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    Amazing Fantasy #1 - "Arrival" (2021)

    by Kaare Andrews
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    Oh, Baby | Chapter Five | P.P


    Peter and I waited patiently, him more than I. We had both of our hands in each other’s as I laid against the makeshift bed. His forehead was pressed against mine as we whispered about what we had just witnessed.

    And although it was nearly impossible to keep my heart racing from the impending news that was awaiting us, I was happy. It felt like I had some sense of clarity into my future. Even if this wasn’t the circumstances I hoped for or strived for, this wasn’t too bad. Not if I had Peter by my side.

    “I hope they look like you,” I murmured.

    Peter chuckled lightly, kissing my temple. “I hope not, you’re way prettier.”

    “No, no. I think you are. You have the most beautiful eyes and your smile is just enough to light up a room.”

    He was turning a bright red. His eyes could barely meet my own as he smiled shyly.

    “Especially when you blush.”

    “Stop,” he pouted as he tried to cover his cheeks. “I hate it when you do that.”

    “It’s just so easy,”

    “Yeah, yeah.”

    After a moment of silence, he released one of my hands to push back a strand of my hair from my eyes. “Does this mean you want to keep them?”

    I inhaled softly. His eyes were so hopeful and although I wanted nothing, but to make him happy, I knew that that wasn’t the case right now.

    “I think I do,” I smiled weakly. “I mean, as long as we’re properly prepared. I think we’d be pretty okay parents.”

    He grinned. “I think so, too.”

    I traced the skin under his eyes. My mind raced through the incoming doom of telling my parents. And then I remembered one more person who trusted us to be smarter.

    “How are we going to tell Aunt May?”

    Peter tensed almost immediately. “I’ll figure it out.”


    “Hello, lovebirds!” A voice announced as the door swung open.

    My boyfriend separated from me, but kept his hand entangled with mine. He stood to greet the two men standing before us.

    “Y/N, this is Dr. Bruce Banner.” Mr. Stark gave weak jazz hands as the other man rolled his eyes.

    When we made eye contact, he smiled and shook my available hand very delicately. “Good to meet you. How are you feeling?”

    I shrugged. My head had ached and my stomach was doing flips. “I’m okay right now. Thank you for seeing us today. It really means a lot.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” He gave a similar shrug. “May I?” He motioned over to the seat where Dr. Lee had been before.

    I only nodded.

    “So, Tony and I want to go over some things in alignment with the baby. Er, fetus if that makes you comfortable?”

    Dr. Lee probably put that in my notes.

    “You can say baby.”

    Peter squeezed my hand.

    “Okay,” He rustled with a folder he had brought in. He flipped through some pages before clearing his throat. “As you know, Peter’s genetic pattern changed after the bite. With this in mind, Tony—”

    “Ah, ah!” The other man interrupted. “Don’t speak for me.”

    Dr. Banner sighed, but motioned for him to continue.

    “So, picture this: Peter comes to me one evening, scared beyond words. Poor kid is shaking and trembling while he tells me he got his sweet, teenage girlfriend pregnant. And immediately, my mind is racing. I’m wondering what this means for his future and how tough this would be for him to deal with. How is a kid gonna raise a kid, you know? And then, I think ‘Peter’s having a baby’. Something is off about this situation that isn’t clicking for me, what am I missing? Then, BAM! It hits me. This kid had his DNA completely rearranged when he got bit. So, you know what that means? That his swimmers most definitely changed to share his genetics, as I’m sure you’ve learned in basic biology class.”

    Peter gasped from the vulgarity while I couldn’t help but giggle at the man’s antics. “Mr. Stark—”

    “Shush, don’t interrupt me.” Tony sighed dramatically. “Anyways, as you can already assume what we’re reaching for here, we think that your baby has the chance of becoming a bit too similar to their Papa here.”

    The room fell silent as they all waited for my reaction.

    Of course, I didn’t know exactly what to say yet. I mean, I was just overcoming the idea of having a baby. Now, I had to stomach the idea of my child sharing way too many similarities with my boyfriend. I guess that’s just my luck.

    “I assume you’re going to run some tests.”

    “They’re not gonna hurt her, right? You said they wouldn’t, Mr. Stark.”

    He shook his head. “They should be painless, kid.”

    Funny how I hadn’t even thought of the possibility of being in pain.

    Dr. Banner continued. “We can’t exactly take any sample of the baby at this stage, but we can monitor the growth rate and heart as well. It shouldn’t take long today, but we would like to get started right away.”

    “Okay,” I looked up at Peter before nodding. “Could the baby be in any sort of danger if they do develop the same abilities? Health wise?”

    “Well, we assume it’ll be hard to handle in a newborn, so we want to see if there’s any way we can almost keep those abilities at bay. Just until they reach a certain age to learn and train.” Dr Banner gave the both of us smiles. “But, your child should be born just as healthy as any other baby. Look at Peter for instance, he’s healthy as can be. I only recommend sports for the kid if he shares the same restlessness.”

    I let out a breath of relief. “Thank you,”

    “Of course. Shall we?” He motioned to the machine that had multiple wires sticking out from it.

    “I guess we shall.”

    They hooked me up with a crazy amount that were at my temples, chest, and even stomach.

    “Did Dr. Lee measure your waist and torso area at all?” Dr. Banner asked as he checked my pulse.


    “We’ll make sure to do that, then.”

    Peter stood across the room with Mr. Stark. The older man seemed to have been rambling off to him, probably some possible theories. He was very concentrated as he spoke, but Peter didn’t seem interested. I could tell he was anxious as he flexed his fingers and craned his neck to watch me anytime Dr. Banner got in his way.

    I gave him a smile, making sure he knew I was just fine. As he returned the gesture, he had a nervous glint in his eye.

    By the time they were done, Peter was helping me up from the hospital bed. I winced from the ache in my back, but smiled as I stepped forward.

    “So, anything I should know about yet?” I ask the two older men as they rummage through their notes.

    Mr. Stark hummed to himself before shaking his head. “I think you’re all set, Little Lady.”

    I scrunched my nose up at the nickname, but decided to ignore it. “Well, thank you again, sir.”

    He brushed me off. “Call me Tony. Mother’s get a pass. You two are free to go.”

    “Huh? What about fathers?”

    We all ignored Peter, continuing our goodbyes.

    “Thank you, Dr. Banner.” I give the man a small wave.

    “See you next week?” He double checked.

    “See you then.”

    “We’ll be around, Mr. Stark.” Peter pulled me out of the office then, dragging me towards the elevators.

    “Does this mean we can go look at the floor we’d be renting?” I ask him, my body jittery at the anticipation.

    He laughed at my excitement and said, “Of course. C’mon, Mr. Stark gave me the passcode earlier.”

    The ride up to the top took quite as long as expected even though the speed of the elevator was faster than normal ones. We watched in amazement as the New York skyline became more visible. The higher we went, the smaller it all looked.

    “I love it,”

    Peter squeezed my hand. “You do?”

    “I do. Look at this view! How amazing.”

    “I’m liking my view, too.”

    I grimaced, shoving him jokingly. “Gross! Too cheesy.”

    He only laughed and gathered me in his arms. For a while, it was only the two of us in the sky.

    Finally, the elevator came to a stop. The doors opened with a ding and immediately, the wind was knocked out of me.

    A loud, yet calming l voice greeted us. “Welcome home, Mr. Parker and Miss Y/L/N.”

    “Oh!” I gasped, squeezing Peter’s hand tight. He winced, but I couldn’t help it. “Do we have the wrong floor?” I whispered with wide eyes.

    Peter shook his head, double checking a written message from Tony. “Nope. Third floor.”

    “But this is fully furnished. . .”

    “Well, every floor is.”

    “Peter, this is too much. This can’t be right, he can’t give us a fully furnished penthouse!”

    “Technically, I’m working to pay off rent.”

    I couldn’t speak. This entire floor would be ours? How is this possible? None of this seemed right. We were two teenagers, how did he have this much trust in us?

    “You’re sure? Call him!” My frantic hands lunged for his phone, already dialing the number.


    “Hello? Mr. Stark?! I think you made a mistake, sir!” I was shaking as I looked around the modern furniture set. Everything was either made of leather or glass. The windows were tall enough to touch the ceiling and floors, showing the best view I’ve ever seen.

    “It’s Tony to you.”

    I scoffed, raking a hand through my hair as I began to pace at the entrance. “Okay, Tony, I think you made a mistake. This is the third floor, but this floor is fully furnished! It’s with new furniture and everything. Do you think we’re a couple floors down or—”

    “Christ, you talk fast. Calm down, kid. You guys are on the right floor.”

    “We can’t accept this! It’s too much, Tony.”

    “That is one of the smallest penthouses. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms, please! The only favor I did was furnish it, but that was done when I bought the building. Don’t worry, just go enjoy it and keep out of the bedroom closest to yours. It’s under construction. Oh! Just tell F.R.I.D.A.Y what groceries you want delivered. too. Now, I gotta go. Bye, bye!”

    My mouth was left agape as I found trouble forming any words. I had nothing to say considering the fact that my new home was set up without my help.

    Peter gently put his hand at my waist. “Honey, this is his way of gift giving.”

    “But, why?”

    “Because I’m his favorite.” He gave a boastful smile at that.

    I didn’t laugh. I only felt immense guilt eating at me. I didn’t deserve this, he hardly knew me.

    “It feels wrong.”

    “What? Why?”

    “I just don’t feel like he should’ve done this. This is too much! Peter, how could you just have taken it so easily?”

    He sighed, crossing home arms over his chest. “Y/N, I didn’t just take it. If you recall, I’m paying for this. And I’m paying for it by working for him. This is just a complimentary plus. He’s my family, so I’m sure this is his way of taking care of me.”

    That made more sense. I guess I could see it that way from now on. Tony loved Peter like his own, I could see that perfectly. Now, I just had to remind myself that this is a favor from a family member. He cares enough to make sure Peter’s child was living in a good environment. I could do that.

    “Okay,” I sighed. “It’s so he knows you and the baby are well taken care of. I can deal with that.”

    “Not just us, but you, too.”

    I brushed him off and looked around the room. The ceilings were high with a intricate designed chandelier hanging above the living room set. There were two leather rounded couches across from one another with two separate coffee tables. It gave off a mixture of mid-century and industrial modern design.

    The view from the ceiling high windows was just breathtaking on its own.

    “So, who’s F.R.I.D.A.Y?” I asked as I stepped towards the couches.

    “That would me be,” The same voice from earlier answered.

    I flinched, but understood quickly. “Okay, well, nice to meet you.”

    “And you as well, Miss Y/L/N.”

    “You could just call me Y/N. I think that would work better considering we’ll be talking everyday, right?”

    “If you wish, Y/N.”

    Turning around, I gave Peter wide eyes. He shrugged with a goofy smile on his face. And then he outstretched his hand over to the kitchen just a few feet away.

    “Have you been here?” I asked him, taking in the sight of the marble counters and sleek cabinets. Everything looked so mature. How was I able to even be stepping foot in here?

    “Yeah, Mr. Stark wanted to know if I thought you’d like it.”

    “Did you tell him I’m also not picky?”

    He chuckled. “Yes, love.”

    My hands brushed over the marble counter in amazement. The sink and stove were placed a few inches apart on the island, something I enjoyed personally. There was another sink on the counters against the wall, but it was deeper for bigger kitchenware. My mind immediately went to the idea of being able to wash a toddler easily.

    I smiled at the thought.

    “This is a really big kitchen,”

    I gave Peter a look before rolling my eyes. “Obviously, honey.”

    He pursed his lips at me. I gave him a sheepish smile in return.

    “Maybe we can host holidays here. Your mom would love the space.”

    My fingers began to draw shapes along the counters, going into thought. Would she even be okay with me being here?

    “C’mon, let me show you the office and then we can go out on the balcony.”

    Peter tugged my hand towards a hallway were many other doors were. They were all closed, waiting for the two of us to explore.

    We went to the closest one to the kitchen, Peter swinging it open with a grin.

    “It’s for you,”

    “What?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

    He shrugged shyly, walking in first. “Mr. Stark knew you wanted to become an editor. I also mentioned you had a love for writing, so he thought a space for you to do that would be good.”

    Two of the four walls had large windows just like the rest of the place. They exposed the city in all of its glory. There was a desk in the middle of the room with waterfall legs on either side. The room was painted in a dark, ominous color that helped dim the natural light just a bit. And just beside the door was a book shelf that reached the ceiling to mimic the windows.

    When I didn’t say anything, Peter nervously played with a stapler on the desk. “I know it’s small, but I just figured you’d love the view while you work. We can always—”

    Abruptly, my arms flung around his neck. I held him tightly against me, never wanting to let go. I wanted to keep him in my hold for the rest of eternity just to prove my thankfulness to him. Of course, my hormones couldn’t simmer down for a moment to the point my tears fell against his shoulder.

    “It’s perfect. Thank you, Peter.”

    He kissed the side of my head while holding me just as tight. “I’m glad you like it.”

    I pulled away at arm lengths to frown at him. “I love it!”

    “Okay, I’m glad you love it.” He laughed.

    I shut him up with a lingering kiss, making sure to deepen it anytime he made it seem like he was trying to move away. His fingers were pressed tightly into my sides, they should’ve been hurting me, but I really couldn’t fathom reality at the moment. I was too enamored with him.

    After enough time had passed, I pulled away breathlessly. His face was a crimson red and his lips had even been a bit swollen. I giggled at his dazed expression.

    “I think I’d like to show you the bedroom now.” His voice was nearly gone.

    I laughed some more making him join in with. We held one another again, resting our foreheads against each other.

    “You still have to show me the balcony.”

    He didn’t respond to that, but instead inhaled deeply. “I wish we were eighteen.”


    “Because I would marry you in a heartbeat.”

    My heart nearly burst from my chest. “You would?”

    “Of course I would. W-Would you?”

    I didn’t want to combust in a flame of excitement in front of him. I couldn’t fathom the idea of being too excited and freaking him out in the process. So, I pretended to think about it.

    He seemed to have get the hint and sent me a not-so-amused look. “Y/N.”

    I grinned and pulled him into another hug. “I would marry you in a heartbeat, too.”

    He sighed into my hair. “Promise me something, then?”


    “As soon as you turn eighteen, we’ll head over to the courthouse.”

    I pulled away from his chest to look up at him with wide eyes. I tried to detect any sense of humor in his tone or wariness. There was neither. He seemed completely and utterly serious.

    “That’s in two years. . .”

    “So long from now, I know.”

    “What if you don’t feel the same then?”

    “I will.”

    “But you don’t—”

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Peter, please be serious.”

    He sighed, tightening his hold around my waist. His eyes were staring into mine with a fierceness of determination. “I am! I cannot fathom the idea of a life without you. I don’t care if we’re too young. I don’t care if we’re doing all of this out of order. You’re it for me. And that means I want to marry you as soon as we get the chance.”

    My lips formed a small smile, tears forming in my eyes again. I wiped one away before kissing him gently. “I’ll see you at the courthouse in two years, then.”

    “The day of your birthday and everything.”

    “If you’d like, Pete.”

    He grinned my favorite smile before suddenly tucking an arm under my knees. His other arm was keeping me up as he swung me around the room in a celebratory moment. I squealed with laughter, holding onto him tightly.

    “I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

    “And I love you, Peter Parker.”

    The rest of the penthouse was just as enchanting as I imagined. I was in awe with how perfect it was. With some child proofing and slight renovation on the main restroom, it would be the perfect place to raise a baby.

    By the time it was late evening, I got about two messages from my parents. One for each. They weren’t too concerned, probably assuming their intelligent and responsible teenage daughter was out with friends or at the mall and movies. A part of me wished that was true. I wanted so badly to be that person for them again, but of course, I could not rewind the clock.

    Instead, their teenage daughter was swooning over a penthouse supposedly being paid by her boyfriend who also seemed to have gotten her pregnant. That nearly made me nauseous all in itself.

    Peter and I were sitting at the island stools, signing some paperwork that Tony needed. It was only for safety reasons and stating we had to send him our monthly payments with only a week span. A part of me believed he only had us sign it to make us feel more responsible, because he laughed to himself when he received it back.

    “So, tell me how much you love this place.” Tony stated smugly as he leaned across the island counter from us.

    I smiled knowingly. “I love it more than words. Thank you again, Tony.”

    “Anytime, kid. Time to start packing! Get to it,” He snapped his fingers rapidly as he scurried out of my new home.

    Peter rolled his eyes, but his smile never left his face. “Who’s house do we go to first?”

    My hands began to shake at the idea of packing right away. I still had so many things to get in order, so many words to say to my parents.

    He seemed to have notice this and clasped his hands over mine. “It’s okay, try not to stress too badly. We’ll go to Aunt May’s first.”

    And so we did. The ride on the subway was quiet between the two of us as we held hands. Our feet took us over the familiar paths and by the time we made it, it was six o’clock.

    I inhaled deeply, trying to ease the queasy nature of my stomach. Sometimes, I couldn’t remember the times where I didn’t feel sick. I found myself missing the way it felt when I wasn’t constantly and easily ill.

    When we stood in front of the intimidating door, Peter squeezed my hand tightly. I looked over to see him biting his lip to the point he peeled some skin. His eyes were darting to the doorknob and back to the floor.

    My other available hand squeezed his bicep and I rested my chin against his shoulder. “You’re okay. I’m right here.”

    He inhaled sharply before kissing the top of my head. “Let’s go in.”

    I was the one to twist the knob, opening the door easily. He let me step in before him and I eyed the premises.

    No one was around. There a bit of a low hum coming from the bathroom, perhaps the sink being in use. The kitchen smelt of freshly baked cookies. I headed over to the oven to remove them before Aunt May found a way to ruin the dessert.

    Peter stayed put near the entrance.

    I sighed, placing down the tray against the stove. After putting down the rag I used, I walked over to him and stared up at him with a couple of inches in between us. The height difference was almost embarrassing for me since he hovered a good amount, but he never made me feel inferior compared to him.

    “It’s going to be okay.” I whispered, reaching my arm up to push back his fluffy hair with my hand.

    He looked paler than usual, I was starting to get more concerned.

    His eyes darted over to the hallway where the sound of feet padding along the hardwood flooring caught his attention. I eventually looked over my shoulder to see the older woman ruffling her hair into a towel.

    When she saw us, she beamed. “Hey, guys! How was your Sunday?”

    My eyes darted over to Peter as I forced a smile. When he didn’t say anything and his eyes were enlarged, I cleared my throat.

    “Hi, Aunt May! We had a nice outing today. What about you? You and the boyfriend spend time together?”

    She laughed, settling down into a dining chair. “We did, but he had to get going. What did you guys end up doing?”

    Peter shuffled over to the kitchen almost immediately. His hands reached for a cup and they shook as he stumbled to get water from the tap.

    I took that as my cue again. “We just went out to eat and strolled around the city. It’s really beautiful outside in this weather.”

    May smiled at me, but her eyes kept flickering over to Peter who visibly trembled as he chugged down his drink. I anxiously waited for him to say anything at all, but it was to no avail.

    “Peter, are you okay?” She asked timidly.

    He looked over at me and then back to her as he tried to speak. “I—”

    “Aunt May,” I started for him. “Peter and I have some things we need to discuss with you.”

    “Oh? Okay, well, Peter come sit. You’re making me nervous.”

    His face went pale and he slowly staggered over to the table his aunt sat at. He found a spot across from her while I moved to stand behind him. I put my hand against his shoulder and could feel him practically shaking.

    “So?” She asked as her arms crossed over her chest. “What’s going on?”

    He inhaled deeply, clasping his own palm with mine. Peter looked up at me while I smiled at him gently.

    I could do this for him like he had for me. So, with a slightly shaky voice and wandering eyes, I spoke up confidently.

    “I’m pregnant, May.”

    Her mouth gaped open.

    No words were able to leave her as she clamped her mouth shut now, her hands hovering over them. She looked between the two of us in astonishment, her small frame standing up immediately. The way she began to pace now was almost terrifying as her eyes couldn’t meet our own.

    “May,” Peter spoke up softly. “I’m so sorry.”

    She went to snap at him, but she couldn’t form any words again. Her chest rose and fell almost incredibly fast as she covered her eyes now. Her shoulders shook as she cried.

    I wanted to try to comfort her, but I didn’t want to upset her anymore. My feet kept themselves planted behind Peter.

    “How far along are you?” Her voice was hoarse.

    “Around seven weeks, almost eight.”

    May groaned, sitting down. “Unbelievable.”

    “I’m sorry,” Peter said again. His voice was weak as he watched her avoid his eyes.

    “Do you know what you’re going to do?” she asked darkly, staring at the table with a void expression.

    I inhaled before saying, “W-We decided to keep the baby. Peter found us somewhere incredible to live with the help of Mr. Stark.”

    Her lower lip trembled as she sunk into her arms against the wood. “How are you going to pay for this?”

    “I’m working for Mr. Stark now.”

    She pulled her head up to finally look at Peter. Her eyes blazed in anger. “So, you’re going to continue having a hectic schedule? How do you expect to be there for your baby and girlfriend while you’re focused on school, your internship, and your new job?!”

    “I can handle it, May! It’ll take time, but—”

    “Can you?! God, Peter, why weren’t you more careful? I taught you to be careful!”

    I wanted to speak up, but I also didn’t want to overstep. She was already so angry. She was standing again, pacing back and forth along the hard wooded floors. I’m sure the people underneath weren’t too thrilled. Her hands kept combing through her curls and she even would pull at the roots in stress.

    “I know, I’m sorry.” He said gravely.

    My hand squeezed his shoulder. He only patted the back of my hand, but he was too busy rubbing at his forehead or jaw.

    “I know you’re disappointed in us,” I told her gently. “But Peter took the initiative to make sure we’d be taken care of and prepared as best as we could be this early on. Not much people could say the same about their spouses or partners.”

    It seemed like she took this to consideration. Her lower lip had quivered as she looked at the two of us.

    “I just wanted so much more for you, Peter.”

    His head hung low. “I’m sorry.”

    May wiped her tears away and pushed in her chair. “I know you are. I just need some time right now.”

    We stayed quiet as she walked away from us. By the time she made it to her room, her door shut firmly.

    Peter and I were left in the kitchen with an eerie silence between the two of us. The idea of him feeling alone in a situation like this was not an option for me. So, I moved to sit beside him and gathered his hands into mine, something we did to stay as connected as possible.

    “You might’ve taken a couple misteps, but you’re headed down the right path. I’ll make sure you get there safely along the rest of the way.”

    His red, watery eyes squinted as he laughed lightly. “I love you.”

    I took his palm against the side of my face and smiled admirably at him. “I love you more.”

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    Peter: This grass is as thick as baked beans

    Tony: what does that even mean

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    Harley: Y/n and Peter are missing. Can you find them?

    Tony: What do you think I have them microchipped?


    Harley: Well don't you?

    Tony: Yeah, hang on

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    Peter is a sophomore at New York Medical College, rents a small flat in Queens and has a cat called Warrior.

    And he seems to have fallen in love with his new anatomy teacher.

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    today is a really rough day for me. and well, peter parker is my comfort character. this is inspired by the song daylily by movements (discovered this song bc of @strwbrrybucky) and yeah :) i’m using this to cope with how hard today is for me lol. it’s hella short and i kinda hate it but lol.

    pairing: peter parker x gender neutral!reader

    summary: it’s been awhile since you felt right. peter reassures you that more good days will follow.

    warnings: mentions of mental illness, bad writing, and me projecting very, very hard...i’m sorry

    word count: 462 words

    outside for the first time in a long time

    lose yourself, sink into the sunlight

    it’s been awhile since you felt right

    the breeze felt cool on your face as your eyes fluttered shut. the cold concrete of your apartment’s roof wasn’t comfortable but for some reason you had the urge to go outside—an urge you hadn’t gotten in awhile. the past few months had been hard for you and you couldn’t quite put your finger on the cause for your heavy mental health decline.

    “whatcha doing up here?” a voice startled you, causing you to jump and your eyes to shoot open. you visibly relaxed when you saw it was just your boyfriend, peter parker, dressed in his spider-man suit. he giggled, taking off his mask and sitting down next to you. “sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “what are you doing out so early? i thought you didn’t go out on the weekends,” you asked.

    peter shrugged. “got bored sitting around. i was just swinging and thought i’d come check on you. sorry i didn’t come see you yesterday.”

    “it’s okay. i was just laying up here. something told me to come outside so i did. it’s been awhile,” you replied. “i’m feeling...good today.”

    “good?” peter repeated, a smile creeping onto his face.

    “yeah,” you said, returning his smile. “good.”

    “you deserve it,” peter said, wrapping his arm around you. he pressed a kiss to your temple. “i know things have sucked recently. but today’s a good day and there’ll be plenty more after today. i can feel it.”

    “peter tingle?”

    “do not call it that, please.”

    you laughed. peter smiled. there was a comfortable silence between the two of you, the both of you just enjoying the moment you were spending together. you knew it had been a minute since you two had a nice, quiet moment together. for the past few months, you knew you had been shutting peter out. he had been so patient with you and you were so thankful for that.

    “thank you,” you said quietly.

    “for what?”

    “putting up with me. i know i’ve been difficult these past few months yet you stayed.”

    peter frowned, turning to look at you. he cupped your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him. “you are not difficult, okay? of course i stayed. i never wanna leave you. you’re the light of my life, even if you don’t think you are.”

    you smiled softly at him. “i love you.”

    “i love you too, sunshine,” he said before pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

    i think it’s time you had a pink cloud summer

    ‘cause you’ve gone too long without a smile

    i think it’s time you found another reason to stay for awhile

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    Peter Parker Is Now Caught Off Guard

    by tainted-tash (tainted_tash)

    A series of little ficlets where Peter introduces some of the members of the Avengers to modern technology, memes, and other general shenanigans. Inspired by a post on social media.

    Words: 593, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 1 of Peter Park Messes With the Avengers

    Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Scott Lang, Hope Van Dyne, James "Rhodey" Rhodes

    Additional Tags: Peter is a Little Shit, Lang is gobby, Tall Peter, Ficlets, I suck at tags

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/32922097

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    ➼ love lies

    ↳ ❀°·.· nine ·.·°❀

    note ⇢ so y’all almost voted correctly on yesterday’s poll, you were only off by like 2% so, me being wonderful and generous as i am, decided to just put us on the good route lmao enjoy for now <3

    synopsis ⇢ silk is in love with spider-man and spider-man is in love with silk. at least, that’s what the world thinks. to the city of new york, your and your boyfriend’s masked alter egos do much more than look out for the little guy—you’re also the subject of fan accounts and tabloids. the only problem is that it’s all a ruse, and you’re not actually dating spider-man. if anything, you can’t stand him. well, that, and the irrevocably adorable boy who just joined your school’s newspaper.

    ✦°·.· series masterlist + taglist in my pinned ·.·°✦

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    I love how Spidey is getting his ass kicked and still doing Loony Tunes bits

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    Rage {Part 2}


    Pairing: Peter Parker x Plussize!Reader

    Word Count: 4.8k

    Part one

    {Yeah, sorry this took so long to post. I kept trying to get a feel of how i wanted to play this out without being too boring. If you wanna see different things with rage and spidey- give me some concepts. I may do a few blurbs. Thank you for reading- much love, R}

    The cell was cold. The only heat provided came from the bright lights of the room. The cot Y/N found herself laying on didn't have a blanket but a thin sheet they use maybe in the hospital. Her eyes were wide with fear as lab technicians came in and out of her room getting blood from her and checking her vitals. She flinched at every poke and prod, nobody talking to her as if she were human. They were treating her like the bullies she was trying to escape before.

    Her hands were bound by handcuffs that stopped her powers, a strong collar wrapped around her neck as well for reinforcement. When she woke up hours ago, she tried to summon her powers but quickly learned by a powerful shock through her body that it wouldn't work.

    She was seen as a threat. A villain. Rage. She wasn't seen as Y/N in this foreign building. No one knew who Y/N was except for Peter. Y/N was soft, she read books anytime she could, she was quiet, but Rage was...Rage. Rage acted out on impulse, acted out of anger and distaste.

    Y/N stared at the people who walked around her, a deep frown settled on her face. She wanted to go home, even if home didn't always feel like home. Her room in her foster parents home was the size of a small closet but it was her sanctuary. She had a tiny bed and a few crates stacked ontop of each other to resemble a nightstand. She had a dresser topped with nick nacks she found where ever. Books littered her room on every surface; some books under her bed, a stack on the nightstand and dresser, and even a few under pillows.

    The cot in the cell didnt hold the comfort of her bed at home. The glass walls allowed for any and everyone to watch her every move. There was  a tiny bathroom in the corner of the cell but it wasn't comfortable enough to use as an escape. She didn't have her books, or her pile of stuffies collected from years in foster care. She had nothing.

    Before she knew it, she was sobbing. Her body shook as the tears fell. She felt so alone. As she cried the lights around her flickered. Lab technicians looked around in shock trying to figure out what was going on but it was bystander Pepper who stepped in. She unlocked the cell quickly running over to the girl. She held the girl close, trying to calm her down.

    “Its ok, honey, it's going to be ok. Breath.” Pepper whispered. Y/N nodded trying to stop crying. Her tears reduced but the sniffles and harsh breathing remained. Y/N’s head was cradled in Peppers hands. “Are you ok?”

    “I wanna go home.” Y/N’s childlike response made Pepper's heart clench uncomfortably. She felt for the girl seeing that she had a daughter herself.

    “Ok honey, how about this. I will bring you some blankets, and some pillows. I know it won't do much but for right now that's all I can really do. I'm going to talk to Tony about getting you a room, ok?” Pepper affirmed. Y/N nodded, feeling grateful for the woman she knew nothing about.

    Y/N laid wrapped in a fluffy blanket, head resting on a plush pillow, as night time went by. She had no way to tell what time it was but she could only assume it was late at night. There were only two guards patrolling the floor, most likely sleeping at a post. It was dark, making it even harder for Y/N to sleep. The dark scared her. She didn't know what lurked in the dark.

    Tap Tap Tap

    Sitting up quickly, Y/N searched around the cell to find where the sound came from. Her heart was racing from the sudden sound that came from nowhere. The sound resonated through the cell coming from the door. She turned her head and locked eyes with a nervous peter.

    “Hi.” He stuttered sitting down, legs crossed in front of the door. She sauntered over and mimicked him, sitting in front of the glass door.

    “Hi.” There was a moment of silence between the two of them as they just stared at each other. “I'm sorry Peter.”

    She looked off to the side so he couldn't see the tears forming in her eyes. He watched her, his own eyes burning with unshed tears.

    “I'm not upset with you. I don't think I can be upset with you. Nobody deserves to be treated the way you were treated. I just wish you told me you were Rage. I feel like I could've done so much more for you.”

    “I don't think you would've done anything more for me. I needed a friend and you were that. I just..couldn't take Claire and Mario anymore.” Peter watched helplessly as the girl started crying, her shoulders shaking as tears flowed. The lights flickered around them, Peters looked around worried that a guard may catch them.

    She sniffled, wiping her nose. She giggled at Peter's wide eyes as he watched the lights go crazy before returning to their normal state.

    “Yeah, that's new. I guess the restraints only do so much.” There was a pause. “What's going to happen to me Peter?”

    Peter didn't know what to say. He genuinely didn't know what was going to happen. He wanted to tell her that everything would be alright. That she would be right back at school on monday studying for her exams. But he has nothing.

    “I don't know, but it's going to be ok. I'll be here and-and i'll make sure Mr. Stark doesn't do anything that would make you upset. I told you I'd protect you and I will, I promise.” His optimism made Y/N feel comfortable. He could still sense some hesitancy from her, a wall surrounding her making her unreadable.

    He placed a hand on the cold glass door.

    “I'm here Y/N.”

    She nodded, her hand moving from her lap to the glass where his hand rested. Though they couldn't physically feel each other, they felt something. A shared energy that made them feel closer than ever.

    Y/N’s next few days were spent in testings and interrogations. Tony wanted to know more about her and her powers. He would remove her restraints every once and a while to see what her powers did, comparing them to Wanda's powers. Wanda and Y/N had very similar powers, both could summon energy and illusions from nowhere. Y/N didn't have much to say about where her powers came from because she really didn't know.

    Peter visited her every night. He would talk about everything that was going on outside of the Avengers building like the new breakfast sandwich their favorite bakery added onto the menu, or about how Y/N’s favorite authors plan on releasing a new series. She would tell him about the testings and interrogations, him becoming tense while listening because he was nervous she would tell him something bad happened.

    As the days passed, Y/N found herself becoming comfortable in the avengers compound. The lab technicians actually talked to her and when she got interrogated, they were not as harsh as they normally were. Tony was frequently around observing the interrogations, it made Y/N nervous but not as nervous as she was before. He actually talked to her too. Asking his own questions and learning more about her.

    Tony observed Y/N over the days learning that she wasn't as harmful as he made her out to be. He was actually really interested in her and the things she could do.

    Y/N sat in the interrogation room, her hands clutching a warm cup of coffee. It wasn't good coffee but it was coffee nonetheless. The metal table that was under her arms was cold- just like everything in this building.

    The door opened, Tony swaggering in, sunglasses on his face as if he wasn't inside a part of the building that had no natural sunlight or windows. He gave Y/N a small hello before sitting across from her.

    “So I wanted to talk about some things.” He stated taking his glasses off to place them on the table. She nods, encouraging him to continue. “I want to work with you.”

    “What do you mean?” Her brows rose in confusion.

    “I want you to work here, so we can work on your powers. You’d work with Wanda, I'll give you a room here in the building. Ill hire you a teacher so you can finish off your senior year. Maybe in the future you could go on missions, but that's future future. I just want to help you grow with your powers now.”

    “You want me to join your team?”

    “Yeah, kid, that's what I just said.”

    “What about my foster parents?”

    “Dont worry about it.”

    Y/N couldn't help but sit in silence as she collected her thoughts. Tony was basically asking her to be an… avenger?

    “What do you say, kid?” He mused. Being an avenger would deem her more responsibilities and that alone scared her. Being an avenger would finally allow her to feel a part of something. She’d be surrounded by people who are different just like her. She’d have Peter.

    “Ok, i'll work with you.”

    Y/N stared out of the window of her new room that overlooked the forests that surrounded the avengers compound. She was overwhelmed with emotion as she admired her new room. The room contained a queen size bed, two bedside tables, a dresser, a desk, and an en suite bathroom. It was a simple room but to Y/N, it was everything.

    She finally had her own space that she didn't have to share with anyone. A bed that wasn't found behind a dumpster. A desk that wasn't made of a sheet of wood and a few cinder blocks. Nightstands made of wood instead of empty plastic crates stacked on top of each other. She had a place to read instead of escaping early in the morning to go to the library. She had a bathroom that she didn't have to worry about being barged in.

    She finally had a safe space.

    Her wrists and neck were free from the power restraints allowing for her to move freely. She moved her wrist letting the power flow through her. The energy sparkled around her hands making her feel giddy.

    “Hey there.”

    The power vanished from her hands as she jumped from the intruder in her room. Peter stood at her door holding a few gift bags of various sizes. Setting the bags on the floor he walked towards her pulling her into a hug. He had been dreaming of doing this for the past week. Being separated by a glass wall hurt him to say the least. He missed being able to hold her hand, or wrap his arms around her shoulders. He missed being able to bring her snacks or share a book with her.

    His arms wound around her tightly keeping her locked in place. Her arms naturally found a place to hold as he slightly rocked them side to side.

    “How’s the newest avenger doing?”

    She rolled her eyes, shoving his shoulder jokingly. They both took a seat on her bed, Y/N resting against her headboard as Peter sat on the other end of the bed leaning on the end bedpost. The bags he brought sat beside him waiting to be opened.

    “I'm not an avenger Spidey.”

    “Not technically, but close enough. You even have a room, I don't even have a room!” She giggled at his exasperation. He pushed the bags towards her. “I got these for you. Aunt May helped me pick some stuff out, hopefully you like it.”

    His cheeks turned pink, feeling nervous to hand over his gifts. She started with the smallest bag, carefully opening it and removing the delicate paper that shielded the gift. She pulled out two gift cards and a book.

    “Avengers for dummies?” She burst out laughing at the book. Peter laughed along with her, proud of his hand picked gift.

    “You need to brush up on your avengers if you're going to be a part of the team.” She nods still laughing.

    She moves onto the second bag, it being larger than the first gift. She pulled out a fluffy blanket that was speckled with mini spiderman prints. She felt herself laughing even harder. Peter's ears revelled in the way her laugh sounded. It was the greatest sound he'd ever heard.

    She moved onto the last bag- the largest bag. She unwrapped the gift from the bag and the spiderman tissue paper that was haphazardly taped around the boxy gift. Underneath the wrapping was a large shadow box frame with a newspaper enclosed between the glass. In the newspaper was an image of Y/N, or Rage. Her hands wrapped in blue energy as she floated in the air.

    Y/N’s eyes fogged looking at herself in the newspaper. It was taken in the small town where the avengers first found her. Her back was to the camera as she towered over the avengers. They stared up at her, standing ready to fight. The caption of the image said, Villain or Misunderstood?


    “I'm sorry, maybe I overstepped. It's ok if you don't like it. I saw it at delmars a few days after it happened and I bought it cause I thought you, well Rage because I didn't know it was you, looked pretty cool. I can take it back, I'm sorry-” his hands reached out for it but she quickly snatched it away, her eyes never leaving the picture.

    “I love it.” He withdrew his arms in shock. A sigh of relief exiting his body. She placed the frame down to the side of her before reaching over and wrapping an arm around Peter’s neck to pull him into a hug. She pulled back slightly, coming face to face with him.

    Time stood still between them as the energy they shared went rampant. There was a pull between them that urged them to be closer. Peter’s eyes dropped down to her lips but before he could make a move she pulled away fully. Embarrassment showing on her face, she wiped her sweaty palms on her lap.

    “What?” Peter questioned, hurt that she rejected him.

    “You don't want to do that.” She didn look him in the eyes. He felt himself become angry at her words.

    “What do you mean?”

    “You don't want to kiss me, it would be a mistake.”

    “I don't understand, I- I want to kiss you.” He was confused by her statement. She shook her head finally looking at him.

    “You don't like me Peter. I'm not an MJ or-or a Liz.” She muttered, her heart tearing in two.

    “Why do you get to decide that?” He snaps. His hands clenched uncomfortably in his lap.

    “Look at me Peter, I'm fat! You don't want to date a fat girl, let alone kiss her! You only like the cute skinny girls, why would you like me?” She retaliated. His eyes pooled with tears of frustration.

    “Ok, im- im going to go.” He stood from her bed, Y/N staring at him with wide eyes. He turned to look at her before walking out of the door. “It hurts to hear you say those things, that you think I would ever think those things, that you would think so lowly of me?”

    She tried to get a word in but he shook his head walking out of her room. Y/N felt dumb watching Peter leave her room. Her insecurities clouding all rational judgement. She felt Claire's words in the back of her head ringing through her ears. All she wanted to do was kiss Peter. She wanted to feel his lips on hers. She wanted to taste his lips and feel his hands on her. But she ruined it.

    Looking down at the gifts, guilt crawls up her throat making her feel sick. Peter went out of his way to get her gifts to feel comfortable in her new space and she scares him off. She doesn't deserve him, she thinks. Maybe she was right to scare him away.

    She was left to the quietness of her room not knowing what to do next. Her drawers were filled with basics like sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, and undergarments. She decided to take a shower to ease her mind. It felt good to take a shower in an actual bathroom. A bathroom that was actually spacious and allowed for her larger figure to move comfortably.

    She stripped out of her clothes but stopped in front of the mirror before getting in the shower. She looked at her body distaste. She didn't have any tears to cry but she felt as if she could cry. Her stomach was pudgy, hanging over slightly. Her boobs aren't perky, they sit low and large, indented by stretch marks. Her arms hung with extra flesh. Her thighs stuck together when she walked or sat down.

    She was a curvy girl with a curvy body but it wasn't the curvy people wanted. People want curvy without the extra plush. They wanted a flat stomach, thick thighs, and perky breasts and that wasn't Y/N. She could see why Peter wouldn't want her. She wasn't an Mj whose legs went on for days or a Liz who could be a legit model. She was Y/N, a plus sized girl who got noticed for her weight before she was noticed by her personality.

    Out of the shower, Y/N sat on her bed in silence. She stared at the framed newspaper admiring the way that it looked. She completely felt misunderstood. She wasn't a villain who wanted to hurt people. She was hurt herself. She wanted people to feel what she felt.

    Wanting to get out of her room, Y/N wandered the halls of the compound looking for the kitchen. She shared the floor with wanda, vision, and occasionally Natasha when she wasnt off on missions and staying in different places. Walking into the lounge room she spotted the small kitchen. Vision and Wanda stood in the kitchen standing closely together cooking something in a large pot.

    Vision spotted Y/N hesitantly walking in first, his heightened hearing picking up her light footsteps. He gave her a smile, nudging Wanda to look up.

    “Good evening Ms. Y/N, how are you doing?” Vision greeted Y/N. She smiled back at Vision taking a seat on one of the stools that sat in front of the kitchen counter. She said a small hello to Wanda as Wanda continued to stir whatever was cooking in the pot.

    “I'm doing ok Vision, thank you for asking. What about you guys?” Wanda gave her a warm smile making Y/N feel comfortable.

    “I'm alright. I'm making some soup. Would you like a bowl?” Wanda scoops some soup in a bowl placing it in front of the girl before Y/N could give an answer. “Eat.”

    “Oh ok thank you. I just wanted to let you know that there isn't any hard feeling for what you had to do to me last week.” Y/N’s taste buds exploded when she tasted the soup. It felt like something a mom would make their child on a cold day.

    “I'm sorry that I did that to you. You're extremely powerful you  know?” Wanda raised an eyebrow while taking a bite of her soup. Y/N felt her cheeks warm. She sometimes forgets about her powers and all that she can do with them.

    “I'm sorry that I even got to a place to make you do that. I'm excited to be trained by you next week though.” Y/N responded. Wanda placed a glass of water in front of the girl, leaning on the counter on her elbows.

    “Yeah it will be fun. So word on the avengers campus is that you and spider boy are a thing?” Wanda's accented voice sounded through Y/N’s ears. Y/N choked on her food hearing Wanda's words.

    “Oh, um, me and Peter aren't a thing.” She mumbled. Wanda looked at her surprised.

    “No? From the way Peter talks about you, I would have thought you guys were happily married or something.” Wanda snorted. She grabbed both of their empty bowls, placing them in the sink. She signalled for Y/N to follow her into the lounge so they could both sit on the couch.

    “Peter talks about me?”

    “Oh goodness, all of the time. Tony normally has to tell him to stop talking because its so much.” They both giggled at the fact.

    “Wh-what does he say about me?”

    “He spent a lot of time when you first got here trying to persuade the rest of the team that you weren't a bad person. He would talk about how kind you were and how you were extremely open minded. He said he spent a lot of time with you as Rage and that you weren't really the villain everyone made you out to be.”

    Y/N listened to wanda's words, the guilt from earlier coming back to remind her of her actions. She didn't know that Peter talked so highly of her. Hearing this information made her earlier actions seem so unwarranted.

    “I messed up with Peter.” Y/N confessed. Wanda held Y/N’s hand when she noticed the girl start to tear up.

    “What do you mean sweetheart?”

    “The day that I blew up, one of the girls told me that Peter would never be with me and I believed it. I kinda told Peter that he didn't like me because I wasn't like the girls he used to like.” Y/N muttered.

    “Mmm, ok. I understand. Peter likes you and I don't say this to give you false hope but I've heard Peter's thoughts. He really does like you- beyond physical features, though he does imagine you physically alot.” Wanda rants remembering the time she read into Peter's mind when he was thinking about rage in her little outfit. Y/N felt heat bloom on her cheeks.

    “Thank you for talking to me Wanda. I think I'm going to go to bed now.” Wanda nodded patting the girl on her back wishing her a goodnight.

    As the weekend rolled by, Y/N heard nothing from Peter. He stayed off of her radar, his feelings still hurt by her words.

    He swung from building to building coming home from a long night of patrolling. School would be back in session tomorrow and he wanted to get home to get rest for the day. As he approached his apartment he saw a blue hue omit from his window. His brows furrowed in confusion, his feet landing heavily on the fire escape outside of his window.

    He pulled his window open with a strong force hoping to scare whatever was in his room. As he hopped in, his eyes landed on Y/N who was sitting in his desk chair, hands playing with a large blue orb. She threw the energy in the air watching as it sprinkled down on her softly like pixie dust.

    “What are you doing here?” Peter asked. He walked into his closet, releasing his suit from his body so he could put on normal clothes.

    “I wanted to see you.” Y/N said quietly. She waited for him to step out of his closet. He walked out wearing a school hoodie and some sweatpants. He tried not to look at her but he couldn't help himself. The strong pull that was always between them forced his head up to look at her. He sat adjacent to her on his bed, shoulder hunched over with sadness.

    “Yeah, well I have school tomorrow so make it quick.” His words faltered as he tried to sound strong. He winced as her face hurt. “I mean I'm tired and I really want to get some rest.” He reiterated in a softer tone.

    She nodded understanding him better. Her fingertips played with a small orb of energy. Swirling it around her fingers, it rushed between each finger with a quick speed.

    “I'm sorry for hurting your feelings Peter. I never meant to undermine your feelings.” she trailed off. Peter could tell her words were sincere. He didn't say anything allowing her to continue. “I like you a lot Peter.”

    Peters' eyes widened at her declaration. He felt relieved by her words.

    “I like you and it's hard to say that because I've never had feelings like this. I've never had someone show an interest in me in any positive way. You've done nothing but have my back and make me feel like the happiest girl in the world. You're so kind and smart it's sometimes really annoying how good you are. Im really sorry for making it seem like i think less of you in any way.” She let out a big breath after finishing her rant.

    Her nerves elevated as he sat there in silence staring at her. Peter couldn't make out the words to say as he replayed her words through his head.

    “I like you too.” Peter finally commented. Y/N let out a breathy laugh of relief. “I just don't understand why you thought I didn't like you.”

    “Peter, look at you! You are this cute, geeky guy who spends his days saving innocent people. You're physically fit, like really really fit, it doesn't make sense for someone like you to like me...On that day, Claire told me that you would never like someone like me.” She let her secret come out. His face showed the anger he was feeling.

    “Fuck claire. She doesn't know me. So what i've liked MJ and Liz, i've liked them because they are nice girls. I like you for the same exact reason. You are incredibly nice and witty.” He confided.

    “But they are beautiful Peter. They look like runway models and I look like me. My nickname was made based off of a pig.” She sniffled bottom lip, trembling at the thought.

    “I wish you could see what I see. I see a beautiful woman who is beautiful beyond her size. I love the way your jeans and leggings hug every part of your legs. I like when you are super comfortable and you don't care that your stomach is showing a little. I like all of you. Believe me, you look like a supermodel in my eyes.” He shared, words spewing out of his mouth. Y/N felt herself crying, like she normally does, but this time for a good reason.

    Peter couldn't get another word in because Y/N was launching herself over to him and attaching her lips to his. She had one leg standing on the floor while the other rested on the other side of Peter's thigh. She stood over him, her hands behind his neck to hold him in place.

    Peter kissed her back, their lips moving together gracefully. His hands rested on her lower back caressing the skin. She let out a tiny moan into his mouth sending butterflies through Peter's entire body. She pulled away resting her forehead on his.

    “Woah.” Peter boyishly let out. Y/N giggled letting her thumb rub his bottom lip. He pulled her down letting her fall down beside him on the bed. They both laid on their side staring at each other.

    “Thank you for being the first person to make me feel this way Spidey.” She whispered.

    “You're welcome, Rage….Wait, how are you here right now? Does Tony know youre here?” Peter sat up at his revelation. Y/N laughed, bringing her arm up to use her powers to portray an image on the ceiling. The image showed Y/N laying on her bed under the covers sleeping. Peter gawked at her, seeing her in one place but her being there with him. “What?”

    “Yeah, I just made a little clone of myself. Hopefully nobody touches her because she will probably poof away into the air.” She says casually as if cloning yourself wasn't a wild concept.

    “You-you cloned yourself?” Peter stammered.

    “Sorta, she's not real but she sure does look real.” She said cheekily. He laughed at her antics laying back down.

    “I'm glad I met you Rage.”

    “I'm glad you saved me, Spidey.”

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    So I had this idea and I wanna share, where Peter Parker is Ghostface au but how he be Ghostface or turn into Ghostface? Well here the answer.. Peter Parker is Teen who been bullied and over look never be heard or popular but when he bite by the spider he loses aunt and uncle it gets worse for me and spiderman more villains and the bullying getting worse and going into Foster care System not being good and moving a lot and being your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and trying to finish high school not the best your mental health after high School Peter start drifting way from nice to mean and not care about save People from danger but it when Peter is at his worst he gets mad he kills Sandman alter he says it was a accident the Avengers who have kill people and Tony the person who used to make dangerous weapons and his idol says he a monster that when he loses it and runways from everyone and moves to Florida and get the name Danny Johnson and becomes a photographer and part time new reporteron killers and becomes the famous serial killer Ghostface.

    Just un idea I had

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  • moonvis
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SUMMER VACATION (series masterlist)

    Ship: bestfriend! Peter Parker x Fem! Stark! Reader

    Other characters: Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds.

    Warnings: FLUFF. angst. language. BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS.

    Plot: You and your friends go on a week long holiday at your family lake house. Laughter is shared, cheeks are blushing, people are stupid, secrets gets out, and unforgettable memories are made.

    Note: This series consists of multiple oneshots for each day of the vacation. You can read each one shot separately but I reccomend reading them in order for best enjoyment of the story ♡

    DAY 1

    The lake house (coming tomorrow)

    Truth or dare

    DAY 2

    DAY 3

    DAY 4

    DAY 5

    DAY 6

    DAY 7

    Wanna be tagged? Let me know trough asks ♡

    Teaser from part 1: The lake house

    Peter slowly stepped behind you, confusing you, then whispering into your ear, “Maybe I’ll just have to steal your bed.”  

    “If you dare-” Before you could finish your sentence you felt Peter’s hands around your waist, his fingers starting to tickle you. You weren’t a big fan of people touching you, but with Peter it was different. His touch made you happy, it made you feel seen and protected.

    “Stop, please!” You tried to break loose from his embrace but had no chance. “Pete, please!” He tickled you to the floor, pinning you down. You laughed out loud, you even screamed, unable to move away from the torture. Peter had an evil grin plastered on his face trough it all.

    “Geez! Save it for tonight, will ya?!” MJ yelled at the two of you, standing at the bottom of the stairs with Ned by her side.

    Peter and you stopped moving, looking towards her, then at each other. Peter’s eyes widened once he realised how the scene looked. He was straddling you and pinning you against the floor. Shit. Blushing like a teenager, he jumped up from his position and reached out a hand to help you up as well.

    Once you got up on your feet, you laughed. You genuinely found it funny, while Peter found it very embarrassing. Though that was only because of his huge crush on you. You didn’t realise and smacked his chest gently, looking up at him with a teasing smile, “See you tonight then.” Then you winked at him, making his cheeks burn more if possible.

    #peter parker#tom holland#michelle jones#ned leeds#spiderman #peter parker imagine #tom holland imagine #michelle jones imagine #ned leeds imagine #spiderman imagine #peter parker x reader #peter parker x stark reader #tom holland x reader #michelle jones x reader #mj x reader #ned leeds x reader #x stark reader #best friends to lovers #peter parker best friends to lovers #avengers imagine#mcu imagine #avengers x reader #avengers x stark reader #tony stark x daughter reader #tony stark
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    Watch "Tony Stark & Peter Parker / Iron man & Spider-Man ~ Broken parts ~" on YouTube

    #youtube#fmv#music#spiderman#spiderman homecoming #spiderman far from home #the avengers#avengers endgame #avengers infinity war #captain america civil war #iron man#broken parts#tom holland#tony stark#peter parker #robert downey jr
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  • professional-benaddict
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    Opposites Attract - part ll

    CEO Tony, Mafia boss Peter, Mafia Beck, Mafia Steve, Mafia Bucky, Pepper is good as always, blackmailing, threats, guns

    part l

    Tag list: @lilcoffeecup @carelessannie @starkeristheendgame @yasha1215 @the-mad-starker @bluestarker @snowstark @sinditia @just-a-good-name @just-things-things @callmebill @skystar87 @justslightlycrazy @sarcastich @sydneyshipsstuff @lokitonypeter @thequeenoffish

    “You’re not the party type.”


    “You’re not the party type. It’s not like you to throw a party all of a sudden.”

    “I felt like it.” I was blackmailed, Tony thought to himself, swallowing thickly.

    The man was wearing the tuxedo as instructed, but he had not had the time nor the mental capacity to prepare an excuse if anyone questioned his behaviour or well being tonight. He was nothing but adrenalin and fear, and trembling like a leaf in the wind. Or so he felt.

    “Is everyone here?”

    “Most are here, I think. I’ll check.” Pepper said, unlocking her iPad. Her perfectly manicured fingers danced over the screen. “The Simmersons are here, Hart, Dickens and his plus one. All of our people, and then- Hm… The Stephens brothers did not show. Nor did Samantha and her wife.”

    The hall was buzzing. Usually, Tony hated parties, and especially his own. He would much rather have more intimate meetings with a handful of people than mingle meaninglessly with a hundred people, pretending to care about their lives only to never see them again. This sort of setting did not match his idea of a productive meeting between people. It challenged his own perception of himself as a trustworthy and honest man who people came to for help.

    Then again, he had good reason to hate this party. He was blackmailed to host it, and no one else knew.

    The letter had stated that they, whoever they were, would come and find him. Tony knew the Mr Beck he had met was involved in this, he was sure of it. But, the letter was not signed, nor did it have a return address. There was no connection between Mr Beck and the threatening letter that Tony could bring to the police for aid. The men in blue would dismiss it without a care. CEO received a threatening letter, and so what? The sun shines and water is wet.

    “Any other hiccups so far?” Tony asked, his gaze fixed on the well-dressed crowd in front of him.

    “Catering is on schedule, and there is enough drinks. Security has not mentioned anything so far, but… Kathy came to me earlier-“


    “She’s in charge of the waiters tonight. She said that one of her waiters got sick, but she got a friend of hers to fill in. I don’t remember the name, but she said it’s a guy. He has experience as a waiter, so I think we will be all right. And then…”

    Pepper’s voice faded from Tony’s mind. It sounded like she was going far, far away, until he could not hear her at all. In the crowd, Tony zoned in on one man in line outside. That beard, the bright and clear eyes… Mr Beck.

    “… We’ll be about 150 all together, and- hey, Tony?”

    Tony shoved his way through the crowd as politely as he could, apologising and shooting forced smiles at his guests. He made it just in time before the security guard was going to let Mr Beck in. From experience, Tony knows that invitation checks are rare, and not exactly bulletproof when it comes to stopping uninvited guests at private events. But, this he was sure of. He had not invited Mr Beck, since he had no address to send it to. Tony had hosted his party, as was demanded in the letter, but there was no demand about letting certain people into his party.

    Tony felt clever, brilliant even, as he put up his hand to stop Mr Beck from entering.

    “Mr Stark-“ The security guard said, a little startled and confused. Mr Beck looked the same.

    “I’m here for the party.” Mr Beck said, a half grin tugging on his lips. Tony wanted nothing more than to punch him.

    “Check his invitation, Gary.” Tony said to the guard, his eyes fixed on Mr Beck.

    “Your invitation, sir.” Gary requested politely. Tony wanted to grin at the look on Mr Beck’s face. Say it, say it.

    “I don’t have one.”

    “Then, I’m afraid I cannot let you in. This is Mr Stark’s private event.” Gary informed, gesturing for Beck to step aside so that he could let in other guests.

    Tony definitely noticed the foul look Mr Beck gave him when he stepped out of the line and headed down the stress. Nothing made him happier.

    “Is everything all right, Mr Stark?” Gary asked.

    “Everything is fabulous, Gary! It’s a party!”

    Tony felt like he was walking on clouds as he returned to his party crowd. He had successfully turned Beck away without causing a fuss, and fulfilling the demands in the letter. He was spotless, no one could pin him down for anything. This time, Tony’s smiles and chatter with his guests was genuine. Perhaps he could grow to like parties, even if they are his own. He is quite the brilliant host.


    Perfect timing.

    “Yes, thank you.” Tony replied, taking a glass for the tray. He did a double take on the waiter before sipping the bubbly drink. “I don’t remember seeing you here before. Do you happen to be the one filling in today?”

    “Yes.” The waiter answered. “I’m filling in for Susan.”

    “Kathy mentioned it.”

    “You’re Mr Stark.”

    “Now this is unfair.” Tony groaned playfully. The champagne was going directly to his brain along with the high of his clever trick with Beck. Besides, the waiter was pretty. “You know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

    The waiter smiled, and Tony was drawn to his lips which were stretching over his teeth.

    “It’s Peter.”

    “Peter, and where have you worked before? Kathy said-“

    Something hard hitting Tony’s back made him pause in his flirting with the waiter. At a party, it is inevitable for people to bump into each other, feet clashing and elbows flying. But, Tony wished this was an elbow instead.

    Without looking behind him, Tony was painfully aware of the man stood behind him. And he was pointing a gun into Tony’s back. The glee and happiness evaporated in an instant, and that icy cold fear came rushing back into Tony’s limbs, leaving him paralysed.

    “Quite the stunt you pulled off there, sending Beck away. You thought you were clever, huh? Mr Stark?” The waiter cooed mockingly. Tony did not know what to do, only gape like a stupid looking fish thrown onto land.

    “How did you get in here?” Tony asked, trying his hardest to keep his tone steady.

    Two ladies came over to Peter for two glasses of champagne, so he only replied once they were out of earshot.

    “I came in to fill for Susan, I told you.” Peter answered, acting coy. He was enjoying this far too much, Tony thought.

    “And this one?” Tony asked, flickering his gaze to gesture at the man behind him. Another one appeared at his other side as well.

    “Oh, Dick and Harold Stephens were kind enough to give their invitations to Stevie and Bucky. I promise you, they are having a fun evening at home.”

    Tony did not trust that in the slightest.

    “What did you do to them? And Susan?”

    Peter did not answer, only smiled again like before. However, this time it made Tony’s stomach turn.

    “Shall we go somewhere and talk, Mr Stark? It’s too crowded down here.”

    #my prompts#my fics #mafia!peter #starker #tony stark x peter parker #tony stark/peter parker #peter parker x tony stark #peter parker#tony stark#steve rogers #james bucky barnes #quentin beck
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    Peter: Caffeine no longer gives me the rush I need to finish work, so instead, I have Mr. Stark periodically message me “we need to talk” to give me the right amount of fear and adrenaline to keep me going.

    #wow i’m posting and on time #tony’s chaotic child #source: unknown #irondad and spiderson #incorrect irondad and spiderson #peter parker#spider man#tom holland #incorrect peter parker #incorrect peter parker quotes #peter parker incorrect quotes #incorrectpeterparker#avengers#incorrect avengers #incorrect avengers quotes #avengers incorrect quotes #marvel#incorrect marvel #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel incorrect quotes #mcu#incorrect mcu #incorrect mcu quotes #mcu incorrect quotes
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  • incorrect-marvel-fam-quotes
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    Marvel characters as Twitter quotes pt. 1

    Peter: I convinced my 44 year old therapist to confront her husband about not liking her Instagram posts and left the session feeling so empowered by the realization that while she can’t make me better, I can make us both worse.

    Tony: “You are what you eat” The fuck?? When did I eat anxiety and back problems?

    Stephen: “It costs nothing to be kind” Some days it costs me my fucking sanity, Janet.

    Bucky: What a fucking year this week has been.

    Loki: Well, well, well, If it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

    Shuri: Studies have shown that it do be like that sometimes.

    Clint: I’m not an early bird or a night owl, I’m some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.

    Bruce: Oh what so only roosters are allowed to start the day with screaming?

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  • lesbian-deadpool
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    Y/N, fallen and being dramatic: Save yourself and leave me to the bears!

    Peter: We’re in New York, Y/N!

    Y/N: To the fucking squirrels, then!

    #source: skins #incorrect marvel quotes #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #peter parker #avengers x reader #avengers imagine#avengers #marvel x reader #marvel imagine #MCU x reader #MCU imagine#marvel#MCU
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  • ao3feed-peterparker
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    Guilty by default

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3zKhKVs

    by Alexei2020

    This was commissioned for someone else, and I had such a blast writing it.

    J. Jonah Jameson is not aware of the green misunderstood giant he shares his body with, and Spidey is there to clear up any misunderstandings before Jonah publishes his newest article.

    Words: 1550, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 24 of Oneshot collection

    Fandoms: Spider-Man - All Media Types

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker, Hulk (Marvel)

    Relationships: J. Jonah Jameson & Peter Parker, Hulk & Peter Parker

    Additional Tags: J. Jonah Jameson is the hulk, Commissioned fic, confused J. Jonah Jameson, Spidey and Hulk are buds, J.J.J centric, Peter Parker is a Good Bro, Hulk Needs a Hug

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3zKhKVs

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