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  • sophiexrph
    12.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    by clicking THE SOURCE LINK you will be redirected to a page with 235 gifs ( 247x140 ) of PAULINE CHALAMET as KIMBERLY FINKLE in THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS 1x02 and 1x03 made from scratch by me, sophie ! pauline was born in 1992 and is french & ashkenazi jewish ! please don’t edit these or add them to gif hunts and like or reblog if you use them ! :)

    trigger warnings for non-explicit nudity / drinking / drunkenness 

    #pauline chalamet gif pack #pauline chalamet gif hunt #gif pack#gif hunt#gifsociety#rph #MINE ! #there are some gifs that are cropped really weirdly in ep 2 #it's bc there is a Lot of nudity that i was trying to get around
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  • tchallqmet
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    (King hall x gender neutral reader)

    Summary: you were recently forced into a marriage with non other than King Hall. You expected a relationship laced with torture but were surprised when it was the complete opposite

    Warnings: language, slight slut shaming


    Parts: part 1


    It was a usual Saturday, well it would have been if you weren’t forced into a marriage with the biggest ass in the country. You’d been forced into an arranged marriage with the king due to both your family’s holding power and wanting to take over the world so now you were laying in a stiff bed in the spare bedroom of the castle.

    You finally convinced yourself to roll out of bed, instantly regretting it when you entered the kitchen to see your husband acquaintance sat at the table with a plate of food next to him presumably for you. It was silent as you took your seat, making sure to budge it over a little wanting as much space as possible.

    “We have a mandatory meeting today, we can not miss it so I expect you to be dressed and cleaned in half an hour from now in order to make it there on time”

    “The meeting literally takes place down the corridor we aren’t crossing realms for it-“

    “No arguments” he briskly stood from his chair before patting himself down and walking out, cloak flowing behind him.

    Once you’d finished with breakfast maids rushed in to aid you in getting dressed and cleaned which you guessed was Halls idea. Once ready you were guided to the meeting room. All eyes turned to you due to no one seeing you since the wedding. They watched your every movement until you placed yourself next to hall then all eyes were on him.

    Hall began talking about some big plan he had when the people next to him began muttering.

    “I heard she’s slept with half of the country, and he married her? It’s a disappointment”

    “I agree I mean she’s nothing to look at compared to our king I reckon he was desperate”

    You were aware hall heard the muttering because he swiftly turned to you to study your reaction. When you looked down and began fiddling with the gems on your dress hall turned too the two pricks.

    “Men, would you mind sharing that with the rest of us? Is it a contribution to our battle plan?”

    “No your majesty it was just a small comment-“

    “A small comment about my wife?”

    The table fell silent as they awaited the wrath of hall. When the two men didn’t reply and like you, bowed their heads hall finally let go.

    “How dare you talk about your queen like that in her own house !!”

    You jumped a little at the sudden raise of voice. Hall signalled two guards to come over and remove the men.

    “Deal with them” was all he said and all he needed to say for you and everyone seated at the table to know they wouldn’t be returning any time soon.

    “We will commence this meeting another day, you are all dismissed”

    Everyone scrambled to get up but not you. You stayed fixed in place hoping hall would leave first and then you could get out without a fuss.


    You slowly rose from your seat and stood before him, head stilled bowed. He gently lifted you until you were sat on the table, him between your legs and his hands cupping your cheeks forcing you to look at him.

    “I’m aware you are not very fond of me and I completely understand you, I haven’t been the warmest and I certainly haven’t been welcoming but I would like you to know that I shall risk life and limb to protect you if need be. You have a ring on your finger as do I and that ties us together. I would like to be a husband to you if you are accepting of that”

    It took a moment for you to think, you’d thing it’d be easy. “He’s the king and rich for fuck sake just say yes and not to mention the good looks he possesses” but it’s not that easy. Despite all of those pros there is one con which outweighs it all. An arranged relationship. He’d never love you nor would you ever love him so how could you possibly be in a relationship when it wouldn’t contain the raw love a real relationship should have. How could you look at him knowing he was only here due to a ring on his finger and a boost in his reputation? There was no chemistry there, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t time for it to grow…..

    #timothee blurb#timothee aesthetic#timothee photoshoot#timothee smut #timothée chalamet icons #timothee edit#timothee fanfic#timothee chalamet #timothee x you #timothee x reader #timothee x y/n #timothee fluff #timothée chalamet smut #elio chalamet#pauline chalamet #timothée chalamet fanfic #timothée chalamet imagine
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  • prettyfamous
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Pauline Chalamet | Behind the Blinds | Brittany Brooks | December 2021

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  • tchallqmet
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    (Pianist!Timothee x reader)


    Anon Request: hii !! I don’t know if you’re taking requests, but maybe could you write something about pianist!timothee? Your works are great

    a/n: Timmy definitely plays the piano and you can’t tell me otherwise. Thank you for the request I had fun writing this one I hope this is what you wanted <3

    Summary: literally just Timmy playing the piano early in the morning while you’re in France 😩

    Warnings: non


    A soft sunset awoke you from your deep sleep, the sun blinding you as a consequence of not shutting the curtains the night before. You rolled over in hopes to find the brunette but frowned upon not seeing him. The bed was empty but the sheets were dented with his body signalling he’d only just got out of bed. The clothes from the night before were scattered along the wooden pallets which made the floor.

    A soft melody filled the apartment giving away Timmy’s whereabouts. He’d recently been tied to the piano trying to learn a new tune each time. You rolled out of the messy bed mentally agreeing with yourself to wash the sheets later since they needed washing after your eventful night. As you entered the living room you caught sigh of your lover sat at the piano, head down and chocolate locks left to stick up left and right. His eyes were trained on the keys his fingers hovered over while yours were on him. He didn’t notice your presence, too engrossed in his task at hand until you appeared behind him, placing your head on his shoulder and wrapping your arms around his bare waist. His back muscles rippled under your touch but he didn’t once tense, loving the feel of your soft finger tips brushing over his silky skin.

    “Good morning mon cheri” you muttered against his soft skin. His hands never paused as he softly hummed in reply. You retreated to the kitchen and began making some tea when the melody suddenly stopped and you felt his arms around your waist. His back against your front.

    “Did I wake you?”

    “No I wouldn’t mind if you did I’d wake up like that every day without a single complaint”

    “I’ll take notes” the soft hum of his voice against your neck caused you to spin around and press your soft lips against his. Both moving in sync like a rehearsed song. The tea was long forgotten as he deepened the kiss, tongue slipping inside your mouth to dance with yours.

    His hands softly grabbed your hips as to place you on the counter top, him coming between your legs to place his lips back onto yours.

    “Please Timmy….don’t tease”

    “I’m not teasing, I’m savouring the moment”

    Heated kisses were shared, your pyjama pants discarded on the kitchen floor and his boxers pooling around his ankles as his swollen tip came into contact with your clit.

    You whimpered as he pushed into you, inch by inch until he bottomed out and began to softly move. This wasn’t sex, this was love. Praises were whispered between the two of you occasionally being interrupted by the sound of skin slapping against each other and his throaty groans.

    “Timmy I- I’m gonna-“

    “It’s ok Cheri, let go I’ve got you”

    Your legs shook as you came. He drove himself in and out of your tight hole a few more times until he released himself inside of you. His head was thrown back allowing you to get a glimpse of his sharp jaw line and prominent vain running down his neck. He was absolutely breathtaking, he was unreal and you still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that he was real. His hips pushed into your pelvic bone a few more times until you’d rode out your highs. You whimpered while he pulled out, suddenly feeling empty but that feeling was soon replaced when his lips were back on yours almost as if he was sealing your previous actions.

    “Now what about that tea?”

    #timothée chalamet x you #timothée hal chalamet #timothée chalamet smut #elio chalamet#pauline chalamet #timothée chalamet fanfic #timothée chalamet imagine #timmy chalamet #timothée chalamet icons #timothee chalamet #timothée chalamet x reader #timothee x y/n #timothee smut#timothee edit #timothee x you #timothee blurb#timothee aesthetic#timothee photoshoot#timothee fanfic#Spotify
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  • tchallqmet
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    (Female!famous reader x Timothee Chalamet)

    Summary: you go live with Timmy (this is very fluffy I’m not the best at smut so have some fluff) :))

    Warnings: nothing

    a/n: this is a small scenario I’ve been thinking about for days but I’m running out of ideas so please leave some suggestions :))


    “Will you y/n y/l/n marry me Timothee Hall Chalamet?”

    Timothee was on one knee with a ring pop grasped in his hands as he ‘proposed’. You giggled as you nodded and accepted the ring onto your finger, you grabbing a spare ring pop to place on his finger too.

    “We’re married now guys”

    Timothee was everything you’d ever wanted, he was a beautiful soul with so much love reserved for you it was concerning. You never had to question yourself with Timmy, he always knew who you were and would find you when you couldn’t find yourself.

    “I’m in love with pasta bake” Timmy spoke as he answered a question that was on the screen.

    “Are you cheating?” You asked in false revelation.

    His mouth fell open as he looked to you, his emerald eyes glossing over rapidly.

    “How dare you accuse me of such a thing….I thought you loved me after these five minutes of marriage you accuse me of cheating?”

    He wiped his eyes and took the ring pop off making a tear glide down your cheek. His eyes met yours one last time before he stormed into the bedroom. You could hear timothee giggling away in the bedroom as you tried to keep up the act of hurt. You looked to the camera and smiled before letting out a loud fake sob gaining Timmy’s attention. The door opened and Timmy returned, tripping over a slipper as he did so making you burst out laughing.

    “Don’t laugh” he whined while approaching you. His arms wound around your waist, pressing your head into his chest as to conceal your laughs.

    “You’re evil” he muttered while pulling away.

    “I’ll show you evil” you spoke as you grabbed a kitchen towel and began chasing him with it.

    #timothée chalamet imagine #elio chalamet#pauline chalamet #timothée chalamet fanfic #timmy chalamet #timothée chalamet icons #timothee chalamet #timothée chalamet smut #timothée hal chalamet #timothée chalamet x you #timothée chalamet x reader #timothee edit#timothee blurb#timothee aesthetic#timothee photoshoot #timothee x y/n
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  • sophiexrph
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    by clicking THE SOURCE LINK you will be redirected to a page with 262 gifs ( 247x140 ) of PAULINE CHALAMET as KIMBERLY FINKLE in THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS 1x01 made from scratch by me, sophie ! pauline was born in 1992 and is french & ashkenazi jewish ! please don’t edit these or add them to gif hunts and like or reblog if you use them ! :)

    trigger warnings for eating / drinking / non-explicit s*xual content 

    #pauline chalamet gif pack #pauline chalamet gif hunt #gif pack#gif hunt#gifsociety#rph #MINE ! #this pack is practically called watch as i try to figure out how to color this show (and fail) #anyways more 2 come #she's shirtless in some of these but there are no nipples female presenting or otherwise
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  • rainparadefromhell
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    petition for the show to let kim have longer hair in s2. the reason why?

    i would like to see it.

    #tslocg #the sex lives of college girls #kimberly finkle#pauline chalamet #is so beautiful #<333
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  • tchallqmet
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    | Get to know me & my page |


    • Paul Atreides ⋆*。

    • King Hall ⋆*。

    • Timothee Chalamet ⋆*。

    • Nic Sheff ⋆*。

    • Regulus Black ⋆*。


    • most played song at the moment: Fool- Frankie Cosmos ⋆*。

    • favourite colour: sage green ⋆*。

    • birthday: 31st of July ⋆*。

    • zodiac - Leo ♌︎

    • I’m British (English but studying Spanish) ⋆*。

    • sometimes I’m in a silly goofy mood and don’t want to live so when I stop posting I’m most likely in my depression era or I’m in a coffin 🤪⋆*。

    • my humour is mainly dark humour ⋆*。

    • I like dilfs…. ⋆*。

    • I’m bisexual (bE wHo yOu aRe fOr yOuR pRiDe) ⋆*。

    • my fave season is Christmas because in summer I hate the feeling of being sweaty it’s an ick of mine ⋆*。


    • Eminem (I grew up with this bish 😌) ⋆*。

    • girl in red ⋆*。

    • the neighbourhood ⋆*。

    • Chase Atlantic (before y’all say anything I’ve listened to them for ages) ⋆*。

    • Lana Del Rey ⋆*。

    • Melanie Martinez (again I’ve listen to her for ages) ⋆*。

    • Phoebe Bridgers ⋆*。

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  • iconsfinder
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #pauline chalamet #pauline chalamet icons #icons pauline chalamet#girls#girls icons#females icons#icons#twitter stuff#twitter icons#without psd #the sex lives of college girls #tslocg#tslocg icons#hbo#hbo max#kimberly finkler #kimberly finkler icons #kimberly #what doesn't float #the king of staten island #tkofsi
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  • tchallqmet
    05.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    (Nic Sheff x gender neutral reader)

    Summary: Nic relapses but you’re not sure you can hold him together this time

    Warnings: mention of drugs/taking drugs (injecting) and relapsing (sort of self harm) please read at your own risk !! Quite angsty I’m sorry I’m stuck for ideas 😭

    a/n: this is based off of a scene in ‘beautiful boy’ so I really hope no one has done this before :)


    Your eyes fluttered open, the sun streaming through the open curtains. You rolled over to find your lover nic next to you, hair splayed out on the silky pillow and his mouth slightly agape. He looked beautiful, some may say he was perfect, if only they knew what lay beneath those sleeves. The many raised bumps from where he’d pressed a needle into his skin in order to feel something. It’s painful really, not only physically but mentally.

    You rolled out of bed, shoving your hair up before going into the kitchen to find his father cooking up some breakfast. You placed yourself on a stool next to jasper who was spilling orange juice everywhere.

    “Morning y/n” his father spoke as he placed a plate of breakfast in front of you, returning to the stove to make himself some. His father wasn’t in his happiest moods after he had to leave early this morning to pick nic up from a house party to which he’d possibly relapsed at. He refused to disclose any information to you or his father and instead begged for a rest. You made light conversation with David as jasper showed you his trucks and mini figurines.

    Daisy entered the kitchen and jasper instantly jumped off of the chair, standing in front of the smaller girl.

    “Did you steal it?” Jasper asked, the smaller girl shaking her head in reply. Jasper tried to push her back but David stepped in.

    “Hey hey steal what kiddo?”

    “Daddy daisy stole my eight dollars”

    You and David looked towards each other. Nic

    “Ok you go play, I’ll sort it”

    David sent the kids back to their room allowing him to talk to Nic when he awoke. You both waited for him and when he finally entered the kitchen you could tell David was both livid and pitiful. Nic dragged his feet behind him as he walked, taking the seat next to you. It took you and David a moment to look to nic. His head was down, staring into his orange juice.

    “Jaspers savings disappeared”

    “Oh so I’ve just woken up and I’m getting accused?”

    “He didn’t mean it like that nic” you stated. He rolled his eyes and sipped on his juice.

    You looked to David and sent him an encouraging nod as to go on.

    “Did you steal his eight dollars?”

    Nic let out an airy laugh mixed in with a surprised “what?”

    You’d known Nic almost all of your life and you knew when he was guilty of something. His voice was as thin as water, eyes downcast and hands grasping the cup. He was guilty. Nic was amazing but the drugs made him do thing he’d never normally do. His heart belonged to jasper but here he was with the money in his pocket.

    “Why would I?”

    “It’s disappeared and someone has to have taken it”

    “Oh so it’s me?“

    “Nic-“ you tried but he cut you off almost instantly.

    “You probably stole it I mean your the new one here not me”

    It took all of you to hold the tears back and Nic could tell. He’d gone to far but he was in too deep to take it back. You sat silently as he continued to argue.

    “This is fucking ridiculous” he slammed the cup down on the breakfast bar and arose from his seat. He let out some sounds of struggle clearly close to slipping up.

    “Are you using again?” Your voice came out smaller than you’d wished.

    “Am I using again? No”

    David laughed mockingly and stared daggers at his son as did you.

    “Are you high right now?”

    “What the f- no fuck you”

    “Fuck you? Don’t talk to me that way are you high right now?” David’s brows creased, hands placed on the counter and knuckles turning an off shade of white you could tell he was struggling to hang on. Nic looked to you for help but you only gave him the same look his father was giving him. Nic felt utterly helpless.


    “You’re not using right now? Are you using?”

    Something inside Nic was triggered as his father began raising his voice.

    “No dad I’m not fucking high right now !!”

    You flinched at the sudden outburst causing even more guilt to submerge nic. He felt like shit, he was hurting those he loved but he couldn’t seem to turn back.

    His father continued to talk to him but Nic was looking at you. How could he have ruined something so beautiful? Not only was he going down but he was dragging you down with him. It kept him awake at night yet he was too selfish to let you go. If you couldn’t go he would. He left the kitchen, you on his tail and entered his bedroom being sure to slam the door behind him. He began packing a bag upon hearing you sob behind the door.

    “Nic get out here now”

    David sat at the table having no idea what to do with himself as Nic barged past you and headed to the front door.

    “Nic ?!”

    “Fuck you all !! I’m never safe in this house I’m almost being accused of utter shit I’m done !!”

    You would have chased him but the sight of jasper and daisy confused as to where their brother was going stopped you. You’d stay here and await his return.


    #nic sheff#timothee blurb#timothee aesthetic#timothee photoshoot#timothee smut#timothee edit#timothee fanfic#timothee chalamet #timothee x you #timothee x reader #timothée chalamet fanfic #timothée chalamet imagine #timothée chalamet icons #pauline chalamet#elio chalamet
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    01.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #pauline chalamet#timothée chalamet #sex lives of college girls
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  • savagegoodboy
    31.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    also op of that video was such a kimberly hater in the tags leave her aloneee ✋🏼

    #*Miya voice* Pauline chalamet's body is BANGING tho now we know where timmy's nutrients went
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    30.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    stan ms chalamet for clear skin

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    30.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    actor, writer, director, and superior chalamet.

    #pauline chalamet #maybe i like white women
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    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    someone on insta said pauline resembles 40s actress paulette goddard and I can kinda see it!

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    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Pauline Chalamet via Instagram

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