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  • Friendly reminder I’m posting the first chapter of my Selkie!Tovar fic this Wednesday, January 20th at 12am PST. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

    On a related note, I’ve chosen the title for it… does anyone want me to share it early or do y’all want to wait until Wednesday to see it?

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    #pedro pascal lockscreen #pedro pascal fanfiction #pedro pascal#javier pena#narcos #man in a suit #manlook#the mandalorian#dindjarjn
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  • [►] Narcos S1:E9

    Why the fuck is this so hot?

    #my gifs#pedro pascal#narcos#javier peña#tbh #if i got pulled over and searched by that #i wouldn't even be mad
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  • omg can anyone translate pedro’s latest insta story?? that pic is so funny dfndsnklf

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    Pedro Pascal on the set of Narcos S3
    #pedro pascal#javier pena#narcos #MAN THE GREEN SHIRT #pedro pascal fandom #photos
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  • I find it amusing that I keep finding out that Pedro Pascal is in the crime shows that I used to watch a lot of, or like to watch.

    And that for some reason I either missed the episode or don’t remember it.

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  • Din Djarin x Reader

    Summary: You and Mando reach Tatooine, you meet another acquaintance of his as you make your way to the next bounty… who’s distance forces you to camp for the night. Out in the deserts of the planet though, will there be more questions than answers?

    Warnings: Not sure if there are any. Blindness and flames mentioned.

    He woke just as the ship shook with deceleration; her body still pressed against his on the floor of the hull. She didn’t want him to go, and she couldn’t bare to put herself back into the darkness of the small bed space. At some point after she fell asleep, he slipped the makeshift blindfold off of her and put his helmet back on as they lay against each other, both still clothed.

    He smiled to himself beneath the shield of the beskar when he remembered she would have to change her pants when she woke, he had ruined them when he ripped them open to satisfy her desperation.

    He slowly slid himself away from her, careful not to wake her, before making his way to the cockpit. He had decided to let her rest while he landed the ship on Tatooine.

    He made his way to the cockpit, sitting at the controls.

    As he broke through the atmosphere, he remembered her fingertips against his neck. No one had ever touched him in that careful, considerate way. In fact, the last time he was touched was by the kid when he sent him with the Jedi… her fingers were so much softer than his small green ones.

    Two meaningful touches against his face. That’s all he had experienced since he was kid. And they both had vastly different reasoning’s behind them, still though… he cherished both with the same heart.

    Her fingers had destroyed every last, stoic sense of restraint he held within his body… giving him no choice but to relinquish himself to her every desire.

    The ship came to a relatively soft landing at hangar 3-5, he knew Peli wouldn’t be happy to see him without the kid… but landing in her area just came natural at this point. He wondered if she’d be as apprehensive of the girl as she was of him the first time he arrived.

    He made his way to the hull, finding the girl gone. He wanted to panic but the soft sound of water from the refresher softened any worries he had previously held.

    He waited a beat for her to exit, noticing immediately that she had changed her clothes.

    “Are we on Tatooine?” she asked quietly, still blinking sleep from her eyes as she adjusted her new clothes.

    “Yes,” he tried to think of how to proceed, “We’re at hangar 3-5, there’s a woman here who may not seem happy to see me. Just wanted to warn you.”

    She beamed up at him, he had hardly witnessed the brightness of her smile before; she was full of light at the prospect of what they were about to walk in to.

    “I think we can manage,” she laughed a bit to herself, to his own detriment.

    “How are you on a speederbike? We’ve gotta cover a bit of ground before we can get to the bounty, may take a few days,” he tried to gauge her reaction, but her face hadn’t changed from the previous, soft smile she held.

    “It’s been a while, but like I said with the controls… should be easy,” she seemed excited… like she was finally realizing she was free.

    She fumbled with her wavy hair, tying a small braid around her crown… letting the rest fall at her shoulders. He stood mesmerized for a moment at how effortlessly this action occurred.

    “Ready?” he asked her simply through the modulator. She gave him a smiling nod and he opened the ramp allowing them both to exit.


    The suns on Tatooine were even brighter than you had expected, raising a hand to shield your eyes as they struggled to adjust to just how severe it was.

    “Got a brand-new hunk of junk for me to fix?” a woman’s loud voice came from somewhere hidden that you couldn’t find.

    Mando stands in silence next to you as you finally start to make out the silhouette of a frizzy haired woman dressed in coveralls.

    “Am I gonna have to babysit this one to?” she says full of spunk as you finally begin to make out her features, fully adjusted to the dual-suns.

    Mando lets out a small chuckle, “No, I’m taking her with me.” His voice is simple, relaxed and left you wondering who she had to babysit before.

    “Good, cause she’s too big for me to rock to sleep,” she laughs back at him. “I’m Peli, this is my hangar, you a hunter?” she stares over at you, eyes squinting at the light.

    “No,” you smile at her, admiring her blunt, fiery attitude. “Just the help.”

    “Well he definitely needs that,” she gives you a not so subtle wink. “Any one else in th—” she starts but Mando cuts her off.

    “Just us,” his hand reaches into the air between them, his finger pointed up almost as if he’s using his body to ask her not to say something.

    “So I get to fix this hunk of space trash all by myself then,” she eyes him suspiciously.

    “Use the droids,” he simply responds… a hint of irritation in his voice, her smile stretching from ear to ear.

    “We’ll talk price when you get back,” she crosses her arms in front of her chest, “I know you’re good for the credits.”

    “Still got those speederbikes?” his helmet raises to her as his own posture relaxes.

    “Of course I do, you’ve needed them twice now so I just keep them around for your convenience,” she rolls her eyes, sarcasm exploding from her voice as she turns to walk away.

    He moves closer to you, motioning a hand for you to follow the small woman.

    “I don’t know how you can be on a ship with him for more than a week, honestly,” she says quietly enough so that only you can hear it.

    You bend a bit, so you can say something close to her ear, “I haven’t made it that far yet, but if I can’t, can I come back here?” you smile softly at your own joke.

    She looks back at you, humor filling her eyes and nods before stopping to pull some tarps off of two rusty speederbikes.

    “I haven’t maintained them since the last time, but they’re fueled up and good to go,” she speaks directly to Mando before turning to you, “Keep an eye out on that one,” her tone leaving you both unsure of who she means and who she was speaking to.

    She turns and walks back to his nameless ship, leaving the two of you standing there.

    “Wolf-cats first,” he says… echoing his words from a few nights ago. The content in his voice forcing butterflies to writhe around in your stomach as you hop on to the smaller of the two, straddling your legs and getting situated.

    He climbs on his as you eye the controls to get your bearings.

    “Ready?” he asks as you nod over to him. You both begin flipping switches to power them on, and without another word… the two of you race off into the nothingness that is the deserts of Tatooine. The wind through your hair reminding you just how close to free you were.

    You rode for a while before his gloved hand motioned for you to stop. You slowed down expertly beside him, arriving at an area surrounded by low rocks… it looked constructed but didn’t match any of the residences you had ridden passed.

    When both speederbikes slowed to a stop, he got off and came up to you.

    “We have to stop for the night,” his modulated voice shrouded in secret concern.

    You see the two suns low on the horizon reflected in his helmet and nod to him in agreement as he helps you dismount.

    He pulls a duffel bag off the back of his own bike before leading you into the stone encampment.

    There was no roof, just random stacked stones… seemingly placed strategically in a circle.

    He drops the bag against one of the rocks, turning to face you.

    “I’m going to check the perimeter; you stay here and…” he pauses to think… turning again to reach into the duffel bag. He rotates again, placing a small device in your hand. “Here.”

    You look down at the device and back to him, raising an eyebrow.

    “This is a comlink, I won’t be gone long, but just in case anything happens and you need me,” he sounds sincere… pointing to his jet pack, “I can be here quick, just don’t go too far outside these stones,” he motions around the two of you.

    You nod, understanding what he’s saying, “How do I—”

    He knows your question before you can answer, lifting your hand as it clutches the small device, he takes your thumb with his much larger fingers and lays it gently over a small circle, “Button here, hold it down to talk.” He presses your thumb in to demonstrate.

    “Simple,” your one word comes out as a breath, the small interaction seeming overwhelmingly intimate.

    “Simple,” he presses his helmet to your forehead, slowly letting your hand drop. You can hear his soft distorted breathing, “I’ll be back soon. There’s stuff for a fire in there, if you—” he cuts himself off this time, knowing of course you can start a fire, you had been on the run before he caught up to you, “Don’t run.”

    His words almost mock your earliest interactions as he pulls away from you, making no hesitations as he makes his way into the distance.

    You sit down against one of the stones, watching him until he disappears… when he does you shift your eyes over to the dual-suns… still teasing themselves over the horizon as they fall lower and lower behind the distant canyons. Your mind fades away as you get lost in the hypnotizing sight of them. All your fears melting away. You remove your shoes and dig your toes into the sand around you.

    The sight was so beautiful you don’t even realize how long its been, until you hear a crackle on the comlink in your hand.

    “Any trouble?” his voice is calm, serious.

    You press your thumb to the small round button, “N-no, just watching the sunset.”

    “Good,” his response is so low, so simple. “You should start that fire, gets cold quick.”

    You press the button again, “Yes sir.”

    You hear him click on again, only this time he pauses to let a soft breath out before speaking, “I like when you call me that.”


    “Come back soon, sir,” you smirk at your own words as your cheeks flush red.

    “Almost done,” he sounds eager, “start that fire.”

    “Yes sir,” you smirk again.

    His sigh rings through the comlink, “Stop distracting me.”

    You can almost hear the smile in his last words and decide not to respond and start building the fire you promised so coyly that you would.

    Just as promised you find more wood than expected in his duffel, and two stones for you to flick together.

    You make a neat pile and begin rubbing the two stones against each other. You listen to your surroundings, the sound of the rocks dragging you into a trance. It was so quiet out there in the middle of nowhere.

    The stones were doing nothing, every time you got a spark… it died out. You began focusing hard at the task at hand. Letting the silence consume you as you willed the fire to start.

    You thought of heat, of light, of the warmth in your own body. Willing the stones to do what they were supposed to. You had never struggled so hard before. You closed your eyes, all of your focus on the heat, the air around you… working the stones more and more… you almost get lost in the thought when two hands grab your arm, causing you to drop the rocks and jerk your eyes back open.

    “Are you okay?” Mando’s voice is out of breath, panicked even in the modulator.

    You blink up at him, “Yeah why wouldn’t I—” you suddenly realize what he means, as you become aware of the large fire you had started almost too close.

    You let out a gasp, “I thought it hadn’t started yet!” You almost scream at him, jumping to your feet backing away a bit.

    “You… I was trying to get your attention from all the way back there, but you wouldn’t respond,” he motions to the spot you had earlier watched him disappear into.

    “I was… focusing, I couldn’t get the rocks to work,” you chase your words around your mouth trying to figure out how it happened.

    “You really had no idea the fire was lit?” his helmet tilts at an apprehensive angle.

    “N-no,” you stutter the words out still in shock.

    Maker, how focused were you?

    You stand in awe at the raging fire, becoming aware of a tender spot in your palm but choosing to say nothing about it.

    Mando stands incredibly close to you, bringing you back to focus.

    “Is it safe?” you up at his armor, glistening with the reflection of the fire.

    “Yes,” his voice his short, a hint of curiosity to his tone as he rests a hand on your shoulder, gently squeezing it.

    You both turn your eyes to stare at the fire, dancing warmly, losing the rage it had been unable to contain moments before.

    Relaxing… just like the two of you seemed to be.


    He had finished checking their surroundings, nothing seemed out of place, so he had started walking back.

    A light in the distance caught his visor’s attention.

    “She got the fire started,” he says softly to himself, almost proud of what the girl had accomplished even though there had been no reason to doubt her.

    He continued to walk contented by the sight in the distance, but as he got closer… the he noticed just how disproportionate the flames were to the site up ahead. He quickened his pace, something wasn’t right.

    He had broken out into a sprint, calling to her. But he couldn’t hear her saying anything back.

    She finally came into view beside the flames, sitting with her legs crossed… he tried to call out again but she didn’t flinch, the only movement was the rhythmic grinding of her hands against the stones as she hit them over and over.

    He was finally in a position to see her clearly, eyes closed grinding the stones… that’s when he saw it…

    Fire dancing against her palm, as the flames around her continued to grow… almost moving in sync with her steady scrapes.

    He was close enough to touch her now, grabbing her arm and jerking her back to the present.

    The flames in her palm instantly disappearing… allowing the fire in front of them to steady itself as well.

    He asked if she was okay, she seemed distant… like she had disappeared somewhere deep inside her head where he was only barely able to reach her with his abrupt physical touch.

    She had no idea she had lit the fire and insisted she had still been trying. He decided it must have been an anomaly and thought it best not to mention to her what he had scene.

    She was making the flames dance.

    He shook the thought from his mind, he had seen the kid do incredible things but… this was different.

    Has to be a coincidence.

    He stepped so close to her that his chest was almost touching her shoulder… if he took a deep enough breath; it would have.

    She looked up at him, her mysterious… currently distant eyes reflecting the small sparks from the fire back into his visor, “Is it safe?”

    “Yes,” he answered probably too quickly… staring into her eyes trying to find what secrets they were holding… if she even knew… he reached out and squeezed her shoulder, closing the small fragment of distance that stood between them, as they both turned to stare at the now calm fire.

    She took a deep breathe, catching his attention, “You were right about the cold.” Her soft smile almost looks embarrassed as she looks down… letting that blonde piece of hair fall into her eyes. He looked down to follow her small face, noticing she had taken her shoes off. The sight forced a warmth into his chest.

    “Are you c-cold?” his voice cracked through the modulator.

    “A bit…” she seemed to be deep somewhere… the way her delicate voice was almost breathing the words out rather than speaking them.

    He pulled his cape from around his neck, wrapping it cautiously around her small shoulders.

    “Th-thank you,” she smiled up at him… looking at the fabric shrouding her… inspecting it. “How did you tear it? I’ve never noticed that before.”

    His quiet laugh is so soft it’s nearly missed by the helmet, “I had to keep a feral wolf-cat from seeing me.”

    Her cheeks go red as she pulls two ends up covering her face, she was so beautiful when she was shy. He had rarely seen her this way, she had always seemed so determined… she had a softness about her but it was always subtly resting below her resolved demeanor… but here in the wild… shoe-less and comfortable she became more delicate than any flower he had ever seen.

    He couldn’t help himself, staring down at her quiet beauty, her face still hidden… he pulled her to him, facing her… gently placing his armored forehead to hers.

    She dropped the fabric in her fingers gently, moving her arms beneath his to wrap around his shoulders.

    The warmth he felt from her embrace was warmer than any fire that he had ever felt, even her strange, erratic one.

    The two of them stayed like this for a moment before she finally pulled her face away from his.

    “Dance with me,” her whispering voice floated out against his visor.

    He pulled away to question her, “Mandalorians don’t dance… and even if they did… there’s no music,” he was trying desperately to hide his own awkwardness with her strange request.

    “Yes there is,” she pulled him back to her, “Do you still have the wolf-cat shield?” her playful smile brings one to his own face.

    “Right here,” he pulls the makeshift blindfold from his belt, “Just in case.”

    She stares up at him in the visor, he wished she knew she was staring directly into his eyes, sending heat through his entire being.

    She turned her back to him, “Put it on me, I want you to hear…” She let her voice trail off as he obliged her directions. Gently placing the fabric over her eyes and tying it around the back of her head. Last night he hadn’t cared if it was too tight, but right now… in her softness… in her gentility… he twisted his fingers to knot it with the most dexterity he could muster.

    She turned around, reaching her hands around to find his chest, she slid her hands up carefully… blindly up his shoulders… along his exposed neck, his cape still wrapped around her… til her fingers met the edges of his helmet.

    “Do you trust me?” She says, so tenderly that her words are almost lost over the crackle of the fire. He nods against her hands, unable to speak… staring down in complete awe at her blindfolded face.

    She slowly begins to lift his heavy helmet from his head, and for the first time he can see her clearly in the firelight. The way the flecks of light bounced off her skin made his heart ache.

    He took the helmet from her hands, gently placing it on the ground beside them as he pulled her close, placing a soft kiss to the small bit of her forehead that wasn’t covered.

    “Listen,” she pulled his head against hers, “close your eyes and listen for the music.”

    She stood completely still, waiting for him to hear it. He closed his eyes listening for any sound.

    The crack of the fire…

    Her steady breathing against his lips…

    The sound of an animal in the distance…

    Her hair moving as her chest rose and fell…

    The gentle wind blowing the sand over the stones…

    Her thumb shifting his own hair behind his ear…

    The sound of the planet around him… just breathing…

    Their lips meeting so softly that it could barely be considered contact…

    He began to move against her, rocking from side to side softly… wrapping his arms around her waist.

    “Told you so,” he could feel her smile against his lips, “You hear it don’t you?”

    “I hear it,” he says so low it sends goosebumps down her neck.

    She begins moving with him, laying her head against his chest as they sway together to the same rhythm as the world around them.

    He stumbles a bit, and she giggles… He could swear her giggle had broken into a million light bugs surrounding them and flying up towards the moon, but it was more than likely because every time he looked at her… all he saw was light…

    “Mando?” her fragile sounding tone forcing him to stop swaying as she raises her head trying to find his face in her blindness.

    He reaches a hand up to help her line up where she should be looking, “Yes… goddess?”

    He can see her soft grin as her cheeks flush, but it’s gone too quickly.

    “Do you have a name?” The nervousness and hesitation engulfing her every word.

    He looked down at her, then back to the flames… the silence was deafening as she began to shift anxiously.

    He couldn’t stand to see her look this way, not at this moment… not when she seemed so… he couldn’t think of the word… she seemed both ethereal and powerless at the same time.

    He pulled her in for a soft kiss, trailing his lips up the tip of her nose… then back to the top of her head as he pulled her in as close as he could…

    “Din,” he whispered into her hair, “My name is Din.”

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    If Javier look at me like that during a meeting i wouldn’t be able to focus on what’s the meeting about…

    • Narcos S3.3 : Follow The Money
    #javier pena#pedro pascal#narcos#wheeewwwwww #that meeting room must be really hottt 🥵
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    First two Pedro drawings of the year, I’m slacking 😅

    #pedro pascal#fan art#my art #they're so tiny #about the size of a large coin? #made these for my aunt who wants to add more Pedro to her phone case. #sadly Pedro drawings will likely not be as plentiful from me as they have been the past few months but we'll see how this goes. #gee I haven't drawn this man since last year! ha ha ha...
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    #pedro pascal #i was reading the galatea and pygmalion myth and the only thing i could think of was this man #what a joy
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    We have a long-standing difference of opinion on just about everything”

    • Narcos S3.3 : Follow The Money
    #javier pena#pedro pascal#narcos #pedro pascal fandom #man he’s just really hot in this episode #those curlss #get close up with javi
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  • I cannot help but smile every time I see Pedro Pascal

    hes just- he has this energy about him that makes me laugh and I just love him and his characters and he just gives me so much ✨serotonin✨

    #Pedro Pascal#Wtf Joey #Joey is a simp
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  • Slowly you get used to life with Max
    Tooth rotting fluff, I am not sorry for this
    Slight sassiness no trigger warnings
    1019 words 

    Keep reading

    #{I have spoken; words from the Maker} #pedro pascal #max phillips x reader
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  • Pedro Pascal as Tovar in the Great Wall

    I only saving you so I can kill you myself

    #mine#Pedro Pascal#my gifs#Pascal gifs #the great wall #colours suck :((( #bleep
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  • These are the playlists I came up for a few of my fics/series. Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions, I hope you enjoy🥺

    Dark Mando


    Tainted Heart

    The Offer

    All of these playlists will grow as I continue to write the stories, so while some of them are kinda shorter now, I’ll be adding to them as inspiration hits. If you still have a suggestion, please let me know I’d love to hear it💗

    #Spotify#the mandalorian#my writing #the mandalorian x reader #the mandalorian fanfiction #pedro pascal#playlists#the offer#salvation#tainted heart #dark mando vibes #inspo
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  • Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in Supergirl when???

    #supergirl #ashark.txt #probably not a possibility #a girl can dream #pedro pascal #instantly would think of din darjin
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  • This is a prop for an upcoming skit of mine.

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  • Pedro Pascal as Tovar in the Great Wall


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