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  • princessozera
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I could be remembering demon lore/ bible demons incorrectly, but here's the ramble anyways:

    Isn't there an interpretation where Lucifer fell because he came to believe humans were equal to angels? That was blasphemous and thus cast out-

    So is MC corrupting Luke simply by hanging around him because he genuinely likes them as a person? He is constantly equating MC's words/actions to the way angels act, in his opinion.


    Everyone thinks it's adorable, Luke clinging to MC and seeing them as an older sibling, or even a parental figure. Great! Silly little Luke! Regardless, the exchange program worked, he was exposed to demons and humans and now he understands the world a bit better. Just not how they wanted him to understand it.

    Luke overhears a group of angels passively dismissing humans and their silly actions and passions; how easy it is for humans to fall for petty ambitions such as money or attention. These conversations are common in the celestial realm, and while Luke used to jump in and bash humans along with the adults- eager to prove his knowledge and superiority to the easily corrupted mortals- this time he can only let out a frustrated sigh as memories of silly antics with you come to mind instead of the images of greedy humans that used to come to mind. Luke can't help but feel a little embarassed, knowing exactly how the adults would grimace at him and send him off with a side eye if they knew, but he's also mad at himself, for ever feeling embarassed for having happy memories with MC.

    As he avoids more of these conversations, resentment starts to plant itself in his heart. He'd been so eager to talk about you and all the antics he'd seen in the Devildom when he first came back, but it never ended well. The other angels would make unhanded comments about the brothers and MC, saying how they'd never be caught in those messes and how disgraceful that must have been, offering Luke sympathetic hand pats and pity sighs for his distress. But he hadn't been distressed, and he couldn't make them understand that; yeah, some of the stories sounded bad out of context but it really wasn't that bad, if only they could get to know MC they'd understand! Only Simeon would smile and laugh at his stories, offering his side of things only when others weren't around.

    The other angels praised Luke's baking. He'd always been a good baker but now his pastries were unmatched. An unexpected benegit from the program- he must have been so scared and isolated in a place like that, of course he had a year to do nothing but hone his craft! But nasty little rumors start to spread, better traveled angels recognize the techniques used and it becomes undeniable the child has been learning directly from demons.

    "Do you think it's true? That he baked for the demon prince and lords directly?"

    "He must have been forced to do it, such a tiny thing couldn't put up much of a fight if Simeon was elsewhere with his former friend"

    A council meeting is held late at night, only the highest of the elders allowed to attend. There is only one thing to discuss, the child who was bordering on blasphemy. He isn't as attentive or social, seeming much more withdrawn than before he was sent to the program. He still performs his duties and attends ceremonies, as all angels do, but he is seldom found at the events afterwards, seen sneaking off to stroll the gardens or retreating to his private kitchen again to bake until he's called on again. Even though they had to make sure only the highest authorities knew of this meeting, no one in the councik was worried on how to proceed, such behavior was easily amendable.

    At the next monthly ceremony, Luke is presented with his own holy adornments in honor of his hard work and dedication, 2 identical cuff bracelets and and a matching brooch. In the sea of gentle applause, no one cares to notice the only person watching with a strained expression, not that he could do anything now if he wanted to. He thought he'd taken enough attention off of Luke after coming back, Simeon had known exactly what was expected of him after returning from the Devildom. He never spoke too lovingly of his time there, and was always sure to put in sly remarks against his old friend and the other royals of the Devildom as he was expected to do. Simeon can't help but wonder if there was anything else he could have done to prevent this, a lump settling into his throat as the cuffs were clasped shut on to Luke's wrists.


    MC's in the Devildom, pacing the halls of RAD. They'd heard that Luke was finally going to visit again, and even if it was only for official buisness, MC hoped they could convince him to stay for a quick cuo of tea and some of his favorite dessert as Madam Screams.

    MC not immedieatley recognizing the tall boy who walked past them, stiff and closed off, without so much as a nod, but that fluffly golden hair was impossible to misplace.


    The tall boy turns back, still looking bored and even a bit annoyed, doesn't even crack a smile when he looks at them again.

    "MC, you're still here." There's a nod of dismissal and nothing more as the angel who MC once considered a brother walks away from them.

    #-right back where i started 14 years ago- #i was also thinking of the angel event again #kind of want to play it again once it drops in the lonley devil reruns #dont get me wrong it made me super uncomfortable and upset me at some part #BUT THATS THE POINT??? #story wise it was amazing! the world building/lore that the chaos of those bracelets caused is unmatched #learning about the behavior manipulating tactics used by angels in higher authority -michael- and realising they look like simeons jewlery #realising how long simeon has had those similar looking jewelery and how he used to be equal to lucifer in #power/defiance/demeanor and coming to terms that he may have wanted to join lucifer in the celestial war #but couldn't #theres still a lot to think about from that event #ozera nonsense #a rambling kind of night. sorry #THIS ALSO GOES BACK TO THE CAPTION OF MY LAST ONE #where simeon kind of thinks of mc like a pet #idk it made more sense in my head might edit l8r
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  • softstraypuppy
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Puppy needs a broken cunny an empty brain an lots of head pats and belly rubs and and lots of cooing over how cute the vacant headed lil doggy is 🥺

    #pound me til I’m all stupid then take care of the perfect stupid pup pleasee #nblw nsft#trans nsft#wlw nsft#puppygirl#t4t nsft#trans sub#genderfluid nsft#puppy boy#pet/play#puppy/play
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  • softstraypuppy
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    It’s midnight which means it’s the time for puppy to show off their heat by staying bent over all pretty, back arched, needy pussy dripping onto the bedsheets as they wait for someone to taste them and take them and satisfy their desperate heat 🥺

    #someone tease me for being wet and drippy then breed me like an animal already #I’ve been making cute noises from touching myself all night I earned it #nblw nsft#trans nsft#wlw nsft#puppygirl#t4t nsft#trans sub#genderfluid nsft#puppy boy#pet/play#puppy/play#primal play#nsft breeding
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  • special-juice
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Bad Kitty

    Anon, you fill my brain with worms and I love you for it.

    Smut below the cut

    The task before him was admittedly very simple on paper. Today you wanted to spoil him, asking him a few days before if he thinks that he could hold back from trying to do everything himself for a day and he had wholeheartedly agreed. That’s why he couldn’t be mad about the items he was presented with upon waking up along with a note, I already did the hard part, now make yourself look pretty. The ‘hard part’ was the soft pink tail plug that he had woken up with already inside of him, having to resist the urge to reach back and fuck himself on it lest he make noise and incur your teasing. Getting the matching ears on his head wasn’t hard, noting the sound of a small bell as he moved the items around, but the frilly set of lingerie you had set out was a different story. The top piece went on fine, the pastel pink satin babydoll hugging his figure as he watched the material twirl in the mirror, with the panties taking considerably more time as he tried, and failed, to avoid hitting the tail while his long legs refused to cooperate, almost forgetting the collar that sat knocked into the sink. He checked the note again, reading the side that held what you had discussed the night prior, and taking a deep breath as he moved to finally leave the bathroom.

    Wil would find you moving about the kitchen, having just finished plating breakfast, watching how your gaze slowly lifts to take him in as a smile graces your face. When you reach your hands out he’s quick to comply, finding himself lovingly coated in kisses and praise before you ask him to go sit at the table. Breakfast passes without incident, save for his occasional shivers due to being almost nude, and the two of you safely roll into the early afternoon without any problems. At least until a soft ding echoes from the office, your half asleep eyes snapping open as you hear him try to leave the couch. The soft tsk that leaves you has him feeling like he’s going to be eaten alive, watching you pat your lap before he’s scrambling to lay across you. You play with the strings of the g-string for a moment, tugging at the tail for good measure before the resounding crack of your hand meeting his ass rings out. Wilbur jerks in your hold, shakily saying one, as you smooth your hand over him for a second until you bring it down again and again and again. The aftermath of the sixth smack is nothing special, save for the semi your lover now sports, with you simply moving him to be sitting in your lap proper while whispering praises. Even with the treatment you just gave him he finds himself curling into your hold for warmth as you drag a blanket across you both, the tv being flicked on for background noise, and being thankful when you say it’s nap time.

    Later you awaken, the setting sun letting you know you slept through lunch and moving to stretch before it dawns on you that your love isn’t in your hold. Whipping your head around and finding the pink cat ears bobbing around the kitchen, no noise coming from the area save for the occasional jingle of the bell collar, and quickly moving to be watching closely but going unnoticed as of yet. Waiting until he’s in front of a clear counter and boxing him against as you tut gently, your hand finding the tail again and tugging it harshly. Yet again the sound of your hand hitting Wil’s ass rings throughout your home, each number said increasing in pitch until your love is trying to rut against the counter top as you reach twelve. The feeling of your hand smoothing over him is calming, the fuzz between his ears only just registering your soft reminder that he can tap out anytime and snickering when he aggressively shakes his head in protest. Your warmth leaves him, soft foot falls placing you across the kitchen before a strange jolt pulses through him.

    Oh, the tail vibrates.

    The sensations quickly overtake him as he resumes rutting into the counter, his moans bouncing across the tile as you watch him get closer and closer and closer. At least until you flick the remote back off, delighting in the whine that leaves him, moving back to your previous position and beginning to speak. 

    “Only good kitties get to cum sweetheart, I’ll do this for as many days as it takes until you let me take care of you. Now be a good boy and go sleep in the guestroom.”

    Oh and the days it would take.

    #come get yall juice #c: argbur#c: any #k: pet play #k: toys
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  • needylittlepet
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    on bad days I would really like to come home to someone and just be their dumb little puppy…leave all my worries at the door…..they’d be able to tell it was a tough day for me…put my collar on and tail in for me….“you did so good today my sweet pet. now let me take care of you because dumb pups can’t do anything for themselves, can they?”…lay in their lap wiggling and panting as they give me belly rubs..“my good little puppy”….maybe later they’d fuck me to sleep…my last thoughts before falling asleep consist of only being completely owned by them

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  • spookyboywhump
    18.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #he loves to cuddle his good pets and play with their hair
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  • recipeketodiet
    18.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #Steps To Finding The Perfect Cute Pet Dog Playing
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  • trippie-reality
    17.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I’m excited I got two new sets for Patreon and a new collars for myself 🥺 I’m so excited I never spoil myself like that like man ….. this first time I spoiled myself I am thinking about making only fans but idk yet if I should or would it be worth it 🙃

    Idk I just spent money on me which makes me panicky but I know I’ll be able to afford it with my bills and making the little money off of Patreon 🥺

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  • puppysjournal
    17.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I tried to pin and choke Daddy. He laughed, overpowered me, and fucked me 😆

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  • that-sokovian-bastard
    17.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    this is the funniest series of pictures omfg my cat is going through something

    #I did check on him #I gave him pets #he’s just keeps doing this #I think he wanted to play with the mouse but didn’t want to get off the table #Clyde the cat #Bonnie and Clyde the cats
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  • softstraypuppy
    17.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ok but I’d rly like to sandwiched between two pretty trans girls who just ruined their cute puppy’s holes and are now giving me sweet touches and pets and telling me how good I was for them

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