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  • OH YEAH, uh I was looking for just a nice platonic fic for Chekov and Spock earlier this week, because I think it’s really cute how Chekov copies some of Spock’s behaviors in tos, and I was emotional about that. But anyway, uuuh one of the fic descriptions was “Spock is asked to say words at Chekov’s funeral” definitely NOT what I was looking for, but good for him.

    I never ended up finding one…

    #i dont read angst #ensign chekov#chekhov#pavel chekov #s'chn t'gai spock #mr spock#spock#tos chekov#tos spock#st tos #star trek tos #star trek #star trek the original series
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  • Escape

    Chapter 14

    Lunch lasted for 1 and a half hours, (90 minutes). Starting at 12 with food served all the way to 1:30. Year groups were separated by lunch times, although occasionally older years would appear in the cafeteria to eat at whatever time they felt like. Spock, and the rest of his dorm that planned to go on their town outing had gathered outside the reception as they waited for Christine, who had been attending a different class. She approached with company, Jim who Spock has seen on his first day and around the common room, and another boy he hadn’t seen before.

    “This is Len and Jim by the way” Christine briefly introduced. Jim was wearing a red leather jacket over a yellow t-shirt, and he had his hands deep in his pockets, he looked up and smiled.

    “Hey” he said perking up his ears, as his eyes recognised Spock, and a few of the others.

    “Hi” Pavel said happily writing on a form before handing it to Spock. Spock signed himself out, and for some reason, nervously gave it to Jim, their hands brushing slightly as he passed it across.

    “Thanks” Jim said scribbling a name down, a name that began with ‘J’ but was longer than Jim. Could Jim be a nickname? What was it short for? Jimothy? Why did he care? Spock pulled his hat further down his forehead.

    “I haven’t seen you around before” Pavel said.

    “Yeah, well I came in late” Len grouched. For a young human he seemed to have quite a bit of stubble, his hair was un-styled pushed back over his forehead. Len took the pad off Jim and signed his name. A name longer than three letters. Another nickname? What could it be short for? Lenothy? No, Spock shook the thought from his head that can’t be right.

    “Why’s that?” Nyota asked.

    “Just got me days wrong” Len shrugged, and he walked forth handing the tablet back to reception and led the way out of the school.

    A good few meters from school he stretched out his arms, took in a deep breath, and let out a sigh of relief.

    “Erm, you alright mate?” Pavel asked, before walking around him and taking the lead.

    “I’m just glad to be out of that damn hell!” Len said.

    “Hell?” Nyota asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow “its kind of tense finding the new classrooms but I quite like it.”

    “Yeah, not a fan of schools, but I haven’t found it that bad.. yet” Jim said with a shrug.

    “Thats because you’ll lucky bastards. What dorms are you all from?”

    “We’re all in zed mate” Pavel said with an accent that seemed to be getting heavier as the days passed “and the same room except Jim.”

    “Bloody bastards.”

    “Hey” Pavel said.

    “Sorry. What’s your room like?” Len asked.

    “The common room is very nice” Nyota said “gets a bit busy of an evening but when it’s like that I’ll just go sit on my bed.”

    “Ergh” Len moaned with his head back as they tracked their way down a path, Pavel had a map on his phone screen “did you know this place lets you keep your pet dogs with you?”

    “I have seen a few around school” Nyota said.

    “I was thinking about bringing my cat” Jim said “then I remembered he was technically my neighbours cat, no matter how much I fed him. Well, that was what she said when she saw me leaving with him in a cage.”

    “Was your neighbour not feeding the cat?” Spock asked.

    “Oh she was” Jim grinned “he was just a very fat boy. Like If I want to pick him up I’d have to wrap my arms around him like this.” Jim said and he motioned picking up an invisible hula-hoop.

    “I don’t think you were helping him by feeding him” Spock said.

    “Absolutely not! I was showing him love!”

    “Love is not stored in food Jim” Len mumbled.

    “Love is absolutely stored in food” Jim said with a frown.

    “Anyway there are five dogs in my dorm. Two horrible happy things” Len said “a fucking Rottweiler, a german Shepard, and one of those lassie bitches. Everything is hairy. I can’t move for a second without being covered in hair. All the cups are dirty. There’s shit on the floor, I hope from the dogs. It stinks bad and I don’t think it’s the dogs, there’s constant farting in my dorm throughout the night and everyone snores too loudly, and there’s dirt on everything.”

    “Oh, that sounds pretty bad” Pavel said.

    “Yes it does” Spock had to agree.

    “Pretty bad? I’ve seen cleaner assholes.” Len said, and Spock nodded, not sure if he was referring to the dogs or his dorm-mates.

    “One of the folks I was talking to said they had to get a dog license this weekend.” Jim said “so if they can’t be potty trained they’re being sent home. Who knows, maybe you’ll be saved.”

    “Compared, I can’t say I’ve had any trouble with my dorm” Pavel said “although though there is some farting.”

    “I’ve got to let them go at some point” Nyota said, they smiled a laugh and walked in silence for a moment.

    “Well it’s pretty good except for the dead kid” Pavel said. The others nodded. Jim frowned.

    “What? Is that what that yelling was about this morning?” he asked.

    “What the hell do you mean dead kid?” Len asked angrily.

    “Yeah” Christine  said “our mate Charlie went into the showers and straight up got vaporised yesterday.”

    “The fuck?” Len asked even angrier “what do you mean vaporised? Did he go home?”

    “I don’t think so” Nyota said with a shake of her head.

    “Heres the facts” Pavel said putting up their fingers ready to count “8:30am before we’ve had our first breakfast, I awake, Christine runs into the showers, Charlie is slowly getting up.”

    “8:59 I have missed breakfast, Charlie is still in the shower, I abandon him and I still end up 20 minutes late to class.” Christine adds.

    Pavel nods wisely adding the points to his fingers “a day passes, Charlie’s suitcase remains by his bed, untouched. Charlie’s shower door remained locked, locked! But when it was open there was no one inside, but there was Charlie’s clothes. He would have had to have climbed out, which doesn’t make sense.”

    “We don’t know those were Charlie’s clothes.” Nyota said.

    “There was no towel” Spock said.

    “Ohh, nice going Sherlock” Christine cooed.

    “So Charlie’s walking around the school in a towel?” Romero asked “and no ones noticed?”

    “We don’t know that” Nyota said “he might have had a medical emergency and left, and we just didn’t get told. Christine laughed.

    “What?” Pavel asked.

    “No, I’m sorry, it’s too foul.” Christine said waving her thought away.

    “Spit it out”  Len said.

    “Well, his shower door was locked? What kind of illness did he have? Did he shit himself over the wall?”

    “Christine!” Nyota said disgusted, but then nodded.

    “There was no shit on the wall, but I guess your right, he must have been disintegrated while in the towel.” Pavel said thoughtfully.

    “This poor kid” Len said gruffly “he’s going to get back to his dorm and find you’ve all been talking about him and made up the worst possible theories.”

    [Chapter 1]         [Chapter 2]        [Chapter 3]          [Chapter 4]

    [Chapter 5]         [Chapter 6]         [Chapter 7]         [Chapter 8]

    [Chapter 9]         [Chapter 10]       [Chapter 11]       [Chapter 12]    

    [Chapter 13]

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  • #I'm mostly picturing tos but could be aos too #tos#aos#chulu #?? is that their ship name #idk #i more ship them platonically but I can see the romance #hikaru sulu#pavel chekov#ask#headcanons#sendmetomars-mystic
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  • FaVE! Magazine, July (1968)

    This has got to be one of my favorite TOS photoshoot pictures ever, the three of them in color. I got this on auction cheap years ago because it was two of the three pages cut out (the third page apparently is solely dedicated to Chekov). 

    I mean…them with horses. How could I resist??

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  • Breakfast is different now

    Chapter 13

    He had breakfast with the pad he used for reading, he needed something to look at, usually in the morning he’d browse the news, check for wars or new discoveries but he was beginning to tire of the news and he was subscribed to several science website who would email him if any new discoveries of interest were made. He had 1 email this morning about several new star systems that he had read before breakfast.

    “I can’t believe Charlie’s dead” Nyota said. The whole dorm sat at the same table except for Janice who was talking very loudly to some lads on a table over.

    “He’s not dead” Pavel said.

    “You don’t know that” Nyota said and she was right. Spock paused chickpea salad sandwich in one handle, kindle in the other.

    “I don’t think people are declared dead until a corpse is found.” Spock said.

    “Not true” Pavel said “sometimes they’re missing for as little as a year. I learnt that watching ‘Space Tiger King’.”

    “Space Tiger King’s very nasty” Hikaru said, Pavel shrugged.

    “I know, but I learnt some things about space from it.”

    “I hate whoever made that stupid documentary now a terrible tiger breeder, and horrible man is famous.” Hikaru said “other people are so much more deserving of the time used to watch that.”

    “I think he’s infamous.” Spock said.

    “You’d think. Can you believe there are people that support him?” Hikaru asked.

    “Yeah” Spock said having experienced people far worse than the Space Tiger King to have existed.

    “I haven’t seen it” Christine said and rolled her eyes.

    “I didn’t think Space Tiger King was that bad” Nyota said “I mean as a human he was horrible. But he bred loads of space tigers, I don’t understand why he wasn’t just releasing them into the wild.”

    “You know how you get space bengal tigers, and space Siberian tigers, two completely different tigers? Like different dog breeds?” Hikaru asked.

    “Yes” Nyota said thoughtfully.

    “He was mixing all the breeds together, all those tigers you saw in the show were hybrids, they literally could never be released into the wild.” Hikaru said sternly.

    “Oh. That completely changes the other woman’s zoo, I didn’t think it made sense she just kept them in cages, but now it does.” Nyota said.

    “Yep.” Hikaru nodded.

    “Although keeping the hybrid tigers alive was basically a waste of space” Pavel said “they should have put them down and just tried to breed some pure breeds.”

    “That’s very cruel” Spock said.

    “How? They shouldn’t have existed in the first place” Pavel said, and Spock knowing he was overly illogically offended, had a passing thought about walking to the bathroom and slapping himself in the face. Then he remembered that was something he saw happen in TV and actually he just needed to mediate.

    “They cannot help that. There was space for them to exist on her land, and there are other conservative projects on going elsewhere. There is no harm coming from letting them live.”

    “I guess.” Pavel shrugged.

    “I feel conned, who the made Space Tiger King, I’m going to send them an angry message” Nyota said grabbing her phone with both hands she began to angrily type away at it. They ate in silence for a moment.

    “I’ve yelled at him” Nyota said smugly, picking up her glass of sparkling water.

    “I’m sure it’ll make all the difference” Hikaru mumbled.

    “I’m going into town later with Spock, do you want to come?” Christine asked.

    Nyota put her phone down hard “yes.”

    “Can you go into town?” Hikaru asked.

    “You can go into town” Pavel said “you’ve just got to sign out at reception first, and if you’re not back for your first lesson after your town trip, they call your parents. Unless you know, you’ve mentioned it to the receptionist.”

    “I’m not heading out until the weekend. Anytime I’m near a shop I spend all my money, so I’m trying not to do that.” Hikaru said “why are you so keen to leave?”

    “Are you kidding? There’s a sweet shop in town, if I don’t get something fizzy and chewy within the next day I’m going to die.” Pavel said.

    “I need more hairspray. There should be a way to see how much you have left in a can before it goes empty, you know?” Nyota said.

    “I need a new shirt, apparently orion moths have chew a whole in my one that I was going to use for p.e.” Spock said.

    “Oh” Hikaru said thoughtfully “you know what, that’s valid, you to Nyota, Pavel I literally say you eating sweets-”

    “I don’t have enough” Pavel cut him out.

    “Hold on, I’ll see if theres like, a superstore around.” Nyota said bringing the map up on her phone.

    [Chapter 1]         [Chapter 2]        [Chapter 3]          [Chapter 4]

    [Chapter 5]         [Chapter 6]         [Chapter 7]         [Chapter 8]

    [Chapter 9]         [Chapter 10]       [Chapter 11]       [Chapter 12]    

    [Chapter 13]       [Chapter 14]

    #hikaru sulu#spock#nyota uhura#pavel chekov#christine Chape#Janice Rand #(she's talking to leonard he'll appear mostly in the second half) #star trek #star trek tos #star trek aos #loifrwasv#linesoficefromrollingwavesandsubtlevillains13
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  • chekov voice: mister Spock, it smells like updog in here

    #chekov#pavel chekov #the little russian boy is back at it again #idk how to make him sound russian and im not gonna try
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  • image
    #star trek tos star trek aos #s’chn t’gai spock #spock#bones#mccoy#jim#kirk#hikaru sulu#pavel chekov#uhura nyota
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  • Uhura starts teaching Chekov how to draw, which results in Chekov using any excuse he can to draw the Gang. Spock doesn’t seem to mind, Bones however, is not as pleased with the results. 

    #star trek #star trek the original series #star trek: the original series #star trek tos #s'chn t'gai spock #spock #leonard bones mccoy #leonard horatio mccoy #leonard mccoy#bones#pavel chekov#chekov #star trek comics #star trek memes #star trek art
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  • I made my first Star Trek video edit!

    Go get some Pavel, you deserve it.

    #my work#star trek#pavel chekov #star trek tos #tos #star trek fanvid
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  • This is why you should never have a Google Doc with your friend to cowrite a fanfiction…


    I left for two fucking minutes to use the restroom!?!?!?

    I have so many questions!

    What does this mean?! What is with the emojis? This is an Enterprise fic, why is Chekov here?!?!? What even is that thing at the end that reads like a bad haiku?!

    #i am still confused #and am trying to understand #this is what i have to deal with #star trek #star trek enterprise #charles trip tucker #malcolm reed#pavel chekov#trip tucker#fanfiction#fanfic #star trek fanfiction #star trek fic
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  • don’t anyone get any ideas to make a video about chekov now because i’m working hard on mine and have been since june

    #hoping i’m finished soon :) #star trek#tos#pavel chekov
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  • What if one of those flimsy little buttons on the helm came off mid flight? Jim and Spock are having a very important diplomatic discussion at the science station and in the background there’s Chekov and Sulu throwing this broken button back and forth at each other because neither one wants to take the blame for breaking it. Jim turns around so they throw it to Uhura who nonchalantly hides it under her station without another word. No one notices the missing button for a week

    #and THATS why they cant find reverse #this has the same energy as the blizzard scene in tff #the best trio #star trek #star trek tos #chekov#pavel chekov#sulu#hikaru sulu#uhura#nyota uhura #star trek aos
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  • He’s dead Tyler

    Chapter 12

    Spock was unpacking his suitcase into the drawers beneath his bed when Christine entered. Hikaru was running a comb through his hair. Nyota was putting away her makeup up into a small bag, she had spent almost an hour doing her makeup, so she was present when Christine said it.

    “I think Charlie’s dead.” She said it loud enough for the sleeping babies to hear. Pavel’s alarm went off again. The first time it had Spock had been looking for his clothes to change into and that was almost an hour ago. These people were very strange, why set an alarm if you didn’t plan on getting up? Pavel turned the alarm off, the curtains were drawn up. Pavel laid still in bed their tired teary eyes blinking.

    “Did you say Charlie was dead?” Pavel’s voice squeaked.

    “Yeah, I think he died in the shower yesterday morning, and he’s still there.” Christine said with her arms crossed.

    “If he was dead, wouldn’t someone have noticed?” Spock asked.

    “No, not unless he’s missing in lesson this morning” Nyota said “they let people take odd days off.”

    “Yeah I think we’re the ones that are supposed to notice.” Christine said, and Janice’s curtains were slowly pulled up. She sat up rubbing her face, deep black marks beneath her eyes, and smudged eyeliner on her forehead, it looked like she had barely slept.

    “Did you see Charlie last night?” Nyota asked.

    “No” Janice said leaning an elbow against a raised knee.

    “Show me what shower he’s in” Nyota said, and almost without a second thought the whole group followed Christine into the boys bathroom.

    The bathroom looked identical to the girls. Christine patted the door of the second last shower door, next to wall.

    “Why were you in the boys bathroom?” Nyota asked casually.

    “There were like a hundred girls in the other bathroom at the time, so I just came in here with Charlie” Christine said, I saw him go in there. Nyota thought for a second before hitting on the door hard.

    “Charlie? Is anyone in this shower?” Nyota yelled. They were all eagerly awaiting a reply. But no reply echoed out the white room. Nyota tried giving the handle a good yank, it was locked. Nyota looked to Christine and the others.

    “Whoever’s in the second shower if you don’t reply we’re going to kick the door down” Hikaru yelled. Still no reply.

    “I don’t know if that’s Charlie, but I think someone in there, is dead.” Nyota said.

    “We need to get a prefect” Hikaru said.

    “I know where Tyler is” Janice yawned “I’ll go get him.”

    Janice returned with Tyler and two other elder years, all of whom were in their pyjamas. The two elder years seemed excited, they stood behind Tyler whispering.

    “Oh there’s a lot of you” Tyler said pausing for a moment in front of the group “you really think he’s dead?” They nodded.

    “Shit” Tyler said wiping sleepy dust from his eyes. He stood in front of the door and banged on it so hard that Spock thought he might knock it from it’s hinges.

    “Who’s in this shower?” Tyler yelled into the white door. No reply. He grabbed the circular handle and gave it a good shake, but it didn’t budge.

    “I’m a prefect! I’ll open the door if you don’t reply, and then everyone out here’s going to see you butt naked” Tyler yelled. He waited a moment, curious eyes darting between the groups. The sound of several hearts beating, loud enough for Spock to hear. Tyler looked nervous.

    “That usually works” Tyler said taking a step back from the door, he took a deep breath and then said “if you don’t want to see a dead kid, and probably get PTSD, I need you to turn around now.” He watched the group waiting for them all - waiting for any of them to turn around. None of the first years moved a muscle, but one of the elder years did.

    “Oh I can’t looked” she squeaked covering her eyes and turning around. Tyler rolled his eyes.

    “I’m going to get PTSD” Tyler said, and hovered his shaking card over the scanner. The door unlocked with a clunk, and he slowly pushed the door open.

    They all leaned forwards, even the elder years wanting to know what horror this room would bring, on just the third day of school. The room was made of two segments, the shower, with a moveable blurred glass barrier at the far end, and a big space for changing at the end near to them. The floor was made of lumpy white tiles, and the walls were made from plastic for easy cleaning. The changing area had a few pegs, on which were a couple of shirts. On the floor of the changing room was…. nothing. Nothing at all. It was empty.

    “Why am I disappointed?” The elder year who had been squeaking with excitement said.

    “You are literally a fucking psychopath Debra.” Tyler said as he walked through the room, and pushed the glass barrier back like a door, revealing the shower head.

    “That’s weird.” Tyler said and turned around.

    “Could the door have just got pushed shut and locked itself?” Hikaru asked.

    “No, they don’t do that. They only lock when you’ve touched the handle inside the room, and can only unlock from inside” Tyler looks up the tall walls up “I suppose he could have come in and then… climbed out.” He thinks for a moment, and then shakes his head. He walks over to the clothes on the pegs and pulls them clothes off the pegs.

    “Is this stuff Charlie’s?” He asked, they all shrugged.

    “Yikes. Okay well, I’ll let someone know Charlie’s missing. Great news though! He hasn’t died in the shower!” He yelled and left the room with the elder years.

    [Chapter 1]         [Chapter 2]        [Chapter 3]          [Chapter 4]

    [Chapter 5]         [Chapter 6]         [Chapter 7]         [Chapter 8]

    [Chapter 9]         [Chapter 10]       [Chapter 11]       [Chapter 12]      

    [Chapter 13]

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  • chekov vapes

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  • image

    So, I made some TOS female mirror universe uniforms and I am kinda in love 💛🖖❤

    I am low-key getting fem Chekov vibes from the command gold one

    #star trek cosplay #star trek tos #star trek tos cosplay #star trek mirror universe #star trek mirror universe uniforms #star fleet #star fleet uniform #pavel chekov
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  • I’ve been hard at work doing more color correction and sometimes it’s hard to determine what’s venturing into “color correction” vs “this is a nice coloring I’m attempting that’s more artistic” and sometimes it’s a bit of both but a fine line. 

    Anyways, I wanted to share some before and afters because some of the before’s are just UGH.


    This one isn’t even finished (it was a miracle I managed to get him to have a skintone that wasn’t purple) because he still looks a bit red cast to me but it’s definitely a start!


    Due to the way the film aged, some parts of it give a gradient BG where there aren’t any. Still though, he has a nice smile.


    The base of this isn’t bad but then when I try to color correct it goes all over the place?? This is the third? Fourth? attempt on this one alone and it either gets too dark, too light, or too green. This is the closest but I’m still not sure. I don’t want her to end up being whitewashed or not brown enough, that does her injustice, and it’s something I try to be careful for all the time.


    This one isn’t more different (and maybe a tad more yellow but that’s easy to fix) but I’m excited for this scene (for the extra tidbits about Uhura’s character, since they’re discussing her while she’s trying not to eavesdrop).

    I think I’ve definitely gone better since I first attempted this 2? years ago, so I like to see progress. It makes me proud! Now to finish these gifs…

    #personal#tos#spock#nyota uhura#hikaru sulu#pavel chekov#wip#my graphics #some of these are like night and day and some are just really easy/simple #depends on the quality of the footage and the film itself but i try
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  • jim: chekhov why are you lying on the floor

    chekhov: i’m tired

    jim: oh okay

    chekhov: i also may or may not have been phasered a few times

    jim: whAT

    #big up chekhovs russian stamina #star trek#trekkies #star trek tos #jim kirk #james t kirk #st: tos #incorrect trek quotes #pavel chekov #incorrect star trek #incorrect trek #incorrect star trek quotes #source: incorrect atla
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