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  • blog2collectionsanfavs
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    See lots more at  https://blog2collectionsanfavs.tumblr.com/

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  • calmdowndrinksometea
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I'm seeing some pretty strong resemblance between this new ewe lamb (left) and Kazoo, her brother from last year (who I wish we'd been able to keep...)

    Makes me think that Will is her dad, unfortunately. I know she's not from Brom bc there's no mistaking his children but I am hoping she's actually from Jethro since then she and her twin sister would be full Painted Desert. Not sure what Jethro's chances are of fathering any babies if the other rams are around though lol.

    #she's yet another bottle baby 😒 #found her wandering around the pasture looking for anybody willing to mother her #and lady looks like the only one who's lambed today #and she won't take her
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  • pellinni-photo
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    sheep on the meadow in mountains. animals grazing green grass. countryside landscape of carpathians in summer. ridge in the distance. bright sunny weather - sheep on the meadow in mountains. animals grazing green grass. countryside landscape of carpathians in summer. ridge in the distance. bright sunny weather

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  • hedgehog-moss
    27.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    It was already getting dark when we went on our walk, so I told Pandolf he had to compress into 15 minutes his entire busy schedule of running and digging and standing on large rocks and diving head first into snowdrifts. He did his best!

    #crawling along #i mean he was outside all day with the llamas but there isn't a lot of snow left in the pasture we need to climb higher #i actually wanted to go downhill to try and find some snowdrops but he started heading uphill in a very eloquent way #no. we must visit the snow
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  • boosdiet
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Free range, pasture, organic labels, etc.

    Free range, pasture, organic labels, etc.

    Regardless of the quality of life before death, farm animals are eventually sent for slaughter. There is a misconception that these animals can “live a beautiful life” before they die for our food. In fact, animals die as soon as they fulfill their purpose, i. as soon as they reach a profitable size, which is well before the end of their life expectancy. There are also signs of free range, soil…

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  • southislandwren
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    okay so i asked to cut my hours a lil at work so now i'm only working 7 hours a week and i think i might drop my dirt class :/ im just so tired all the time i cant focus on my important classes

    #school post #im gonna talk to my advisor before i drip dirt just to confirm i can still graduate on time. otherwise i'll just drop the soil sci minor #im not having a good time in any of my dirt classes and i dont retain the knowledge #if im struggling with my pastures in the future i'll just get help from someone
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  • goldenexperience
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    all i want to do is ask people to hesitate to contact me if they have any further questions. i am begging you to hesitate actually. familiarize yourself with google. phone a friend. think for maybe 2 seconds. endless possibilities you can consider before contacting me with your further questions 

    #take me out to the pasture boys i have become old
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  • perfectstormhomestead
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ever think "god I want goats but hate how they test the fences daily like velociraptors and can get sick by any germ!" Or perhaps "I love sheep but shearing them every 4-6 months sounds like a pain in the ass!"


    Katahdin sheep are a type of Hair Sheep meaning like ancient sheep (before humans fucked them up) they grow a protective wool coat in the winter and shed it come spring. Meaning maintenance is pretty much bare minimum for these medium sized sheep.

    They're good lambers, have a more mild meat flavor if the intensity of lamb freaks you out, and they're also insanely resistant to disease and parasites from their lack of "humans inbred us until we no longer worked correctly"

    An added bonus, because they don't have wool tails they don't need DOCKED! Yep. Sheep have tails, yep farmers cut them off. It's because a wooly long tail gets poop and other debris on it, attracts flies, and well. Ends Badly.

    Nothing like that to worry about for these guys. They're just a fantastic sheep, and they kinda hit the spot for goats too without being escape artists.

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  • sparkxii
    25.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    It's been like. 3(?) years I need to let the electric fence post go

    #putting it out to greener pastures. #spark's notes
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  • table-top-horror
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I could be blowing up everyone's dashes with Last Man On Earth content rn but our amazon prime subscription ran out and we only get it around Christmas time

    #Yes I know I can just pirate it and I probably will one day #But now I'll have to wait for my will forte crush to reinstate itself #Rn I'm onto greener pastures
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  • fagmortar
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Despite the leaks im excited for legends arceus cuz it will allow me to roll and also im really excited to live out my pokemon self insert dream of being a pokemon maater who owns a pasture all his pokemon live at with a sinnoh pokedex for mix and match team compisitions :3

    #fish.txt #the pastures were mentioned in the gameplay video
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  • redrobin-detective
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I’ve kept silent for too long about this and I can no longer keep my horrid mouth shut but: Kon living in Gotham brings me nothing but absolute delight. He falls in love with Tim, marries him and then very reluctantly moves to Gotham because Tim is a horrible, nightmare man who refuses to move from his horrible, nightmare city. Now there are other metas in Gotham but none on Superman’s level and also every single one of them are goth where Kon just isn’t.

    Kon, like Clark, radiates such Just Some Guy energy but unlike Clark’s wholesome midwest charm Kon is charming in a kind of stupid, sarcastic but still genuinely nice way. His so attitude is so different from that of the Bats, from Gothamites in general that people just can’t help but like him. Imagine you live in the most crime ridden city, filled with dark heroes, dark villains, dark gloomy weather and dark gothic architecture and then a young god wearing a fun costume who unironically says things like “radical” shows up. I too would fall in love with him in a heartbeat.

    The GCPD like Kon best out of all the Bats (Kon: I’m not actually a Bat you know GCPD: You married one of them therefore you are now). Everyone from the Commissioner to the low level patrollers likes Kon. Yes, he has unimaginable power but he’ll also lean against the door frame in broad daylight and talk cars or sports or whatever with you. No hiding in the shadows, no macho mysterious attitudes, just a dude being Some Guy. GCPD loves working with Superman and the Signal, the 2 daytime Bats who are semi normal as far as capes go.

    That paired with Kon’s general interactions with the Bats. He always protects identities and such but he has no shame about tearing down their mythical aura. He’ll complain about Red Hood stealing the last bagel that morning, about Black Bat giving him the cold shoulder for missing her dance recital, about Batman snoring all through movie night. The GCPD lives in fear and awe of his ability to traverse the Bat world and come back as just a normal dude. 

    His interactions with his husband are the best, they don’t always patrol together as Superman works primarily in the day time and Red at night but it’s always a magical thing. One, they’re clearly absolutely besotted with each other but the differing personalities are so hilarious and concerning. A beat cop will catch Superman chasing after Red Robin, nagging at him to go to sleep because he’s going on day 3 without rest. Kon will be catching up with Bullock and Montoya, a concussed husband over one shoulder, vainly trying to wiggle his way out of the super hold. Red pulls and dangerous and vaguely fucked up stunt and Kon just grabs his face like “I love you so, so much but there is something seriously wrong with you, you absolute disaster gremlin and it’s probably not good I find it so hot.” And then they make out while the cops avert their eyes as they drag off a very injured Scarecrow and Mad Hatter. 

    That’s just what you do for your city’s one (1) non Overly Dramatically Goth Superhero who just has really weird and concerning taste in men.  

    #I cannot stop thinking about Kon just living in Gotham #That is a hollister/american eagle boy going into a hot topic for his insane husband and settling #he keeps saying its not permanent that he'll convince Red to move one of these days #(its been years and he's still trying he starting to pick up gotham slang there's no going back) #Kon is just a normal nice dude with terrifying superpowers #and he's in love with a feral unhinged goth boy and stuck that boys unhinged goth family #the sheer hilarity of the relationship I love it #Kon is the only one who shows up to the annual GCPD picnic #and uses the oppertunity to Roast his hubbie and in laws as is his god given right for all the shit he puts up with #the GCPD has learned things they really Did Not Want To Know about the batfam #they are horrified yet intrigued then they shift course and start talking about how the gotham knights are doing #they think Superman is so normal and nice and then they see him interact with Red and go 'wait no he has to be fucked up to love this man' #Superrobin is Gothams favorite comfort ship #out of towners can make fun of batman all they want but you'll get shanked for speaking ill of Kon #Kon still thinks he can pack Red up and leave for sunnier pastures but he's wrong #the city has already claimed him
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  • dwuerch-blog
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Peaceful Green Pastures or the Battlefield

    Peaceful Green Pastures or the Battlefield

    I know what peaceful, green pastures look like. And I’ve seen enough war movies to know what battlefields look like. I also know what the peaceful, green pastures AND the battlefields feel like in my mind. I’d like to think I always chose the peace instead of the battlefield, but why do I/we let the battlefields rage on in our minds? I wrote this blog because I personally need it!Every day, our…

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    #2 Corinthians 10:5 #battlefield#blog#christian #get behind me satan #in the trenches #inspiration #mind is renewed #mind of Christian #more than a conqueror #peaceful green pastures #Peter #praise and worship #reject lies anger #soldiers #take captive every thought #thoughts#warfare
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  • roughghosts
    22.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Each to his own “green truth”: Ponge, Pastures, Prairies by Philippe Jaccottet

    Each to his own “green truth”: Ponge, Pastures, Prairies by Philippe Jaccottet Translated by John Taylor

    Ponge, Pastures, Prairies is more than a simple tribute to French poet and essayist Francis Ponge by fellow poet Philippe Jaccottet, it is a deeper examination of the way creative influences sift through a writer’s own process of literary development. The two men first met in 1946, when the latter was barely twenty years-old and, as Jaccottet recounts, he imagines that, though he said nothing,…

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  • m00sebaby
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago


    #uncontrollably crying because I hate my job so much #everyone I used to work with quit and now my sister quit and I just see everyone going to greener pastures #and I’m stuck and I can’t get out #and I’ve been trying to be positive and trying to make my reality what I want it to be #but I can’t stop crying over this and it’s so DUMB #we’re going through it #liza speaks
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  • perfectstormhomestead
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Miniature Zebu are the Best Cattle (for my homestead)

    Zebu, Dexter, Lowline Angus, Jersey, Mini Herefords and Swiss are common small breeds in my state, and while of course there's variation per lineage, most of these breeds have a disadvantage to zebu.

    TLDR; they were bred to be a full sized hamburger at half the height, that weight is going to cause issues on their smaller frame and legs. Not to mention the presence of the Dwarfism gene which TLDR; breeding issues and lethal genetics. If I'm going to commit to a life of becoming more self sufficient I want an animal who is healthy.

    Jersey cattle are COMMON among homesteads and I wouldn't hate to have one in my herd, but they're small compared to a normal cow, but still cow sized.

    There's Miniature Jerseys but they're basically non existent where I live, but besides the rarity they're a nice cow.

    However. Miniature Zebu, there's quite a few different ranches here with a plethora of colors, sizes and even shapes. But most importantly all of them that I've seen have all had good shape and structure.

    Both breeds, however, sport short, sleek coats and have tough, loose skin. They also have fully functional sweat glands.
    Highly developed panniculus muscles make it easy for Zebus to twitch away flies. They’re heat-, disease- and insect-resistant, and they thrive on marginal pasture.
    And rodeo-bull image notwithstanding, they are easy-going and remarkably intelligent


    They are just a good cow, the IMZA has a ton of good information as well.

    They're perfect for ME and my farm. They're smaller meaning I wouldn't have to figure out how to store or sell a huge amount of meat (a better portion of beef) they produce a little less milk cause I don't need a gallon twice a day per cow.

    The very small size isn't due to dwarfism, they're more commonly hand tame and halter trained (and easy to do yourself once you own them) and even if you don't want milk or meat, you can sell them to other people as farm animals or pets to the right homes.

    #homesteading#perfectstormhomestead #in the freezer #in the pasture #cow breeds
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