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  • I’m still working and trying to perfect Solace Among the Stars. But I also want to work on one shots or what have you. If you have any ideas for any Pedro or Tobias characters hit me up.

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  • #that shot of werner herzog is one of the best of the star wars cinematic universe #the mandalorian #the mandalorian: 101 #the mandalorian: 103 #the mandalorian: 105 #the mandalorian: 107 #the mandalorian: 108 #werner herzog#the client#giancarlo esposito#moff gideon#nick nolte#kuiil#din djarin#pedro pascal#baby yoda
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  • You’re So Warm (ii)

    Pairing: Max Phillips x Reader

    Summary: After his meeting with Y/N, Max is grappling with the fact that he couldn’t turn her into a vampire. He invites her back to his office to continue what he started.

    Warnings: Language, SMUT! Fingering, oral (f receiving), fucked on Max’s desk. My first time writing smut so probably shitty writing? No editing, we die like men.

    Tags: @zeldasayer @talesfromtheguild @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa @bobafvtt @lannister-slings-and-arrows @madadlorian @otherthingsinhead


    After a week of Max’s tireless efforts, things at the office had finally started to quiet down. He had taken care of the people that needed to be taken care of and he had put legal at ease with some quick solutions about their little problem. However, Max’s mind was still racing. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He could still feel her skin burned into his. No one had ever held as much power over him as this little mortal did. He was going out of his mind pondering what she had done to make him feel like this. It couldn’t have just been her warmth. He could have gained the same sensation from a microwave. There had to be something else. He couldn’t gain control of himself anymore. He couldn’t stop himself from becoming distracted by thinking of her. The thing about all of it that had truly gotten under his skin was the fact that he couldn’t find the willpower to change her. Every time he nearly bolstered up the courage, he thought of her heat and he couldn’t bring himself to do it. This had to stop. He was in control. This was his company. He made the rules.

    He paced the floor of his office, hands resting behind his back. Max glanced eagerly at the small clock on his desk. She would be here soon and he would take care of things. At exactly 5:00 on the dot he saw her skitter into the office and towards her desk. He stopped pacing and stood by the windows of his office to study her movements. Max’s gaze became predatorial as he watched her set her bag down and smooth out her skirt. She was very gentle with her things, putting them in their proper place. His tongue shot out to lick his lips as he intently studied her hands. Before she could sit down, he flung his office door open and stepped outside. “Miss Y/N?” His voice startled her, causing her to jump. “May I speak to you privately for a moment?” She nodded and watched him turn and walk back into his office.

    He was waiting for her just inside the door frame. When she stepped in cautiously, he pushed the door closed and motioned for her to take a seat. She did so promptly, twiddling her thumbs in her lap. She found herself unable to look up from her hands. “It’s nice to see you again, Y/N.” Before he approached her, he quickly shut the blinds on his windows so that he could proceed freely.

    “It’s nice to see you again, too, sir.” She said in that same shy voice. He ambled towards his desk, stopping when he was in front of her. She realized she was avoiding eye contact and looked up. “May I ask what this is about?” He smiled at her blunt question and began to unbutton his suit jacket.

    “Of course.” She watched him peel his jacket off, fold it neatly, and place it on his desk. Max placed his hands in his pockets and put on his kindest smile. “Do you remember what happened the last time you were here?” This made her skin tingle as she remembered.

    “Yes, sir. I do.” She had only dreamt about it every night since. He nodded and walked around to the other side of the desk.

    “So do I. And do you remember why I asked you into my office that day?” He placed his fingertips on the surface of the desk and leaned forward, waiting for her answer.

    “I believe you mentioned a promotion, sir.”

    “That’s right, I did. Good memory. Of course, we didn’t exactly get around to discussing the promotion, did we?” She began to feel flushed as she shook her head. “I would like to finish our original conversation, if that is alright with you.” She let out a small breath.

    “Of course.” Max gave her another warm smile which she offered in return. He began to unbutton the sleeves of his tight dress shirt, rolling them up to his elbows. She swallowed thickly as she watched his fingers. She couldn’t deny that she enjoyed the way he looked as he showed off his powerful forearms, his shirt tight against his frame.

    “As I have said many times in the past, what we sell here is dreams, right? We help people achieve more. That’s why they buy from us because we are giving them something that is bigger than themselves.” His hands moved fluidly as he spoke, illustrating the point he was trying to make. “Of course, I need people on my team that are going to help me achieve that goal. That’s why I want you, Y/N, in a position with a little more power. I can tell that you are a dreamer. You are someone who believes in what we do and that is one of the most important things I can ask for. There is something very special about you.” Max wished she knew how true his words were. He wasn’t just spouting his normal sales bullshit. There was something special about her and he wanted her on his team. So, why didn’t he want to change her?

    Y/N watched him intently as he spoke, hanging onto each word. She found herself enchanted by him, feeling her heart twinge when he told her she was special. Max let out a sigh and came around the desk to sit next to her. As she watched him come down to her level, she felt a warmth begin to grow between her legs. When he sat with her like this last time all she felt was nervous, but something had changed in the last week. There was something more electric and tangent between them now that made her ache. She wondered if he could feel it, too.

    “I like you, Y/N. You’re a very capable young woman. I want to see you succeed.” Warmth radiated between their bodies and Max could feel his resolve slipping away. “Is that something you want?” It was now or never. All she could do was nod, her breath trapped in her chest. He took a deep breath and moved closer, scooping her hand into his. His head was immediately swimming with a million thoughts that he tried to push away. Her neck was so close now. Just one bite and all of this would be over. “I want to help you.” He whispered, leaning over so that his lips were hovering right above her neck. “I want to make you better.” Finally, he pressed his lips against her neck and the feeling consumed him. Her pulse was beating wildly against him, the warmth of her skin shooting straight down to his cock. He felt himself twitch as he breathed in her scent. Without a prayer to stop it, he felt his aggression melt away into need as he began kissing the crook of her neck. She closed her eyes, leaning away to give him better access. His lips explored her, taking in everything. He let his tongue press against her before sucking her neck lightly, leaving purple spots in his wake. He then brought his hands to her face, bringing their lips together. She let out a small whimper as his tongue played across her own. In that moment, he allowed himself to say what he had been denying all week. “I want you.” All she could manage was a small nod and he laughed at her pitiful attempt at consent. “What was that?” He pulled away from her.

    “I want you, too.”

    “Good girl.” That was exactly what Max needed. He brought his lips back to hers as his hands trailed down to her breasts. Y/N let out a moan as he pinched her nipples, which were already hard. He travelled beneath her shirt to gain better access. He growled sharply at the feeling of her warm, pliable flesh beneath his hands. They both stood up, needing to be closer. Max’s eyes drank in the sight of her as he wasted no time ripping her shirt off over her head. She wore a black lace bra which did a terrible job of covering her. He bit his lip harshly as he admired her.

    “Was this for me, sweetheart?”

    “Yes.” She mumbled, her answer inaudible as she looked at the floor. Max took her jaw in his hand, pulling her up to meet his gaze.

    “Speak up.” He demanded. “Confidence is key, darling.” She laughed lightly.

    “Yes. Ever since you kissed me I’ve been dressing up, hoping you’ll notice me.”

    “I already notice you. It’s not just that, is it?” She shook her head as he looked at her. “You wanted me to fuck you. A kiss wasn’t enough, was it? You needed to feel me deep inside of you, making you scream my name as I make you mine. Isn’t that right?” His words took her breath away completely. “I said, isn’t that right?” He said louder now.

    “Yes, sir.” He nodded, grinning widely.

    “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m going to give you exactly what you want.” Still holding her jaw, Max brought their lips together, running his tongue along the inside of her mouth.

    Y/N grasped at him wildly, trying to anchor herself. He felt her spinning out of control and held onto her shoulders tightly. “Come here. Let’s see how wet that little pussy is for me.” He pressed himself against her back, leading her forward. He took both her hands in his before pressing them solidly against the surface of his desk, bending her over. Admiring her ass which was on display for him, Max ran both hands along her skirt.

    Y/N folded her arms in front of her, resting her head against them as she felt him pull her skirt up over her ass. His hands were big, caressing her skin so nicely. Max hissed as he explored her flesh. Every piece of her body was warmer than the last, driving him insane. She wore a pair of lace panties that matched her bra. It was a nice touch that made him smile. He hooked a finger into them, pulling them aside so he could access her. He pressed his finger against her slit, drawing it slowly all the way down to her clit. The contact pulled a small whine from her lips. Max rubbed his finger back and forth against her folds, collecting her wetness. He brought his finger to her lips which she eagerly sucked clean. “See how wet you are for me? Do you want more?” She nodded frantically, his finger still in her mouth. He pulled it away, bringing his hand back down to where she needed him most. He teased her entrance with a finger, which made her moan. He pushed into her as deep as he could, moving in and out of her with ease. Her fingernails dug into her forearms as he added another finger. The sensation was electrifying as he moved quicker and quicker.

    “Does that feel good? Do you like the way I finger this tight little pussy?” His words made her walls clench around him tightly.

    “Yes, sir.” He added another finger which made her mouth gape. He kept the same fast pace, groaning loudly at the feeling of her. She was warm and slick and her moans only invited him deeper. His cock was rock hard now, straining against his tight pants. He curled his fingers upward, hitting the perfect spot inside her. “You feel so fucking good. I love the way you feel.” Max pulled out of her without warning, causing her to whimper at the loss of him. He knelt down behind her, bringing his lips forward to her slit. He kissed her sensitive clit, sucking on it lightly. She tasted exquisite, better than blood. Better than anything. He lapped her up eagerly, enjoying the way she dripped for him. His tongue flicked along her slit to her entrance, delving inside her. He bobbed his head back and forth so that he could fuck her with his tongue. She sounded heavenly, calling out his name as she rocked back against his face. One of his hands gripped her waist while the other worked at taking out his cock. Once he had released himself, he began lazily stroking himself in time with each thrust of his tongue, causing him to groan. The sound vibrated in her clit, making it nearly impossible not to scream. “How does that feel, sweetheart? Do you like my tongue inside you?” He asked between licks.

    “Yes! Oh, god yes!” She gasped before biting down on her forearm. He smiled against her.

    “Are you going to cum for me?” She mumbled a yes through her teeth, embracing the warmth that was building in her stomach. “Do it. I want to feel you gush on my tongue. And when you’re done, I’m going to fuck this sweet little pussy. Do you want that darling?” She could only nod now. “Good. Then cum.” It only took a few more long licks before she came apart against his mouth. He used both hands to hold her hips steady as he helped her ride through her orgasm. She twitched as she came down off her high. Max took his mouth away, standing up behind her. “Did you like that, darling?” She knew her voice was useless and stuck with a small nod. He leaned down, pressing his body flush against hers. “Taste yourself on my lips, sweetheart.” She obliged him happily, turning her head to kiss him deeply.

    Max pulled away, taking her with him as he helped her stand up. She leaned against him, not trusting her legs. Holding her close to him, he made quick work of clearing a spot off his desk for her. When he was done, he turned her around and helped her lay on her back. Max couldn’t help but take a moment to enjoy the view; his human employee laying on his desk, legs spread wide for him. “Fuck, you look good enough to eat, sweetheart.” He bit his lip, giving his cock a few strokes. She looked up at him through heavy lids, waiting patiently for him. He took a moment to pull her panties off, throwing them into his chair. He didn’t want any obstacles. Max stepped forward, lining his cock up with her entrance. “Do you want me to fuck you, sweetheart?” She nodded eagerly. He didn’t wait another second before slipping the head of his cock into her. He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to get accustomed to the warmth of her slick pussy wrapped around his thick cock. It was almost too much for him. She watched him get lost in the ecstasy. When he was ready, he pushed his hips forward until he was fully seated inside her. She moaned as she felt him stretch her open. Max brought both of his hands to either side of her head, steadying himself. Both of them were in silent awe at the feeling of being so closely intertwined. Her warmth enveloped his entire being as he stood there, buried deep inside of her. He opened his eyes, locking them with hers as he pulled slowly out of her before pushing back in. “You feel so good. Fuck, Y/N! You’re driving me fucking crazy.” Standing back to his full height, Max played with her clit as he pumped slowly in and out of her. She became lost in the pleasure, knowing nothing but him. He began to quicken his pace, thrusting in and out of her harshly. He rubbed her clit in time with his thrusts, causing her hips to jerk upwards against him. He brought a hand to hold her hip down tightly against the desk. “Do you like that? Like when I rub this aching little clit? Am I going to make you cum?” His thrusts became faster, delving into her even deeper now which made her cry out. Their skin smacked together crudely, the sound echoing around the office. They knew that everyone outside could surely hear them but they didn’t care as they both felt their orgasms building. Max’s thrusts became sloppy as he got close. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum. God, you’re going to make me cum so hard, sweetheart.” His words were all the encouragement she needed as his fingers worked her clit aggressively. She released around his cock as he worked her through her orgasm. He gritted his teeth tightly as he gave her one last sharp thrust before pulling out. She brought a hand up to stroke his cock hard until thick ropes of his cum coated her stomach. She continued to stroke him as he came down from his high, milking every drop of cum he had onto her stomach.

    They both panted heavily, heads spinning from the pleasure. Max tucked himself back up, zipping his pants as he went to find something in his office to clean her up with. He was lucky enough to find a box of tissues in the corner and made quick work of wiping away the mess he’d made. When she was certain she wouldn’t pass out, she sat up and Max helped her off the desk. “That was amazing, Y/N.” He commented as she picked her panties up and slid them on. “I’ve never felt anything so extraordinary.” She rolled her eyes a bit and walked towards the door to retrieve her shirt. He watched as she finished dressing herself, crossing his arms.

    “You flatter me, sir.” They both let out a light laugh. She turned to leave and Max reached out to grab her wrist before she could.

    “Where are you going?”

    “Wasn’t that all you wanted?” He was taken aback by the question. Had he come across as that much of an asshole to her?

    “No.” She raised her eyebrows at him. “I want you to be my personal assistant.” She shook her head, trying to gather her wits.

    “Right … the promotion.” He smiled warmly.

    “Do you accept the job?” She contemplated the offer. This definitely wasn’t what he’d had in mind when she came into his office, but especially now he knew there was no way he could bring himself to change her.

    “Yes, of course.” She replied with a grin.

    “Good. I’m glad. I’ll debrief you on your duties tomorrow but for now, you can go home early. I think you’ve worked enough for today.” She giggled at this and nodded. She turned towards the door, taking a deep breath before opening it and letting herself out. Max watched as she disappeared, his head spinning. For the first time in his life, he had met someone who was a better human than they were a vampire. Right then and there, he knew he would do anything to make sure it stayed that way. Maybe Max didn’t mind losing control after all.

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    IG-11 saving The Mandalorian ❤

    #the mandalorian#din djarin#pedro pascal#ig 11#taika waititi#concept art #the mandalorian season 1 episode 8 #bacta the magical cure all
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  • #pedro pascal #sweet little lies #paulino #my gif sets
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  • Did anyone get the Vanity Fair party joke around

    21:12 in the podcast? 😂😂


    Also it was nice that Pedro shared more of how his family got to the States.

    #pedro pascal #the darkest timeline
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  • I’ve never watched Triple Frontier but I’d like to imagine Frankie is the Soft Husband of my dreams

    #The yearning is strong tonight bois #i just want to give him a hug #and maybe a kiss #He just so squishy looking #pedro pascal#the mandalorian#ramblings#triple frontier
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  • pedro saying in the podcast that he did a lot more physical stuff in season 2 of the mandalorian but he can’t reveal any details about it…👀 if we get more helmetless din content i will actually scream i think

    #i want to see din reveal his face to baby yoda so bad!! #baby yoda is legally his son now so hes allowed to take the helmet off in front of him #just. give us more pedro in the armour pls i beg #pedro pascal#the mandalorian#my posts
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  • He can fly too.

    #the mandalorian #the mandalorian fanart #din djarin #din getting more grey hairs #baby yoda#the force #may the force be with you #and also with you #my art is trash #digital art#mando#pedro pascal
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  • Poll!

    Which Pedro film or TV character do you think he would say is closest to his own personality?

    I’m thinking…Greg from Undressed. Fun-loving and a good friend.

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  • Still thinking about how Joel McHale complimented Pedro’s arms. Like… Same Joel same.

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  • image

    The Marcus Pike head shake emphasis of sincerity. It’s a gesture I don’t see in other Pedro characters, but I love it in this sweet character.

    I admire how Pedro infuses each character he plays with unique quirks and hallmarks. It’s a pleasure to watch him act because he really becomes someone different each time. He’s simply amazing.

    Lots of Marcus Pike today. Quarantine got me feeling soft.

    #pedro pascal #pedro is such a great actor #marcus pike
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  • if pedro makes one more reference to being lonely so help me i will fly my ass to la and cuddle the absolute shit out of him

    #pedro pascal #i'm rewatching darkest timeline and this man deserves to be snuggled 24/7
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    oka but like.. this but a sticker…

    #i started it forever ago but never finished it... #pedro pascal #sticker? #art #my shitty art #pencil sketch
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  • just finished watching The Changdalorian episode and I’m surprised of how much about Chilean history Joel knows. I would love to talk about it with him and know his opinion about what is happening now.

    Also Pedro is such a cutie and so funny. I think that’s as a fellow Chilean I should meet him at one moment haha

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  • Pedro Pascal on Ken Jeong and Joel McHale’s The Darkest Timeline podcast, 2020.

    #pedro pascal#ken jeong#joel mchale#my edit #I DON WANNA GO TO SWIM CLAAAASS
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