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    “I love P/C as skaters and people off-ice, but honestly I do think them saying ‘we’re tired of doing things that have been done before’ is pretentious and lacking in self-awareness. They’re literally doing variations of the same theme, reusing a lot (but not all) of their elements unless they’re forced to do another style in RD. They’re still the best skaters in ID right now, but they’re not exactly the peak of skating innovation.”

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    Originally posted by tissueboxesforseals

    - Do not enjoy participating in conversations with large groups, but are great at observing.

    - Have a lot of obscure/unusual interests

    - Enjoy fashion/aesthetics to a certain extent. They don’t dress “basic”, and they usually are on/would enjoy Pinterest.

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  • 💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

    💌 Instantly judging people by their first impressions is something unreliable and unfair to do. It’s one thing to avoid someone whose presence is too toxic to handle because they remind you of an untrustworthy person who mistreated you previously, or their expertise in gossiping turns you off so you distance yourself to preserve your overall well-being. It is an entirely different case if you misjudge a Muslim based on your initial encounter with them, rumors, or unjustifiable assumptions.

    From an outsider’s perspective, you may consider a family to be very rich because of their immense residence, designer clothes, and expensive cars, when in reality the breadwinner owes many people a large sum of money, has tons of debts, and he’s a con-artist. On the other hand, some onlookers may guess that a man wearing simple clothing and who drives an old car isn’t wealthy, when he’s actually a CEO of a thriving company who traveled to several countries, the vehicle was given to him by his late father, and he’s a sensitive guy who can’t easily let go of thoughtful memories.

    A stranger who seemed so sweet and cheerful the first time you met them could be a narcissistic gossiper who enjoys making fun of people’s weaknesses. A reserved colleague who doesn’t speak much during meetings isn’t necessarily snobbish or indifferent. They probably struggle with severe social anxiety or they prefer to quietly observe in the background and won’t contribute to a group conversation until they’re spoken to.

    People aren’t always what they appear to be. Don’t be too naive that the way some people dress and conduct themselves exhibit their reality. Immediately criticizing others for how they made you feel the first time you noticed them entitles you to be called “judgmental” if not “prejudiced” or “unfairly critical”. While it’s fine to ensure that you generally give a good impression, since first impressions are unforgettable to some, it is not acceptable to permanently boycott another Muslim when you don’t even know them well enough to describe them accurately.

    📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu ‘anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the most false of tales. Do not seek out faults, do not spy on each other, do not contend with each other, do not envy each other, do not hate each other, and do not turn away from each other. Rather, be servants of Allah as brothers.”

    Source: Sahih Al-Bukhari 5719, Sahih Muslim 2563

    Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi (Authenticity agreed upon) according to Al-Bukhari and Muslim

    📖 Al-Bayhaqi reported: Ja’far ibn Muhammad, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “If you hear something from your brother that you reject, make an excuse for him up to seventy excuses. If you cannot do it, then say: 'Perhaps he has an excuse I do not know.'”

    Source: Shu’ab Al-Imān 7853

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  • okay but like highkey…everyone’s ios14 screens just explain our personality-

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  • Why Tali’Zorah Is BETTER Than Liara T’Soni

    Liara T’Soni versus Tali’Zorah: the dream cat fight of ALL Mass Effect fans.

    It’s easily a difficult choice: the biotic Asari bombshell, or the beautifully shy Quarian masked beauty. But in all honesty, the best choice is Tali’Zorah, hands down. Tali’Zorah is often considered to be better than Liara T’Soni in the department of romance in the Mass Effect trilogy, & this post will explain why.

    1. Family - Tali lost both her parents at different points in her life, whereas Liara only lost 1 parent; both have reacted in PRETTY different ways, one is natural, the other is borderline baffling. Tali lost her mother, and as a result, her father became more focused on his work for the Quarian Flotilla. Tali knows that her father cares for her, & she knows he has a difficult way of showing it. When she loses her father, she reacts as any normal being would: sad, in tears, & heartbroken. Seeing Tali like this MAKES you WANT to trigger the Paragon interrupt during her loyalty mission. Liara, on the other hand, reacts to her mother’s death as you’d expect from someone cut off from reality, & devoid of personality. After Noveria, while she expresses her thoughts on her mother’s death, she has a surprising way of showing it: with no crying, or tears. Either Liara T’Soni was taught PRETTY GREAT how to cope with loss, or her being a loner has caused her to shrug off HER OWN MOTHER’S DEATH as if it doesn’t concern her…
    2. Personality - Being stuck in an enviromental suit has made Tali (as well as her entire species) very sociable individual, whereas Liara T’Soni prefers to be by herself, away from people. Tali strives to make sure the needs/wellbeing of the Normandy crew is up to snuff; if they aren’t: something may happen to them. After Liara has several run-ins with the infamous Shadow Broker (one of which includes recovering Commander Shepard’s body), she has pretty much made it her life’s mission to hunt him down, and that she doesn’t care what happens around her to accomplish her goal (the mission on Illium is proof of this). A concerned, caring, social female Quarian, or a borderline stone-cold Asari loner: who do YOU feel comfortable around?
    3. Love - The thing that compels attraction to these two ladies. To the average joe, Liara T’Soni pretty much breaks the love bank with her looks, but it’s personality that backs up the income of love; in which case, Tali may as well be a millionaire. Tali’s concern for those around her, & her feelings for those close to her make her someone we all fall in love with, and want to protect with our lives. Liara however, is business before pleasure, and when it IS time for pleasure, it’s often difficult to enjoy given the fact that her voice is as monotone, as kin to that of a robot (harsh, but it’s true).

    In closing, there’s a reason why we all depict a cat fight between these two alien beauties in our dreams. But at the end of it all, Tali is perhaps the BEST paramour for a male Commander Shepard, & Liara T’Soni was just a stand-in until he realized. Her desire to help those around her, her social outlook on life, & Tali’Zorah trumps Liara T’Soni every time.

    Also. Tali’s goods are BETTER than Liara’s…😎


    Originally posted by illusivesoul

    #Mass Effect #Mass Effect 2 #Mass Effect 3 #Tali#Tali’Zorah #Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya #Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy #Liara T’Soni#Asari#Quarian#personality#love#romance#family#argument#truth#facts #facts are facts #have at it #who is better than who?
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  • I got Personality 🤪😜
    #tiktok #funny #lol #personality #humor #lasvegas (at Las Vegas, Nevada)

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  • Strengths
    Has good diplomatic and business capabilities. Quickly orients in extreme situations. Confident in him/herself. Bold and decisive, and kind at the same time. Always knows what he or she wants. Seeks advice more formally, makes decisions independently. Strives to be aware of different current events, and himself likes being the center of attention. In communicating polite, predisposes towards trust, knows how to create an atmosphere of intimacy and sincerity. Charming, democratic, usually holds himself relaxed and at ease. Monitors his health and external appearance. Aesthete, loves to dress with style and diversity. Takes care of people close to him, appreciates comfort and convenience. Gravitates to practical activity. Prefers near-lying concrete goals that bring tangible benefits.

    Problem areas
    Quite disorganized, inclined to get distracted at work by minor details. Finds it difficult to concentrate his attention on one thing for a long time. Prone to fluctuations when having to make a choice, which leads to inner reflections and doubts that he hides. Few have his real confidence and trust. Quite conservative in attitude towards anything new: needs some time to absorb and understand new technologies and become convinces of their practicality. Takes risks only after he has weighed everything very well. Inclined to even out individual capabilities of people, likes it when everyone acts and behaves in the same way. Exhibits aggressiveness if his freedom is restricted. Transfers his moods onto other people.

    From him/her one cannot demand and expect:

    • Punctuality and responsible commitment;
    • Organization and consistency in business;
    • Ability to distribute the assignments and tasks well;
    • Deep strategic and analytical abilities;
    • Fairness in distribution of material benefits;
    • Fulfillment of all his promises.

    Recommended occupations: Social sphere: trade (especially wholesale), supply of material resources; diplomatic representation, organization and leadership of cultural events; show business, the entertainment sphere, stage performance.

    by V. Gulenko

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  • Strengths
    Active, optimistic, and well-wishing person. Attentive to others, caring, tries to help anyone who requests it. Very perceptive of the emotional state of other people. Easily establishes contacts with people, both of personal and business nature. An opponent of empty waste of time. Frequently busy himself with urgent matters. Receptive towards promising ideas and alternative propositions that can applied in practice. Often a pleasant and charming conversation partner. Usually has a good sense of taste. Knows how to do much with his own hands. In the life achieves much on his own without relying on help of others. Likes to do things quickly, but without observers. Persistent and resolute in his actions, especially in emergency situations, when he is faced with aggression or acute lack of time. Listens to the advice of others, but does things his own way. Often he is successful in practical activities, but likes it when his efforts and his ingenuity are appreciated by others. Strives for stability, high material standard of living, and respect of his colleagues at work.

    Problem areas
    ESE accumulates negative emotions, which he can hold in for a while. However, when these emotions build up, he can lose his temper and flare up, lose his temper, become upset, even fall sick. Cannot act without having some emotional rapport with his conversation partner, therefore finds it difficult to interact with people who don’t in any way show their attitude towards what is happening. Not very economical. Doesn’t always appropriately assess the value and usefulness of what he is doing. Vacillates for a long time before making an important decision or addressing a complex issue. Poorly feels how much time he has in reserve. With difficulty discerns important parts from insignificant and minor ones; therefore, has a tendency to overload himself with unnecessary tasks and activities. Overestimates his practical and business acumen. Doesn’t know how to wait – wants to do as much as possible ASAP.

    From ESE one cannot demand and expect:

    • Unemotional, always reasonable and objective attitude towards work and people;
    • Flexibility in behavior and rapid adaptation to the present situation;
    • Harsh, uncompromising stances in his dealings with people;
    • Good strategic and technical acumen;
    • Gratuitous altruism;
    • Punctuality in meeting deadlines.

    Recommended occupations: improving the infrastructure of society; advertising, sociological work, medicine, healthcare, design and decoration, the service sector, trade, management and organization in social and scientific fields (organization of fairs, workshops, conferences, recreation, celebrations).

    by V. Gulenko

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  • MBTI Petri dishes (J-Introverts & P-Introverts), 09.2020

    Inspirowane mikrobiologią i psychologią osobowości MBTI Petri dishes tworzą specyficzny mix. Osiem wypełnionych rozmaitymi atrybutami, szklanych naczyń laboratoryjnych symbolizuje osiem introwertycznych typów osobowości wg. MBTI. Każdy z nich został opatrzony karteczką z czteroliterowym kodem wraz hierarchią funkcji kognitywnych. Dodatek do pracy stanowią cztery, wzorowane na węglowodorach aromatycznych schematy owej hierarchii (po dwa przystające do siebie typy). Formy, kolory i przedmioty zatopione w środku szalek nie są przypadkowe.

    Inspired by microbiology and psychology of personality MBTI Petri dishes create a specific mix. Eight glass laboratory vessels filled with various attributes symbolize the eight introverted personality types according to MBTI. Each of them has a card with a four-letter code along with the hierarchy of cognitive functions. The work is supplemented by four diagrams of this hierarchy, modeled on aromatic hydrocarbons (two types congruent with each other). The forms, colors and objects embedded in the center of the dishes are not random.

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  • I’m a huge fan of the MBTI system.  It’s opened the door to deep self-reflection, given me a community of interesting, like-minded people, is a useful heuristic for understanding the people around me, and sparked a passion for personality and cognitive science (which has gone much past MBTI).  

    The MBTI system is based off of the cognitive function theories of renown psychologist Carl Jung, and was founded by a mother-daughter team, Katherine Myers and Isabell Briggs, in 1962.  The system works by creating four dimensions of personality with each dimension having two categories representing a different set of behavioral patterns.  This propagates as: Extrovert ( E ) vs Introvert ( I ), intuitive ( N ) vs Sensor ( S ), Feeler ( F ) vs Thinker ( T ), and Judger ( J ) vs Perceiver ( P ). These dimensions can be further broken down into specific cognitive functions, but just to keep things simple for this post here is a basic visualization:


    The combination of these eight letters creates 16 personality types which have their own associated behavioral patterns that emerge out of the interplay between the combination of the dominant four letters.  A very basic form of this can be visualized in the below picture:  


    Of course, everyone is unique, but on a population level each MBTI type is associated with specific strengths and weaknesses, career interests, temperaments, and compatibilities.  Your MBTI type is often determined by taking a test asking questions about your typical behaviors and preferences.  Each question is targeted to specific cognitive functions, so by the end of the test your answers should cluster around a specific personality type.  

    Despite the claims of MBTI not being scientific, businesses have used the MBTI instrument for decades and there is a wealth of studies on the effectiveness of the MBTI instrument in scientific journals studying business and organizational psychology. This doesn’t mean the system is perfect (we’ll be getting into that in a minute) and controversies rise when organizations misuse or overemphasize an employee’s MBTI type when making promotion, hiring, and firing decisions.  It can also be severely misused when people use their MBTI type as a stand-in for their identity or as an excuse for bad behavior. Discovering your MBTI type should be used as a descriptive tool to guide self-reflection and personal growth.  

    Because many of these tests are self-administered, their accuracy is highly dependent on having an accurate self-perception and honestly answering the questions.  A huge concern in any personality assessment being performed for work, school, or being viewed by others is that the test taker may answer the questions the way they think they SHOULD or WANT to answer them instead of how they really act and feel.  I’ve seen plenty of people get screwy results because they answered the questions based on what they wanted to be like, instead of how they actually are.  I’ve seen highly extroverted, party animals answer that they would “rather spend a Friday night reading a book instead of going out”, even though they spend every actual Friday night out with their friends.  Mistyped individuals, especially ones who over-identify with their mistyped personality type, can create a lot of confusion within the MBTI community and cause a lot of statistical problems when trying to analyze the validity of MBTI.  One solution is to have professionally proctored tests outside of the work setting, but these are often expensive and rare.

    Issues like the ones discussed above are why I totally understand the reason MBTI has received so much criticism from the psychology community and has even been called pseudo-science.  Mainstream psychology prefers the OCEAN (aka Big 5) personality metric to the MBTI.  OCEAN stands for the traits it characterizes: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.  The OCEAN model still suffers from the issues of bias and dishonesty during test taking, however it does address some issues better than the traditional MBTI model.  Let’s list these out below:

    1.  MBTI categorizes personality into 16 distinct types. The modern scientific study of personality has determined that personality lies on a continuum with most people falling in the middle.  This means that someone who’s slight introverted will have more in common with a slightly extroverted person than a very introverted person.  The OCEAN model plots people on a continuous scale to more accurately address this issue.  To be fair to MBTI, the modern versions of the test give you a percentage on your specific traits, in the same way that OCEAN does.  

    2. OCEAN’s measured personality dimensions (Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) were chosen through a data driven method analyzing clusters of commonly associated behavioral patterns, while MBTI’s personality dimensions were determined from psycho-analytic theory.  My issue with this criticism is that there’s not necessarily anything more scientific or special about using a machine to draw patterns vs a human brain to draw patterns.  Patterns are patterns, and I actually think a comparison of dimensions in MBTI and OCEAN actually shows the power of the human brain.  The human created MBTI dimensions fairly neatly overlap the dimensions of the data science derived OCEAN model:  E vs I = high vs low Extroversion, N vs S = high vs low Openness, F vs T = high vs low Agreeableness, J vs T = high vs low Conscientiousness, and the final factor Neuroticism has been recently incorporated into MBTI as “turbulence”.  Essentially, knowing a person’s OCEAN score tells you their MBTI type and the same goes for the other way around.

    3.  The final and most valid criticism of MBTI is that personality can change over time.  Most models of the MBTI state that your type remains fixed after adolescence, although the more complex MBTI models allow for growth and development in the lower functions.  On the other hand, the OCEAN model often expects and predicts change throughout a person’s life.  However, it should be noted that there is strong evidence to suggest that people have a genetically determined base personality type which they default to and develop off of. What this means is that someone with naturally low Extroversion (let’s say scoring 5% on E) may develop into an Extrovert (scoring 60% on E) but chances are low that they would ever become highly extroverted (> 85% E).  

    So, is MBTI a perfect tool for describing the rich and complex variables of human personality?  Obviously not.  But is MBTI pseudo-science garbage no more accurate than astrology?  I think that’s taking it too far.  MBTI may not pass the muster of science, but as long as it isn’t rigidly adhered to it is accurate enough for business and people looking for some extra guidance in their life and relationships.  Overall, MBTI is a fun tool to help you reflect on yourself and learn a little about other people. MBTI is not science so once it stops being useful to you, learn to put it aside. 

    Below are some videos that I think give good arguments from both sides of the issue:

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  • Since I’m stupid and can’t for the life of me figure out how people are are I’m probably gonna have to do everyone’s traits and then their relationship dynamics so I can write.

    #personality #godbim gonna be here for 30 + years #but i love this so its not bad #og post
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  •  💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

    💌 Eleven things you can relate to if you have an INTJ personality type:

    1] When attending a meeting, lecture or symposium, you prefer to sit far away from seemingly talkative individuals so you wouldn’t have to partake in their needless gossip, or you take a seat closest to the speaker so you can focus on them more clearly, with an aim to learn something new instead of practicing sociability.

    2] Reading, researching and gathering information you deem intriguing or useful are activities you enjoy doing in your free time.

    3] One of the signs that indicate you’re willing to connect with someone as a friend or partner is your eagerness to learn more about them. So during conversations, some people feel as though you’re interviewing them for a job application.

    4] Cats and other furry animals or young children usually gravitate to you, while some adults around your age may find you “unapproachable”, “intense”, “intimidating”, “pretentious” or “unrelatable”. 

    5] You’re generally quiet when surrounded by people whom you can’t relate to. Often you’re found reading a book, using your cellphone, or staring intently at the ground, signalling you’re too preoccupied to engage in trivial dialogues.

    6] While some unjustly perceive your dedication to disseminate knowledge as “arrogance”, correcting someone’s errors or informing them about something important is your style of demonstrating generosity, helpfulness and compassion.

    7] With your gut instincts or intuition given to you by Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala, you oftentimes guess correctly how a person actually feels about you or a situation. Although you’re not always aware of your emotions, you can read between the lines, recognize inconsistencies, discern body language, and detect subtle patterns, which explains why it can be difficult to trust just anyone.

    8] Being the rational, determined and thick-skinned individual that you are, you have no problem detaching yourself from unproductive and toxic connections. Rather than nostalgically reflecting on issues which couldn’t work out in the past, you decisively move on, look forward to connecting with new people and seek out other plans.

    9] Although a few people admit you’re “competent”, “capable” and “intelligent” in certain fields, you know from deep inside, you still have tons of things to learn and discover. You inherently dislike being viewed as an obnoxious snob who looks down on others.

    10] You’re not an expert in noticing the smallest of details sometimes. You’re more concerned with the bigger picture, outline and summary. This quality can be handy when you willfully ignore incompatible individuals whom you avoid to preserve your well-being.

    11] Obeying someone’s orders doesn’t come naturally to you if their commands don’t make logical sense, or if what they expect from you isn’t in line with your values. You can be both fiercely loyal or a complete rebel depending on what you choose to do.






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    George is mild-mannered, indecisive and compassionate. George became a doctor because he wanted to help people and was always very empathetic to the families and patients.

    At his best, George is more confident in his own abilities and becomes more decisive in the direction he wants his life to go. He makes the choice to enlist in the army as he believes this is what he needs. He is also strong enough to leave Seattle Grace hospital to do good work where it is needed. George is understanding and supportive of people and allows them to feel safe with him, whether they are his family, friends or patients.

    At his worst, George becomes highly anxious, nervous and reactive. When he is unhappy with his relationship with Callie he starts seeing Izzie and begins feeling tremendous guilt about his actions. He is scared of Callie’s reaction and begins to become flustered and blunt with those around him as he is under stress. George has a bad habit of hiding his true feelings. For example, he romantically leads Callie on, quietly resents Meredith for not reciprocating his feelings and begins to silently judge Cristina for her involvement with Burke’s surgeries.

    George seems to go with the flow and finds it difficult asserting himself. He is much more passive when it comes to his career as a doctor than his fellow interns and doesn’t like competing with the others. When he gets the reputation of 007, he becomes disheartened yet keeps trying to improve and earn his place in the hospital. He has a lot of self-doubt about his abilities and this reaffirms his beliefs but after forging a strong bond with Burke and operating on his own when stuck in an elevator, he begins to see his worth. When he fails the intern test he again finds himself worried about his abilities but he sticks with the program and commits to his career.


    Originally posted by beautiful-day-to-save-lifes

    George sometimes felt like he didn’t fit in with his family, at high school or with his friends. His family was very tough and made fun of him for his sensitivity and disapproval of their hunting trips. However, despite having these feelings he still desperately wanted to be a part of the family and have his brothers and dad’s approval. This meant that every year he would still hunt with them and try to act more like his brothers as an effort to feel included and preserve his relationship with them.

    George has a wing 1 as he is more reserved and introverted than a wing 8 may be.

    Tri-type: 9w1 - 2w1 - 6w7

    Some quotes to describe George’s motivations:

    “I get it believe me. But life…things happen. You’re going down one path, and it seems like a nice path, it is a nice path and then, next thing you know it’s like…whoa. Wrong path. Not the path for me. But that’s good. It’s good. Because you learn. And you handle it.”

    “High school sucks for anyone who’s the least bit different.“

    “Damn it. I’m a bad sponge. A leaky sponge. I’m gonna leak all the wrong secrets. I’m a bad liar. I can’t even lie about talking to myself.”

    “Who here feels like they have no idea what they’re doing?”

    "I’m just saying. I’m just saying life is short. You know it’s like cancer happens and surgery happens and you know, you got… rosebuds! You got 8.7 million rosebuds, Izzie! Now go spend some rosebuds, that’s what I’m saying.”

    “Good. She doesn’t know it yet, but we are. We… Excellent really. For a while, uh, she wanted, uh, a certain level of commitment, and I just didn’t feel that way. I was…Now I am though.”

    “If she wakes up after surgery because my lie helped save her life, I’m okay with that, Dr. Bailey.”

    “You know, whenever anyone says something really funny and I laugh, I always look around to see if you think it’s funny too. Even when you’re not there, I still look around.”

    “I can do this. I’m not married and cheating on my wife with my best friend. Everything is as it should be.”

    “I think you’re going to be mad at first, but I’m about to do something important. And, I’m very sure about this decision. I joined the Army to be a trauma surgeon, I report for duty tomorrow.”

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  • Hace poco descubrí  que mi animal espiritual era la jirafa, tal vez para muchos sea una tontearía o algo sin mucho sentido, pero para mi es una forma para sentirme mas cerca de la naturaleza, a demás que es una buena manera de expresar mi  personalidad de una manera diferente, e incluso mas divertida, y la verdad si se parece a mi jeje 🙃 🦒🧡

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  • A girl with Personality can’t go wrong!

    Shoes ads 1967

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    Originally posted by t-swift

    INTJ You Belong With Me

    INTP I Knew You Were Trouble

    ENTJ Bad Blood

    ENTP The Man

    INFJ Love Story

    INFP Delicate

    ENFJ Wildest Dreams

    ENFP ME!

    ISTJ Everything Has Changed

    ISFJ Lover

    ESTJ End Game

    ESFJ Gorgeous

    ISTP Call It What You Want

    ISFP Look What You Made Me Do

    ESTP Style

    ESFP 22

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  • What’s wrong with all of you? Can’t I express an emotion? Fuck, just because I explode and I had anger in that moment for PERSONAL reasons, because of my fucking so called DAD. That caused me so much pain. And in the same time someone here comes and judges me like I’m an animal without manners. I don’t think I’ve ever disrespected anybody here! I NEVER even sent a hate ask. What the fuck! I don’t care whatever you all want to think about me. If I have manners or I’m rude or bitter I don’t care. Maybe there’s reason behind this. Maybe I just mask myself. Maybe I just don’t wanna show always my fragility. Why some people are so closed minded that can’t think of just letting go and stop judging me for WHO I AM. I might have borderline or I might have not. I still don’t know. I just acted on my emotions, I am passionate in bad and good sense. What can I do? Delete myself from the world just because a stranger told me that I have no manners? Someone that doesn’t even know my name. Doesn’t know how I am, doesn’t know a single part of my personality and comes here to judge me. Just stop. Because if you knew a little at least about me you wouldn’t even think this shit. I’m so tired that I don’t really wanna fight back. Everyone can think whatever they want about me. My ask will be open in awhile, you can submit to know me, if you’re a mutual you can text me without fearing I’m going to demolish you with my words, damn , I’m not a monster. I’m so friendly. Thanks that some mutual had the courage to know me then, wow so brave. See anon? There are actually people over here that are friends with me. And I’m pretty much sure they wouldn’t say this because they actually UNDERSTAND ME. So I write this because I might be weird I might be chaotic and paradoxical and maybe paranoid. I might be sad often, melancholic, lost, zoned out. But I still like to see on my dashboard my mutuals, to know they’re okay and that they’re here still. I appreciate anyone who follows me and well, if you think I’m such a disaster, then unfollow me, what can I say. I am the most genuine person that has no actually bad intentions to anyone because I’m way too tired from the world. I’m friendly so whoever wants to know me feel free. If not it’s fine either. Send songs, or anything. I’m fine the way I am. I am this way, this is me, this is my blog, this is my part of my soul. I don’t like hate anons, I don’t like someone judging me out of the sudden. I’m not used to think people actually would stop by and LIKE my blog. I’m not used to this, I don’t even know how I’m about to reach so many followers because I have no clue. I’m just spontaneously myself, and if you find me interesting then be sure that I would appreciate this a lot more than someone who’s superficially used to have a lot of followers. Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read this until the end. To all my mutuals and followers I send you good vibes and lots of love! ❤️ keep it going, I like seeing you on my dash!

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    My dreams feel more like memories. They’re so vivid as I’ve lived them. But then you forget. There were many times where dreaming felt better than this realm. Some dreams are forbidden to speak of out of respect. I am grateful that I have the mercy of waking up.

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