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  • #reply#green #blue and green #personality #ohmygosh you think so highly of me #thank you #ill try to live up to expectations! #d2 talks
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  • #blue#personality #youre too nice! #i'm not that confident #really #but thank you! #d2 talks#reply
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  • 1. What’s your MBTI type?

    2. What’s your Enneagram?

    3. What’s your (D&D) Moral Alignment?

    4. What’s your Hogwarts House?

    5. What Divergent Faction/s would you be?

    6. What’s your Dere type?

    7. What is your Primary and Secondary Temperament?

    8. What’s your Soul Element?

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  • I’ve just realized that all my favorite characters are the same personality type 😃♥️

    Source: personality databases website

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  • People tend to show their true selfs everytime they get angry and sad. They gotta be careful tho.. getting caught by others in situations like these might make them feel exposed of their fake personality. No wonder so many people get depressed nowadays.

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  • More Tag Games

    Tagged by @eternalstrigoii (ily Nikki)

    Rules: bold the statements that apply to you, italicize your aspirations, then repost and tag some people.


    I have small hands / I love the night / I watch small animals and birds when I pass them by / I drink herbal tea / I wake to see the dawn / The smell of dust is comforting / I’m valued for being wise / I prefer books to music / I meditate / I find joy in discovering truth from the world around me


    I don’t have straight hair / I like to wear ripped jeans and overalls / I play an organized sport / I love dogs / I am not afraid of adventure / I love talking to strangers / I always try new foods / I enjoy road trips / Summer is my favorite season / My radio Spotify is always playing


    I wear bracelets on my wrists / I love the bustle of the city / I have more than one set of piercings / I read poetry / I love the sound of a thunderstorm / I want to travel the world / I sleep past midday most days / I love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs / I rewatch kids shows in nostalgia / I see emotions in colors, not words


    I wear glasses or contacts / I enjoy doing the laundry / I am a vegetarian or a vegan / I have an excellent sense of time / My sense of humor is very cheerful / I am a valued advisor to my friends / I believe in true love / I love the chill of the mountain air* / I am always listening to music / I am highly trusted by the people in my life


    I go without makeup in my daily life / I make my own artwork / I keep track of my tasks and time / I always know true north / I see beauty in everything / I can always smell flowers / I smile at everyone I pass by / I am afraid of history repeating itself / I have recovered from a mental disorder / I can love unconditionally

    Ok, one of these are both Bold and Italicize and the reason for that is that COVID-19 has taken away reasons to do them. I live in sweats and sweaters constantly now. I am John going to a wedding in pajamas!!! I can do what I want!


    Tagging: @everyone who wants to!!!!! I’d like your thoughts!!! 😍😍😍

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  • All About Me. I hope you enjoy this short video. Visit me at my website: aimeebrabant.wixsite.com/aimeescorner #personal #personalstyle #personality #personalized #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #personalblogger #personalgoals #personalizado #personalizada #personalidade #personalidad #personalidades #personalized #personaliza #lifestylebloggers #lifestyleblogger

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  • image

    At root, you have a feeling of being chronically disappointed in other people. That they will let you down. We are not speaking about a single case of disappointment. Your conclusion, as a result of past relationships, is that you cannot count on people to be there for you emotionally. It is a sad and heavy sense of knowledge.

    Because you have faced so much deprivation in your life, you feel that it is frightening to make yourself vulnerable to others and ask for what you need. You may protect yourself from closeness by choosing partners who are unavailable, or someone who is physically there but mentally cold and ungiving. In this way, you perpetuate your sense of being neglected. It feels as if no matter where you turn, you encounter deprivation.

    Emotional neglect is part and parcel of intimate relations for you. But, at least in part, this neglect also arises because it is dangerous for you to ask for what you truly want. You have become very invested in doing the opposite; that is, keeping yourself invulnerable in close relations to protect yourself from disappointment.

    To avoid the hurt of the deprivation you have felt, you focus on how others have let you down and disappointed you. You can easily access anger about past relationships, but it is difficult for you to feel the pain.

    (( Honestly a bit surprised, i think this would work to like Bel in the past, or least to others. She doesn’t actually really hold back at all with her Partner whose been supportive, open and understanding. Perhaps at first it also did start as cold and going to be emotionally unavailable but that changed. So this was pretty damn close.))

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  • My main character trait is “boring”.

    #like a pat on your shoulder #personality#infj things
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  • Gamma 

    ESFp 🤩💪🥂🏆

    ISFj   🙂🤝👫🛍

    ENTj  👨‍🔬🔬📖⏳

    INTp  🤓📚📝⌛️


    ENFp 🤔💡🌎🧳

    INFj   🧝‍♀️🤝👫📝

    ESTj  🧑‍🏫📜📚💼

    ISTp  🧑‍🌾🛌🍻🍲


    ESTp 🤑💪🥇💼

    ISTj   😐♟🧮 💼

    ENFj  👸🎭🔮⏳

    INFp  ☺️🦄🔮⌛️


    ENTp 🤔💡🧩🧙‍♂️

    INTj   🧐🧩🧮 💡

    ESFj  🥳👥🕺🍽

    ISFp  👩‍🎨 🛁🖼🍯

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  • image

    Meet the Artist???

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  • Do I strike you as dangerous?

    I try so very hard not to be a wolf, but I am in sheep’s clothing. My fangs dig into my tongue so often that blood does not excite my senses. My lips are mess of broken skin and scars, and people always seem to be looking me in the eye. Am I so untrustworthy that they must peer into me? Must I be so analyzed for trying to be peaceful?

    My deepest cravings are not of metallic blood or anger or even the excitement of a hunt. I do not wish to one way expose my true nature and be deemed quite the fiendish actress. I am not prizing my wits or disguises. I just want to be safe.

    I know I am of no flock or herd or pack of my own. Yet, my fur is so easily shed and changed, I can be among anyone who will have me. I just beg everyone to not look too closely or to challenge my identity. I could be made of straw or gears, for all I know.

    The worst part is knowing something but not enough. I fear what I am capable of, but know not the extent to which I could destroy everything. If I have claws, I dare not look at them when I clip them - ehat if they’re longer than I imagine?

    What sort of feral beast cannot live as its self? What monster is consumed with wondering what is right or wrong then hides from the question? I have never heard of an animal who dulled it’s fangs because it worried its instincts could be wrong - yet, here we are.

    There will be no cinematic gaze into a pool that reveals my true nature. I can only decide for myself and actively deny my horrible thirsts. I am every bit the creature I fear I am, but that does not mean anyone else should have reason to fear me. I am a full and domesticated thing, afraid of talents and talons both.

    - Shae Sheehan

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  • Mood 1: God I love you all so much. I’d take a bullet for you all. I’d donate any of my organs for any of you guys any time. You all are so beautiful and stunning and wonderful and I don’t deserve any of you, omg. I’m so #blessed. I wish there were more ways to say “I love you” then there are stars in the sky so I could share with you guys how much I truly love you and your support.

    Mood 2: I hate anything, everything, and everyone and care only for thine self because I am a cold hearted, dead inside, emotionless, greedy, and selfish b*tch and therefore deserve no love but my own, and on top of that sister, there ain’t nothing on God’s little green earth that I can’t and won’t b*tch about, and you can take that to the bank, honey.

    Mood 3: Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to not breathe.

    Mood 4: *DeMoNiC ScReEcHiNg iN ThE DisTaNcE*

    #mood#moods#mood board#relatable#perhaps#aesthetic#about me #me and my issues #my ISSUES baby #personality#personalities #types of personalities #aesthetic mood #i'm just vibin yall #good vibes#bad vibes #somewhere in between vibes #take it from me honey #or D O N' T
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  • Being an introvert ≠ hating small talk

    Being an extrovert ≠ loving small talk.

    I’ve met introverts who enjoy small talk, and extroverts who would rather be hit by a train than talk about the weather. I’m really sick of introverts being seen as mystical genius snowflakes that know all the secrets of the universe and can see into your soul, while extroverts are stereotyped as mindless party animals. Also, for the record, liking small talk doesn’t make you shallow or unintelligent.

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  • The past two years have been really weird for me, greatly destructive to who I was as a person, but also very constructive to who I’m becoming. Aside from the whole shitty “passion” /“academics” thing which I won’t be talking about because you don’t dwell on the past. I think I’ve grown to easily let go of people in my life, mostly at least, and I’ve grown to realize that the less I push myself to put effort into friendships and occasionally love interests who simply weren’t putting half as much effort in the more relaxed I was. I felt extremely stressed and exhausted running around in my head, often feeling bad why someone seemed to try to end a conversation with my quickly, why someone never checks on me or texts me when I don’t do so for one day, why someone wouldn’t give me their new number after they got it and I apparently couldn’t contact their previous ones. I know what you’re thinking, maybe they forgot, maybe I’m overthinking it, but here’s the thing. I don’t forget, and if I do I end up realizing so and making up for my mistakes or apologizing, but people forget forever. If I truly and genuinely did matter to someone, would they forget that I exist.

    Most people just really feel like you matter to them when you’re there for them, but then you barely leave for one day and it’s like you don’t exist.

    I guess all I’m trying to say is, I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling a lot better when I spend time with people who actually make the effort to spend time with me rather than coming up with excuses for things, or replacing me with other people. Yes I am salty, very, that’s why I needed to get this out of my system. I’m not looking for an apology or for anyone to “coincidentally” start chatting more with me, I hate pity, A LOT. I also hate a forced conversation.

    If you feel like I’m trying to guilt trip anyone (or you) here. It’s okay to feel bad honey, and it’s okay to make mistakes, feeling bad about something doesn’t necessarily mean the other person’s point is to make you feel bad, and it doesn’t mean that you should stop feeling bad or shove it away or come up with an excuse why you shouldn’t feel bad. I mean if you can live by lying to yourself like that, who am I to judge.

    Again I don’t wanna guilt trip anyone, it’s more of just me putting it out there and wanted the people to see it, and wanting myself to see that I’ve grown as a person.

    I also don’t mean everyone who I don’t talk much with is targeted here. Life happens. But I’ve proved to myself enough that I’m an amazing loyal person, not undermining your problems, but I’m saying I have plenty of them too that I’m even typing this past 3am. And I still make time for people who are dear to me.

    I think I’ve changed a lot, I may not be as sweet or as giving as I have been in the past, and slowly more and more parts of that person are fading, but I’d so rather my mental well being than being called a goody mcshoes by people. I shut up about a lot of things, I don’t tell you a lot of things, and truly it’s not because I don’t want you to feel bad, I mean I don’t, but sometimes we have to (of course including me) for things we do, but it’s because I am so fucking tired of excuses and people just trying really hard to seem nice and chill and push the blame away from them instead of getting real with me.


    Have a goodnight, love you all

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  • image

    Tenzin is serious, disciplined and calm. At times, he can come across as stern or critical, but he cares deeply for Korra and only wants the best for her.

    At his best, Tenzin stops taking everything so seriously and shows his sense of humour. He is supportive and caring of Korra, doing his best to guide her. Tenzin becomes more accepting of their differences in personality and tolerant of her more modern approach to situations. For example, he changes his initial stance on pro-bending and recognises it as a valuable learning tool for Korra.

    At his worst, Tenzin can become stubborn and controlling. When he first meets Korra, he forbids her from watching pro-bending as he thinks it is violent and disrespectful to ‘true’ bending. Tenzin can tend to hide his flaws and doesn’t want to show people when he makes mistakes.This is because Tenzin is very self-critical and judgmental of his own mistakes. 

    Tenzin is very controlled and uptight. He has a tendency to take every situation with the upmost seriousness and (according to Katara) has been this way since he was a child. This directly contrasts with the personalities of his siblings and he feels left out at times because of this. He resents them because he felt like he had to be the only responsible child.

    Tenzin can have a tendency to be judgmental of things he disagrees with. As stated earlier, he initially judges pro-bending as disrespectful. He also passes judgement on Kya for being too free-spirited and not responsible enough. Likewise he will get frustrated when others act in a way which he doesn’t think is appropriate. We often see this with his children where he will get riled up at them for acting out.


    Originally posted by horsesaround

    Tenzin is very protective of the people he cares about. When they are threatened Tenzin shows more of his anger and will resort to things he normally wouldn’t to try keep them safe. For example, when Jinora is trapped in the spirit world, he is willing to use brute force to save her. This is something that would normally conflict with his ideals, but Tenzin above all else cares about his family and is willing to do what he thinks is necessary to protect them. 

    Tenzin is concerned with traditions and tries his best to uphold the culture of the air nomads. He believes that as Aang’s only airbending son this responsibility is solely his. Connecting with this, Tenzin is very prideful so tries to hide his mistakes and shortcomings from others. This is especially prevalent when we find out that Tenzin has never been able to enter the spirit world and has been hiding this for years.

    Tenzin shows his wing 9, as he is generally calmer than a wing 2 would be and tries hard not to show his anger. He is also more reserved and serious than a wing 2 would be.

    Tri-type: 1w9 - 2w1 - 6w5

    Some quotes to describe Tenzin’s traits and motivations:

    “That sport is a mockery of the noble tradition of bending.” 

    “I’m glad you turned down Tarrlok, but I just wanted to make sure your decision was for the right reason.” 

    “Pro-bending turned out to be the perfect teaching tool for you.”

    “Calm down Korra, I’ll get this sorted out. We just need to be patient. [to Saikhan] But you really are the worst. Ever.” 

    Kya (to Tenzin):  Stop being so stubborn. It’s not your destiny. I think Jinora was meant to guide the Avatar.

    Tenzin: “Kya’s right. You’re the oldest of us, but you always acted like the youngest. I had to become the responsible one.”
    Kya: “You think you’re the responsible one? Where were you after dad died and mom was all alone? Because I was the only one who packed up and moved my whole life to be with her.”
    Tenzin: “Sure, after years of flitting around the world, trying to find yourself. It was time for you to settle down somewhere. You two have no idea how it feels to have the future of an entire culture on your shoulders.”

    Tenzin: “Dad, I’ve failed you. I am no spiritual leader, and I’ve let the world down. I’ll never be the man you were.”
    Aang: “You are right. You are trying to hold on to a false perception of yourself. You are not me, and you should not be me. You are Tenzin.”
    Tenzin: “I am not a reflection of my father. I am Tenzin. I am Tenzin!”

    Korra“You’ve never been into the Spirit World?”
    Pema:But you used to spend days in the temple meditating.”
    Tenzin: Trying to get in. It never happened. It’s my greatest shortcoming as an airbender, spiritual leader, and son of Aang.”

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  • 𝙼𝚢 𝚏𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢’𝚜 𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚝, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚒’𝚖 𝚋𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜. 𝙸 𝚑𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚗𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚖𝚢 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚊𝚐𝚊𝚒𝚗, 𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙻𝙻𝚈!


    Originally posted by wwhatfinn

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  • You can talk to people about others all you wish but let them decide the character of the individual you’re talking about. You can paint anyone in any light you wish but you should not allow people to wholly agree with you on your perspective of someone without letting them garner their own experience with them. Let them choose their perspective.

    #personal #im in a mood #text#people#relationship#friendship#love#hate#kindness#personality#character #you can only know the person for who they were whenyou knew them #not for how they are when youre no longer in the picture
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