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  • This lady is amazing.

    After all the things happened in her life, she’s still be able to be so genuine, so blatantly honest, and smart beyond her age. And that wisdom as well.

    I would love to have a close friend like her.

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  • Y’all we just took the 16personalities.com test and guess what?

    I’m an INTJ and River’s an ENFP!

    Just looked up “intj and enfp” on google and the whole Internet seems to ship us. Like ew I would not date River (River I love you but as a sibling NOT a partner).

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  • I remember hating Jhin when he first was released because I always had nightmares about people with his personality. Now with him being related to memes, it ain’t so bad anymore.

    Artwork by CryptidChan

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  • I find it strange that there are two distinct groups of people. There are those who seek attention and love to be around others. Then there are those who would prefer to be alone and watch from the sidelines.

    With 7 billion of us on this planet, it’s kind of hard for us to avoid each other.

    It also irks me that the people who are more social are praised for their personality, while anti-social people are looked down upon. Some people can’t help that they don’t like being around others.

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  • ((This was an article that I had written before my 10-month hiatus that hadn’t been posted. I am posting it now for posterity’s sake, and for nostalgia’s sake, because let’s face it. We all miss her.))

    It’s been all over the Internet lately. Up in the sky, on that little red point of light that is the planet of Mars, the Opportunity rover has been declared permanently deactivated after losing power and being caught in a dust storm. After 14 years of scientific exploration and discovery, selfies and songs - wait… selfies and songs? It’s true that many of us have felt a bit of grief as a result of this instrument’s loss. We as humans have an innate habit and ability to imprint and anthropomorphize nearly anything, and Oppy was no different. Rather than treating her as a scientific tool, we gave her a gender and saw a personality in her, and even went so far as to send her a love song as our last transmission to her. But it’s not just rovers that we do this to. It’s all over the place. Navel vessels are often seen with personality and are treated as such, and often cars are also seen as having personalities of their own. Where I work, I tend to affectionately refer to the steam kettles I cook sauce in as my girls. My PC has a name, and I treat him as if he were a member of my little technological family.


    Originally posted by radio-silents

    It’s an interesting quirk we have, to be sure, and in witchcraft, it’s just as prevalent. Most often, we see it with tarot, where decks are referred to as having their own personalities (my pagan tarot deck, for instance, has a sense of humor which shows in all of the readings I use it for). But also in other divination tools or altar supplies. And when the news came to me that Oppy was officially offline, and I saw the flood of emotions and artistic tributes made for her passing, it got me thinking…

    In witchcraft, one of the core aspects of everything we do is imbuing intent and energy into what we use or what we’re doing. We bond with our tools so that we can more easily work with them, we infuse our intentions into our food and drink, or into the spells we cast. But what if we also use a bit of our innate magic in the way we anthropomorphize our day to day tools, vehicles, and off-world rovers?

    Bear with me on this. When you first buy, say, a smartphone, it often doesn’t seem to have much by way of personality. It’s a piece of intricate machinery which serves as a tool that we can use to access the web, contact people from afar, and check the time. But continued use tends to make us more connected to it. We begin to see a bit of personality in that phone and even experience a bit of grief (along with, sometimes, withdrawal) when the phone finally can no longer be used and must be replaced. Then the cycle starts over again.

    There are some parallels between this and other aspects of human history. Take sun and moon, for instance. Often, we hear stories about how the sun and the moon might love each other. Or how the moon is a feminine being, and the sun masculine. We have gods attributed to each, which has stuck around to survive in Wicca, where the archetypal God is solar while the archetypal Goddess is lunar. Personification of “inanimate” objects doesn’t end there. In some parts of Scandinavia, large boulders with features which make them resemble people or faces are often respected as trolls that are either dead or sleeping. In Egypt, there were personal house gods that families would honor within their homes, and could be seen as the personifications of the dwellings that they were living in. Perhaps the most significant example of personification in religion, however, is in animistic religions where all things are believed to house some form of spirit, such as Japanese Shinto which often features spirits of varying objects, both ancient and modern (a great example of this is in the various yokai in Shinto lore, some of which are fairly new).

    So where does witchcraft fall into all of this? How does it make for a witchy lifestyle? While anthropomorphism is not exclusively witchy, it is in our nature to practice it in some form or another. As a species which thrives in groups and communities, it comes as no surprise for us to imprint on inanimate objects that we use on a very regular basis. In my personal belief, everything does have some form of extant personality that we can enrich through our usage and bonds. It is believed across various practices that if you want to ensure that an altar tool or divination set functions well and clearly, you’ll want to care for it as if it were part of your family. Cleansing negative energy from them regularly, feeding spell jars and bags, and generally talking to your tools (yes, talking…).

    In your daily routine, try to take notice of what objects you find yourself anthropomorphizing. How has your bond with them been. Is your car male, female, both, or neither? Is it a crotchety old man, or an energetic young woman? Do you find yourself encouraging your computer when it starts aging and loading slowly? Or perhaps you get frustrated with it and insult it? Then, consider in what ways you can improve upon that relationship. Perhaps you can thank your divination tools after every reading? Say hello to your home as you walk through the door. Or even perhaps one of my favorites - complimenting that pot or pan for the excellent job it does when cooking (something I do with my girls every night at work). Obviously, physical maintenance is a thing, but sometimes that bit of magic comes from the non-physical favors we do for our toys and tools.

    How might you grant personality to your effects? Do you have any tools with a particularly noticeable personality? How do you care for them? Feel free to comment/reblog, and share your experiences with the community!

    And as always,
    Blessings and Hugs to All! )O(

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  • When people think it’s easy for you to be in new environments cause you seem to get along with strangers well, but actually it was a lot of work and struggles to get to that point. I still feel uncomfortable most of the times for your information. I’m just good at faking it.

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  • Respect!❤❤💖❤❤
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  • Honestly idk if I’ve ever seen a picture that describes me so well…

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  • Hej, Una! Selamat ulang tahun yang ke-24. Selamat menikmati sisa umur yang semakin berkurang. Semoga di usia ini kamu benar-benar bisa memperbaiki kesalahan dan kekecewaan yang kamu perbuat di usia sebelumnya. Semoga di usia ini kamu benar-benar berhasil mewujudkan beberapa impianmu yang telah banyak tertunda dengan baik dan benar. Jadilah pribadi yang baik, bahagia, dan sejahtera.

    ps: Terima kasih untuk usia-usiaku sebelumnya, meskipun belum ada prestasi yang bisa aku banggakan, namun aku harus percaya bahwa kesempatan hidup yang diberikan padaku hingga saat ini adalah untuk meraih prestasi di masa depan. Terima kasih sudah cukup bertahan.

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  • Movie tips?

    Reblog with your four favorite movies and your MBTI personality type! I need something to watch!

    INFJ: The Breakfast Club, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Rocky Horror Picture Show and I Love You Man.

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  • (Typology)

    This is an excellent podcast interview of a healthy 5. Honestly #goals

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  • Ennegram Personality Test

    Brig Meyers Personality Test

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  • Everyone loves good looks, but personality is what sells for me. I want someone to have fun and go on adventures with. I do like guys with tattoos, though.

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