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    billie piper for göteberg film festival 2020

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  • today has been a hot mess, my English prof responded to my discussion that I was wrong basically and I wasted a lot of emotional energy stressing about it drafted a whole response and turns out there’s no function to respond back to him, I got turned around on the way to school and nearly had a panic attack trying to drive, there was a car crash in front of me on the way home from school and I ended up trying to turn in like the middle of the road, and stupidly enough I was behind a minivan playing the beginning of a movie on a little screen and I could not for the life of me figure out what movie it was, and that was the tipping point. I’m just like so angry, nothing has gotten finished or been fulfilling at all. I just feel like I try so much and stress out forever and then nothing works out.

    #its like pissing me off #personal
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  • Nnnn dog/house sitting and I can’t figure out hope to get the smart TV to work. Does this make me old or technology-dumb?

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  • *does the worm* haha I’ve never been closer to SUICIDE

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  • You may have noticed, I have returned.

    It has been so long and I’m now old & confused but I’m happy to be here¿

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  • wow FUCK i wish i wrrent ugly

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  • Time moves so painfully slow when you’re depressed. It feels like any voluntary muscle movement is delayed at 0.5 speed. And you’re just so so so tired

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  • What was the last catered event you attended?
    >> Divots and drinks at the mansion in Highlands. 

    What’s an easily-avoidable mistake you see far too many people making?
    >> Not wearing their seat belt. Just fucking do it. Literally saved my life. 

    How many continents have you been to, and which ones?
    >> Just the one I live on; North America. 

    How many continents has your best friend been to, and which ones?
    >> —

    How many continents has your dad been to, and which ones?
    >> I’m not sure which ones my step dad has been to, but he was in the Navy and traveled to a ton of places. 

    That’s enough questions about continents. Anyways, do you like Iron Maiden?
    >> Sure, some songs.

    What’s something that you love about yourself?
    >> My eye color. 

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  • I bought a pair of levi’s that I really like!

    #personal #the outlet store has a really good sale going on rn
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  • Kylie Jenner | Instagram | January 22nd 2020

    Kylie shared this snap on Instagram recently. Kylie wore a Manemane Tie-Dye Coat.  

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  • I have a LOT of crayons that are in great condition, but I don’t have a good place to put them. I’m currently keeping them in a Tupperware container and would like to get a box for them. BUT, I would prefer a box where I could stand them up and organize them by color, rather than something where I just dump them all in together. The idea is that if I wanted a specific color, I could easily find it without having to dig for it. 

    Does this box exist? So far all the ones I’ve seen are for colored pencils, and the few that do exist for crayons don’t come empty. If anyone knows where I could find such a treasure, I’d greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you!

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  • I know Shaq is hurting. Like…, :/

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  • i started posting selfies on my instagram in a similar manner that i post them here.. and already two dudes from my high school (both that I barely spoke to) have confessed in my dms……..

    #not saying that im hot now but im hot now #and dudes just be desperate 🤷🏻‍♀️ #*correction: i’ve been hot........... #personal
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  • Well I apparently managed to get a giant second degree burn on my entire fucking forehead in a tea related incident. This is great. Super fun. Super fun.

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  • My mom’s friend’s son and husband bought me a Monsta X album photo book thing out of nowhere

    #ive never met him but mom mentioned i like monsta x to his mom #and apperently hes in korea trying to become an idol #I don’t know how i feel about being a person who owns kpop merch but i like monsta x lots so #personal
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