could hear the clicks and clacks of our heeled shoes as we walked down the stone street parallel to a thick, quiet river.

    Several steps away, we began to be followed by 5 “pissed” (drunk) men. With clear mal intent, they murmered drunken profanities as they stumbled behind us. Still, no fear from myself or my sister. We walked with our heads high as we pretended not to notice the approaching danger.

    In front of us was a large bridge, with archways underneath it. Several of the amber glowing street lights were not lit, and a growing darkness blinded the nearest side of the rivers overpass.

    This is where we walked to. For the men were not stalking us, we were stalking them.

    A few more clicks and clacks of our heeled shoes, and we disappeared into the drape of darkness, the whispers of the mischevious men, close behind. They followed us…into the darkness.

    Screams were heard but only quickly, and then silence.

    Silence followed by soft clicks and clacks of heeled shoes.

    My sister and I sauntered out of the dark, with few blood stains on our dresses. We walked with our heads high as we headed home.

    This short but eerie memory had me wishing it was just a reoccuring dream for many many years. Curious of what really happened in those dark shadowed moments.

    For so long I thought of it as nothing more than my imagination…though every cobblestone of the street felt so real beneath my feet.

    Yet, in 2018 something happened. I was living in Florida, USA with plans to move to the UK. Throughout my plans, I began making friendships online and told my story to one ery good friend who was a generational local of the York, England area. My story floored him.

    He quickly googled some images of a pub that he frequented. A small pub, on a cobblestone street, beside a thick and quiet river, accompanied by an archway bridge.

    The image sent me into a new world….back into my past life….back into that very pub.

    The excitement had me booking our flights that very same day.

    Within a week, I was walking down the very same cobblestone street, outside the very same pub I had been remembering for a lifetime, and to the very same archways of the bridge were something unthinkable happened.

    Are past lives real? Yes!

    Do you want to know how you can discover your own past life?

    Growing up, as a generational psychic, seeing people’s (and my own), past lives has always been a speciality of mine. Let me take you into a deep and detailed adventure of who you were in a past life, with a past life psychic reading!


    Psychic & Past Life Regression Specialist

    Sarah C LaBrie


    #horror story #real scary stories #past life #real past life experience #past life regression #past lives #Past Life Reading
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  • 26. 10. 2020: Souls of Us

    Sometimes I feel like my soul is old as time. Back when my toes dug deep into the earth, blisters on my feet. When my eyes marveled the first creation of fire, fell upon the marvelling spots in the sky.

    Reborn again to when people wore clothes they felt most uncomfortable in. A hat, an itchy mustache, a beard - playing forward into a woman with a puffy dress with a corset for me to barely breathe in and she died young, turning into a man, poor and dirty, greedy for power and authority. Maybe my soul belonged to a poet or a painter later on, who was obsessed with the trees or faces. In another world I could have been a woman, afraid of her husband, cherishing my children or I was a navy man in the 80s, dying in the war.

    Or maybe… My soul was created, brand new, on the day I was born with no past lives attached - to create a new line, a powerful line of people who rise above or fall back face down. My soul may have a mission, given here for a purpase, needing more than one physical body to complete it. I could find things facinating just because of that. Old souls have seen it all but new souls always crave to see things they do not recognise. I marvel at the trees and the wind among the branches. Autumn is my favorite, winter is a crying sorrow for my soul. My soul may be young, cheery from all the things it finds new. It wants to reach out, maybe to old souls, when it recognises it in another person. To meet it, see it- in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe dark brown as the depth of the Earth or the sky blue, innocent but dangerous. Or hazel, a mix of all sorts of colours… To touch an old soul, to feel it lingering upon my own…

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  • things i were in my past lives, in order: witch, black widow, pomegranate, queen, bat, assassin, femme fatale, heretic, black cat, spy, anne boleyn, harlot.

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  • First of all, oye @romanticentropy, te odio. Pa que sepas 😑

    Second, I don’t know if this woman in the video is contacted by the industry, she has a script, the girls contact her. I do not know. I don’t know what happens with this tarot reader and her tarot readings, but everything she reads in the tarot cards related to girls leaves me surprised. And no, not because she says that if the girls are together today or not. That is a mere detail that, (either they have told the tarot reader Ruth or she has read the Camren blogs and accounts or it really is what she reads), for me it does not matter because I do not even think Ruth knows it either.
    What surprises me is what she mentions about the connection between the two girls. That connection that comes from past lives, and beware, she talks about Camila and Lauren being witches in past lives and that they were in a kind of group or coven or that type of community and that there was an emperor who did not want them together but to see them separated.
    And that karma is what in the cards, Ruth says that the girls want to break up and be the emperor themselves.
    It surprises me. It amazes me that it doesn’t matter which witch or tarot reader reads the cards to Lauren and Camila, everywhere the cards say the same thing. Connection. Love friendship. All the letters speak of an uneasy bond in time and that if it breaks, it joins again sooner or later.
    How can you have a connection with someone like that? So fucking intense? And even if it is not loving in a romantic sense the bond of sisterhood and friendship is there. I must confess, folks. It’s tenderly creepy to know that. I really have no other word to define it.
    However, the part that I liked the most and I am going to wait until I am a decrepit old woman is the collaboration. Gosh, that’s all I want from them if it’s the only thing we can have from them. All my and our crazy theories would come true and we would have what I think most of us have always wanted, to see Camila and Lauren stealing our hearts onstage.
    If something I envy Showmila is that. Nothing else. That fucking opportunity. I would really die happy to see them sing together again or work together and see them happy. As a couple, as friends, as partners. I do not care. They deserve the best and that there is no one to stop them from doing what they love.
    You may or may not believe in tarot card readings, folks. But this has made me happy in a very special way.

    Thanks to the anon that told me about this video.

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  • image

    Know all yourselves ☺️

    1. Who was I in my previous life.

    2. Childhood and adolescent in life previous to this one.

    3. Adulthood in life previous to this one

    4. Spiritual evolution at the end of that life

    5. Who am I in this life

    6. Spiritual bond with past life

    7. Material and practical manifestation of that bond

    8. What do I have to work in in this life

    9. Max spiritual development in this life

    10. What awaits for me in the next incarnation.

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    10/20/2020~ Meditation

    I meditated today for about 27 minutes. It was all natural, no guide. I put on some music from the Pokémon games and drifted off.

    I started out by walking up some white and black marbled stairs. I went up 20 steps, in time with my deep breaths. I saw my paws at the top. Dark blue paws that turn into light blue. I knew I was Glaceon again.

    When I stepped off the 20th step, my paws felt cold. I looked around and I was in a lightly dusted with snow forest. I could see a mountain in the distance, and various Pokémon all around me. Frostless, vanillite, abomasnow, and some pachirisus in the tree tops. I was sourrounded by pine and oak and juniper trees. Snow was falling lightly.

    I started trotting deeper into the forest, my paws guiding me through twists and turns on their own accord. They knew the directions naturally. I felt a little anxious and the phrase “gotta get home” repeated in the back of my mind occasionally.

    I noticed along the way that there were goreous frozen in time flowers all around me in the snow covered grass. I stopped gently to investigate them. They appeared to be lillies and forget me nots, frozen and beautiful.

    I took one final left and saw a huge, great oak tree, caked in snow and old. In its roots was the entrance to a burrow hidden by leaves and sticks. A gentle pink fire surrounded by smooth stones a couple feet in front of it.

    A little ways behind the giant oak tree was a little frozen pond. It appeared to be only lightly frozen, probably couldn’t sustain the weight of a Pokémon.

    I ran towards it and and peered at my reflection in the frosty glass. I was a little small for a Glaceon, but a Glaceon none the less. My eyes shimmered wonderfully in the dimming daylight. It must have been chilly out, but I didn’t really feel it. I felt comfortable, natural. In my mouth I carried two Raticates by the scuff of their necks. They appeared to have already been frozen and killed.

    My gaze was snapped away from my reflection when I saw the raticates. I quickly whipped around and ran towards the burrow. My paws made little patters on the crunchy grass as I made my way towards the fire. Panic racing in me a bit faster as I saw the setting sun over the horizon.

    As I grew closer, I saw the leaves around the entrance move a bit and then a Sylveon’s head peaked out.

    My head screamed “Perri !” and the sight instantly calmed me down.

    Perri smirked at me, sass dripping in his aura. But his aura was just as soothing and calm as it always was.

    “Took ya long enough Glace.”

    His melodic voice entered in my mind. He chirped in a way that felt like a chuckle.

    As I reached him, I dropped the raticates down softly and looked up, warmth filling my body.

    “But, a nice catch. Suppose that makes up for it.” He smiled.

    “I’m sorry Perri, ya know how the catches get tougher to find this time a year. But I made sure to get somethin that’ll fill ya up !” I beamed back at him.

    He stepped forward and nuzzled his face into my cheek and neck and leaving a little lick. The gesture instantly soothed me, and my worries melted.

    We took our raticates by the fire and warmed them up a bit while we ate. Our tails intertwined as we lied side by side and feasted.

    Once full, we put our scraps to the side, leaving them for some lonely scavenger to finish off. We entered our burrow to fight off the chill. I carefully re-hid the entrance and plopped down beside Perri.

    We groomed each other, letting out gentle chirps and purrs at the affection from one another.

    As we curled up to go to bed, I whispered a gentle “I love you, Perri” and licked his forehead.

    We fell asleep curled up with each other.

    It was amazing.


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  • Got an amazing past life reading from AradiasReadings on Etsy!! Super well priced and very fast, also accurate. All she needed was my name and my date of birth. This is what I received, and EVERYTHING resonated.

    Not only am I an aspiring writer, but I also often joke that I have “expensive” tastes. I also tend to fixate on stories of betrayal, righteous revenge, and vendettas. When I hear these stories I feel an intense satisfaction deep in my gut. I am an old soul and people older than me frequently mention that they feel as though they are talking to someone their own age. I am coincidentally of Southwest Asian and North American indigenous descent. I would recommend her, give it a try!


    #past life reading #first time i have done one of these #etsy#psychic readings#past lives#cool stuff
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  • I’m convinced

    in a past life i had you

    or in other words
there was an us,

    I’m sure that there were endless picnics

    intimacies shared under the stars

    I’m more than positive, we spent eternities

    in different forms together

    i believe in one life

    i must have broken your heart

    betrayed the ever long trust

    so that in every life beyond,

    you’d resent me.

    in this life

    you don’t want me

    i long for the feeling of your softness

    up against my glacial, brittle touch

    i know we were lovers in our past lives

    because the love in my heart for you

    would be unexplainable

    when you haven’t given me

    a single reason, in this life,

    to love you in return

    #words#quotes#by me#my feelings#thoughts#poem#poetry#past lives#past life #I love him so much #he’s my fwb #it’s like he doesn’t even see me #I just want him hahahaha #fml#thjs sucks #I hate feeling this way #I hate love #I love him tho #genuinely #for three years #insanity
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  • When someone follows you just to try to get a free reading but then unfollows when they don’t get it except the actual account that got it was a bot so they really would have gotten it but they already unfollowed you 🙃 this isnt specific at all

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  • Smh the person who was supposed to get the free reading is a bot, not sure if I should give it to the person before or after them now?

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  • The empath can cry on cue. Yet the residual residue to our parlor trick lasts lifetimes.

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  • Tekin mène l'enquête 🕵🏼‍♂️

    Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès

    1 - Après une sombre période, il a refait sa vie et semble comblé.

    2 - Il assume en quelque sorte ses actes, il est conscient de ne pas avoir fait quelque chose de bien et j'irai même jusqu'à dire que ça le pèse.

    3 - Ce qu'il a fait, il le considère comme un sacrifice au fond. Cela lui a permis de repartir à zéro en ayant pour but de ne pas reproduire ce schéma macabre.

    4 - Même s'il n'est pas tout à fait libre, il a appris à vivre autrement et à subvenir aux besoins de son entourage d'une autre manière.

    5 - En somme, après avoir laissé son côté le plus obscur s'exprimer, il s'est infligé une fuite de tout son environnement habituel, ce qui induit le choix d'assumer moralement et psychologiquement ses actes, à défaut de les assumer pénalement. Cependant, il semble se complaire dans son nouveau mode de vie. Je ne pense pas qu'il soit retrouvé un jour cela dit 🕊

    #tekin tarot#bir elçi#tarot#nostradamus#guidance #le tarot perdu de nostradamus #etteilla#birthcards#birthchart#oracle#fait divers#faits divers #le tarot des fantômes #legrandetteilla #le grand etteilla #la sibylle des salons #past lives#enquête #Xavier Dupont De Ligonnès #xddl #les enquêtes de Tekin #Tekin mène l'enquête #society#meurtre#tuerie#nantes#france#disparition#Instagram
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  • i always forget that the path around the reservoir at night is more magical, somehow, than it has any real right to be—it isn’t the bath of light i’d originally imagined, of course, when i thought of going for a walk in daylight; but it does still transsubstantiate loneliness into an aesthetic, ecstatic melancholy, every time. and really, what a privilege to be alone outside in the night in this city of cities, holy of holies: it does always remind me a little inescapably of that one summer evening in the park with R, getting a little more scandalous in our tucked-away corner than i’d have wanted to get caught at, but we didn’t; and now of course the memory is bittersweet but mostly i don’t dwell anymore on how it all ended, and i can just think tenderly of the sweetness they drew from me then, how superfluous and foolish and yet how beautiful it was beading out of me, warm and crystallized now as amber—

    So much has changed. And still, you are fortunate:

    the ideal burns in you like a fever.

    Or not like a fever, like a second heart.

    and still, i am fortunate: and as i stride through the black-leaved night i know it; and still the amber pools of lamplight flow together like memories, honey-sweet and vacant as consolation…

    #look this is facile and flashy but there’s real feeling hiding under it and like‚ leave me alone‚ if i want to get a little #mauve and a little maudlin as i thumb this out on my phone‚ well‚ there are worse sins #feelingsblogging#past lives#also#lyricism#i guess #ok grocery tiem nao
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  • We’re nine followers away from our next free past life reading! If you’d like a reading go ahead and follow me! I’d appreciate a reblog as well 😁

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