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  • “Family member’s handwriting?” 

    “Something like that.” 

    The tattoo artist looked at Peter over the top of his iPad. The back of his stylus was tucked into the corner of his mouth. He was a tall, rugged looking fellow, with tattoos that stretched up his arms and onto his back. A tapestry of art. It made Peter self-conscious. Maybe he should get something bigger, too. Something more painful. 

    “I’ll get the stencil made up,” the artist said. “It’ll take a few minutes and then I can take you right back.” 

    “Great,” Peter said with a thin-lipped smile. “Thanks.” 

    The artist disappeared into the back room. Peter was left alone with his thoughts. Beyond a partition, he could hear the buzz of a tattoo gun and quiet murmuring. A conversation. 

    He distracted himself by looking at the tattoo designs lining the walls. There were the basics— naked women, badass animals, daggers with hearts. His eyes scanned over them without much interest. There were a few cool ones: a picture frame full of Star Wars designs, a cat’s cradle between two hands, a twisting ouroboros. 

    He clicked the pen he’d used to sign the consent form. He was sat right in front of the window, and the August sun was beaming right on the back of his neck. 

    He cleared his throat, then cracked his back. He bounced his knee, and picked at his nails, and then he went back to looking at the designs. 

    A flash of green is what caught his eye. It was just below the counter of the front desk, and he had to slouch to look at it. It was The Hulk, sneering and flexing, a car half-crushed between his fists. 

    Peter’s lips parted, and he chuckled. Quickly, he snapped a picture and sent it to Bruce with the caption, “this you?” 

    Above it was Cap’s shield. Beside that was Thor’s hammer. The red hourglass of Black Widow. Peter’s tongue peeked between his teeth as he eyed the designs up. He scanned over the Iron Man designs: helmets, and full-body action poses, and arc reactors. 

    He looked, instead, at the emblematic spider above it. Beside that, a face, red and webbed, with sharp ovals for eyes. 

    “Interested in one of those while you’re here?” The artist asked from behind him. Peter looked over his shoulder.

    “Nah,” he said, the tip of his finger fondly tracing the web spun on the paper. “Not my style.” He stood up straight. “A lot of people get Spider-Man?” 

    The artist shrugged. “A handful a month. You said your arm?” 

    Peter nodded. “Yeah, right here.” He drew a straight line parallel to the juncture of his elbow with his finger. The artist took his wrist in hand and held his arm out straight. 

    “You want it facing out or facing you?” 

    “Me,” Peter said. 

    “People usually want Iron Man,” the artist explained as he pressed the stencil to Peter’s skin. “And Captain America’s popularity’s gone down since the whole time travel stunt.” 

    Peter kept his eyes on the artist’s fingertips against his arm. He didn’t want to think about people walking around with Tony’s face on their body. He didn’t want to think about memorials. 

    He pulled the paper away. The tattoo stared up at Peter. 

    “Look in the mirror,” he said. “Check placement, size. Make sure it’s what you want, because you can’t change it later.” 

    Peter stared at his reflection in the mirror. He turned his arm over one way, then the other, noticed the way the light caught parts of the tattoo.  He bent his arm, and instead of collapsing it bulged. It refused to fold in on itself.

    “It’s perfect,” Peter said, and the words caught in his throat like they were sticking to honey. He swallowed it down. 

    “Great. You can go sit over there, then.” He motioned with his head toward an empty chair.

    It reminded Peter of the chairs they have you give blood in. The arms were long and broad, the back reclined. The comparison spiked when the artist asked, “You have a tendency to pass out?” As he sat in the stool beside Peter.

    Peter’s phone buzzed. He snuck a peek while the artist messed with the gun. A text from Bruce, You better not be getting that.

    Peter shook his head. “Nope.”

    “This your first tattoo?” He asked with a chuckle. He looked up to find Peter staring at him, nose scrunched. “It’s obvious. You’re nervous. It’s not gonna hurt too bad, I promise. It’s just line work.” 

    May stared, open mouthed, eyebrows frozen halfway up her forehead. “… Oh,” she said carefully. “When you said you were going out to celebrate being a legal adult, this isn’t what I expected?” 

    “What do you think?” Peter asked nervously.

    “It’s small,” she said, relieved. 

    “It’s Tony’s handwriting,” Peter said, and her mouth parted a little more. She let out a breath, a small oh. 

    The shock on her face mitigated. She nodded minutely. 

    “It looks great, Peter,” she admitted quietly. “I think he’d like it.” 

    Pepper held his arm at the elbow, wordlessly tracing the sentence with her index finger. She was frowning, her eyebrows pushed together. She sniffed.

    “Pepper?” Peter asked, snaking his neck to try and get a good look at her face. 

    She snapped to attention, let go of his arm. She ran  the knuckle of her thumb under her eyes, and sniffed again. 

    “Sorry,” she said with a shaky laugh. “I was thinking about all the jokes he’d be making.”

    Peter’s exhale came out as a chuckle. 

    “Do you like it?” He asked cautiously. Her eyes were still trained on her husband’s handwriting. 

    Pepper swallowed. She covered her mouth with her hand, fingers splayed. She exhaled, loudly. “Of course I do,” she said. “I just… They did a great job. With the handwriting.” 

    “Yeah… They did.” 

    The city was oddly quiet. It was the kind of night that should have been lively— a Friday in October— but a storm had blown through in the afternoon and the city had spent the evening in a sleepy daze. It glinted in the moonlight, lights from apartments a reflection of the stars on the slick pavement.

    The roof was damp when Peter sat down. He crossed his legs and rested his elbow on his knee. He stared up at the mural and tried to ignore the cramp that formed in his heart when he noticed the cracks in the paint. Already, it was wearing away. 

    “How did you do it?” Peter asked the larger-than-life ode to Tony. 

    He thought, for a brief moment, that this was a rude start. He hadn’t been here since the first time he found the mural, when the sight of it had stolen the breath from his lungs.

    “The glasses are a lot of power,” He said. “Like, a lot, and I know my whole thing is great responsibility, but I’m so worried I’ll…”

    He blinked, and he saw a drone chasing their bus through the Alps. He saw himself handing them over to Beck. 

    Without him asking, the nanotech parted, just below his elbow. Peter stared down at the words.

    I trust you.

    He cleared his throat.

    “You’ll never guess who my roommate is,” he changed the subject. “You know Oscorp? They bought Stark Towers during The Blip. Norman Osborn is the founder and the CEO and all that jazz— his son. Harry. He’s pretty cool. We’ve got a few classes together, and we study and grab dinner. Pepper keeps making jokes about corporate espionage, though, so I think I gotta keep an eye on her…” 

    Peter talked, and the city stirred just a little. His suit righted itself. Somewhere in New Jersey, there was a fireworks display. Peter talked, and he felt better. He felt at home. 

    Tony Stark trusted him.

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  • Absolutely no one:

    Me: Let’s talk about Tom Holland

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  • Peter: What happens if i press the accelerator and the break at the same time?

    Y/N: The car takes a screenshot.

    Natasha: For the last time, get the fuck out.

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  • Learn To Love You (V)

    A/N: can yall tell I’m going on a posting spree? I’ve been sick for forever and now I’m better so what better way to celebrate than posting for all of my stories?

    Word count: 1376

    Her arms burned as she tried to escape the grip of the white coated men that were standing above her, her feet bound to the bed she was forced on. There was another prick on her arm, and the burning feeling intensified, what was happening? A scream erupted out of her dry throat, and hot tears ran down her face and into her hair. Her kicking and thrashing grew more violent as she struggled desperately to escape whoever had her in their grip, she cried out louder as the pain grew, her limbs growing weak. Was she dying? What was going on? How’d she get here?

    It was the millionth time she had woken up in the middle of the night sweaty and in pain in the past 2 weeks. The nightmares get more intense and real as the nights pass by. She started to feel as if they actually happened, but couldn’t convince herself that her feelings were real. How would she even get into that situation?

    She sat up, sweaty and sleepy, the new phone Tony had bought her-because what teenager doesn’t have a phone?- showed that it was only 4:26 in the morning. No one would even be awake, maybe Bruce or Tony but everyone else would be asleep. Her arms ached as if she had really gone through what was in her dream, she groaned out in pain and made her way to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. As she stood still and drank, she could hear someone approaching behind her.

    “Are you okay?” She immediately realized it was Peter. Autumn was slowly coming around to liking the boy, he often tried to make sure that she was comfortable with the chaos that was the Avengers compound.

    “Yeah, just a nightmare.”

    “Was it the same one that you’ve been having? About the men in the white coats?”

    “Yeah, but instead of them chasing me I was on a table or a bed…one of those.” Autumn had no idea why she was telling him about her nightmares, but felt calmer now that he was around.

    “I’m sorry,” he said awkwardly, “that you’ve been having a shitty time.”

    “It’s cool.”

    The two stopped talking, an awkward but comfortable silence settling down in the kitchen. They stared at anything but each other as Autumn finished her water and grabbed another one. “Did you want one?”

    “Yeah, sure.” The sound of loud footsteps halted them, Autumn’s hand hung in the air as she held the chilled bottle of water, both hers and Peters’ attention was turned towards the open space where the footsteps were coming from.

    The sight of the two men had Autumn squealing in happiness, the water bottle now clutched to Peter’s chest as he watched her run to them. “Thor! Loki! You’re back!” She hugged both tightly, pressing kisses to their cheeks.

    “That we are,” Thor looked down at the shorter girl, grinning as she began to mimic the wrestling moves they usually did while play-fighting on the ship.

    “How was finding a new home for Asgard?”

    “Difficult, though we managed to settle down somewhere, Valkyrie is there now making sure everything is alright.”

    “How are you, Petal?” Loki asks, she smiled at him, already knowing that he could feel something was wrong. He gave no attempt to hide the fact that he was worried, taking in her appearance.

    “Um, I guess I’m okay? Maybe?” She spoke as she stood up straight, no longer in the playful stance she took on earlier.

    “She had a nightmare,” Peter’s voice floated into their conversation softly. Autumn turned and glared at the boy who was now chugging his water with his back towards her.

    “Is that true?” Thor asked as Loki nodded his head.

    “I knew something was wrong.”

    “I’m okay! The nightmare just bothered me a little, nothing to worry about!” Kept glaring at Peter, but slowly started to soften it as she realized he genuinely was worried for her. It was a bit weird, seeing as she had been nothing but hostile towards him, having her guard up almost 100% of the time she was around him.

    She sighed heavily before opening her mouth again, “Peter has been making sure I’m okay here, everyone else has too, but Peter checks on me every day.” She shrugged her shoulders, hiding her smile, “it’s kinda annoying.”

    “Really,” Peter asked with an unreal amount of worry, “I’m so sor-“

    “I’m kidding! He’s made the transition to being here easier than it would’ve been.”

    “Thank you, man made of spiders,” Thor said, clasping a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

    “Actually I’m not-“

    “You kept our little sister safe and comfortable. That makes you a good person,” Loki started, giving Autumn another hug, “if the need arises I shall assist you in a time of trouble.”

    Autumn looked at him and shrugged, just happy to be with the people she was most comfortable with once again. “Little sister?” Peter asked, confused, looking at Autumn for an answer.

    “Adopted.” All three said at the same time.

    “These two adopted me as their little sister after they rescued me on Sakaar. I would still be stuck if they hadn’t let me go with them.” Autumn smiled softly at the two giant men. They could easily crush her if they wanted, and that’s what made it comical watching the three interact.

    Though they treated her gently, it was funny watching her wrestle with Thor and attempt to do the same for Loki only for him to trick her with a clone or something so she ends up falling down. She acted as if she was the same size as the tall men and it made everything that much more amusing. “What made you want to rescue her?” Peter asked confused, he was grateful yes, but still confused. How did they end up meeting her?

    “She asked us, or me rather, if she could go with us as we were planning to escape the planet. I said yes.”

    “Did you know her?”

    “No, that was my first time seeing her.” Peter nodded in understanding, if she had come up to him asking for help, he would help her right away. The now group of four were now standing, not speaking and staring at stuff around the room.

    “Well, I’m going back to bed,” Autumn cleared her throat as she spoke, starting to walk away. She paused and turned back around to look at Peter, giving him a small smile, “see you in the morning.”

    Peter stood there, silently with his hand up in some sort of effort to say goodbye, he was frozen. Did she actually just smile at him? Finally she was warming up to him. He watched as Loki and Thor disappeared around the corner behind Autumn, then remembered his room was that way too. He trailed far behind and entered his living space with a grin on his face.

    “So you like the boy spider?” Thor asked, getting ready for bed.

    “Huh?” Autumn replied confused, “well I mean he’s nice. I was kinda mean the first time we talked, so I feel bad. Not sure if I like him though, I’m coming around slowly.”

    “In what kind of way?”

    “A friendly way?”

    “Darling, what our brother is trying to ask is, do you have romantic feelings for the boy?”

    “What? No!”

    “But you look at him with such loving eyes!”

    “How? I look at him like how I look at everyone!” Autumn protested, bewildered. She looked at him a certain way? She didn’t even consider him someone she could even crush on. Was that even possible? She was too caught up in trying to find her identity that she didn’t even know if she could like someone in that kind of way, let alone someone like him.

    As she climbed into bed, she found her mind wandering to Peter. Sure he was cute, and nice, and funny, and caring, and smart, and a good guy, but that doesn’t mean she liked him. She just could see that he was a great guy, is all. No need to accuse anyone of having a crush.

    She absolutely, positively, definitely, 100% did not have a crush on Peter Parker.

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    Peter x MJ ʕʔ

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  • Hey, I’m still quiet new to this account and I wanted to let you know that I’m currently taking request. It can be anything, I don’t really care much if its a headcanon/ a blurb or a oneshot :))

    I’m taking requests for:

    • Peter Parker

    • Tom Holland

    • Harrison Osterfield

    • Harry Holland

    • basically everything related to Marvel ;)

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  • Steve: Tony, what is Peter favourite fish?

    Tony: Penguin

    Steve: Uh no, I don’t think you understand-

    Peter: [holds up flashcard with ‘penguin’ written on it] BOOM!

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  • Peter: Sounds good. I’m hoping to have my life together by next week but you never know I guess.

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  • Saving the Innocent (Awareness Fic) : Masterlist (coming soon)

    Overall Summary: Peter had a rough childhood. Between the loss of his parents, uncle and now recently his aunt, he finds a safe place with Tony Stark and the Avengers…that is until Skip Westcott makes a return. Peter swore to hide his past abuse but when Skip enters his life again, will he be able to open up when all he sees in himself is that same scared little eight year old boy?
    Warnings: Past child abuse, swearing, gaslighting & suicidal intentions (nothing will get too graphic)
    Don’t worry there’s a happy ending!!
    A/N: This is my darkest fic I will ever write on here. This is solely for AWARENESS. This is a real thing that happens and it sucks that sometimes, the authorities let perverts get away. I do not write non-con stuff but I am going out of my comfort zone for I saw something similar to this happening in today’s world. This fic is going to highlight an awareness comic where Peter was abused as an eight year old boy and I am going to expand since the comic never said what happened to Skip. This is an awareness fic aimed to help someone who is going through a similar situation find the strength to tell someone, recover and seek help in hopes of getting their abuser(s) put away. Just so you know, if you were a victim of abuse, it is not your fault. Don’t let society tell you it is your fault because it’s not! You are strong and amazing💖

    Chapter 1: The Person From my Past

    Chapter 2: Panic Attacks

    Chapter 3: Don’t Leave Me Alone

    Chapter 4: Begging Silently

    Chapter 5: Blackmail

    Chapter 6: A Repeat of The Past

    Chapter 7: Bucky Investigates

    Chapter 8: Clint Figures it Out

    Chapter 9: Everyone Sees Red

    Chapter 10: The Trial & A Happy Ending

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  • Andrew Garfield was a good Peter and a good Spider-Man. Movies aside, he was a great fit. I said what I said.

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  • Mind Control

    Peter Parker x reader

    warnings: i cant write for fuck shit :/


    prompt: anonymous: “Hi! Could I request an angsty Peter Parker x female Avenger reader imagine where they’re on a mission with the Avengers and Reader gets mind controlled by the enemy to kill Spider-Man and the Avengers?


    Originally posted by andthwip

    “Y/N?” Peter cautiously approached your disoriented self. You were groaning and grasping your head as the enemy retreated, leaving your teammates with you, who had an involuntary change of heart. “Y/N, are you okay?” You suddenly looked up at him, flashing a red-eyed glare that, in all seriousness, nearly made him pee himself.

    “Peter, get away from them!” Tony called to him, giving him a last-second change to dodge out of the way before you could strike.

    “Why is y/n attacking us?! What are we going to do, Mr. Stark?!” Peter watched you charge at another Avenger, landing a punch directly to Cap’s jaw. “They just punched Captain America!”

    “Yeah, this is a bit of a problem…FRIDAY, any ideas?” Tony asked his trusty AI while Peter was panickinh beside him.

    “Not at the moment, sir.” She answered, only causing Peter to panic more. “If you can get close enough, you might be able to sedate y/n.”

    “Okay, do we have any sedatives?” Peter asked, spectating the chaos you were creating out there in the few minutes you’ve been mind controlled.

    “You have some in your suit, actually.” Tony informed him. “What, I didn’t tell you that before?” Peter shook his head and turned to see you barrelling towards them. “Well, yeah, use those. Good luck, bud, we’re gonna take care of those other bad guys.”

    “W-What? Oh, God.” Peter froze up as you pounced on him and began pummeling him with your fists, which packed a real punch thanks to your powers. “Y/N! Please, you’re hurting me!”

    “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all!” You screamed and grinded your teeth, Peter couldn’t fight back because he couldn’t bare hurting you.

    “It’s me! It’s Peter!” His voices quivered and he removed his mask to show you his face, thinking it’d snap you out of your blind daze. You didn’t stop hitting him, so Peter swallowed the tough pill that required him to start fighting back. “I’m sorry, y/n.” He kicked you in the stomach, launching you back long enough for him to regain his composure.

    “You’ll never win this. You’ll die trying!” You announced before striking again. Peter finally ducked out of the way and kicked you square in the back.

    “Sorry!” Peter winced at the sound of you thudding to the ground. “Karen, do you have any sedatives? Mr. Stark said you did, so..?”

    “Yes, Peter. The sedatives will be shot from your web shooters.” His suit AI told him and he nodded hesitantly. “Go on, Peter. There isn’t much time.” You pushed yourself slowly off the ground while Peter aimed, as you turned around, you were met with a sedative-web that hit you in face. The effects started to kick in just after that, you stumbled back before thudding to the ground. Peter rushed beside you and kneeled down.

    “Hey, you’re alright. I’ll be with you when you wake up.” He assured you, caressing the side of your face.

    “I hate you. I’ll kill you. Believe me.” You mumbled, blinking slowly and seeing tears running down Peter’s bruised and bloody face before your vision went dark and your body went limp. Peter sighed and lifted you up to take you back to the ship, even though he had won, he still felt as if he were defeated. Who knew how it might be when you woke up, what if you were never the same! So many thoughts flooded through his head.

    He laid you down on the ship’s gurney and sat next to you, burying his head into his hands and sobbing, it wasn’t long before the team found him like that, all beaten with hurt feelings.

    “Kid, y/n didn’t mean it. They’ll be okay…”

    taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @allthecreativeonesaretaken // @frostedgiant // @praellee // @emygirl // @lotsoffandomrecs //

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  • Peter: Mr. Stark?

    Tony: Yeah, Pete?

    Peter: Do you ever just wanna,,, jump into traffic??

    Tony: all the time.

    Rhodey: yall need help. honestly youre gonna give me an aneyrism. im done. bye. good luck to pepper and happy and may but im leaving. bye.

    #avengers #irondad and spiderson #peter parker#spiderman #spiderman far from home #irondad and spideyson #peter and tony #james rhodes#rhodey #tony and rhodey #Rhodey is a tired uncle #Peter and tony just crave death #and tbh same #give me death #please #also wheres serenity now
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    • Stephen, to Peter: Listen to you. Something wonderful happens, and all you can think about is how the world's going to take it away.
    • Stephen: *smiles* You're growing up.
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  • Tony: Hey kid it’s been a while, what’ve you been up to lately?

    Peter: *drawing while wearing a dinosaur onesie and eating Oreos*

    Peter: Committing tax fraud!


    Tony: *shrugs* Not the worst thing you’ve done.

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