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  • a poem about doors, fools, and choices.

    translation in english and filipino. there may be intent lost in translation…



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  • I love Peter Нуреев even though I can only read his surname as Нуреев

    #im half russian so my speech immediately gets cut off into russian when i pronounce his surname #its like PETER нуреев #peter nureyev#afgvafgr #im sleep deprived
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  • image

    I just started season three so I drew Peter and Juno in Paris as a treat 🥺

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  • New animatic!! This time an Anastasia au sgdhdhd hopefully I can animate more of its songs :’)

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  • y’all know which scene this is. Got too lazy to make a background so I just spent hours editing free pictures

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  • a sarcastic depressed bi nonbinary bitch with mommy issues who complains too much- am i describing myself or juno steel?

    #the penumbra podcast #tpp#tpp juno#juno steel#nonbinary#bi #nonbinary juno steel #he makes me so happy #what? im not projecting- youre projecting #and thats on- #repressed childhood trauma (: #sorry ill stop now back to normal tags #peter nureyev#tpp rita #okay actually i give up on tags #in conclusion #me and juno are both idiots
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  • nureyev: this eyeliner is so sharp it could cut someone!

    nureyev: (pulling a knife out of his boot) but im not going to ruin my makeup

    #peter nureyev#peter ransom#tpp #the penumbra podcast #love that funky thief man #.text
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  • This will be a Theia Soul centric Penumbra Podcast Fic idea.

    This will only highlight major plot points and maybe some interactions I want to happen.

    C.W Mind control/ complex relationships/ Thiea soul/angst/ concussion / alcohol mention and reference to abuse of alcohol/ violence/ really bad communication /kidnapping(small bit in the start)

    -Juno gets sent on a solo mission to an research facility, in it happens to be a group of scientists behind the research of the cure mother prime, however there is also a group of scientists who were behind the creation of the theia soul.

    -Juno goes undercover as the new medical scientist, he had to study under Vespa and Jet to learn fancy words that were more then three syllables.


    “I don’t get what this has to do with the mission, couldn’t I just bluff? Why I have to go through high school science all over again, the first time was hard enough.”

    “Because, if you want to blend in you need to at least pretend you have something in that Brain of yours steel!”


    -Juno is almost like immediately spotted by one of the Theia scientists and recognized as the test subject for the theia spectrum, they basically take him to their lab and are all like “hehe hoho we are evil scientists.”

    -The Carte blanc crew are worried because Juno is t answering his comms and Rita can’t seem to connect or track them.

    -Juno is studied and the scientists realize he is unable to be affected by the Theia soul, they end up using an older version, though the test version.

    -Juno wakes up, His head is hurting and he has a soul right dab in the middle of his chest, though he still remembers his friends and everything else.

    -Juno thinks the soul is broken so he’s like “huh ok cool.”. So Juno tries to take the soul off and it really really REALLY hurts so he justs like “huh ok less cool.”

    -Peter is sent down to the facility and kinda saves Juno, though Juno seems to be a little like sad or something idk, Peters too busy being gay and saving Juno to notice that Junos sad lmao

    -Junos on the ship and he still seems to be having no reaction other then pain to the Theia, though he doesn’t really feel like telling anyone, he knows Rita would freak out, Buddy and Jet would try to take him back to mars and get it removed for some reason and he has feeling Vespa might try to claim he is being mind controlled and Peter would prob be like really scared.

    -Juno dose the notice but he’s getting… better? He’s sleeping more, he’s eating full meals and he’s been less grumpy, he hasn’t argued with Vespa in forever and he is just generally better.

    -everyone hates this and thinks he is sus


    “Hey, uh, Mista Randsom?”

    “Hey Rita, Something on your mind?”

    “Have you noticed Mista Steel being…weird lately?”

    Rita and Peter give nervous glances around the room.

    “Yes I’m afraid so.”

    “Ok this is gonna sound really weird but has Mista Steel, uh, how do I say this.”


    “Has Mista steel taken off his shirt around you lately”

    If Peter was drinking something he would have choked a bit, Rita, wondering if, Juno, has taken off his shirt recently.

    “You know what, you do propose and interesting question, he hasn’t!”

    Juno hasn’t taken off his shirt, at all, Peter realized it sometimes since he saved Juno, though he never put much thought into it.

    “Rita why did you ask?”

    “Oh uh, Nothing Mista Randsom!”

    Rita scurried of in a rush.


    -Rita, Peter, Vespa and Jet go on a heist, leaving only Juno and buddy.

    -Buddy gets Juno in the Family meeting room and confronts him, Buddy knows what a Theia is and what it can do and is major worried that her crewmates might have one.

    -Juno denys it completely


    “Buddy, Look I promise you, I’m fine! I hate Theias you know this!”

    “Juno, there is no reason to get defensive, I’m just worried about you.”

    Buddy reaches over to put her hand on Junos shoulder, but Juno flinches almost mechanically.

    “I’m fine!”

    “Juno, I announced I would buy us all drinks after how successful our latest heist went, and you claimed you didn’t drink anymore! Juno, I’m worried.”

    Juno seemed panicked at this point, he obviously wanted a way out.

    “It’s fine, Juno you can leave, just know if yoit’s have anything you want to tell me, please do, not only am I your captain, Juno, I’m your friend”

    Juno left, sparring buddy one last glance, his emotions too hard to read to tell what kind of glance it was.


    -Juno goes on a mission with Just Peter and some gay stuff happens except Peter is lowkey scared for Junos health, because it’s gotten better?!?!

    -Juno gets shot like right in the stomach and he kinda passes out from shock.

    -Junos body starts moving, and like Junos eye doesn’t open?!?! And He rises almost mechanically and he is faster?!?! He reacts quicker and he sees in the dark?!!? He punches a guy so hard he gets knocked through a wall?!?!?!

    -Peter is panicking and Calls Rita and tells her what’s going on and Rita is Shook but at the same time she knew it so she’s also lowkey happy for proof.

    -after the people who shoot at him and Peter are all knocked out Juno kinda drops to the floor like a big of bricks and the carte Blanc crew show up and Peter is like “yo the guy I’m gay for just punched some dudes really hard after getting shot in the stomache and passing out?!!!?l

    -Rita, Jet and Buddy are like welp frick I guess

    -Vespa goes to patch up Juno and as she is taking his shirt off the check the wound right in the middle of Kinos chest is the Theia chip, except it looks different then Rita remembers it?!?!

    -Rita tries to hack into it and she realizes that it’s a different version, Suddenly she gets stop by a code block

    -Juno wakes up, but his eye is unfocused and blurry, at first everyone thinks he has a concussion but then they realize it’s the Theia soul, Vespa tries to rip it off but is stopped by the Theia



    Vespa rips her arm back, she scowls and tried again, easily stopped by the Theia using Juno like a puppet.

    “Please stop! Ripping me out will just hurt User Juno Steel, Just ask User Rita!”

    Vespa looks at Theia Juno with anger, she looks back at Rita expectant.

    “The Theia Soul is right, Ripping out the chip could cause fatal lasting damage to Juno.”

    “Ok, cool. I guess It will take Rita a bit to get past my code block, so we all have a while to talk.”

    “Why should we talk to to you!”

    Vespa sprang forward to be stop by Buddy’s hand on her shoulder

    “Perhaps we should listen to It dear.”

    “Ok, well I know I have a lot of explaining to do, so let’s begin, Hi everyone, nice to meet you, I’m Thiea.”

    He got dirty glares from everyone, except Rita, too busy at her comms and Peter, He was looking away, this brought the Thiea sadness.

    “Well, I’m not the Thiea Soul Rita, I’m sure you know very well, I’m not some mind control thing, I just want to maximize User Juno Steels well-being.”

    “How do we know we can believe you.”

    Jet asks, his body unmoving as always.

    The Thiea stops for a moment and then the silence was filled with a recording, Jet, Buddy, Rita and Peter all recognized it as Ramses O'Flaherty, the dead mayor of mars and the person behind Newton.

    “Recording of Ramses O'Flaherty, head of the Thiea souls operation, testing report on model 12-21. The test subjects are reacting well, treating with external help, Test subjects are generally more happy and healthy though they feel no want or need to listen to orders or requests. With this model it is simply impossible to achieve control, this model is destined to fail.”

    The recording glitched at the end then shut down. There was a quiet for a while.

    Juno woke up, the real Juno.

    “Ugh, Where am I? Why do I feel like shit?”

    Juno realized where he was, he realized everyone saw the Soul.

    “Guys it’s not what it looks like I promise! Some scientist guys slapped it on my when I was going undercover, It’s not taking control of my mind or anything I-“

    “Juno we’re getting that thing off of you.”

    Buddy calmly said in response to Junos pleas.


    -It took some explaining and promising to undergo constang servalince, Juno was aloud to keep his Thiea until the get to the next major planet where they had the space and resources to get rid off it properly

    -Juno was doing well, Servalince was showing no bad signs, Juno was back to being Grumpy and everyone agreed that somehow this was better then non grump Juno.

    -Peter was quiet, he would never leave his room unless manitory and he avoided Juno at all costs.

    -Juno was sent on a mission with Buddy, Vespa and Jet.

    -Juno and Jet acted as the bodyguards to Vespa and Buddy’s newly wed cover up. This made Juno like super sad cause like oop me and the guy I’m gay for pretended to be Newly Weds before (sad face emoji.)

    -Things go terribly wrong and Juno gets a like concused Vespa gets knocked out.

    -the Theia takes over and beats some ass, helps Vespa get out and Jet and Buddy fun. After they get back to the ship Rita who was listening in the entire time is just like “ok coolio”, “y’all have fun with this I’m gonna go talk with Peter cause that man is sad.”

    -Rita and Peter talk, Peter is angry because he pieces it together that she knew and didn’t tell him, Didn’t tell him is boyfriend has some mind control evil chip on him, that for god knows how long he was taking to, in love with an imposter wearing his boyfriends face.

    -Vespa is sent to the medbay before Juno because she has bruised ribs, internal bleeding and all that jazz so like Juno only has a concussion he just needs someone to care for him

    - Juno is totally not making much sense and Vespa and Buddy are in the medbay leaving jet to deal with this, I want this to be the really fluffy middle part between Jet and Juno bonding, Peter and Rita bonding and Vespa and Buddy Bonding.

    - the ship is attacked after a bit. Rita, Peter, Buddy and Jet have to fend off for themselves against this unknown enemy.

    -it turns out they were some of Rames O’Flahertys basically teammates in crime and tracked Junos soul ,everyone is disappointed about this.

    -everyone is down for getting the chip off ASAP except Buddy a small bit cause she’s like, hey uh I’m pretty sure my super cool girlfriend would be dead rn if it wasn’t for this chip.

    -Vespa wakes up, she is alone and the Ship is in pieces, she remembers the Chip thingy saved her life basically and is like “huh, Coolio but I’m angy so-“

    -Everyone rushes in except Peter, He goes to talk with Juno in the kitchen.

    -Juno and Peter have a one sided heartfelt talk but like Juno is not really here right now so it’s kinda weird but Peter realizes that the only thing taking Juno away from him is well, Him.

    -Buddy and Vespa has another heart to heart now Vespas awake for it. Jet takes his leave.

    -As Jet is heading for his room he notices on Junos bed Junos old Thiea would Chip from Newton, totally sus like not cool Juno don’t leave your old mind control device laying around smh

    -Juno is placed under a medical leave type circumstances, no screens for three weeks, avoiding strong smelling, flavourful and filling foods and drinks for the first week, Junos hates it and the Soul is lowkey glitching because User Juno steel is in constant danger but it’s in a waves a bit so it justs takes over and then stops.

    -Buddy is all conflicted cause like, yes this is Thiea but it’s super powerful and can basically give Juno superpowers and it saved her and her Girlfriend, but at the same time she trusts Jet with her life and goes with his assumption that the worst is yet to come.

    -Jet takes the Newtown Soul and shows it to Rita and Buddy. Buddy is like “:00” Rita’s like “uh yeah, he took it with him, but now that I think about it, totally sus.”

    -Rita calls a house meeting and is invited but Juno and Peter, they decide things have been hard enough and Peter need a a break smh

    -Rita tells the gang she found a nearby planet to get rid of Thiea, it’s a dwarf planet and it’s by a dwarfs star, so it’s climate is not to be desired but other then that it has a small city not to different from those on earth back in the day

    This has been very long + I don’t want to spoil anything more. I’m gonna get to writing this I’ll post the Ao3 link once I finish a few chapters or something.

    Ild love it if y’all could share some ideas, Constructive criticism or anything! I would love to make my idea better and allow others to to contribute!

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  • jupeter beach time!!!! 

    ngl this drawing was just an excuse to draw juno in a bikini but. can you blame me

    #the penumbra podcast #juno steel#peter nureyev#jupeter#juniverse#my art #brain short circuited and said draw pretty lady in bikini NOW
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  • Peter: Where’s Juno?

    Rita: What, do you think I have a tracker on him?


    Rita: Fine! I will check!

    #the penumbra podcast #juno steel#rita#peter nureyev#tpp
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  • Darling, sweet lover, won’t you help me to recover?
    (Recovery by Frank Turner really hits for Jupeter)

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  • image

    Juno’s night out

    #juno steel#jupeter #the penumbra podcast #tpp#tpp s3 #tpp season 3 #peter nureyev #junos night out #juno needs some more shots #podcasts
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  • shh shhhhhh just close your eyes and think about an animatic ft juno and peter set to this

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  • image

    Despite Peter Nureyev being the most similar character to me in both personality and wardrobe, this is the first time I’ve cosplayed him

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  • Whenever I’m going out and need to wear something cool I think, would Peter Nureyev wear this?

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  • so i have a headcanon that brahma is the philippines and it goes a little bit like this (this is from a thread on my main twt)

    • do you know how colonies work? a colonizer finds a place that’s already harboring current lives and takes over it. so pre-War, humans already lived in brahma. maybe there were nonhuman ppl who also lived there, but the history? gone. vanished without a trace.
      • and it’s not because no one had any records back then, it’s just that they were all deleted. 
      • so the people “native” to brahma were indoctrinated to fight the colonizer’s War, having no history to look back on. 
      • and the people left behind had to be wrangled into complacency.
    • it wasn’t always the guardian angel system. the constables were there first. natives and foreigners were segregated, then intermingled illegally, as all people eventually do. policing was disproportionately against the natives, who remained poor throughout it (yep, even in future space capitalist hellscape, acab)
    • oh there were revolutions. not silent ones. ones with blasters the size of your head, ones with guerrilla tactics, ones that were hard to silence until the war was starting to reach its end and new kinshasa rose into the sky.
      • funded. the bastards were funded now. they had enough to make blasters bigger than your head, started abducting people who stirred the pot and scraped the filth at the bottom.
      • and then, there was silence. twenty years of it as the rossignol’s made the guardian angel system.
    • oh, but where would a story about revolutions be without our main contenders?

    Keep reading

    #adventures in writing #peter nureyev#mag ransom #the penumbra podcast #tpp#junoverse #ph!brahma au #why yes i DID just condense 200 years of ph history for an idea #nureyev is filipino please i am nothing #colonialism#police brutality#death mention #god i almost forgot the trigger warnings sdkjhfds
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  • image

    Just two thieves, 2 feet part definitely not getting distracted from the job at hand because they are very gay.

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  • of noah simes’ two most notable roles in the penumbra podcast, one is super sexy & dangerous & causes conflict in another of the main characters by highkey seducing them & is repeatedly mentioned to have beautiful eyes, and the other is peter nureyev

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  • So random thought, but I can’t help but wonder, how good is the comm’s signal in space? Nureyev got a call from God-knows-where on a deserted planet. Not to mention in the Christmas special, Mick states that Juno told him not to use his name, meaning they must have called each other over comms. Does this universe Kabert created have infinite signal as long as there’s no comms jammer? Is there really no one Buddy trusts enough to call and help them out?

    #juno steel and the mega ultrabots of cyber justice #spoilers#tpp spoilers #I should be sleeping #junoverse#juno steel#peter nureyev#buddy aurinko#vespa ilkay#jet siquliak#rita penumbra #the aurinko crime family #s3 spoilers#theory #is it a theory?
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