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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Janus: My dear (villainous).

    Roman: Darling (condescending, with a bit of gay subtext).

    Virgil: Pretty boy (derogatory).

    Remus: Whore (complimentary).

    Patton: Shakira (shakira).

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  • 321gark
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Albert R Oss was a great name for your bird, but knowing the R is for Ross does make it better"

    -Virgil, to Patton

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  • thelowlybard
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Idk if this has been done before- but Patton really likes Animal Crossing. He just thinks its nifty and likes the gaining of friends etc, and he's pretty chuffed with what's happening in game.

    Patton is pretty sentimental with objects and clothes his villagers give him, even if he doesn't want them. Which means that his home storage is maxed out and everything is just sitting around his island, and in order to increase your storage you have to pay off the final home loan.

    So. During the night when Patton is asleep and Virgil can't seem to get to sleep, Virgil logs onto Patton's switch and goes island hopping for most of the night, digging tarantula traps and catching them to sell when Nook's Cranny opens at 8am. And Patton notices his bells increasing because like - he's just not gonna not notice the 360,000 bell increase in his pockets each morning, plus Patton wakes up early. So while Virgil is in the zone and desperate to catch bugs and fish ontop of his already massive hoard of creepy-crawly-death-dealers - Patton is in the kitchen making pancakes and sorting out a decent breakfast for when Virgil finally snaps out of it at a few minutes past 8 in the morning after he's sold everything and got rid of any traces of tarantulas incase Patton wants to play that day.

    And Patton is like- eternally thankful but also extremely worried about Virgil's health, so he eases the switch out of Virgil's hands and sits beside him on the couch as the anxious side eats the first batch of Patton's pancakes; before he's gently pushed down on the couch and covered with a blanket.

    Patton visits Virgil's island a few days later and leaves several stacks of pears (Virgil's native fruit is apples) and a few customized objects as an extra thank you, and Virgil saves face and pretends like a room of his house and a section of his island isnt solely dedicated to stuff Patton gives him.

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 174

    Remus: I'll get Roman back. Dead or alive.

    Patton: Alive!

    Remus: Fine.

    Remus: [muttering] Didn't say anything about conscious, though.

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 171

    Patton: (pointing at a cat) Cat.

    Janus: ...Allegedly.

    Logan: Are you doubting an entire species’ existence or just that one?

    Janus: Yes.

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  • incorrect-sanders-sides
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thomas: guys, today we’re going to celebrate a side who has contributed for a long time, and been ignored for far too long.

    Thomas: someone who we’ve taken for granted, labeled as a villain, but really, what he does is probably the most important thing here, and frankly, we should’ve done this sooner.

    Thomas: Janus?

    Janus, visibly touched: yes, Thomas?

    Thomas: could you sink out for the day, please? It’s just you make Virgil really upset and I want his surprise appreciation party to be perfect.

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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 8: I’m Just your Happy, Pappy Patton

    Summary: The Sides go to fetch the other Logan and maybe put some chaos to rest.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Nestor walked out of the elevator first, heading towards the muttered conversation. He gave a sad smile and gave a soft knock on the delicate wood. “Hey, you two mind if I join the tea party?”

    “Are there other people with you?” Glitch Logan asked.

    “The other Sides,” Nestor said as Logan started walking towards the doorway, it was hidden by a curtain of hanging flowers off to the right.

    “Ohhh,” a warm frog-like voice that the Sides could only vaguely recognize as Patton’s voice, responded. “I love it when Dee comes over.”

    “Patton, you’re tired, I think you need to go to sleep,” Glitch Logan commented.

    “But I’m not tired, and I don’t like sleeping,” Frog Patton tried to resist. “You might not be there when I wake up.”

    Logan delicately parted the curtains, the beastial frog creature looked at him in confusion. He was hunched over in the room, a tiny teapot in his hand. Glitch Logan was seated in a chair next to him.

    Frog Patton looked at Logan in confusion before Glitch Logan delicately placed a hand on his much larger one. “Ignore him, he’s a robot I made to help complete tasks. Patton, if you go to sleep now, then when you wake up I will never ask you to go to sleep again.”

    “Promise?” Frog Patton asked.

    Logan stopped Roman from wedging his way in. Things were calm now and Logan didn’t want to ruin it.

    “I promise,” Glitch Logan said and held up a completely intact golden heart locket, a spare he’d made as a back-up.

    Frog Patton nodded, bowing his head a bit, and Logan placed the locket on his forehead. There was a quiet glow and both the future Sides’s eyes glowed their respective blue shades. Then Frog Patton was gone and Glitch Logan had his locket in hand.

    He took a deep breath and slipped the locket inside his own nanite-created chest. Then he stood up, “Let’s go before this place collapses.”

    “Power down, we got a lot to talk about,” Nestor told him.

    Glitch Logan glared at his younger version, “Yes, we do.”

    But the older Side’s nanites began to compact down and Nestor grabbed his drive, hurrying towards the elevator. “Come on, we’ll let you yell at him when we’re not endanger of falling to our deaths.”

    “Our what?” Virgil shouted as the Suit began herding the Sides to the elevator. They began quickly making their way down as the beanstalk began wilting and decaying, the elevator snagging twice and getting some terrified screeches out of Patton and Virgil in the process before they touched down.

    The Host and the Dealer’s aura and words slowly helped to patch the city together with their magic and after the beanstalk was gone, the city was whole again and people went about their day as if nothing had happened.

    “That was fast,” Jackie commented. “Tell me why yeh[1] don’t help out like this all the time?”

    “All of this would not have been so necessary if the heroes and the villains had simply agreed to work together in the first place,” the Dealer chuckled.

    “Are the two of you bleeding?” Iplier asked from a distance.

    “The Host and his future self are fine,” the Host told him.

    “No, you are both getting your eyes cleaned,” Dr. Iplier added, and the seers had matching amused looks on their faces.

    “Okay let’s find some private space to talk,” Hearts held up Glitch Logan’s drive, Janus glaring at it. “We got the Nerd-ulator.”

    “Good,” Diamonds walked over and took the drive from Nestor. “I was starting to worry you had dropped him, Ol’[2] Boy.”

    “What me, nah, we were fine,” Nestor dismissed.

    After that the whole group moved to a much quieter location as the sprawling city around them moved on, unaware of what had happened.

    The building the Host and Dealer directed them to already had Dark and Wil along with their family already there, Brody stood guard over the area. The structure was owned by Dark, and Illinois released the entire building to go home early before the rest of the heroes or villains got there.

    Dark was laying on a conference table that had been pushed up against the far wall.

    Silver carefully floated over, Brody not letting him come within arm’s reach of the demon.

    “Is he alright?” Silver asked, getting a good look at Dark’s completely still form, he didn’t even look like he was breathing. “I thought I saw him earlier.”

    “The Entity will be fine,” the Host walked over to Dark. “Normally the Entity would have discorporated and taken the time to reform, but the body he is in is a perfect defense for him. His reformation time will be much faster. It was prudent to take him out of the public eye.”

    “So, first off, look around the room,” Nestor began, looking around as Glitch Logan’s nanites continued to build the workshop around them. The young glitch demon used some of the nanites to reform himself.  “You have? Good, because apart from Dark’s kids and the androids, including us only eleven of us are alive fifteen years from now.”

    “What?” Silver asked in shock.

    “Us. Dee and the Duke,” Brody began to list off. “Eric and Iplier. And Pat and Ray.”

    Nestor began counting off, “Yeah eleven. Next Friday, Dark is supposed to go on a murder spree in downtown Egoton which will kill most of us.”

    “What can we do ta stop the killin’?”[3] Jackie demanded.

    “As Wilford is still alive,” Glitch Logan began, “Dark will be in a much more stable mood. As Wilford’s aura has addictive properties, and Dark has been subject to that aura for over fifty years. Of course the situation wouldn’t have been so bad if not for the visitors we got the following week.”

    Nanites surged out of Glitch Logan, wrapping around him and up into the air to show Nate standing with someone most of the heroes and all of the villains didn’t didn’t recognize. Or at least he looked like Nate. It was very clearly a demon wearing a red and black vest with coal black eyes and a cane in his hands. “In two weeks from today there will be an attack on the city that will result in deaths of 5,000 people and will directly lead to the deaths of over 150,000 people. The later number wasn’t caused by the demon’s but when the hunters set the entire city of Brighton on fire to kill Brody’s ex-wife and children.”

    “What?” Nate demanded, furious, “why the hell would they do that?”

    “Well between Dark and Phantom’s death rampages they wanted to get anyone who could become a demon host. And J.J and Brody teamed up with Dark and the four of us have been working with him ever since.” Nestor fanned his arms out to gestured to Diamonds and Brody. “Of course one of the fastest ways to kill the purge is to take a knife and just run Marvin through the chest. That worked a treat last time. Although we do have to wait until he’s just about to set the charge so we’ll wait on that.”

    “Why would I help burn my home down?” Marvin demanded angrily.

    “At that point everyone is strung out on adrenaline and a lack of sleep that we don’t ask and just kill you,” Diamonds told Marvin.

    Marvin just stared at Diamonds in fear and panic. “Okay. Okay! What do I have ta do ta not die an’ not set my home on fire?”[4]

    “Well if Phantom doesn’t kill all those people, and Dark doesn’t go on an aura rampage, then absolutely no violence needs to happen.” Diamonds shrugged. “Since this is the first time Wil hasn’t been dead, it is the first time we get a shot.”

    “So what demon is Phantom, what are we up against?” Ethan asked.

    “I know exactly which demon you’re talking about,” Nate said in a voice that sounded as terrified as it was shocked. “Are you sure he’s going to get out?”

    “Yes, in our history one of the first people he killed was Roman,” Nestor reported. “I was dealing with something else and the next thing I knew Logan was in a grieving fury.”

    “We need to get Phantom out of that vault and properly contain him,” Nate decided, starting to pace frantically. “I don’t know how yet but he’s going to break out of that vault then we need to do it fast and soon.”

    “Okay, but how?” Marvin asked, already on board with helping Nate.

    “If the Guildmaster will not let me take the staff, I’m going to have to steal it,” Nate decided.

    “I’ll help,” Mare decided.

    “That’s good and sweet but we’ve heard such a promise before,” Diamonds reported. “We’ve tried just about everything to keep Phantom from attacking the city, that includes killing you and Marvin.”

    “What?” Marvin shouted.

    “When we said we’d tried just about everything we were serious,” Nestor reported. “Telling you the truth and preparing you, killing the both of you, working with the hunters. This time we settled for just straight up killing the hunters and mages involved in the purge and working our way through the rest of the Legionnaires. We were only going to save Nate, Marvin, and the Guildmaster’s apprentice for last because it caused us the most problems each time we killed you all first.”

    “Well I can’t sit here and wait for him to come and kill me and everyone else.” Nate proclaimed.

    “There are more people,” Glitch Logan commented. “There is a higher likelihood of success this time.”

    “Do we know where this Phantom is being held?” Logan asked.

    “Mare does,” Nate admitted. “I was blindfolded on the drive over.”

    “You willingly were driven somewhere with people you didn’t know and you let yourself be blindfolded?” Joan stared at him. “Nate, that’s bad.”

    “I wouldn’t have allowed it if Mare wasn’t keeping watch over me, and they wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have Mare,” Nate tried to defend.

    “That’s still bad,” Joan told him.

    “I know,” Nate groaned, rubbing the side of his neck.

    Glitch Logan held up his hands and a ball of nanites formed in his palm. “Here is a simulation of the event and the previous two attempts we made to spare Nathan. This should help you practice and form ideas. If Wilford survived then the chance the Dealer will help J.J send us back in time far enough is non-existent, and there will be more people to help protect the vulnerable.”

    “Is that even what you want anymore?” Logan dared to ask, his eyes locked on his older counterpart. Virgil’s stomach dipped when he thought he saw his Logan’s eyes briefly flicker. Not like he had blinked, but as if they had . . .

    No! Virgil was imagining it!

    Glitch Logan let out a crackling chuckle looking right at Patton, “If Patton is unhappy, I am unhappy. And so if saving this town is what he wants, then I am but helpless to object.”

    Patton nervously ducked behind Virgil, Virgil fanning his cloak out a bit to hide as much of Patton as possible.

    That got a wide smile out of Glitch Logan, and he stood up and lightly tossed the ball to Logan. “There, I have work on the Collider. You can either stay and talk at me or leave. Either way I’ll have my AI’s communicate with you while I work.”

    With that Glitch Logan disappeared with a jarring disapparition of nanites, the machines started using metal scrap and nanites from Bing and Google’s nanite pools to start constructing the machine. The noise was cacophonous as the computer began making calculations and observations.


    Accessibility Translations

    1. you

    2. Old

    3. What can we do to stop the killing?

    4. Okay. Okay! What do I have to do to not die and not set my home on fire?

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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 7: Something Precious, Something Gained

    Summary: As the dominos fall in the opposite direction, time ticks on.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    After the blast hit and Dark fell backwards, their form flicking and convulsing, the chaos around them froze in time.

    Brody broke free of the magic pushing him away and both he and Wil raced over to Dark.

    Wil took out his revolver and fired in the Guildmaster’s direction, screaming in a rage before leaping to Dark’s side.

    “No! No!” Brody screamed as he raced over to Dark, tears starting to stream from his eyes. “She wasn’t supposed ta hit yeh.”[1]

    “Darkling!” Wil knelt by Dark’s other side.

    Brody began drawing up as much aura as he could muster as started trying to seep it into Dark’s battered body as carefully as he could so he didn’t worsen the damage. He looked up at Wil, “Make yerself fookin’ useful, will yeh Bubbles?”[2]

    “Ohh, right,” Wil realized and placed his hands ever so gently on Dark’s chest, the touch gentle as the two of them began slowly seeping aura into Dark’s chest and tentatively their aura fused the horrid cracks up again.

    The Entity’s souls, no longer screaming in agony, began to rouse again from their dazed state and Dark saw Wil and Brody leaning over him.

    “Dark, sweet mother ‘a[3] Mary, yer[4] alive,” Brody gasped, setting his head on Dark’s chest as another round of sobs ripped their way out of his chest. “I thought yeh were gonna die.”[5]

    The hunters all suddenly disappeared into a massive portal as a person in a long brown trench coat and blood stained bandages over his eyes. The blood from his bandages was starting to roll down his cheeks.

    The entire group looked at this new Host, and the one who was still standing by Illinois.

    “The fook[6]?” Marvin said, looking between the two Hosts.

    The Dealer walked towards Dark, who was starting to settle in exhausted unconsciousness instead of imminent death, Wil looking up and frowned at the fact that he was now seeing double of one of his boys. Both he and Brody felt drained.

    “Huh, I don’t recall getting drunk,” Wil commented.

    “He’s not gonna[7] die, right?” Brody growled.

    “Of course not, why would the Host want such a thing?” The Dealer scoffed. “The Entity should be fortunate that it will take another three years for the Guildmaster to amass that kind of magic again and by then the Entity will be more than fully recharged due to the vast empire he has accrued that he can get aura from.”

    “Holy fuck, he’s still alive?”

    J.J and Hearts appeared out of thin air.

    Illinois and his siblings, except for the Host, braced for another attack.

    “Hey, hey,” Hearts held his hands up in surrender. “We’re done, besides there’s no point in wearing the suits again now that Wilford’s alive.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?” Bim demanded.

    “Well, we,” Hearts began patting his pocket in confusion, before groaning and rolling his eyes. “Logan’s still got the video, awww, shit, we were gonna[7] use that.”

    Hearts looked up at the beanstalk not too far from them. A huge sunflower platform starting to bud and flower at the top. “Hold up, we’ll get Tech Avery and the Hulking Croak down and we’ll do the whole spiel then, when we’re—”

    The Suit dodged as Ethan came out of nowhere to try and punch Hearts in the face. Hearts deflecting or dodging most of the strikes.

    “What did you do to my dog!” Ethan demanded in an angry fury. “Stop wearing my fucking face.”

    Then one of Ethan’s fists phased through Hearts’s face before he completely disappeared. Then he was swiftly kicked in the back so he toppled forward onto his face.

    “We’re done,” Hearts told Ethan, parts of him materializing first before others. “I can kick your ass, but I really don’t want to.”

    “You’ve killed dozens of people already,” Ethan spat, “why stop now?”

    “Well maybe I like existing,” Hearts told him, “you ever think of that?”

    “Why would that matter?” Ethan demanded, picking himself back up.

    “I can’t tell if you’re being obnoxious or just plain stupid,” Hearts rolled his eyes, and looked around.

    J.J casually snapped his fingers and a magical barrier sprung up and a wall of red and gold magic hit it. “Right on time, it seems,” the false J.J smiled.

    “Yeah, I’d hate to tell the story twice,” Hearts smiled. “Hey Princey, are the others with you?”

    “Odious scoundrel!” Roman shouted. He was standing with all the other Sides. All of them in their superhero outfits. Other heroes and villains began showing up since they’d been called over by the cracking dome and the burst of magic.

    J.J dissipated the barrier.

    Nate let out a sigh of relief as he counted all seven Sides. None of them had tried to kill each other for power or to get more of themselves back. He’d need to have a long chat with all of them, but right now there were other things to worry about.

    “Where is that face stealing monster?” Roman demanded.

    “Seeing as I still have my face, I think we are merely dealing with imposters,” Logan explained.

    “Logic, now is not the time for semantics,” Janus hissed.

    Logan fell silent, but he was looking at the two Suits. Hearts smiled at him in return.

    “Hey, glad to see you’re all still doing well,” Hearts still had a huge smile.

    Janus hissed at him in fury at the same time Logan yelled out, “FALSEHOOD!”

    “Yikes, but that’s a discussion to have with our Logan,” Hearts smiled.

    “That was nothing like Logic!” Roman shouted. “How dare you?”

    “Well yeah, he’s not our Logic yet, give him about fifteen years and he’ll get there,” Nestor explained. “We’re from the future.”

    There was a beat of silence before Roman began laughing, pointing his sword down at them, “Your tricks will not fool me, thou cretinous wretched. Tell them Deceit.”

    All the other Sides had already been looking at Janus, who was staring at the two doppelgängers in a mixture of shock and apprehension.

    “Deceit,” Roman growled, “now is not the time to play devil’s advocate.”

    “That would explain the nanite technology and the fact that they know who we are,” Logan reasoned, a pit forming in his gut. Because if that Logan had been capable of that much sadism and outright, malicious violence . . .

    “No. No!” Roman spat angrily at Janus,. “We are not even considering this.”

    “Wait you guys are even thinking of considering this?” Ethan shouted. “It’s absolute horseshit!”

    “Deceit’s a living lie detector,” Illinois called out. “He just also happens to be a really good illusionist.”

    “It’s true,” Joan pushed three way past Janus and Remus and jumped down from a piece of rubble.

    “So they’re telling the truth?” Joan looked at Janus.

    “Unfortunately, it seems so,” Janus answered through gritted teeth.

    Heart looked over at Brody, “Come on, Chase, if we can’t cheat with Logan’s video, we gotta do it together. I only want to do this once a round.”

    “I’m not fookin’ leavin’ him ta get shot again!”[8] Brody shouted. “I don’t care if Host says it’s clear or not. I didn’t put up with all this bullshite[9] ta[10] watch him die.”

    “Come on, he’s literally in the middle of what amounts to an army of magic, he’s not going anywhere,” Hearts tried to reason.

    “Leave it,” J.J told him, his voice still grainy with whatever was helping him speak. “We need to get Logan back and it’s best to have this farce dealt with sooner rather than later.”

    “Fine,” Hearts let out a frustrated groan, before pointing to J.J and then Brody. “This is J.J he’s a tactical advisor. This is Brody, part time hit man, and fulltime emotional crutch for an unstable eldritch demon.”

    “And I am the Police Commissioner of the Egoton PD,” Hearts introduced, gesturing to himself, CP Nestor flashed a badge on his wallet that was usually carried around by Abe and reached around and grabbed a disk at the back of his neck and handed it over to the Dealer. “I’ll spare my name since it makes younger me a bit antsy despite half of the league already knowing who we are and where you live because you’ve been playing hero since you were fourteen.”

    “The hell, you’re not me, you’ve killed people,” Ethan argued.

    “Trust me, we’ve been targeting people who have killed or at the single rumor of an order from their Guildmaster they would kill. I have killed far better people, and I’m not claiming we’re saints but we did this town a favor.”

    “You could have just told us upfront,” Logan grumbled. “It would have saved us all this trouble and bloodshed.”

    Hearts started letting out an amused chuckle, J.J and Brody were decidedly not laughing, “Oh that’s funny, and you always say you don’t have a sense of humor. Did you know that you always ask that, every single time? Nah, you see, we tried that. A lot. So we’ve just been trying whatever sticks.”

    “This is the tenth reset,” Brody frowned. “Thanks ta the anomaly an’ J.J here, we’ve been able ta remember all ‘a ‘em so we could make changes as we needed.”[11]

    “We had to remove your J.J this time around because he refused to help,” Diamonds explained. “Speaking of which.”

    He stepped to the side and snapped his fingers, a bubble of distorted time rippled out and J.J tripped through. He looked confused and bewildered, until he saw future J.J and jumped up to attack him.

    Then there was another ripple of time and both J.J were standing there, the real one looking furious as Diamonds just stared back. “See? No one’s died, you should have just trusted me from the start.”

    J.J looked around at everyone and he froze when he saw Jackie, who was standing next to Chase.

    “Jackie?” J.J gave a shaky sign as he took a couple steps forward. The mute hero then raced over and hit Jackie with a hug, he was shaking in relief.

    “Hey, Jay, you okay now?” Jackie asked in concern.

    J.J nodded and held onto Jackie even tighter.

    Hearts had the wherewithal to wait for the moment to pass before he pointed up to the beanstalk, “And our Logic just peaced out up there. He motioned to the beanstalk. “He’s got the drive we need where we explain everything and have actual video evidence to prove it. So you all can either wait in here, or we can send someone up to get him.”

    Roman looked up at the beanstalk, finally sheathing his sword. “Fine, besides, we have unfinished business with him.”

    “Excellent the Core Sides will be able to accomplish the mission with little to no bloodshed,” the Dealer smiled.

    “They good or should we send someone else?” Nestor asked J.J and the Dealer.

    “The Core Sides should be fine,” the Host asked for the two of them. “The Sides should not worry, the Host will not allow the Suits to escape. Especially since there’s a town to clean up.”

    “I’m going with them,” Nestor decided. “Someone needs to help power him down afterwards and he won’t let that happen if he thinks the other Sides are still in danger.”

    That caused a little bit of an argument but after a while everyone came to an agreement. Core Sides would go up with Nestor to retrieve their Logan and Patton. The three Dark Sides would stay down with the others and help clean up or wait for Dark to recover.

    Janus did walk over to the beanstalk with them, halting Logan a ways away to talk. Mostly to plan in case Nestor double crossed them.

    “I’ll keep an eye on things down here,” Janus decided, a small albino python sliding out of his sleeve and moving towards Logan. The logical Side letting the serpent crawl up his body until it was delicately wrapped around his wrist and then turned into a bracelet.

    “Are you certain that you do not wish to join us?” Logan asked.

    “If I go up there, I will strangle him with my own hands,” Janus warned.

    “Alright,” Logan responded in understanding and walked back towards the spot the other Core Sides were standing with Nestor. Roman set his hand on the tree-like stem of the beanstalk and a rounded elevator carriage made of woven plants and flowers.

    “Is that even safe, Princey,” Virgil looked at the carriage nervously.

    “Of course why wouldn’t it be?” Roman leaned against the carriage with a huge smile.

    Virgil frowned, “Are you serious?”

    After some magic from Patton they all got into the carriage and it started to move up. The ride was quiet for a bit as the carriage began moving up.

    “Why are you even coming up, don’t you have a future to hover over?” Virgil spat. “We can’t be that important.”

    Nestor frowned, leaning forward in his seat, “Hey look, I’ve regretted many, many of the things I’ve done in my life but the time I spent with you guys was not one of them.”

    Nestor pointed to Logan, “You’re not our Logan yet, but even at this point I owe you a lot. You fixed my crappy homemade suit into something that would protect me. You and Silver and Jackie helped give me a structure while I was still in school and doing hero work. I still hold those days in a special place in my heart, and regardless of what happens next that won’t change. But even after I still owe Logan a lot for really helping me out. I might have mentioned it but this city hates me. Dark dropped the police department in my lap and basically told me: “keep order in my city, bitch” and walked off to keep looking for Wil. Logan was there to help me. He helped me when no one else did or could.”

    “Sounds like hell,” Virgil commented.

    “For five years it was,” Nestor told him, “a lot of people who didn’t need to die, died. Hunters were killing anyone they thought could be a demon vessel after they found out how many demons were actually in the city. And while all that was going on, I had to stand up in front of the news and try and keep the peace in a city that was turning itself inside out. My mission was to save as many people as I could, and if a couple scumbags who were going to kill children and people who have nothing to do with heroes or villains then who cares?”

    Logan’s brain was already going to dangerous places. He could see a logical chain of events that brought the Side from where he was sitting in-between Patton and Virgil, to wherever Spade was in his life. It was a dangerous slippery slope.

    His future self had already been telling him things. And if these doppelgängers were truly from the future then he had to acknowledge that his other self’s warnings were true. That Virgil and Roman had died. That Patton had been hurt and needed protecting. That Deceit had to be trusted when he couldn’t trust anyone else.

    And that the hunters were to blame.

    These thoughts swirled his head as he evaluated them:

    Did Patton deserve to be attacked for things he could not control? No!

    Did a young man who was barely old enough to drink deserve to have the metaphorical weight of a city dropped upon his shoulders and left to run the police force on his own? No!

    Did the people who callously murdered Virgil deserve to be left to walk free . . .

    Logan hesitated. Apparently most of those people were now dead before they could kill Virgil and others like him. They also hadn’t yet done anything.

    Objectively his head spun with the paradox. Given the chance they would have killed him. But they were too dead to actually carry out the deed anymore. We’re they still guilty of the crime?

    The logical Side’s battered heart cried “Yes” but now Logan couldn’t be sure that was his mind and heart deciding those things anymore.

    His future self had clearly been trying to make Logan think and act like him. If not for Ethan and Chase, he would have succeeded.

    “Not sure how much I should keep telling you, either way, Lo’s gonna be pissed,” Nestor shrugged as the flower car continued to take them up. “Logan works kinda with Google these days. Patton started going full demon and got scared so he worked with Dark for aura to help sooth Pat, and then he worked with Google and Bing for safety.”

    “Because he’s inorganic?” Logan commented, roused from his rather venomous thoughts.

    “Yeah took a good five years for Lo to want to work with him, Google had been making offers for a long time before that,” Nestor scratched some rubble out of the back of his scalp. “We were all going through a lot and I kinda lost track of him for a couple of years since we were all so busy. Then he just showed up in Dark’s office one day a glitchy and angry mess.”

    “I fail to see how if you were genuine that we would turn your assistance down,” Logan grumbled.

    “Yeah, we’ll you weren’t the difficult one,” Nestor scoffed, looking out the window in thought for a couple seconds before looking back. “Look, Lo’s really protective of Pat, so just be careful, okay? Pat’s been through a lot.”

    “Our anger and frustration is with your Logan, not your Patton, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

    The cart finally came to a stop at the top of the beanstalk and opened into a lush and verdant garden entryway. Beautiful petals and pastel colored insects fluttering in the breeze.

    There were the light sounds of conversation that the Sides and Nestor could hear coming from the next room.


    Accessibility Translations

    1. She wasn’t supposed to hit you

    2. Make yourself fucking useful, will you Bubbles?

    3. of

    4. you’re

    5. I thought you were going to die

    6. Fuck

    7. going to

    8. I’m not fucking leaving him to get shot again!

    9. bullshit

    10. to

    11. Thanks to the anomaly and J.J here, we’ve been able to remember all of them so we could make changes as we needed.

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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 5: Robots and Frogs

    Summary: Logan is done playing around.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Outside of the dome, Logan had gone from agitated to outright furious as he tried to attack the dome but Google and Bing had teamed up with the Dark Sides to fight against him and so his attention was split. Google’s other three extensions had also shown up to help.

    The other three Suits were starting to back up away from Logan as his glitching and fury was becoming more apparent.

    Then, after five minutes of having to fend his combatants of, Logan had enough. He screamed, “Fine! You all wish to be difficult about it, then fine!”

    The box that Ethan and Chase had taken from the base and put in the backseat of the Sides’ car, started violently shaking and put a dent in the door before smashing through the window and flying towards Logan. It hit him square in the back and he was engulfed by a cloud of nanites.

    There was a cheery DING and Patton’s voice announced, “Nanite production at 5000%.”

    In a fraction of a second the nanites began multiplying in number and they were forming thick ropes of wires and metallic plates. Logan’s nanite body exploded and there stood a dark blue figure made of light and code as they started to arrange themselves inside of a suit of metal as the other heroes were trying to stop what was happening.

    “Ohhh, ****[1] yeah,” Bing realized and turned to Google. “Googs! Get the extensions! We’re making a Megazord!”

    At first Google was confused, but after a bit and a little bit of arguing, and Logan was quickly building himself a giant metal exoskeleton, Google relented.

    Bing and the Googles made a segmented colossal robot with their nanites, Google helping to multiply the nanites as quickly as possible as Bing’s nanites gave them direction and form. Oliver got a leg. Green got another leg. Red got the two arms. Bing’s orange nanites mostly condensed in the center where they could be redistributed as needed. And Google stayed up in the head area where his cameras could see everything better.

    Logan’s colossal robot was a dark blue, the metal hard lines clearly more designed for attack than defense. There were two massive tubes on the backs of his shoulders, one with a viscous red gas, and the other a deep frothing purple.

    Right before the center hatch closed, Bing and Google were able to catch sight of Logan as he normally looked, giving a smug smile and Patton was sitting right next to him. Patton gave a huge smile and waved his fingers at them.

    With a pressurized hiss the gas in both the tubes began turning a cloudy white as Logan’s robot braced for an attack, swatting away at Silver who tried to fly in and pry the center hatch back open.

    Google was already arming everyone for an attack as the tubes propped open and two figures jumped out of the tubes and landed on the ground.

    The figures looked like Roman and Virgil, not wearing their masks and almost completely made of light.

    Roman’s hologram drew out a sword and pixie-like wings materialized on his back. Like a fly against an elephant, Roman advanced too quickly for the Googles to catch, and he flew against them and began severing wires around Oliver’s leg addition.

    Silver, seeing what was going on, tried to fly towards Roman and get him away but was almost hit in the face by magical projectiles thrown by the holographic Virgil. Several of which hit the dome as Logan advanced on it. He slammed the large robotic hand into the dome and it rocked the protective shield and those inside of it. The entire ship inside shook as if it had made contact with a rock or an iceberg.

    A long crack appeared down the length of it, which Clubs had been waiting for and slipped in, before the Host could suture the crack back up with magic.

    The Suit slipped from concrete and rubble streets into the well air conditioned interior of a cruise liner’s hallway.

    At that point any hero that wasn’t necessary to hold back Diamonds or Hearts, converged on the Logan robot.

    Janus made short work of the Roman hologram, the creation of light exploding into red dust and dissipating as Remus went for the Virgil hologram. Marvin and the Google working to keep Logan pinned as Silver gathered up as much speed as he could and used his strength to push through the chest plate of the robot to try and pull Logan out.

    And then he missed.

    The superhero sliced through the metal and before he could hit the blue solid state drive that carried Logan, it moved to a more defensible area but Silver nicked something: the protective casing enveloping the golden lock tore like wet tissue paper and snapped in half.

    Instantly Logan realized what had happened and started pulling all the nanites together to fix the locket as light blue dust and mist emerged from it.

    His more “human” form came back into being and he tried to cup the locket with his hands, forcing his aura towards it in a desperate attempt to keep the being housed inside contained and tried to force it to go back to sleep. “No! No! Sleep! It’s not safe here. Go back to sleep.”

    Google shot out of the conjoined robot, the thing almost crumbling apart as the android hit Logan and ripped him away from the breaking locket, the android sending pulsing waves to kill the nanites and try and get to whatever core or drive Logan had to power Logan down so he could get him away safely.

    “Cease, let me power you down so I can take you away from the humans,” Google tried to reason with him, but Logan kept kicking and struggling as Nate rushed over and started firing magic as the nanites to try and kill them.

    Janus saw the commotion and walked over to the little mass of nanites that this Logan had put above his own safety, and the deceitful Side was looking for a bargaining chip. He wanted answers and a little bit of revenge.

    So with a firm tap on the ground with his staff, the nanites fell off the broken locket and Janus moved to pick it up.

    But as his hand got halfway down, a fierce light blue glow came from the locket and a figure was kneeling on the ground in front of Janus.

    It was Patton. He let out a distressed whimper and the look Logan gave him was one of heartbreak.

    Patton’s eyes opened and he looked at the scene directly in front of him. “Lolo?” Patton asked before his eyes tracked up to look at Nate.

    The more emotional Side flinched and Nate and Janus could see the aura ripping off of him.

    “No!” Patton screamed in fury, his freckles growing in size and darkening as his eyes glowed yellow but still had a blue color to them.

    Slamming his fists on the ground, Patton’s light blue color flashed twice all throughout his body and what had once been a human was now a hulking green frog monster, Patton’s glasses perched on top his snout and the grey cat hoodie he liked to wear at home tied around his neck.

    He slammed his fist on the ground and huge cracks formed fanned out and he jumped on Google, tearing him away to grab Logan. A huge beanstalk started to shoot out of the ground as Patton kept up into the air and started jumping up leaf after leaf. The damage from the growing beanstalk and the fights finally snapping the dome in half and instead of shattering and materializing out of existence, the magic shrunk into a smaller space the size of a house, curved around two individuals.

    Illinois screamed as he faced over to the dome and started beating on it, as Wilford picked himself up from the ground, bleeding from the temple where a bullet had tried to pierce his skull but his magic had deflected it.


    Accessibility Translations

    1. fuck

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  • hi-hello-what-do-you-want
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Patton: Hi Janus! How've you been?

    Janus: Hey Patton... I just ended a long term relationship.

    Patton: Oh I'm so sorry! Are you doing okay? :(

    Janus: Hm? Oh yeah, dont worry! I'm doing fine, it wasnt my relationship.


    Patton: Um. Who's-?

    *Virgil and Roman fighting in the next room*

    Patton: Ah.

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  • xandriagreat
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Take a Chance

    @moceit-appreciation-week and @moceit

    Day 7: anniversary

    Notice/Warnings: crying, kissing.


    This wasn't Janus´ night, was it.  

    Tonight is 4th anniversary of his first date with Patton and he wants to make it special for Patton. 

    But the restaurant that they were planning was going to drop the reservations and said that they were full, the show that they were going to see after had to be held back (because half of the cast got sick), and the package that he was supposed to get earlier didn't arrive.

    Janus was stressing too much. ´Is this what happens to lucky people who become unlucky?´ he thought as he was being stressed out. 

    So, to distract himself, Janus was rehearsing for what he was going to say to Patton to a mirror.

    He used to be from a lucky family and they always had to be perfect. But that changed for him when he came out to them and got kicked out. It was the hardest time for him until he met Patton after college. That was one of his rare lucky moments and he treasure them.

    Patton is the sweetest and strongest man that he has ever met. 

    If you don't believe it, asked the big guy who got punched by Patton. 

    That was a wild night.

    "Patt, can I- may I ask you about something?" He practiced. 

    "Yes, you may." He heard Patton say. 

    Janus turned around to see Patton, who was holding a small package. 

    Janus gave him an awkward smile and wave. Patton waved and smiled back as he walked over to him. 

    "I was just- um..." Janus stuttered. 

    Then he started to burst out crying. Patton ran to him and comforted him. 

    "Hey. Hey. Hey. Janus, Honey." Patton shushed, hugging him. "What's wrong?"

    "It's not my luck today! Out of all the days, this day! I tried to make everything special! But the restaurant dropped the reservation, the show has been held back, and I suppose to get something to ask you about something!"

    Patton had a surprised look on his face. Then smiled.

    ¨Do you remember our song?¨ Patton asked. ¨Um… Yeah? ´Take a chance on Me´ from Mama Mia.¨ Janus sniffed, looking at him. 

    Patton got Janus to stand up, put the package on a nearby coffee table, got his phone out, and played ´Take a chance on Me´ as loud as it can go. He offered his hand to Janus when he put his phone down, Janus took it, and they started to dance to it. They would sometimes sing along or laugh with the music as they danced.

    They sat down on the couch when they finished dancing right as the song was done. Then Patton grabbed the small package from the coffee table. 

    "This was addressed to me." he said, showing the package to Janus. "I think that this was supposed to go to you."

    Janus stared at the small package as Patton handed it to him. 

    'Is this it?' Janus thought with hope. He took it and opened it. Janus smiled when he saw it. 

    ´Well, here goes nothing.´ he thought, taking in a deep breath. "Patton," started Janus, holding an opened ring box and kneeling down on one knee. Patton covered his mouth when he gasped. "Will you marry me?"

    Patton nodded as tears came down. "Yes." he said, kissing Janus. Janus kissed Patton back. 

    They checked that the ring fitted. It did.

    They gave each other a big hug and said, "I love you." to each other

    It may have not been perfect but Janus did take a lucky chance on this anniversary.

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  • subtlereferencetomyinterests
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Wait I've just had a breakthrough: Patton is a furry.

    #tss#sanders sides#ts patton #nobody talk to me ill elaborate in the morning
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  • delicateherolightscissors
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The sketch of the Patton DTIYS I did.

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  • tinybatss
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Moceit- Ouch, that must’ve hurt

    ‘Ouch, that must’ve hurt.’ Janus gestures with his hand towards the bruises that littered themselves across the moral sides chest and ribs. Patton huffed as he pulled what was left of his shredded and tattered shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. ‘I’ve been through worse. Besides you are the one who did it.’ Patton huffs before he yelps and scrambles backwards as Janus’ hand brushed lightly against a bruise. ‘Don’t touch me!’ Patton whimpers out, trying to hide his pain. ‘I’m so terribly sorry for hurting you Patton.’ Janus apologises as he pulls his hand away as he takes his hat off with the other. ‘Your aim is pretty good.’ Patton forces a smile. ‘Well, you made it easier by being a large frog.’ Janus jokes, trying to lighten the mood, he already was making mental plans to take care of Patton.

    #sanders sides#thomas sanders#ts patton#ts janus#moceit #sanders side fic #sanders sides fic
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  • i-put-the-pan-in-panic
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So I went onto a names website today-

    (Related names to Janus)

    I get that the origin is literally Roman, but I still laughed really hard at this.

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  • purplestarrystars
    07.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    NickName - Pumpkin

    You cannot tell me that Virgil hasn't been called Pumpkin.

    He is obsessed with Halloween which has pumpkins, Patton and Roman make up nicknames of all kinds, Logan may use it because he wants to have more than three nicknames for Virgil, and it is cutesy so Remus and Janus would probably use it to get on his nerves.

    In conclusion, Virgil's nickname is Pumpkin.

    Does he hate it? Yes.

    Does he answer to it? Also Yes.

    (my childhood nickname was Pumpkin Head and I just remembered it so naturally I go straight (ha!) to Tumblr)

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  • princey-daisy
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Princey and the Frog, Snail, Spider, and Snake

    Six months ago vs Now

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  • remuscore
    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My brain: Patton would never be goth or alternate for that matter because how he treats Remus’ ideas. Goth is all about loving the darker parts of life and—

    Me: okay but goth Patton would wear these

    #remuscore#sanders sides#patton sanders #it’s true tho Patton would never really be alternative #not the heavier alternative at least he’d be like emo or something #I usually use grunge or hippie cause that fits
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  • lolliwoe
    07.05.2021 - 12 hours ago


    #( i literally love them all so much ) #sanders sides#fanart#janus sanders#virgil sanders#remus sanders#roman sanders#logan sanders#patton sanders#thomas sanders #( was trying out a new style and lowkey i really like it ;; ) #❥ this is crofters / sanders sides #❥ scribbles / art #ts fanart
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  • aidensm8
    06.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Just some fluff of swapping a capelet and a cardigan

    #i drew virgil with a raincoat and rainhat just cause people keep calling him stormcloud #so hes prepared for the the storm of that cloud #sanders sides#roman sanders#ts roman#deceit sanders#ts deceit#logan sanders#ts logan#patton sanders#ts patton#janus sanders#ts janus#moceit#comic#long post#doodlem8#virgil sanders#ts virgil
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