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    does anyone remember when people were trying to cancel Pennywise for being homophobic or did i fever dream that?

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  • charliedawn
    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Mission Socializing (Warning : thought of suicide! You have been warned.)

    It is New Year's Eve and the slashers want to thank you for having organized a Christmas party for them. They call it : Mission Socializing. You decide to go and are welcomed by a very colorfully decorated room with a few people inside, the whole department in fact..You immediately spot Amita among the guests that waves at you to come join her.

    " Hi ! Thought you would still be in bed..You know, like a complete lonely weirdo.."

    She jokes and you punch her arm playfully before taking the glass of champagne that she gives you.

    " Oh, shush you ! Not everyone has the time to party all the time..Besides, I am here, aren't I ?"

    She nods appreciatively.

    " That you are.."

    Suddenly her eyes catch a little woman that is trying to make her way through the crowd.

    " Talking about lonely weirdo..Looks like one of your kind is heading this way. I think this is my queue to leave.."

    You don't have the time to stop her that the woman raises her fist, as if in a sort of salute.

    " Hi ! Boss lady ! Or is it Mrs Boss ?! Lady Boss ?! I salute you !"

    She greets you and you can't help but smile before replying.

    " And I salute you too, Mrs Cortez.."

    You had read everyone's file, especially of those who had spent the most time with slashers without having a problem. Mrs Cortez is one of them. She has been a nurse here for 3 years, and none of the slashers have ever tried to physically or mentally harm her. However, when you had asked the slashers about it, they had simply replied with a small smile or a look of horror..So, everything could be possible. But, you had not envisioned the woman to be one of small stature and wearing an Hello Kitty t-shirt and vibrant pink boots..You then notice that she still has her fist raised and decide to bump it. She finally lets out a relieved sigh before letting her arm go down.

    " Thank god ! You're nice ! I was so nervous about meeting you, wondering if you were strict like the old one, but I can already tell that you're totes cool !"

    You awkwardly smile at her before nodding in acknowledgement.

    " Hum..Thank you ?"

    She smiles widely before suddenly taking you in her arms and tightening her hold until you can't feel your waist anymore.

    " You and I are gonna be friends, I can tell !"

    You smile through the pain before nodding again and giving her a small pat on the head as a response to the very straightforward gesture.

    " I'm sure, miss C.."

    " Eva ! You can call me Eva !"

    She cuts you off and looks up at you with stars in her eyes. In some way, she is curiously endearing. You find yourself thinking and are about to ask her to..well..let you go when someone else comes to your rescue.

    " Miss Cortez, I would advise you not to crush our new boss with your overbearing affective bear hugs. We need her to last a bit longer than the other one, right ?"

    Eva quickly steps away to turn towards the blond man that had just spoken and raises her arms to hug him as well.

    " Dr Wilson !"

    She announces him while literally jumping on him, but the doctor succeeds in dodging her. She lands on a nearby couch and the doctor applies pressure on a very precise spot in her neck that makes her sleep instantly. You ark an eyebrow at Dr Wilson that gives you a small knowing smirk.

    " Force of habit..Don't worry. You'll get used to it as well."

    He then gives you his hand to shake.

    " I am Dr Victor Wilson. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm the coroner of St Louis."

    You give him a small smile before shaking his hand.

    " Y/N L/N. Pleasure to meet you as well."

    You then give a circular look around the room. There are at least 30 people staring at you, and you couldn't bare having all of them trying to shake your hand..The doctor seems to notice and chuckles at your little fanclub before lifting his hand for you to take.

    " Let me guess..Not a fan of parties, huh ? Well, I am a gentleman, and gentlemen usually save damsels in distress..So, I saw that Five has generously offered a few of his very expensive bottles for the occasion..Mind having a drink with me ?"

    You give another glance around to see Amita already talking to one of the male nurses. You sigh before giving the man a smile of agreement and taking his hand.

    " Lead the way."

    A couple of hours later :

    " I'm totally wasted.."

    Dr Wilson confesses while staring at his third drink, or is it his fourth ? He can't remember..But, you're not that good either. You look at the spinning room and can't control the fit of laughter that threatens to spill out of your mouth when you also admit.

    " Me too.."

    You don't even know why you're laughing, but you both end up doubled in laughter anyway, making all of the other guests turn towards you with widened eyes. But, in all honesty ? You don't care. You intend to enjoy this moment. However, you suddenly hear a few gasps and turn around to see..Jason ?! Jason looks at his shoes sheepishly and glances up a few times before raising his hand to wave shyly.

    " Hi.."

    He mumbles. Nobody answers and even the music stops. You are about to go save him when somebody else takes care of it. Ella wakes up and automatically raises her hands excitedly when she spots Jason.

    " Jason ! Remember me ?! We talked at the Halloween party !"

    When Jason nods sheepishly, she doesn't waste any time before hugging the shy slasher.

    " Do you want to dance ?!"

    Jason looks up at you, as if for you to get him out of his current situation, but you only smile, amused, and raise your glass.

    " Go on, Jason ! Have fun !"

    He looks at Ella that leads him by the arms to dance, they move right and left in rhythm with the music. You can see that Jason is having fun and smile, relieved to see that the sudden silence hadn't been a permanent veil over his good mood.

    However, you didn't count on Amita to get out her phone and say.

    " I'm gonna upload this sh*t to YouTube !"

    You can tell that she's as drunk as you and doesn't know what she's doing. You stand up to stop her, but can't seem to be able to walk straight. You fall head first into someone else that helps you to get up.

    " Are you okay, my child ?"

    You look up with widened eyes at..a priest ?! He gives you a small sympathetic smile before helping you to stand up. He looks at Amita and takes her phone, ignoring her protests before deleting the picture.

    " This is a place of healing, miss Williams. The patients' location must not be revealed at all costs. I would advise you to not do that again."

    He says firmly and even Amita is speechless. He then gives you a glass of water and helps you to sit down in a nearby chair.

    " W..Who are you ?"

    You ask, lost and confused. The priest gives you a small smile before answering you.

    " I am father Cornelius. St Louis' priest. I wanted to thank you for having Pennywise help me with the graves this year..My senses tell me they will be useful."

    You blush in embarrassment at the fact that you hadn't even thought about asking who Pennywise was working for at the time. It just dawns on you now that there is an actual priest at St Louis and you admit with an apologetic smile.

    " Sorry. I wasn't even aware of your existence until tonight."

    However, unlike what you had previously thought, the priest doesn't seem offended, he just chuckles in mild amusement.

    " I don't blame you. I'm mostly here for the employees, since most of them know that they may perish between those walls..But, I wanted to thank you, miss Y/N. Since you've arrived, I receive less and less people."

    You ark an eyebrow at that.

    " But, isn't it a bad thing ? For you, I mean ?"

    He lets out a small laugh before shaking his head negatively.

    " Believe me when I say that I didn't apply for the post to only make last absolutions or bury bodies."

    You nod understandingly while looking downwards, staring at the ground when you reply in affirmation.

    " I imagine."

    You look up to stare at Jason that looks like he's having fun dancing and laughing. But then, a shiver runs through your spine at the idea that Jason is still the Crystal Lake killer. The priest is right. How many people were killed by his hand ? How many would have been if he hadn't been arrested and brought to the hospital ? The answer is self-evident. It pains you, but your hazy mind still manages to conclude: hundreds, thousands..This is why, even though Jason is one of the sweetest of the slashers..You have to remember that he is as dangerous as they are. You don't hear Jason arrive behind you, and when he pats your shoulder, you can't help but turn around and instinctively slap him. The consequence of your action only dawns on you when a heavy silence falls around you and you see Jason's shocked expression, holding his stinging cheek with tearful eyes.

    " J..Jason. Wait. I'm sorry."

    You stammer apologetically, but it's too late, the damage is done. You approach him to look at his face, but he takes your wrist and almost breaks it in his hold. His breathing is uneven and he glares up at you with such intensity that it stops yours for a moment. Suddenly, some armed guards surround you and before you could explain the situation, Jason releases you and looks away with betrayal in his eyes as he is led outside.

    You want to grab him, but he is taken away and you don't dare go after him..Maybe, it is for the best ? A little voice says in your head.

    In his cell :

    " Let me guess ? She got scared."

    Jason doesn't need to look up to recognize the owner of the voice. Freddy.

    " I told you, kid..Monsters like us don't get to be happy with angels like her..This is why I need to know, are you in or not ?"

    Jason closes his eyes, a few tears running down his cheeks as he finally nods. If you couldn't accept him, then why would he stay ?

    " I'm sorry, Jason..But, maybe it is for the best ?"

    Jason looks up in shock at Freddy that only smiles sadly at him. For the first time, Freddy used his name in a sentence that didn't involve mockery. Not a nickname or an insult. His name. He should be happy, but he can't help but feel his heart tighten as he realizes that even his worst friend takes pity on him. Jason waits until Freddy is gone before standing up and screaming so loud that he is sure all of the hospital must have heard him. He then punches the wall repeatedly until his hands are bloody. He really thought he could change, that he could become a better person..He looks up at his reflection in the mirror and punches it so hard that he feels the shards piercing his skin. That's why he hates mirrors, because they remind him of the truth..He looks down at his mask, left on his bed since he thought he was finished with it. He takes it and after a moment of hesitation, puts it back on. He then carefully takes a big piece of glass to look at himself in it.

    " Ugly Ugly Jason. You're ugly, but mama loves you..Mama loves you..Mama is the only one who ever did..Come on..You know what you have to do. Come home, Jason.."

    He clenches his fist around the shard until it draws blood and looks at his wrist. One swift cut. One way to be with his Mama forever..He wants to do it, but then, he sees your face in his mind and finally throws the fragment in rage that bursts against a wall. He then buries his face in his hands and starts sobbing.

    " I'm sorry Mama..I don't have the strength.."

    He feels cold arms around his shoulders and a voice whispering tenderly in his ear.

    " Don't worry, Jason..Mama will wait for you..Always."

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    18.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    How would the slashers celebrate Christmas?

    "Rise and shine, pumpkin pie !"

    You are woken up with a bucket of cold water that makes you stand up straight in a second. You're gasping for air and wait for your heart to slow down before looking at the one and only Amita Williams.

    " Are you crazy ?! What are you doing here Amita ?!"

    She only laughs loudly before dragging you out of bed.

    " Well..since I haven't heard any news from you in months, I decided to come and check up on you myself. But, honestly darling, what happened ?! And where is that lowlife bastard that you call a boyfriend ?!"

    You groan heavily at the mention of H/N before pouring yourself a cup of coffee.

    " Gone..We broke up."

    At the news, Amita's eyes brighten up and she nearly squeals in delight.

    " Wait..Does that mean you're back in the single club ?! Congrats ! I knew you could do it !"

    She exaggerates with wrapping her arms around your neck a little too tight. You sigh before affectionately placing your hand upon her arm and chuckling.

    " I can't believe that it's been months already..Sorry. I haven't had any time for myself these days..My work and all."

    She faces you with a huge grin that makes you wonder what she's planning now..

    " Well, considering that your work seems to be more important than your best friend, I've decided to bring the best friend to work ! Surprise ! I'm gonna work at St Louis as a cook !"

    Your eyes widen even more as you struggle to find words to match your emotions. You are happy to see Amita of course, but she could be..let's say "eccentric and loud". You can't be sure how the slashers will react when they meet her.

    " I don't know Amita..Some of the slashers tend to be very attached to their regime. One wrong ingredient, and you may become the meal itself. Are you sure of yourself ?"

    You inquire worriedly and she only dismisses your concern with a wave of her hand.

    " Nonsense ! No one can resist my cooking ! That it'd be the common folk or psychopaths ! I'm sure. Plus, I came just at the right time it seems. Christmas is today after all ! And what better way to get acquainted than a merry Christmas dinner !"

    You want to protest, but quickly close your mouth when you find the idea not to be so bad. You finally sigh and nod before getting out of the kitchen to get ready.

    " Actually..You're right."

    She grins in delight at your admission.

    " Oh sugar plum, I'm always right."

    She winks at you cheekily while raising her drink.

    You frown at the alcoholic beverage and sigh again.

    " Whiskey ? At 6 am ? Really ?"

    She chuckles before taking a sip.

    " You know me darling, there's never a bad time for quality.."

    At St Louis :

    It is a normal day for the slashers that wake up to the sound of merry Christmas carols and the smell of hot cocoa brewing in nearby houses..It is a normal day for everyone, except Michael.

    Michael hears his alarm clock and can't help but smash it under his fist. The dreaded day has arrived..He gets up and grinds his teeths together in frustration at the songs being sang outside. He hates Christmas. He hates it as much as he hates the world for enjoying it so much. He remembers the smile of his wife and the laughter of the children running around the table filled with mouth-watering goods..but he also remembers the screams, the terror, death..He especially remembers death. It's even worse when he sees the other slashers playing carelessly in the snow outside and the Christmas decorations in the living room. He wants to rip it all to shreds, to stamp on the Christmas tree and make everyone see his pain..but he doesn't. Even if he did, they wouldn't understand..He walks to the kitchen to drink his morning coffee when he freezes, seeing an unfamiliar face preparing, what appears to be, chocolate pudding. The stranger doesn't seem to notice him at first, but then speaks with her back turned.

    " Are you going to stand up here all morning or are you going to come help me ?"

    He's so shocked by the bluntness of the woman that he doesn't even think about disobeying her. He steps up and proceeds in cooking the Christmas turkey. Surprisingly, he seems to have remembered all of his Christmas cooking skills as it doesn't really take him much effort to help in the preparation of the meal. You are playing with the slashers outside and finally get back to the living room. You had asked a few of the employees to decorate with you and Amita. However, there is something new. The table is covered by food that looks so tasty that it even makes the two cannibals present drool.

    Even Jason seems speechless as his eyes lighten up to the sight of so many colorful decorations and Penny takes a long snif of the food before scrunching his nose at the lack of fresh meat. However, Amita comes out of the kitchen with a full bowl of beef tartar and both Penny and Pennywise jump on it as soon as it is on the table. The other slashers seem to be a bit more reluctant as they stare at Amita with wariness.

    " Guys, this is the new cook: Amita. My best friend and the one who gave me the idea for all this."

    Even with your explanation, the slashers don't seem reassured. But, they are quickly distracted by Michael that gets out of the kitchen with a pink apron and matching pink oven mitts to boot. They seem to relax and Freddy even cracks a joke.

    " Well..If it isn't housewife Michael herself ?!"

    To which Michael responds with his middle finger, not bothering to give any more attention to the little devil.

    You then notice the mistletoe hanging above Freddy's head and snicker as you see who is next to him.

    " Guess what you are standing under, boys ?"

    They both look up and Freddy freezes when he recognizes the plant while Pennywise frowns in incomprehension.

    " What are you talking about ?"

    You only smile mischievously at Freddy that understands and sighs loudly before winking playfully at you.

    " After Penny, you want me to get both brothers ? Kinky..I like it."

    Pennywise seems to find the answer in Freddy's eyes and gets up just as Freddy wanted to grab his arm.

    " Ahahaha ! Not happening."

    He steps outside and Freddy follows with a smirk.

    " Come here Pennywise ! It was only a matter of time before you finally understood your undying feelings for me !"

    Pennywise shrieks in disgust before taking a handful of snow and using it to get away by smudging it all over Freddy's lips.

    " I would rather kiss a dying corpse ! Not that it's that much better from your crispy burned a** !"

    You whistle and they finally look up at you with widened eyes.

    " Okay, boys ! Let's eat. I won't force you to kiss, I promise."

    You can't help but giggle as they race to get back inside. When you're all inside, you see Five already digging in a bowl of peanuts.

    You sit next to him and Kevin that smiles rather nicely at you..Strange, but not unwelcomed. You take a big breath before proposing.

    " How about we start again, Kevin ? I would love for us to be friends."

    However, his smile seems to falter as he answers you negatively.

    " I'm sorry..but no. I won't let you make me weak.."

    You sigh before putting your hand on his shoulder and look at him straight in his eyes.

    " Can't you see ? It doesn't make you weak..It makes you stronger."

    He smiles bitterly at your words, almost wishful even.

    " I wish I could believe you.."

    You smile back before insisting.

    " And one day, you will..I promise you."

    You stare at each other for a few seconds before returning to the feast. You're happy to see Amita even managing small talk with Freddy and Pennywise. However, Penny notices the presents under the Christmas tree and squeals in excitement.

    " Gifts !"

    He runs towards them and checks if there is one with his name on it. He finally finds it and grins so widely that you wonder for a moment if his jaw is even attached to the rest of his skull anymore. But, you give him a nod of agreement to open the gift. His eyes shine when he opens the box.

    " Popcorn ! I love popcorn !"

    All of the other slashers sigh in defeat and those who can talk all say.

    " We know."

    Soon after, all the slashers open their gifts to find their favorite treat in them. Even Five smiles somehow happily as he sees the content of his gift : dark chocolate and coffee truffles. But, they all seem troubled or embarrassed about something.

    " We..We didn't bring you anything.."

    Brahms points out what all of them are thinking with his eyes cast downwards in shame. But, your reaction surprises them as you laugh lightly.

    " That's what you're worried about ?! This day is about you, all of you. It's not about me. It was a last moment thing. I didn't expect you to give me anything. Your presence is enough."

    Freddy seems about to burst and finally snaps.

    " Fine ! F*ck it ! I'm tired of us being the only ones having a good time ! That's my gift. Take it or slap me, I still have to do it !"

    Freddy takes a branch of mistletoe and raises it above both of your heads before kissing you on the cheek. Your eyes widen, but you don't slap Freddy. You only look up at him and smile affectionately.

    " Thank you, Freddy.."

    Your genuine thanks makes Freddy blush and hide his face in his fedora as he mumbles.

    " You're welcome.."

    The slashers, inspired by Freddy's gesture, decide to do the same. Soon, it's Michael's turn and to everyone's shock, he gets his mask off to kiss your cheek. When he stands back, he smiles at you and whispers for only you to hear :

    " Merry Christmas.."

    Maybe, Christmas isn't so bad after all ? Michael thinks before sitting back down.

    Bonus : their reaction to the kiss afterwards :

    Michael : *blushes intensely while staring into the beyond..*

    Five : *sigh* " Why did I do that again ?"

    Jason : *smiles happily to himself with some chocolate pudding on his face*

    Brahms : * blush intensifies when he truly realizes what he's done* "K..Kiss ?"

    Freddy : "Hell nah ! Come here ! I'm ready for a kiss on the lips this time !" *proceeds to chase after you, hanging a mistletoe over his head*

    Pennywise : *blushes slightly and turns his gaze away in embarrassment and stays silent*

    Penny : *doesn't even realize, just munches happily on his popcorn*

    Joker : *smiles before looking at the bag of peppermint candy in his hands* "Sweet girl.." He murmurs to himself.

    Kevin : The Beast : *looks at the bowl of blueberry muffins before sniffing it carefully and taking a tentative bite. He moans in delight before devouring his. You had been careful to make one for each personality and he smiles at the thoughtful gesture.* " Clever girl.." He murmurs in a low baritone voice and chuckles darkly before letting the other personalities enjoy their individual muffin.

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    18.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jason : Hey besties-

    Pennywise : Die.

    Jason : What did I do to you-

    #hockey puck(jason)#sweet clown(pennywise) #don’t worry baby penny tells a lot of people to just die right on the spot it’s ok
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    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    IT (2017)

    #it#pennywise#derry#stephen king#horror #pennywise the clown #pennywise the dancing clown #Andy Muschietti#finn wolfhard#sophia lillis #jeremy ray taylor #jack dylan grazer #chosen jacobs
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    18.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Bill sighted on Alida’s IG story.

    I am so glad to hear Bill say these three words «Filma inte mig» and pushed her camera off his face. So many fans believe that if you are a fan of Bill, you need to love Alida as well. Guess what? You don’t.

    First of all, Alida has nothing that I appreciate. Not her talents, not her fashion, and not her personality. From my perspective she seems to be a famechasing woman who would do simply anything to gain herself some undeserved attention. Even if that means to chase her own cohabitant down with a hidden camera at all times.

    Bill has said himself that he doesn’t like to be in the presence of social media. See for youself.

    So why is it so hard for his own cohabitant to respect that? And why do his own fans keep on cheering this woman for doing what he dislikes so much? We should all be supporting him and say no to Alida’s disrespect of him. Do you all think if Bill was okay with being filmed and portrayed on her IG stories or twitter Fleets that her stories will only contain of a series of videos where he is totally unaware he is being filmed? In all these years there is only one video shown on her stories where Bill actually looks into the camera when filmed. And that was for her birthday.

    Do you all think if he was happy to be filmed he wouldn’t pose more and look directly into the camera? Wouldn’t that be a natural thing to do? Do anyone of you post pictures and videos of your friends backs always? Or film your partner from behind every single time? Or is it more likely you would ask everyone to say cheers and look at the camera? It is about time people stop being so naive. She is fooling the fandom because the fandom is full of kids. There are no longer excuses when you see the numbers of videos she has presented the last couple of years and they are all of the same sort.

    And now you all get it from Bill, the man himself. He says «film mig inte» and pushes her camera away. And when Alida reads all this she is going to realize the embarrassing mistake she has made and take down the video before time is up, like she has done few times before. And then she will post some irrelevant stories to cover up her mistake.

    This woman has done so many shady things already. She will stop at nothing. And I don’t believe Bill is with Alida because of love. Have you even seen his miserable face? Have you seen pictures of them? And I am not talking about pictures from the first year they are dating. I am talking about pictures from recent couple years. He looks fed up, distanced. He barely touches her. Are they even together? Is that why Alida is so desperate with her posting on social media? I mean why is she not enjoying her time with him instead of being on internet all the time? Why film him like the paparazzi when you have the man himself with you? It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I feel like she is filming him for someone else to see. Maybe Bill has a secret girlfriend and Alida wants to show her his whereabouts, to make this girlfriend jealous. I think the only reason Bill holds out with Alida is because of his daughter. If he walks away, he will probably lose his daughter. With his work and not being at home very much, custody will go to her. That is what is keeping him put in Sweden with her. This is a loveless relationship. Hence the misery in his eyes everytime she stands close to him. Also that explains her desperate need to expose him wherever he is. I am just so happy to finally hear Bill say from his own mouth «don’t film me» because honest to God I have had my doubts at times. Now I know where he stands when it comes to these secret filming sessions. Thank you Bill.

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  • ghospice
    18.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Pennywise has one positive relationship in the novel, and that’s with its eggs. I think the biggest problem with leaving them out of the movies, is that some people now interpret Pennywise in a very one dimensional way, where he can’t care for anything in fanfic, and is just very cruel and spiteful all the time.

    When canonically the monster cares and feels anguish for its children when the losers kill them. because we don’t see this, people assume Pennywise can only be cruel, because he treats his prey food cruel, and that’s all there is to him.

    Like imagine how many fans would change their perspective if we’d had a single scene showing how this creatures does in fact, care for something other than itself. How many angst fanfics could we have gotten with penny and his eggs. It does feel care/love/remorse, but people think that the film’s narrative is the be all end of this character’s behaviour and that he doesn’t do anything different outside of what we see, even though he’s sentient (which imo...is like watching Cujo and assuming all dogs are super aggressive all the time always lol).

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    18.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    IT (2017)

    #it#pennywise#derry#stephen king#horror #pennywise the clown #pennywise the dancing clown #Andy Muschietti#finn wolfhard#sophia lillis #jeremy ray taylor #jack dylan grazer #chosen jacobs
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    18.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    For all those who still argues whether Alida has Bill’s consent posting all her bs of him on social media. Here you have your proof!!!!!

    You’re welcome!

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  • simplestsimon
    18.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Here we clearly see Bill move away the camera from his face. He doesn’t want to be filmed, nice try Alida.

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  • simplestsimon
    18.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Another ambush from Alida. Still secretly filming her bf and posting it for the sake of sensational news.

    I wish people would stop encouraging her when she does this. Do they not understand how this must feel like for Bill? How it must be to try to stay lowkey in the media but cannot even have his privacy in his own safe envoirement at home, because everytime he relaxes and is totally unaware, Alida pulls up her phone just to film his limb or backhead????

    Because what is even this video? It is only to show Bill is there. Nothing else. It doesn’t tell us what the event is - unless you are interested in football and understand it is the European championship. This is not a story as a story should contain. It is not a selfie or even someone looking in the camera acknowleding the fact they are being filmed. It is just an exposure of someone who is not aware of the situation. As always in Alida’s video stories.

    Can people start to understand that Bill is not an animal in a zoo? Or a circus act? He doesn’t deserve to be chased down with secret videos of him when he is not aware.

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    18.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Something for @nightmaregirl93

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    18.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    In the darkest hour, we see the stars.

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    18.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I just asked my Google what it's favorite fanfiction was and it said horror.....I gotta toss my phone into the void now cause it's a clown fucker.

    #fanfiction#pennywise#clownfucker#cursed#ai#reddie #ask and unfortunately ye shall receive #ignorance is bliss
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  • themanwhomakes
    18.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    These guys are still available on my Etsy store. Check them out and maybe treat yourself! If you have any questions or requests please ask.


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  • socialite-ghost
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Let's do this!!

    1. Favourite Female Character

    As much as I love Beverly, Patty is my favourite. She just deserves so much love and I wanna give her a hug

    2. Favourite Male Character

    Eddie Kaspbrak!!

    3. Worst Character

    Beverly's dad, like he's a pedophile and A FUCKING HORRIBLE FATHER. Page 508 will scar me forever 😐😐😐

    4. Favourite Scene

    In the 1990 version it's probably the library scene before Stan's death is announced

    In the 2017 - 2019 version, probably the mirror labyrinth scene. It was funny but also scared the shit out of me at the same time.

    5. Favourite Member of the Losers club

    Eddie and Mike, its really hard to choose between the two. I love them both

    6. Original or Remake?

    Original... hear me out! My dad let me watch the original when I was like 11 which was back around 2013/2014 and when I watched the remakes, I really enjoyed them! But for some reason I had that feeling that couldn't replace the memories and when you're 11, the original will scare you shitless.

    7. Reddie?


    8. Ben or Bill

    Ben. I love Ben so much my heart for him is so huge

    9. Best Ship

    Richie x Eddie or Patty x Stan (which is canon until Stan barcodes his arms)

    10. Worst Ship

    Beverly x Bill 😐😐😐😐

    11. Book or Movie(s)

    Book, there is so much shit missing out (obviously) and just wow

    Ik the book is long shhhh

    12. Tim or Bill as Pennywise

    God I love both equally. Tim gives an eerie performance, and he has that actual fun clown feeling and look to him that he looks like the approachable clown! Not to mention the nostalgia that adds to it all!

    Bill gives off a creepy and adrenaline running look and feel to him. He keeps you on the edge of your seat and flinching because you don't know what happens next. Bill is extremely talented. So both honestly because I'm indecisive.

    13. Funniest character

    Richie Tozier

    14. Worst Character Fear

    Stan for the 2017 one, boi why a painting- I- 😶😶

    15. Favourite Actor from Film

    1990 - Dennis Christopher

    2017 - Sophia Lillis

    2019 - James McAvoy

    16. Favourite adult character

    Richie for the 2019 version and Eddie for the 1990 version

    17. Worst Encounter with Pennywise

    They're in the house and Eddie just broke his arm and Pennywise just about to eat them all. I was so fucking tense during that scene

    18. Worst Jumpscare

    Dont judge but when Richie opens his eyes after Pennywise sung the bop

    19. Favourite quote

    I have two, both by Eddie

    "This is battery acid you slime!"

    "They're gazebos, they're bullshit!"

    20. Least Favourite Ship

    Beverly x Bill 😐😐😐 or any ship with Henry 🤢

    21. Favourite fan account

    Idk, don't really have one or follow one

    22. Favourite Pennywise quote

    "Kiss me fat boy!" FUCKING GETS ME EVERY TIME

    23. Best friendship

    Bill and Mike, they're besties. Esp in the 1990 version

    24. Richie or Bill


    25. Eddie or Ben


    26. Funniest scene

    When Beverly passed out in the Chinese restaurant, it was the fakest black out scene and I cant watch it without laughing

    27. Least favourite male character

    Beverly's dad 😐😐🖕🏻 I fucking hate him so much don't even get me started

    28. Most underrated character

    Mike!!!!! Mike is best boy, so many people forget about him.

    29. Favourite Edit

    An Eddie Kaspbrak edit by Filmpisces on insta

    30. Is fack real?

    What is fack

    Nvm just looked it up... why yall shipping real people? No it's not real, if you ship it imma kindly ask you to get the hell away from me /srs

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  • eddiospageddio
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i am bored and i want to roleplay!

    ((Art isn’t mine! Creds to artist!💖✨))

    Fandoms I am interested in-

    Stranger Things

    IT 2017/2019


    Sk8 of Infinity

    Just let me know if you’re interested!

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