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  • Sett (human wizard): Okay, now I look through the scrolls.

    DM: Well, since you rolled a 28 on your Perception check, you find all 10!

    Sett: Oh, awesome!

    DM: Have some powerful spells. You’re welcome.

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  • #thanks for the ask! #send me a word and I'll send you a sentence #perception#ask amukmuk
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    This is a picture i took from my central park and reversed the color. While the original picture looks more natural, showcases more wondrous look. On the other hand, the reversed one looks very unrealistic as if its a part of an another world, where green is meant to give freshness, here its more of poisonous look.

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  • Okay, because I’m a WHOLE fool XD 

    @lilhawkeye3 here is your WIP word request for the word ‘that’ XD XD (I have actual tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard)

    The absolute best case scenario is that everything goes right and the GAR is knocked to volunteer only.

    #WIP guessing game #send me words and I'll send you a sentence #also fyi but i have used 'that' 867 times so far in 'perception' #holy cow#perception#ask amukmuk
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    I took this photograph during a shiny daylight when i visited bikaner, thought to changed its colour into warm and cool colours.

    Warm : This colour change is quite similar to what i saw in the netflix series “ bulbul”.Just like the series, this also gives a very frightening sensation,one that denotes the negativity of the past.

    Cool : This depicts that one calm evening during the winters, it gives a very serene feel and an evening which is longing to stay.

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  • Happy Monday 🌞😍
    Because singing enchants those who sing and makes the enchanting melody an enchantment of enchantments everywhere.
    #jaimiealexander #blindspot #thor #agentsofshield #intersections #perception #csimiami #londonfields #thebrink #covertaffairs  #nursejackie #squirreltrap #loosies #savannah #theotherside #reststop #thelaststand #ultradome #bones #kylexy #watchoverme #itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia #brokenvows #thebirdsofangers #hereliesrevelations #hallowedground #standoff #sing

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  • A bit #education now. I like the sentence at the end:

    Don’t be judgmental. Remember it’s just a perception

    #VenturaHandmadeShop #perception #reality #balls #circle #lines

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  • Acabei me entregando, achei que o reencontro era de todo coração, mas no dia seguinte percebi que era de nenhum coração. O único coração que ali estava era o meu. Hoje em pedaços, em prantos e lamentos.

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  • Have you ever wondered what it is that  makes what you see, you see? How accurate is it?  How accurate is my visible description of my world and how well does it matches up with reality? 

    The brain automatically takes in signals and then  these signals are converted and translated into something we can use.  How accurate is this process?  Science says that this process is consistent and all humans have this same process.  This process is very accurate onto itself.  Under the same conditions and whenever my eyes sense a certain light frequency, today, tomorrow, or twenty years from now, it will still be converted and  translated as a particular color, say, yellow.  Because I will see that same frequency, or close to it, in the sun, in some flowers, in some birds, in some insects, and so on.  It matches closely.  Another frequency will be another color.  Is the translation of  one color more accurate and truer than the other color?  All are the same and each is equal in accuracy.  This is certain.

    If one throughout one’s life never saw a leaf, never held a leaf, never had any experience with a leaf, and never was ever told about a leaf, then, upon a walk, would that person coming upon a leaf will know it is a leaf?  This person would not know it is a leaf.  However, one’s translator would recognise the color of the leaf and by the use of color from being a contrast to the background of the ground, the translator would translate its shape.  People who are color blind substitute a variation of the color, giving it a greyer color, but will still be able to pick out the object’s shape against a contrasting background.

    Basically, when one is looking outside with a field of vision consisting of many thousands of pixels, the eyes are sensing only colors.  If a person has never seen both the color of the leaf and a  leaf itself, the eye will still sense the light vibrations reflected off the leaf.  The only way that the leaf will not be sensed if there is a void of vibration coming from the leaf.  And in nature, there are no voids.

    How is it possible to have so many details and variety of shapes, environments, and objects?  The eyes are sensing all the multiple of colors from the thousands of pixels giving us the thousand pebbles on the beach, or all the leaves on a tree, or all the thousands of blade of grass on a lawn.  This is all done automatically and accurately.

    All we are seeing are colors.  Our translator then takes the colors, converts and translates them into shapes, sizes, and distances.

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  • years ago i heard an author that i liked at the time speak and there was one thing she said that always stuck with me. she said that she writes characters by writing the contradictions within them.

    and isn’t that such a beautiful way to frame not just how we write but how we think about people? because we all contain so many contradictory aspects. we are not just a collection of traits; we are weird, oxymoronic creatures that constantly contradict our own personalities and frame ourselves differently and rediscover who we are. and i think that’s absolutely fascinating.

    anyway to the zero people wondering, that’s where my username is from.

    #psychology is just backwards character design #yes this is very much like that quote about how we all contain multitudes but i can’t remember who said that #writing#psychology#perception#character design
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  • image

    The truth can be as fickle as the bearer whose lips it tumbles from. ~ Maeve

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  • My favorite Halloween costume from my childhood (age 10) was The Hulk.

    For three reasons:

    1.       I made it myself

    2.       I wore it two years in a row

    3.       It made my outside look how I felt on the inside – tough but complicated

    I cut up an old pair of jeans to look as though my tiny legs had busted through the seams and to make it appear like I’d grown taller. I took an old white dress shirt and shredded the sleeves to symbolize my biceps exploding in rage and slightly shredded away the length. I put black (safe) spray paint in my hair and painted my legs, arms and face in Hulk green to complete the look. There is a photo of this masterpiece somewhere in an old album, I just don’t have access to it right at this moment. I know I looked magnificent because I remember the feeling of hiding behind this larger than life character for a night while grunting for candy or else “HULK SMASH!” your front door down. I love this memory.

    Now let’s address this – I did green face.

    I refuse to apologize and if The Hulk wants to come find me and break me like a hard pretzel, well then he better bring backup because even though I am no longer painting my face green… I have turned myself into a Hulk. Ok, a mini Hulk. But I can conjure up a temper and throw a tantrum while also being completely unreasonable and void of real direction. So… yeah, he’s going to need someone other than Black Widow to come with him.

    I should mention that I am white. And not just white – I am Scottish white (Scottish heritage, born in Canada). Fair skinned, blonde hair, green eyes and I once thought mashed potatoes were the best food of all time. Until I discovered garlic mashed potatoes. Mind blown.

    “I love humanity, but I hate humans.” – Albert Einstein

    Let’s not lie – being white has its privileges. Do I know what all those privileges are? No, probably because I’m privileged in some way. But I find myself going back to the same bit to explain so much that I encounter in life:

    Until my high school guidance councillor explained to me what suicide was, I had no idea it was a thing. I had no idea it was a possibility and I certainly did not know that many people were actively participating.

    My lack of knowledge wasn’t due to privilege but rather because suicide had never been apart of my life experience. Would we call that ignorance? Some definitely would because it literally means ‘being unaware’. I feel an ignorant person is not only being unaware, but also a first-rate wanker because they won’t educate themselves or evolve and wish to remain blind to reality.

    Once I became aware of suicide, I didn’t pretend it didn’t exist. I started to pay attention. I didn’t brush it off as an experience that didn’t affect me but rather a symptom of fragile mental health and I gave it the consideration it deserved as something that many people were suffering through… most of the time alone. If I see something that is wrong, that I know needs my support – I am there.

    That is not my privilege speaking, that is my humanity.  


    The senseless murder of George Floyd ignited a firestorm.

    (A firestorm is a conflagration (an extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property) which attains such intensity that it creates and sustains its own wind system. It is most commonly a natural phenomenon, created during some of the largest bushfires and wildfires.)

    When I saw the footage on the news – I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the blank, almost twisted look on that officer’s face as he drove his knee down on George Floyd’s neck. I didn’t understand the blatant inaction of the other officers while witnessing this brutal extinguishing of a human being. I didn’t understand why this level of aggression was necessary on someone who was already subdued. And I didn’t understand why the words “I can’t breathe” didn’t invoke an ounce of compassion or relief.

    Then came the protesting. Then the riots. Then the looting. And I still didn’t understand.

    While some people want to group all three of these events, in my mind, these are three separate actions. Because by attaching the riots and the looting with the genuineness of the protesting…  it lessons the cause, blurs the intention and distracts from the truth… therefore painting the protestors with a brush of violence, greed and chaos. And that is beyond unfair.

    The PROTESTS are NOT out of control.

    The pain and frustration are what’s out of control and more importantly the injustice is out of control and people are responding to a situation where they feel angry and powerless. Yes, the fires, destruction of property and looting are awful collateral here but it’s important to not loose focus on what caused this current situation. We often look at with contempt and criticize reactions while forgetting the action that started everything.

    And that is another injustice.

    I wouldn’t even know how to begin writing about Black Lives Matter or Antifa. I say this because of the controversy surrounding both movements. And if you dive deep enough into the internet, like I did, you too will begin to suffer from what I like to call ‘I don’t know what to fucking think anymore-itis’.

    So, I’m going to escape talking about these two groups with this:

    “Instead of feeling threatened by and hating a movement, be glad you don’t need a movement.”


     My experience with black people is pretty limited. Not by choice, but rather due to geography, common interests and quite possibly socioeconomics. I can count on one hand the number of black people I knew throughout my school-aged years. My area was diverse in other ways, so no, I did not grow up in White Breadville. I mention all this to lay down a bit of background before I continue.

    “I don’t see colour.” How many of us have said this at least once in the last six months? I have. And I probably said it to prove to myself or someone else that I wasn’t racist. But I no longer say that… because the truth is, I do see colour. I see ALL the fucking colours and they are beautiful. It’s people who are ugly.

    If you were to ask me point blank if I was racist, I’d tell you point blank – I am not. And I’d say this with absolute belief in my character and sincerity. I care less about your skin colour and nationality and more about you returning your shopping cart to its proper location. That is the truth. Your religion doesn’t bother me at all (as long as you’re not cramming it down my throat) but your ability to treat others with genuine kindness and compassion sure matters to me. And I don’t give a flying fuck how you want to identify… be a Martian, I’m totally cool with that, but bully others in my presence and I will come at you with the full force of nuclear pasta (look it up).

    The last handful of months (I’m assuming here) has caused most of us to pull up and examine those deep in the corner of our brain concepts. You know the ones – the ones that might get you questioned by The Thought Police if they existed outside of fiction. It’s ok, we all have those little bastard notions creeping around… no matter the skin colour. I started to take a closer look at some of the things I think and how they would affect others if I wore those thoughts on a t-shirt. Needless to say, I’m not super impressed with myself. Because while I know with all my heart that I am not a racist person, I do recognize that I buy into and perpetuate some stereotypes. And I have zero excuses. This admission makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I’m ok with that… I can learn through discomfort.

    I hear many people talking about and referring to white guilt.

    -          White Guilt: ‘the feelings of shame and remorse some white people experience when they recognize the legacy of racism and racial injustice and perceive the ways they have benefited from it’.

    I do not feel shame and remorse as a white person. As a human being, I am ashamed of how many of my fellow humans treat those who do not look the way they do or do not come from the same background. Do I believe there is a legacy of racism and racial injustice? Yes, 100%. Have I benefitted from this because I am white? I may be too dumb to answer this correctly. Or maybe too white? Or maybe I’ve had blinders on because based upon my own level of perception, I’ve always struggled to navigate my own existence therefore only know what has directly prevented me from being who and what I want in this world?

    I underlined ‘level of perception’ because as the quote goes: “I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand things from their level of perception”

    Earlier I said there were so many things I didn’t understand about George Floyd’s death and the protests etc. but here is something I do comprehend - there’s a big difference between understanding someone’s plight and being understanding of someone’s plight. Sympathy doesn’t require a total understanding of what problems other people are experiencing.

    I may not fully grasp the struggles of those in the black community because it is not my experience but I will not ignore, deny or challenge their struggles. I will however educate myself on the issues, observe my own reactions and offer support in the ways I can and offer compassion to anyone who is willing to accept a little love from a min Hulk.

    Nothing I write here is meant to change your mind. It is not meant to offend or shame you for how you may feel or think and nothing I write here is meant to lessen the seriousness of the current situation facing an entire community of people. As a writer my only goal is often to just disrupt your thoughts. Period.

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  • All violence is the result of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain derives from other people and that consequently those people deserve to be punished.


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  • image

    Growth is a detox process, as our weakest, darkest places are sucked up to the surface in order to be released. Often, upon seeing the weaknesses in each other, we have the tendency to go, “yuck!” and walk away on some level. But often it is not a change in partners but rather a change in perception that delivers us to the love we seek.

    When we shift our view of the purpose of intimacy - from serving our own needs as we define them to serving a larger process of healing - then an entirely new opportunity presents itself. Our wounds have been brought forward, not to block the experience of love, but to serve it.

    It is in the forgiveness of our weaknesses that we are healed of them, and the tenderness of a forgiven heart is a tenderness that will ultimately heal the world.

    ~ Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love

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  • The flow is pure consciousness.  What we experience it as, we give it a name and by giving it a name, made it into a static object, as motionless and lifeless as rocks and stones.  This is the only means and the only process it has: by making something into a defined shape, experience, and purpose. This is how we can study, examine, dissect, and learn.  We take snapshots and each snapshot, each picture, becomes our object.  We have done this to the flow.

    Here’s an illustrative example. You have a pair of dice and you just keep throwing them and eventually you become aware that certain combinations and certain numbers keep coming up more than others. And, your life goes on, no real long-term changes to your life.  Now, you are doing the same action of throwing the dice, but this time you are playing a game with your friends, the game of Risk and your army is challenging or defending the opponent’s army.  

    The same actions of throwing the dice, but now, there are more emotions into the throwing.  The effects are more longer term than from before.  Winning or losing the game, will demonstrate to your friends your brilliancy.  This spills over to how your friends perceive you in your interactions with them, in the past, the present, and in the future.  There are longer-term consequences to this same, simple action of throwing the dice.

    Now, you find yourself in a casino, or any other gambling game where money is involved.  The money won or lost has longer-term consequences.  You might even lose your house, your fortune, your family, your loved ones, and your soberness.

    What has changed?  We take snapshots and conclude that each picture is different, with a different setting, and with a different purpose and consequences.  What we do not examine is that you have selected the environments and the situations.  You have made choices.  Your life has branched into many alternatives.  This is the flow.

    Inside your brain, there are many neural patterns and each with its own situation and consequences.  You look at your life and you can see your history of your flow.  What is the initial push of the first movement of your flow which then continues on its own pathway?  Is your fist movement a giving or taking?  Taking creates a different flow from giving.

    This is the flow of one’s life.

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