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  • Woohoo I have a life

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  • TMI but i need to get this off my chest so undercut

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  • TikTok: constantly putting the same wealthy gardener on my fyp

    Me: this content is interesting but I’m not following you

    TikTok: shows regular ass POC gardener once

    Me: looks like it’s time to watch all of their content and follow!

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    E poi ritrovi ste foto di tipo 2 anni fa… maglietta dello zodiaco abbinata al filtro insta…oook

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  • …What its like to be an essential worker in a hospital for non-humans. …If this all seems a bit extreme, remember that nobody knows contagious disease quite like a vet does.

    -The staff that has chosen to continue working has been divided into two teams that are now working 10 hour shifts on alternating 3 or 4 day weeks to minimize the number of times staff are going between work and the rest of the world, and how much contact staff members have with each other.

    -Staff is only allowed to enter and exit the building through a single entrance.

    -Staff departments are now isolated physically by tape and caution signs. Departments are only allowed to communicate via phone and in-office messaging software.

    -All staff are required to wear masks.

    -Workstations shared by multiple people (computer keyboards, desks, etc.) must be disinfected every 2 hours.

    -All doors inside the hospital are to remain propped open to prevent people from having to touch them.

    -The breakroom is closed - the alternative is to eat alone in an exam room and disinfect the floor and surfaces afterward, or to eat in your car.

    -Janitorial services are temporarily suspended - the staff is cleaning its own bathrooms and mopping its own floors twice a day.

    -Clients are no longer allowed in the building. They are instructed to call from their cars when they arrive to their appointments, at which point a designated “runner” in full PPE will come and take their animal. The only exception to this rule is for euthanasia - and the attending vet and family are required to wear full PPE.

    -In the case of dogs, runners are not allowed to use the client’s own leashes - they have slip leads which are used for a single patient and then washed in a bleach solution before being used again.

    -A technician meets the runner at the border between the lobby and the rest of the clinic and takes their animal to the treatment area.

    -The veterinarian then examines the animal and calls the owner on their cell phone to discuss the exam and treatments before the vet and technicians treat the pet and hand it back to the runner, who hands it back to the client in the parking lot.

    -Appointments are limited to sick animals only.  No wellness visits, except for puppies/kittens that need vaccines, or adult animals overdue for Rabies vaccines. Annual exam requirements for preventatives and maintenance meds (i.e flea preventatives, thyroid meds, seizure meds, insulin) are temporarily waived.

    -Clients are not allowed to visit their hospitalized animals unless they wear full PPE.

    -All elective surgeries (spay/neuter, minor dental cleanings, benign tumor/mass removals, etc.) with a few case-by-case exceptions, have been postponed until at least May.

    #vet clinic#vetmed#personal #i'm not sure why i wrote this #probably just to make it seem more real #because it still hasn't set in #how weird this all is
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  • #ooc #family member hospitalized #emotional#personal #might delete later #I just don't like behaving strangely without explaining myself #and most of you don't follow me on twitter so... #a little heads up here too #hospital#surgery
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  • You couldn’t pay me to do an escape room.

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    Stop TRYING! you don’t deserve my sugar…. and you damn sure not my daddy BYEEEEEE!!!!!!

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  • Had three (!!!) people hit me up over dm telling me I’m going to hell for liking Keatlejuice, because he is “gross”, “annoying” and “a dangerous predator”…

    Excuse me while I go cry in my closet now

    #catch me sobbing my eyes out #this actually gets to me #even after all this time i have been on tumblr #i hope you're happy you little fucks #keatlejuice#keatlejuice fanfiction #keatlejuice protection squad #beetlejuice#beetlejuice 1988#beetlejuice fanfiction#personal#lucy talks
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  • the americans are waking up finally y'all crackheads are making my feed interesting

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  • Thanks mother! It’s not like I am a human being with emotions or anything, nah! This is fine!

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  • Wish I wasn’t so angry and hateful all the time but honestly that’s like wishing I didn’t have so much blood in my body

    #Alex opens his trap #personal
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  • I miss raising my hand to speak.

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  • why do i keep having dreams about getting Funky with flesh monsters

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  • getting compliments by people who do not intend to take advantage of me is so uncomfortable, like you genuienly enjoy the way i look? damn

    #personal #bullied child culture is thinking every compliment is just someone playing an elaborate prank in you
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  • I think I’m starting to get a grasp of what depression feels like for me. It’s like this foggy headache that doesn’t hurt if that makes any sense? I can feel the heaviness in every part of my body just begging to lay down and go back to sleep.

    I was starting to feel a little better yesterday but today I feel like the depression is really bad. I have no interest in reading and that’s something I’ve been doing for the past few days. I’m so tired and exhausted from fighting this thing that I don’t even have the energy to think about self harming here or even letting the suicidal thoughts turn to active ones.

    So for now I’m going to turn off the light, set my phone to do not disturb and fall asleep and hope my dreams are better than this shitty nightmare that has become my life.

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  • @nettys-girl​ tagged me in this. :)

    Rules: pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions. don’t look at the questions until after you pick your shows! then tag some people.

    sooooo I don’t actually watch a ton of TV, so I just went with the first 5 I could think of that I’m currently watching or watched enough of to probably answer questions about them…. :/

    My Shows:

    1. Star Trek TNG
    2. Gravity Falls
    3. The Witcher
    4. Firefly
    5. Dr. Who

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