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  • Summary: Kate is an American who fled to Paris to escape her past life. Now she’s dancing and  playing the part of a courtesan at the Moulin Rouge. There she meets Tommy Shelby who thinks she can be useful in expanding his empire. But has he been blinded?

    Part 48: Kate and Tommy’s wedding. During the reception, Alfie asks a serious question. 


    Originally posted by thepeakyfookinblinderss

                “Tommy and I are getting married tomorrow. I still can’t believe it. Even saying it out loud is like a surprise.” Kate laughed softly to herself. She was in the stables, taking her time grooming Blue. It was spring and his winter coat was shedding off and Kate wanted to see his black coat gleaming in the warm sun again. She spoke softly with the gelding as she combed his made and brushed his coat.

                Although she was happy about finally getting to the altar after such a long time of waiting, nerves were starting to get the better of her. With her past and with Tommy’s, it was hard to tell what the future held. But what Kate wanted was to at least try to guarantee a good life for their children.

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  • Business and Pleasure

    A/N: This is the start of a multi chapter Michael Gray x Reader fic for Peaky Blinders. It started as my submission for @sophieshelby ’s 300 follower celebration where I chose the quote [Grasping his injured genitals] “Never mess with a man’s jewels, mate!” ~ Tom Hardy as Reggie Kray in Legend (2015). (Quote in bold in fic), and is now going to be a longer fic. What can I say… I had a lot of ideas for it and loved writing it!

    Warnings: Language

    Tagging: @sophieshelby @lauwrite1225 @geekandbooknerd @flowers-in-your-hayr @bonaofsavoy @finantheagile

    If you would like to be added or taken off my taglist, please let me know.


    Credit of the fic header goes to the lovely @sophieshelby thank you so much darling!


    You and your twin brother, Aidan, had come to Birmingham on behalf of your father, Alfie Solomons. Well, strictly speaking only Aidan had been sent to Birmingham for business with the Shelby family by your father with a group of Alfie’s men as backup. Of course you had gone with the group against your father’s wishes, not that he knew you were there. You were sure that particular lecture would come later when you got back home to London.

    “I wish you hadn’t have come, sister” Aidan said to you nervously as you both walked down the street towards The Garrison pub where you were meeting with the Shelbys. Glances were shared between the men with you making up the group, but they had the good sense not to say anything. After all you were the apple of your father’s eye and none of them wanted to get on the wrong side of Alfie Solomons. To do so would likely mean a very thorough beating, if not death.

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    Something different today… A watercolour portrait of Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby <:

    I hope you like it 💙

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  • Moodboard: Tommy Shelby

    “I don’t pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down.”

    Please like and give credit if used

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    Request: Ok now for the request 😅 how about a female reader who insists on wearing pants and baggy shirts and Arthur thinks it’s really hot and he’s just crushing super hard on her and eventually he confesses and it’s just loads and loads of fluff? Maybe she had to prove to Tommy that she could be a viable part to the blinders so she got involved in some fight and that just made Arthur swoon? 😅idk I’m sorry I’m babbling but I’m sure you’ll be able to make sth amazing out of this - Anonymous

    Word count: 1589

    AN: This took me a while to write, I am not gonna lie. Hope you enjoy!


    Originally posted by madeline-kahn

    This was the first and hopefully the last time Y/n was sitting in the private room of the Garrison… with no other than Thomas Shelby. For all the years she had been living in Birmingham, she was usually one of the many sitting on the other side, enjoying their drinks and pretending they couldn’t hear the occasional shouts and the sounds of shattered glass coming from the tiny room.

    The private room was a place reserved for two kinds of people: those who the Shelbys were planning on using and those who they were planning on fucking. And now sitting there, staring at the wood panelling she was wondering in which category did she fall into?

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  • I freaking love our Director. Got me all hyped on a Saturday! Just imagining all of the possibilities…what if it’s full of bad ass plot dynamic and character development…as opposed to disappointment and disillusionment. I believe in Peaky hope.

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    Originally posted by luciferisfallen

    { 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 }  

    { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐈𝐈 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐕 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐕 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐕𝐈 } |
    { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐕𝐈𝐈 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐕𝐈𝐈𝐈 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈𝐗 } | { 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐗 }

    𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Season 2. Alfie Solomons’ younger step–sister is one of the most protected girls in London. She’s been living in the golden cage and obeying her big brother for all her life. Meeting Thomas Shelby will turn her world upside down. The problem is, Alfie doesn’t want to think of her even standing next to a man like Thomas Shelby.

    𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: First “A Few Years Later” Bonus Chapter – or actually “A Few Months Later” 🥰 I feel so sad that it’s almost the end 🥺

    𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: English is my second language.

    𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1,630

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  • Peaky Blinders vibes 🚬

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  • If Tommy and Grace had Instagram and lived in 21st century pt. 12
    Modern Shelby Family

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  • It literally doesn’t matter you hate Grace or you think Tommy “deserved better” or he should’ve been with May, Tatiana, Jessie or Lizzie or any XYZ character. It’s your opinion.

    He doesn’t love them. He loved Grace. After she died, Grace has been more alive in the show than the characters physically present there. The show became darker post her death. Idk if the SK liked Grace as a character or not but she’s far more influential on the show than most characters.

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  • the whole night

    in which harry and his sons relationship has gone to shit since his mother’s death.

    warnings: swearing, arguments, shouting, talk of sex, death, physical fights.

    lmk if you want this to be a series <3


    Originally posted by eveadmires1d

    alfie looked exactly like harry, he had the same eyes, the same smile, the same curly brown hair,

    and he absolutely fucking hated it.

    he hated that he looked like the man who’s to blame for all his sadness.

    harry didn’t care. that’s what alfie told himself.

    my own dad didn’t care about me when my mum died.

    he was upset, all the time.

    people at school hated him for being harrys kid and he wishes he could just tell them about how much he fucking hates his father, and how he wishes he had a different family.

    alfie was never at his house, always out on his skateboard until late and night when he’d come home and go straight to bed, then leave for school early in the morning, it was always the same,

    his dad was almost always at the studio with mitch anyways. if not that then he’ll be with some woman he’ll throw away at the end of the night.

    so that’s what was happening tonight, except harry was home when alfie got home from school,

    the teenager didn’t really care for his fathers presence. he just trudged his way up the stairs, and into his room, changing his clothes, getting out his skate board and going downstairs to leave,

    he muttered a quick

    “i’m going out”

    before he went to grab the front door handle, being stopped by his fathers voice, across the room

    “ no you’re not.”

    he turned to his father, glaring straight into his eyes

    “yeah, i am”

    “no, you’re gonna stay in tonight, i thought we could”-

    he rolled his eyes

    “ i’m going out”

    harry made a face at that, his son may be 16, but he doesn’t get to decide when he leaves the house,

    “yeah, where are you gonna go?”

    “probably gonna go meet james” alfie lied, he wasn’t going to meet anyone. he never did, he skated around and then sat down somewhere and stayed there, in his thoughts for hours.

    “where you g’na meet him?”

    why the fuck does he care now

    alfie asked in his head, or so he thought

    “ what is that supposed to mean? i don’t care about yeh?”


    alfie played confused for a minute, not believing he’d just said that aloud

    “ why the fuck do i care now? what the fuck is that supposed to mean alfie?”

    alfie smirked slightly, then frowned again

    “ well what else would it mean? you’re a shitty person, and an even shittier dad”

    harry looked taken aback for a minute

    “ what? i’m a shitty dad? i’m there for you for everything, you know that’s a fucking lie”

    alfie actually laughed at that

    “there for me? is that some type of sick joke? what about when my mum died and you just went out drinking and fucking other women? huh? what about when i had to go to my mums funeral by myself? when you didn’t fucking care. you never fucking cared”

    “that’s a lie- i was hurting alfie you know i was hurting”-

    “ and what?! i wasn’t? my own fucking mum died you cunt! i fucking hate you! i hate you! you’re a piece of shit and you don’t even deserve to be a dad”

    he was screaming now, sobbing and shouting at his dad, who opened his mouth to reply, then closed it again.

    “thought so.”

    his dad shot him a glare

    “get out.”

    alfie’s eyes widened


    “ get out of my fucking house now.”

    the boy sneered, grabbing his skateboard and walking out the front door, slamming it behind him, and wiping his eyes frantically when he saw a man with a camera on the other side of the road,

    so he sped off on his skateboard, riding until his feet ached, and he had to sit down.

    he sat down on a bench at a park, thinking about what to do next

    i could go to my grandmas house, or gemmas, or bears.

    bear and alfie had been best friends since they were born, they attended the same schools and often saw each other when liam and harry met up.

    alfie reached for his phone in his pocket, looking at the time, 8pm.

    damn, it’s been four hours already?

    he decided against going to anyone’s house, knowing his dads probably already called everyone in his phone, telling them what had gone on.

    so he sat there, the whole night

    until the clock hit five in the morning, and he skated back to his house, arriving at 6 and scaling the building to get into his room through the window, very quietly changing into his school clothes, and spraying himself with deodorant and cologne.

    he sat at his desk for a moment, while his phone charged, before he left through the window again.

    making it to school just on time.


    he met up with bear at break time, and the two laughed at funny videos on their phones, and it almost seemed like bear didn’t know alfie got kicked out last night.

    ofcourse liam had told bear what had happened, and to not be surprised if alfie didn’t show up, but alfie did show up, so now bear was in a weird state of mind,

    should he text his dad to tell him alfie is in school? should he talk to alfie about it? or should he just leave it? it’s not like it was his buisness anyways.

    bear, did in fact leave it, they didn’t talk about harry

    …until lunch time, when the boys got into a little bit of a disagreement and bear had muttered

    “at least my dad didn’t kick me out yesterday”

    under his breath.

    too which alfie replied

    “ what the fuck did you just say?”

    bear shook his head, not wanting to repeat himself, he knew what he said was wrong but it just slipped out

    “no, tell me what you just fucking said”

    alfie was raising his voice, and liams son couldn’t help from repeating his words from before, louder, making some people look there way as alfie swung for him, and the pair scrambled on the ground to get on top of eachother, throwing punches wherever they could, alfie was quite clearly winning, but bear was getting a few good hits in.

    alfie got one more good punch in before they were ripped from eachother, by two struggling teachers,

    “clear off!”

    the teachers shouted at the pupils who surrounded alfie and bear, and they stepped back as alfie stood up a bit straighter, and looked at bear who was still trying to stand up and carry on the fight.


    and that led alfie to now, sitting in the head teachers office with his dad, liam and bear waiting outside for there meeting

    “ okay so, we’ve come to conclusion that alfie and bear will both be getting a weeks suspension, we’re dissapointed alfie, you’re a good kid”

    alfie rumbled under his breath at that, wanting to cuss everyone in the room out and leave but he stayed sat until the principal told them they could leave.

    alfie glared at bear as liam and harry shared glances of sympathy at eachother as they passed in the hallway, bear had apologetic eyes but alfie kept the same hard stare as they left the building, getting into harrys car.

    harry tries to make small talk, starting with the obvious question

    “are you hurt?”

    alfie shook his head, rolling his eyes at how his dad can just pretend everything’s normal

    “ so uh.. how’d you get your uniform?”

    alfie looked down at his phone

    “came in through my window”

    the conversation died down at that, neither of them having anything left to say, until they passed there house

    “where r’we goin?”

    “uh..so, me and grandma had a talk and we think it’ll be good for you to stay there for a bit until we’re ready to talk”

    alfie looked straight at his dad

    “ huh? i’m ready to talk now. how long do i have to stay there?”

    “ we thought of it as a more..long term thing..”

    the teenagers eyes widened, and he almost looked pleading, it’s not that he hated it at his grandmas, it was just far away and he couldn’t think of living there, he would much rather just stay at his house, no matter how many conversations him and harry would have to have

    “ you’re sending me to live there?! what the fuck?! please i don’t care i won’t go out i swear, please don’t send me to live there”

    harry pulled over to the side of the road and sighed

    “you were right, alf. you were really right. i’m a shitty dad, and i promise i’ll make it up to ye, but right now you deserve better, it’ll only be for a few months maybe”-

    “MONTHS?! what the fuck? i was angry! i was lying! for fuck sake why are you fucking doing this?”

    alfie’s voice was cracking and he was on the verge of tears

    “ alf, tell yourself you were lying but we both know you weren’t. you were angry, but you were venting, and opening up, and telling the truth, i’m sorry, but it’s what’s best right now. you’ll still see me, you’ll just stay there”

    “a-and what about school?”

    harry cringed at that

    “ you’re gonna have to do online school for a little while, and when you come back you’ll do your gcses at school. i promise it’ll only be a few months”

    “and what about all my stuff?”

    “ it’s already there, we put all your stuff in grandmas spare bedroom, that’s where you’ll stay for a while”

    Alfie shut up at that, looking out the window and when they pulled up into anne’s driveway, alfie got out of the car, harry following after as anne opened the doorway and alfie stormed straight up the stairs, not wanting to talk.

    harry gave an apologetic sigh towards his mother as they started to talk about everything,

    after a while harry walked up the stairs and knocked on alfie’s door, hearing his son mumble a “come in” and opening it,

    his eyes made contact with alfie’s bloodshot ones and he walked over to him

    “ it’s time for me to go now bud”

    alfie still didn’t talk

    “ i know you’re mad, and you have every right to be- but i promise it’ll only be a few months”

    he held his arms open slightly and was taken aback when the boy hugged him. it must’ve been years since they had actually hugged, and it really made harry think about the neglect he had put his son through.

    he could feel his shoulder getting wet and he could hear the choked sobs leaving his sons mouth.

    he pressed a kiss to alfie’s head

    “i love you”

    he muttered in his ear and alfie’s glassy eyes looked back up at his, then back down

    “ bye”

    alfie spoke and harry nodded, leaving and closing the door lightly behind him, then walking slowly down the stairs. it almost felt like a walk of shame, it wasn’t until he started the engine of his car he felt a buzz in his pocket,

    a text from alfie

    i love you too

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  • Wait is Tom Hardy my favorite actor????

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    So, I finally worked up the nerve to open my request box for you all. I am so nervous right now, but please feel free to send in your requests (please). I don’t have any specific rules as such, but I’m not so good at writing smut (sadly). Other than that, and my beginner level writing skills, you have nothing to beware of.


    Peaky Blinders



    Peaky Blinders

    1. Tommy Shelby
    2. Alfie Solomons
    3. Michael Gray
    4. Finn Shelby
    5. John Shelby
    6. Arthur Shelby
    7. Lizzie Shelby
    8. Polly Gray
    9. Ada Shelby


    1. Anthony Bridgerton
    2. Benedict Bridgerton
    3. Eloise Bridgerton
    4. Colin Bridgerton
    5. Headcannons (Based on the novels)
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  • They really put Cillian Murphy and Sasha Luss in the same film and expected the bi/pan community to be okay??


    Because as a pan

    I AM NOT OKAY 🥺😍💀

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  • So we get some pics about S6 which is nice, but one thing stays on my mind about S5

    Listen Tommy and Lizzie be quite toxic/unhealthy in season 5 but still,,, A man who is used to kill implying that if his wife leaves him (which she doesn’t want to, interestingly enough) he’ll blind or/and kill said man is,,, kinda hot in a dark academia way

    Like on paper it’s terrible, but the way they shot it with the luxurious setting and their secretive vibe right after “"uniting”“ in the bedroom made it look… I don’t how to describe it, y'all get the feeling

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