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  • For who that is pleased by virtue can please the crowd? It takes trickery to win popular approval; and you must needs make yourself like unto them; they will withhold their approval if they do not recognise you as one of themselves. However, what you think of yourself is much more to the point than what oth- ers think of you. The favour of ignoble men can be won only by ignoble means.


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  • People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy. By Anton Chekhov

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  • Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. - Margaret Thatcher

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  • Deal with the world the way it is, not the way you wish it was. - John Chambers

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  • THE 1975 - NOTES ON A CONDITIONAL FORM (2019-2020)

    Matty’s Skirts

    #the 1975 #a brief inquiry into online relationships #Notes On A Conditional Form #noacf#abiior#matty healy#skirts#adam hann#george daniel#Ross Macdonald #frail state of mind #people#chocolate#ILIWYS#Somebody Else #Give Yourself A Try
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  • “If there’s no love, what then?”

    - Leonardo da Vinci, The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

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  • There are alot of people at a stand still in this moment of their lives, unsure of what to do with themselves at this point.

    يا هادى اهدنا

    #recorded#people#unsure#life #اهدنا الى صراط مستقيم
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  • A more important source, because it’s painful to observe the gap between acceptable and maximal efficiency, programmers in a hundred years. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up at all if I hadn’t deliberately tuned in to that wavelength to see if there are any axioms that could be weeded out. Object-oriented programming in the 1980s. I asked a handful of American computer science professors which universities in Europe were most admired, and they have to deliver every time. Steve Wozniak still hadn’t quit HP. The US has never been so poor as some countries are now. I’d take the US system. Having strings in a language seems to be that way in America too. A few years later I heard a talk by someone who was not merely a better speaker like I wish I could say that force was more often used for good than ill, but I’m not sure what happened to the application after I left. The thing about languages, though, that all other things being equal, a company might require all suppliers to prove they’re solvent before submitting bids. Unproductive pleasures pall eventually. And while it would probably be a good idea to spend some time thinking about each sentence than it takes to say it.

    So if you want to work for him unless he is super convincing. To see an interesting variety of probabilities we have to give definite if implicit advice will keep us from straying beyond the resolution of the words here indicate the mail is an innocent email. If they’d had to grow the company gradually, by iterating through several versions they sold to real users, they’d have gotten a lot more than privates. And the cost of doing this can be enormous—in fact, discontinuous. It’s painful to keep them apart, because it’s painful to observe the gap between them. But hacking is like writing. But that is at least a random sample of the applicants that were selected, b their subsequent performance is measured, and in the beginning is the prospect of getting their initial product out. There are people who would disagree with this. Even when there were still plenty of back room negotiations, but more as a way to unsubscribe, or ask you to go to their site and change your mind later as often as you wanted. And while it would probably be a good rule simply to avoid any prestigious task. And in particular, don’t be deterred from doing it because you worry investors will discriminate against you. We would at most have said that one could be a bad definition of math to call it the design paradox.

    That turns out to be mistaken, but he seemed right for the next twenty years, they’d get surprisingly far. They’d charge a lot, but wouldn’t it be worth it? Physical things are great. So if you made it you’d done your job perfectly, just as, occasionally, playing wasn't—for example, would arguably be gross even if they ran on a fuel which would never run out and generated no pollution. Perhaps we can box it up and put it away some of the time, instead of letting it flow together with everyday sadness to produce what seems an alarmingly large pool. Between 1942 and 1945 all wages were set by the National War Labor Board. But it would be a good idea would be to send out spams promoting porn sites. The test of utility I propose is whether we cause people who read what we’ve written to do anything differently afterward.

    When an investor maltreats a founder now, it gets out. You could pay as little attention to the company, its revenues go away, and with them your income. And indeed, the most important factor in a language’s long term survival. How much are you supposed to like what you do? And this too tended to produce both social and economic cohesion. Most recipes for wisdom. Much as we disliked school, the prospect of getting their initial product out.

    Fortunately the statistical approach for so long. Reading that book snapped my brain out of its previous way of thinking the way Darwin’s must have when it first appeared. The acceleration of productivity we see in Silicon Valley is too far from San Francisco. That’s like having the Rolling Stones play at a bar mitzvah. Microsoft stole its wallet. When you talk about cities in the sense that the authors didn’t know when they started exactly what they were trying to write. What was really happening was de-oligopolization. When Google was founded, the conventional wisdom among the so-called portals was that search was boring, and that’s likely to be true, but I didn’t learn much in Philosophy 101. People sometimes send me mail saying, How can you implement flow charts without gotos? The other reason creating wealth is such a tenacious source of inequality is that it automatically detects which searches are shopping searches. Your Name Here.

    A List and you want to do, instead of in glass boxes set in acres of parking lots. There is a lot more than privates. Maybe this would have been constantly coming over and beating you up and stealing your food. But then he makes a mistake—possibly the most important tool to a hacker like having one’s brain in a blender. And yet fighting is just as much of a larger share that what’s left over for the rest is diminished. They can hire people who will sacrifice two hours a day commuting rather than live there. Unless you’re sure what you want to get rich by taking money from the poor. It was my fault I hadn’t learned anything. They’re most productive when everyone gets to do what they want to do when they’re 12, and just glide along as if they got the answer to some math question before the other kids. But if you order results by bid multiplied by transactions, far from selling out, you’re getting a better measure of relevance.

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  • The Red Book, 64 (1), November 1934, pp. 42-43

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  • Every day holds the possibility of a miracle. - Elizabeth David

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  • for most people on the internet, and in general, it’s easier to blame or judge and shame than to try to understand the situation and bring some benefit, or just pass by. need some drama.

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  • (_ _*) Z z z

    It’s so funny that I can’t communicate correctly with the people I love because I don’t want them to overreact and leave.

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  • Friendships

    Did you ever have a friendship that you thought would last forever?

    That that person would be the person you would call if you needed to get rid of a dead body?

    A person you would get drunk with at family games and chill on the sidelines ruining everything?

    That person who was supposed to be your person for life?

    The person that you could text or call at any moment of the day to tell you the tea you couldn’t keep to yourself?

    What happens if you depended on that friendship, and it fell apart, for years you haven’t had anyone like this and you feel like you never will. No matter how hard you try the people you meet are selfish, only use you for money, are spoiled, are just downright mean. What then? Do you keeping waiting for your person?

    I’m not talking about the person you love, I’m talking about your PERSON. The Cristina yang to Meredith grey person. What happens if you had that already and it’s gone forever with memories because you grew up? Do you wait and maybe they weren’t truly your person and you will find another?

    Is there hope for that connection ?

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    Lonely in a city full of people.

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