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    29.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    All in the Family

    Chapter 15: Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

    The walls were painted sky blue, the carpet a faded warm brown hinting at many years passing along leaving a permanent tread. The walls were covered in several posters that James didn't recognize of bands, but also several hand done, and extremely accurate, drawings of dragons that someone had magicked to life for this kid, flying around through each others edges.

    It was crowded, the sparse bit of walking space nonexistent with the eight of them all in here at once, hardly much bigger than Harry's cupboard; but the love and care that went into this room was evident.

    Lily came forward towards a desk crammed into the back corner and brushed her hand against a greyling snoozing, little blue plums of smoke escaping from its pointed head, the back end of which wasn't quite done. It was clear details were still being added of feathers to the long extended tail.

    "Well I officially have no clue where we are," Peter muttered. He'd been the lucky one to land on the bed, but he had automatically moved to the edge and crossed his ankles, swinging his feet uncomfortably like he expected the occupant to appear and tell him to take his shoes off.

    "Hey, wasn't one of Ron's brothers a dragon trainer or something?" Alice asked, leaning against the door with the book already in her hands.

    "Dragon keeper," the older Black corrected with a look of disgust, clearly unable to grasp the concept of why anyone would want such a thing.

    "I'm getting the feeling Harry's going to have some interactions with him then," she returned pleasantly, then read out the chapter title.

    Black groaned in disgust and shook his shoulders like he was trying to shake off a nat before slouching over to the window and prodding along the edge like he was going to try and jump out.

    "He has a thing against dragons," Potter pleasantly informed all of them needlessly.

    Regulus frowned in sympathy, but knowing his brother would only snap his head off if he tried to say anything, he instead went back to investigating the picture. He was sure no one else had even noticed it, but he'd landed right in front of what must be the Weasley family.

    It sat proudly against the wall, coupled in with so many other pictures of things it probably went unnoticed despite the red haired family. Regulus couldn't take his eyes off of it. He could easily identify the twins, chasing each other around every inch of available grass and weaving in between their fathers legs who was juggling the infant, whatever that little girls name had been, and who must be Ron hanging off his dad's arm to get his attention. The mother had her arms around the last three all at once, and looked exasperated, but the adoring smile on her face showed she wouldn't be anywhere else.

    There was no other context, no telling what was going on before or after it was taken, why the kids were all so rambunctious or who had even taken the photo. It simply captured the moment of the one clear thing Charlie enjoyed in his life, the chaos of his family. It was baffling! All Regulus had ever known was the structure of his family tree, the rules and consequences through watching Sirius break those.

    The story wasn't progressing with much interest to anyone even when Hagrid arrived. None knew him that well, so maybe he was always shifty when asked a direct question, though the oddity of him being in the school library when he'd never been known there before was keeping their attention. Ron's discovery just made it all click in a despicable way.

    "A dragon! That mad gamekeeper has a dragon in his cabin! A Norwegian Ridgeback on top of everything!"

    Remus covered his ears for the volume, but still looked more sympathetic than anything for Sirius' screeching.

    "If I ever catch that man doing anything of the sort now I'll add him to my list right after I-"

    "Alright Padfoot," James easily roped his arm around him to cut off what three just saw as a tantrum. Those who did know could only wince in sympathy with no real words of comfort for this. James kept trying anyways, "there's no dragons here-"

    Then he cut off with a wince at his own stupidity as Sirius snorted in disgust and had to fight back the temptation to burn the walls into real fire.

    "What's his problem?" Frank muttered to Alice.

    "As if I know," she reminded. She was tempted to ask Regulus who clearly knew, but even though she could see his face he hadn't looked away from the wall this whole time, was still making no attempts to reach out and communicate with any of them, and she wasn't going to force her hand.

    Lily, honestly felt a bit of pity for this. She'd never stopped to consider any of them with actual fears, human moments like Black was now showing. All she'd ever seen was their likes, one like to be exact, of their horrid ways against her friend. Now she was watching Potter, all three of them try to comfort their friend in by far the kindest thing she'd ever seen.

    His mood only worsened when the kids went to Hagrid's, Hagrid only confirmed what none of them were surprised about. It made sense all of the teachers and not just Quirrell would put up some protection for this thing Dumbledore was protecting. No, it just kept going downhill that there was indeed an egg roasting away in Hagrid's fireplace.

    "I actually kind of liked the three headed dog, that was cool once it wasn't trying to eat him anymore! The troll was a menace, but at least manageable! Your kid just couldn't stop there Prongs! A dragon, and it's all Hagrid's fault," Sirius kept up his insistent mutter, trying to push the arm away and get the dang window open that no force of magic or willpower was accomplishing. He was boiling up in here, he could swear those little flickers coming from the end of the dragon's nostrils were coming to life and fixing to leap right off the page towards him-

    "Breath Pads," Moony was trying to soothe by instead changing the subject. Which actually made Malfoy feel useful for the first time. "Let's focus instead on plotting ways of getting Malfoy expelled."

    "Why do you think he didn't just run off and tell on them?" Peter did ask curiously. "What does he have to gain by sitting on this information?"

    "Don't know," James begrudgingly said, "but it's the first actual intelligent thing he's done. Looking for an advantage rather than just jumping around to get them in trouble."

    Regulus looked up and around at them in surprise, it was the first kind thing he'd ever heard them say about a Slytherin. Then he just assumed they were saying it to throw Sirius off, which wasn't really working. He frowned in a bit of concern now as his brother just got more silent and still when the dragon had hatched. His brother had never actually told them what had happened when he'd been left down in the Gringotts vault, but his parents hadn't paid it much concern since he couldn't have gotten inside to any of the importance, like the gold or heirlooms. Regulus had tried to ask, just out of curiosity, but Sirius had completely ignored him.

    Now he was more irked than anything he'd clearly told his mates something, the obvious sympathy for him made that clear. He and Sirius may not have been getting on in recent years, but when had that amounted to he couldn't be told anything?

    Alice had no liking for the beasts in particular, but the idea of a baby one was more charming than fearsome like Black seemed to find it, so she read on with cute little spirits about Hagrid's handling of this, up until it bit Ron.

    "Okay, now we have a problem," Frank winced and took an extra step back from one particular orange faced lizard that had its fangs exposed. He overbalanced and fell on the bed next to Pettigrew, who raised a brow at him but otherwise ignored that.

    "Norwegian Ridgebacks are poisonous," Lupin agreed in a still rather forced conversational tone, while his back was to everyone. He had poked his head under the desk curiously, and came back with a tiny little spindle chair which he nudge against Black, who seemed resistant to sitting down anymore than getting away from the window. "Hope he went to Madam Pomfrey, she never asks too many questions."

    "I like to think even she'd demand where he got a dragon bite," Alice disagreed.

    Lily flushed a bit but chose not to say anything, having personal experience with the matron not asking one to many questions from a few experimental potions accidents, so actually agreeing with one of the Marauders for once.

    The decision to contact Charlie and his quick response was the best thing Sirius had heard this whole chapter, they were getting rid of that beast toot sweet! His small moment of happiness didn't last long.

    Things only got worse for the kids dealing with this mess when Malfoy still managed to make everything worse. Thankfully the kids didn't derail their plan for this, Sirius had never heard of a better use of their cloak than riding that monster from their grounds! He just couldn't stop his imagination going haywire, that thing growing larger by the moment and getting loose on the grounds and then roaring so loud his ears started bleeding all while trying to shoot fire that just missed him from the tiny alcove he'd managed to squeeze himself into by the grace of Padfoot. That cart trundling away without him in it, his Uncle Cygnus, and Aunt Druella apparently deaf to his calls to come back. He could still swear he saw Bellatrix laughing as she slipped the goblin something when they turned the corner-

    He'd been sat down in the chair without his noticing, Remus' hand firmly on his shoulder and smiling kindly down at him. He wasn't sure what he'd been saying, but it suddenly occurred to him that the weeks he'd been having his blowout with Moony had actually been the longest stretch of time he hadn't had to think about that. Even the weekly potions classes with its kindling cauldrons or some scaly beast Professor Kettleburn had brought to class had managed to remind him of the incident all year.

    So lost in his mind, he'd completely missed the part where Malfoy had been caught by McGonagall, and he forced a laugh as Moony quietly explained it to him until Charlie's friends arrived. He'd kiss them both for taking this thing away, though just as likely never go within arms reach of anyone mad enough to handle these beasts for a living. "That whole incident was entirely pointless!" Sirius kept up his furious mutterings he'd been carrying this whole time. Alice was honestly impressed he hadn't run out of breath. "What was the point of that I ask you? It certainly could have been left out and saved me-"

    So invested was he in his own rantings, he nearly missed the ending horror of Filch discovering them without their cloak. They got not a single second to live in their shock before they were once again torn away.

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  • shelby-ltd
    29.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Remus : I want to tell you something

    Sirius : What ?

    Remus : I like you

    Sirius : What's stopping you ?

    Remus :

    Remus :✨ the author of harry potter books ✨

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    29.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Remus: why are you crying?



    Peter in the background: SWEET HOME ALABAMAAAAAA

    #wolfstar#remus lupin#sirius black#james potter#marauders#harry potter#jamespotter #remus x sirius #hp marauders#marauders era#jegulus#jegulily #james & peter & remus & sirius #james x regulus #sirius and regulus #sirius and remus #peter pettigrew#wormtaiil #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs
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  • existential-crises-7178
    29.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just finished A Wolf’s Heart (by Mizdiz on ao3) and it was actually so sad. I cried the last two chapters.

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  • chocolatefrogsandthemoon
    29.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    how wolfstar was discovered

    [gryffindor common room, the marauders are studying for their NEWTs]

    sirius: (exasperatedly) oh fuck me!

    remus: (distractedly) in a moment..





    peter: [slams 5 galleons into the table in front of james] damn it!

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  • godricscloset
    29.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Harry: mate I think i like Ginny

    Ron: whaT? What about our mutual friendship? And what about our exclusive best-friend thing?? I thought i was THE one for you???

    Harry: chill mate i only like her as a date

    Ron: oh thank goodness WaiT YOu'Re MeEtInG mY sIsTeR?!

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  • ceilu
    29.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hi could u please send me ur headcanons for marauders era girls? (marlene, dorcas, lily, etc). boys too, like every marauders era hedcanon u stand for.

    u can use reblogs or comments or asks or submissions, idc just please send some!

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  • runmeoverriley
    29.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    my fancasts of the marauders:

    let me know what yall think and ik most of these people rnt european but i think they fit the roll pretty well

    pads: ben barnes for both ‘old’ and young

    remmy: as much as i love andrew as remmy i rlly like Daniel Sharman and his hight is perfect

    jamie: Raymond Ablack. jamie was definitely the hardest to cast cause as much as i love aaron taylor as him i personally dont believe jamie is a white man.

    peter: Robbie Kay just look at him

    marls: Maya Hawke no questions asked

    mary: Willow Smith .

    lily: idc what anyone says Holland Roden but with like more red-ish hair than ginger

    reggie: timothee chalamet .

    Andy Tonks: Daisy Ridley

    Snape: Charlie Rowe but with longer hair

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  • taylor-will-be-the-death-of-me
    29.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The First Feast

    Regulus's POV

    Black. A colour, a name. Though I'm fond of the colour, I can't say I am a big fan of the name. For the 15 years I've seen this family consisted of the worst people ever. My father is a person who doesn't care about anyone except for himself, my mother a women who is obsessed with blood purity and finding a girl for me and lastly my brother the disappointment. Now that's what my parents think.

    But for me, my brother was my whole world. We did everything together, we fought together, we learned together, always stood up foe each other. But that all changed when he decided he had enough of our parents and moved to Potters house. That was the time I felt alone. It was always supposed to be Sirius and I. Me and Sirius. But now it was just me all alone in a big cold house with two parents who don't love me.

    Talking about Potter, I always knew that Sirius wold choose him over me. When he came back home after his first year he couldn't shut up about Potter. 'Potter did this' 'Potter did that' 'He's so cool' 'He's so amazing' . I hated that, he had know him for 12 months and he was already in love with him. I had known that one day this would happen, but I didn't think the time would come so soon.

    As I entered the great hall for the first feast, the two people I was sharing a compartment with went their own way and I went to the Slytherin table. Yes I am a Slytherin, in my fathers words someone had to continue with the family legacy. I made my way to the table and saw Lucius. Lucius Malfoy, my supposed best friend. Everyone thinks we are best friend but I hate him. He is just like any other pureblood.

    "Well well well if it isn't my favorite Black. Well the only Black left." Said Lucius cockily. And yeas he was correct, Sirius was disowned over the summer.

    "Hey Malfoy." I said not interested in what he had to say.

    "Why so gloomy Black? Did mother dear already set you up with someone?"

    "Shut up will you"

    "Now why would I do that?"

    "Because Dumbledore's speech is going to start and as I am a prefect I need to hear what he has to say." I said ending the conversation then and there. Soon after that Dumbledore started.

    "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. Now that we all are settled and sorted I would like to make an announcement. This castle would not only be your home o some very special guests as well. You see Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event, The Triwizard Tournament." The second he said that the whole hall erupted in whispers. " And for those of you who do not know the Triwizard Tournament brings together three schools for a series of magical contests, from each school a single student is selected to compete. And let me be clear, if chosen you stand alone. And trust me when I say, these contests are not for the faint hearted." By now everyone in the hall was silent.

    "But more about that later, for now please join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and there Headmistress Madam Maxine." The doors flung open and a group of beautiful girls in blue uniforms made their way inside the school. As they were walking they made butterflies from there hands.

    As their headmistress came into view Lucius whispered to me "That's one big women"

    When their act had ended all the boys of the school were whistling and clapping while the girls just sat there slowly clapping with weird expressions on their faces.

    "Now" continued Dumbledore "Please welcome the proud son's of Durmstrang and their High master Igor Karkaroff." Again the door flung open again a group of tall, muscular men made their way inside hitting there sticks on the ground making a synchronized sound and sending out sparks. At last there High master made his way to Dumbledore. Hugging him he said "Albus" in a very weird accent.

    "Now that the other schools are settled in" continued Dumbledore. "I would request all the prefects to lead the first years to there dorms and the student from the other school to their respective rooms"

    And with that everyone got up from their seats and started going to their common rooms. I got up from my seat and started leading the first years and the Durmstrang students to the Slytherin common room. Right before I left the great hall I looked to me left, on the far conner of the room and saw her. The girl on the train, standing there with her fried leading the students back to their common room as well. She must have felt my eyes on her because after s few second she looked at me as well, flustered by the action, I turned my head away from her and started walking to the dungeons.

    "Um.. excuse me sir." Started a first year. "Is it true that the ghost come and hunt you when you sleep?"

    I looked down at him and answered "No they don't. The ghosts here are very friendly. But you might want to steer clear from Peeves. He can be a handful sometimes."

    "What does this uhh.. Peeves do?" Asked a boy from Durmstrang with a heavy accent.

    "Well you see Peeves is the biggest prankster of Hogwarts" I answered. "Well of course after the Marauders."

    "Who are these Marauders?" Asked a first year with a tiny voice.

    "They are four boys in Gryffindor who think its fun to prank everyone" I replied.

    "Well they're on four" Said another boy from Durmstrang. With that all the boys agreed and shouted replies of 'yes'.

    "Believe me, you don't want to cross paths with them."

    "What're their names?"

    "James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black"

    "What's your name?"

    I hesitated a little before answering "Regulus. Regulus Black."

    "You're Sirius's brother!" On of them said in surprise.

    "Yes I am. Now would you like to tell me your names?" I asked as we were going to reach the room.

    "My name is Alex. This is Adam" Said Alex, the first year who had asked me the first question.

    "Well its nice to meet you both. And what are your names?" I asked the Durmstrang boys who had asked me the questions.

    "I'm Ivan and this is Ansel." Replied Ivan.

    "Nice to meet you Ivan and Ansel." By now we were standing in front of the common room portrait. "Now all of you remember this password, this will help you get in and out of the common room. Pureblood" I said loudly.

    When we entered everyone looked around he room in awe.

    "This is very beautiful' Said Ivan.

    "Thank you Ivan. Now the first year girls dorms are on the right and the boys are on the left. All the student of Durmstrang, follow me." All of us made our way up the stairs and right on he top were their dorms. "This is where you all will be sleeping. If you need anything I will be in the common room on your right. "

    "You have a different common room?" Questioned Ansel.

    "Yes Ansel, there are different common rooms for every year." I gave them small smile and parted my ways. The school year hadn't even begun and I was already tired. Thank god I don't have to do rounds today. Its Bettys chance. Betty, short for Elizabeth, was one of the bearable Slytherins who had friend in al the houses and didn't care about blood purity.

    Reaching the common room I argued with myself weather I should stay down and read a bit or should I go to sleep. In the end sleep won the war. Heading up to the dorm I shared with Lucius and Snape, I questioned my decision to turn my head when the Hufflepuff had looked at me. Deciding that I did not want to go down that road my, head just stayed empty, free of thoughts.

    Opening the door I saw that both Snape and Malfoy were asleep. Huh must be my lucky day. Quickly changing into my pajamas, I went under the covers. The last thought that came into my my mind before I was lulled into the melody of sleep was of Sirius. Wondering if he was just as sad with his decision as me.

    #c: regulus #regulus x y/n #regulus x reader #regulus imagine #regulus x you #regulus headcanon #regulus deserved better #james x regulus #sirius and regulus #regulus black#lily evans#james potter#remus lupin#sirus black#peter pettigrew#maruders#marauders era #i'm going to pretend i didn't make this now
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    29.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I already finished the first chapter of my ballet au fan fiction but I’m doubting a lot about publishing it :(

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    29.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I’m so high I was thinking about the mauraders and started thinking about how it takes courage to betray friends (I guess? It sounded deep in my head) and wondering how much Peter grieved his actions over those 12 years and that’s when I realized what a twisted turn my thoughts had taken. I snapped out of it from the sheet horror. I’m sorry but we do NOT stan Peter Pettigrew in this house

    #yeah I reblogged that marauders piss kink fic with Peter in it one time #so what #you gonna fight me??!? #sirius black#harry potter#james potter#remus lupin#peter pettigrew#the marauders#animagus#stoned#high thoughts
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  • purple-golden-doodle
    29.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Wolfstar getting engaged

    So I just came up with this head canon on how Sirius proposed to Remus so... ya

    So Sirius, Remus, Lily, James and Peter are on the beach they were at when Remus came out as gay.

    Sirius is padfoot and running back and forth between Remus and Lily and James and Peter standing about 30-40 feet apart chasing a Frisbee. Everyone but Remus is in on this.

    Remus: *throws Frisbee to James*

    Sirius as padfoot: *runs after Frisbee*

    James: *Catches Frisbee, and when Remus isn’t looking puts box with ring inside in padfoot’s mouth, and throws Frisbee back to Remus*

    Sirius as padfoot: *Runs back to Remus and Lily*

    Remus: *Catches Frisbee and notices something in padfoot’s  mouth*

    Remus: Padfoot what do you have, give it.

    Remus: *takes ring box and opens it*

    Ring box that has a spell on it: (In Sirius’s voice) Remus John Lupin, I love you so fucking much. You make me the happiest man in the world. I don’t know if I could have made it this far into life without you. You make all the pain bearable. And you have a big dick. Your smile is so contagious and you are so kind. Will you marry me?


    Remus: *nods slowly with some happy tears and blushing a lot*

    Padfoot: *Turns back into Sirius mid leap into Remus’s arms and kisses him*

    Remus: I love you. So fucking much. I love you.

    Lily: *Grabs ring box before it falls in the sand and they lose it*

    Sirius and Remus: *Still hugging and kissing*

    James: *Jumping up and down whooping*

    Peter: *Smiling, laughing and cheering them on*

    Sirius: *Takes ring box from Lily and puts the ring on Remus’s finger*

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  • harrypotter5sosslut
    29.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Porque te Quiero -Wolfstar

    A/n: I was listening to a song that I’ve loved since I was pretty young and heard this lyric and instantly knew that I had to write a wolfstar fic about it. Also I’m an avid believer that Remus lupin is an astrology king! I definitely recommend listening to the song whilst reading this! This is also pretty short sry!
    Summary: based off of the song ‘Quando me enamoró’ by Enrique Iglesias. Just plain wolfstar fluff, they’re already dating btw
    Warnings: fluff, kissing, let me know if there’s anything else
    Btw these are rough translations, I’m fluent in both languages but I have a rough time translating sometimes
    Not my gif!

    Remus and Sirius were out by the black lake one start night a few weeks before the full moon. They were both laying on their backs looking up at the star filled sky. Remus was pointing out all the constellations to Sirius, Sirius loved seeing Remus talk so passionately about things he loved.

    “And that star right there is my favorite” Remus said while pointing to a star in the Canis Major constellation.

    “Oh yeah? And what star would that be?” Sirius asked while arching an eyebrow teasingly.

    “The brightest one” Remus said with a smirk on his face.

    Sirius rolled his eyes dramatically “you know what? You don’t even have to say it because I already know you love me” Sirius said while making a kissy face at Remus.

    “That is absolutely true,” Remus said matter-of-factly, leaning on his side to give Sirius a peck on the lips. “In fact..” he continued “if I could bring down a star from the sky for you, I’d do it without a second thought. All because of how much I love you” Remus said right against Sirius’ lips before sitting up on his fore arms.

    Sirius looked at the lycanthrope with adoration in his eyes, he has no words for what had just come out of his boyfriends mouth. He had never felt so loved by just one sentence before, but making Sirius feel loved was never a challenge for the brown haired boy. Sirius quickly flipped himself off be on top of Remus and started peppering his face with kisses. “I love you so much darling, words cannot even explain” the black haired boy said in between kisses.

    Remus lightly laughed, he then grabbed Sirius’ face and passionately kissed his lips one last time.

    “I love you too” Remus said while leaning back from the kiss. “Let’s get back to the castle before Minnie finds us, yeah?”

    #harry potter #harry potter smut #remus lupin smut #remus lupin imagine #marauders#remus lupin #sirius black one shot #sirius black#wolfstar #sirius and remus #james potter#peter pettigrew#marauders era #remus x sirius #young remus lupin #young sirius black #harry potter x reader #remus lupin x you #fanfic#hogwarts #remus lupin fluff #sirius black fluff
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  • wolfstarflowerpottstarchaser
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Regulus Black and Remus’s Secret

    Regulus ‘it was I who discovered your secret’ Black definitely figured out that Remus was a werewolf

    Not only that, he figured it out before even meeting Remus

    He had always enjoyed reading from the Black library, but during Sirius’s first year at Hogwarts, he reads constantly

    In particular, he reads a lot of books about magical creatures. Finds it fascinating

    When Sirius comes home after his first year, he tells Regulus all about his friends, especially including Remus

    Regulus listens eagerly, excited to join Hogwarts himself

    But the more he hears about Remus, the more something sounds strange

    Covered in scars? Disappears for a day/days at a time?

    And what did Narcissa mention in that letter? The new rumours that had started that last September

    Something about a Shrieking Shack?

    Regulus is quite certain Remus is a werewolf, he read all about them

    Although, it was hard to imagine a werewolf listening to music or reading books

    Still, he was sure

    He started to ask Sirius more questions, hinting heavily

    “How often does your friend… visit his mother? Is it weekly or more, you know… monthly. Just once in a blue moon?” “Uh, monthly, I guess”

    “Have you heard the rumours about the Shrieking Shack? Apparently, once a month, there are howls of pain heard there in Hogsmeade. It started the month you joined Hogwarts. Isn’t that weird?” “A bit…”

    “So Lupin? As in Lyall Lupin? The ministry worker who was anti-werewolf but abruptly became an advocate around - oh, what was it? - seven years ago?” “Yeah…”

    Sirius does not get the hint, but he does casually mention these things to James in a letter

    James also doesn’t figure it out, but he does start thinking, “huh, maybe something is going on with Remus…”

    He connects the clues together. What could it possibly be??????

    (He’s my favourite himbo)

    They go back in September and, naturally, Remus goes for his weekly “visit”

    Peter sits in the dorm window and casually remarks, “full moon tonight”

    James jumps from his bed

    “MERLIN!” he shrieks and Peter falls out the window sill (inwards, not outwards) in shock

    “What is it?” Sirius asks

    “Remus’s mother is a werewolf!” James screams

    He explains his thought process, reminds them of the clues and ends with, “You see? That’s why he visits every month! To help look after her”

    “It makes perfect sense!” Sirius agrees

    “But what if Remus is the werewolf?” Peter suggests

    Sirius laughs. “Remus can’t be a…”

    James and Sirius exchange looks

    Realisation washes over them simultaneously


    Furthermore, Sirius does not ever realise his brother knew first

    Regulus goes out of his way to steer others away from the conclusion, but never tells his brother

    He also, naturally, realises Sirius is becoming an animagus

    It was obvious when he had come home before summer and declared (on paper) that he was doing a vow of silence for Muggle rights

    Their parents assumed it was simply one of his usual attempts at rebellion, but Sirius opting to keep his mouth shut for a month? Regulus knew what he was doing

    A quick look at his transfiguration textbook confirmed it. “A witch or wizard had to keep a single mandrake leaf in their mouth for an entire month to become an animagus”

    He kept that a secret, too

    He kept a lot of secrets

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  • nerdblob
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    remus: you stay here - dont kill anyone.

    sirius: whats that supposed to mean?!

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  • nerdciti
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Its not even that funny but I died in the middle of a Barnes and Noble when I first saw the book

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  • sacredempressnatlyia
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • impssible
    28.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
    ni//ck go//ode fits the annoying slytherin trope 
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  • sacredempressnatlyia
    28.07.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • mentalthisone
    28.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    y'all beautiful people hear me out:

    just as I said some days ago, i'll try to start a project. I have been having lots of ideas for doing maurauders headcanos so they will come.

    i'll make headcanon for each maurauder, Frank and the girls. if you want to give me suggestions be all free.

    I want to tell you in advance that this headcanons will have a lot of non-canon opinions and/or things it isn't related to their time line but I'm just vibing ok?! sorry if it sound rude.

    yah that's it hope you've been having an amazing day!

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