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  • “Masks go on. Finnick adjusts Peeta’s mask over his lifeless face.”

    Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay pg 284


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  • “im a dominant male” like ok y r u telling me this? did you want me to beat you up or what

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    • Glimmer: Where did you get that muffin?
    • Peeta: Muffin button.
    • Glimmer: But the Cornucopia doesn't have a muffin button.
    • Peeta: ...then where did I get this muffin?
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  • Snippet of The Hunger Games f!Peeta fic

    Petra is Reaped to silence.

    The whole world falls mute to her ears. The shuffling as people turn to look at her, the hand on her back that urges her forward, her footsteps on the stairs up to the podium.

    Even her tears slide down her face without sound.

    She stands, back too-straight and legs trembling, wide-eyedly watching District 12 watch her. They stare up at her, these people that she’s loved and hated and laughed with and baked bread for, and in their eyes she sees relief. It was not their son or sister or beloved chosen.

    Petra Mellark, the baker’s daughter.

    Primrose Everdeen, the – but no, no, Katniss Everdeen, the fierce older sister who volunteers as tribute, flinty eyes like the ore below their feet, awaiting a spark.

    All of this - all of this, and Petra is silent as the grave.


    Petra’s mother weeps as she says goodbye. It will be the last time they see each other. They both know it, know that there is no hope of Petra’s survival. She will take her last breaths on a tiny screen broadcast to everyone in Panem, and then there will be cannon fire, and life and the Games will continue for all but the twenty-three.

    But maybe, her mother says, brows pulling into a thoughtful furrow, maybe District 12 will have its first winner.

    Petra remembers Katniss’ face, ashen but determined, as she stepped forward. I volunteer as tribute!

    She thinks maybe, maybe her mother is right.


    They’re ushered onto a train unlike any Petra could have ever imagined. The engine hums in a whisper, the cars gliding so smoothly that the chandeliers do not shake. It’s overwhelming. Effie explains that they’re moving at 200 miles per hour, but Petra’s mind is spinning faster.

    Katniss is sullen, staring out the window with a blank gaze. Petra tries to coax her out of her thoughts, but to no avail.

    Their mentor is…not what Petra had hoped for. He sways as he walks towards them, breath reeking of alcohol even as he pours himself more.

    Somehow in their stilted conversation Petra manages to get on Haymitch’s bad side. He leaves before he can offer any real advice, but- he came in the first place, and he’s all they have besides.

    “He’s gonna come around,” she tells Katniss as she hurries after him. He has to.

    Katniss doesn’t believe her. Petra probably wouldn’t believe her, either. But belief is secondary to necessity, so Petra intercepts him before he can get behind a door that locks. She babbles, trying to find something that will reach him, if not obligation, if not moral decency.

    Nothing seems to work. Petra deflates, slowly, slowly. Finally, she snaps.

    “I know I’m going to die in there,” she says. Her eyes sting. “But for my family, for everyone watching from my District… I want to fight. If I can’t live, then at least- at least I can give them that.” She’s going to cry, but she wills herself not now. “I thought you could teach me that much.”

    She turns away. Haymitch mutters under his breath. Right as her hand touches the door, he breaks.

    “Alright. Alright! You win, kid. Just…give me the night, okay? Find me at breakfast tomorrow.” He sounds exhausted, the survivor of a Game twenty-three children are about to lose.

    So she gives him the night.


    Katniss finds them the next morning in the meal car, her face twisted in a bewildered frown at the sight. There are rings under her eyes. She approaches warily, like something wild.

    Haymitch enjoys controlling the conversation, being the arbiter of what is said and when. Unlike Petra had been, Katniss doesn’t play along. He stalls, not answering her questions.

    The knife quivers, pierced into the - mahogany! Effie protests - table an inch from his hand.

    Haymitch is unimpressed.

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    • Peeta: Okay, this may come as a shock to you, Katniss, but people don't like to be lied to.
    • Katniss: Wrong. They don't like finding out they've been lied to. Because a lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.
    #source: how i met your mother #incorrect quotes#peeta mellark#katniss everdeen
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    • Haymitch: Let's leave. This place is cursed.
    • Peeta: Oh my god, it's haunted?
    • Haymitch: No, Peeta.
    • Peeta: Well, it could be. Like one of those ghost stories. Like Harry Potter or the bible.
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    Oh hey! How’s it going? Let’s finish strong! Simple prompts this week since I’m on vacation until January 3rd!

    Week 25: Ch 19-21

    🎨 You’re a painter. You’re a baker. This whole section just wrecks me! Let’s blog, create and reblog all things about Katniss listing adorable things about Peeta! Do you have something to add to her list?

    🎨 All the new Everlark Fanfic! Let’s blog, reblog, support, read, comment and like all the amazing blogs and authors out there creating new content! Comment on this post with your blog and/or link where you’re sharing your new Everlark content!

    🎨 Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Create, blog and reblog all the Everlark Christmas and Holiday posts you can muster up. Dig deep and share!

    🎨 Lamb stew. Flirting, happiness….all of Katniss’s memories. Have you tried any of the THG recipes? Share your posts and photos!

    🎨 SQUAD 451. There are some awesome and amazing characters in Mockingjay. They all play a part in bringing down the Capitol and Coin. Who were some of the people that affected you and have also stuck with you through the years.

    I love hearing your thoughts! Don’t forget to tag everything with Toastedthg! 

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  • I hate rereading the hunger games and being reminded that Peeta Mellark was written with an actually personality and sense of humor but the movies completely eradicated it :/

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    • Katniss: Don’t worry. We’re perfectly safe.
    • Peeta: Yes, a phrase I find is usually followed by a lot of screaming and running and bleeding.
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  • Okay, SO I want some secondary Gale shipping in this fic…because Gale is going to be a lovable, annoying but good older brother type in this up coming fic and I am deciding he deserves some romance too XD. 

    My thing is: I ship him with Johanna most the time, and…in the context of this fic where they run away in Catching Fire I can’t have that. 

    I am leaning on the options of Madge or Delly. While Madge is amazing and I love her, she is so often shipped with Gale I kinda, want to not try that? Not that they are bad, actually love them together. But I want something a bit different. Delly is interesting and different but it would take some more work to make that relationship make sense. Basically, them devoting feelings. 

    You could argue it would make sense for both of these girls to run away with the Everdeens, Hawthrones and Peeta. But Delly makes slightly more sense to me personally, as she is personally close with Peeta. And in the absence of his family, I can see her going with him.

    So, I am leaving this up to you all- Gale x Madge, or Gale x Delly? Let me know! Both are really good choices and I am the queen of indecisiveness. 

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  • Title: Up on the Housetop

    Rating: G

    Author’s note: Once when I was a kid, I swore I heard Santa in the living room picking up the can of soda we’d left out for him (my dad said Santa wanted soda that year, maybe we were out of milk or maybe my dad didn’t feel like drinking milk). I was older, so not believing as easily as I used to. But I still restrained myself from peeking in on Santa because my parents always said he would disappear with all my toys if I spotted him. That incident coupled with a long drive where my dad told us that if we looked hard enough at the moon we could see the flag on it (so we could fall asleep) inspired this story. Hope you enjoy this new drabble for @everlarkchristmasgifts!


    Katniss poked her head through the door to their bedroom. “I need to tap out. These two are driving me nuts.”

    Peeta chuckled and placed a piece of tape on the present he was wrapping. “Only a couple more to wrap. Or you could start putting together that dollhouse Willow just had to have.”

    “I do prefer the dollhouse. Your wrapping is a lot prettier than mine.”

    “And you follow instructions a lot better than me.” Peeta paused for a quick kiss and then switched places with her.

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    • Peeta: We both look very handsome tonight.
    • Finnick: You know, if you - if you'd just said that I looked handsome, I would have said 'So do you.'
    • Peeta: I couldn't take that chance.
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  • One of my favorite head canons about Peetas recovery from Hjiacking is that Katniss singing becomes a treatment, something that helps bring him back from the brink of an attack. Especially if he isn’t very far gone into the flashback/episode. Because it makes so much sense logically. 

    There are few memories that the Capitol didn’t have to use and taint in Peetas mind. But I am almost certain the first one, the one where Peeta hears her sing for the first time when they are little, is one they didn’t have and thus couldn’t use to hijack Peeta. It is a deep, warm and happy memory for Peeta about getting his crush on Katniss. And the Capitol couldn’t touch it. 

    I mean, think about it. Would they really have video footage…of a preschool/kindergarden classroom…from 10 or so years ago in the outermost, poorest District? Me personally, I think not. 

    But because of that, it is untainted and Peeta remembers hearing her voice and being a goner. That memory is good and real and different from the ones that would be trying to force themselves to forefront of his head when an episode is coming on. Katniss singing could help him grasp on to that real memories, and lead him to holding on to the real memories and the present. 

    So I think it makes so much sense Katniss singing to him would help some, and I love that headcanon!

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    • Cato: I love this game! At home I only get to play with swords.
    • Peeta: I don't like videogames with violence.
    • Cato: Who mentioned videogames?
    • Peeta: Your private life scares me.
    #source: bella and the bulldogs #incorrect quotes#cato#peeta mellark
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  • I will never love anyone the way I love Peeta Mellark

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