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    Molly: I don't hear anything.

    Arthur: What's the matter with that?

    Molly: Seven kids and no noise. That's what's the matter with that... I've never heard such a loud silence.

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    03.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    My Beloved Imaginary People

    You know when a character is good when they manage to make you shake your head....

    with exasperation....

    and fondness.....

    at the same time. Mostly just the male characters....

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    03.08.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Good morning hotties. Here’s my head cannons in my dr for the Weasley family!

    -molly like loves me cuz i teach her muggle recipes and what they’re cooked for

    -Arthur loves it when i bring him back like stupid stuff from the muggle world like rubber ducks

    -the twins and i blast doja cat all the damn time

    -i taught ginny how to make friendship bracelets so we make them for each other every break

    -Percy helps me study whenever he’s there for the holidays cuz i’m stoopid

    -the twins make these nuts/your mom jokes so fucking often. It hurts.


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  • daydreams-magic01
    03.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    A Howler

    (Percy Weasley x female reader)

    (Not my gifs, credit goes to the creators)

    Main Masterlist

    Requested by: Anon

    Requests: Open

    Fandom: Harry Potter (Golden Trio Era)

    House: Hufflepuff

    Request: ‘Heyy! Can you write a Percy Weasley x Hufflepuff!reader where Percy and Y/N are secretly dating and the twins know and are fine with it, they’re good friends with Y/N. Then Ron and Ginny find out and write a letter to Molly. The next day Percy receives a howler from Molly about how she’s annoyed that he’s kept his girlfriend a secret and how he needs to invite her to the Burrow for the holidays, etc’

    Warnings: Swearing and an innuendo.

    Love the idea, and sorry for the wait.

    Words: 1.4K

    Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction, the scenarios, the reader, and the dialogue are all mine. I tried my best at being British.

    This should only be found on my blog.

    Author is always me on this blog: @daydreams-magic01​ .

    A/N: Please do not copy or plagiarise this, or put it in your own book, etc. It should only be found here. Also, please mention if I should make a taglist and if you wanted to be added. I also tried by best at being British.

    Thank you.


    "Shhhh," (Y/n) giggles, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck. With NEWTs coming up and Sirius Black's escape, the two have barely gotten to see each other. Standing on the tip of her toes, the Hufflepuff leans in, pursing her lips as she attempts to get a quick snog with him.

    "(Y/n)," he sighs, running his hands up and down her waist as he looks down at her, "I don't think that this is the best place or idea."

    She quickly opens her eyes, furrowing her brows as she stands down, "but you said that you missed us snogging."

    "Well - yes," his cheeks flush, and he clears his throat, taking his hands off of her for a second to straighten his tie, "but -," he laughs softly, shaking his head at her, "you minx - I have you know that I'm Head Boy."

    "That hasn't stopped you before." She wiggles her eyebrows, and his cheeks flush again, as well as his neck and ears. "I'm only joking."

    "I know," he runs his hand through his hair, biting his lip, "it's just with Sirius Black, and everything that." (Y/n) sighs softly, leaning up to press a kiss on his cheek as she wraps her arms back around his neck to pull him into a hug.

    They stand like that for a while, enjoying each other's presence until (Y/n) pulls back.

    "Dumbledore has this school under constant watch," Percy has to hold back from rolling his eyes at the mention of that man's name, "the Dementors are keeping a good watch too."

    Percy hums in agreement, smiling as he looks down at her. She makes him the happiest man in the world.

    "I guess I can let you being out past curfew slide." He grins down at her, wrapping his arms around her as he leans down and gently presses his lips to hers.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "What the fuck?" Percy's younger brother's jaw drops open, chocolate frog falling into the pile in his arms, and he has to catch himself before he accidentally drops them.

    "Merlin." Ginny, Percy's youngest and only sister, feels as if there is a bad taste in her mouth. Fred and George's dear friend (Y/n) is kissing their prudish brother. Now, Fred, they could understand, but Percy, no.

    "I don't sodding remember hearing about any of this." 

    Ginny gasps, turning to her brother as her eyebrows shoot up, "I reckon they haven't told mum."

    Ron gasps, a smirk forming on his face, "maybe we ought to tell her."

    His sister nods her head, ducking back around the corner with him. She fixes her arms, making sure not to drop any of the sweets, "it is the right thing to do."

    The brother nods, looking down, "Mum would be devastated if she knew that Percy had a secret girlfriend, especially if it was (Y/n)."

    She nods again, "at least now we know why she kept volunteering to go get Percy and why she spent so much time in his room."


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Morning," George rings out, wrapping an arm around (Y/n) as she walks into the Great Hall for breakfast.

    "Morning. Still can't believe you would choose our git of a brother over us," Fred sighs, coming to her other side, also wrapping an arm around her.

    "Or me. What on Earth led to that choice?" The other twin jokes, smiling at his brother and then her.

    (Y/n) shakes her head, straightening her tie and cheeks flushing as she catches the eyes of her boyfriend. It was only yesterday that they last saw each other officially in the corridor, but she already misses his touch and presence. "Percy is Percy, and you are you."

    "Huh?" The twins stop as she takes a seat, grinning at the lovely 'V-sign' profanity she gifts them.

    "Always thought she would choose one of us, mate." Fred sighs dramatically, turning on his heels.

    "Me too, brother, me too. Do you reckon it's a Weasley thing?" George asks, walking alongside his brother, shoving his hands into his pocket. Fred turns to him, raising a brow as he mirrors the action. "It's just that I'm almost sure that Ron fancies her too." 

    "Who does Ron fancy?" Percy asks, looking away from (Y/n) as the eldest twin takes a seat next to him.

    "Your girlfriend."

    Percy laughs softly before scrunching his nose, "I'd be alarmed if she fancied him back, seeing as he's thirteen."

    The two hum in agreement, making fellow noises of disgust as they fill up your plates. "And that (Y/n) is your girlfriend," George finishes.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Post." Oliver Wood announces, putting his cutlery together as he holds out his arms in expectation. Percy smiles at the Quidditch Captain's excitement, not expecting any post for himself.

    Then it lands.

    A terrifying red envelope. 

    Those on the table closest to him jaw's drop. What's next?

    Will Fred and George stop pranking?

    "I think this is for you, George, Fred," he goes to pick it up, but it flies into the air, directly in front of his eyes.

    "Blimey, Percy has a Howler," Harry Potter says, fork dropping to his plate. Their table is waiting in anticipation, and upon hearing Harry, the rest of the Hall and even the teacher's table turn to him.

    (Y/n) bites her lip, turning around to face his back. She knows how much he hates and fears disappointing his parents and family.


    The Weasley's jump at their mother's voice whilst the rest do at the volume.

    (Y/n) sighs, getting ready to comfort her dear Percy.


    Percy keeps his gaze fixated on the Howler whilst he internally holds back tears of mortification. He has no idea what is happening, but he can only assume he has done something horrible or offensive, and he hates disappointing and messing up.

    He has kept his brothers and sisters safe despite Sirius Black being about, so he can't have messed up so bad. 


    Percy sighs in relief at the shift of tone, and his brows furrow.



    "WELL DONE, PERCY! I ALWAYS KNEW YOU HAD IT IN YOU!" Arthur chimes in, followed by furious and excited clapping.


    "WOOH! HIP-HIP-HOORAY!" Arthur chimes in again, clapping once more. The Great Hall erupts into laughter as the couples cheeks flush and Percy's youngest brother and sister give each other a look.


    There's a pause which he takes as the chance to turn around and glance nervously at his girlfriend. He can only hope that she still wants to be with him after this.


    Mrs Weasley's voice calms down, and Percy can imagine her smile as her shoulders heave, and she attempts to control her breathing, "well done, though, Percy. And well done Fred and George with the game, your father and I are ever so proud, and Ron with your Transfiguration exam and Ginny, well done in Herbology, your father and I are so proud."

    The other children smile, cheeks, necks and ears flushing.

    "And, (Y/n), I expect to see you over the holidays. See you then."

    The Howler hisses, folding in on itself.

    Percy turns back around to his girlfriend, preparing to ask the feared question, and he can already guess the answer. Straightening his tie, he fidgets in his seat before flashing a smile at her. 

    "So -"

    (Y/n) cuts him off, flashing him a reassuring smile. "I can't wait for the holidays, but I can only stay for a while. What shall I tell home?"

    Percy beams, a smile that his brothers and sister recognise as one that they rarely see. 

    "Whatever you want to, love."

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Please do not copy ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • remuslupininskirts
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    part two to my perciver series (part 1 is here)

    around the same time that percy and penny became friends oliver and percy actually started to talk more and not just about who should use the shower first

    maybe the turning point was when they started to discuss muggle music (which they both loved)

    Oliver didn't know as much about the topic as the other boy but percy vowed to teach him more about it 

    by the end of third year oliver and percy were attached at the hip and had even bought a record player and some records for there dorm

    forth year started and everything seemed to go smoothly, percy, penny and oliver always hung out together. this was good well until the summer term.

    they had just got back from easter break when the rumours started up.

    everyone thought percy and penny were dating and neither of them really dismissed the rumours because neither of the were ready to come out to the school, hell even Oliver didn't know, and this was a good cover for them.

    oliver slowly stopped talking to percy and penny throughout the term and the later two were confused why

    they tryed to talk to oliver but every time they did he would brush them off

    Oliver only worked out why he was mad at the other two at the end of term he fuckn' likes- no loves Percy Weasley

    in going to have to do a part three... sorry


    #good percy weasley #oliver x percy #gay percy weasley #percy x oliver #percy weasley#perciver #gay oliver wood #oliver wood #lesbian penny clearwater #penny clearwater#fake/pretend relationship#perciver supremacy
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  • weasleyswizardpleases
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    ok new challenge percy stans drop your fave percy fic i’m intrigued rn

    #percy weasley #percy weasley x reader #percy weasley fics #weasley family
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  • the-bisexual-twin
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    My headcanons for Harry Potter characters’ sexualities and gender identities:

    (*these are all my opinion, anyone not on the list I don’t really have an opinion on*)

    James: omnisexual cis

    Sirius: gay demiboy

    Remus: bisexual cis

    Lily: pansexual cis

    Regulus: polysexual cis

    Snape: either straight or internalized homophobia cis

    Pettigrew: straight cis

    Bill: pansexual cis

    Charlie: aromantic asexual enby

    Percy: gay cis

    Fred: bisexual cis

    George: bisexual cis

    Ron: polysexual cis

    Ginny: bisexual cis

    Harry: bisexual demiboy

    Hermione: pansexual cis

    Neville: pansexual demiboy

    Luna: omnisexual genderqueer

    Draco: bisexual (preference for girls) cis

    Blaise: trans gay

    Lee: gay cis

    Oliver: bisexual (preference for guys) cis

    Dean: bisexual cis

    Seamus: gay cis

    James Sirius: bisexual (preference for guys) cis

    Albus Severus: gay demiboy

    Lily Luna: pansexual genderfluid

    Teddy: polysexual demiboy

    Scorpius: trans bisexual

    Fred II: gay cis

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  • 1littleshippergirl1
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was thinking of after I finish my series where Percy helps his siblings (and Harry), I could do a series where his younger siblings (and Harry) help Percy in different ways

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  • weasleyswizardpleases
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    serious questions what do percy stans see in him? what are the compelling headcanons? because i see ya’ll on my dash but the canon is giving us wet blanket, dry as a bone, etc

    #percy weasley #percy weasley?
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    so i suck at screenshotting so no pic unfortunatly but

    Im playing hogwarts mystery,and and im telling Penny abt my quidditch training with Skye and theres a kid behind us who if you tap on him and give x amount of energy,one of his responses is "Of course I'm eavesdropping! You're talking about quidditch!" And my first thought was "Oliver Wood?"

    Cuz like,this is smth Oliver wo(o)uld do(see what i did there( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) so is this kid his dad? older brother? Older cousin? Uncle? Grandfather? Cuz like there is no way in my mind this kid is not related to Wood. And idk if this kids House is based on your characters House but ima Slytherin and the kid in the back is a Slytherin so it would be funny if Oliver met this dude and they talk abt quidditch and then get in an argument of Gryffindor vs Slytherin teams


    and at the end of me explaining my quidditch training,Skye comes out of no where after i say "Skye only cares about winning the House Cup and probably thinks that i can win that Cup" or smth along those lines. Sounds like a certain Wood with a certain Potter...(im obvi sayin that Skye and Wood might be related as well,so Wood's family could be famous through Skye's so yea. Imagine if Oliver didnt know and he starts fanboying over and Percy gotta calm him,Clearwater and Flint down bc they are obvi quidditch fanatics)

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  • youreanangelbaby
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    character playlists masterpost

    bucky barnes

    peter maximoff

    fred + george weasley

    james potter

    nick + jess

    percy jackson

    blaise zabini

    hermione granger

    charlie weasley

    tom riddle

    bill weasley

    cedric diggory

    regulus black

    harry potter

    neville longbottom

    george weasley


    remus lupin


    oliver wood

    ginny weasley

    ron weasley

    luna lovegood

    fred weasley

    draco malfoy

    feel free to send in character requests or concepts <3

    #concept playlist#my playlist#music#playlist#spotify#spotify playlist #bucky barnes x reader #peter maximoff x reader #fred weasley x reader #george weasley x reader #james potter x reader #nick x jess #percy jackson x reader #draco malfoy x reader #harry potter x reader #oliver wood x reader #tom riddle x reader #regulus black x reader #remus lupin x reader #snape x reader #ginny weasley x reader #luna lovegood x reader #ron weasley x reader #cedric diggory x reader #neville longbottom x reader #bill weasley x reader #charlie weasley x reader #hermione granger x reader #indie#pop punk
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  • tamaha
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ready for another sad Percy AU?

    Once upon a time there was a little orphan boy. After his parents death he was given to his mother’s sister, his aunt, to be raised.

    After some time, she noticed that weird stuff happened around her nephew. Some incidents made her think she would be loosing her mind. Even though she loved him very much, she couldn’t handled the situations anymore. She decided that there might be other people more fitting to raise him. So she gave him to an orphanage. It broke her heart but she hoped that would be the best solution for him.

    (This will be a long one, sorry in advance.)

    Very soon the personal at the orphanage caught on that something was off with this boy. The most concerning was the thing he could do with his hair. Whenever he was around new people he would change his hair colour to match the others.

    Eventually the ministry of magic caught up with this and send someone to investigate. Professor McGonagall* figured out that the boy’s parents were a muggle woman, who died shortly after giving birth and a wizard, who died during Voldemort’s first uprising while fighting death eaters together along side his brother. They had interacted just briefly and he hadn’t even known that she was expecting.

    Professor McGonagall decided to put said boy with his father’ sister Molly Weasley nee Prewett and her husband Arthur Weasley. They already had four boys. Molly was devastier that her brother never get to know his son and they immediately took him in.

    The second he was with them he turned his hair red like he had naturally done before with new people.

    His birth mother had given him the name Perseus but Molly and Arthur confused it because he had always been called Percy, and wrote Percival Weasley on the adoption papers. They also added Ignatius.

    He grew up with his new family as if he had always been part of it. Nobody questioned why he could change his hair colour. Since he had always been surrounded redheads he never really changed into anything else anyway. They put it off as first signs of him being magical.

    He was just three years old when all that happened, so he never questioned if he was adopted or not. The younger siblings certainly didn’t know it and even the older ones didn’t questioned this new child among them. Molly and Arthur were so busy raising and feeding seven kids that they basically forgot at some point that Percy wasn’t their biological kid.

    All was well.

    Fast forward to Percy’s sixth year in Hogwarts, Transfiguration class. They started the new term with self transfiguration. Professor McGonagall made her rounds to give out advice. She already saw some good first attempts, even though some might have been unintended.

    Then she come to Oliver Wood. He still looked very much like himself. So she says something like “You have to keep up, Mr Wood. This now a NEWT class. It will only get harder.”

    Said Oliver turns towards her but the response comes from someone else next to him. “I am trying very hard over here.” When Professor McGonagall looks past the normal Oliver she sees another Oliver with a beard on looking very focused into one of the many mirrors.

    Professor McGonagall looks back to normal Oliver just as bearded Oliver turned as well and flinches when he sees himself just few feet away.

    By now every one in class had stopped to stare at the two Olivers. Normal Oliver slowly transitioned back into Percy Weasley. Classmates started to sigh and groan in frustration because Percy just outperformed everyone again and by now don’t even questioned what they just saw. Oliver is amazed by his friend but Professor McGonagall keeps staring. The only time she had seen someone transfigure themselves so good and so quickly on the very first try was Nymphadora Tonks. And she was a Metamorphmagus to begin with.

    She absently tells everyone to keep trying. Some classmates had gathered around Percy and asked him to copy them. He did a Hufflepuff girl and a Ravenclaw boy but after that he was obviously exhausted. One Slytherin laughed that he is already exhausted which led to Oliver calling them out that they can’t do more than a hair colour change either.

    McGonagall gives Percy a piece of chocolate and ends the class.

    In the emptiness of her class room she tries to make sense of what she had just seen. She remembers back to the boy she had brought to the Weasleys. How he had changed hair in no time. Only now did she realised how much Percy Weasley looks like Arthur. His adoptive father to which he is not related to. Percy does not come from the Weasley branch of the family but from the Prewett branch. Something did not add up here.

    She asks Molly and Arthur for a meeting. She actually went to the burrow for the talk. When they talked Professor McGongall could literally see how they had forgotten about Percy not being their biological son but their nephew. She wants them to tell him that he is adopted, so that he can acknowledge that he is a Metamorphmagus and train that skill accordingly.

    Molly and Arthur hesitated to agree on Professor McGonagall’s request. They knew that Percy often had trouble to see himself being part of the Family because of all the differences with his siblings. They tell Professor McGonagall to think about it but later decide against telling him because they feared that it would make him turn away from the family.

    In the meantime did Professor McGonagall offer Percy to skip Transfiguration for some time, cause the class would continue the practise in precision, which he obviously already had mastered. The free time should be used to study for one of his other classes. She only tells him to do so while being transfigurated. Just one thing at the time, like a different hair colour, not a full transfiguration. That should help practise the duration of a transfiguration.

    Unfortunately there isn’t much more she can do for him as long as his parents do not tell him the truth.

    And they don’t. He has to learn it almost three tears later when he has this hearing about his boss Barry Crouch Sr. being under the imperio charm without him noticing. That’s when for some reason a ministry clerk goes though all his legal papers along the adoption papers.

    In the end, that’s the real reason for the fallout between him and his parents.

    Percy has some sort of identity crisis. Not only because he had been lied to, and actually doesn’t have siblings, but only cousins and is very much NOT a Weasley in the slightest.

    What really gives him the rest is that he does not know how he should look like. He certainly should not look like Arthur Weasley. At all.

    He has barely an idea what his actual parents look like. He spends evening after evening remodelling his face due to the sparse information he has but it always fell back to the face so similar to Arthur Weasley. He often cries himself to sleep.

    But with the possibility with Voldemort being back Percy decides to keep the name Weasley, because it provides him with the protection of a pure blood.

    He eventually seeks out his other Aunt, the one who had first taken care of him to get to know more about his biological mother. She already had children herself. He never told her that he is magical but assured her that he grew up in a good family. She was very happy to reconnect with her.

    With the battle of Hogwarts he got back together with his magical family. They fought together and grieved together afterwards.

    Eventually when everything had started to be normal again, even if hurt on some days.

    At some point, when all of them had gotten together for a dinner and got a little bit tipsy afterward, Bill, for some reaso started to tell how he remembered all of his siblings being born. He also came up with something about Percy’s birth. Percy was like, “Haha, yeah, as if!”

    And only then comes the awkward revelation that Percy is not in fact their sibling.

    No one could believe it that Percy is their cousin. Percy was a bit angry with his parents that they never told the rest of the family like they never wanted to tell him either.

    As proof, Percy points at the old grandfather clock with a hand for every family member. Bill points out that Percy is on it, so he obviously is their brother. But Percy refers to the order of the hands.

    It’s Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Ginny. Showing the order of the family members to become part of the family.

    *Since Professor Dumbledore, the deputy headmaster at that time, went to seek out Tom Riddle from the orphanage, it would be now up to Professor McGonagall, the next deputy headmistress, to look for little Percy in the Orphanage.

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  • tuberculosis-toad
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    shout out to all golden trio fanfic writers for having the time and patience to figure out the age differences of the weasley family

    #harry potter#weasley family#ron weasley#ginny weasley#fred weasley#george weasley #fred and george #fred and george weasley #percy weasley#bill weasley#charlie weasley#molly weasley#arthur weasley #i applaud you #i was curious so i looked it up and it took me like 20 minutes to figure it out
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  • remuslupininskirts
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    okay yeah yeah i know i'm a marauders page but just now i'm thinking about perciver soo... these are my head cannons for these boys.

    it was safe to say that percy weasley was not the most loved person in his family

    most of the time he was the forgotten sibling by his own parents, brothers and sisters

    growing up he didn't care about quidditch like everyone else in his family and was always out shone by charlie in school

    that's why when he got to hogwarts he threw himself into his school work to prove he was special to his parents

    spoiler alert it didn't work and just made him seem like a stick in the mud

    when percy was placed into gryffindor it didn't make sense to him he never thought he was very brave like his older brothers

    percy met oliver for the first time in their shared dorm after the sorting ceremony given that percy sat with his brother at dinner

    they didn't get of the the best start, they had different priorities, percy had school and oliver had what ever the hell he wanted to do besides school.

    and that was it for the whole of first and second year they more like Acquaintances than friends

    percy got to know a ravenclaw in there year called penny clearwater in year three, they were just friends though and they those two told each other everything

    including that they were both gay as fuck

    im going to do a part two of this because as you can see it's got a bit long and we haven't even got to the relationship yet sooo... i guess stay tuned for that??  

    #penny clearwater#percy weasley#perciver #i love theese boys #lesbian penny clearwater #gay percy weasley #gay oliver wood #oliver wood #oliver x percy #good percy weasley #moly weasley bashing #just a bit though #harry potter#weasley
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  • hpnonsense
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Percy: My sweet, sweet, baby, six year old daughter, Molly, just asked why she can't quit school and I said it's because they'll put me in jail

    Percy: Bitch seriously looked me in the eyes and said "I'll visit you"

    #harry potter #harry potter series #hp next generation #hp next gen #percy weasley #molly weasley ii #incorrect quotes
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  • weasleyswizardpleases
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago


    Summary: Young Fred harbors a queer little secret.

    Warnings: Coming out, language, being closeted, trans coming of age? 

    Notes: fluffy trans fred and george fic set when they were just wee ones! No romance, no reader insert.

    Tags: @lovely-slytherin @weasleyfilms @weasley2x

    Just before they started at Hogwarts, George noticed Fred getting a bit secretive, which was not usual for them at all. They shared just about everything with each other. If Fred had a weird poo, George knew about it. If Fred had a crush, George was first to find out. And if he had a scheme, of course, George was included. So it irked him that his sibling was withdrawing so much, and he began to worry that his plan was to shake him off in favor of new friends at Hogwarts the next year. 

    He spent about a week pouting and being cross, tricking him into dumping salt instead of sugar into his tea, pulling his hair and pretending not to know who did it, petty pranks. Then, one day, he was walking in the woods- alone, as he had resigned himself to the idea of doing without his twin in most things, these days- and he spotted a tuft of red hair just off the path, very nearly concealed from sight.

    He advanced and found that the hair was attached to his twin, who was standing in front of a mirror spell, looking at his reflection, only a few things were different, most notably, that Fred had a huge, unkempt beard.

    “Oi! What happened to you?” George called out. Fred started, looking sheepishly towards his brother. “Does the circus need a new bearded lady?” Fred laughed softly, but the sound caught in his throat.

    “Would you quit it? This is why I’m out here instead of in our room, I knew you’d make fun of me!” he cried, his voice wavering.

    “Are you crying?” George asked, suddenly worried. “C’mon, I’m sure it’s not permanent.”

    “George,” Fred said, drawing a deep breath. “When I go to Hogwarts, I want everyone to think I’m a boy. I’ve read books about girls who dressed as men to fight in the old wars, I think I can do it too. That way nobody will make me wear silly clothes or stop me from wrestling or tell me to sit with my legs crossed, you know? Don’t tell mum.”

    George looked at his twin thoughtfully. Being only eleven, neither of them had any idea what being transgender was, making this totally untrodden teritory for them. 

    “Well,” George said finally. “I don’t have a beard, and I’m a boy.” Fred smiled at his brother, and it was clear that they were together again, now that Fred’s secret was out.

    “Do you think people will believe it?”

    “Totally. We’re identical! At least, we are until you get-” George lowered his voice and looked around furtively. “Boobs.” He whispered carefully. 

    “Ew!” Fred cried, wrinkling his nose.

    “How will we get Percy on board?”

    “Bribe him?” Fred said, shrugging. 

    “Good idea. I was thinking of blackmail but he’s got no secrets,” George said approvingly. “You’ll need a new name, too.”

    “I was thinking of Alfred.”

    “That’s no good, people will start calling you Al, that’s an old man’s name! You’ve got to just go with Fred.”

    “Fred Weasley,” Fred said slowly, turning the words over in his mouth. “I like it.” 

    “Fred and George.”


    “Brothers.” They pinky promised to keep Fred’s secret from then on out, both from Arthur and Molly and from everybody at Hogwarts. Of course, Arthur and Molly and the rest of the Weasleys did find out not long after, thanks to Percy- but that’s a story for another time.

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  • 1littleshippergirl1
    02.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Fic idea

    (single dad Percy as always)

    What if for X reason, Percy adopts a little boy?

    Maybe Molly is around 13 and Lucy is 11

    The boy has been abused and doesn't easily trust. Percy desperately wants to help him but the boy cries a lot, has fits when he's scared or angry and just seems to not want to be there

    But Percy isn't going to give up

    This is how I envision him

    #harry potter #percy weasley fanfiction #percy weasley #molly weasley ii #lucy weasley #hp next gen #weasley fanfiction #harry potter fanfiction #hp fanfic
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