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  • elisaphoenix13
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    *During a power outage at the lake house.*

    Peter: I'm gonna get some drinks from the fridge in the garage! Anyone want anything?

    Harley: You mean where the creepy homeless person lives in the attic above?

    Peter: Yes.


    Peter: Athena come with me.

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  • amayavittori
    18.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Peter Parker is just one of THE characters of all time. I had this split second moment of realization that he’s the type to take like twenty minutes to teach a young rookie photographer (that he just ran into) all the stuffs behind taking a good photo and then another few minutes helping them get the perfect pic of “Spidey in Action” to help them with their portfolio.

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  • bellamer
    18.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I cannot fuck with the MCU fans cause Peter x Ned would be a way popular ship if Ned was a skinny white boy. To my knowledge Harry Osborn isn't even in the Tom Holland MCU movies, yet that's one of the main ship tags whenever I go to search for MCU Tom Holland Peter/Ned fanfics and what's Harry Osborn's face claim/fan cast all the fucking time ?


    So I rest my case that if Ned was a skinny ass, bland ass white boy, there would be way more fanfics and fanart

    And don't even try that "But what if we just want them to stay friends" bullshit because whenever it's two white dudes in the MCU movies who even hint at having a slight friendship, there's 10,000 ship fanfics about them by the next day, the "they should stay friends" trope only applies to y'all when it's a character of color or a character who doesn't fit the idealistic beauty standards

    I've seen it with:

    Peter and Ned (Ned being shoved aside for Harley or Harry or even Mysterio and Tony)

    Sam and Steve (Sam being shoved aside for Bucky or Tony)

    Sam and Bucky (Sam being shoved aside for Steve, Zemo or Tony)

    Tony and Rhodey (Rhodey being shoved aside for basically everyone)

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  • 1968bullittmustang
    18.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Up next Peter Parker and associates

    Most of the next entries will be spideypool, but there will be some Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, Peter B. Parker and a few others. If there’s anything you don’t like, make sure to add the tag to your Filtered Tags under your Account Essentials.

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  • musicalbird04
    18.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    What Are YOU Doing Here??

    Read on AO3

    Summary: When Peter gets a new boyfriend, he tries to hide it at first. When May finds out, she wants to meet him. What happens when somebody else decides to show up to this 'meet the parents' style dinner?

    Chapter 1

    Today had actually felt like it was going to be a good day for once, which was weird for Peter. He had woken up early enough to get a real breakfast, he didn't have any lasting injuries from patrol the night before, so he wasn’t in pain at all, and he was actually going to be early for school. Any of these things should have been an indication to Peter that things would eventually go wrong, but he had been trying to think more positively lately, so he tried not to give those ideas much thought. Peter used his unusual extra time this morning to stop by Ned’s locker and say hi. 

    “Hey Ned,” Peter started. He might’ve said more if Ned hadn’t been so caught off guard by his sudden appearance and jumped so hard that he dropped the book he had been grabbing from his locker. Off to the side, MJ briefly looked up from her book to snort at the interaction.

    “What are you doing here dude?” Ned exclaimed.

    “I’m saying hi, what kind of question is that” Peter replied as he reached up to do their handshake. Ned quickly recovered from his initial reaction to complete their normal greeting

    “Yeah, but like, school doesn’t actually start for 5 more minutes, so I figured I wouldn’t see you for another like 4 on a good day.” Peter wanted to be offended, but he couldn’t deny the accuracy of Ned’s statement.

    “Well I got here early today, I’m actually having a good morning”

    “Okay are you sure you’re really Peter? OH, did you get hit with something weird last night?? Not that this whole positive outlook thing isn’t great and all, but it really isn’t you”

    “NO Ned, I’m just having a good morning, what is so wrong with that?” 

    Just as Ned was about to respond, the first warning bell to get to class rang through the hallway, so they walked to their first period class together. It was an odd feeling for Peter to just casually walk with Ned to their first class. Normally he was rushing there and barely making it to his seat before the late bell rang. He really needed to work on that one, huh?

    Once they were in their seats and the second bell was heard, their teacher, Ms. Warren began to quickly take attendance. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but today, when she got to the end, she said a name that Peter hadn’t heard before, and alphabetically shouldn’t have been last.

    “Harley Keener, are you here?” Ned leaned over to Peter and whispered asking if he knew who that was. Peter opened his mouth to say no, when the most attractive person Peter had ever seen in his life walked through the door, slightly out of breath. He definitely hadn’t been there before, Peter would’ve noticed. Seeing the look on his best friend's face when this new kid walked in, Ned stifled a laugh and hoped nobody would notice.

    “I’m so sorry I’m late, I had to get my schedule from the office,” The cute boy stated with a slight southern accent as he handed Ms. Warren a note from the secretary excusing his tardiness.

    “That’s alright Harley, as long as it doesn’t end up being a habit. Please find a seat so we can get started” The boy, Harley, nodded his head and sat in the only available seat, which was a few rows in front of Peter. Peter found himself happy with this seating choice, because it allowed him to continue to admire the adorable boy's dirty blonde hair. At least that was until Ned elbowed him in the side and he realized that their first class was in fact ending, and everyone else was packing up their stuff.

    He hadn’t just been completely zoned out staring at this Harley kid for a full 30 minute class period without realizing it, had he? That couldn’t be right. Ned started laughing at the confused expression on Peter’s face at that moment.

    “Are you okay Peter?” Ned said, only half jokingly.

    “Yeah, why?” Peter squeaked out, his voice not cooperating to come out nearly as strong as he had meant it too, trying to fight the slight blush he felt creeping onto his face.

    Ned looked pointedly from Peter to where Harley was sitting and then back at Peter again, whose face was now a slight shade of pink and just snorted out a quick “sure” as the bell rang, indicating that their class was officially over. Peter just hurriedly grabbed his stuff and rushed to his next class.

    Thankfully for Peter’s sanity, he didn’t really see Harley again until lunchtime, though that didn’t stop his mind from wandering to thoughts of the other teen. When lunchtime came, Peter sat at his usual, practically empty table with Ned, and MJ off to the side. He was perfectly content talking to Ned about his weekend until Harley walked into the lunch room and Ned looked slightly confused before laughing at the way Peter’s sentence had trailed off as soon as he had seen him. 

    “This is worse than Liz” MJ decided to butt in with a slight smirk on her face as she noticed what was going on. Peter couldn’t stop the blush from rushing to his face as he realized what he was doing. At that moment, he decided that it was in his best interest to try to completely ignore this unfairly attractive new kid. With his luck, the guy was probably straight anyway. 

    Peter forced himself to look away from Harley and his stupid cute face and continue talking to Ned. This was proving to be a fairly difficult task, as Harley had chosen to sit at a table slightly away from anyone else, making it very easy for Peter’s eyes to drift back to his face. He was clearly concentrating on whatever he had chosen to work on during the lunch period, and Peter thought that the way his tongue slightly stuck out as he focused was one of the cutest things he had ever seen. Peter really needed to stop looking at him now, or he wasn’t going to be able to focus on anything else for the rest of the day. At least now, he was able to continue his conversation with Ned and stare at Harley at the same time. Multitasking was good.

    Unfortunately, Peter’s luck from this morning seemed to have run out, because Harley was in every single one of his afternoon classes. It must have been pretty obvious that he wasn’t fully paying attention too, because all of his teachers kept calling on him for answers more than usual. Thankfully they were all in classes that were easy for Peter, so he was able to answer them quickly and correctly, despite the fact that he really wasn’t paying attention to the lesson. It had been fair of the teachers to try and call him out on this fact. Peter was just ready for the school day to be over so that he could go out on patrol again and clear his head. 

    The final bell rang, indicating that school was finished for the day and Peter hurriedly gathered up his stuff and rushed to get to his locker so that he could leave and be Spider-Man. He could really use a distraction right about now. However, as he was about to turn around to leave his locker, he heard a very distinctly southern voice behind him.

    “Hey darlin’, did ya like the view today?”

    A tomato would have been an appropriate thing to compare Peter’s face to as he turned to see the smirking face of the boy he had been staring at all day. Peter didn’t even know how to process everything he felt at that moment. He opened his mouth to say something, probably an apology, when Harley kept talking.

    “I know I definitely did.” Peter’s brain was officially broken. Was Harley saying what it sounded like he was saying? The idea that Harley had been staring at him all day as well was not something that Peter could wrap his mind around.

    “Ummm.... Yes?” Peter internally cringed at his response. He wished he could have the same confidence that Harley seemed to, or even the confidence that he himself had when wearing his Spider-Man mask. Right now though, he was just plain old Peter Parker, and that meant he was an awkward mess.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just think you’re really cute, and you seem really smart, and I noticed you looking at me a lot today. I just wanted to ask if you were busy after school today?” Harley said, almost rambling for a moment.

    “No, I don’t have any plans at least.” Peter lied. He definitely had had plans after school, but how was he supposed to explain those plans, and if Peter was being honest, he almost wanted to spend more time with Harley more than he wanted to go out as Spider-Man. That was a strange feeling.

    “Well, I kind of just moved to New York. Do you think you could show me around a little? Maybe recommend a place to take a cute guy like you on a first date?” Harley asked with a slight smirk.

    “Yes.” Peter just kind of, blurted out as soon as Harley finished asking the question. Harley let out a soft chuckle.

    “After you then darlin’” Harley said as he stepped away from Peter’s locker and gestured towards the exit.

    “My name’s Peter,” Peter said, realizing that he hadn’t actually introduced himself.

    “I know” Harley said simply and winked at Peter as they walked out of the school. “But if we’re doing the whole introductions thing, I’m Harley. I think you knew that already too though.” He laughed.

    Peter blushed yet again, which didn’t feel like it should be possible. They made it outside and began to walk around the city. As they were walking, Peter began to open up more and started pointing out some different things as they passed them. The more they walked, the more comfortable Peter became and he started rambling about more things and going on tangents to tell short stories of funny things that had happened in certain places. If Harley thought that Peter had been cute before, it was even worse now, with Peter having opened up and actually talking to him.

    Eventually, Peter stopped in front of a small cafe type building. “I don’t know if you like this kind of thing, but this place has like, the best coffee, and they have a bunch of other, like, baked goods and stuff like that, if you wanna maybe stop and go in with me” 

    “I’d love to. What kind of heathen doesn’t like coffee and baked goods? Besides, I did ask you for a good first date location, and this seems great.” Harley said, smiling at Peter, before quickly adding, “If you still want this to be a date that is. It’s totally okay if you don’t, i just…”

    “I still want it to be a date” Peter cut Harley off to say, and the other boy visibly relaxed as they walked inside and ordered some food and coffee before sitting down at a small table. They sat there for a while just talking. Peter found out that Harley was as smart as him, probably smarter if he was being honest, and that he was really into technology and engineering. The two of them had so much in common that it seemed like they would never run out of things to talk about. In fact, they got so caught up in conversation, that they didn’t realize how long they had been sitting there until Peter’s phone buzzed.

     May: When are you coming home?

     Peter: So sorry, I’ll be home soon. Got distracted.

     May: That’s okay. Do you want Thai tonight?

     Peter: Sounds great!

    “My aunt wants me to come home soon for dinner, I’m so sorry” Peter said as he put his phone away sadly.

    “That’s okay, I probably need to get home too. Just need to figure out how to get there from here” Harley said casually, trying to hide his disappointment that Peter had to leave.

    “I could walk you home, I mean, if you want me to,” Peter said, slightly shy, hoping that he wasn’t overstepping.

    “I’d appreciate that a lot,” Harley said smiling at Peter as they both got up to leave the small cafe. The walk to Harley’s apartment building wasn’t too far, and they were quiet almost the whole time. At some point, they ended up holding hands, though neither of them really knew who initiated it. As they approached the building they broke apart to look at each other. 

    “I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow then,” Harley stated, breaking their comfortable silence.

    “I guess so,” Peter replied, awkwardly fumbling with his own hands, trying to resist the strong urge to place one of them back into Harley’s.

    “G’night then darlin’” Harley said with a wink as he began to walk inside.

    “Night Harles” 

    With a very large smile plastered on his face, Peter began his walk back home. 

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  • emcilly
    18.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    i dragged my friend to my schools football game but we lost……TO 38-7!!!??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

    I’m not even kidding we were so done but halftime

    this is me after i figured out we we’re losing

    Anyways um the whole crush thing, has been not as good as i would like it but i mean we are talking again?

    He said that the reason it looked like he was avoiding me was because he wasn’t feeling “himself” Idk definitely feeling a little discouraged but like there really isn’t anything i could do about it.

    And guys serious talk what is the sexuality for crushing on all genders but having a preference for boys?Cause like i’ve been researching and i can’t find anything.As of right now im queer/unlabeled.But yeah……

    OK BYE

    song of the day :)

    #mcyt imagines #dream smp x reader #george weasley x reader #ranboo x reader #sbi x reader #peter parker angst #ranboo my beloved #steve harrington x reader #fanart #george weasley fanfiction #emcilly crush update? #emcilly asks#emily talks#Spotify
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  • missowo
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    mcu doodle that I been stuck at.

    #irondad#loki#ant man#scott lang#mcu spiderman #mcu peter parker #artwork#mcu#marvel #THIS IS NOT SHIP. IF YOU SUPPORT P*DOPHILE GET OUT #kid loki #spiderman no way home #iron man#KAREN#MY BELOVED
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  • anarchyduck
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Like Like You

    @interwebsweek day one: feelings revealed

    [read on AO3]

    (no read more because mobile posting - will fix later)


    Peter has a plan.

    It’s a working plan, something he has been planning since he first realized he liked Ned more than as a best friend.

    Step one: invite Ned over to his house. Which isn’t something abnormal so it won’t be weird. Ned comes over all the time.

    Step two: they go to Peter’s room to play video games. Again, it isn’t out of the ordinary. There they can talk in a familiar environment while engaging in a hobby he knows Ned enjoys.

    Step three: relax and talk. Peter is confident this will be the easiest step of all.

    Step four: set up for confessing his feelings to Ned. Start slow so Ned isn’t suspicious but also so the actual confession will not be too weird.

    Step five: if step five goes well, confess his feelings.

    Step six: …. Well he isn’t sure what this step will be. The internet gives vague and wild suggestions, like a kiss or planning their first date.

    It's a working plan.

    Thus far, they are in the early stages of step four.

    They were taking a break to eat some pizza Ben brought. Left 4 Dead is paused on the old TV set Peter and his uncle managed to salvage from the dumpster. It’s a little old and the colors don’t work, but it works enough to play games on. Conversation is flowing smoothly - in Peter’s opinion - and everything is so far working very well.

    "So, are you going to take anyone to Homecoming?" Ned asks.

    Peter feels those infamous butterflies flying around in his stomach. Homecoming! Why hadn't he thought of that? "I don't know," he replies with a shrug. Be cool, Parker. You got this. "How about you?"

    His palms are sweaty. He feels giddy and nervous and excited all at once. It's the perfect set up! Ned will say he doesn't have anyone to go with and then Peter will suggest they go together. And then he can tell Ned how he feels. Perfect!

    "Yeah, maybe." Ned says, taking a drink of soda. "I just haven't asked them yet."

    Okay maybe not perfect. The exact opposite of perfect.

    "Oh." Is all Peter can say. The butterflies are gone. He doesn't feel nervous anymore, just… disappointed. "You should ask them. You know, before they go with someone else."

    Ned shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, but I just don't know how to yet. I mean, what if they say no?"

    "Then they aren't worth your time." Peter says with more confidence than he feels. He doesn't want Ned to go with anyone else to the dance, he wants to go with Ned. But Ned's also his best friend and, if he wants to go with someone else, then Peter has to support him.

    Even if it does suck.

    "I mean," Peter adjusts his glasses as he continues. "You're super cool and awesome and anyone would be crazy to not want to go with you. You're like the nicest guys in school. They'd have to say yes."


    Peter nods. "Yeah."

    Ned then smiles (he's really cute when he does that) and asks, "So, do you want to go?"


    "What?" Peter says aloud.

    Ned shifts in his place next to him. Uncrosses his legs and crosses them again. "Do you want to go with me to, uh, to the dance?"

    Again - what?

    Suddenly Peter's mouth feels dry. "Like, as a friend or…?"

    "Like, together together." Ned clarifies. His eyes finally meet Peter's and oh, those butterflies are back. "I really like you, Peter."

    "Like… like like?"

    Ned huffs a laugh and nods, "Yeah. Like, you're my best friend, but I think I like you more than that." He says as his hand slides across the carpet space between them to touch Peter's.

    Peter feels like his brain short circuits. All that planning, all the research, gone! And who needs it? Ned likes him!

    "I like you too." Peter says with a grin. Their fingers entwine, the touch sending little sparks through him and Peter swears his heart did a backflip. He leans forward, heart racing, and quickly pecks Ned's lips with a kiss. It's only when he pulls back does he realize fully what he just did and Ned, staring wide eyed in shock? Surprise? Peter's confidence falters. Step six is a mistake.

    Yet, before he can begin to apologize, Ned surges forward and kisses him. It faintly tastes like pizza. The angle is all off. Their noses squish together and Peter knows his glasses will have smudges from where they're pressed against his face. But he can't find it in him to really care.

    Because Ned is kissing him.

    They part, both stare a little wide eyed at each other, then Ned smiles. And Peter smiles.

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  • peterparker-spiderboi
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Honestly my favorite lines in this fict I’ve started

    “Anthony?” Dr. Banner pried, motioning his hand to gain the teen’s attention. “I know first days are always arduous but we need to get your charts started.”  “It’s Tony, and screw your charts.” _____________________________________________ I promise It’s gonna end up being starker. But Bruce’s and Tony’s first interaction has me slapping my own knee laughing because it’s past midnight and I lose all sanity 12:01am. 

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  • irondadandhisspideyson
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hey guys!

    So, it's my birthday week and I come to you all with a humble birthday request.

    Send me your favorite IronDad fics! Either comment here or send me a message! I've had the privilege of getting to know you guys over the last few months and I love seeing your favorite stories!

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  • superheroes-or-whatever
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    King in Black: Amazing Spider-Man (2021)

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  • spideymix
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ❯ Part 6

    Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist | Taglist | Navigation

    Synopsis: You've had suspicions about your hometown, Dustville, being haunted for years. There's something different this year though, it seems unusual. With the help of your childhood friend, Tom, you uncover some of the towns deepest secrets. Along the way, you start catching feelings for your best friend. What will happen?

    A/N: Thank you guys so much for all of the love on this series! Also i just got a new laptop and transferred all of my accounts to it, so that’s why the Instagram looks weird. Anyways, I hope you have a great day huns! 


    Taglist & Mutuals: @supraveng @getreeljas @allthisfortommy @namoreno @inthecornerchair @bubb1eana1ee @alwaaaysadream @wildxwidow @gbaabyyyy @wanniiieeee @tom-softie @thirlwallsholland @perspectiive @sinisterspidey

    Follow @spideymix for more


    #tomholland #tom holland fluff #tom holland x y/n #tom holland social media au #tom holland story #tom holland angst #tom holland and y/n #tom holland and you #peter parker #peter parker x you #peter parker fluff #peter parker x reader #peter parker angst #marvel#MCU#Arvin Russell #arvin russel x reader #arvin russel imagine #arvin russel angst #arvin russel x y/n #fluffy#angsty#emma writes
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  • sarah-sandwich
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sarah's Fic MasterList

    Complete on AO3

    (visit the link above for one-shots as well!)

    Don't Freak Out - 136k parkner - Getting kidnapped isn’t usually the best way to start your summer (especially your last summer before college) but honestly? It kinda worked out.

    (Or the one where Spidey saves the day in the first chapter and they spend the rest of the fic falling in love)

    You're Freaking Out - 166k parkner - There’s a new spider kid on the block and it’s up to Peter to teach him how to deal with his newfound abilities and keep him from getting in over his head. One thing is for sure, he owes Mr. Stark some serious apologies.

    Then he falls through a portal into an alternate universe and things get… complicated.

    Paradise (spread out with a butter knife) - 72k spideypool - The one where Peter and Wade are literal soulmates but don't realize it for literal years because they're literal idiots.

    Peaches Ain't Pretty - 16k Gen->pre-parkner - Rated M - Harley and Abbie don't have the greatest childhood. Call it what you will--rough, character-building, a fucking tragedy--as long as they have each other they can make the best of anything.

    The Distance Between (You and Me) - 29k parkner - When Pepper offered to begin training him to become CEO of Stark Industries, she warned Harley it would put a target on his back. He didn't take her seriously until after he'd been left chained and shivering in a dark hole for three days.

    Rescued but with his kidnappers still at large, Tony recruits a bodyguard to shadow his every step and keep him safe until Tasha can hunt down his kidnappers. Harley isn't impressed. If he wasn't already at his wit's end muscling through nightmares, dissociative episodes, and pretending like he's handling everything like a champ then maybe he'd be able to figure out what exactly makes Peter Parker so special.

    Works in-progress

    michelle.mp3 - Michelle Jones/Gwen Stacy - The song started everything into motion but what followed was all her doing. Her choices.

    A Peach Like You - parkner - sequel to Peaches Ain't Pretty - Peter is in over his head in every conceivable way. He doesn't have time to breathe let alone deal with the tall, blond, handsome new guy on campus who looks at him like he's seeing him all the way through. Like he's important. Like he's worth something.

    The Golden Hour - parkner endgame, spideychelle - There are infinite realities—all unique, all separate. Worlds upon worlds neatly slotted side-by-side ad infinitum. Limitless. Eternal. No two the same. No one superior to the rest.

    Between worlds, there are places where the walls grow thin. Places where, as the sun reaches its final hour in the sky, someone can move beyond the wall to the space that separates their world from the next. During this Golden Hour, they can remain in the in-between but when the sun sets they’re forced out, into one world or the other. It has happened that someone without Sight has stumbled upon a thin spot at the right time and discovered that the universe is larger and more complex than they ever imagined. Sometimes they move on to the next world, but often they return back to what’s familiar and mark the spot should they ever have need to return.

    But two people, stumbling upon the same thin spot, at exactly the right time, from two opposite worlds…that has only happened once

    Lemon Boy - parkner - In a world where endgame happened and I actually acknowledge it, Tony's dead. Peter is grieving the only way he knows how, burying himself in responsibility, and Harley is... Well Harley's kinda stuck. Unlikely chance brings the two of them together as roommates in a rundown house in Brooklyn where Harley is determined to fix everything except himself so Peter steps up to give it the good ole college try.

    #don't mind me finally making a masterlist after *checks wrist* 2 years #ish #this doesn't include smaller one-shots #which i have to specify as 'smaller' bc peaches ain't pretty is one chapter but 16k ahaha #parkner#peter parker#harley keener#spideypool#wade wilson#spider-man#deadpool#my graphics
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  • wiccanspiderwebs
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    ⚠️ This story is based on the videogame the last of us. It will contain strong language as well as explicit things. ⚠️

    ➡️ Pronouns used; He/him

    ➡️ Tom h&Male!reader.

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀D E S C R I P T I O N.

    Called the community; the savior of the human race, with one leader coming to save the world from destruction and pain.

    But you said, "How can you save the world from itself?"





    🚫 coming soon............


    Maps | Maroon V.

    Dangerously | Charlie puth.

    Dont blame me | Taylor Swift.

    Dog days are over | Florence.

    Rolling in the deep | Adele.

    Set fire to the rain | Adele

    Diamonds | Rihanna.

    Black out days | Phantogram.

    Black sea | Natasha Blume.

    #male reader #male!reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland #tom holland one shot #fanfic #tom holland male reader #tom holland masterlist #tom holland fic #peter parker #tom holland smut #tom holland malereader #tom holland male!reader #tom holland and y/n #tom holland angst
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  • wiccanspiderwebs
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    PROLOGUE (The last of us).


    You were immune, probably the only one.

    You knew better than anyone that living in the apocalyptic from the very first day, wasn't meant to be easy. Difficult and sad not being able to remember how everything was before the outbreak of a virus that killed people and only revived the wildest part of them. You discovered your immunity to the virus in the worst way, when both found themselves in a complicated situation that only cornered at not having any time to think about something together when Josh, your partner, had already thought on something.

    ━ That will give us a moment, but they won't stop. ━He spoke stopping the door with a metal tube frightened by the savage screams from the other side.

    You were on your back with the sleeve raised and eyes on the scratch from which the blood dripped, the noise around your ears became sharp knowing that in a matter of time you would be one of those people you were afraid of becoming one day. You rolled up the sleeve and turned to Josh.

    ━  I'll distract them so you can escape through that emergency window. ━ You said quickly, suppressing helplessness.

    ━  You deserve to live, did you hear me? ━Josh approached taking your cheeks forcing you to see him. ━ You know about the horrible things I did to get out of that group, we are not going to leave here together and you know that ...

    ━ You don't understand, I'm already dead...

    When you were determined to tell him about the bite and that you wanted to give your life giving him a chance, the door began to be hit harder until the metal that was stopping it knocked down, both panicked but Josh pushed you to the ground and took out his gun firing to the ceiling calling the attention of the infected.

    ━ (M/R), GO!

    Josh pushed another of the doors leading back to the shattered building attracting the attention of the infected sacrificing himself to be the distraction losing him immediately out of your sight when he walk through the doors, one of the infected staggered towards you pushing both towards the window breaking the glass causing their bodies collided with the emergency stairs that were somehow out of their normal position until they finally fell in the damp floor with you on top of your hand dislocating the wrist bone.

    The raindrops in the hair, the few shots and screams that were still heard inside the building before only hearing the noise of the rain and the brook of water that was in the middle of the street which had a fairly fast speed. The infected with whom you had fallen, grabbed your ankle starting to pull towards the hungry mouth in search of biting fresh skin.

    You kicked the face repeatedly until you could free yourself from the grip, but the force of the kicks only caused the infected to slip on the wet street falling into the brook of water, bringing you too, sinking into the water. You released your injured hand trying to surface and look for a trace of air, noticing how the body of the infected stamp against a big rock. Your arms gripped the surface of the stream tightly, coughing up all the ingested water in the brook. The sight began to blur, only hearing footsteps and voices.

    ━ What the hell Thomas?!? ━ said a female voice.

    ━ His body is within the north zone and it magically came out of the water, I thought it was an infected, you know the rules, shoot and eliminate any threat within the guard perimeter. ━ a male voice answered this time.

    ━ H-He-elp... ━ You whispered faintly giving your last breath before passing out.

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