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  • zeawesomebirdie
    24.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Not me having a breakdown and deleting my instagram

    #listen there are so many things im not proud of #i really regret that incredibly feminine phase #i definitely prefer being masculine and if im going to be feminine its gonna be in a masculine way #i really fucking want to delete my facebook too honestly #i cant because its the only way i can contact my partners #but otherwise i would #thanks tumblr for being the only tolerable social media i usr #not that i havent been cringe and horrible on here but at least on here you can see my growth and learning #like on fb and insta i just stopped posting so you cant see that ive become a better person #at least here i can point out like yeah no i dont believe xyz thing anymore or i have grown from xyz thing #vent post#btw#delete later #i just stopped using insta and fb entirely about a year ago #best decision i ever made honestly #i feel so much better #im tempted to delete reddit too but i dont really post on there #i just look at posts #anyway woot tumblr thanks for being the best social media of 2k21 #oof
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  • michellewolff11
    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ep. 117 Codependency Prevents Manifesting

    When we're focused on the external world we aren't at home in our bodies. This makes building a business and manifesting clients, income, relationships, health, so pretty much everything very difficult.

    When we try to change reality into something it's not, whether that's with a group of people or individuals, we are engaging in acts of violence. 

    The cure is going within to tend the ache in our own chests first.

    Check out this episode!

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  • bluewaterfamily
    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sun of the Middle Reflections

    Sun of the Middle Reflections: learn about your inner self and how this relates to the universe...

    https://open.spotify.com/episode/2K9GmgKXVWV6nl1TNtJ8WI?si=yq0bsloTQCGg2xIgEihN5A&dl_branch=1 During these interesting and challenging times, do you need a reason to celebrate? If so, there are four times a year when the earth rocks back and forth in relation to the sun. These movements defines the seasons. Have a listen to the podcast on the Orange Feather Podcast series, focusing on the Sun of…

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  • afaeah
    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    This time 2 years ago I was begging for the wrong love, 1 year ago I was falling in love, and today I am full of love with my right person.

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  • pumpkinsae
    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The butterfly gardens that is local is really special to me. I don't get to go very often and this time when I went, I didn't bring a fancy camera. (meaning over the summer) But it was really nice because I was able to feel like I could enjoy the gardens. Without having to fuss over a camera and trying to get the best pictures. I used my phone knowing the pictures will probably not be the best. But just something to remember my moment. And I had so much fun!

    #personal #also last time I was there i was with my groomer in 2012 #so like its sorta special place in that way too #like i've done so much growth
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  • personalcoachingcenter
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Power Coaching Tool: Fear Versus Action

    New Post has been published on https://personalcoachingcenter.com/power-coaching-tool-fear-versus-action/

    Power Coaching Tool: Fear Versus Action
    A Coaching Power Tool Created by Stephenson Robert (Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM)


    As a coach, who works with the narrative elements of the client, not the story that we can get caught up in, but more the Narrative of their current existence in relationship to the goal or challenge. I am keen to explore who they are “being” at the moment, that enables the challenge to exist in the first place, or the narrative they are holding onto that prevents them from taking the next step without the coaching intervention.
    During the opening of many coaching sessions, we can notice the blocks, limiting beliefs, or perceived truths that allow fear to come into the client space.
    When I talk about fear here, I am not talking about fear in relationship to real danger, fear of falling, fear of doing a dangerous sport. However, these fears may play apart in the coaching, often as metaphors for a more internal fear that my tool seeks to shift to create or rather enable action.
    As coaches, we are fully aware that it is the client that takes the step, and the coaching is the space that enables the step to be noticed, realized, gathered up by the client through the process.


    Noticing fear.
    One of the first steps is to notice fear showing up in the first place, and this might come from the client’s tone, energy, or physicality when talking about the goal or challenge. As we hold this in mind, it is essential to be mindful of applying our own agenda of fear being present, into the coaching space. Instead, we hold this lightly as a possibility, the same way we might look out for words like “should” and “must” as these are linguistic gateways into a client’s thoughts or feelings.
    The tone of fear.
    When working with Bobby on his desire to be a public speaker, one was able to notice the strong and confident tone of voice that flowed during the coaching conversation unless Bobby was exploring how he might handle questions from the audience that he didn’t know the answer to. There was a pulling back of the volume, a drop in tone. The was also accompanied by words such as “can’t”, “stuck” and “confusing”.
    By paying attention to the client tone and in fact language we might notice the “fear” making itself known but not necessarily in the clients conscious, but under the surface, which makes it important for the coach not to jump on the first noticing of tonal change as meaning fear, but reflecting the noticing of tonal shift with inquiry and openness, being very aware of continuing to hold rapport and presence with the client. A too forceful question may break rapport, cause the client to close up, or move away from the current felt state to relieve themselves from the coach’s path of questioning.
    Observing fear.
    When we can see our clients, we might also notice a physical reaction take place as fear becomes part of the conversation. We often talk of leaning into a challenge or leaning into space and can notice this happening physically as someone becomes more engaged in the conversation.
    However, when something pulls fear or anxiety into space, our clients may lean back, pulling away from the space, creating distance for themselves, retreating, or even getting smaller in front of our very eyes. However, these movements can be extremely subtle, and having trained as a mime artist in a past career; my eyes are tuned into physical detail, noticing the smallest of gestures.
    There is something else to be said here, too about noticing the client’s physicality. If we look, with focus, at the client’s face, we will miss the rest of the client and not see other physical signs showing themselves for noticing.
    When working with Bobby, as he got closer to his stuckness, there was a curling of the shoulders, a slight turning inwards and forwards. There was also a tilting of the head. All of this can be easily missed when working with the client when we become too focused upon one aspect, so the ability to be present while also not attached to any-one element is so important.
    The energy of fear.
    When we take the time to breathe, relax, and tune into the space between ourselves and our clients, we can often notice the energy between us. Sometimes we are not even aware of it until it changes or shifts. This is similar to walking into a room and noticing the tension in the space, or when a person of high positive energy walks into the room, and we feel that lift in energy.
    Depending upon your belief or paradigm, you may be more tuned into energy than others, and that is just fine, because as coaches we can still, regardless of our belief, notice the shift in energy, rapport, or attention between our client and ourselves during the session. Similar to the emotion we notice, just before it is physically displayed, by the client.
    We might think about it from a spacial perspective; there is the client in their space, us in ours and the space of the coaching relationship, and it is the caching relationship space we can notice shifting and changing as fear enters into it from the client. Sometimes we might notice this as our own fear but are unsure where this sensation is coming from, and we might just take the time to explore is this me, or is this in the space. You may even ask the client this as an open question, or a reflection of what you are noticing.
    So far, I have spoken about my own observations of fear, and I feel it is essential to share a few other perspectives:
    The dictionary talks about; an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. And while there may be no real physical danger for the client, they are often battling with the emotional aspect of fear, the felt sense as opposed to the physical threat of danger.
    Verywellmind1* talks of fear as being; a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. It involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response. This can allow us to know that this is a very human experience and that our clients are not odd, wrong, or broken to experience the emotions, it is simply a human reaction.
    They continue to say; Fear is a natural emotion and a survival mechanism. When we confront a perceived threat, our bodies respond in specific ways. Physical reactions to fear to include sweating, increased heart rate, and high adrenaline levels that make us extremely alert2*. This reinforces the idea that this is simply being human. However, as coaches, we work with our clients to explore the “realness” of the perceived danger which is where the Action part of the power tool comes into play, which we will explore in more detail later.
    In her book Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson says; fear is linked with the urge to flee….3*
    This may give us evidence, to notice why clients avoid leaning into what they fear, when exploring their goals or challenges, within a coaching session.
    Paul McGee also talks about fear, and how it can cause us to exaggerate our perception of danger, in his book Self-Confidence he says; ….feeling anxious is not the problem. The problem occurs when you allow the anxiety to overwhelm you…..being over-anxious causes you to exaggerate the negative impact of an event or the likelihood of that event occurring.4*


    So how might we put this knowledge into action? Here I outline the steps one might take, Using my client Johnny (name changed to protect the innocent: permission gained to use our sessions as examples) to highlight both the noticing of fear and the process that enables us to move from fear to action.
    Johnny had several public speaking engagements lined up, the initial excitement had shifted, leaving Johny with a very temperament at the beginning of the session. Initial observations;

    Lower tone of voice than usual

    A slower pace of speech

    Shoulders leaning forward

    Upper torso leaning backward

    Chin downwards towards chest

    An additional observation is a story being shared, the use of language such as;

    This is happening

    And then there is….

    They are doing this or that

    One can notice how this language isn’t about the self but for others. In some way, we can notice how Johnny is giving away his “power” in the situation, leaving a sense of powerlessness.
    First step – Reflection
    Here we reflect our noticings as the coach, without judgment or meaning, just what we are seeing and hearing—making sure to use as much of the client’s language as possible. This creates an observable perspective for the client to make their own reflections and noticings.
    Second step – Questioning
    Here we use our open questioning skills to explore what “might” be going on for the client. Keeping what I like to call “fluid language”. Words such as might, have an unusual quality of fluidity about them, not fixed. And that allows for changes, expansions, and emergence to take place for the client, without them being wrong or having to change their minds, just allowing the newness to exist and it emerges into space.
    The third step – Eliciting emotion
    This is the most delicate step of all, where one must be mindful of putting our own agenda or feeling onto the client. Firstly we ask the client.

    “I am wondering if there is any emotion here?” Or you might ask

    “What is the emotion that is happening for you right now?” One could also ask

    “I am wondering what emotion is coming up for you right now as you hear this/share this/reflect upon this?

    The client may share a myriad of emotions here, and you might even need to help the client name the emotion they are feeling using tools like the ‘emotion wheel’5*
    One can also use Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotion
    As we view these tools, we can see the emotions linked to or associated with fear. It is not for us to diagnose the client as having fear, but to explore if this is a possibility, which leads to step four
    Fourth – the challenge
    Whenever we, as coaches, name what we feel as being in the space or a possibility, it is important to do so in a way that it is a question not a statement of fact.
    One might even ask for permission to share this reflection; however, this permission might have already been gain within your original coaching contract. You may wish to recontract at this moment or not, but one must make sure that we continue to hold the space for the client, as well as coaching presence and rapport.
    When working with Johnny, with who I have had a daily long coaching relationship, I can simply ask the question, without seeking additional permission, using language that is open, reflective, and a holding supportive tone.
    “Johnny, as I hear you share and we explore I am wondering if fear might be playing a part here….What are your thoughts on that?
    Having worked with Johnny for a while, we have explored the idea of fear before, so this word is familiar, you may wish to wait until the client brings the word into space, for concern of leading or bringing the coaches agenda into space. However, I feel when done right, the client can reject your wonderings easily if there is no resonance. And the coach must allow this rejection to take place without attachment.
    Fifth step – the consequences
    Once you have elicited the emotions, as it may not be fear that is holding the client back or keeping them stuck, we can then explore the consequence of staying in this space.
    I am aware that in each of our coaching spaces, there may be other routes that may come to mind or be more useful, as it is with all coaching processes. However, to share how I enable movement, I will assume that the client is stuck, held back, or inactive in progression at this time.
    We can call on the consequences questions, which we can also use with visualization if our client desires.

    If you stay in this place for 3 months, what might happen?

    If you stay in this space for 6…..

    If you stay in this space for 1,2,3…5 years, what might that mean/bring/happen?

    This visualization journey allows the client to picture what may continue to happen if they stay where they are right now. This often brings about a desire to move forward, to take action, to create change, especially as the client may see how being inactive/passive/settling, how they will not be able to achieve the goals that they desire. This shift in perspective brings about a desire to take action, which we can then continue to coach the client for them to build the steps of action.


    While working with my client’s I am mindful not to allow this tool to drive my coaching, but to sit in the background, brought into space when the vocal and physical indicators show up in the space, and even then not to push but allow. It is all too easy for a tool to become leading, and it is our offering into the space that allows us to bring it with openness and gentle offering, that allows it to be accepted or rejected without tension or a breaking of the coaching relationship.
    I also feel that it take a sense of connection and courage to bring this tool into the coaching relationship, challenging the client to explore their fear without having developed a relationship with them, can lead to damaging the coaching relationship in a way that is unrepairable. However, one needs the courage to challenge our clients, challenge them to look deeper, to go further, to take a deep breath and face what is, so that they can address it, except its presence, and make the choice to do something about it when and where appropriate to them.
    I hope this tool enables you to assist your client’s movement from Fear to Action, in a supportive, encouraging, and powerful way, leading to the achievement of their goals.


    1* https://www.verywellmind.com/the-psychology-of-fear-2671696
    2* Kozlowska K, Walker P, McLean L, Carrive P. Fear, and the defense cascade: Clinical implications and management.
    3* Positivity, Barbara Fredrickson,pg19
    4* Self-Confidence, Paul McGee, pg 144
    5* Emotion wheel
    Original source: https://coachcampus.com/coach-portfolios/power-tools/stephenson-robert-fear-v-s-action/
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  • personalcoachingcenter
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Learn About Leadership And How To Improve Your Skills

    New Post has been published on https://personalcoachingcenter.com/learn-about-leadership-and-how-to-improve-your-skills/

    Learn About Leadership And How To Improve Your Skills

    In the world of business, truly great leadership is a beautiful thing to behold.

    But, not everyone understands what it takes to lead others or to get the most out of other people’s potential. This post offers some terrific insights about leadership that can help almost anyone finds success in this realm.
    No one is able to read your mind. Leave the lines of communication open and explain exactly what your expectations are for every project. This way, your staff will not hesitate to ask questions if they do not understand any of your expectations.
    Always remember that a great leader builds up and does not need to tear down. Do not be overly critical of those on your team. Be quick to give commendation, praise and recognition. Even when people fail, commend the effort and inspire them to get up and try again to succeed.
    You can never be a good leader if you don’t respect that others may have different opinions than your own. While it may seem like being a leader is all about bossing people around, you can never be the boss if you have no idea how to respect the feelings of others.
    Being a leader means taking action. It doesn’t matter how many good ideas you have if all they ever do is take up space in your head. Develop a plan and put your idea into action. Focus on the outcome you would like to achieve and focus your energy on making it happen.
    Once you become a leader, do not make the mistake of believing your job is done. While you may have won the first part of the battle, there is a lot more to come. You have to work hard every day to show people that you deserve to be where you are.
    Empower your employees. Leadership isn’t just about decision-making. It’s also about knowing when to give up the power to your trusted colleagues. When you let them make decisions, you are helping to build their loyalty to the company. They’ll feel respected, and most importantly, wanted. That’s a big thing for the health of your business.
    Do not put your self above your team. You are all working together. You are working towards the same goal as your workers, and their work reflects on you. Always remember that you are a part of your team, even if you have a different title than everyone else.
    Do not be afraid to jump in and help. This is much easier if you work on site with your team, but is possible from afar if you are creative. If any person from your team needs help, jump in and give them a hand. You may learn a lot from the experience.
    Even when things do not seem to be going very well, a good leader is able to see the positive side of things. While there may be a lot of issues that make something negative, he or she will always be able to find something good in every single situation.
    Try adding value to people every single day. Several great leaders will take a minute to sit and think about whether they have added value to another person the same day. Leadership can make a difference and break a deal, since it;’s what makes organizations grow. It impacts lives. Remember that it’s not just an idea that’s talked about, but it’s an action that you need to live out.
    As a leader, you are responsible for forming the goals and aspirations of your team. Come up with a best-case scenario for your team, and your vision for the future. Share these goals with them, and ask them for their feedback and suggestions. A true leader has a team under him that is focused on the same goals, and how to achieve them.
    Stress is bound to be a large part of any leadership role. Instead of letting stress contaminate your goals and mindset, find ways to stay positive. Many times, if there is a deadline, or other issue, that is causing undue stress, you can break it down into smaller parts. It is easier to be positive when you feel less pressure.
    The way you use humor in the presence of others can influence their perceptions of your leadership abilities. For example, you may find that constant self-deprecation has an unfavorable effect on others’ respect for your power. Frequent use of this type of humor communicates immaturity and an inability to be serious.
    When it comes to organizations of all sorts, but particularly business enterprises, the existence or absence of strong leadership can be a make or break proposition. The key to exhibiting great leadership involves a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and principles. Hopefully this has provided sufficient background to foster real success.
    #achieve all your goals #best personal development coaching #business success#coaching#coaching demonstration#executive coaching#leadership coaching#life coach #life coach for women #life coaching #life coaching 101 #life coaching questions #life coaching session #life coaching techniques #online coaching #optimize your success #personal development #personal development coaching #personal growth #personal growth and development #secret to personal growth #success mentor#Personal Coaching
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    24.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Get a Grip, Brother!

    Spinoff to the Camp Christening series by @dumb-and-jocked


    “What is the meaning of this Pastor John?”

    John’s colleague placed a carton onto his desk, filled with a multitude of syringes, liquids, beakers, and extremely complicated science measurements and papers printed and signed in a foreign language.

    “Its simply to facilitate our cause much quicker, fellow brother.”

    “Oh really? Then what about THIS?”

    The man slammed down a plastic bag, containing a bottle with a ‘prescription’ to be used for very intimate acts in bed.

    “We have to get them interested to take the serum after all.”

    “What Bull-“

    “No swearing, pastor.”

    The other man barely stopped himself from letting the sun go down on his wrath. But what the method of transformation with these-

    “For the record, the serum absorbs the DNA and reconfigures it into its transformative properties, it’ll just be akin to a sweet salad dressing, no traces of any Homosexual act in cause you are worrying.”

    John simply dipped his finger into a used bottle of the serum on the side.

    “With the benefit of it being usable in many, many things, and no side effects for those already under the flock.”

    And licked it shamelessly.

    And deep down, a strange craving arose within his colleague, remembering the well behaved youths leaving his office earlier, excited to propose to their girlfriends with such innocence.

    He wanted to witness it more…that being said.

    “But what about the ‘gifts’ given? Throwing extra bottles with specialised liquid alongside the serum. Isn’t one formula sufficient?”

    John simply clasped his strong fatherly palms, and smirked.

    “The complimentary bottles are simply for their voluntary production.”

    With that, it clicked. Suddenly being able to picture the man’s plans for his sections of the camp, and how efficient it was despite the questionable methods being used.

    And while he still would not agree with the use of…such objects, he definitely has no right to object to it, with their camp’s purpose being to recruit as many members as possible, far beyond the camp grounds.

    And with that, he realised Pastor John knew what he was doing.


    “Daddy! I’m not so sure about this…”

    “Relax my cub, have any of my instructions gone wrong?”

    The dominant muscular forty-five year old began to apply the strange goo over on his sheath, generously layering most of the liquid on his relaxed 8 inches…which quickly expanded to a long girth of 13 in mere seconds.

    Gilbert Sullivan got the deluxe room for both his cub and himself, having saved up tons of money from his job as the head of his very own construction company, tons of duties and especially manual labour-which he never ceased helping despite being at the very top.

    Rough calloused hands slathering and spreading the goo on his large throb, he grinned mischievously at the flustered bottom, sweat already pouring out in anticipation for a heated and passionate time together.

    “You know how long I’ve waited for this, cub.”

    Navy Baxter shuddered, having just finished college and still unblemished, he desperately researched some information about how to please his men. He did do several ‘personal releases’ on his own, as well as enlarging the narrow passage with very ‘inexperienced methods’.

    Needless to say it was very messy…

    But even so, he still wanted to please his, ever so hot, benefactor and partner. Letting loose his stretched out undies, his belly matched the chubbiness of his cheeks and his blonde curls. Framing his innocence one final time before he takes the plunge-


    Legs stretched, his 6ft stood short in comparison to the hairiness of his partner. Thick trunks that could stomp on him like the aggressive man Mr Sullivan was, his round belly was no match for those juicy ripped abdominals and pecs.

    Neither was his back as Gilbert’s could easily squish him without much effort. With Shiny bald head and a thick aftershave, it was without question that the man was way above his league. Though that being said.

    He hoped he could-



    As he slid his cushion slowly down, a huge THRUST went in deep. The coating and goo producing a chilling effect as it knocked against his passage.

    And while it was obvious that the Mr Sullivan’s 13 inches went in too much for his cub’s first time, neither of them ever considered the transformational properties that are about to seep into their insides, and their lives.

    “Go hard, cub.”

    Navy winced, rotating and moving up and down like he was taught…Though for some reason, he didn’t really see the appeal of his first time with his man. Which was strange as the objects he placed in his behind is still nothing compared to doing it live.

    Maybe he needed to put more force into it?


    Little does he know, with every gyration, its slowly pushing out the large throb that was inserted, buttocks hardening as a result. His milky hue being dampened his yellowish tan, darkening and spreading with every inch being ‘pushed out’.

    It was easy for him to apply force…oddly enough. Yet he felt little excitement towards his act. His once anxious personality was nothing compared to the stoicism he presented while on top.

    Meanwhile, Mr Sullivan was rather impressed with the act of authority given by his cub…such strength unlike the ones before Navy…but oddly enough, it felt really strange to be doing this. His 11 inches was definitely far bigger than his cub’s 6 inches…yet he felt a little anxious continuing on their ‘romance’.

    Still, he had to stay strong and in charge, like the male figure he was.

    “You can do…harder.”

    Hesitating, the man gripped the sides of the bed. Preparing for the next wave of gyration from his c-


    Colleague, he briefly remembered Navy mentioning it being his first, but the force and intensity showed otherwise. Oddly enough, it was far less…enjoyable than just now, despite Mr Sullivan supposedly enjoying rough and tough bottoms.

    Tough rotations, almost as if its knocking down his confidence by inches. The more intimidating it got, the more of his bodily hair follicles around end up retracting…leaving patches of smooth gentle skin in place of his former tanned hardiness.

    Gilbert was usually a top, but some guys can be quite harsh with their methods. It was…sort of a turn off, at least that was what his medium sized rocks felt as they get cushioned underneath those sturdier cheeks. Weren’t they bigger? Shrug.

    But of course, Mr Baxter is not one to take down a challenge, despite not enjoying it as much as he wants to. His growing grapes need some attention, how were they supposed to get tough and strong with…this.


    Brutally rubbing the other man’s 10 inches, tossing and turning with those iron clad thighs. Untamed, he never did research on this…experience, other than knowing how to be rough, and tough while doing it.

    Glancing over at the legs, they were about the same height of 5ft 11. Some of his flabbiness may be there, but he knew that exercise would eventually reveal the muscle underneath.

    Sadly, it seems that the other male did not keep up with his training regime. That was what sitting behind the scenes and watching from the distance does to you. Less meat on those fit thighs, and oddly enough, Mr Bax could have sworn they were getting smaller.



    Hearing his whinny thirty year old colleague beg, his buttocks pushed out more from behind, not releasing there were much less depth from the other male as he groaned at the thought of trying to ‘please’ his colleague.

    Firm and steady at 5ft 11, the man gave his tanner arms a flex, noticing the solid hill from both sides, stretching his back as he tried to keep his mind of…the activity they were doing.

    Meanwhile, Mr Solliva was getting more fearful by the minute. He was quite inexperienced with a tougher male like Mr Bax. Starring at those straightened traps above him, he gulped, as his body felt far more delicate and vulnerable than the jock he was together with.

    Losing more control by the very minute, his arms were much softer, paler, more new and fresh as he only did the basics in his father’s gym. Father? Yeah he still lived with his parents, a young bachelor like himself had obeyed them in order to be the guy he was today.

    But wait, wasn’t he independent? No…not really. Was he a boss? No…his father was. Was he in charge? Especially in this activity with his younger colleague?

    He refused to finish the sentence-

    “Please! Harder! Ahhhhhh!”


    Yelling like a desperate plea, the slightly older man cried, mimicking the noise from an inexperienced bottom he had seen before. He tried to recall any valuable experience he had with another male, but it kept drawing a blank except for that accidental tape he had seen somewhere…?

    Did he though? Blushing, unable to recall his past thirsts except…the disinterested male above him.

    Though disinterested was a light term.


    A loud sting coursed through the both of them, with the jock immediately leaping away from the bed. Repelling the other person’s member with those iron clad buttocks from squats.

    Passage thinning, un-poked, unable to recall what he was doing seconds prior.

    Similarly, the clueless bachelor frantically covered his pivotal region, embarrassed at…whatever strange activity he was doing earlier.

    Regardless, his buttocks and member certainly had no experience in anything…his parents would not approve.

    Both males starring at the other’s bare chested forms, Jock Ban gripped his own pecs, as Bachelor Soll did the same to himself out of confusion and ‘obedience’.

    With thick GRIPS, muscle inflated with Jock Ban’s powerful forces, pulling out tight round pectorals. Belly bubbling, shrinking down in size to eight stones, tightening into a powerful 8 pack of an athlete.

    Meanwhile, Bachelor Soll gave his pectorals a gentle squeeze. Shrinking in diameter and height, fitting his smaller 5ft 7 body with a softer chest. Trailing down his abdominals, loosening them as they became faint cushions of a man who was fit, but a far cry from muscular.

    Of course, before any of them could notice and point out the change…something else caught their eye-


    “Get a GRIP! Brother!”

    With that proclamation, they both instinctively looked away from the other’s bare moments. Not out of shyness, but embarrassment and disgust over the possible implications.

    The shorter male shrunk back, rubbing his shoulders, definition deflating by the second as the beginnings of a milky asian hue took over.

    Fishing out for clothes on the floor, as he picked up a pair of undies, sandals, a pair of shorts, a dress shirt and a jacket.

    As he wore those undies, their bright pink faded away to a pure white. Contracting small, like the rest of his attire as he slid on his shorts, medium sized as they clipped onto his gentle legs with ease. Draping down his knees, splashing a dark blue.

    Next was the dress shirt, which originally was really large and fit a bouncy cub, became sleek and tight into a presentable white dress shirt. Matching his pants was his suit jacket…formality completing his dress ensemble as he slid on those polished grey winged tip dress shoes. Sneakers? Not for this young man.

    His parents always said he always looked good in formal, which he always wore while going to church.

    And Amen to that!

    Meanwhile, the manlier guy quickly slipped on the remainder of the clothes. Gigantic sized clothing fine tuning to large, as the man says what he wants, the man gets what he wants. Amen amen amen.

    Grubbily bringing up his boxers, as they constricted into a branded jockstrap that accentuates his pouch. Pulling up those cargo pants and slapping on the stained flannel, tightening into dark jeans and a clean bleached tank top that clung onto him like a certain love interest in an asian show.

    Next was the pair of boat shoes, elevating into army green cargo boots which saluted his higher ups for giving him this position at his age. Finally was a gold-plated watch, which twisted and latched around his neck as a thin silver chain.

    And with both of them being dressed, the two men faced one another once more.

    “You ready, man?”

    “Yes coach…”

    Athlete Bang sat at the edge of the bed, slugging his right muscular arm over his innocent colleague. Smirking, loving the power over the other male…though not of attraction but rather…dominance.

    Bachelor Soh blushed, he never actually done it with another man. Done it? Was he bi-curious? No way! His parents will not allow it! And he was a good obedient son, that was why he wanted to help with their cause with-

    Both men fished out their respective tents.

    “You’re a man, but you have to take it easy when you are just starting.”

    Easy, that was right. Life was…easy for him. Giving soft touches of innocence to his manhood, sending himself to a heavenly bliss. Inexperienced and naive, he was willing to do whatever it takes to help with the flock’s cause, even if he is way underprepared for it.



    Vocal chords cracking, raising in octave, configuring into a choir. A melodious whine echoed from his cherry lips, desperate, soft groans. Facial features glowing in that cherubs, raised cheekbones and a very slight cleft for the young youth leader.

    A far cry to the prominent chin of…dad? His dad. Yeah his dad was the best! And he is absolutely thankful to his dad for arranging this special training!

    Meanwhile, the other male pumped wildly, thirsting for more, like a week long abstinence. Focusing solely on exercise and rough tough duties to keep himself fit, sharpening his jaw and rounding his head with depth.

    Thickening, dropping octaves, filled with chill lingo and masculinity from his sporty youth groups. Lips thinning, brief aftershave can be seen over and under his lips. Which is still considered far more impressive than the ‘evaporating’ beard and moustache the newbie leader claimed he had.

    Speaking of which…

    “You need to be gentler.”


    Gentler. It was just his first time doing this kind of thing after all, he needed to not rush. Delicate shoulders being guided by the warmth of his instructor, not out of desire, but brotherly guidance, to be the man he ought to be.

    Gently feeling his 6 inches, the shaved sides darkening with each touch, top sprouting loudly quick in contrast, as natural gel styled and combed it to the side. Thickening into a jet black modern pompadour, always presentable as instructed by his parents.

    He had to be ready to preach whenever necessary after all.



    As he heard those sounds, coach pumped his hard on rapidly, finding great strength in mentoring a clueless newbie, roughly tossing about his jackhammer with strength.

    Curls straightening into pitch black, styling with slight shaves to his back and side. Combing over as his bangs hovered over his face, his signature Korean hair cut that attracted the woman.

    …The woman…?

    …Oh man…!

    …No, not man! THE WOMAN!

    “Think…of the women!”

    Both men breathed heavily, kneading, pumping, grabbing their tents in their respective speeds. Shutting their eyes, basking in their heterosexual desire and abstinence.

    The desire for marriage, both the athlete’s bushier brows and Youth minister’s neatly aligned strips furrowed. The sensation of the opposite sex, the desire to be fruitful and multiply.

    The kind of desires these young men need to be satisfied.






    “Thanks a lot, brother!”

    As the youth pastor proclaimed, he let go of his hard on happily, slumping back down on the bed with a relaxed sigh, eyes revealing their dark brown beady innocence.

    “No problem brother!”

    The manly coach groaned, bending forward, brushing away the bangs. Charming dark lenses that portrays his vast experience of athleticism, and masculinity.

    “And that’s how you pump it bro, apply a little more force and-“

    “I…I get it coach..”

    Caleb Soh blushed, putting back in his soft 4 inches and immediately zipping up his dress pants. The 22 year old youth pastor knew absolutely nothing about ‘serum production’ and probably would make a mess everywhere if not for his coach’s guidance.

    That being said, he could barely contain the rising excitement to his face as he did so. With all that pleasurable warmth from just getting a grip, he certainly cannot wait to experience the wonders when he does let loose.

    Of course neither of them really released…yet, it was just a training exercise. What are they? Homo?

    Its just a professional consultation. Plus he had to rush over for the youth counsel meeting at the lobby, and he certainly cannot miss it, no matter how much he wishes to give his gentle grapes the release they so desired.

    “Remember to aim the DNA into the serum bottle.”

    “Got it!”

    Grabbing thin bottle, Youth Pastor Soh faced his mentor with appreciation.

    “Thank you once again, coach!”

    As the youthful pastor went out, happily and proud of the his first ‘conquest’. The younger male shook his head and began texting his lead in charge of the successful mentorship.

    Bang Yun-Huang, also known as Coach Alvin, is a prodigy when it comes to the male biology. Having straightened up men more than in one occasion, it was not a surprise that his Pastor recruited him to be a coach at the ripe age of 21.

    Shame most Christian men his age were still oblivious to even the most basic of needs.

    Needless to say it was still much hetter than those queers that’ll pump everyday of the week, abstaining was necessary for stronger sessions, and if they wanted stronger dosages for their cause-some discipline has to made.

    That being said, he barely had his fill from earlier.

    Dimming off the lights, he leaped onto the hotel bed and slacked back over on one of the pillows. A tough man like himself still could go for a couple more rounds until the day is over, if only there was someone who could-

    “My session is today, Jagiya~”

    A seductive message was sent by his ‘Aegiya’, one of his female colleagues across campus, a gorgeous Korean coach in his group who he had exchanged flirty messages and a lot more intimate things since last week.

    Of course they planned on making their relationship official very soon. Not a full ‘connection’ before marriage, but that does not mean they could not help each other with their assignments.

    And with her request, the young athlete pushed back in his pulsating manhood. Sandwiching his hard 9 inches as he immediately typed back swiftly to his to be girlfriend.

    “Comin’ over Babe~”

    #get a grip brother #gay to straight #g2s#mental change#personality change #lib to cons #racial change#jock tf#christian tf #muscle growth tf #muscle shrink tf #straight tf
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    #I am. not doing well. #as in…… everything is incredibly hectic #work is the busiest it’s ever been and I think I’m gonna collapse soon #I’m in charge of so fucking much? I have like twenty job functions in one and there’s so much expected of me #I really didn’t put myself in an easy field to begin with but then I decided I wanted to climb higher ASAP and I’m learning a lot #I am. but I fall asleep every day at 9. 10 at the latest #which. I never sleep before 1 am usually so that says a lot #I go home with a headache every day and I am so stressed every fucking day #my pain isn’t over I’ve just learned to deal with it #every free moment I have is apparently for personal growth? for eating well for working out for therapy for physiotherapy for rehab #next week I start at the sexologist so that’s also gonna be a nightmare #and at the same time society is opening back up and everyone keeps inviting me to shit and I’m barely comfortable meeting friends #without socially distancing that is #like I don’t get how we’re supposed to throw open the entire country when clearly nothing is over yet and we’ve been in our bubble for 1.5y #it’s incredibly stressful for me I need to do that slowly but no we go back to the office every day now and you’re just supposed to be? fine #go to parties again? I think the fuck not? I see friends without panicking and that already is huge to me #anyway #I’m just incredibly tired and incredibly angry and incredibly stressed all the time and idk how long I can keep doing this I really don’t #fuck my ass man
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    Celebrate today & everyday on doing your best and working on yourself.

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    Heyoka Yawning

    I am kickdrum and layman.

    I am cancerous: a disastrous

    beauty mark. I’m multiplying

    Mandelbrots through a sieve of errors,

    devil-may-care. In the abyss

    of my mouth is a tryst,

    a tongue-in-cheek. I am

    infinite jest, garrulous with silence.

    My heart is a wound

    from battering through prison walls

    called rib cages

    guarding red herrings

    called hearts.

    I’m sojourn and pseudo.

    I’m inverse and contrarian.

    I’m cartwheeling

    on a crow’s wing, wringing

    and wrought with seeking

    for Coyote’s trickster tactics.

    I am gutter and howl, cutter

    and caw. My jaw

    is hinged like a snake’s.

    you’d do well to steer clear,

    better still, follow in my wake.

    I’m the slayer of Armageddon,

    the murderer of the apocalypse. When I meditate,

    a dragon leaps from the cup of my neck.

    I catch it with my teeth.

    Such a bloody, bloody thing,

    clipping yokes the size of culture

    eating its own tale.

    I’m treason and dissimulation.

    I’m crossroads. I’m the long road

    winding through the green guts of God,

    subsuming all paths, usurping all thrones.

    My mouth is the past, my tongue

    is the next generation laughing

    despite you, and in spite of your

    attempted ecocide.

    I am Dionysus in the throes

    of vivisection. I am a Disaster Shaman

    riding a pale green horse named Providence.

    The four horsemen are eating my dust.

    My soul is flapping behind me

    like a cape. My right hand a red herring.

    My left an inverted bow.

    I am counting coup. I am in the throes

    of burning down unsustainable cities

    and planting gardens in the ashes.

    I will stick to you like molasses.

    I’m your inner-child’s temper-tantrum

    kicking you in the shins.

    I am your means-to-an-end

    coming to an end.

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    Research Paper: Why Coaching Is A Better Strategy For Engaging And Retaining Millennial Employees

    New Post has been published on https://personalcoachingcenter.com/research-paper-why-coaching-is-a-better-strategy-for-engaging-and-retaining-millennial-employees/

    Research Paper: Why Coaching Is A Better Strategy For Engaging And Retaining Millennial Employees
    Research Paper By Kathrine Anne Minzlaff (Young Professionals Coach, AUSTRIA)


    Today’s labor market is dynamic with a diversity of generations comprising the workforce. Born between 1981 and 1997 (Dimock, 2019), the millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, is the most recent and potentially largest generation to enter the workforce (Lancaster and Stillman, 2002). They represent a unique generation with different work values, beliefs, and career attitudes than previous generations (Campione, 2015). Millennials are technologically savvy and socially conscious(Brack and Kelly, 2012) as they have grown up in an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and increased globalization (Friedell et al., 2011).
    With this background, they bring high achievements and even higher expectations to the workplace. Some of their attitudes, expectations, and preferences, which are vastly different from other generations, have sometimes been perceived negatively and caused a generational conflict in the workplace (Ng, 2012) and, consequently, decreased job satisfaction and increased turn over amongst these younger employees (Campione, 2015). This seemingly ongoing trend poses significant challenges for organizations as high millennial turnover rates mean enormous losses for them (Bogosian and Rousseau, 2017), both in financial terms and loss of talents, and potential gaps in leadership (Brack and Kelly, 2012).
    Given these high turnover costs, many companies have focused on developing, packaging, and branding themselves in various ways to retain millennials (Campione, 2015). Despite these efforts, however, millennials have still emerged as the job-hopping generation (Friedell et al., 2011). Therefore, to address this issue more effectively, it has become necessary for organizational leaders to direct their attention on understanding how to motivate and interact with this population(Canedo et al., 2017) by learning more about their mindset, worldview, and satisfaction drivers (Bogosian and Rousseau, 2017). The underlying assumption is that by understanding the perceived motivational factors for millennials, organizations will increase workforce commitment, reduce turnover, and fill the leadership void (Calk and Patrick, 2017).
    Joining the question of resolving this problem with high millennials turnovers, researchers have also focused their attention on investigating millennials’ motivations and expectations surrounding the nature of their jobs or careers. Based on their studies, many researchers suggest making organizational changes to adapt to millennial’s workplace motivations (Lancaster and Stillman, 2002) and desired work attributes (Overjijk, 2017). The alternative approach, which is recommended only by a few (e.g., Ng, 2012; Solomon and van Coller-Peter, 2019), is to use coaching as a tool for developing and retaining millennials. Though empirical research on coaching millennial professionals is scarce, this paper, drawing on the literature on millennials, coaching, and self-management aims to explain why coaching is the more effective strategy for engaging and retaining millennial professionals.

    Millennials in the Workforce

    Millennials are the fastest-growing workforce segment and the least understood (Calk and Patrick, 2017). This generation of new employees, who grew up during the emergence of the Digital age (Bolser and Gosciej, 2015), is defined and influenced by their acute relationships with technology. Often referred to as ‘digital natives’, they easily integrate technology into their daily lives and use it to solve problems, interact with others, and interpret the world (Calk and Patrick, 2017).
    According to Brant and Castro (2019), the defining social influences of technology, communication, and globalization made it possible for millennials worldwide to share similar characteristics. It is also the main factor that has given rise to and shaped millennials’ work attitudes (Ng, 2012).
    Millennials are described as open-minded, confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat, and receptive to new ideas and living practices(Appel-Muelenbroek et al., 2019). They are highly educated and well-skilled, which is crucial in the current global knowledge economy. The way millennials use communication networks and quickly gain knowledge also brings various innovative opportunities for companies (Brackand Kelly, 2012).
    Aware of this generation’s unique competencies and perspective, businesses worldwide are continually looking for ways to harness their strengths and keep them engaged (e.g., Franco and Lyapina, 2016). Despite their efforts, however, they still struggle to retain them as these young individuals continue to leave their jobs whenever better opportunities arise elsewhere. For this reason, millennials have become known as”notorious job-hoppers” (Roebuck et al., 2013 as cited in Franco and Lyapina, 2016).
    Based on the notion that millennials’ job dissatisfaction is the main trigger for their desire to change jobs, many academics have recommended various changes to the organizations to adapt to millennial worker’s wants and needs. Such changes include modifications to work practices (Bartz et al., 2017), policies (Brack and Kelly, 2012), and even the physical environment (Canedo et al., 2017). In line with Lazarus’strategiesfor addressing challenges (as cited in Cottrell, 2003), these suggested solutions are problem-focused because they solve the external aspect of the problem, thus its symptoms.
    Additionally, as they are solely dependent on the companies to action, they are also out of the millennials’ realm of control. In contrast, coaching is an emotion-focused solution because it addresses the root cause of the problem by proposing to look inward at the millennials’ attitudes and emotions that impact their reactions to the situation. It presumes that this young group can create an environment that supports what they want to achieve. Examples of areas where coaching can help engage and retain millennials in organizations are depicted in the next section.

    Where coaching can help

    Millennial workers want their jobs to be meaningful and challenging, and its absence could impact their satisfaction in and intention to stay at their current position(Overdijk, 2017). Having this job criterion assumes that millennial workers already know what is meaningful or challenging for them. Nonetheless, because describing one’s work as “meaningful and challenging” is subjective, it raises the question “Do they all know what meaningful and challenging work is for them?”Surveys (e.g., Clark, 2018; Kalogeropoulos, 2020) show that millennials increasingly use social media, known for its strong influence and questionable credibility, as their primary source information.
    Therefore, it is possible that what they think is meaningful and challenging work are ideas that they have picked up from this medium rather than that that align with their true selves. By bringing individuals on a self-discovery journey and retrospection through coaching, a coach can help them uncover their real values, interests, and strengths, and link them to work that they would personally find meaningful and challenging (Bogasian and Rousseau, 2017; Ng, 2012).
    Furthermore, Friedell, Puskala, and Villa (2015) identified millennials’ lack of patience and perseverance as another plausible reason for their constant job change. They posit that instead of waiting for opportunities in their current employment, millennials prefer to fast-track their career advancement and salary raises through job-hopping. Ng (2012) attributes the impatience and impulsiveness of millennials to their desire for instant gratification. Since millennials are so accustomed to technology, which provides instantaneous feedback, they need to experience instant gratification. Interpreted by their managers and colleagues as an entitlement, this aversion to delayed gratification also affects their short-term work processes. They struggle with long projects, bureaucratic inefficiencies, and attention to detail and accuracy.
    Unaware that they are inherently ill-equipped to deal with delayed gratification, the absence of instant reward can become extraordinarily frustrating for millennials. This frustration has a significant impact on job performance and job satisfaction, leading to low retention in some cases. It may also eventually lead to turnovers because the inability to delay gratification has significant consequences that result in poor decision-making and planning habits (Cheng et al., 2011). Having a possible negative impact on their long-term success and overall well-being (Mischel et al., 1989), it is, therefore, necessary for millennials to address this issue. Fortunately, delaying gratification is a skill that one can learn, and coaching can also support millennials acquire this skill.
    Another crucial skill that millennial professionals could work on in coaching is communication. According to Calk and Patrick (2017), growing up in the world of social media has negatively impacted the way millennials communicate with others. They argue that though millennials are well educated, they have substandard communication skills that have contributed to the misunderstandings and miscommunications in the workplace.
    Supporting this argument, Holmberg-Write, Hribar, and Tsegai (2017) also point out that having learned to communicate using technology, often millennials are unaware of their nonverbal cues which have often contributed to miscommunication between them and their coworkers and managers. Bolser and Gosciej (2015) therefore suggest that, as much as millennials want to be understood, it is necessary that they also learn how to understand and communicate with different generations. Coaching can facilitate this learning too. Additionally, millennials could take advantage of coaching to support them in learning how to better articulate and successfully negotiate their work goals and expectations with their employers (Campione, 2015).

    What coaching is

    Coaching is a problem solving, a solution-focused, and goal-setting structure designed to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to develop and reach their desired professional and personal goals (Minzlaff, 2019). The role of coaching is to create for the client the conditions for learning and growing. A coach acts as a catalyst to facilitate the clients’ progress towards the defined goals by using skilled listening and questioning techniques.
    Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client and typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions (Ng, 2012). A coaching session is a conversation focused on helping the client discover answers for themselves, which is critical because people are much more likely to engage with solutions that they generate themselves rather than those imposed on them. The coaching model that coaches apply to structure the sessions vary. Generally, however, most coaching adheres to the following process: discovery, creating awareness, designing actions, planning, and goal setting, and managing progress.
    During the session, the coach employs a guided discovery technique, where the coach asks the client a series of questions that enable the individuals to become aware of their thinking (Minzlaff, 2019). The assumption is that by promoting awareness, coaching will help allow a more realistic and rational decision-making process to occur as it moves an individual from a self-limiting mode of thinking to a more adaptable system of identifying several problem-solving strategies.

    How coaching can help

    One of the first steps in successfully managing any situation is taking responsibility for oneself as an active, thinking, and creative agent within the process (Cottrell, 2003). This step means moving beyond the “blame” to find the most constructive outcome possible. In coaching, millennials learn to take responsibility for their work situation and the career they want to pursue by understanding their intrinsic motivations. Intrinsic motivation, which Ayodogmus (2018) describes as the positively valued experiences that individuals get directly from their tasks, is the key psychological component of employee empowerment. Through this lens, Ng (2012) believes that millennials would be able to make connections that would help broaden their focus and find meaning at work and enable them to become self-managing (Ayodogmus, 2018).
    Self-managing vital because it helps enhance personal skills (such as delaying gratification and communication skills), work engagement, and self-goal setting (Ghali et al., 2018). By developing self-management skills, initially through coaching, millennials learn to oversee and screen their conduct and manage the choices they make. Once they possess these skills, they can consistently set their goals independently and take the initiative to achieve them. With this purposeful self-management, young professionals can direct their career trajectory and ensure they seek opportunities that get them closer to their goals.
    Finally, another significant advantage of coaching for both the millennial employees and their employers is that it is based on a solution-focused approach (Minzlaff, 2019). The solution-focused model holds that focusing only on problems is not an effective way of solving them(Cottrell, 2003). Instead, this approach targets clients’ default solution patterns, evaluates them for efficacy, and modifies or replaces them with problem-solving techniques that work. Because this type of approach is often expected of those in managerial roles, millennials who aspire to enter jobs with managerial responsibilities can start developing this method through coaching.


    With a workforce comprised of multiple generations of employees, organizations today struggle to motivate and retain talents from the millennial generation. The way millennials interact and communicate with other generations and the expectations they bring to their employment diverge from those of previous generations. In some cases, this has led to misunderstandings and conflicts among the different generations co-existing in the workplace and consequently decreased job satisfaction and increased turnovers among this young generation.
    High millennial turnover for companies means knowledge and productivity loss, higher recruiting and training costs, and potential leadership voids. Therefore, given the unique nature of millennials’ workplace motivations, organizations are expected to shape and sustain a culture that attracts, engages, and successfully interacts with this population. While many researchers suggest various organizational changes to achieve this goal, only a few recommend coaching as a developmental and retention strategy. This paper advocate coaching as the more effective approach in engaging and retaining millennial professionals.
    Unlike organizational changes, which focus on the external aspect or symptom of the problem, coaching addresses its root cause by focusing inward on the millennials’ attitudes and emotions that impact their reactions to the situation. Through coaching, millennials can acquire a higher level of self-knowledge and personal responsibility concerning a self-directed personal plan, which can be applied not only to their professional lives but also to their personal lives. Organizations, as a result, gain an engaged and committed pool of young and talented employees.


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    Solomon, C., & van Coller-Peter, S. (2019). How coaching aligns the psychological contract between the young millennial professional and the organization. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 17, 11.
    Original source: https://coachcampus.com/coach-portfolios/research-papers/kathrine-anne-minzlaff-why-coaching-is-a-better-strategy-for-engaging-and-retaining-millennial-employees/
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    Keep Working On Your Opportunity

    Keep Working On Your Opportunity

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    "Don't worry, don't you see me? I'm fucking hot, am I? Just let him do his magic to you,"

    Mitch is a little bit hesitant but as his boyfriend, Arnold, said and basically shown him for the past few hours, Arnold's infidelity that he actually wanted to keep secret turned out to be a magical encounter as he hooked up with this mysterious man that transformed him to packed on serious amount of muscle and an instant height growth that put him into a dizzying 6'6" from his previous 5'8".

    Actually enraged but eventually understanding and also curious, Mitch agreed to let his boyfriend proved his crazy but somehow very visible transformation story by coming over to the man who is responsible for changing Arnold. The man happily welcomed the both of them to his place, his voice is very deep and highly alluring, like a spell spoken enchantingly and soon after, Mitch found himself still hesitant but already stripped to nothing. A more directed push and he's in the bathroom with a towel around his waist that already stretched due to its raging penis. And as the mysterious man touched his body, it sent this tingling sensation that caused him to moan and with that, the man pushed the already lost in lust Mitch to the sink.

    They take deep exasperated breath before letting their lust take over as their mouth started kissing passionately, their tongue battled for dominance but the mysterious man really went into town as he turned more and more aggressive, making Mitch cornered yet helpless in this position as he is pushed to sit down in the sink while the man towers over him. He can see from the corner of his eyes that Arnold seemingly enjoyed seeing him getting fucked and that's when he feels it, the growth as he can tell that he's getting taller and larger. Soon, Mitch cannot help but stand up from the sink as the man that used to be taller than him tiptoed to even keep kissing him. The man's hand moving seductively and purposefully as he gives impactful massage that seemingly speed up Mitch growth into a muscle tank of a man. His massaged arm swole into two bulbous set of thick, wired arms with its biceps and triceps. His already decent pectoral muscle swole even bigger yet remained firm. The ridges in his abs turned even deeper and a pair of abdominal muscle popped to make the 6 pack set turned into an 8 pack. Then, an instant grab at his junk surprised Mitch as he can easily tell that his dick snakes down even longer and thicker than its normal erect state and that caused him to moan so loud as he can feel the dribbling dollop of cum that just spurted out all in one go. He can hear his voice that dropped deeper due to his moaning and he cannot help but get aroused listening to his own voice. Before he steps away, the mysterious man flicked his fingers to his cock and let Mitch get a taste of his dripping pre which somehow make Mitch moaned once more, this time more erotically and he even jerked his head back and closed his eyes due to its pleasurable taste. The mysterious man eventually steps away after letting Mitch licking his cum-coated finger hungrily, and then Mitch opened his glowing eyes as he basked in his own glorious form. But rather than feeling all arrogant and powerful, he instead arches his back and poses like a slutty male boytoy upon seeing his new body

    "Ooohhh my god, I look so fucking gorgeous, am I? Thanks for this gift, Daddy,"

    Arnold surprised by the turn of the event but he's not aware that the mysterious man suddenly grabbed his head and that's when he finally see the smirk in the mysterious man's face

    "Oh, who would have expect that I would gain a pair of followers in my first day of return? God, I love Earth so much,"

    And as Arnold's head pressed down so he's kneeling on the floor, he finally notices the wisp that seems to evaporates from the mysterious man's body. The Arabic letter written right in the mysterious man pelvic area confirmed Arnold suspicion but before he can even resist it, the dark hairy cock already impaled his throat while his vision fixated to that exact Arabic letter he usually seen in the Aladdin shows in Broadway


    "Let's finish what we started, you haven't have a taste, right? You didn't give me a chance to finish back then. But well, not this time,"

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  • evolvingcareersplayers
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Your Truth Is You Will Find Your Way

    Your Truth Is You Will Find Your Way

    You’ve Done It Before. You Will Do It Again Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” Longfellow Susie had self-published her first book. It was a collection of simple life stories that she hoped readers would find insightful in a way that would help them appreciate the importance of simple…

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  • bastard-god
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Who needs jump scares this Halloween season when you have a kitten?

    Doors are slamming shut on their own

    Ominous crying at all hours

    The eerie feeling you're being watched (because you are :3)

    #personal #Fukushima is going thru another growth spurt and he's full of the zoomies #adventures of vent kitty
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  • michele7962
    24.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Don’t Trip Over Your Pride!

    Many walk through life by what they see, feel, and hear boosting their pride along the way. Pride destroys focus and relationships. Although we may not be able to completely resist being proud, we can learn how to avoid the temptation to make it bigger than ourselves. My guest, Ashleydawn Wells, will help you to put pride aside and walk with faith.

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  • ashotasfireandasdeepastheocean
    23.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    She of the Lotus 💗

    If there is a way to fast track growth, it is by being real with the shadow we unlove about ourselves.

    Shadows can be painful or tender to the touches. Sensitivity can be a trigger that shows us where we might want to spring clean some of our darker, forgotten, ignored or hidden corners.

    Accepting our shadows is the first stage in restoring ourselves to wholeness.

    In self love peel back the layers where there is shame, guilt or fear and bring them into the daylight, under a loving and compassionate light they will resolve and resimulate, reminding us that on the flip side of the coin, these are our super powers.


    Beyond Lemuria Oracle cards

    by Izzy Ivy

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  • personalcoachingcenter
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Helpful Hints For Personal Development In Any Situation

    New Post has been published on https://personalcoachingcenter.com/helpful-hints-for-personal-development-in-any-situation/

    Helpful Hints For Personal Development In Any Situation
    Personal development focuses on the growth and progression of a person over time. Personal development allows people to explore their mind and discover ways to improve themselves and their quality of life. The personal development advice in this article will help you if you wish to improve yourself.
    The wisest way to kick-start your life and remind yourself of what you cherish is to consider your own mortality. By considering death and the shortness of life, you will determine what you wish to strive for and who you want to spend your time with. This may seem ominous and morbid, but “the wise will lay it to heart.”
    Changing habits can be challenging yet very rewarding in your quest to find balance. If you would like to change any habit, it is important to create a goal and a plan to get there. You also need a way to track your progress. If you wanted to quit eating junk food, for instance, a good way to get to this goal would be to save up all the money you saved on junk food and buy yourself a nice reward to remind you of your success.
    A great self-help tip is to write down everything you like about yourself. Sometimes depressed people develop such a powerful, negative view of themselves because they can only see what they don’t like. Writing down a list of what you like about yourself can help you see yourself in a different, more positive light.
    Admit your low-level in the universe. Admitting that you do not know all is the beginning of opening your mind, heart and spirit to the rest of the world. Each of us is but a speck in the whole universe, and we each have so much to learn, understand, know and improve.
    For those of us who are gamers, organization is also important. You need to keep your entertainment area clear and organized. Cluttered entertainment areas can actually be hazards that can make you fall or cause electrical shocks. Keep your cords and systems organized, don’t leave the cords out for people to fall over. Likewise, with controllers. Keep your games in one area, preferably drawers or cabinets. Most importantly, make sure that you don’t have overloaded outlets.
    Take time to think about what you want from life. Too often, we get rushed into a path that we are really not interested in taking. For some people, this might involve a parent pushing them into the family business. For others, it might be peer pressure to drop out of school. Only you know what you really want.
    On a daily basis, consider asking yourself each morning what is important for you to accomplish during the day. This will help you determine the ways you can spend your free moments and maximize your time through multitasking. Make a list, prioritize it and tell yourself that you will accomplish the things on your list.
    If you suffer from anxiety or nervousness and want to try to calm yourself, make sure you are getting enough protein. Most foods that have protein in them can help calm your nerves and set you at ease. Try foods like salmon, white fish, and turkey because they are good choices.

    Personal development helps you Set deadlines.

    Deadlines are an important part of keeping you on track in attaining your goals. You should set completion deadlines as well as interim deadlines for each. Deadlines should be realistic, but at the same time should also challenge you toward fulfilling what you have determined it is that you want to do.
    Rather than becoming resentful and angry because others do not cave in to your every desire, learn to accept compromise. Remember, chances are good that the person on the other end of the argument feels as passionately about his or her stance as you do about your own. Look for solutions that will satisfy the both of you.
    For someone who is experiencing problems controlling his or her anger, sometimes the most effective solution is also the simplest. Stop, breathe deeply, and count from one to ten. Most of the time, ten seconds is all the time that is needed to avoid a knee-jerk response that could easily have made the situation twice as volatile. It’s old-school advice, but it really works.
    Be true to whom you really are. This is very important. You can’t work to better yourself if you lie about whom you really are. You need to accept that you are you, and that is a wonderful thing! Many people are not happy with who they are, but we can take responsibility for that, and improve who we are once we acknowledge the truth.
    As stated before, personal development involves the growth and progression of a person. Over time, people look deep within themselves to explore their mind and improve themselves and their life. Using the personal development advice found in this article, you can explore the contents of your mind and improve yourself.
    #best personal development coaching #coaching #executive diploma in personal development coaching #jim rohn personal development #life coaching #personal developement coaching #personal development #personal development coach #personal development coaching #personal development goals #personal development oprah #personal development plan #personal development tips #personal development videos #personal growth#personality development #what is personal development #Leadership Life Coaching #Life Coaching#Personal Coaching
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